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L Cca 

-•-■• .:" 


IfV invite the attention of families who wish to burn Pure Coal, to the fol- 
lowing varieties, which we hare in Stock. 

Genuine Lykens Valley Franklin, 

Lehigh, Draper, Lackawanna. 

Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co.'s 

Hard and Free Burning Coals. 

English & American Cannel Coals, 

Purcbpaera mayrely on having their Coal weened clean, and prompt deliver)/. 



Office, 75 State Street, Boston, Mass.! 


221 Bridge Street, East Cambridge, 132 Charles St., Boston. 

East Chester Park, Boston, and Granite St., South Boston. 




< n ,i i'„.,.,»,.i v,>.„ i;,,,.i.,„.i \ .. ...4. r ... l. i > i .. .. / v.. .. i > < i f 

And General New England Agents for the Rossle Ebon Ore Paint Co., 
of Qg&ensburg, X. Y. 



Offl<;e in Boston, 7i» Sfnte Street, pfflee Hours 12 to 1. 
Order Box at Kidder, Pe.body * Co.'s, 1 l:j Devonshire Street, Boston. 

AV'm. A. IIi'\m:\\ ku„ T,,l . .* ,k,,,* ,, \',i 7H' 

David Pkoudfoot. 

Telephone No. 7055. 



Livery | 
& Hacking. 


Connected by Telephone- 

Nice Coaches, 
Coupes, Landaus 
and Turnouts of 
all kinds to Let. 

Particular atten- 
tion paid to 
Boarding Gentle- 
men's Horses. 





The Place to bring your Children for 

Solid Gold Rings, 50 and 75 Cents. 

Ladies' Solid Gold. Elgin Watches, Stem Wind, $25.00. 

Fine Watch and French Clock Repairing. 



IFrexxcla. and -A»xxxex*io«,xx 









Fine Carriages, 


Office & Salesrooms, 118 & 120 Sudbury St., BOSTON. 

Factory, 244 & 246 Main Street, 

Cambridgeport, Mass. 



Fiags, Awning, Tent and 
Sail Makers* 

357 Commercial St-, Head of 
Lincoln's Wharf, Boston. 

Italian and Store Awnings, Tents, Canvas 
Street Signs, Sackings, Etc., manufactured. 
Campaign Blags, Mottoes, Etc., furnished 

and put up. 

Pings of all nations. Bunting, Streamers 

and Tents for Sale or to Let 

Decorations Furnished nnd Executed. 

M turning; Draperies always on hand. 

Chelsea and Ku<t Boston Morse Cms j a»a near by every few minutes.. 


■■I '• £ 

?*V=S — ^_= — w ~ ^. 


Charles River Iron Works. 


Mam:fa< tours of 

Stationary, Marine & Mining Engines, Portable Hoisting Engines 
and General Machinery. 


Plate Ikon Work of all Descriptions. 

Nos. 72 to 92 Main Street, - - Cambridgeport, Mass. 


Toe Damon Sale & Iron forts Conpy, 

GEO. L. DAMON, Pres. & Treas. 

Manufacturers of 


Tianlc Vaults, Doors, JEtc. 



Manufactory at CMbbrtdfc *?1*0 1 1, Mass. 


Manufacturers of and Dealer* in 


New and Second- Hand Machinery Bottf/ht and Sold. 

Shafting, Pulleys and Hungers constantly on hand. Roberts' Self- 
Oiling Box, the best in the World. 
Best Oak-Tanned Belting. 




Tin Plate, Sheet Iron, Sheet Zinc, Block Tin, Antimony, c pelte 
Manuf'd Copper, Lead, Wire, Tinners' Solder na Bismujh. 
Manufacturers of all Grades of Solder. 


No. 60 Union St, and 47 Friend St., BOSTON, MASS. 







Manufacturers of 

Cotton Rubber Lined Fire Hose, Mill Hose, 'Spiral' Garden Hose, 



Rubber Goods, Fire Hose, 
Mill Hose, Garden Hose, 
Steam Hose, Belting, Pack- 
ing, Mould Work, Etc. 


Cor. Portland and Hampshire Sts., L'ambridgeport. 



Window Shades, Curtain Fixtures, Opaque and Tint Cloths, 

Importers of Kinds' pi rs t Quality Scotch Hollands. 

82, 84 & 86 HAWLEY ST., BOSTON, MASS 



Send for Catalogue, 

159 Trent Street 



BOB'T D. EVANS, Prea. k Treaa. INCORPORATED 1878- 


Nlnfrs. of Rubber Boots & Shoes & Clothing ot every description, 

Office & Store, 93 SUMMER STREET, BOSTON, MASS. 

Factories and Warehouses, at Cambridgeport. 



bold it. the NEW ENGLAND CONSER- 
ihki\<. i he last Six Vi. \uv. 

Tliev are pronounced the l>est by Schools 
vx'ii Colleges all over the United States. 

Sold on Kasy Payments and 
Satisfaction Guaranteed. 


181 & 182 TREMONT STREET, 

Factories, Main, cor. Albany St. 



Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Door and Window Frames, 

i: 1. 1. VII F.*STMiJ%'IJ*'GS, ETC. 

"' 232 & 234 Friend St., near E. R. R. Depot, 
Boston, Mass. 

BE XT. F. PARKER. Dnors of every quality at the Lowest Cash Prices. 



Hard Wood Lumber. 


. Choice Lumber for Doors, Mantels, Furniture and 
Interior Finish, Kiln a nd Air Dried. 
«#/>.v if ten: ip i.i .a is i n •# specialty. 

I>ry Kiln and Wharf, Bridge St., East Cambridge. 



Dealers in 

Mahogany, Walnut, Ash, Whitewood, Oak and Cherry. 

Hard Wood Lumber. 

Balusters, Panel Stock, Pine Backing, Dowels, Etc. 


YARD: FIRST ST., KAST CAMBRIDGE. Telephone Connection. 


S A - l!(), ' T ' J. B. BUGBKE. 


Dealers in 


Mahogany Black Walnut, Chestnut, Ebony, 

Koee Wood, Spanish Cedar, Maple, Cocoa, 

Box Wood, Red Cedar, Ash, Fustic. 

Sweet Gum, Lifnumvitai, Cherrv, Holly, 

Letter Wood, Tulip Wood, White - " Wood, Haiti Wood. 

All kinds of Hard Wood. 

173 Friend an I 84 Canal Sts., BOSTON. 

. I umber Wharf and Dry House, EAST ST.^EAST CAMBRIEGK. 





Used forFire Departments, Horse Rail- 
roads, Express Wagons, Hacks, Teams, 
Etc. .acknowledged to be superior to any. 
thing vet invented for strength, durabil- 
ity, quickness and simplicity. Can be 
made to fit any size collar perfectly. 
The Berry Patent Hames and Hanger* 
are now used in ninety of the large.-t 
cities and towns of the United States and 
Canada, also in the United States Army. 

Write for Illustrated Catalogue and 
Prices to 


72 Boylston Street, 


Union Stables 

Hack, Livery & BoardingStables. 

(Successor to CILLEY & WOODBURY.) 


Connected by Telephone. 

W. A. Greenough & Co., 



Boston, Mass. 





Slate, Tin, Copper & Gravel Roofer 

Jobbing Promptly Attended to. 

Slate Wharf at the foot of Charles River St. 

Office, cor. Charles River and Mt. Auburn Sts. 

Order Box, Lyceum Exchange, Harvard Square. 



.lV#r England •/gent for 

Akron Sewer Pipe & Land Tile. 



Blocks, Oven Tiles, Kaolin, Fire Clay, Chimney Tops, Chininey Lining, Stone 

Vases and Cement. 

Cor.Portiand & Cambridge Sts., E.Cambridge (at crossing B.&A.RD&Boylston Av., Jamaica Plain. 

BOSTON* OFFICE, 80 ll\/'#'#;#f STREET. 

H. COON & CO., 

Masons, Contractors & Builders. 

Office, Post BuJldingr, 17 Milk Street, Boston. 

Locker, 77 Broadway, Cambridgreport. 

D. W. GAGE, 


0pp. Porter's Station. 


.tint Kitchen Furnishing Goods, 

At less than Boston Pria ». Tin Plate, Sheet Iron 

and Copper Worker; also, Plumbing, Tin 

I£oo/i»ef and Gas Fitting* 

All kinds of Jobbing Promptly Done. 

Agent for North Cambridge 
for JIAGEE Goods. 



New Tariff and Quaker Ranges, 


New National Parlor Stove. 

Our New Tariff Range has au extra large oven which is fitted with our Patent Remover. A large ash pan 
with a sitter. Our Patent Towel Rack and Shelf combined, the most simple and convenient Towel Hack in u^e. 
A Hearth Plate that slides or lifts out, and many other conveniences that will be apj reciated. The eastings are 
heavy and smooth, and the Range is fitted and put together in a first class manner. It works equally well with 
wood or coal. The wood fire-box is two feet long. All desirable stales in stock and al fitted up with our 
Patent Ash Dump. 

.llso, ^Manufacturer* of the 

Improved Champion Galvanized Portable Oven, 

8 Sizes. WJted in 


Als!> for Confectioners' Use and 
Japanning- Purposes. 

For Which Was Awarded 
The Prize Medal of the Ohio Mechan- 
ic's Institute, May 27 ; First Class Pre- 
mium at Vermont State Fair, October ; 
Silver Medal at Mechanics' Institute, 
Utica ; Silver Medal at American Insti- 
tute ; Silver Medal at Michigan State 

Manufactured by 


Foundry at Taunton, Mass. W. H. S WANTON, Snpt. Established in 1854. 
Salesroom, 87 & 89 Blnekstone Street, Boston, Mass. 




Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in 


Philadelphia Caramels and Chocolates a Specialty. 

Orders for Confectioner!/ and Maple Syrup Promptly 

Attended to. 


Ko. 42 Elm Street, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Retail Store. No. 4. r >6 HAlCYAItD STREET, (HOLYOKE BUILDING.) 


Refiners and Shippers of 


»Mnd Dealers in 

Crude, Gas & Refined Oils, Pure Naphthas & Gasoline, 

Special Brands,— Mavkrick Standard and Centennial 160o Safety Burning Oil. 

Orders for Cambridge and vicinity delivered to the Trade, in Barrels and TANK WA GOXS. 

HUT IZSI l>l ST.tTMOJY, Vor. Hth and Potter Sis., MS. £\ S.lf MS MS BIH.I 


Vi.i.t: M'UO.VMi 7335. 


Only Sellers of 


In Cambridge and Souterrille. !••#! O l.i.s.l I.E. .#. v#j HI 1 .11 1 


"• it" Branch Offces: — J. H. Wyeth, 6 Brattle Street; Samuel Mclntyre, 649 Main Street- 
J. Q. Bbknktt, Pre*. T. S. Hittinokk, Supt. K. A. Davenport, Trea«. 





Store, No. 37 Union St., 

Boston, Mass, 

Factory, 6 Inman Square, 

Cambridgeport, Mass. 


§sor» to Kidder, \ m anghan A* Co.) 

Manufacturers of 

"Beacon Light" and "Beacon" Brands. 

(Water White, High Test.) (Standard.) 



Also, Gas Oil and Naphthas. 

IVo. 30 BKOAD «T\, BOSTON, MA88. 
A. A. V AUG HAN, Treas. B. VAUGI1AN, Pres. 

Wholesale and Retail Dealer In 



Office at Works, Abbattoir Grounds, BRIGHTON, MASS. 


75 Main St., Cambridgeport. HERBERT DERBY, Prop. 

jftS" Every barrel of Vinegar sold from these works is warranted to be free from all poisonous 
acids or impurities of any kind. 

H. C. Derby & Co, 622 to 636 W. 39th St., New York. 

Dekby & Pond, 69 McGregor St., Chicago. 

Cambridge Vinegar Works, 75 Main St.,Cambridgep't. 

Boston Office, t 

24 So. Markkt St. Hours, 11 to 12? Dekby & Pond, 69 McGregor 8l. L Chicago. 
Telephone Connections. ( 


Durgin's Ice for Families and Stores, 

s:E.A_so:i>r of lsss. 



A. J. LITTLEFIEIjJ> % 143 North Are. 

C. /,. STEVENS, 266 Elm St., West SoniirviUe. 

8TURTEVANT BROS., Union Sq., Somerville. 

H.D.& \V.' . DURGIN, Office, Lake St., Arlington. 

Residence. 25 Arlington Ave., ARLINGTON. 



Notaries Public, Justices of tnePeace 

623 Main Street, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

MONEY LOANED ON MORTGAGES of Real Estate and Pergonal Property. 

i Mutual Fire Ids. Co., 

28 State Street, Room No. 15, BOSTON. 
CASH CAPITAL, $200,000. 

Insurance of Dwellings & Household Furniture only. 

c.isn nwvrvEJYDS r ro p&WjWCY uolders. 

CHAS. B. CUMINGS, President. JOHN M. CORBETT, Secretary. 

C//AS. W. SEVER* Agent, 464 Harvard Street, CAMBRIDGE. 


Savings Bank Building, Thompson Sq., Charlestown Dist., 


Vhe only Insurance Comnany of Cltarlesfoirn, trill insure on fair terms, 
Real and Personal Properly in lite Slate. 

.1.1IOS &TOJTE, President, P. S. RBIGGS, t'ire-Pres. 

DIRECTOR 5 *,— AraosStAne, P. S. Brig*», P. T.Stone, P. 3. Roberts, II. W. Van Voorhis, 
T. II. B. IvlniaruD. P. (). Riordan, George M. Star bird. George B. Ncfll, Geo. S. Pendergast, 
Benjamin F. Stacej, Mark Pope, Henry II. Chandler, Emrie B. Stetson. 




No. 70 Devonshire Street, 




Manufacturers of 

Wooden Boxes & Cases 


174 Broadway, Oambridgeport, Mass. 


Formerly of the Formerly of the 

Geo. G. Page Box Co. CAMBRIDGE BOX (<).. 

Telephone Connection. Also of Geo. G. Pace Box < 


Capital (fully paid ) $200,000 Additional liability of Stockholders.$200,000 Total Guarantee,$400.000 

Guaranteed Seren Per Cent, ^Mortgage*, Wir*i /,»>#»*, on Improved 

MSeal Kutale. 

Six Per Cent. Five Years Debentures, Interest Payable Quarterly and Secured by 
First Mortgages deposited with Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Co. 

Eastern Office, No. 4 POST OFFICE SQ., BOSTON. 
Western Office, WELLINGTON, KANSAS. 


Hon. AUGUSTUS P, Mabtin, Pres., Boston Edmund F. Leland, - - - - liostou 

Hon Alvah A Burrage, 2d Vice Pn - Moms W. Richardson, 

"William II B EI. Campbell, " 

Oliver L " Hon S. B. Bird, Fraud ngham, Mass. 

O. M. Dye, l-t Vice President and Western Manager, Wellington, K. ■ 

Charles E. Flandro, l A ellington, K.. Hon. J. W. Hamilton, Topeka, Kansas. 

F. J. STEVENS, Assistant Treasurer and Eastern Manager. 

W. PORTER <fc CO., 


Cash Fund, $575,000. Dividends 20, 40 & 60 per cent. 

Insurance Effected in all First-Class Companies. 


C. H. Porter, Residence, Quincy, Mass. 

W. P. Butler, 10 Arlington St., Cambridge. 

j.vr <u; i'<n:.i i in. .*. n. is. 4. 

The Union Insurance Co., 


CAPITAL, - - - $500,000. 

FRANK A. COLLEY, Special Agent. 

19 Central Street, BOSTON. 
H. BIRD & CO., Agents, 

559 Main Street, CAM BRIDGEPORT. 



Blank Book Manufacturers, 

Booksellers and Newsdealers. 



Correspondence, Visiting and Playing Cards, 

Pocket Books, Pocket Cutlery, Scissors, 

Thermometers, Gold Pens and Pencils, 

Photograph and Autograph Albums. 


FOIEt. 1888. 

Ink, Ink Stands, Sponge Caps, Paper Weights, Pa- 
per Cutters, Pens and Pen Holders, Stglographic 
Pens, Newspapers, Magazines, Seaside and 
Franklin Square Libraries, and 





No. 5 Harvard Square. 












No. 28 OLIVER STREET, Boston, Mass. 



AMEE BROS., 5 Harvard Square, CAMBRIDGE. 


D. B. SHAUGHNESSEY, 109 Cambridge Street, 




Entered according: to Act of Congress 
in the year 1888, by W.A. Gbbkhoush 
& Co., in the Office of the Librarian of 

Congress at Washington. 




Mechanical Engineer, Solicitor of Patents, 



IIM//n,K €\ f.if.lMIS.tlSn. Draughtsman. 





Residence, 39 Chestnut Street, CAMBRIDGEPOET. 

J. W. BLACK & CO., 

Photographic Artists. 


Particular attention given to Portraiture, Copying, Views, Groups, Etc. 

Lantern Slides a Specialty, and made to order for illustrated lectures. 


The best apparatus with skilled operators furnished for lectures at short notice. 



Chambers, 419 Washington Street, 






Western Farm Mortgages, Water Company Bonds, County Bonds, 

Town Bonds, SCHOOL BONDS. 

0. II. SORT WELL,, I 9 res. C. JT. GL.EJ1SOJV, Treas. 

COMMITTEE OF FINANCE:— I). R. Sortwell, Edwin Dresser, Cambridge; <\ J. Gleason, 
8 Congress Street, Boston; William C. Avery, Dddnain. 



Hills' Patent Inside Sliding Blinds, 


C. S. LOOMIS, Agent, 

178 Devonshire Street, 
33 Federal Street, Room 41, 

Ask for Catalogue. BOSTON, MASS. 



Successors to WM. P. SARGENT & CO. 


QASBEAeBS, §&M©B§ ft 


14 to 22 Sudbury Street, 

Warerooms, 155 Trcmcnt Street, BOSTON. 



Carriages and Sleighs, 

Salesrooms, No. 112 Sudbury Street, 






Alonzo Coy & Bro., 

Mercantile and Clinton Markets 





Most Pleasant Place in Boston to Dine. 





DKAl.hllS IX 

Perk, Iiard, Hams, 


Receiver* and Distributor* of the Wiighest Grade 
Butter Substitute, Lnoirn as Oleomargarine. 

Curers of the Celebrated "C and C" brand c€ Sugar Cured Hams, aid packers of 

Strictly Pure Leaf Lard (kettle rendered), tor Family use. 


35, 37, 39 AND 41 NORTH STREET, BOSTON. 



Clothes Dryers, Step Ladders, Snow Shovels, 

Folding Clothes Horses, Ladders, 



In presenting to our patrons and the general public the Cam- 
bridge City Directory for 1888, No. 37 of the regular series, we 
would express the hope that it may meet every reasonable expecta- 
tion. It is scarcely necessary to state that the difficulties and ex- 
penses incident to the compilation of such a work are enormous, 
and not to be appreciated by any except the initiated. 

It has been our sincere purpose and earnest endeavor to do our 
work faithfully. 

While grateful for the generous patronage given to the advertis- 
ing department, to which we call special attention, we would suggest 
to every citizen to secure a copy for his business place or residence, 
not only as a convenience but as a valuable record of local history. 

A Directory of Harvard College, its Professors and Students, 
resident in Cambridge, will be found on Page 553. 

Americans visiting Europe will find our various Directories on 
file at Messrs. Henry F. Gillig & Co.'s Exchange and Reading 
Room, 449 Strand, Charing Cross, London, W. C, and at No. 35 
Boulevard des Capucines, Paris. 

In concluding, we cannot forbear adding our own congratulations 
to the public of Cambridge for the recent munificent gifts of a 
high-minded and 'public-spirited gentleman, a former citizen of 
the city. Without doubt, these, together with the new Harvard 
bridge, will greatly help the beautiful city in "stepping forth into a 
larger and grander life." 

Our thanks are due to all who have aided in the collection of in- 
formation for the present number. 

The following synopsis shows the increase of names over last \ ear. 
Names in Directory for 1888 . . . 26,495 
1887 . . 25,832 

Increase 6G3 

Very respectfully, 

W. A. Grebnough & Co., 

Compilers, Printers, and Publishers. 



Marble & Granite Works, 

It. Auburn St., cor. Elmwcod Ave., Cambridge, Bass. 

Fin e Monumental Work a Speci alty. 

Designs furnished on application, executed by 
experienced draughtsmen. 

Cleaning, Lettering and General Jobbing at Cemetery, 

Promptly attended to, and at Reasonable Charges. 

Proprietor. Business Manager* 

Daniel D.Scannell, 

Horse Shoeing Establishment, 

427 Cambridge Street, 

Owners directions strictly followed. 

fl®= The workmen are the most skillful in the 
country, and all work under the personal supervision 
of the subscriber. 

Suitable Treatment for Stumbling, Inter- 
fering, Over Reaching, 
Speed Cutting, Corns, Quarter-Crack and other defects of the feet. 

hoop <& 

Makers and Dealers in — 




D. H. BYAM. 


Horse Shoeing Establishment. 

No. 43<> MAIN ST., 
Opp. Austin St., Cambridgeport. 

Owners directions 
strictly followed, 
BST The workmen 
ore the inns' skilful 
in the country, and 
'ill work under Hie 
personal supervision 
of the subscriber. 

Suihii' 1 T --*~»,nt for Stumbling, Interfering. Over-tailing CLARKS patent shoe. 

S t ,tt,1 Cutting, Corns, Quarter-Crack and other defect* of the feet. 



Abbreviations 73 

American Legion of Honor-. 535 
Ancient Order op Foresters. 536 

Ancient O. U. Workmen 530 

Ancient Order of Hibernians 530 

Banks 453,529, OH, 515. 010 

Blocks, Buildings, Etc 08 

Bridges 70 

British American Association 530 

Business Directory 451 

Business Directory of pat- 
rons in Other Cities 27 

Calendar 50 

Camijridge Hospital 520 

Cambridge Public Library... 510 

Cambridge Water Board 510 

Cemeteries 70, 528,531 

Census of Massachusetts 017 

Churches 522 

City Government 513 

Collegb Buildings 70 

Constables 405, 51G 

Corporations 528 

County Officers and Courts. 574 

Episcopal Theo. School 570 

Fire Alarm Telegraph 518 

Fire Department 517 

General Directory 73 

Grand Army of the Republic 530 

Harugari 538 

Harvard College 552 

Harvard College Directory 553 

Home Circle . . • 538 

Improved Order of Red Men 538 
Index to Boston Advertise- 
ments 25 

Index to Cambridge Adver- 
tisements 23 

Insurance Companies 482, 520 

Introductory 1;) 

Justices of the Peace.. . 484,575 
Kindergarten Schools.. 500,522 
Knights and Ladies of Honor 538 

Knights of Honor 539 

Knights of Pythias 540 

Knights of the Golden Eagle 539 

Map opp. title page 

Masonic 532 


M. C. O. of Foresters 540 

Medical Examiner 51G 

Military Organizations 540 

Missions 526 

Mr. St. Joseph's Academy.. .. 522 
New England Order of Pro- 
tection 540 

Newspapers 492 

Notaries Public 492, 570 

Number of Families, Etc., in 

the United States 54 

Odd Fellows 534 

Order of American Firemen. 541 

Order of Iron Hall 541 

Order of Iron Hall (Corp.). 541 

Order of Scottish Clans 542 

Order of United Fellow- 
ship 542 

Order of United Friends 542 

Police Department 516 

Post Offices 571 

Public Schools 519 

Railroad Stations 574 

Royal Arcanum 542 

Royal Society of Good Fel- 
lows 543 

Savings Banks 502, 015, 016 

Societies 546 

Society for the Collegtate 

Instruction of Women 570 

Sons of St. George 543 

Sons of Veterans 538 

State Aggregate of Polls, 

Property, Etc G20 

St. Mary's Parochial School 522 
St. Thomas Aqljinas College. 522 
Streets, Courts, Avenues... 01 
Temperance Organizations.. 543 

Third District Court 510 

United Order of the Golden 

Cross 545 

United Order of Pilgrim 

Fathers 545 

Ward Boundaries 71 

West End Street Railway Co. 532 

Wharves 70 

Woman's State Relief Corps 537 



Cambridge & Boston Express, 


34 Court Square, 174 Washington, 105 
Arch, 75 Kilby and 76 Kingston Sts., 




Cambridgeport & Boston Express, 


600 .Haiti Street, Cambridgeport. 

33, 34 and 3G Court Square, Boston. 

174 Washington Street, " 

15 Devonshire Street, " 

105 Arch Street, " 

75 Kilby Street, " 

59 and 61 Franklin, " 

50 .Uerrimac Street. " 

11 Harrison .trr. Extension, '* 
This Line Connects with all the Principal Expresses. 


— Personal attention given to — 



T. WORK, H Perry Street. GEO. A. HAYWARD, 18 Watson Street. 




613 Main Street (over Poet Office), CAMBRIDGEPORT. 

42 Congress Street (Office of the Prescott Insurance Co.), BOSTON. 


OFFICE, OF London, Eng. SPRING GARDEN INSURANCE CO., Philadelphia. Pa. IN- 





Ackers John L. P 632 

Albee Sumner 652 

A lger Alpheus B 652 

Alger Edwin A 652 

Almy Charles , 652 

Amee Bros 16 

American Rubbpr Co 7 

Anderson James & Son 629 

Angus II. S 629 

Applegate A. J 4 

Appleton John H 652 

Ay hvard James F 654 

Balcom Arthur W 621 

Barnes James 642 

Bartlett Daniel 622 

Bay State Laundry 623 

Beacon Oil Co 13 

Beane Enoch & Co 72 

Becker F 621 

Beedle M. C 644 

Bent George C 653 

Berry Charles E 9 

Bird H. & Co 2 and 15 

Blair Lafayette G 653 

Blevins John J front cover 

Bock William A 623 

Boston Branch Grocery 636 

Boston Woven Hose Co 6 

Bowker E. F 621 

Bradford Russell 650 

Brett M. T. Mrs 638 

Brighton Abbatoir 57 

Brine George R. & Co 627 

Brock Bros 621 

Brown James E 614 

Buck & Greene 639 

Buckley D. A 624 

Burditt & White foot lines 

general directory 

Burnham Edward & Co 14 

Burnham L. G. & Co 3 

Butchers' Slaughtering & Melt- 
ing Association 57 

Butler William P 15 

Cambridge Chronicle 625 

Cambridge Laundry 622 

Cambridge National Ban V 641 

Cambridge News 624 

Cambridge Press 624 

Cambridge Rolling Mills. back cover 

Cambridge Savings Bank 615 

Cambridge Tribune 625 

Cambridge Vinegar Works 13 

C'unbridgeport National Bank.. 616 

Campbell William & Co 641 

Charles River Iron Works 5 

Charles River National Bank. . . 614 

Chisholm Colin 626 

Christopher H. A 626 

Citizens' Mutual Ins. Co 2 

Cochrane Chemical Co 649 

Coleman Bros 641 

Colley Frank A 15 

Comee Dennis F 623 

Coolidge & Caswell 623 

Coon H. & Co 10 

Corkery Matthew 63 1 

Cox James 624 

Crosby, Paige & Gove 638 

Crosby S. S 237 

Cuiniskey Henry 632 

Currie Abram Y 626 

Cushman Bros. & Co 6 

Damon Safe & Iron Works Co. 5 

Davis Curtis & Co 58 

Davis J. Edwin 6 

Davlin M. F. & Co 627 

Denison Arthur E 654 

Dennison J. E 626 

Derby Herbert 13 

Derby H. C... 13 

Dickson William 654 

Dorr George 638 

Dow John C. & Co 58 

Dudley Sanford a 650 

Dugan & Rutherford (jo'S 

Dunlop & Wallace 630 

Durant William B 6ii'S 

Durgin H. D. & W. S 13 

Edgett Reuben 6-12 

Edwards W. J 632 

Fawcett Robert & Co 640 

Ferguson J. G 622 

Fillmore Wellington 628 

First National Bank 614 

Fresh Pond Ice Co 12 

Frost C L 627 

Fudge David 623 



Furbish F. B 629 

Gage ]). W 10 

Gale George W front cover 

Giddings Samuel 635 

GillJohn 623 

Gillie Bros., Somerville MO 

Gilmore & Eustis back cover 

Glaser Frank 639 

Gurry John F 639 

Gwynne & Co 3 

Hale Edwin B 650 

Haley T. W 632 

HallJohnM 637 

Hancock Charles E 627 

Hannuin Leander M 634 

Hartwell William II 642 

Harvard Printing Co 622 

Harvev & Lane 639 

Hastings W. B. & Co CO 

Hawkes Levi & Co 60 

Hayden Zebah 028 

Hayes William A., 2d 653 

Hazen 1). M. & Son 12 

Heron William J 621 

Hersum J. R. & C. S 638 

Hill F. Stanhope 622 and 625 

Himeon M. W 628 

Hodgkins W. H 632 

Holmes J. A. & Co 72 

Holt W. B 629 

Holt&Bugbee 8 

Hopkins Albert B 629 

Howe Archibald M 651 

Howe & Putney 638 

Howland William B 625 

Hunnewell & Proudfoot 3 

Hunt Edgar F. & Co 238 

Hunt Freeman 651 

Hunt Samuel F 238 

HurrellE. J 635 

Hyde Dana W. & Co 627 

Inman Square Hotel 642 

Ivers & Pond Piano Co 7 

James John K front cover 

Jones Arthur E 652 

Jouett M. 11. & Co 636 

Keenan J. H 628 

Kellenberger G 635 

Kellcy Joseph J 635 

Kelley & McKinnon 628 

Kemp Lysander & Sons 58 

Kendall Edward & Sons 5 

Kendall Joshua 627 

Kennedy F. A. Co back cover 

Kern F. V. B 654 

Kinsman Edgar 642 

Knights S. R. & Co back cover 

Lai ley Thomas G 639 

Landerkin Llewellyn 633 

Lawrence H. T 655 

Leach H. W. & Co G56 

Lechmere National Bank 615 

Leland F 621 

Lewis I). W 10 

Lockhart William L 636 

Lombard Herbert E 622 

Long John J 633 

Lull Frank H. 637 

MacCann Alfred D 632 

Mahady John & Co 72 

Maitland James 659 

Mason William A. & Son 285 

Master Carpenters' Association. 2S9 

Maverick Oil Co 12 

McCormick Bros 637 

McCoy W. J. & Sons 631 

McDonald Alexander & Son.. . . 299 

McDonald John & Sons 631 

McDonald John M 631 

McFarland Bros 60 

Mclntire Charles J 651 

McNamee John 20 

McParland W. J 623 

McSorley Archibald 630 

Millner Charles H 640 

Moore Charles & Co 640 

Moore C. A 13 

Moulton C. W. 11. & Co 634 

National City Bank of Cam- 
bridge 615 

New England Boiler Works.... 633 

Newman W. J 627 

Nixon Robert G 63 1 

Norns Albert & Co 628 

O'Brien P. & Son 

foot lines general directory 

Olsson John F 622 

Osborn J. H 637 

Packard E. J 626 

Packer James W 642 

Page Carlos L. & Co 15 

Page George G. Box Co 345 

Parker Horatio G 652 

Parker & Page 8 

Peak Howard F 10 

Perkins George A 651 

Pevey Gilbert A. A 653 

Piper Henry A 654 

Powers Lee L 640 

Pratt A. B 633 

Quinn John 626 

Read Charles Coolidge 650 

Reed Clarence G 60 

Rhoades Josiah R 629 

Ricker George F 238 

Rideout M. E 630 

Riley Alberta 631 

Riverside Pottery Works 622 

Robbins J. M. & Co 644 

Rogers Frederick W 654 

Roop & Byam 20 

Rose W. E 629 

Ross James A 626 

Row Fred J. & Co 59 

Royal Mail Agency 627 

Russell C. T. & T. H 651 

Sanger Chester F 653 

Savage & Son 22 



Sawin's Cambridge & Boston 

Express 22 

Sawyer Charles A front cover 

Sawyer E. D. & Co 630 

Sawyer H. M. & Son 633 

Sawyer J. S front cover 

Scannell Daniel D 20 

Sever Charles W 14, 615 

Shaughnessey Daniel B 640 

Sheafe John C 628 

Shorey George L 622 

Smart Don Carlos, opp. introductory 

Smith George M 637 

Smith P. oc S 639 

Smith Thomas 20 

Smith & Carter 631 

Snow R. L 642 

Snyder Frank P 299 

Squire John P. & Co 401 

Standard Turning Works. back cover 

Stetson & Dinsmore ■ 628 

Stewart S. A. & Co 4 

Stickney N. N 634 

Thomas I. D 627 

Thorndike S. Lothrop 652 

Thurber J. H. & Co 633 

Thurston & Hall Biscuit Co 641 

Towne H 237 

Tripp E. & Co 640 

Union Marble and Granite 

Works 20 

Union Stables 9 

University Stable 3 

Walton M. L 654 

Webster W. F G34 

Weitze Robert 635 

Wellington Austin C. Coal Co.. 658 
Wellington Horatio & Co. front cover 

Wellington & Buek back cover 

WeltchH. T 635 

Wentworth R. & C. G 626 

Wheeler William H 639 

White Edward Y foot lines 

White M. P 653 

Whitney Wm. H 18 

Whittemore Charles F 216 B 

Whittemore J. St. Clair 22 

W bitten J. 9 

Wild D. J. & Co 632 

Wilson L. P 630 

Winnett & Cutter back cover 

Wood Wm. H. & Co back cover 

Woods John M. & Co 8 

Work & Hayward 22 

Wright George G front cover 

Wyman J. P. , Jr 653 

Wyzanski J 635 

Index to Boston Advertisements. 

Adams & Ilsley 75 

Albee Sumner 652 

Alger Alpheus B 652 

Alger Edwin A 652 

Allen & Rowell 76 

Almy Charles 652 

American Investment Co. . .opp. 18 
Am. Loan & Trust Co. . .front cover 

American Rubber Co 7 

Appleton John H 652 

Aylward James F 654 

Beacon Oil Co 13 

Bent George C 653 

Berry Wm. B. & Co 649 

Bird H. & Co 2 a:;d 15 

Black J. W. & Co 18 

Blair Lafayette G 653 

Blue Store Clothing House. ... 55 
Boston China Decorating 

Works 299 

Boston Electric Co 290 

Boston Five Cents Savings 

Bank 616 

Boston Lead Mnf g. Co CA6 

Boston Wall Paper Co 2 

Boston Woven Hose Co 6 

Bradford Russell 650 

Brett's Eureka Salve 638 

Brewster, Cobb & Estabrook., . .402 

Bride Wm. J 646 

Brighton Abbatoir 57 

Brine & Norcross front cover 

Burditt & Williams 

foot lines in general directory 

Burnham L. G. & Co 3 

Butcher Flooring Co 657 

Butcher Polish Co 657 

Butchers' Slaughtering & Melt- 
ing Association 57 

Butler Wm. P 15 

Cabot Bros 216A 

Cambridge Rolling Mills. back cover 
Cambridge Vinegar Works .... 13 

Carter Josiah H 654 

Charlestown Five Cents Savings 

Bank, Charlestown 616 



Citizens Mutual Insurance Co. . 2 

Clapp David & Son 648 

Cobb, Bates & Yerxa back cover 

Cochrane Chemical Co 649 

Codraan & Shurtleff 647 

Colley Frank A 15 

Comer Joseph 55 

Cook A. N. & Co back cover 

Cooley L 299 

Coon II. & Co 10 

Corse Wm. A 2 

Coy Alonzo & Brother opp. 


Crosby S. S 237 

Cushing Process Co 216A 

Cushman Brothers & Co 6 

Cutter & Parker 8 

Damon Safe & Iron Works Co. 5 

Davis Curtis & Co 58 

Denison Arthur E 654 

Dennison Mnfg. Co 645 

and back of book 

Derby Herbert 13 

Derby H. C 13 

Devereaux R. F 237 

Dickson William 654 

Dorr George 638 

Dow John C. & Co 58 

Dudley Sanf ord H 650 

Dugan & Rutherford 633 

Durant William B 653 

Durgin H. D. & W. S., Arling- 
ton 13 

Dyer, Rice & Co 237 

Elliot Charles E. & Co 18 

Estey Organ Co 6 

Evans Irving A. & Co 402 

Fairbanks & Neale 76 

French Ferd. F. , & Co. (limited) 

opp. 18 

Fresh Pond Ice Co 12 

Fuller, Holtzer & Co 658 

Garrison William D., New York 300 

Gillis Bros., Somerville 630 

Gil more & Eustis back cover 

Gould & Co 650 

Gove Charles S. & Co 655 

Grand Union Hotel, New York. 300 

Greenongh W. A. & Co 643 

Hale E. B 650 

Hall Charles E. & Co 285 

Harris Charles 216B 

Hartford Steam Boiler Inspec- 
tion and Insurance Co 56 

Hartwell & Richardson 216A 

Hastings W. B. & Co 60 

1 1 awkefl Levi & Co 60 

Haves William A , 2d 653 

Holt & Bugbee 8 

Howe Archibald M 651 

Howe J. Murray back cover 

Howe & Putney 638 

Hunnewell & Proudfoot 3 

Hunt Freeman 651 

Ilsley D. P. & Co 75 

Ivers & Pond Piano Co 7 

Jones Arthur E 652 

Kakas E. & Sons 216B 

Kern & McLoud 654 

Kimball Brothers opp. 18 

Knights S. R. & Co back cover 

Larnkin G. & Co , 658 

Lamprell & Marble 4 

Lawrence II. T 655 

Leach II. W. & Co 656 

Lewis 1). W 10 

Livermore Joseph P 659 

Lockhart W. L 636 

Lombard N. C 18 

Lombard Walter E 18 

Loomis C. S opp. 18 

Mahady John & Co 72 

Martin .lames & Son 286 

Mass. Mutual Fire Ins. Co. «... 14 

Maverick Oil Co 12 

Mclntire Charles J 651 

M'Cready Credit Register Co.. 285 
Mercantile Mut. Accident Asso. 56 

Metallic Spring Co 56 

Moore C. A 13 

Moseley T. E. & Co 4 

Mutual Protection Fire Ins. Co. 14 

Nichols, Bellamy & Co., insert opp. 


North Charles H. & Co 659 

N. E. Machine Co 657 

O'Callaghan Thomas & Co 

back cover 

Paine's Furniture Co 

bottom edge and 345 

Parker Horatio G 652 

Parker & Page 8 

Parkhill S. J. & Co 648 

Perkins George A 651 

Pevey G. A. A 653 

Phillips E. Burt 216A 

Piper Henry A 654 

Porter W. & Co 15 

Read Charles Coolidge 650 

Read William & Sons 649 

Reed Clarence G 60 

Rice, Kendall & Co 648 

Richards & Co 5 

Richardson & Hale 650 

Roberts C. E 56 

Roberts James H. & Co 5 

Roby 1). & Co 655 

Rogers Frederick W 654 

Russell C. T. &T. H 651 

Sanger Chester F 653 

Savage & Son 22 

Sawin's Camb. & Boston Ex. . . 22 

Sawyer E. D. & Co 630 

Sawyer II. M. & Son 633 

Schaef er W. R. & Son 238 

Security Safe Deposit Vaults. . 402 

Shaffer C 285 

Showalter Mortgage Co. (The) . 15 



Smith & Anthony Stove Co 644 

Snyder F. P 299 

Squire John P. & Co 401 

Squire Joseph & Co.. opp. intro- 
Standard Turning Works . .back cov. 

Stewart S. A. & Co 4 

Summers H 649 

Swanton W. H 11 

Taunton Iron Works Co 11 

The Butcher Polish Co 657 

Thorndike S. Lothrop 652 

Thurston & Hall Biscuit Co 641 

Tobey A. B 402 

Towne H 237 

Union Insurance Co. of Phil. . . 15 

Vaupel Louis H. W., agent 655 

Vinal James W. & Co 76 

Walker & Pratt Mnfg. Co.... 216 B 
Warren Institution for Savings 
Charlestown 616 

Washburn <J- Moen Mnfg. Co.. 346 

Watson John C 14 

Weitze Robert 635 

Wellington Austin C. Coal Co.. 658 
Wellington Horatio & Co. front cover 

Wellington & Buck back cover 

Wellman William L 56 

Wells James A 652 

West End Hoofing Co 657 

White M. P 653 

Whitney William H 18 

Whittemore Charles F 216 B 

Whittemore J. St. Clair 22 

Wilcox David & Co 18 

Winnett & Cutter back cover 

Woods John M. & Co 8 

Worcester A. & Sons 659 

Wyman J. P. , Jr 653 

Business Directory of Patrons ii Boston and Vicinity. 


Piper Henry A., 40 Water, Boston 
(see page 654) 

Ale, JPorter, Etc. 

Fairbanks & Neale, Howard, Boston 

(see page 76) 
Gove Charles S. & Co., 30 Canal, 

Boston (see page 655) 


Read William & Sons, 107 Washing- 
ton, Boston (see page 649) 

Annunciators . 

Fuller> Holtzer & Co., 27 Arch, Bos- 
ton (see page 658) 


Knights S. R. & Co., 226 Washing- 
ton, Boston (see back cover) 

Mahady John & Co., 198 Washing- 
ton, room 9, and 10 State, Boston 
(see page 72) 


Hartwell & Richardson, 68 Devon- 
shire, Boston (see page 216 A) 


Carter Josiah H., 31 State, room 5, 
Boston (see page 654) 

Knights S. R. & Co., 226 Washing- 
ton, Boston (see back cover) 

Mahady John & Co., 198 Washing- 
ton, room 9, and 10 State, Boston 
(see page 72) 

Winnett & Cutter, 5 Tremont, room 
28, Boston (see back cover) 




Lamprell & Marble, 357 Commercial, 

Boston (see page 4) 
Martin James & Son, 110, 112 and 

114 Commercial, Boston (seepage 


Bacon Curers. 

Howe & Putney, 28 F. H. Market, 

Boston (see page 638) 
North Charles H. & Co., 33 and 34 

North Market, Boston (see page 

Squire John P. & Co., 21 to 25 F. H. 

Market, and 39 and 40 N. Market, 

Boston (see page 401) 

Bail Commissioner. 

Alger Alpheus B. 
(see page 652) 

23 Court, Boston 


Thurston & Hall Biscuit Co., 2 Chat- 
ham row, Boston (see page 641) 

Bale Ties. 

Washburn &Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 

Banlc Vaults, Boors, 

Damon Safe & Iron Works Company 
108 and 110 Sudbury, Boston (see 
page 5) 


Brewster, Cobb & Estabrook, 35 
Congress, Boston (see page 402) 

Evans Irving A. & Co., 53 State, 
Boston (see page 402) 

Barb Fencing. 

Washburn & Moen Mnf g. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 

Bell Hangers. 

Fuller, Holtzer & Co., 27 Arch, Bos- 
ton (see page 658) 

Summers H. , 38 Charles, Boston (see 
page 649) 


N. E. Machine Co., 29 to 33 Haver- 
hill, Boston (see page 657) 

Roberts James H. & Co., 118 Merri- 
mac, Boston (see page 5) 

Bicycles and Tricycles. 

Read William & Sons, 107 Washing- 
ton, Boston (see page 649) 

Blind Attachments. 

Loomis C. S., 178 Devonshire, Bos- 
ton (see insert opp. page 18) 

Blind Fastenings. 

Cutter & Parker, 232 and 234 Friend 
Boston (see page 8) 


Loomis C. S., 178 Devonshire, Bos- 
ton (see insert opp. page 18) 

Boiler Setters. 

Leach H. W. & Co., 39 Wendell, c. 
Oliver, Boston (see page 65G) 

Bone {Prepared.) 

Dow John C. & Co., 13 and 14 Chat- 
ham, Boston (see page 58) 



Boots and Shoes. 

Lamkin G. & Co., 28 Tremont row, 

Boston (see page 658) 
Moseley T. E. & Co., 469 Washing- 
ton, Boston (see page 4) 


Fairbanks & Neale. Howard, Boston 

(see page 76) 
Gove Charles S. & Co., 30 Canal, 

Boston (see page 655) 

Box Makers. 

Standard Turning Works, 25 Con- 
gress, Boston (see back cover) 


Roby D. & Co., 280 Causeway, Bos- 
ton (see page 655) 


Brewster, Cobb & Estabrook, 35 
Congress, Boston (see page 402) 

Brokers (Mortgages 
and Bonds.) 

American Investment Co., 8 Con- 
gress, Boston ' K see insert opp. page 

Showalter Mortgage Co. (The) 4 P. 
O. square, Boston (see page 15) 

Brokers (Beat Estate 
and Mortgage.) 

Carter Josiah H., 31 State, room 5, 

Boston (see page 654) 
Howe J. Murray, 5 Court, Boston 

(see back cover) 

Brokers (Stock.) 

Brewster, Cobb & Estabrook, 35 
Congress, Boston (see page 402) 

Evans Irving A. & Co., 53 State, Bos- 
ton (see page 402) 

Watson John C, 70 Devonshire, 
Boston (see page 14) 

Broom Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., 
Worcester, Mass. (see page 346) 

Brush Mnfrs. 

Worcester A. & Sons. 27 and 29 Ex- 
change, Boston (see page 659) 

Builders 9 Hardware. 

Nichols, Bellamy & Co., 189 Devon- 
shire, Boston (see insert opp. in- 

Vinal James W. & Co., 7 Dock sq., 
Boston (see page 76) 

Builders and Con- 

Coon H. & Co., 17 Milk, Boston 

(see page 10) 
Leach H. W. & Co., 39 Wendell, c. 

Oliver, Boston (see page 656) 


Standard Turning Works, 25 Con- 
gress. Boston (see back cover) 

Burglar Alarms. 

Fuller, Holtzer & Co., 27 Arch, Bos- 
ton (see page 658) 


Squire Joseph & Co., 39 North, Bos- 
ton (see insert opp. introductory) 




Squire Joseph & Co., 39 North, Bos- 
ton (see insert opp. introdnctory) 

Buttons, Trimmings, 

Brine &Norcross, 17 and 18 Tremont 
row, 70 and 72 Tremont, and 660 
and 662 Washington, Boston (see 
front cover) 

Card Wire, 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 

Carpenters 9 Tools. 

Vinal James W. & Co., 7 Dock sq. 
Boston (see page 76) 


O'Callaghan Thomas & Co., 599 and 
601 Washington, Boston (see back 

Carriages and Sleighs. 

French Ferd. F. & Co. (limited), 14 
to 22 Sudbury, Boston (see in- 
sert opp. page 18) 

Kimball Brothers, 112 Sudbury, Bos- 
ton (see insert opp. page 18) 

Stewart S. A. & Co., 118 and 120 
Sudbury, Boston (see page 4) 

Casket 3Infr. 

Lockhart W. L. , junction Merrimack 
Causeway and Staniford, Boston 
(see page 636) 

Chemical Mnfrs. 

Cochrane Chemical Co., 51 
Boston (see page 649) 


China Decorating. 

Boston China Decorating Works, L* 
Cooley, prop., 38 Tennyson, Bos" 
ton (see page 299) 

Civil Engineer and 

Whitney William H., 39 Court, Bos- 
ton (see page 18) 

Cloaks and Suits. 

Phillips E. Burt, 35 Winter, Boston 
(seepage 216 A) 

Clothes Line Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co. , Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 


Blue Store Clothing House, Joseph 
Comer, prop., 150 to 164 Washing- 
ton, Boston (see page 55) 

Coal and Wood. 

Burnham L. G. & Co.. 132 Charles, 
and East Chester Park, Boston, 
Boston and Granite sts., South 
Boston, office, 75 State, Boston 
(see page 3) 

Hunnewell& Proudfoot,79 State, or- 
der box 113 Devonshire, Boston 
(see page 3) 

Lawrence II. T., 125 Columbus av., 
Boston (see page 655) 

Roby D. & Co., 280 Causeway, Bos- 
ton (see page 655) 

Wellington Austin C. Coal Co., office 
17 Congress, wharves, 438 Federal 
Boston, 9th cor. Old Harbor, So. 
Boston, branch offices, Broadway 
cor. Dorchester ave.,K, c. Fourth, 
482 Broadway, So. Boston, 73 
Cambridge, Boston, 78 Warren, 
Roxbury (see page 658) 

Wellington Horatio & Co., 11 Kilby 
Boston (see front cover) 



Coffins, Caskets, JEtc. 

Lockhart W. L., junction Merrimack 
Causeway and Staniford, Boston 
(see page 636) 


M'Cready Credit Register Co., 52 
So. Market, Boston (see p. 285) 

Commissioners of 


Albee Summer, 30 Court, Boston 

(see page 652) 
Alger Edwin A., 23 k Court, Boston, 

(see page 652) 

Confectionery Wnfrs. 

Moore C. A., 37 Union, Boston (see 
page 13) 


Coon H. & Co., 17 Milk, Boston 

(see page 10) 
Leach H. W. & Co., 39 Wendell, c. 

Oliver, Boston (see page 656) 
Reed Clarence G., 336 Beacon, Som- 

erville ^see page 60) 


Carter Josiah H., 31 State, room 5, 

Boston (see page 654) 
Kern & McLoud, 23 Court, Boston 

(see page 654) 

Copper Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 

Corset Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester Mass. (see page 346) 

Corsets and Hoop- 

Brine & Norcross, 17 and 18 Tre- 
mont row, 70 and 72 Tremont, and 
660 and 662 Washington, Boston 
(see front cover) 

Cotton (Absorbent.) 

Dennison Mnfg. Co. T 26 and 28 
Franklin, Boston (see back of 
book and page 645) 

Cotton Duck. 

Lamprell& Marble, 357 Commercial, 

Boston (.see page 4) 
Martin James & Son, 110. 112 and 

114 Commercial, Boston (see p. 


Cotton, Rubber and 
Line ft Hose. 

Boston Woven Hose Co., 234 Dev- 
onshire, Boston (see page 6) 

Credit Register. 

M'Cready Credit Register Co., 52 
So. Market, Boston (see p. 285) 

Crinoline Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 


Codman & Shurtleff, 13 and 15 Tre- 
mont, Boston (see page 647) 


Vinal James W. & Co., Dock square, 
Boston (see page 70) 



Dead Animals 

Brighton Abattoir, Brighton (i 
page 57) 


Laniprell & Marble, 357 Commercial, 
Boston (see page 4) 

Decorations (Ceiling.) 

Boston Wall Paper Co., William A. 
Corse, manager, 20 Summer, Bos- 
ton (see page 2) 

Dentists 9 Materials. 

Codman & Shurtleff, 13 and 15 Tre- 
mont, Boston (see page 647) 

Deposit Vaults. 

Security Safe Deposit Vaults, Milk, 
cor. Federal, Boston (see p. 402) 


Paine's Furniture Co., 48 Canal, 
Boston (see outside bottom edge, 
and page 345) 

Dining Rooms. 

Coy Alonzo &Bro., 143 Atlantic av., 
Boston (see insert opp. introduc- 

Directory Publishers. 

Greeneugh W. A. & Co., 28 Oliver, 
Boston (see page G43) 

Doors, Sashes and 

Cutter & Parker, 232 and 234 Friend 
Boston (see page 8) 


Standard Turning Works, 25 Con- 
gress, Boston (see back cover) 

Drain Pipe. 

Lewis David W., 80 Water, Boston 
(see page 10) 

Roby D. & Co., 280 Causeway, Bos- 
ton (see page 655) 


Hawkes Levi & Co., 50 Howard, 
Boston (see page 60) 


Snyder F. P., 21 Charles, Boston 
(see page 299) 

Drapery Goods. 

Boston Wall Paper Co., William A. 
Corse, manager, 20 Summer, Bos- 
ton (see page 2) 

D ra ugh ts m en . 

Lombard N. C, 40 State, Boston 

(see page 18) 
Lombard Walter C, 40 State, Boston 

(6ee page 18) 

Druqgists' Sundries. 

Standard Turning Works, 25 Con- 
gress, Boston (see back cover) 

Elastic Stockings. 

Codman & Shurtleff, 13 and 15 Tre- 
mont, Boston (see page 647) 

Electric Annunciators. 

Boston Electric Co. ,548 Washington, 
Boston (see page 290) 



Electric Bells. 

Boston Electric Co. ,548 Washington, 

Boston (see page 200) 
Fuller, Holtzer & Co., 27 Arch, 

Boston (see page 658) 

Electric Burglar 
Alar tns. 

Boston Electric Co. ,548 Washington, 
Boston (see page 290) 

Electric Door Locks. 

Boston Electric Co. ,548 Washington, 
Boston (see page 290) 

Electric Dynamos. 

Boston Electric Co., 548 WasMngt n, 
Boston (se^ page 290) 

Electric Eire Alarms. 

Boston Electric Co., 548 Washington 
Boston (see page 290) 

Electric Gas Lighting. 

Boston Electric Co. ,548 Washington, 

Boston (see page 290) 
Fuller, Holtzer & Co., 27 Arch, 

Boston (see page 658) 

Electric Light Ap- 

Boston Electric Co. ,548 Washington, 
Boston (see page 290) 

Electric Light Con- 

Boston Electric Co. .548 Washington, 
Boston (see page 290) 

Electric Motors. 

Boston Electric Co., 5 48 Washington, 
Boston (see page 290) 

Electric Watchman's 

Boston Electric Co. ,548 Washington, 
Boston (see page 21)0) 


Boston Electric Co., 54 8 Washington, 

Boston (see pasre 290) 
Fuller, Holtzer '& Co., 27 Arch, 

Boston (see page 658) 

Emery Wheels. 

N. E. Machine Co., 29 to 83 Haver- 
hill, Boston (see page 657) 

Enamelled Goods. 

Standard Turning Works, 25 Con- 
gress, Boston (see back cover) 

Engineers (Mechan- 

Livermore Joseph P., 40 Water, 
room 40, Boston (see p:ige 650) 

Lombard N. C, 40 State, rojm 41, 
Boston (see page 18) 


Dorr George, 76 Kingston and 38 
Broad, Boston (sec pi^e R88) 

Savage & Son. 88, 84 and 36 Court 
square, 174 Washington, 15 Dev- 
onshire. 105 Aicli. 75 Kilby, 59 
and 61 Franklin, 50 Me r rim ie. and 
11 Harrison avenue extension, 
Boston (see y>;\ga 22) 

Sawin Moses ML, 84 Court sq.. 174 
Washington. 105 Arch. 75 Kilby, 
and 7<; Kingston, Boston (see 
page 22) 



Fancy Goods, 

Brine & Norcross, 17 and 18 Tre- 
mont row, 70 and 72 Tremont, 
and 660 and 662 Washington, Bos- 
ton (see front cover) 

Feather Dusters. 

Worcester A. & Sons, 27 and 29 
Exchange, Boston (see page 659) 

Fence Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfgr. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 


Dow John C. & Co., 13 and 14 Chat- 
ham, Boston (see p. 58) 

North Charles H. & Co., 33 and 34 
North Market, Boston(see p. 659) 

Squire John P. & Co., stalls 21, 23, 
and 25 F. H. Market, and 39 and 
40 North Market, Boston (see p. 


Schnefer W. R. & Son, 61 Elm, Bos- 
ton (see page 238) 

Fire Brick. 

Lewis David W., 80 Water, Boston 
(see p. 10) 

Rohy 1). & Co., 280 Causeway, Bos- 
ton (see p. G55) 

Fire Hose. 

Boston Woven Hose Co., 234 Dev- 
onshire, Boston (see page 6) 

Fishing Hods and 

Read William & Sons, 107 Washing- 
ton. Boston (see p. 649) 

Sehaefer W. R. & Son, 61 Elm, 
Boston (see p. 238) 


Lamprell & Marble, 357 Commer- 
cial, Boston (see page 4) 

Martin James & Son, 110, 112 and 
114 Commercial, Boston (see page 

Flooring (Farqnet.) 

Butcher Flooring Co., 9 and 11 Ha- 
verhill, Boston (seepage 657) 

Floor Polish. 

The Butcher Polish Co., 9 and 11 
Haverhill, Boston (see page 657) 

Frames (Door and 

Cutter & Parker, 232 and 234 Friend, 
Boston (see page 8) 

Free Stone Workers. 

Dugan & Rutherford, 35 Hawley, 
and 164 Devonshire, Boston (see 
page 633) 

Furnaces, Hanges and 

Smith & Anthony Stove Co., 52 and 
54 Union, Boston (see page 644) 

Taunton Iron Works Co., 87 and 89 
Blackstone, Boston (seep. 11) 

Walker & Pratt Mnfg. Co., 31 and 
35 Union, Boston (see p. 216 B) 


Cabot Bros., 209 Tremont, Boston 

(see puge 216 A) 
Paine's Furniture Co., -*8 Canal, 

Boston (see outside bottom edge 

of book, and page 345) 



Furniture Spring 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co. 
Worcester, Mass. (see page 346) 


Dyer, Rice & Co., 36 to 40 Chauncy, 
Boston (see page 237) 

Ilsley I). P. & Co., Washington, be- 
tween Bromfield and Winter, Bos- 
ton (see page 75) 

Kakas Edward & Sons, 402 and 404 
Washington, Boston (see page 
216 B) 

Schaffer Conrad, 14 and 16 Brom- 
field, Boston (see page 285) 


Cook A. N. & Co., 377 and 370 
Washington, Boston (see back 

Schaffer Conrad, 14 and 16 Brom- 
field, Boston (see page 285) 

Furs and Robes. 

Dyer, Rice & Co., 36 to 40 Chauncy, 
Boston (see page 237) 

Galvan ized W ire, 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass (see page 346) 

Garden Hose. 

Boston Woven Hose Co., 234 Dev- 
onshire, Boston (see page 6) 

Gas Lighting. 

Boston Electric Co., 548 Washing- 
ton, Boston (see page 290) 

Puller. Holtzer & Co., 27 Arch, Bos- 
ton (see page 658) 

Gents' Furnishing 

Brine & Norcross, 17 and 18 Tre- 
mont row, 70 and 72 Tremontand 
660 and 662 Washington, Boston 
(see front cover) 

Ginger Ale. 

Fairbanks & Neale, under Howard 
Athaenuem, Howard, Boston (see 
page 76) 

Glazed Windows. 

Cutter & Parker, 232 and 234 Friend, 
Boston (see page 8) 

Gold Foil. 

Codman & Shurtleff, 13 and 15 Tre- 
rnont, Boston ' v see page 647) 


Harris Charles, 12 Pearl, Boston 
(see page 216 B) 

Grinding Mills. 

N. E. Machine Co., 2'.) to 33 Haver 
hill, Boston (see page 657) 


Cobb, Bates & Yer-n. 6S0 to 692 
Washington, 8 P. H square, and 
3 Bowdoin sq., Bu&ton (see back 


Read William & Sons, 107 Washing- 
ton, Boston (see page 64'.)) 


Standard Turning Works. 25 Con- 
gress, Boston ^see back cover) 



Hardware and Cutlery 

Burditt & Williams, 20 Dock square 
Boston (see foot lines in general 

Nichols, Bellamy & Co.. 189 Devon- 
shire, Boston (see insert opp. in- 

Vinal James W. & Co., 7 Dock sq., 
Boston (see page 7G) 

Sard Wood Lumber. 

Holt & Bugbee, 173 Friend, Boston 

(see page 8) 
Parker & Page, 24 Canal, Boston 

(see page 8) 
Woods John M. & Co., 70 and 72 

Canal, Boston (see page 8) 

Harnesses, Robes, Etc. 

Adams & Ilsley, 150 Tremont, Bos- 
ton (see page 75) 

French Ferd. F. & Co, (limited), 14 
to 22 Sudbury, Boston (see insert 
opp. page 18) 

Stewart S. A. & Co., 118 and 120 
Sudbury, Boston (see page 4) 

Hat Mnfrs. 

W ;i cox David & Co., 8 Boylston sq. 
Boston (see page 18) 

Hats, Caps, Etc, 

Cook A. 

N. & Co., 377 and 379 
Boston (see back cover) 

Hats, Caps and Furs 


Dyer. Puce &Co., 30 to 40 Chaum-y 
Boston (see page 237) 

Scliaffer Conrad, 14 Bromfield, Bos- 
ton (see page 285) 

Hearing Trumpets. 

Codman & Shurtleff, 13 and 15 Tre- 
mont, Boston (see pnge 047) 

Hoys, Live and 

North Charles II. & Co., 33 and 34 
North Market, Boston (see p. f»59) 

Squire John P. & Co., 21, 23 and 25 
F. II. Market and 39 North Mar- 
ket, Boston (see page 401) 

Horse and Cattle Food. 

Dow John C. & Co., 13 and 14 Chat- 
ham, Boston (see page 58) 

Horse and Wagon 

Sawyer II. M. & Son, 45 Broad, 
Boston (see page 033) 

Hose Mnfrs. 

Boston Woven Hose Co., 234 Dev- 
onshire, Boston (see page 0) 

Hosiery and Gloves. 

Brine & Noreross, 17 and 19 Tre- 
mont row. 70 and 72 Tremont and 
GOO and 002 Washington, Boston 
(see front cover) 


Grand Union Hotel. William D. 
Garrison, manager, New York, N. 
Y. (*ee page 300) 

Hotel Annunciators. 

Boston Electric Co., 548 Washing- 
ton, Boston (see page 21)0) 


Durgin II. D. & W. S., 25 Arling- 
ton avenue, Arlington (sec p. 13) 

Fresh Bond lee Co., Willow, Soni- 
crville (see page 12) 



In ca i ulescen t Light ing . 

Fuller, Iloltzcr & Co., 27 Arch, Bos- 
ton (see page 658) 

Incubators and Brood' 

Berry William B. & Co. 
Boston (see page G19) 

'9 North, 

Instruments (Sur- 

Codman & Shurtleff, 13 and 15 Tre- 
mont, Boston (see page 647) 

Insurance Agents. 

Bird II. & Co., 53 Devonshire, Bos- 
ton (see page 2 and 15) 

Carter Josiah II., 31 State, room 5, 
Boston (see page 654) 

Colley Frank A., 19 Central, Bos- 
ton (see page 15) 

Hastings \V. B. & Co., 7 Exchange 
place, Boston (see pasre (JO) 

MhhadyJohn & Co., 198 Washing- 
ton, room 9, and 10 State, Boston 
(see page 72) 

Porter \V. & Co., 27 State, Boston 
(see page 15) 

Whittemore J. St. Clair, 42 Con- 
gress, Boston (see page 22) 

Winnett & Cutter, 5 Tremont, room 
28, Boston (see back cover) 

Insurance Companies* 

Citizens' Mutual Insurance Co., 8 
Exchange place, Boston (see p. 2) 

Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection 
& Insurance Co., 35 Pemberton 
square, Boston (see page 5G) 

Massachusetts Mutual Fire Insur- 
ance Co., 28 State, Boston (see 
page 14) 

Mercantile Mutual Accident Asso- 
ciation, 18 Post Office square, 
Boston (see page 5G) 

Mutual Protection Fire Insurance 
Co., Thompson sq., Charlestown 
(see page 14) 

Union Insurance Co. of Philadelphia, 
19 Central, Boston (see page 15^ 

Investment Companies 

American Investment Co., 8 Con- 
gress, Boston (see insert opp. page 

Showalter Mortgage Co. (The), 4 
Post Office square, Boston (see 
page 15) 

Iron Wire, 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 

Iron and. Wood Work- 
ing Tools. 

N. E. Machine Co., 29 to 33 Haver- 
hill, Boston (see page G57) 

Italian Aivnings. 

Lamprell & Marble, 357 Commercial, 

Boston (see page 4) 
Martin James & Son, 110, 112 and 

114 Commercial, Boston (see 

page 28G) 

Ivory Turning. 

Standard Turning Works, 25 Con- 
gress, Boston (see back cover) 

Jewelers' and Drug- 
gists 9 Boxes. 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 2G and 28 
Franklin, Boston (see back of 
book and page 645) 


Crosby S. S. & H. Towne, 4 Park, 
Boston (see page 237) 



Justices of the Peace. 

Appleton John H., 23 Court, Boston 

(see page 652) 
Dickson William, 34 School, Boston 

(see page 654) 
Hunt Freeman, 3 Pemberton square, 

Boston (see page 651) 
Sanger Chester F., 23 Court, room 

16, Boston (seepage 653) 
Wyman J. P., Jr., 30 Court, Boston 

(see page 653) 

Kalsomining, Whiten- 
ing and Tinting. 

Reed Clarence G., 336 Beacon, Som- 
erville (see page 60) 

Lager Beer. 

Fairbanks & Neale, under Howard 
Athaeneum, Howard (see page 76) 

Land Tile. 

Lewis David W., 80 Water, Boston 
(see page 10) 


Squire Joseph & Co., 39 North, Bos- 
ton, (see insert opp. introductory) 

Lard Oil. 

North Charles II. & Co., 33 and 34 
North Market, Boston (see page 

Squire John P. & Co.. 21, 23 and 25 
F. H. Market and 39 No. Market, 
Boston (see page 401) 

Squire Joseph & Co., 39 North, Bos- 
ton (see insert opp. introductory) 


Albee Sumner, 30 Court, Boston(see 

page 652) 
Alger Alpheus B., 23 Court, Boston 

(see page 652) 
Alger Edwin A., 23 Court, Boston 

(see page 652) 
Almy Charles, 50 State, Boston (see 
page 652) 

Appleton John H., 23 Court, Boston 
(see page 652) 

Aylward James F., 5 Tremont, Bos- 
ton (see page 654) 

Blair Lafayette G., 34 School, Bos- 
ton (see page 653) 

Bent George C, 28 School, Boston 
(see page 653) 

Bradford Russell, 209 Washington, 
Boston (see page 650) 

Denison Arthur E., 150 Devonshire, 
Boston (see page 654) 

Dickson William, 34 School, Boston 
(see page 654) 

Dudley Sanford H., 95 Milk, room 
71, Boston (see page 650) 

Durant Win. B., 19 Congress, Bos- 
ton (see page 653) 

Hale E. B., 209 Washington, Bos- 
ton (see page 650) 

Hayes Wm. A., 2d., 58 Sears' build- 
ing, Boston (see page 653) 

Howe Archibald M., 25 Congress, 
Boston (see page 651) 

Hunt Freeman, 3 Pemberton square, 
room 12, Boston (see page 651) 

Jones Arthur E., 60 Devonshire, 
Boston (see page 652) 

Kern Francis V. B., 23 Court, Bos- 
ton (see page 654) 

Mclntire Charles J., 3 Pemberton 
sq., Boston (see page 651) 

Parker Horatio G., 61 and 62 Sears' 
building, Boston (seepage 652) 

Perkins George A., 3 Pemherton sq., 
Boston (see page 651) 

Pevey G. A. A., 5 Tremont, Boston 
(see page 653) 

Read Charles Coolidge, 27 State, 
Boston (see page 650) 

Richardson & Hale, 209 Washington, 
Boston (see page 650) 

Rogers Frederick W., 87 Milk, 
Boston (see pagre 654) 

Russell C. T. & T. H., 27 State, 
Boston (seepage 651) 

Sanger Chester F., 23 Court, Boston 
(see page 653) 

Thorndike S. Lothrop, 2 PemberUn 
sq., Boston (see page 652) 

White M. P., 47 Devonshire, Bos- 
ton (see page 653) 

Wyman J. P. Jr., 30 Court, Boston 
(see page 653) 



Lead Pipe and Sheet 

Boston Lead Manufacturing Co., 
Win. J. Bride, treas., 162 Con- 
gress, Boston (see page 646} 

Lead Wire and Lead 
Window Weights. 

Boston Lead Manufacturing Co., 
Wm. J. Bride, treas., 162 Con- 
gress, Boston (see page 646) 

Lime, Hair and Ce- 

Burnham L. G. & Co., 132 Charles, 
and East Chester Park, Boston, 
Boston and Granite sts., So. Bos- 
ton, office 75 State, Boston (see 
page 3) 

Roby D. & Co., 280 Causeway, Bos- 
ton (see page 655) 

Wellington Austin C. Coal Co., 438 
Federal, and 17 Congress, Boston 
(see page 658) 


O'Callaghan Thomas & Co., 599 and 
601 Washington, Boston (see 
back cover) 

Liquors (Wholesale.) 

Cushing Process Co., 212 to 216 
High, and 157 Broad, Boston (see 
page 216 A) 

Fairbanks & Neale, under Howard 
Athaeneum, Howard (see page 76) 

Loan Company. 

American Loan & Trust Co., 55 
Congress, Boston (see front cov.) 


Summers H., 38 Charles, Boston 
(see page 649) 


Holt & Bugbee, 173 Friend, Boston 
{see page 8) 

Parker & Page, 24 Canal, Boston 
(see page 8) 

Sawyer E. D. & Co., 164 Devon- 
shire, Boston (see page 630) 

Woods John M. & Co., 70 and 72 
Canal, Boston (see page 8) 


Roberts James H. & Co., 118 Merri- 
mac, Boston (see page 5) 

Machinery Mnfrs. 

N. E. Machine Co., 29 to 33 Haver- 
hill, Boston (see page 657) 

Roberts James H. & Co., 118 Merri- 
mac, Boston (see page 5) 

Machinery Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 

Machinery and Ma- 
chinists 9 Tools. 

N. E. Machine Co., 29 to 33 Haver- 
hill, Boston (see page 657) 

Manufacturing Co . 's 

American Rubber Co., 93 Summer, 
Boston (see page 7) 

Boston Woven Hose Co., 234 Dev- 
onshire, Boston (see page 6) 

Cochrane Chemical Co., 55 Kiiby, 
Boston (see page 649) 

Standard Turning Works, 25 Con- 
gress, Boston (see back cover) 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 



Marble Works. 

Ducran & Rutherford, 35 Hawley and 
JG4 Devonshire, Boston (see 
pagp 633) 

Hall Charles E. & Co., 00 Charles- 
town and 101 Haverhill, Boston 
(see page 285) 

Market Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 340) 

Masons and Builders. 

Coon II. & Co., 17 Milk, Boston 

(see pace 10) 
Leach H. W. & Co., 39 Wendell, 

cor. Oliver, Boston (see page G5G) 
Reed Clarence G., 836 Beacon, 

Somerville (see page GO) 

Master in Chancery. 

Pevey G. A. A.. 5 Tremont, Boston 
(see page 053) 

Mechanical Engineers. 

Livermore Joseph P., 40 Water, 
room 40. Boston (see page 65!)) 

Lombard N. C, 40 State, Boston 
(see page 18) 

Medals( College and 

Croshy S. S. & II. Towne, 4 Park, 
Boston (see page 237) 

Mercantile Agency. 

M'Cready Credit Register Co., 52 
So. Market, Boston (see p. 285) 

Merchandise Tags and 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 26 and 28 
Franklin, Boston (seo back of 
book and page 645) 


Richards & Co., CO Union, Boston 
(see page 5) 

Mineral Water. 

Fairbanks & Neale, Howard, Boston 

(see page 70) 
Gove Charles S. & Co., 30 Canal, 
Boston (see page Goo) 

Mortgage Brokers. 

Carter Josiah H., 31 State, Boston 
(see page 054) 

Mahady .John & Co., 108 Washing- 
ton, room 9, and 10 State, Boston 
(see page 72) 

Mortgages and Bonds. 
( Wes tern Fa rm . ) 

American Investment Co., 8 Con- 
gress, Boston (see opp. page 18) 

Sho waiter Mortgage Co. (The), 4 
P. O. square, Boston (seepage 15) 

Mouldings (Room.) 

Boston Wall Paper Co., William A' 
Corse, manager, 20 Summer, Bos" 
ton (see page 2) 

Music Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 340) 

Musical Merchandise. 

Standard Turning Works, 25 Con- 
gress, Boston (see back cover) 

Naphtha and Gas Oil. 

Beacon Oil Co., 2G Broad, Boston 
(see page 13) 



Neats Foot Oil. 

Brighton Abattoir, Brighton, Mass. 
(see page 57) 

Needle Wire. 

Washburn & Meen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 


Commercial Reporter, McCready, 
Credit Register Co., 52 So. Mar- 
ket, Boston (see page 285) 

Credit Register, McCready Credit 
Register Co.. 52 South Market, 
Boston (see page 285) 

Notaries Public. 

Alger Edwin A., 23 Court, Boston 

(see page 652) 
Albee Sumner, 30 Court, Boston 

(see page 652) 
Almy Charles, 50 State, Boston (see 

(page 6o2) 
Appleton John H. , 23 Court, room 

1)3, Boston (see page 652) 
Dickson William, 34 School, Bos- 
ton (see page 654) 
Howe Archibald M., 25 Congress, 

Boston (see page 651) 
Lombard N. C. ^Suffolk), 40 State, 

Boston (see page 18) 
Lombard Walter E. (Suffolk), 40 

State, Boston (see page 18) 
Perkins George A., 3 Pemberton sq. 

Boston (see page 651) 
Pevey G. A. A., 5 Tremont, Boston 

(see page 653) 
Read Charles Coolidge, 27 State, 

Boston (see page 650) 
Banger Chester P., 23 Court, Boston 

(see page 653) 
Wells James A., 2 Pemberton sq., 

Boston (see page 652) 
White M. P., 47 Devonshire, Boston 

(see page 653) 
Wyman J. P., Jr., 30 Court, Boston 

(see page 653) 

Office Furniture. 

Paine's Furniture Co., 48 Canal, 
Boston (see outside bottom edge, 
and page 345) 


Brighton Abattoir, Brighton, Mass. 
(see page 57) 

Oil Clothing Mnfrs. 

Sawyer II. M. & Son, 45 Broad, Bos- 
ton (see page 0'6:l) 

Oil Cloths. 

O'Callashan Thomas & Co., 590 and 
G01 Washington, Boston (see back 

Oiled Hats. 

Sawyer II. M. & Son, 45 Broad, 
Bisston (see page G'3'3) 

Oils (Illuminating.) 

Beacon Oil Co., 26 Broad, Boston 

(see page 13) 
Maverick Oil Co., 61 Broad, Boston 

(see page 12) 

Oils (Kerosene and 

Beacon Oil Co., 26 Broad, Boston 

(seepage 13) 
Maverick Oil Co., 61 Broad, Boston 

(see page 12) 

Organ Stop Mnfrs. 

Standard Turning Works, 25 Con- 
gress, Boston (see back cover) 

Organs and JPianos. 

Estoy Organ and Piano Co., 159> 
Tremont, Boston (see page 6) 

Faints, Oils and Glass. 

Gould & Co., 69 and 71 Union, Bos- 
ton (see page 656) 



Paper Boxes, 

Dennison Miifg. Co., 
Franklin, Boston ($ 
book and page 645) 



Paper Dealers. 

Rice, Kendall & Co., 91 Federal, 
Boston (see page 648) 

Paper Hangings. 

Boston Wall Paper Co., Wni. A. 
Corse, manager, 20 Summer, Bos- 
ton (see page 2) 

Parlor Furniture* 

Paine's Furnitare Co., 48 Canal, 
Boston (see outside bottom edgv 
and page 345) 

Parquet Flooring. 

Butcher Flooring Co., 9 and 11 
Haverhill, Boston (see page 657) 


(Expert in Patent Causes. ) 

Livermore Joseph P., 40 Water, rm. 

40, Boston (see page 659) 
Lombard N. C, 40 State, Boston 

(see page 18) 

Patents (Solicitors of.) 

Livermore Joseph P., 40 Water, rm. 
40, Boston (see page 659) 

Lombard Natban C, 40 State, Bos- 
ton (see page 18) 

Peanut Roasting 

Berry Wm. B. & Co., 79 North, 
Boston (see page 649) 

Pepsin (Pure.) 

North Cbarles H. & Co., 33 and 34 
No. Market, Boston (see p. 659) 


Allen & Rowell, 25 Winter, Boston 

(see page 76) 
Black J. W. & Co., 333 Washington, 

Boston (see page 18) 

Piano Materials. 


Standard Turning Works, 25 Con- 
gress, Boston (see back cover) 


Estey Organ Co., 159 Tremont, Bos- 
ton (see page 6) 

Ivers & Pond Piano Co., 181 and 182 
Tremont, Boston (see page 7) 


Read William & Sons, 107 Washing- 
ton, Boston (see page 649) 


Reed Clarence G., 336 Beacon, 
erville (see page 60) 



Hawkes Levi & Co., 50 Howard, 
Boston ^see page 60) 

Polishing Powder (Sil- 
ver White.) 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 26 and 28 
Franklin, Boston (see back of 
book and page tiio) 



Pork, Lard and Hams. 

Howe & Putney, 28 F. H. Market, 
Boston (see page 638) 

North Charles H. & Co., 33 and 34 
North Market, Boston (see page 

Squire John P., & Co., 21, 23 and 25 
F.H. Market, and 39 North Mar- 
ket, Boston (see pnge 401) 

Squire Joseph & Co., 39 North, 
Boston (see insert opp intro- 

Vaupel Louis H. W., agt., 33 North, 
Boston (see page 655) 

Pork Backers. 

North Charles H. & Co., 33 and 34 
North Market, Boston (see page 

Squire John P. & Co., 21. 23 and 25 
F. H. Market, and 39 North Mar- 
ket, Boston (see page 401) 

Vaupel Louis H. W., agt 33 North, 
Boston (see page 655) 

Poultry Supplies. 

Dow, John C & Co., 13 and 14 Chat- 
ham, Boston (see page 58) 


Clapp David & Son, 35 Bedford, 

Boston (see page 648) 
Greenough W. A. & Co., 28 Oliver, 

Boston (see page 643) 
M'Cready Credit Register Co., 52 

So. Market, Boston (see page 285) 
Parkhill S. J. & Co., 222 Franklin, 

Boston (see page 648) 

Provisions ( Wholesale) 

North Charles H. & Co., 33 and 34 
No. Market, Boston (see page 

Squire John P. & Co.21,23,and 25 F. 
H. Market and 39 North Market, 
Boston (see page 401) 

Squire Joseph & Co., 39 North, 
Boston (see insert opp. introduc- 

Vaupel Louis H. W., agent, 33 
North, Boston (see page 655) 


Greenough W. A. & Co., 28 Oliver, 
Boston (see page 643) 


( Copper 


Boston Lead Mnfg. Co., William J. 
Bride, treas., 162 Congress, Bos- 
ton (see page 646) 

Reading Room. 

Security Safe Deposit Vaults, Milk, 
cor. Federal, Boston (see page 

Real Estate and Mort- 

American Investment Co., 8 Con- 
gress, Boston (see opp. page 18) 

Carter Josiah II., 31 State, room 5, 
Boston (see page 654) 

Howe J. Murray, 5 Court, Boston 
(see back cover) 

Knights S. R. & Co. (auctioneers 
and appraisers), 226 Washington, 
Boston (see back cover) 

Mahady John & Co. , 198 Washing- 
ton, room 9 and 10 State, Boston 
(see page 72) 

Showalter Mortgage Co. (The) 4 P. 
O. sq., Boston (see page 15) 

Winnett & Cutter, 5 Tremont, room 
28, Boston, (see back cover) 

Red Lead & Litharge. 

Boston Lead Mnfg. Co., William J. 
Bride, treas., 162 Congress, Bos- 
ton (see page 646) 


Coy Alonzo &Bro., 143 Atlantic av., 
Boston (see insert opp. introduc- 

Rivet Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 



Robes and Blankets. 

Dyer, Rice & Co., 36 to 40 Chauncy, ) 
Boston (see page 237) 

Rolling Hills* 

Cambridge Rolling Mills, 70 Kilby, 
Boston (see back cover) 

Wasbburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 


West End Roofing Co., 232 Cam- 
bridge and 10 Canal, Boston (see 
page 057) 

Round Iron. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 

Rubber Goods* 

American Rubber Co., 93 Summer, 
Boston (see page 7) 

Boston Woven Hose Co., 234 Dev- 
onshire, Boston (see page 6) 

Rugs and Mats. 

O'Callaghan Thomas & Co., 599 and 
601 Washington, Boston (see 
back cover) 


Adams & Ilsley, 150 Tremont, Bos- 
ton (see page 75) 

Safe Deposit Vaults. 

Security Safe Deposit Vaults, Milk, 
cor. Federal, Boston (see p. 402) 


Damon Safe & Iron Works Co. 
and 110 Sudbury, Boston 
page 5) 


Sail Makers. 

Lamprell & Marble, 357 Commercial, 
Boston (see page 4) 

Salve Mnfr. 

Brett's Eureka Salve, 247 Washing- 
ton, Boston (see page 638) 

Sausage Mnfrs. 

North Charles II. & Co., 33 and 34 
North Market, Boston (see p. 659) 

Squire John P. & Co., 21, 23 and 25 
F. H. Market, and 39 and 40 No. 
Market, Boston (see page 401) 

Squire Joseph & Co., 3i> North, Bos- 
ton (see insert opp. introductory) 

AVeitze Robert, 137 Eliot, Boston 
(see page 635) 

Savings BanJts. 

Boston Five Cents Savings Bank, 38 

School, Boston (see page 616) 
Charlestown Five Cents Savings 

Bank, Thompson sq., Charlestown 

(see page 616) 
Warren Institution for Savings ?fi 

Main, Charlestown (see page 616) 

Shade Rollers. 

Cushman Bros. & Co., 82 to 86 
ley, Boston (see page 6) 


Shafting* Hangers and 

N. E. Machine Co., 29 to 33 Haver- 
hill, Boston (see page 657) 

Roberts James H. & Co.. 118 Merri- 
mac. Boston (see page 5) 



Shipping and Mer- 
chandise Tags, 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 26 and 28 
Franklin, Boston (see back of 
book and page 645) 


Crosby S. S. & H. Towne, 4 Park, 
Boston (see page 237) 


West End Roofing Co., 232 Cam- 
bridge, and 10 Canal, Boston (see 
page 657) 

Small Wares, 

Brine & Norcross, 17 and 18 Tre- 
mont row, 70 and 72 Tremont,and 
6G0 and 662 Washington, Boston 
(see front cover) 

Soap Mnfrs, 

Davis Curtis & Co., 136 State, Bos- 
ton (see page 58) 

Dow John C. & Co.. 13 and 14 Chat- 
ham, Boston (see page 58) 


Boston Lead Mnfg. Co., William J. 
Brule, treas., 1G2 Congress, Bos- 
ton (see page 646) 

Sole Leather Trunks, 

Adams & Ilsley, 150 Tremont, Bos- 
ton (see page 75) 

Solicitors in Probate, 

Kern & McLond, 23 Court, Boston 
(see page G54) 

Speaking Tabes, 

Fuller, Holtzer & Co., 27 Arch, 
Boston ^see page 658) 

Sporting Apparatus, 

Read Wm. & Sons, 107 Washington 
Boston (see page 64!)) 

Schaefer W. R. & Son ; Gl Elm, Bos- 
ton (see page 238) 

Spring Beds, 

Metallic Spring Co., 86 Chardon, 
Boston (see page 5G) 

Spring Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 

Stationers 9 Specialties, 

Dennison Mnfg. Co.. 26 and 28 
Franklin, Boston (see back of 
book and page G45) 

Steam, Boilers and 

N. E. Machine Co., 29 to 33 Haver- 
hill, Boston (see page G57) 

Steam Pumps, Boilers, 

N. E. Machine Co., 29 to 33 Haver- 
hill, Boston (see page i.57) 

Steel Drill Wire, 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 316) 

Steel Wire (Mnfrs.) 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 



Stoves, Furnaces and 

Smith & Anthony Stove Co., 52 and 
54 Union, Boston (see page 644) 

Taunton Iron Works Co., 87 and 89 
Blackstone, Boston (see pare 11) 

Walker & Pratt Mnfg. Co., 31 and 
3o Union, Boston (see page 216 B) 

Straw Goods. 

Dyer, Rice & Co., 30 to 40 Chauncy, 
Boston (see page 237) 

Street Lamps. 

Berry William B. & Co., 79 North, 
Boston (see page 649) 

Stucco Workers. 

Reed Clarence G., 336 Beacon, 
Somerville (see page 60) 


Codman & Shurtleff, 13 and 15 Tre- 
mont, Boston (see page 647) 


Whitney William H., 39 
Boston (see page 18) 



Codman & Shurtleff, 13 and 15 Tre- 
mont, Boston (see page 647) 


Dennison Mnfg. Co., 26 and 28 
Franklin, Boston (see back of 
book and pa^e 645) 


Devereaux R. F., 367 Washington, 
Boston (see page 237) 

Elliot Charles E. & Co., 419 Wash- 
ington, Boston (see page 18) 

Tallow, Lard, Etc. 

Derby H. C, 24 So. Market, Boston 
(see page 13) 

Tallow and Grease. 

Dow John C. & Co., 13 and 14 
Chatham, Boston (see page 58) 

Targets for Rifle Prac- 

Dennison Mnfg. Co.. 26 and 28 
Franklin, Boston (see back of 
book and page 645) 

Telegraph Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnf ir. Co. , Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 

Tents and Flags. 

Lamprell & Marble, 357 Commercial, 

Boston (see page 4) 
Martin James & Son, 110, 112 and 

114 Commercial, Boston (see 

page 286) 

Terra Cotta. 

Harris Charles, 12 Pearl, Boston 
(see page 216 B) 

Tin and Sheet Iron 

Berry William B. & Co., 79 North, 
Boston (see page 649) 



Tinned Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 

Tissue Papers. 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 26 and 28 
Franklin, Boston (see back of 
book and page 645) 


Standard Turning Works, 25 Con- 
gress, Boston (see back cover) 

Tripe, Pigs 9 Feet, Etc. 

Derby H. C, 24 So. Market, Boston 
(seepage 13) 

Squire Joseph & Co., 39 North, Bos- 
ton (see insert opp. Introductory) 

Trunks and Valises 
(Sole Leather.) 

Adams & Ilsley, 150 Tremont, Boston 
(see page 75) 


Codman & Shurtleff, 13 and 15 Tre- 
mont, Boston (see page 647) 

Trust Company. 

American Loan & Trust Co. , 55 Con- 
gress, Boston (see front cover) 

Turning and Jig 

Standard Turning Works, 25 Con- 
gress, Boston (see back cover) 


Ilsley D. P. & Co., Washington, be- 
tween Bromfield and Winter (see 
page 75) 

Umbrellas and Para- 
sols Repaired. 

Summers H., 38 Charles, 
(see pasje 649) 


Underwear, Laces, Etc* 

Brine & Norcross, 17 and 18 Tre- 
mont row, 70 and 72 Tremont. and 
660 and 662 Washington, Boston 
(see front cover) 


Snyder F. P., 21 Charles, Boston 
(see page 299) 

Upholstery Goods. 

Cushman Bros. & Co., 82 to 8G 
Hawley. Boston (see page 6) 

Paine's Furniture Co., 48 Canal, 
Boston (see outside bottom edge 
and page 345) 

Upholstery Hardware. 

Cushraan Bros. & Co., 82 to 86 
Hawley, Boston (see page 6) 

Venetian Blinds. 

Looniis C. S.. 178 Devonshire, Bos- 
ton (see opp. page 18) 


Hawkes Levi & Co., 50 Howard, 
Boston (see pasje 60) 




Cambridge Vinegar Works. TTerliert 
Derby', prop., 24 So. Market, Bos- 
ton (see page 13) 

Wagon Covers. 

Martin James & Son, 110, 112 and 
11+ Commercial, Bo6ton (see 
page 286) 

Sawyer II. M. & Son, 45 Broad, 
Boston (see page Gi3;5) 


Crosby S. S., 4 Park, Boston (see 

page 237) 
Towne II., 4 Park, Boston (see 

page 237) 

Watchman's Clocks. 

Boston Electric Co., 548 Washing- 
ton, Boston (see page 290) 

Watch Springs. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 

Water Proof Clothing 
and Hats. 

Sawyer II. M. & Son, 45 Broad, 
Boston (see page 633) 

Weaving Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 

White Lead and Zinc. 

Boston Lead Mnfg. Co., William J. 
Bride, treas., 101 Congress, Bos- 
ton (see page G+6) 

Window Shades and 
Curtain Fixtures. 

Boston Wall Paper Co., William A. 
Corse, manager, 20 Summer, Bos- 
ton (see page 2) 

Cushman Bros. & Co., 82 to 86 
Hawley, Boston (see page 6) 

Snyder F. P., 21 Charles, Boston 
(see page 299) 

Wire Mnfrs. 

Wasbburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 3+6) 

Wire Hope. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 346) 

Wood and Ivory 

Standard Turning Works, 25 Con- 
gress, Boston (see back cover) 


1880 1870 

Familes 9,9+5,916 7,579,363 

Dwellings 8,955,812 7,0+2,833 

Persons to the square mile 17.29 10.70 

Number of persons 50.155,783 38,115,6+1 

Area in square miles *2,900,170 3,603,884 

Number of families to a square mile 3.43 2.61 

Number of dwellings to a square mile 3.02 2.43 

Number of acres to a person 37.01 48.1 + 

Number of acres to a family 186.02 2++. 89 

Number of persons to a dwelling 5.60 5.47 

Number of persons to a family 5.4 5.09 

*lhc area in land i> surface only, and exehisivo of the Indian Territory and 
tracts ot unorgau./.L'd territory, aggieyatiug by,S30 Bqmuc iniius. 



Blue Store Clothing House, 


CSrentlemen's, Yoivtlxs' c*? IBoys' 


Nos. 150 to 164 WASHINGTON ST, BOSTON. 
JOSEPH COMER, Proprietor. 




Insurance against loss or damage to PROPERTY, also against 


Branch^Office, 35 Pemberton Sq., Boston, Mass. 

C. JE. ROBERTS, General Agent. 





Price,\%6 .00. 80 CHARDOX ST., BOSTON. 

Send address by Postal Card, 


(Incorporated under Mass. Laws, January, 1881.) 



Has paid over 1,600 claims, amounting to over $80,000. 
It has never allowed a just claim to be litigated. 

It has always paid promptly every proven claim. 
It has no claims due and unpaid. 

It has always resisted unjust claims. 

/ It is appro v d by more than 18.000 patrons. 

It is not like young and untried companies. 

It is now in its eighth year of success. 
It« policies cover los9 of life, loss of time, less of one or both bands, feet or eyes; and permanent 
ilihablt m« nt by aciident, a* an average cost of about $1:3 per annum. 












Old Family Horses , or any other Horses tit at the 

oivners may desire to hare disj)osed of will be 

quietly removed and Humanely Killed. 

Orders sent to the BRIGHTON ABATTOIR, Brighton, either hy Telegraph. 

Telephone or Mail, at the expense of the Association will receive 

immediate attention. 

TEL.EPMMO.VE J%'0. 7420. 


ooTa-sT-A-UTiysr our h-A-hntod. 



GREASE and BONES, Nitrogenous Superphosphate. 

HARD M<:S'l\tliLI.SIIM-:M* 186«. I)()W'S 

and SOFT SOAP. Ground Bone Fertilizers. 


FOR POULTRY: Horse and Cattle Food: 

Ground Oyster Shells, 13 & 14 Chatham St., Continental Food, 

Ground Beef Scraps, Condition Powders 

Crushed Bone. BOSTON. Dr. Pilgrim's Worm Destroyer, 

Bone Meal. 
Connected by Telephone. 


Manufacturers of 


sHippiNG.aUMrdj soft. 

Dealers in SOAP STOCKS. 

Factory, Cor. Broadway & Davis Sts,, Cambridgeport, Mass. 


TELEPHONE No. 7»56. 

JAMES MELLEN. Established INS. - *. E. D. M ELLEN. 



No. 136 State Street, - - BOSTON, MASS. 

Manufactory, l* I, 180, 18$, 190, i:>» X 101 Broadieaif, Cambridgeport. 




:f*i*jeji> J- n.o^v" cfc oo., 

Connected by Telephone, 

— Dealers in 


Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Poultry and Game in their Season. 
Butter, Cheese, Eggs, Canned Goods, Country Produce, & 3., 

Also Fish, Smoked and Pickled Fish of all kinds. 

423 Main, and 1 Cherry Street, CAMBRIDGEFORT. 

1888 j 







m ; 



Th Pr 































i 8 





















15 16 




















22 23 






































tY. | 




i Su 















Mo Tu 

W ,Th 


Sa > 

j _ 













5 6 

1 & 














' 7 


9 10 111213 





16 1 













19 20 

















23 24 25 

26 27 











































Sa i 















i _ 


















12 13 


1 4 













17 l 











15 16 








24 1 

! 22 










22 23 











i _ 











29 30 



- ! 




1 Su 





















1 1 




I 5 

: 6 







i 3 
























8 i 



















13 14 




















20 21 








i - 











27 28 





-tT.VT— *•>.•._ 


\ " The Old and Reliable ) 
( Insurance Agency." ) 





Office Hours, Boston, 1 to 3 P. ,11. 



Special attention to Drainage and Ventilation. 
599 1-2 Main St., Cambridgeport. 
Also, 50 Howatcd St., Boston. 

Levi Hawkes, 
John Crawford. 


Where you will find a 
first-class assort- 
ment of 




Consisting of 
Beef, Pork, 
I.iimb, Hams, 
Poultry, Lard, &c. 

Vegetables, Oranges, 
Canned Goods, But- 
ter, Eggs & Flour 
a Specialty. 


Plasterer and Stucco Worker, 

KALSOMINING, WHITENING, AND TINTING without moving carpets or furniture. 

Keene, Portland and Common Cementing. All kinds of Jobbing Promptly attended to. 


Order Boxes: Union So,., Somerville, H. W. Raymond's. 

Letter & Order Box 12, Sawin's Express Office. Harvard Sq., Cambridge. 

336 BEACON ST., Near Cambridge Line, SOU! ER VI LEE. 




Streets in ward 1 are in Cambridge, (proper) wards 2 and 4 Cambridgeport, 
ward 3 East Cambridge, ward 5 North Cambridge. 

Acacia, from 13 Ash to 5 Hawthorn, wd. 1 
Acorn, from 219 Putnam av. to 42 Chest- 
nut, ward 4. 
Adams, from Concord av., opp. Wellington, 

to Washington at Belmont line, ward 1 
Agassiz, from Linnaean to Lancaster, wd. 5 
Agassiz, from 21 Sacramento, ward 5 
Albany, from Main, west of It. It. to Fort 
Washington, ward 4 [wd. 4 

Albro, from Western av. to Blackstone, 
Allen, from 178 North av. to 8 Orchard, 

Ward 5 
Alhton, from 114 Magazine, east, to Wav- 

erly, Fort Washington, ward 4 
Allston ct., from 100 Allston, south, ward 4 
Amory, from 329 Broadway to 190 Hamp- 
shire, ward 2. 
Amory place, from 11 Amory, west, wd 2 
Andrew, from 42 Fairmont to Somerset, 

ward 4 
Antrim, from 353 Broadway to 536 Camb- 
ridge, Inman sq., ward 2 [wd. 1 
Appian-way, from 63 Brattle to 3 Garden, 
Appleton, from 153 Brattle to Concord av., 
ward 1 [ton av., wd. 5 
Arlington, from 131 North av. to Washing- 
Arrow, from 866 Main to 13 Bow, ward 1 
Arsenal sq., junc. of Garden, Concord av., 

and Chauncy, ward 1 
Ash, from 84 Brattle, south, to Old Gas 

Works, ward 1 
Ash st. place, from 12 Ash, east, ward 1 
Ashburton place, from 26 Essex, east, wd. 2 
Athens, from 22 Mt. Auburn, south, wd. 1 
Auburn, from 20 Western av. to Sidney, 

ward 4. 
Auburn place, from Mt. Auburn, n. It. R. 
bridge, north, ward 1 [and 2 

Austin, from 439 Main to 10 Inman, wds. 4 
Austin place, from 86 Austin, south, wd. 2 
Avon, from 27 Shepard to 40 Linnaean, 
ward 5 [bert av., wd. 5 

Avon Hill St., from 39 Linnaean to Lam- 
Avon place, from 32 Avon Hill, east, wd. 5 
Bacon Court, from 125 Gore, wd. 3 
Bailey place, from 118 Magazine, ward 4 
Baldwin, from 661 Cambridge, to 78 Kirk- 
land, ward 1 

Baldwin st. court, from 26 Baldwin, east, 

ward 1 
Baldwin place, from 97 Main, north, wd. 2 
Ballord place, from 94 Putnam av., east, 

ward 4 
Banks, from 10 Mt. Auburn to Sands, wd. 1 
Bates, from Raymond, n. Linnaean to Avon 

Hill, ward 5 
Bath, from 158 Mt. Auburn, south, wd. 1 
Bay, from 776 Main to 288 Kinnaird, wd. 4 
Beacon fSomerville), continuation of 

Hampshire to Oxford, wards 2 and 5. 
Beaver, from 10 Cowperthwaite to 59 

Flagg, ward 1 
Beck Park, Harvard junc. Main, ward 1 
Bedford, from 13 Porter to Somerville line, 

ward 2 [line, wd. 5 

Beech, from 192 North a/, to Somerville 
Bell, from 17 Allston, ward 4 
Bellevue av., from 87 Raymond, south of 

Lambert av. to east of Avon Hill street, 

ward 5 
Belmont, from Mount Auburn, at railroad 

bridge, to Belmont line, ward 1 
Bennett, from junction Murray and Eliot, 

west, ward 1 
Bent, from 133 Third to Ninth, ward 3 
Berkeley, from 9 Phillips place to 8 Crai- 

gie, ward 1 [Vandine, ward 2 

Berkshire, from Bristol, north, to beyond 
BerKshire place, from Berkshire to Port- 
land, ward 2 [wd. 2 
Bigelow, from 693 Main to 282 Harvard, 
Binney, from Third to Ninth, ward 3 
Binney Field, Cambridge, between Winsor 

and B. & A. R. R. crossing, ward 2 
Blackstone, from 129 River to 116 Western 

av., ward 4 
Blair place, from 72 Bolton, ward 5 
Blake, from 204 North av., ward 5 
Blanche, from 16 Front, south, ward 4 
Boardman, fr;>m 183 Harvard to 354 Broad- 
way, ward 2 
Boardman place, from 13 Boardman, wd. 2 
Bolton, from 111 Dublin to beyond 131 

Dublin, ward 5 [wd. 1 

Bond, from 43 Concord av. to 58 Garden, 



Bow, from 902 Main to 59 Mount Auburn, 

ward 1 [5 

Bowdoin, from Hudson to 24 Linnaean, wd. 

Boylston, from 9 Harvard sq. to Brighton 

bridge, Brighton line, ward 1 
Boyson place, from 15 Valentine, ward 4 
Brackett place, from 146 North avenue to 

railroad, ward 5 
Brattle, from 9 Harvard square to Mount 

Auburn, at Fresh Pond lane, ward 1 
Brattle square, from 34 Brattle to Mount 

Auburn, ward 1 
Brendon. from Raymond, ward 5 
Brewer, from 146 Mt. Auburn, south, wd. 1 
Brewery, from 166 Broadway to 305 Main, 
wards 2 and 4 [wd. 1 

Brewster place, from 61 Sparks to Appleton, 
Bridge, from Craigie'a bridge, E. C. , to 
Somerville line, waro 3 [wd. 2 

Brimmer place, from Brewery to Munson, 
Bristol, from 17 Market to Portland, wd. 2 
Broadway, from 99 Main, wd. 2 to Camb., 

at the college grounds, wards 2 and 1 
Broadway park, junc. Broadway, Norfolk, 
and Prospect, ward 2 [river, wd. 4 

Brookline, from 520 Main to the Charles 
Brooks, from 361 Main to 34 School, wd. 4 
Brooks place, from Moore to Clark, wd. 4 
Brown, from 124 Brattle to 13 Foster, wd. 1 
Buckingham, from 25 Craigie to 54 Con- 
cord av., ward 1 
Burns ct. , from 10 Foster, opp. Brown, wd. 1 
Butler court, from 10 Charles River, wd. 1 
Cambridge, from 96 Bridge to Holmes pi., 

wards 3 and 1 
Cambridge Common, Garden, Waterhouse, 

North av., ward 1 
Camden place, from 245 Mt. Auburn, wd. 1 
Cameron, from North Avenue, near C M. 
R. R. crossing, north, to Somerville line, 
ward 5 
Camp, from John to Lerned, ward 5 
Carson, from 180 Gore to 239 Camb., wd. 3 
Carver, from 70 Sacramento to Kent, wd. 1 
Cedar, from 339 North av. to 59 Spruce, 

ward 5 
Cedar square, from 37 Cedar, west, to Dud- 
ley, ward 5 [wd. 4 
Central place, from 21 Western av., north, 
Central square, junction Main, River, Mag- 
azine streets, and Western av., ward 4 
Centre, from 85 Hancock to 8 Dana, wd. 2 
Channing, from 168 Brattle to Mt. Auburn, 

opp. the -Hospital, ward 2 
Chapman place, from 13 Gerry to 14 Brew- 
ster, ward 1 [Ninth, ward 3 
Charles, from 121 Third, east and west to 
Charles River, from 52 Mt. Auburn to 11 
Dyke, ward 1 [wd. 2 
Chatham, from 145 Hancock to 36 Dana, 
Chauncy, from 31 North av. to 15 Concord 
avenue, ward 1 [wds. 4 and 2 
Cherry, from 421 Main to 176 Harvard, 
Cherry court, from 22 Cherry, east, wd. 4 

Chester, from 260 North av., east, to Som- 
erville line, ward 5 [wd. 4 
Chestnut, from 168 Pleasant to Waverly, 
Chestnut park, from 23 to 31 Charles, run- 
ning north, ward 3 [wd. 1 
Church from 13 Harvard row to 45 Brattle, 
Church place, from 98 Camb., south, wd. 3 
Clarendon avenue, from 372 North av. to 

Somerville line, ward 5 
Clark, from 387 Main to 20 Webster av., 

north, wards 4 and 2 
Clary, from Prospect, south of Houghton, 

west, ward 2 
Clay, from 93 Spruce to 40 Harvey, wd. 5 
Cleveland, from Ellery to Dana, ward 1 
Clifton, from 117 Spruce to 64 Harvey, 
ward 5 [wd. 2 

Clinton, from 701 Main to 290 Harvard, 
Cogswell av., from 237 North avenue to 

Fitchburg railroad, ward 5 
Cogswell place, from 11 Mead to Cogswell 

avenue, ward 5 
Columbia, from 473 Main to Somerville 

line, wards 4 and 2 
Columbus av., from North av., n. Arlington 

line, to Kimball, ward 6 
Common, from (Id Norfolk to Elm, wd. 2 
Concord av., from 3 Waterhouse to Wel- 
lington and Adams, Belmont line, wards 
1 and 5. 
Con Ion's Court, from 152 Third, east, wd. 3 
Coolidge place, from 505 Main, wd. 3 
Coolidge av., from Mt. Auburn st., at Mt. 
Auburn cemetery to Camb. cemetery at 
Watertown line, ward 1 
Corliss place, from 13 Antrim, ward 2 
Cottage, from 103 Pearl to 44 Pleasant, 

ward 4 
Cottage court, from 8 Cottage, south, wd. 4 
Cottage row, opp. 168 Green 
Cowperthwaite, from 25 Banks to 38 De- 
Wolf, ward 1 [tie, wd. 1 
Craigie, from 30 Concord av. to J 41 Brat- 
Creighton, from North av., n. Walden to 
Richdale av., ward 5 [wd. 5 
Crescent, from 96 Oxford to 61 Sacramento, 
Crescent av., from 39 Walden to Raymond 

ward 5 
Crossland, from 77 Clark to 3 Bristol, wd. 2 
Curve place, from 57 Kirkland, north, wd. 1 
Cushing, from Belmont, beyond railroad 

bridge, to Belmont line, ward 1 
Cushing av. from 72 Cushing, west, wd. 1 
Cushing court, from 82 Cushing, ward 1 
Dailey's Alley, from 47 Cambridge to Gore, 

ward 3 
Dana, from 787 Main to 634 Cambridge, 

wards 1 and 2 
Dana square. Magazine, from Lawrence to 

Lake and Niagara, ward 4. 
Davenport, from Elm to Orchard, n. Som- 
erville line, south, ward 5 [wd. 2 
Davis, from 125 Harvard to 42 Hampshire. 



Day, from 274 North av. to Somerville line, 

ward 5 [4 

Daye court, from 10 Blackstone, west, wd. 

Deacon, from 180 Main to foot of Pioneer, 

ward 2 [wd. 4 

Decatur, from 75 Brookline to 136 Pearl, 

Decatur court, from 14 Decatur, south, 

ward 4 [wd. 2 

Derby lane, from 362 Broadwav to 35 West, 

DeWolf, from 38 Mt. Auburn to Flagg, 

ward 1 
DeWolf place, from 11 DeWolf, west, wd.l 
Dickinson, from 236 Broadway to Davis, 

ward 2 
Dinsmore court, fr. 33 Willard, west, wd. 1 
Distill House, from 365 Cambridge to Som- 
erville line, ward 2 [wd 1 
Divinity avenue, from 27 Kirkland, north, 
Dodge, from 85 Western av. to Grigg, wd. 4 
Donnell, from 99 Concord av. to 140 Gar- 
den, ward 5 
Douglass, fr. 513 Main to 50 Austin, wd. 4 
Douglass court, from 5 Douglass, n. Main, 

ward 4 
Dover, from 282 North avenue to Somer- 
ville line, ward 5 [wd 5 
Dublin, from 169 Garden to 74 Spruce, 
Dudley, from 321 North avenue to Jackson, 

ward 5 
Dunster, from 1 Harvard square, south to 

College wharf, ward 1 
Dyke, from 27 DeWolf to Holyoke, wd. 1 
East, from 113 Bridge, east, to Hall's 

wharf, ward 3 
Eaton, from 23 Cherry to 12 Pine, ward 4 
Eighth, from 214 Cambridge, south, to 
Spring, ward 3 [Boylston, wd. 1 

Eliot, from 104 Mt. Auburn, to opp. 68 
Eliot square, Eliot, junction Mt. Auburn, 
ward 1 [wd. 1 

Ellery, from 811 Main to 654 Cambridge, 
Ellsworth avenue, from 403 Broadway to 

624 Cambridge, ward 2 
Elm, from 213 Harvard, north, to Somer- 
ville line, ward 2 
Elm, from east of White to north of Rus- 
sell, ward 5 
Elmer, from Sands, north, ward 1 
Elmwood avenue, from 182 Brattle to Mt. 
Auburn, opp. Union Granite Works, wd. 1 
Emmons place, from 35 Baldwin, west, 

ward 1 
Ericcson court, from 91 Green, north, wd. 4 
Erie, from 120 Brookline to 84 Magazine, 

ward 4 
Essex, fr. 591 Main to 238 Harvard, wd. 2 
Essex court, from 51 Essex, north, ward 2 
Eustis court, from 114 Oxford to Harris 

place, ward 5 
Everett, from 42 North avenue to 45 Ox- 
ford, ward 1 
Fairfield, from opp. 7 Spruce, near North 
avenue, to Pemberton, ward 5 [wd. 4 

Fairmont, from 99 Magazine to 100 River, 

Fairmont avenue, from 54 Fairmont to 

Somerset, ward 4 
Fallon place, from 28 Banks, east, ward 1 
Farwell place, from 53 Brattle, east, wd. 1 
Fayerweather, from 179 Brattle to Vassal 

lane, ward 1 [bridge, wd. 2 

Fayette, from 369 Broadway to 504 Cam- 
Felton, from 469 Broadway to 728 Cam- 
bridge, ward 1 [wd. 3 
Fifth, from 68 Winter, south, to Potter, 
First, from 32 Cambridge to south of 

Charles, ward 3 [wd. 1 

Flagg, from 29 Putnam avenue to DeWolf, 
Flagg-street court, from Flagg, below 

Banks, south, ward 1 [Pleasant, wd. 4 
Florence, from Magazine, opp. Tufts, to 
Florence place, from 31 Norfolk, west, 

ward 2 [house, wd. 1 

Follen, from 9 Concord ave. to 13 Water- 
Forest, from 116 North avenue, east to 

Somerville line, ward 5 
Forest place, from 18 Carson, wd. 3 [wd. 3 
Fort Putnam, junction of Fourth and Otis, 
Fort Washington, Washington square, from 

Waverly at Allston, to B. & A. R. R., 

ward 4 
Foster, from 21 Willard to 14 Lowell, wd. 1 
Foster place, from 17 Foster, north of 

Brown, ward 1 [wd. 3 

Fourth, from 244 Bridge to 43 Charles, 
Fourth-st. place, from 101 Fourth, ward 3 
Francis ave. from 43 Kirkland, north, wd. 1 
Frank, from 320 North avenue, east, to 

Locke, ward 5 [avenue, wd. 4 

Franklin, from 22 Blanche to 22 Putnam 
Fresh Pond avenue, from Concord avenue, 

east of R. R. to Vassal lane, ward 1 
Fresh Pond Drives, from Fresh Pond lane, 

at Railroad bridge, around the borders of 

Fresh Pond, ward 1 
Fre&h Pond lane, from 253 Brattle to north 

of Fresh Pond drive, ward 1 
Frisbie place, fm. 23 Kirkland, north, wd. 1 
Front, from 484 Main to 9 Village, ward 4 
Front-street court, from 14 Front, south, 

ward 4 
Frost, from 12 Roseland to Harris, ward 5 
Garden, from North avenue, at the Univer- 
sity to Walden, wards 1 and 5 
Garden court, from Garden across Dublin, 

east, ward 5 
Garden-street place, from 37 Garden, east, 

ward 1 [wd. 2 

Gardner, from 31 Tremont to 110 Prospect, 
Garfield, from 88 North avenue, north of 

Sacramento to 111 Oxford, ward 5 
George, from Montgomery to Clay, ward 5 
Gerry, from 136 Mt. Auburn, south, wd. 1 
Gipsey place, from Moore, south of School 

west, ward 4 
Glenwood. from Magazine, south of Tufts 

to Pearl, ward 4 
Gordon place, from 8 Florence, south wd. 4 



Gore, from 152 Bridge to Somerville line, 

ward 3 
Gore place, from 132 Gore, south, ward 3 
Gorham, from Wendell to Hammond, wd. 1 
Granite, from Magazine, north of Glenwood 

to Rockingham, ward 4 
Grant, from 17 Banks to 24 DeWolf, wd. 1 
Gray place, from 91 Harvard, south, wd. 2 
Green, from 13 Sidney to 10 Putnam ave., 

ward 4 
Greenough avenue, from Highland avenue 

to Ellsworth avenue, ward 2 
Grigg, from Putnam ave., north of Western 

ave., to Howard, ward 2 
Grotto place, from Moore, bet. School and 

Washington, west, ward 4 
Groveland, from 20 Spruce, south, to Fitch- 
burg railroad, ward 5 
Hadley place, from 214 North ave., ward 5 
Hamilton, from 98 Waverly to Magazine, 
ward 4 [wd. 1 

Hammond, from 50 Oxford to Carver, 
Hampshire, from 179 Broadway, west, to 

Somerville line, ward 2 
Hampshire place, from 189 Hampshire 
Hancock, from Franklin to 384 Broadway, 

ward 2 
Hancock place, from 110 Hancock, ward 2 
Harding, from 321 Cambridge, north to 

Somerville line, ward 2 
Harris, from foot of Frost, east, to Somer- 
ville line, ward 5 
Harris, place, from Harris at Somerville 

line to Eustis court, ward 5 
Harrison, from 347 Main to 70 Washington, 
ward 2 [Whittemore ave., wd. 5 

Harrison ave.. from Columbus avenue to 
Harold place, from Cherry, n. Main, west- 
erly, ward 4 
Harvard, from 201 Main, L. P., to 1 Har- 
vard square, wards 2 and 1 
Harvard place, from 23 Harvard, ward 2 
Harvard row, from Lyceum building, Har- 
vard square, to Church, ward 1 
Harvard square, junction Harvard, Brattle 

and North avenue, ward 1 
Harvey, from 7 Cedar, west, ward 5 
Hastings, from B. & A. R. R. to opp. 55 
Moore, ward 2 [Berkeley, wd. 1 

Hastings ave., from Phillips place, west to 
Hastings square, Brookline, between Chest- 
nut and Henry, ward 4 [wd. 1 
Hawthorn, from 9G Brattle to Mt. Auburn, 
Hawthorn avenue, from 222 Brattle, north 

to north of Huron, ward 1 
Hayes court, from 43 Putnam avenue, east 

to Howard, ward 4 
Healey, from Parker to Buckingham, wd. 1 
Henderson court, from 10 Day, east, near 

Somerville line, ward 5 
Henry, from Waverly to 330 Pearl, ward 4 
Hews, from Grig2 to Western ave , ward 4 
Highland, from 09 Sparks to Reservoir, 
ward 1 

Highland avenue, from 393 Broadway to 
588 Cambridge, ward 2 [wd. 1 

Hilliard, from 60 Brattle to 133 Mt. Auburn, 
Hilliard place, from 15 Hilliard, west, wd. 1 
Hillside avenue, from south end Washing- 
ton avenue, west to Avon Hill, ward 5 
Hilton place, foot of Murray, wd. 1 [wd. 5 
Hollis, from 285 North avenue to 37 Spruce, 
Holly, from 12 Clark to Brooks, ward 4 
Holly avenue, from opp. 16 Madison to 

©pp. 13 Wyeth, ward 5 
Holmes place, from 2 North avenue to 

Kirkland, ward 1 
Holworthy, from Belmont, at Mt. Auburn 
station F. R.R., north to Fresh Pond, wd. 1 
Holworthy place, from 49 Holworthy, east, 

to F. R. R., ward 1 
Holyoke, from 448 Harvard to Mill, ward 1 
Holyoke place, from 64 Mt. Auburn to 30 

Holyoke, ward 1 
Houghton, from 171 Prospect, west, to 

Somerville line, ward 2 
Howard, from 71 Kiver to Kinnaird, wd. 4 
Hubbard avenue, from 45 Walden to Ray- 
mond, ward 5 [Hudson place, wd. 5 
Hudson, from 71 North avenue, west to 
Hudson place, from 35 Hudson, north, wd. 
5 [wd. 5 
Humboldt, from 7 Linngoan to 28 Lancaster, 
Hunting, from 329 Cambridge, north to 
Somerville line, ward 2 [naen, wd. 5 
Hurlbut, from opp. 16 Martin to 14 Lin- 
Huron, from Hawthorn avenue to east of 
Lake View avenue, ward 1 [wd. 2 
Tnman, from 681 Main to 214 Hampshire, 
Inman place, from 57 Inman, west, to Der- 
by lane, ward 2 
Inman square, junction Inman, Hampshire, 
Cambridge, Springfield, Beacon, and An- 
trim, ward 2 [land, wd. 1 
Irving, from 456 Broadway, north to Kirk- 
Jackson, from 103 Spruce to 52 Harvey, 

ward 5 
James, from 81 Brattle to 12 Mason, wd. 1 
Jarvis, from 24 Nortli avenue to 31 Oxford, 

ward 1 
Jay, from 59 River to Kinnaird, ward 4 
Jay-street place, from 28 Jay, east, ward 4 
Jefferson, fin. Warren to 22 Harding, wd. 2 
Jennings court, from 2 Front, soutn, wd. 4 
John, from Cameron, west, ward 5 [wd. 2 
Jones alley, from 348 Broadway to 13 West, 
Jordan place, from 134 Broadway, south, 

and east, ward 2 
Kendall square, junction Main. Broadway, 
and Third, ward 2 [mond, wd. 1 

Kent, east of Carver, parellel with Ham- 
Kimball, from Columbus avenue to Whitte- 
more, ward 5 
King place, from 15 Amory, west, ward 2 
Kinnaird, from 4."> Kiver to 30 Putnam ave., 
ward 4 



Kirkland, from North avenue, near the 

common, east, to Lynde at Somerville 

line, ward 1 
Kirkland place, from 35 Kirkland, north, 

ward one [and Front, ward 4 

Lafayette square, Main, junction Columbia 
Lake, from 169 Pearl to 76 Magazine, wd. 4 
Lake View avenue, from 181 Brattle to 

Vassal line, at K. R. crossing, ward 1 
Lambert avenue, from 145 North avenue to 

Raymond, ward 5 
Lamson place, from 42 Essex, east, ward 2 
Lancaster, changed to Humboldt, ward 5 
Lancaster, from 121 North av., to Washing- 
ton avenue, ward 5 
Lancaster av., changed to Lancaster, from 

121 North av., to Washington av., wd. 5 
Langdon, from 53 North avenue, west and 

south, to 11 Chauncy, ward 1 
Larch, from Brattle, west of Hawthorn 

av., north to R. R. , ward 1 
Laurel, from 75 Pleasant to 78 River, wd. 4 
Lawn, from 104 Cashing, to Belmont line 

ward 1 
Lawrence, from opposite 145 Pearl to 66 

Magazine, ward 2 
Lechmere place, from 48 North, west to 

Boston and Lowell railroad, ward 3 
Lechmere square, Bridge, junction Cam- 
bridge, ward 3 
Lee, from 721 Main to 372 Broadway, wd. 2 
Leighton court, from 26 East, north, wd. 3 
Lemed, from Cameron, near Somerville 

line, west, ward 5 
Leverett, from Magazine, south of Granite, 

to Brookline bridge, ward 4 
Lexington avenue, from 197 Brattle, north, 

to Vassal lane, ward 1 
Lexington ave., from 401 North ave., south 

to Whittemore, ward 5 
Lilac court, from 131 Portland, ward 2 
Lincoln, from 131 Webster avenue to 90 

Elm, ward 2 
Lincoln place, fm. 7 Lincoln, north, ward 2 
Linden, from 424 Harvard to 61 Mount 

Auburn, ward 1 
Linnaean, from 117 North avenue to 63 

Garden, ward 5 
Locke, from Meacham, near Somerville 

line to Frank, ward 5 
Locust, 128 Holworthy to 111 Cushing, 

ward 1 
Longfellow park, from Brattle, west of 
Hawthorn, south to Mt. Auburn, ward 1 
Lopez, from Go Brookline to 116 Pearl, 

ward 4 
Loughrey avenue, from Pioneer to 28 Pel- 
ham, ward 2 
Lowell, from 156 Brattle to 271 Mount Au- 
burn, ward 1 
Lowland ave., from 40 Spring, south, wd. 3 
Lyman, from Murray, south of Bennett, 
west, ward 1 

Lynde, from 559 Cambridge to 90 Kirkland 

wards 2 and 1 
Madison, from 65 Concord avenue to 90 

Garden, ward 5 
Madison avenue, from Columbus avenue to 

Whittemore avenue, ward 5 
Magazine, from 610 Main, south, to Cap- 
tain's Island, Charles River, ward 4 
Magazine court, from 117 Magazine, west 

to 12 Walnut court, ward 4 
Mage., from 54 Putnam avenue to Grigg, 

ward 4 
Main, from West Boston bridge to 400 Har- 
vard, wards 2, 4, 2 and 1 
Maple avenue, from 381 Broadway to 564 

Cambridge, ward 2 
Marion from 279 Cambridge to 10 Jefferson 
Market, from 207 Broadway to 32 Elm, 

ward 2 
Marsh court, from 209 Mt. Auburn, north 

and west to Sparks, ward 1 
Martin from North avenue, south of Lin- 
naean, to 25 Bowdoin 
Marvin place, from 58 Columbia, ward 4 
Mason, from 85 Brattle to 11 Garden, wd. 1 
May, from Lawn, north, to north of Vine- 
yard, ward 1 
Maynard place, fm. 261 Mt. Auburn, north 

ward 1 
McCabe. changed to Marion, ward 2 
McDonald, from 609 Mt. Auburn, nearly 
opp. cemetery gate, northerly to R. R. , 
ward 1 
McLean place, from 41 Cedar to Reed, 

K ard 5 
Meacham from 291 North avenue, east, to 

Somerville line, ward 5 
Mead from 23 Walden to 40 Cogswell ave., 

ward 5 
Mechanic square, junction Broadway and 

Hampshire streets, ward 2 
Mellen, from 50 North avenue to 55 Oxford 

ward 1 
Mercer Circle, from 134 Brattle to Sparks, 

ward 1 
Mill, from 25 DeWolf to 50 Holyoke. wd. 1 
Montgomery, from 77 Spruce to 28 Harvey 

ward 5 
Moore, from 357 Main to 212 Broadway, 

wards 2 and 4 
Mount Auburn from 812 Main to Water- 
town line at the railroad bridge, ward 1 
Mount Auburn place, from 132 Mount Au- 
burn, south, ward 1 
Mount Pleasant, from opp. 45 Walden to 

east of Lambert avenue, ward 5 
Mount Vernon, from 139 North avenue, 

west and north, to Lambert ave.. wd. 5 
Mullen's court, from 46 Winter south 

ward 3 
Munroe, from Third, west to Sixth, wd. 3 
Munson, fm. Washington west of R. R., 
to Harvard, ward 2 



Murdock, from 162 Hampshire to 9 Gard- 
ner, wd. 2 

Murray, from Eliot square, south and east, 
to Boylston, ward 1 

Myrtle Park, north side of School, from 
Harrison to Moore, ward 4 

Myrtle Place, from 31 Moore, bet. Wash- 
ington and School, west, ward 4 

New, from Concord avenue east, next F. 
R. R., north, ward 5 

Newton, from Chestnut to Putnam avenue, 
between Pearl and Magazine, ward 4 

Niagara, from 16 Lawrence to 17 Lake, 
ward 4 

Nichols place, fm. 21 Baldwin, west wd. 1 

Ninth, fm. 238 Cambridge to Thorndike, 
wd. 3 

Norfolk from 549 Main north, to Somer- 
ville line, wds., 4 and 2 

Norfolk court, from 78 Norfolk, between 
Broadway and Harvard, to Elm, ward 2 

Norris, from 307 North avenue, to 50 Ce- 
dar, ward 5 

North, from 23 Water to 16 East, ward 3 

North avenue, from Harvard square, north, 
to Arlington line, wards 1 and 5 

Norton, from 23 Bowdoin to 10 Avon wd. 5 

Norton place, from 12 Norton, east, wd. 5 

Nutting place, from 132 Mount Auburn, 
south, ward 1 

Oak, from 509 Cambridge, north to Som- 
erville line, ward 2 

Oliver from 17 Myrtle to Winslow wd. 5 

Orchard, from 9 Davenport to Somerville 
line, ward 5 

Orrin, from 130 Garden to Winslow wd. 5 

Osborn, from 368 Main, south, to B. and A. 
R. R„ ward 4 

Otis, from First to Ninth, wd. 3 

Otter, from 24 Cowperthwaite to 21 De- 
Wolf, ward 1 

Oxford, from 13 Kirkland, north, to Som- 
erville line, wards 1 and 5 

Pacific, from Albany east to Brookline, 
ward 4 

Palmer, from 8 Brattle, to 16 Church, wd. 1 

Park, from 84 Magazine to 82 Pleasant, 
ward 4 

Parker, from 40 Concord avenue, to 14 
Buckingham, ward 1 

Parnell, from 248 Cambridge ward 3 

Pearl, from 568 Main, south, to the Charles 
river, ward 4 

Pearl street place, from 314 Pearl, south, 
ward 4 

Pelham, from 79 Broadway, to 193 Main, 
ward 2 

Pemberton, from Spruce, near 257 North 
avenue to Fairfield, ward 5 

Percy place, from 38 Essex, ward 2 

Perry, fm. 12 Pearl to 54 Magazine, wd. 4 

Pettengill court, fm. 58 Second, east, wd. 3 

Phillips place, from 9 Mason to 18 Garden 
ward 1 

Pilgrim, from Albany to 54 Brookline, west 
ward 4 

Pine, from 87 School to 190 Harvard, 
wards 4 and 2 

Pioneer from 52 Broadway across Main to 
Deacon, ward 2 

Pioneer avenue, from 32 Broadway, to 5 
Pelham, ward 2 

Pleasant, from 672 Main, south to Florence, 
wd. 4 

Pleasant place, from 48 Pleasant, wd. 4 

Plymouth, from 91 Hampshire to Portland, 
ward 2 

Plympton, from 404 Harvard to Bow, wd. 1 

Pond place, from 100 Putnam ave., east, 
ward 4 

Porter, from 37 Warren to 39 Harding, 
ward 2 

Portland, from 333 Main, north, to Cam- 
bridge, and south, to Albany, wds. 4 and 2 

Portsmouth, from Hampshire, south of 
Plymouth to Webster ave., wd. 2 

Potter, from Third, opposite Gashouse, to 
Ninth, ward 3 

Potter Park, from opp. 7 Linnaean, wd. 5 

Prentiss place, from 73 Frost, wd. 5 

Prescott, from 391 Harvard to 746 Cam- 
bridge, ward 1 

Prince, from 105 Magazine to 112 Pleas- 
ant ward 4 

Prison point, from Bridge, near Craigie's 
bridge, north to Charlestown line, wd. 3 

Prospect, from 617 Main, north, to Somer- 
ville line, ward 2 

Putnam avenue, from 1 Mt. Auburn, north 
and east, to Waverly, wds. 4, 1 and 4 

Putnam ct. from Putnam av. near Brook- 
line, ward 4 

Quincy, from Quincy square to 28 Kirkland, 
ward 1 

Quincy square, junction Main, Harvard, 
and Quincy, at Beck Hall, ward 1 

Railroad, from opp. 14 ( J Dublin, east to 
Sargent, ward 5 

Raymond, from 49 Linnaean to Fitchburg 
R. R., ward 5 

Raymond court, from Raymond, opposite 
Rev. Edward J. Young's estate, west, 
ward 5 

Reardon, from Waverly, east, to B. & A. 
R. R., wd. 4 

Reed, from 67 Spruce, to 16 Harvey, wd. 5 

Regent, from 197 North avenue, south, to 
F. R. R., ward 5 

Remington, from 857 Main to 380 Harvard, 
ward I 

Reservoir, from 7 Fayerweather, east and 
north, to Vassal lane, ward 1 

Revere, from 134 Mt. Auburn to 12 Gerry 
ward 1 

Rice, from 299 North avenue to Spruce, 
ward 5 

Richdale avenue, from Walden, east and 
south, to near Lambert avenue, ward 5 



Richdale court, from Richdale av., opp. 

Regent, south, ward 5 
Riedesel avenue, from 153 Brattle to Brew- 
ster place, ward 1 
River, from G20 Main, west, to Brighton 

line, ward 4 
Riverside place, from Western ave., opp. 

Blackstone, north, ward 1 
Rockingham, from 102 Henry, east of Pearl, 

south, to Leverett, ward 4 
Rockwell, from 85 Pleasant to 86 River, 

ward 4 
Rogers, from Ninth to east of Third, 

ward 3 
Rogers court, from Brewery to 12 Port- 
land, ward 4 
Rollins court, from 8 Watson, south, wd. 4 
Roseland, from 140 North avenue, east, to 

Somerville line, ward 5 
Royal, from Concord ave., west of Sparks, 

south, ward 1 
Russell, from 242 North avenue, to Elm, 

ward 5 
Sacramento, from 70 North avenue, east, 

to Somerville line, wards 5 and 1 
Sacramento place, from 25 Sacramento, 

north, ward 5 
Salem, from G2 Auburn to 25 Watson, wd. 4 
Sands, from Putnam ave., north of West- 
ern ave., west to the Charles river, wd. 1 
Sargent, from 70 Spruce, south, to R. R. 

st., ward 5 
Saville, from 201 Appleton to Walden, wd. 1 
Sceva place, from 14 Green, south, wd. 4 
School, from 53 Portland, west, to 23 Aus- 
tin, ward 4 
School street court, from 35 School, north, 

ward 4 
Scckel, from 55 Webster avenue to 110 

Winsor, ward 2 
Second, from 24 Gore to Charles, ward 3 
Second street court, from GO and 64 Second, 

east, ward 3 
Seventh, from 153 Gore to south of Thorn- 
dike, ward 3 
Shepard, from 63 North avenue to 47 Gar- 
den, wds. 5 and 1 
Short, from 145 Bridge to 42 North, wd. 3 
Sibley Court, from 19 Sparks, west, wd. 1 
Sidney, from 8 Front to Pacific, and from 

Henry to Hamilton, ward 4 
Sixth, from 144 Gore to Harvard, junction 

Main, wards 3 and 2 
Smart, from State to Albany, ward 4 
Snow alley (see Harold place) ward 4 
Soden, from 29 Western avenue to 150 

Franklin, ward 4 
Soden place, from 14 Soden, west, ward 4 
Somerset, from Putnam avenue, east, to 

Walnut court, ward 4 

Somerville avenue, from 150 North avenue, 

Union sq., east, to Somerville line, wd. 5 

South, fm. 51 Holyoke to 64 Boylston, wd. 1 

Southers place, from 195 Hampshire, ward 2 

Sparks, from 237 Mount Auburn to 80 Con- 
cord avenue, ward 1 
Sparks street place, from 70 Concord ave., 

south and west, to 88 Sparks, ward 1 
Spring, from 72 Second to Ninth, ward 3. 
Spring place, from Spring, south, to rear 

126 Spring, and to rear 140 do., wd. 3 
Springfield, from 527 Cambridge, north, to 

Somerville line, ward 2 
Spruce, from 257 North avenue, west, to 

the meadows, ward 5 
Squire's court, from 164 and 168 Gore, 

south, ward 3 
State, from 18 Front to Osborn, ward 4 
Stevens court, from 11 Fourth, west, wd. 3 
Stinson house, from 36 Somerset, north, 

ward 4 • 

Story, from 48 Brattle to 125 Mt. Auburn. 

w ard 1 [ward 2 

Suffolk, from 49 Columbia to 46 Norfolk, 
Summer, from 105 Prospect to 84 Inman, 

ward 2 [land, wd. 1 

Sumner, from 735 Cambridge to 3 Kirk- 
Surrey, from 17 Putnam avenue to Banks, 

ward 1 
Talbot, from Waverlv, at Fort Wasbington 

to B. & A. R. R. ward 4 
Tannery, from 382 North avenue, north, to 

the almshouse, ward 5 
Temple, from 641 Main to 134 Austin, wd. 2 
Tenney, from 35 Orchard to Elm, Somer- 
ville line, ward 5 
Third, from Boston & Lowell R. R., E. 

Cambridge, to 27 Main, wds. 3 and 2 
Thorndike, from First to Ninth, wd. 3 
Tremont, from 303 Broadway, north, to 

Somerville line, ward 2 
Trowbridge, from 837 Main, north, to Kirk- 
land, ward 1 
Trowbridge pi., from 39 Trowbridge, wd. 1 
Tudor Park, on west side Fresh Pond ave., 

from Concord ave., south, to Lexington 

avenue, ward 1 
Tufts, from Magazine to Pearl, south of 

Chestnut, ward 4 
Tuttle, from 8 Donnell to 9 Wyeth, wd. 5 
Union, from 37 Market to 8 Lincoln, wd. 2 
Union court, from 27 Union, wd. 2 
Union place, from 33 Union, wd. 2 
Union square, junction North avenue, with 

Somerville avenue, at White, wd. 5 
Upton, from 55 Magazine to 56 Pleasant, 

ward 4 [ward 4 

Valentine, from 95 Brookline to 156 Pearl, 
Vandine, from 195 Portland to Berkshire, 

ward 2 
Vassal lane, from 85 Sparks to Lake View 

avenue, ward 1 
Vernon, from 700 Main to 129 Green, wd. 4 
Village, from 18 State to 35 Front, wd. 4 
Vine, from First to Ninth, ward 3 
Vineyard, from Cushing to May, wd. 1 
Walden, from 225 North avenue to Vassal 

lane, wards 5 and 1 



Walker, from Shepard, opp. Wallace, to 48 

Linnaean, ward 2 
Walker court, from Flagg, near Putnam 

avenue, east, ward 1 
Walker place, from 130 Third, east, wd. 3 
Wallace, from 41 Garden to 38 Shepard, 

ward 1 
Wallace Terrace, from 154 Wallace, wd. 1 
Walnut avenue, from 23 Arlington, to opp. 

93 Lambert avenue, ward 5 
Walnut court, from 174 Putnam avenue, 

north, ward 4 [ward 1 

Ware, from 385 Harvard to 462 Broadway 
Warland, from 71 Magazine to 70 Pleasant, 

ward 4 
Warren, from 293 Cambridge, north, to 

Somerville line, wd. 2 [wds. 2 and 4 

Washington, from 375 Main to 32 Norfolk, 
Washington avenue, from opp. 26 Arlington 

to Linnaean, ward 5 
Washington square (see Fort Washington) 

ward 4 
Water, from 185 Bridge, east, ward 3 
Waterhouse, from 17 Garden to 11 North 

avenue, ward 1 
Watson, from 49 Brookline to 94 Pearl, wd.4 
Waverly, from Henry to Hamilton, wd. 4 
Webster avenue, from 49 Hampshire, north 

to Somerville line, ward 2 
Weitze court, fr. 17 Seventh, west, wd. 3 
Wellington, from Concord avenue, opp. 

Adams, north to Wellington brook, Bel- 
mont line, ward 5 
Wells pi. from 159 Brattle, wd. 1 [wd 1 
Wendell, from 58 North avenue to Carver 
West, from 53 Inman to 46 Lee, ward 2 
Westacott court, from 224 Putnam ave., 

north, ward 4 

Western avenue, from 922 Main, at Central 

sq., west to Brighton line, wards 4 and 1 
White, from Union square to Elm, Somer- 
ville line, ward 5 
White st. nlace, from 7 White, south, wd. 5 
Whitney avenue from Putnam avenue to 

Chestnut, ward 4 
Whitney court, from 8 Essex, east, wd. 2 
Whittemore ave., from North ave., to 

Arlington line, ward 5 
Willard, from 114 Brattle to 185 Mount 

Auburn, ward 1 
Willard-street court, from 18 Willard, east, 

ward 1 
William, from 87 Pearl to 26 Paver, wd. 4 
Willow, from 345 Cambridge, north to 

Somerville line, ward 2 
Willis court, from Mount Auburn, opp. 

Elmwood av., east, ward 1 [wd. 5 

Winslow, from Garden, opp. Garden ct. 
Winsor, from 403 Main, north to Somerville 

line, wards 4 and 2 
Winter, from 206 Bridge to 4 Fifth, wd. 3 
Winthrop, from 33 Holyoke to 8 Eliot 

ward 1 
Winthrop sq., Boylston, Mt. Auburn and 

Winthrop, ward 1 
Woodbridge, from IJorth av., north of 

Meacham, to Lake, ward 5 
Woodlawn avenue, from 175 Cushing to op. 

212 do. ward 1 [ward 2 

Worcester, from 59 Columbia to 54 Norfolk, 
Worthington, from Lake View avenue to 

Lexington avenue, front of pumping sta- 
tion, ward 1 
Wright, from 33 Hudson to 10 Norton, w. 5 
Wyeth, from 79 Concord avenue to 106 

Garden, ward 5 


Allen's block, 171 to 181 Harvard 

Almshouse, Tannery, ward 5 

Aquinas Hall, Norfolk, cor. Harvard, wd. 2 

Armory Hall, Brattle square, wd. 1 

Austin Hall. 6 Temple, ward 2 

Ayer's block, 208 to 224 Third 

Baldwin block, Baldwin pi., rear 95 Main, 

near West Boston bridge, wd. 2 
Beck Hall, Quincy square, junction Main, 

Quincy and Harvard, ward 1 
Boyle's block, from 34 Charles, ward 3 
Brewer's block, Brattle square, ward 1 
Broadway block, Broadway, between Third 

and Main, north side Kendall square 
Brooks' building, 361 Main 
Brown's block, Third, next to the bridge 
Buck's block. Seventh, corner Gore 
Buckley's Hall, 547 Main 

Burns' block, Burns' court 

Burrage bloek, Bristol, between Hampshire 

and Webster avenue 
Butler's block, r. 10 Charles river, wd. 1 
Cambridge Hall, 603 Main 
Central sq. building, Western av., ward 4 
Chronicle building, 573 Main, opp. Pearl 
City building, Brattle sq. ward 1 
City Hall, 660 Main, ward 4 
Clark's block, 497 Main 
Concordia Hall, 200 Cambridge 
Conservatory Hall, 4 Lee, cor. Main 
Court House. Third, corner Otis, E. C. 

sq. and 575 Main 
Douglass block, Main, cor. Essex 
Emerson's blk. toot of Crescent av., wd. 5 
Emerson's block, Mt. Pleasant 



Felton building, Trowbridge, c. Cambridge 
Fiske's block, 423 to 439 Main 
Forbes block, Jordan pi., r. 132 Broadway 
Forester's Hall, 230 Cambridge 
Gilmore's block, 37 to 43 Holworthy 
Goldsmith's bldg., 115k Cambridge 
Good Templars' Hall, 149 North Avenue 
Gothic Hall, Orchard, cor. Allen, wd. 5 
Grant building, 623 Main, cor. Prospect 
G. A. R. Hall (Post 56), 905 Main 
G. A. K. Hall (Post 30), 573 Main 
G. A. R. Hall (Post 57), 115k Cambridge 
Hannum block, 114 Broadway, south of B. 

& A. K. R. 
Harugari Hall, Sixth, corner Spring 
Harvard or Little's block, 466 Harvard, cor. 

Hawkins block, Charles, east of Third 
Henderson block, North av. op. Walden 
Hermann's block, Monroe, n. Third 
Hillery block, Lilac court, 131 Portland 
Hilton block, 242 Harvard, cor. Linden and 

448 Harvard, cor. Holyoke 
Hilton's block, Murray, n. Eliot 
Hixon's block, 57 and 59 Portland 
House of Correction, Thorndike, n. Third, 

East Cambridge 
Hovey's block, 402 Main 
Hyde's block, Main, Central square 
Independence Hall, rear 55 Norfolk 
Inman building, Cambridge, west side of 

Institute Hall, 107 Cambridge 
Kernan block, rear 13 to 17 Charles River 
Knights of Honor Hall, 89 Cambridge 
Knights of Honor Hall, 555 Main 
Knights of Labor Hall. 539 Main 
Lechmere Bank building, Cambridge, cor. 

Lechmere block, Bridge, junc. Cambridge 
Lechmere bldg., Cambridge, junc. Bridge 
Linehan's blocks, Parnell and 85 Bridge 
Little's block, from 458 to 472 Harvard 
Lyceum bldg., Harvard sq., c. Brattle 
Lyceum Hall, Lyceum bldg., Harvard sq. 
Lyceum Hall, Henderson block, North av., 

east of Russell 
Main block, Main, cor. Pearl 
Manter Hall, 4 Holyoke 
Martin's block, 19 Lopez 
Masonic block, 633 Main, cor. Temple 
Masonic Hall, 89 Cambridge, E. Cambridge 
Masonic Hall, 633 Main, Cambridgeport 
Melledge's block. Main, cor. Norfolk 
Memorial Hall, 574 Main 
Moore's block, Mt. Auburn, cor. Charles 

River and Main, cor. Trowbridge 
Moore's building, 6 and 8 Brattle 
Odd Fellows' building, 550 Main 
Odd Fellows' Hall, 15 Brattle, Cambridge 

Odd Fellows' Hall, 83 Cambridge, E. C. 

Odd Fellows' Hall, 240 North av., North 

Odd Fellows' Hall, (new) 550 Main, 1884 

Odd Fellows' Hall, 603 Main, Cambridge- 

Pelham Hall, 603 Main 

Phi Beta Kappa Hall, 15 Brattle 

Phinney's block, Dickinson near Broadway 

Porter's Hall, Porter's Hotel 

Potter's block, 187 to 199 North avenue 

Ramsay's building. 1 Brattle 

Read building, Boylston 

Reardon's block, 23 Erie 

Registry of Deeds, Second, eor. Otis, E. C. 

Richardson block, 101 Gore 

Rideout's building, State cor. Osborn 

Robbins' block, 1 to 11 Prospect 

Roberts' block, 15 Brattle 

Roberts' Hall, 15 Brattle 

Rogers' blocks, Main, between Wash, and 
Brewery, between Brewery and Portland, 
91 and 507 Main and 77 Washington 

Rolling Mill block, Bristol, between Berk- 
shire and Portland [Second 

Sala Protective Hall, 66 Cambridge, corner 

Salvation Army headquarters, Prospect, cor 

Saunders' block, 38 and 42 North avenue 

Shea's block, 151 to 155 Bridge 

Shepherd's block, 9 Charles River 

Smart's building, rear 380 Main 

Social Union Hall, 15 Brattle 

Sons of Temperance Hall, Lechmere Bank 
building, Cambridge, East Cambridge 

Sovereign's Hall, 573 Main 

Stearns' block, Winthrop, eor. Dunster 

St. George's Hall, 603 Main 

Stratton's block, Cambridge, near Fifth 

Swiney's block. Gore, near Fifth 

Symonds' block, DeWolf opp. Mill 

Temperance Hall, Union square, North 

Templars' Hall, 548 Main 

Temple block, Main, west, cor. Temple 

Temple Hall, 631 Main 

Tilton's block, River, cor. Fairmont 

Union Hall, 634 Main, east of Temple 

Ward's block, rear 29 Harvard 

Watson block, 560 Main [Works 

Welch's block, North, opp. N. E. Glass 

Wellington Hall, Pearl 

Wheatland's blk., Cambridge, junct. Bridge 

Whitney's block, 465 Main 

Whitney's building, Brattle square 

Woodbury's building, rear First, Thorndike 
and 1 Otis 

Y. M. C. A. building, 624 Main 

Y. M. C. Gymnasium, Prospect, c. Harvard 




Alumni Hall, junction Kirkland, Quincy 

and Cambridge, 1874 
Appleton Chapel, College yard, 1856 
Astronomical Observatory, Garden, opp. 

Linnaenan, 1846 
Austin Hall, Holmes place, 1883 
Botanic Garden, Garden, c. Linnaean, 1805 
Boylston Hall, College yard 1857, [1879 
Burnham Hall, (Ep. Theo. Sch), Brattle, 
College House, 1 to 13 Harvard row, 1846 
Dane Hall, College yard, 1832 
Divinity Hall. Divinity avenue, 1726 
Gore Hall, College yard, 1838 
Gray's Hall, College yard, 1863 
Harvard Hall, College yard, 1769 
Hemenway Gymnasium, junction Kirkland, 

and Holmes place, 1878 
Holden Chapel, College vard, 1724 
Hollis Hall, College yard, 17G3 

Holworthy Hall, College yard, 1812 
Holyoke House, 450 to 458 Haraard, 1871 
Jefferson Physical Laboratory, rear Holmes 

place, 1884 
Lawrence Hall, Brattle, near Mason, 1873 
Lawrence Scientific School, Kirkland. cor. 

Holmes place. 1848 
Massachusetts Hall, College yard, 1720 
Matthews Hall, College yard, 1870 
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Divinity 

avenue and Oxford, 1859 
Peabody Museum of Archaeology, Divinity 

avenue, 1877 
Sever Hall, College yard, 1878 
Stoughton Hall, College yard, 1805 
Thayer Hall, College yard, 1869 
University Hall, College yard, 1812 
Wadsworth House, College vard, 1726 
Weld Hall, College yard, 18*71 


Cambridge, Coolidge av., near Watertown 

line, Charles S. Childs, supt. 
Catholic, Spruce, opp. Jackson 

Mt. Auburn, Mt. Auburn St., n. Watertown 

line, Jas. W. Lovering, supt. 
Old Burying Ground, ward 1, North av., 

opp. College Grounds. 


Ayer's wharf, (formerly Gore's), Third, 

next gas house 
Bent's Geo. H., 168 Main 
Boynton's 48 Bridge, East Cambridge 
Brooks, 221 Bridge 
Bullard's Western avenue 
City, 184 Main 
College, foot of Dunster 
Day M., 132 Main, Lower Port 
Gas House, Third, near Broad canal 
Hall's, foot of East St., E. Cambridge 
Hastings', East, n. Bridge, E. C. 
Holmes & llugg's 166 River 

Holt's East, n. Bridge, East Cambridge 
N. E. Glass House, foot of North 
Revere Sugar Refinery, foot of Water 
Sanborn's 69 Bridge, East Cambridge 
Sargent's, foot of Charles River 
Smith's, 180 Main 
Tower's, rear of 139 Broadway 
Warren, Bridge St., next to Craigie bridge 
Wellington Austin C. , 5 Broadway 
Wellington H. & Co., 28 Bridge 
Winthrop, foot of DeWolf 
Wood Wm. H. & Co., 13 Broadway 
Wyman's 84 Bridge 


Brookline st., from foot of Brookline St., 
Cambridgeport, to Boston 

Cambridge St., from River st., Cambridge- 
port, to Brighton District 

Canal or Craigie, from Bridge st., E. Cam- 
bridge to Boston 

Harvard, from Front, Cambridgeport, to 
West Chester park, Boston 

North Harvard st., from Boylston St., Cam- 
bridge, to Brighton District 

Prison Point, from Prison Point railroad, 

East Cambridge, to Charlestown 
Sixth St., across Broad canal at Sixth 
Third st., across Broad canal at Third 
West Boston, from Main st., Cambridge- 
port to Boston 
Western avenue, from Western avenue, 
Cambridgeport, to Brighton district 




WARD 1. Beginning at the boundary 
line between Cambridge and Belmont, on 
Concord avenue, thence by the centre of 
Concord avenne to Bond street, thence by 
the centre of Bond street to Garden street, 
thence by the centre of Garden street to 
Shepard street, thence by the centre of 
Shepard to North avenue, thence by the 
centre of North avenue to Sacramento 
street, thence by the centre of Sacramento 
street to the boundary line between Cam- 
bridge and Somerville, thence by said 
boundary line to a point which would be 
struck by the central line of Dana street, 
if extended northerly to said boundary line, 
thence by a line to Dana street, and by the 
centre of Dana street to Main street, thence 
by the centre of Main street to Mount Au- 
burn street, thence by the centre of Mount 
Auburn street to Putnam avenue, thence by 
the centre of Putnam avenue to Western 
avenue, thence by the centre of Western 
avenue to the boundary line between Cam- 
bridge and Brighton, thence by said boun- 
dary line to the boundary line between 
Cambridge and Watertown, thence by the 
last-mentioned boundary line to the boun- 
dary line between Cambridge and Belmont, 
thence by the last-mentioned boundary line 
to the point begun at. 

WARD 2. Beginning at the boundary 
line between Cambridge and Somerville, at 
a point which would be struck by the cen- 
tral line of Dana street, if extended north- 
erly to said boundary line, thence by a line 
to Dana street, and by the centre of Dana 
street to Main street, thence through the 
centre of Main street to Norfolk street, 
thence by the centre of Norfolk street to 
Washington street, thence by the centre 
of Washington street to the junction of 
Washington and Main streets, thence by a 
line at a right angle southerly to the water, 
thence by the water to the mouth of Broad 
canal to North canal, thence by the centre 

of North canal, and northerly, in a line 
continued therefrom to the boundary line 
between Cambridge and Somerville. thence 
by said boundary line to the point begun at. 

WARD 3. Beginning at the mouth of 
Broad Canal, thence by the centre of Broad 
canal to North canal, thence by the centre 
of North canal, and northerly, in a line 
continued .therefrom to the boundary line 
between Cambridge and Somerville, thence 
by said boundary line to the waters of 
Charles river, thence by the water to the 
point begun at. 

WARD 4. Beginning at the boundary 
line between Cambridge and Brighton, on 
Western avenue, thence through the centre 
of Western avenue to Putnam avenue, 
thence through the centre of Putnam ave- 
nue to Mount Auburn street, thence through 
the centre of Mount Auburn street to Main 
street, thence through the centre of Main 
street to Norfolk street, to Washington 
street, thence through the centre of Wash- 
ington and Main streets, thence by a line at 
a right angle, southerly, to the water, thence 
by the water to the point begun at. 

WARD 5. Beginning at the boundary 
line between Cambridge and Belmont, on 
Concord avenue, thence by the centre of 
Concord avenue to Bond street, thence by 
the centre of Bond street to Garden street, 
thence by the centre of Garden street to 
Shepard street, thence by the centre of 
Snepard street to North avenue, thence by 
the centre of North avenue to Sacramento 
street, thence by the centre of Sacra- 
mento street to the boundary line between 
Cambridge and Somerville, thence by said 
boundary line to the boundary line between 
Cambridge and Arlington, thence by the 
said last-mentioned boundary line to the 
point begun at. 



J. A. HOLMES & CO., 

Best Family Groceries, 


Superior Family Flour Milled from Choicest Selections 
of Wheat. 



Heal Estate, Insurance & Mortgage 



Room 3, 613 Main Street, 

198 Washington St., Room 9, 


10 State St., BOSTON. 

Being a Practical Mechanic, and 
having a Contractors' and Builders' 
Exchange in connection -with my Cam- 
bridge Office enables me to take care 
of Property in the most economical 

My Boston Office offers extra facili- 
ties for those having suburban Proper- 
ty For Sale. Special Attention given 
to the Collection of Bents. 


906 & 908 





Ab., above; agt., agent; asst., assistant; av., avenue; b. or bds., boards: bet.., between; bUlg., build- 
ing: blk., block; (B), Boston; B. B Works. Boston Bridge Works; B. S. B. Co., Bay State Brick Co.; 
B & L. R. R., Boston & Lowell Railroad; C. E. L. Co., Cambridge Electric Ligbt Co. ; C. F. D., Cam- 
bridge Fire Department; C. M. R. R., Central Massachusetts Railroad, com. mer., commission merchant; 
c. or cor., corner; ct., court; C. W. W., Cambridge Water Works; D C. Co.. Day Cordage Co.; Ep. 
Theo. School, Episcopal Theological School; F. P. I. Co., Fresh Pond Ice Co ; h., house; H. U., Har- 
vard University; lab., laborer ; L. P., Lower Port; mkr, maker; mnt'r., manufacturer; M. C. V. S., 
Massachusetts College Veterinary Surgeons; M. I T., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; n., near; 
opp., opposite; pi., place; P. O., Po>t Otlic^; pies., president: rd., road; r., rear; Rev., Reverend; 
R. C. II. A., Railway Clearing House Association: St., street sec, secretary; S., Somerville, sq., square; 
Bupt., superintendent; S. P. C. T. A., Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; treas., treasurer; 
U. S., United States; U. S. A., United States Army; U. S. N., United States Navy: U. S. S. Society, 
Unitarian Sunday School Society: whf., wharf; whol., wholesale; wid., widow; W. E. St. Ry. Co., West 
End Street Railway Co.; W. S. .West Somerville; Y. M. C. A., Young Men's Christian Association. 

Where the name of a corporation, factory or firm appears immediately after the name, it indicates the 
place of business. 

After the name of the street, the word street is omitted. 


AAROX JOHN, cigar maker, 537 Main, 

bds. 55 Green 
Aaron Joseph, piano action maker, bds. 87 

Aaron Lewis (Aaron & Parker), cigar 

maker, 537 Main, house 55 Green 
Aaron Moss, cigar mnfr., 87 Moore, h. do 
Aaron & Parker (Lewis Aaron and Fred'k 

C. Parker), cigars and tobacco, 537 

Aaronson Aaron, laborer, h. 189 Broadway 
Aaronson Aaron, house 212 Cambridge 
Aaronson Fred, iaborer, bds. 189 Broadway 
Abbot Anne W., Miss, bds. 23 Berkeley 
Abbot Everett V., law student, H. U., bds. 

6 Larch 
Abbot Ezra, Mrs., house 23 Berkeley 
Abbot E. Stanley, student Medical School, 

H. U., bds. 6 Larch 
Abbot Francis E., teacher, house 6 Larch 
Abbot George, wool (B.), bouse 96 Brattle 
Abbot George W., tobacco com. mer. (21 

Central wharf, B.), house 294 Harvard 

Abbott Albert Warren, trimmer, 201 Bridge 

house 154 Cambridge 
Abbott Alonzo, salesman (Court, B.), house 

18 Amory 
Abbott Alonzo F., clerk, bds. 18 Amory 
Abbott A. F. rubber, 286 Main 
Abbott Benj. F., clerk (365 Washington, 

B.), bds. 37 Tremont. 
Abbott Brazilian C, coffin maker 201 

Bridge, house at So. Boston. 
Abbott Charles J., printer, b. 431 Cambridge 
Abbott Edward Rev., pastor St. James Epis- 
copal church, house 11 Dana 
Abbott Edward A., bds. 11 Dana 
Abbott Edward M. Mrs., house 7 Chauncy 
Abbott Ezra, foreman (144 Harrison ave., 

B.), house 31 Winsor 
Abbott Frank E., driver (Adams Ex. Co., 

B.), house 22 Winsor 
Abbott George B., carpenter, h. 85 Pearl 
Abbott George H., theatrical advance agt., 

bds. 5 Dickinson 
Abbott Horatio N., Mrs., h. 154 Cambridge 


MONUMENTS & CUKBINGS, Designed and Constructed 

P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets, 



Abbott John E., Boston express, 534 Main 

(7 Merchants row, B.), house 1 Pearl 

Abbott John K., real estate (63 Court, B.), 

house 37 Tremont 
Abbott John P., printer (B.), house 431 

Abbott John W., foreman Chronicle office, 

573 Main, house 188 Hampshire 
Abbott Lucy K. Mrs., boarding-house, 5 

Abbott Richard S., block maker (B.), house 

60 River 
Abbott S. Elizabeth, widow of Charles S., 

house 12 Douglass 
Abbott Walter S., clerk (450 Wash. B.), 

bds. 60 River 
Abell Charles E., machinist, bds. 40 Third, 

house at Charlestown 
Abercrombie Sarah G. , widow of Milo B., 

house 42 Shepard 
Abercrombie Wenona Miss, principal Lowell 

primary school, bds. 42 Shepard 
Aberle Charles, action maker, 139 Broad- 
way, boards Mrs. Jacob Aberle's, off 

Aberle Jacob Mrs., h. off Eighth, n. Spring 
Aberle John, cooper, Ninth, corner Spring, 

bds. Mrs. Jacob Aberie's, off Eighth 
Aberle W. Henry, teas, etc., boards Mrs. 

Jacob Aberle's, off Eighth 
Abrahams Henry, cigar maker (390 Tre- 
mont, B.), house 5 Hamilton 
Abrahams Rosetta J. Mrs., house 6 Erie 
Acheson Henry, box maker (B.), house 22 

Pioneer ave. 
Acheson William R., clerk, 641 Main, bds. 

22 Pioneer ave. 
Achorn Washington L., hatter (6 Winter, 

B.), house 31 Bigelow. 
Ackers Charles H., bookbinder Riverside 

Bindery, bds. 16 Jav 

ACKERS JOHN L. P., painter, 
539 Main, h. 16 Jay (see page 632) 

Ackman Arthur, iron moulder, 356 Main, 
house at Boston 

Ackerman Frank, iron worker, 15 Main 

Ackerman Nils, safe painter, 15 Main 

Adams Adelbert A., house rear 83 Prospoct 

Adams Annie E. Mrs., bookkeeper 623 Main 
house 19 Antrim 

Adams Annie I., widow of Harry, house 3 
Walnut ave. 

Adams Austin R. (17 Tremont, B.), house 
60 Sidney 

Adams Caroline Mrs., bds. Porter's Hotel 

Adams Charles, potter, house Hotel Cam- 
bridge, Crescent ave. 

Adams Charles E., key finisher, house 140 

Adams Charles E., wood carver, 44 Cam- 
bridge, house at Boston 

Adams Charles J., house 3 Walnut ave. 

Adams Charles O., engineer, h. 58 Auburn 

Adams Charles S. (J. Sewell & Co.), car- 
penter, Crescent av., n. Walden, house 

near do. 
Adams Charles W. (14 Sudbury, B.), h. 

442 Broadway 
Adams Edward P., bookkeeper (Franklin 

B.), house 89 Thorndike 
Adams Edward P., shoe machinery (12 

Wash., Lynn), h. 29 Washington av. 
Adams Eleanor M., widow of Frederick, h. 

2 Bennett 
Adams Elizabeth I.. Mrs..h. 77 Washington 
Adams E. G., engineer, 23 Main, house at 

Adams E. M., conductor, W. E. S. R. Co. 
\ DAUIS FRANK, harnesses and 
XjL sole leather trunks, (150 Tremont, 

B.), house 30 Magazine (see p. 75) 
Adams Frederick J., actor, bds. 73 River 
Adams Freedom S., carpet beating (228 

Cambridge, B. ), house 82 Tremont 
Adams F. W., driver, W. E. S. R. Co. 
Adams George, gardener, rooms 1 Inman pi. 
Adams George, at 44 Cambridge. 
Adams George B., clerk (B), b. 10 

Adams George C, student, H. U., rooms 17 

Adams George E., com. trav. (367 Wash., 

B.), boards 109 Washington 
Adams Georgianna, stenographer, 502 Main, 

boards 2 River 
Adams Harry B., broker (276 Wash., B.) 

house 35 Arlington 
Adams Henry S. civil engineer, City Hall, 

boards 3 Walnut av. 
Adams Ivers W. , treas. , Am. Net and Twine 

Co., Third, and (43 Com'l, B.), 

house at Dorchester 
Adams James Harvey, forerran, lard dept. , 

C. H. North & Co. (Somerville), house 

49 Elm 
Adams James H., driver, 195 Broadwav, h. 

161 do. 
Adams John P., gas fixtures, 12£ Haivard 

row, house 10 Shepard. 
Adams John T., marble polisher, house 50 

Adams Joseph M., whalebone worker (24 

Lincoln. B.), house 4 Rockingham 
Adams J. Gedney, book-keeper (65 Black- 
stone, B.), house 8 Wallace 
Adams "Kate Miss, dressmaker, 193£ North 

av.. hoards do. 
Adams Kilburn, photographer (21 West, 

B.), house 41 Cottage 
Adams Mary A., widow of James Q. , nurse, 

boards 7 Rockwell 
Adams Maurice H., foreman, Am. Net and 

Twine Co., foot Second, house 152 

Adams Oscar Fay, author and editor (211 

Tremont, B.), rms. 25 Felton Hall, 

H. U. 






Adams & Ilsley, 

ISO Tremont Street, BOSTON, 


Solid Sole Leather Trunks, Valises, 
Bags, Etc. 

The Raker Harness has been unrivalled in public esteem for fifty 
years. We guarantee it the most serviceable as well as stylish Har- 
ness made. 

Our Riding Saddles for Ladies and Gentlemen are unsurpassed; 
the very best material and skill euter into their manufacture. 

We are the only firm in Roston manufacturing SolidTSoleXeatber 
Trunks, and make a specialty of these goods; "l-o Rags, Valises 
and Horse Goods of all descriptions and best quality. 

Adams & Ilsley, 


Furriers & Ladies' Hatters. 


Ladies, Gents and 
Children embrace 
all the most desira- 
ble kinds in fashion- 
able use. 

We make a Specialty 
of Manufacturing to 
order articles to 
meet the wants of 



Our Importations are our own selections in Foreign 


D. P. Ilsley & Co., 

Washington St,, between Bromfield & Winter Sts,, 







6, 7 & 8 Dock Sq., 




Photographing of the most superior kind, especially on Finely Finished 
Portraits in Carbon. 

Also, Interiors and Difficult Work of all kinds, Executed in an Artistic Manner. 


Manufacturers of 

Soda, Mineral Waters, Syrups, 



Dealers in 


Lager Beer of Different Brands. 

Containing less than 3 per cent, of alcohol, in Bottle*, Bbls., 1-2 Bbls. and Kegs. 
We 9 hall always have i?i Stock, a full line of 

Brandies, Wines, Gins, Rams and Whiskies, 

which we offer to the Trade hy the bbl. or gallon, in cases {bottled), or by the bottle. 
Orders by Mail or Telephone (No. 383) promptly attended to. 

Howard Athenaeum Building, 



Goods delivered in Cambridge Free of Charge. 



Adams Peter, compositor, Riverside Press, 

house 1 Harold place 
Adams Reuben A., clerk, 226 North av., b. 

Porter's Hotel 
Adams Sophia, widow of Elihu, house 26 

Adams Walter H., hairdresser (Revere 

House, B.), house 152 Pleasant 
Adams William, carver, rooms 117 Otis. 
Adams Wm., examiner (28 Summer, B.), 

house 11 River 
Adams Wm. R. (Adams & Lincoln), dry 
goods, 98, 207, and 473 Cambridge, 
house 106 do. 
Adams W., conductor, W. E. S. R. Co. 
Adams W. H., at 44 Cambridge 
Adams & Lincoln (Wm. R. Adams and Al- 
fred Lincoln), dry goods, 98, 207 
and 473 Cambridge 
A. D. Club, 14 Dunster. 
Adelstine John G. , cigar packer, house 12 

Adler Emma L., Miss, clerk, 163 Bridge, b. 

23 Seventh 
Ades Henry, upholsterer, 30 Boylston, h. 

at Boston 

Agassiz Alexander, curator, Museum of 

Comparative Zoology, H. L T . , and 

(12 Ashburton place, B.), h. 36 Quincy 

Agassiz Elizabeth C, widow of Louis, h. 

36 Quincy 
Agassiz Max, student, boards 36 Quincy. 
Age to Come Herald and Jerusalem's Pi- 
oneer, George Boy son, prop., 8£ 
Mt. Auburn 
Aguilar A., compositor. University Press 
Ahearn Annie, variety store, 194 Norfolk 

house do. 
Ahearn Bridget, widow, h. 169 Norfolk 
Ahearn Dennis, baker, 502 Main, house 45 

Ahearn Ellen, widow of John. h. 45 Amory 
Ahearn Eugene F., laborer, h. 3 Linehan's 

Ahearn John, blacksmith, h. 10 Seventh 
Ahearn John D., bookbinder, 418 Harvard, 

boards 2 Emmons pi. 
Ahearn Louise, Miss, dressmaker, boards 
149 Dublin [Dublin 

Ahearn Mary, widow of Dennis, house 209 
Ahearn Maurice, laborer, h. 149 Dublin 
Ahearn Maurice, mill hand, Amer. Rubber 

Co., house rear 36 Harvard 
Ahearn Patrick, scotch knitter, Am. N. & 

T. Co., rooms 86 Cambridge 
Ahearn Richard A., night inspector (Cus- 
tom House, B.), boards 200 Dublin 
Ahearn Thomas, laborer, John Reardon & 

Ahearn Thomas, marble worker, boards 

194 Norfolk 
Ahearn Timothy, baker, h. 170 Franklin. 
Ahearn see O'Hearn 

Ahem Dennis, brick layer, h. 3 Shepherd's 

block, Charles River 
Ahern Harry, at 169 Gore 
Ahern John, bookfinisher (B.), h. 296 Mt. 

Ahern John J., book finisher (B.) bds. 2 

Shepherd's block, Charles River 
Ahern Michael, brick layer, h. 2 Emmons 

Ahern, see Ahearn, also O'Hearn 
Ahlstrand Hugo, at 44 Cambridge 
Aiken Hannah O. Mrs., h. 7 Lamson place 
Aiken Joseph M., house 152 Spring 
Aikens Anthony C., janitor (B.), house 53 

Aker Hans, cabinet maker, 44 Cambridge, 

boards 129 Otis 
Aker Martin, cabinet maker, 44 Cambridge, 

boards 129 Otis 
Aker Oloff, cabinet maker, 44 Cambridge, 

h. 974 Thorndike 
Akerley Edward, brakeman, N. Y. & N. E. 

R. R., house 238 Franklin 
Akerley John R., laborer, h. 69 Brookline 
Akerman George, machinist, 1 Albany, 

house 59 Pearl 
Akerman, see Ackerman 
Alary Louis, hairdresser, 427 Main, house 

1 Hermann's block, Munroe 
Albee Andrew, cook (B), house 7 Banks 
Albee Helen M. Miss, teacher, Latin school, 

boards 30 Essex 
Albee Herbert C. S., driver, 201 Bridge, 

rooms 67 Spring 

ALBEE SUMNER, overseer of the 
poor and attorney -at-law, (30 Court, 
rms. 13 and 14, B.), h. 30 Essex 
(see page 652) 
Albee Sumner R., student (H. U.), bds. 

30 Essex 
Albee see Alby. 

Alberts Albert, laborer, Revere Sugar Re- 
finery, house 131 Third 
Alberts Clement P., painter, h. 131 Third 
Alberts Frank, teamster, bds. 141 Third 
Alchorn John, machinist, 356 Main, bds. 

464 Main 
Alby Andrew, cook, 6 Holyoke, h 7 Banks 
Alden Charles A., book-keeper (45 North, 

B.), bds. 78 Hancock [Main 

Alden Clara A. Miss, music teacher, b. 471 
Alden Elizabeth A., house 93 Green 
Alden Fannie L. Miss, vocalist, b. 471 Main 
Alden George A., com. mer. rubber and 

gutta percha (167 Congress, B.), b. 

Hotel Vendome, Boston 
Alden George W. A. (W. R. Alden & Son), 

plasterer, 24 Magee, boards do. 
Alden G. Edwin, boards 317 Harvard 
Alden M. Louise Mrs., dressmaker, 471 

Main, house do. 
Alden Otis B., pressman, Riverside Press, 

house 40 Putnam av. [78 Hancock 

Alden Sophia D., widow of Elbridge G., h 

Dr. E. Y. White, 
Dr.W. H. Hollis, 

603 Main St. 
Central Sq. 




Alden Susan M., widow, house 69 Brattle 
Alden William R. (W. R. Alden & Son), 

plasterer, 24 Magee, house do. 
Alden William T., fly finisher, 162 Broad- 
way, house 21 Essex 
Alden W. R. & Son (Wm. R. and Geo. W. 

A. Alden), plasterers, 24 Magee 
Alderson William H., agent, variety store, 

70 Cambridge, house do. 
Aldrich Albert G., assistant, G. W. Paeh 

& Bros., Main, bds. at Boston 
Aldrich Edwin H., book-keeper, 233 Broad- 
way, house 37 Trowbridge 
Aldrich Frank, starch, etc. (55 Kilby, B.), 

h. Washington av., cor. Arlington 
Aldrich Isham, turner, 384 Main, boards 96 

Columbia [bia 

Aldrich Isham E. , woodturner, h. 73 Colum- 
Aldrich Sybil B. Mrs., house 95 Green 
Alexander Abram, crockery, 644 Main, h. 

85 Franklin [93 Elm 

Alexander Anna M., wid. of Daniel, house 
Alexander Arolina Mrs., h. 141 Mt. Auburn 
Alexander Charles J., plumber (Province, 

ct., B.), bds. 21 Franklin 
Alexander George E., paper cutter, 138 Nor- 
folk, house 109 Columbia 
Alexander Giles R., carpenter, house 7 

Pleasant place 
Alexander Guv., at 42 Elm, house 93 do. 
Alexander G. W., watchman, W. E. S. R. 

Co., River street stable, h, at Allston 
Alexander James, rope maker (Dorch.), b. 

210 Bridge 
Alexander Jphn, lockmaker, 17 Main, house 

96 Columbia 
Alexander Joseph, machinist, 72 Main, h. 

9 Broadway 
Alexander J. Scott, sergeant, police station 

2, house 23 Essex [Pearl 

Alexander Leonard B., granite, house 245 
Alexander Lydia A., widow of James, h. 96 

Alexander Margaret, wid. of John, house 

87£ Putnam avenue 
Alexander Mark, blacksmith, rear 352 

Cambridge, house 36 Sidney 
Alexander Robert, bookbinder, house 9£ 

Alexander Robert, laborer, H. U., house 

4o4^ Cambridge 
Alexander Robert, tube maker, Albany 
Alexander Walter S., D.D., pastor, North 

avenue Congregational Church, house 

19 Lancaster 
Alexander William F., compositor, bds. 

87£ Putnam avenue 
Alexandrian Paul, machinist, 72 Main 
Alexanson Hans, cabinet maker, house 174 


ALU E It ALPHEUS B., lawyer 
and bail commissioner (23 Court, 
B.)i bds. E. A. Alger's, Mt. Vernon 
^see page 652) 

Alger Amanda M. Miss, teacher, Riverside 
Primary School, bds. E. A. Alger's, 
Mt. Vernon 

ALGER EDWIN A., lawyer (23 
Court, B.), house Mt. Vernon (see 
page 652) 
Alghieri Simon, soup mnfr., Main, opp. 

Portland, house 56 Norfolk 
Alkern Rob't J., shoemaker, 371 North av., 

house do. 
Allan Thomas, foreman of machinists, 356 

Main, bds. 8 Norfolk 
Allan, see Allen, also Allyn 
Allard Benj. H., expressman, h. 42 Pine 
Allard Hector J. B., furniture finisher 

(B.) house 104 Main 
Allen Albert F. (Morrill & Allen), steam 

engines, etc., 356 Main, house 250 

Allen Alexander V. G. Rev., professor 

Ecclesiastical History, Episcopal The- 
ological School, house 2 Phillips pi. 
Allen Andrew W., porter (161 Columbus 

av., B.), house 15 Magee 
Allen Ann, widow, house 11 Fifth 
Allen Caleb C, bronzer, Rhoades building, 

State, house 26 Columbia 
Allen Charles C, janitor, Gray's Hall and 

Wadsworth House, house Wadsworth 

House, Harvard sq. [Shepard 

Allen Crawford C, lawyer (B.), bds. 52 
Allen Daniel, boiler maker, 92 Main, bds. 

175 Main 
Allen Deoscar F., butter and eggs, h. Cres- 
cent avenue near Walden 
Alien Edmund J. v Allen & Co.), provisions 

293 Cambridge, house 33 Market 
Allen Edward H. machinist, 72 Main 
Allen Elizabeth, Miss, housekeeper, 145 

Allen Elizabeth C, Miss, bds. 29 Everett 
Allen Emily J., Miss, teacher, Dana primary 

school, boards 13 Market 
Allen E. G. bronzer, 356 Main, h. at Boston 
Allen Fannie, Miss, teacher, Otis primary 

school, boards 11 Fifth 
Allen Frank A., Oriental Tea Co. (85 

Couit, B.), house 293 Harvard 
Allen Fred D.. prof. H. U., h. 10 Humboldt 
Allen George, foreman (18 P. O. sq., B.), 

house 18 State 
Allen George A., at N. McDonald's, 212 

Brattle, boards 92 Green 
Allen Geo. W., expressman, Lyceum bldg. 

house 11 Flaerg st. court 
Allen Henry G., Mrs., house 14 Ware 
Allen Henry W., wines, liquors, etc. (27 N. 

Market, B.), house 74 Prospect 
Allen Herbert, bookkeeper, boards 263 

Allen Herbert D., house 76 Green 
Allen Herbert M.. salesman (85 Court, B.), 

boards 263 Harvard 

Burditt & White, L?J 

4 izrol"l Paints, Oils & Glass. 



Allen James fish market, 121 Columbia 

boards 74 do. 
Allen James, laborer, bds., r. 423 Cambridge 
Allen James, laborer, h. rear 27 Vine 
Allen James, sawyer, 380 Main, bds. Banks 
Allen James, wood turner, 380 Main, bds. 

36 Flagg 
Allen James A., carpenter, bouse Vine 
Allen James B., draugbtsman, 72 Main, bds. 

197 Harvard 
Allen JaneM., widow of Wilkes, house 69 

Allen Jeremiah, junk dealer, h. 2 Willow 
Allen John, driver, W. E. S. R. Co., house 

365 North ave. 
Allen John, laborer, B. & L. R. R. sbop, 

boards Hotel Cambridge 
Allen J. Addison, house 259 Broadway 
Allen Joseph H., clergyman, h. 5 Garden 
Allen Kate A., wid. of John C, h. 155 Pearl 
Allen Lenora A. Miss, music teacher, 117 

Thorndike, boards do. 
Allen Mary wid. of James, house 36 Flagg 
Allen Mary, wid. of Jonathan, house 7 

William [Harvard 

Allen Mary T., wid. of Thomas, h. 1774 
Allen Matthew, laborer, house 342 Green 
Allen Nathan L. physician, 6934 Main house 

118 Hampshire, 

ALLEN OSCAR F., treasurer, 
Cambridge Savings Bank, 2 Harvard 

row, boards 771 Main 
Alien Peter, piano polisher, rooms 46 

Allen Richard B., house 52 Shepard 
Allen Robert, cutter, N. E. Glass Works, 

boards 11 Fifth 
Allen Thomas, laborer, C. H. North & Co., 

(Somervllle), bds. 172 Columbia 
Allen Thomas, machinist, 356 Main 
Allen Walter, boards 73 North av. 
Allen Wm. H. B., house 13 Market 
Allen William J., waiter (Young's Hotel, 

B.), house 95 Hampshire 
Allen William M., paper ruler (31 Milk, rno. 

38, B.), house 117 Thorndike 
Allen Wm. T., salesman, boards, 177£ 

Harvard [Cambridge 

Allen & Co. (E. J. Allen) provisions, 393 
Allen see Allan also Allyn 
Alley Elliott E., upholsterer, 73 Thorndike 

house do. 
Alley W. Frank, trav. salesman, 503 Main, 

house 16 Clinton 
Allison Charles A. fireman, (B.), house 

46 Spruce 
Allison George A., flour (3 Commercial, 

B.), house 35 Cogswell ar. 
Allison Henry, blacksmith, house 203 Camb. 
Allison Howard A., clerk (30 Winter, B.), 

house 15 Greenough av. 
Allison Robert, tailor, house 98 Fifth 
Allison Samuel, laborer bds. 86 Harvard 

Allman Michael, laborer, house rear 269 

Allnutt Chas. F., cook, 8 Harvard sq. b. do. 

Allnutt Frederick G., dining room. 8 Har- 
vard sq., house 13 Mellen 

Alls A. E., driver, W. E. S. R. Co. 

Allyn Horace A., supt. of Cambridge Gas 
Light Co's Works, Third, house 471 
Broadway [Broadway 

Allyn Jane, widow of Edwin G., house 471 

Allyn John, publisher (30 Franklin, B.), h. 
11 Berkeley 

Allyn Rebecca P., widow of Rufus B., h. 
5 Berkley 

Alemeida Joaquin, furniture finisher. 44 
Cambridge, house 4 Vine 

Alemeida Louis, furniture finisher (48 
Canal, B.) house 60 North 

ALWY CHARLES, lawyer (50 State 
B.), house 147 Brattle(see page 652) 
Alof Olsen, carpenter, Amer. R. Co. 
Alphen Garrett, grease collector, house 68 

Alphen James, grease collector, house 68 

Alphen Michael, laborer, bds. 68 Brookline 
Alscin Carl, cabinet maker, bds. 125 Spring 
Altimas John, baker, house 26 Harvey 
Altmiller August B., tinsmith (344 Atlantic 

ave., B.), h. 4 Buck's blk., Seventh 
Amazeen Ephraim AV., wood engraver, bds. 

102 Pearl 
Amazeen Joseph S., hairdresser, (B.), bds. 

102 Pearl 
Ambrose John L. , first asst. , Clerk of Courts 

Court House, Third, house atSomer- 

Ambrose Lorenzo, at 44 Cambridge 
Ambrose see Amrose [School 

Ambrosi Aristotle, machinist, house Hotel 
Ambush Charles H., shipper (108 Arch, 

B.), nouse rear 7 ave. 
Amee Albert F. (Amee Bros.), stationery, 

5 Harvard sq. , bds. 894 Main 

John and Albert F. Amee), station- 
ery, etc., 5 Harvard sq. (seepage 16) 
Amee Ellen, widow of John. h. 894 Main 
Amee John (Amee Bros.), stationery, 5 

Harvard sq. , boards 894 Main 
Amee Lucy A., widow of Jacob, h. 894 

Amee Wm. A. (Amee Bros), stationery, 

etc., 5 Harvard sq., bds. 8!>4 Main 
American Ex. Co., offices 6 Brattle and 605 

American Net and Twine Co., mnfrs. nets, 
seines and twines, foot of Second, of- 
fice (43 Commercial. B.) 
rubber boots, shoes and clothing, 
Ninth and Potter, Robert 1). Kvans, 
prest. and treas., office and store 
(93 Summer, B.) (see page 7) 

Floral Decorations 


P. O'BRIEN & SOX, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets. 



Ames David B., house 157 Prospect 

Ames Edward S., engraver (31 Milk, B.), 
boards 23 Front 

Ames Henry G., action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, boards 23 Front 

Ames James Barr, Bussey Prof, of Law, 
H. U. and Pres., Harvard Co-opera- 
tive Society, h. 11 Frisbie pi. 

Ames John G. , carpenter, 8 Austin, h. 23 

Ames Simon, boards 23 Front 

Ammidon Philip R., office Cambridge 
Chronicle, house 92 Inman 

Ammidon Russell P., salesman (95 Wash. 
B.), h. 38 Cogswell ave. 

Amrock James T., machinist, Sixth, corner 
Rogers, house at Boston 

Amrose Edward, laborer, house 19 Hayes ct. 

Amrose see Ambrose 

Andersen Cbarles E., safemaker, 17 Main, 
house 16 Howard 

Andersen Charles Hakon, painter (B.),h. 
rear 40 Clark 

Andersen Frank, machinist, 17 Main, house. 
3 Broadway 

Andersen Fred, cabinet maker 286 Main, 
boards 287 do 

Andersen Frederick, trimmer, 169 Gore, h. 
267 Cambridge 

Andersen John, carriagesmith, 133 Main, h. 
161 do. 

Andersen Nils, safe maker, 17 Main, house 
1 Union ct. 

Andersen William B., foreman of vault 
makers 17 Main, house at Melrose 

Anderson Abby, wid. of Matthew, house 17 

Anderson Albert, brass finisher, h. 6 Law- 

Anderson Albert, cigar maker, 599 Main, 
house 3+ Cherry 

Anderson Albert, piano case maker, boaads 
116 Harvard 

Anderson Alfred, blacksmith, boards 12 

Anderson Alfred (Anderson & Henderson), 
house furniture, 535 Main, h. 11 Jay 

Anderson Anders G., laborer, 169 Gore, h. 
502 Cambridge 

Anderson Archibald, at Hazlett & Under- 
bill, First, cor. Thorndike, h. 79 Vine 

Anderson August, piano case maker, b. 80 

Anderson August, cabinetmaker, 602 Main, 
boards 1 Washington 

Anderson Augusta, druggist, 209-211 Broad- 
way, boards 6Q Inman 

Anderson Axel, laborer, boards 5 Rogers 
block. Washington 

Anderson A., hostler, W. E. S. R. Co., 326 
North ave. 

Anderson A., at 44 Cambridge 

Anderson Catherine, widow of Jas., house 
80 Boylston 

Anderson Charles, at 169 Gore 
Anderson Charles, machinist, 17 Main 
Anderson Charles, teamster, Richardson & 

Bacon, house Murray, cor. Hilton pi. 
Anderson Charles A., board maker, 286 

Main, house at Boston 
Anderson Charles E., 17 Main, house 1 Rog- 
ers' block, Washington 
Anderson Charles E., clerk, 21 Brattle, h. 

50 Trowbridge 
Anderson Charles H., clerk, 18 Chas. River, 

boards 18 1-2 do. 
Anderson Charles N., laborer, 126 Portland 
Anderson Clarence Archibald, box maker, 

First, cor. Thorndike, h. 79 Vine 
Anderson Edward, clerk, 9 Brattle, boards 

17 Dyke 
Anderson Elizabeth J. Mrs., metaphysician, 

98 Pearl, house do. 
Anderson Ernest S., clerk, h. 14 Fairmont. 
Anderson Frank, h. 6 Rogers blk., Wash. 
Anderson Frank L., carpenter (B.), house 

57 Winter 
Anderson Fred., at 169 Gore 
Anderson George A., at 44 Cambridge 
Anderson Gustav R., carpenter, house 3 

Coolidge pi. 
Anderson Hans C, provisions, h. 19 1-2 A. 

Anderson James, carpenter, boards 2 Cool- 
idge pi. 
Anderson James, (James Anderson & Son) 

carpenter, Palmer, near Church, house 

15 Brewer 
Anderson James, machinist, 29 Main, house 

at Boston 
Anderson James, laborer, house 35 Flagg 
Anderson James, jeweler, h. 1 Ionian pi. 

(James and James Anderson, Jr.,), 
carpenters and builders, Palmer, near 
Church (see page 629; 

Anderson James, Jr. < v James Anderson & 
Son), carpenter, Palmer, near Church, 
house 9 Hilliard 

Anderson James, Jr., teamster, Richardson 
& Bacon, house 12 Dinsmore ct. 

Anderson John, cabinet maker, house De- 
catur court 

Anderson John, cabinet maker, house 111 

Anderson John, grocer, 5 and 6 Harvard 
sq., house 27 Hudson 

Anderson John, machinist, 17 Main, house 
at Boston 

Anderson John E., teamster, 122 Broad- 
way, house 122 do. 

Anderson Joseph, printer, Riverside Press, 
house 23 Valentine 

Anderson J. II., waiter, Memorial Hall 

Anderson Nelson, carpenter, boards 5 Rog- 
ers block, Washington 

Anderson Neater A., iron worker, boards 
12 Warren 

DCCT Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 




Anderson Otto, sounding board maker, 284 

Main, house 49 dishing 
Anderson Phr. O., carpenter, 153 Putnam 

ave., house 164 Pleasant 
Anderson Robert, fruit and vegetables, 137 

Mt. Auburn, house 7 Gerry 
Anderson Robert. Mrs., music teacher, 14 

Allen, house do 
Anderson Samuel, clothing oiler, Thorn- 
dike, house 8 Second st. court 
Anderson Stephen, brass moulder (33 

Hawkins, B.), house 72 Spring 
Anderson Stephen R., brass moulder, (33 

Hawkins, B.), boards rear 58 Charles 
Anderson Sven J., cabinet maker, 44 Cam- 
bridge, house 118 Otis 
Anderson Thomas, wireworker, boards 17 

Walnut court 
Anderson William, boarding-house, 83 

Anderson William, teamster, College wharf, 

house 10 Beaver 
Anderson William, tinman, h. 36 Charles 

Anderson William C, cutter, N. E. Glass 

Works, North, house 186 Cambridge 
Anderson William J., tinman, 153 Putnam 

ave., boards 10 Lawrence 
Anderson & Henderson (Alfred Anderson 

and Wm. H. Henderson), furniture, 

535 Main 
Anderson, see Andersen 
Andino Axel, painter, house 3 Brewery 
Andren Adolph, fresco painter (Boylston, 

B.), house 414 Main 
Andrew Francisco, 58 Cambridge, bds. foot 

Andrew Francisco, Jr., furniture finisher, 

(Charlestown), h. Second cor. Vine 
Andrew Joseph, furniture finisher (Char- 
lestown), house 22 Spring 
Andrew Lofstrom, foreman, cabinet makers, 

44 Cambridge 
Andrew William, hairdresser, 454 Cam- 
bridge, bds. Vine, cor. Second 
Andrews Ardelia A., widow of Wm. H. 

house 7 Day 
Andrews D. Herbert, prop. Boston Bridge 

Works, Sixth, c. Rogers, office (70 

Kilby, rm. 83, B.), h. at Chelsea 
Andrews Charles, salesman, b. 106 Inman 
Andrews George E. , clerk (67 Summer, B.) , 

bds. Hotel Stratford 
Andrews H. F., finisher, 286 Main, house 14 

Andrews Ira, Jr., painter (B.), h. 26 Watson 
Andrews John D., case maker, house Hotel 

Stratford, Elm 
Andrews Lilar C., Miss, bds. 27 Wash. ave. 
Andrews Mary E. Miss, teacher, private 

school, boards 29 Everett 
Andrews Robert, painter, house 4 Wallace 
Andrews Robert R., dentist, 432 Harvard, h. 

834 Main 

Andrews SophroniaL., widow of Wilson, h, 

117 Auburn 
Andrews Sullivan C, special pension exam* 

iner (P. O. building, B.), h. 27 Wash- 
ington ave. 
Andrews William A., finisher, 286 Main, h, 

14 Worcester 
Andrews William H., clerk, (32 Summer, 

B.), borads Hotel Stratford 
Andros Henry S., apothecary, 641 Main, 

house 11 Temple 
Anezin Alice Mrs., house 66 Inman 
Anezin Augustine F., apothecary, 209 

Broadway, house C>Q Inman 
Angell William H., chair maker, bds. 117 

Anglin James, house 34 Banks 
Anglin John, laborer, house 116 Webster 
Anglin Michael, foreman. Gas Co.'s Works, 

Third, house 24 Flagg 

ANGUS HENRY S., building 
mover, order box 613 Main, house 
102 Columbia (see page 629) 

Amiable Nannie A., widow of Robert W., 
boards 20 Dunster 

Ansell Stephen EL, painter, house 341 Main 

Ansell William, printer, bds. 341 Main 

Ansell William E. , grocer, 245 Broadway, h. 
225 do. suite 1. [house do, 

Anshelm John H., shoemaker, 158 Harvard, 

Anshelm Louis J., wood printer, 174 Broad- 
way, house 25i School-st.-pl. 

Anshelm William J., lithographer (B.), b, 
158 Harvard 

Ansley Eliza Miss, variety store, 379£ Main, 
house 365 do. 

Ansley Wm. S., telegrapher (109 State, 
B.),, bds. 365 Main 

Anthony Charles A., foreman of key fitters, 
139 Broadway, house 6 Harvard pi. 

Anthony Jason, ivory layer, 139 Broadway, 
bds. 6 Harvard pi. 

Anthony Lewis A., bookkeeper (R. C. H., 
B. & L. depot, Causeway, B.), house 59 
Franklin [Winsor 

Anthony Samuel L., cook (B.), house 110 

Antoine Doninas, laborer, h. 16 Vandine 

Apel Frederick, police station 3, house 153 

Apel Henry W., roller maker (100 Milk, 
B.), boards 153 Otis 

Appleby George A., key finisher, 137 Broad- 
way, bds. 65 Elm 

Appleby Mark H., special police and day 
watchman American Rubber Co., house 
65 Elm 

eler, 571 Main, house 178 Putnam 
av. (see paare 4) 
Appleton Charles T. P., house 57 Dana 
Appleton C Frank, boots and shoes (13 

Court, B.), house 3 Ellsworth av. 
Appleton C. B., draughtsman, 2 Central sq., 
house at Boston 


. White 

e, ) 603 Main St. 
is, j Central Sq. 



Appleton Elizabeth, widow, h. 17 Roseland 

selor-at-law (28 Court, room 93, B.), 
house 361 Harvard (see page 652) 

Appleton Lucy Miss, house 487 Camb. 

Appleton Warren J., -sign painter (292 
Washington, B.), house 12 Cottage 

Applin Clarence S., salesman (22-1 State, 
B.), house 131 North av. 

Applin Delia N. Miss, house 7 Dover 

Applin Fla villa C, widow of Sumner, house 
131 North av. 

Apsey George W.. trav. salesman (220 Dev- 
onshire. B.). bds. 11 Cogswell av. 

Apsey William S. Rev., pastor N. Cam- 
bridge Baptist Soc, h. 11 Cogswell av. 

Arakelvan Bedros. printer (150 Pearl, B.), 
bds. 9 Park 

Arakelvan Jacob J., printer (150 Pearl, 
B.), h. 9 Park 

Arbrose Alfred, laborer, bds. Hotel Brooks 

Archambeau Alfred, feeder W. E. St. Ry. 
Co., 223 Cambridge, h. 87 Wendell 

Archambeau Archie, feeder, W. E. St. Ry. 
Co., 251 Cambridge 

Archer Ellen M. Mrs., copyist, Otis, cor. 
Second, rooms 133 Otis 

Archibald Damon, ins. agt., bds. 44 Austin 

Archibald G., driver. W. E. S. R. Co. 

Arean Thomas, carpenter, house 12 Marion 

Arenstrup Fred,, stone cutter, boards 121 
Harvard [121 Harvard 

Arenstrup John A. C, cabinet maker, h. 

Arey Almira C, widow of David B., house 
7l£ Western a v. 

Arey Reuben, leather (39 High, B.), house 
Washington av.. near Arlington 

Arkerson Catherine Mrs., h. 10 Foster pi. 

Arkerson Francis, rope maker, h. 88 Web- 
ster avenue 

Arkerson George W., bookkeeper (17 Cen- 
tral, B.), house 85 River 

Arkerson Leonard, cordage mnfr. (Western 
av., Brighton), house 85 River 

Arms Clara A., teacher High School, bds. 
105 Prospect 

Arms Jennie M. Miss, teacher (B.), boards 
73 Otis 

Armstead Chancy, wid. of William, house 
Inman place 

Armstrong Alfred, teamster, b. 74 Columbia 

Armstrong Charles (Armstrong & Co.), 
lithographer, Riverside Press, house at 

Armstrong Frank J., piano action maker, 
house 165 Harvard 

Armstrong George, cooper, bis. 83 Bridge 

Armstrong Henrietta, wid. of John, dining- 
room, 463 Main, house 464 do. 

Armstrong Henry V., polisher, (13.), n - 6 

Armstrong Irving, laborer, house r. 13 Grant 

Armstrong Irwin, janitor. Riverside school, 
house 32 Jay 

Armstrong James, laborer, h. r. 29 Porter 
Armstrong James, marble worker, (B.) h. 1 

Chestnut park 
Armstrong James, tinsmith, 153 Putnam 

avenue, house 265 Sidney 
Armstrong James, Jr., lab., b. r. 29 Porter 
Armstrong Jane, widow of James, h. 25 Mill 
Armstrong Janet I., wid. of Richard, h. 36 

Cogswell avenue 
Armstrong ( )smon S. , bookbinder, Riverside 

Press, house oG Trowbridge 
Armstrong R. William, variety store 228 

Cambridge, house do. [ber Co. 

Armstrong William, yard man, Am. Rub- 
Armstrong William, marble worker (B.), h. 

1 Chestnut park 
Armstrong William C, cooper, bds. rear 29 

Armstrong & Co. (Chas. Armstrong), lith- 
ographers, Riverside Press 
Arnerson John, at 44 Cambridge 
Arnes Otto IT., wood moulder, 20 Albany, 

boards 9 Perry 
Arno John, sewing machine agent, house 

31 Brookline 
Arnold Ann. widow of Joseph, h. 204 Pearl 
Arnold Clara F., Miss, book-keeper, 613 

Main, room 5. boards 3 Lamson pi. 
Arnold Elbridge W., boards 3 Lamson pi. 
Arnold Oeorge. house 46 North avenue 
Arnold George A., asstistant librarian, Law 

School, H. U., house 713 Cambridge 
Arnold George B., teamster (B.). house 12 

Arnold George Francis, house 3 James 
Arnold Jane, Miss, dressmaker, house 94 

Arnold John H., librarian, Law School, H. 

U., house 10 Frisbie place 
Arnold Joseph W. . house 5 Park 
Arnold Margaret, Miss, nurse, h. 94 Auburn 
Arnold Samuel S., house 741 Main 
Arnold Thomas, carpenter, house 365 Main 
Arnold Willis S., actor, boards 26 East 
Arnott Thomas, wood carver, 44 Cam- 
bridge, house 73 Third 
Arrouquier Fred E., machinist, boards 22 

Artesani Alfred, shoemaker, 435 Main, h. 

29 Grigg 
Artesani Anthony, book finisher, Riverside 

Press boards 29 Grigg 
Artesani William, boards 29 Grig^ 
Arthur George S., teamster (B.), h. rear 

5 West 
Arthur Samuel M., pressman, University 

Press, house 40 Holyoke 
Ash Francis mill hand, 162 Broadway, h. 

113 Charles 
Ash James, plasterer, boards 127 Webster 

avenue [ave. 

Ash Mary, widow of James, h. 127 Webster 
Ash Peter, painter, 244 Main, h. 81 Wash- 





Ash Richard, fly finisher, 162 Broadway, h. 

at Chelsea 
Ash William H., moulder, 1G2 Broadway, 

house 132 Winsor 
Ashburner Anna, Miss, house 71 Kirkland 
Ashburner Grace, Miss, house 71 Kirkland 
Ashcroft Henry B. P., book-keeper, 153 

Putnam av., house at South Boston 
Ashcroft John, slipper maker, b. 27 Sidney 
Ashcroft Mary, wid. of Joseph, h. 27 Sidney 
Ashcroft Mary E., Miss, teacher, boards 27 

Ashman Peter, laborer, house 2 Bennett 
Ashman William H., blacksmith, boards 2 

Ashworth James, cutter, American Rubber 

Co., boards 374 Main 
Asp Alfred T., piano case maker, 102 

Broadway, boards 408 Main 
Asp Gustave A., tailor (B.), h. 8G Washn. 
Ateshian Osgan H., importer (168 Tre- 

mont, B.), house 1 Potter park 
Athearn Lydia R., widow of James F., h. 

39 Essex 
Athearn Susan F., Miss, teacher Harvard 

grammar school, boards 3'J Essex 
Atherton Adams H., foreman of coopers, 

169 Gore, house at Somerville 
Atherton Charles II., book finisher, River- 
side Bindery, boards 41 Hamilton 
Atherton Lewis B., painter h. 124 Spring 
Atherton Mary J., widow of Charles, h. 41 

Athol Charles, piano sounding hoard maker. 

boards 232 Broadway [way 

Atkins Ann, widow of Edward, h. 7 Appian 
Atkins Charles, paper-hanger 453£ and 613 

Main, house 30 Upton 
Atkins John, machinist, 17 Main 
Atkins R. C. Mrs., widow, house 471 Main 
Atkins Thomas, carpenter, State, cor. Os- 

born. house 79 Wendell 
Atkins Walter 1)., dry pressman, Riverside 

Press, h. 4 Shepherd's block, Charles 

Atkinson Andrew, coal and wood, 7 West- 
ern avenue, house 147 Columbia 
Atkinson John S., button maker, house 36 

Atkinson Mary R., Mrs., b. 17 Sacramento 
Atkinson Thomas, house 17 Sacramento 
Atkinson Thomas F., clerk, b. 115 Winsor 
Atkinson William, carver, bds. 120 Austin 
Atkinson William, packer, 162 Broadway 
Atkinson William, Jr., wood carver, 602 

Main, house at Melrose 
Atkinson Wm. S., iron worker, honse 115 

Atlass Morris, tailor, 71 Cambridge, house 

at Boston 
Attner Thomas G., tailor (488 Washington, 

B.), h. 4 Sidney 
Attridge John, teamster, 113 Bridge, bds. 

6 Short 

Attwill Richard I., reporter, b. 6 Hamilton 
Atwater H., driver, W. E. St. liy. Co., bds. 

Brattle sq. Hotel 
Atwater R., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Atwood Annie 1).. Miss, house 25 Clinton 
Atwood Benjamin F., book-keeper (67 

Summer, B.), house 5 Chester 
Atwood Charles, at 169 Gore 
Atwood Charles II., fancy goods (B.), h. 

133 Otis 
Atwood Charles Herbert, teamster, (115 

Leverett B.), house 3 Squires' court 
Atwood David, oysters (32 Faneuil Hall sq. 

and 152 Atlantic ave., B.), house 99 

Atwood S. A., Miss, teacher, kindergarten, 

house 304 Harvard 
Audette Thelespore, crane man, B. S. B. 

Co., house 53 Spruce 
Aufort George, cigar maker, boards 140 

August Andrew, sawyer, 20 Albany 
August Jesse, furniture varnisher, Second, 

corner Thorndike 
August Manuel, laborer, Otis, corner First, 

house 36 Cambridge 
Augustus Alexander, hairdresser, 123 Co- 
lumbia, boards 134 Campridge 
Austin Alexander A., hairdresser (187 At- 
lantic avenue, B. ), house 9 Green 
Austin Ansel G., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

boards Cambridge, corner Baldwin 
Austin A. H., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 251 

Austin Bridget, widow of James, house 5 

Chestnut park 
Austin Charles A., brushes (170 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 85 Inman 
Austin Emily, widow of Robert, h. 37 Inman 
Austin Frank, watchman, h. 6 Buck's block, 

Austin Frederick, waiter, h. 40 Broadway 
Austin George M., salesman (57 State, B.), 

boards 196 Pearl 
Austin John A., conductor, W. E.St. Ry. 

Co., h. School court, Mt. Auburn 
Austin Julia, widow, house 97 Gore 
Austin Katherine I., Miss, dressmaker, 97 

Gore, boards 88 Gore 
Austin M., laborer, Waverly, corner Talbot 
Austin Melvin, ladder maker, 139 Gore, bds. 

129 Spring 
Austin Nathan N., foreman, John Reardon 

& Son3, Waverly, house 196 Pearl 
Austin S. Carrie, widow of Seth H. , boards 

88 North avenue 
Austin Thomas, bar keeper (Blackstone, 

B. ), house 5 Chestnut park 
Austin Thomas, laborer, Revere Sugar Re- 
finery, house 61 Spring [pi. 
Austin William, electrician, h. 5 Cogswell 
Austin William, clerk, 25 Central sq., bds. 

32 Western avenue 






Austin Win. H., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 
boards Cambridge, corner Baldwin 

Autbier Azarie L., hairdresser (Arlington), 
house 104 Dublin 

Authier Joseph O. (Autbier & Hardy), gro- 
cer, 39 Rice, house 31 do. 

Authier & Hardy (Joseph Authier and Na- 
poleon Hardy), grocers, 39 Rice 

Avalier Antonio, at 44 Cambridge 

Avantaggio Augusto, confectionery and 
fruit, 119 Camb., house at Boston 

Avereil Leonard M., whiting, etc. (64 
Broad, B.), house 345 Broadway 

Averiil Arthur B., clerk (F. R. R. B.), bds. 
35 Inman 

Averiil Gerry C., carpenter, h. 105 River 

Averiil Johnj city carpenter, h. 95 Tremont 

Averiil Joseph, city carpenter, house 114 

Averiil Lucy J., wid. of Eben, h. 63 Inman 

Avery Bros. (James A. and Jesse W.Avery), 
provisions, 21 River 

Avery Caroline J., wid. of Jabez, house 63 

Avery Ella R. Mrs., teacher, Lassell pri- 
mary school, boards 3 Sixth 

Avery James A. (Avery Bros.), provisions, 
21 River, house 108 Putnam avenue 

Avery Jesse (Avery Bros.), provisions, 21 
River, house 8 Salem 

Avery John, gate tender, 169 Gore, house 
32 Broadway 

Axtman Albert A., wood engraver, (265 
Washington, B.>, bds. rear 46 Spring 

Axtman John, die maker, Third, c. Potter, 
house rear 46 Spring 

Axtman John L., wood turner, 44 Cam- 
bridge, house 116 Sixth 

Axtman Louis A., die maker, 33 Hamp- 
shire, boards rear 46 Spring 

Ayer Olive, widow of Henry, h. 7 Dover 

Ayers Andrew J., engineer, house 141 

Ayers Ann, widow of William, h. 106 Otis 

Ayers Catherine, widow of Thomas, house 
65 Elm [do. 

Ayers George, shoemaker, 438 Main, rms. 

Ayers Howard, instructor, H. U., rooms 23 

Ayers John T., laborer, 184 Broadwav, b. 
65 Elm [50 Fifth 

Ayers Thomas, wood carver (Chas'n) .house 

Ayers William F., cabinetmaker (B.), h. 
106 Otis 

Ayers see Ayers [Henry 

Ay lesworth Frank P., hair worker, bds. 94 

AYLWABD JAMES F., lawyer, 
(5 Tremont, B.), b. 6 Gore (see 
page 654) 
Aylward Johanna T., widow of James, h. 

6 Gore 
Aylward John J., clerk, boards 6 Gore 
Aylward Richard, teamster (112 S. Market, 
B.), house 449 Cambridge 

Aylward Richard B., cabinetmaker, b. 449 

Aylward Richard H., clerk, 185 Bridge, bds. 

6 Gore 
Aylward Wm. J., carpenter, h. 39 Harvey 
Aymar Adolphus W. , clerk (22 Congress 

sq. B.), h. 118 Hampshire 
Ayres Isaac H., livery stable, 904 Main, h. 

30 Putnam av. 
Ayres Thomas A., clerk, 904 Main, b. 30 

Putnam av. 
Ayres see Ayers, also Eayrs. 

BAADKN FRANK W., electrician, b. 142 

Baalack Arvid, mechanical engineer, rms. 

113 Auburn 
Babbitt Albert, bronzer (791 Tremont, B.), 

house 105 Prospect 
Babbitt Charles A., wood turner, 384 Main, 

house 96 Columbia 
Babbitt Henry B., student, b. 17 Dodge 
Babbitt Maria P. Mrs., b. 16 Wendell 
Babcock Frank II., varnish maker (Brigh- 
ton), house 31 Inman 
Babcock Georgiana Mrs., dressmaker, 20 

Pearl, house do. 
Babcock Hiram, waiter, Memorial Hall 
Babcock Lysander F., varnish nmfr. (104 

Water, B.), h. 132 Austin 
Babin A., hostler W. E. St. Ry. Co., Murray 

st. stable 
Babinow Althony, hostler W. E. St. Ry.Co., 

house 15 Sparks 
Babson Charles, clerk (111 Com'l, B.), h. 

48U Cambridge 
Baccigalupi Stephen, fruit, Harvard sq. c. 

Brattle, house 40 Boylslon 
Bachelder Mary H. Mrs., b. 10 Wendell 
Bachelder Prescott A., asst. supt., U. S. 

Mail (P. O., B,), house 68 Otis 
Bachelder Samuel H., clerk (Everett), h. 

40 Third 
Bachelder Willie, clerk (Everett), b. 40 

Bachelder see Batchelder 
Bachmann Herman, boots and shoes, 24 

Third and liquors 5G Cambridge, h. 

do [26 Vine 

Bachmann John, cabinet maker (B.), h. 
Backes George C, boiler, Revere Sugar 

Refinery, house 83 Fifth 
Backfisch August, machinist, 29 Main 
Backus Edward F., electrician, h. 37 Ash 
Backus John J., newspapers (B.), h. 224 

Putnam av. 
Bacon Charles, teamster (Somerville), b. 

242 Cambridge 
Bacon Charles E., laundry (291 Dorchester, 

S. B.), boards 22 Eighth 
Bacon Fred II., piano tuner, 162 Broadway 

house at South Boston 


Wholesale and Betall. »0 DOCK SQUARE. 



Bacon Harry S., watchmaker, 154 A North 

av., bds. at Somerville 
Bacon Hattie A., widow of Robert, house 1 

Lamson pi. 
Bacon James P., stenographer (27 Pemb. 

sq., B.), house 27 Harris 
Bacon John D., h. 20 Elm 
Bacon John P., watchmaker, 154 A North 

av., boards at Somerville 
Bacon John G. , carriage painter, house 19 

Bacon Joseph, wood carver (B.), house 106 

Concord ave. 
Bacon Leonard R., weigher, Richardson & 

Bacon, foot Dunster, house (87 Or- 
chard, West Somerville) 
Bacon Lucy A., wid. of Warren, h. 17 Lee 
Bacon Maria J. Miss, teacher, Boardman 

primary school, bds. 315 Broadway 
Bacon Mary A. Mrs., house 315 Broadway 
Bacon M. Clinton (Richardson & Bacon), 

coal, etc., College wharf, foot Dunster, 

h. (27 Chester, W. Somerville) 
Bacon Walter F., secretary, Mass. Poultry 

Association, house 306 Harvard 
Badger Henry C. Rev., h. 7 Summer 
Badger Walter I., lawyerfS Congress, room 

15, B.), house Mercer Circle 
Badger Wm. C. H. (Daniels, Badger & Co.), 

furniture mnfr., 20 Albany, house 

at Boston 
Baer John, at C. H. North & Co. (Somer 

ville), rooms 25 Sixth 
Baer John W., machine hand, Ninth, opp. 

Spring, h. Portland 
Baer Sophia, widow of John, house 72 

Bagdecerian Ignatius, coppersmith (B.), 

house 91 Main, No. 21. 
Bagley Mary, widow of Charles, h. rear 

257 Franklin 
Bagley Mary A., widow of John,, house 

137 Webster avenue 
Bagley see Begley 
Bahen Dennis F., brass worker, Otis, near 

First, boards, 56 Second 
BaierFred, fireman, B. & M. R. R., bds. 

45 Second 
Bailey Albert D., engineer, B. & L. R. R., 

house 64 Thorndike 
Bailey Alfred J., letter carrier (P. O., B.), 

house 10i Western ave. 
Bailey B. F. Mrs., house 25 Mt. Auburn 
Bailey E. Winnifred, house 31 Front 
Bailey Frederick H., student, H. U., house 

25 Mt. Auburn 
Bailey Fred L., clerk, 126 Cambridge, bds. 

27 Second 
Bailey G. S., driver, W. E. S. R. Co. 
Bailey Henry L., student, H. U., boards 15 

Bailey Jacob L. (J. L. Bailey & Sons), 

mortgage broker, 67 Camb., house 

39 Second 

Bailey James, waiter, (Crawford House, B.), 

house 224 Broadway 
Bailey Job, boards 98 Harvard 
Bailey J. L. & Sons (Jacob L. , Samuel W., 

and William S. Bailey), mortgage 

brokers, 67 Cambridge 
Bailey Maria, widow of Lewis, h. 15 Elmer 
Bailey M. Lizzie, bookkeeper, h. 3] Front 
Bailey Oakley H. (0. H. Bailey & Co.), 

publisher, 83 Inman, house do. 
Bailey O. H. & Co. (Oakley H. Bailey) map 

publishers, 83 Inman 
Bailey R. M., compositor, University Press 
Bailey Samuel W. (J. L. Bailey & Sons), 

broker, 67 Camb. house 39 Second 
Bailey Sara A. Miss, teacher, Allston gram- 
mar school, bds. 16 Prospect 
Bailey Theodore A., tinman, 153 Putnam 

av. house 64 Waverly 
Bailey Thomas, lineman, (33 Milk, B.), bds. 

17 Story 
Bailey Thomas, operator, h. 7 Hampshire pi. 
Bailey Wm. D., fireman, B. & L. R. R., h. 

88 Fourth 
Bailey William Silas (J. L. Bailey & Sons) 

broker, 67 Camb. house Maplewood 

stock farm, at East Hardwick, Vt 
Bailey see Bayley 
Bailot August, house 105 Fourth 
Bain Nathaniel P., carpenter, house 4 

Coolidge pi. 
Baird Chas. Wm., express (48 North, B.), 

house 101 Fourth 
Baird James, laborer, (B.), h. 45 Porter 
Baird, see Beard 
Baker Abijah, clothing cutter (95 Summer, 

B.), house 1 Gordon pi. 
Baker Albert, wheelwright, 446 Main, house 

2 Cherry court 
Baker Albert C, varnisher, 162 Broadway 
Baker Alfred, carpenter, h. Crescent av., n. 

Walden [Essex 

Baker Alfred F., painter, 18 Pearl, h. 26 
Baker Arven T., engineer, H. A:. Bird, 

Pelham, house, 15 Baldwin 
Baker A. Wm., harness maker, 87 and 89 

Main, house 173 do. 
Baker C. Alice Miss, bds. 2 Holmes pi. 
Baker Catherine C. Mrs., h. 2 Holmes pi. 
Baker Charles E., molder h. 471 Main 
Baker Charles L. W., foreman (High, cor. 

Purchase, B.), h. 169 Prospect 
Baker Davis, carpenter, boards Stephen 

Baker's, Crescent ave. 
Baker Edgar P., clerk, 543 Main, house 43 

Norf >lk 
Baker Edward E., machinist, 72 Main 

Austin C. Wellington Coal Co. (17 
Congress, B.), house, 112 Lake View 
ave. (see page 658) 
Baker Elbridge, driver, cracker wagon, h. 
10 Magee 

Dr. E 

. Y. White, f 1 ^XTIIVrTTCJnPG l 6 °3 Main St. 

7. H. Hollis, 1 U Jll±\ JL JLH JL O, j Central Sq. 



Baker Elijah E., pattern maker, 72 Main, 

house 58 Broadway 
Baker Elizabeth, widow of Benjamin, h. 91 

Baker Frank S., clerk, (34 F. H. sq., B.), 

boards 15 Baldwin 
Baker Frederick G. expressman, boards 19 

Baker Hannah P., widow of William S., h. 

20k Bigelow 
Baker Harry, teamster, boards 91 Gore 
Baker Harry E., clerk, (35 High, B.), bds. 

47 William [Holyoke 

Baker Harvey H., student H. U., rooms 30 
Baker H. S., at 169 Gore 
Baker John E., packer, Otis, near First, h. 

5 Sixth 
Baker John 0., musical string winder, 368 

Main, boards 19 Pine 
BakerjLydia T. Miss, seamstress, h. 6 Perry 
Baker Margaret F. Mrs. boarding house 

G7 Oxford 
Baker Mary J. Mrs., dressmaker, 54 How- 
ard, honse do. 
Baker Moore, h. 94 Magazine 
Baker Nathan W\, bds. 112 Lake View av. 
Baker Nathaniel, groceries, 62 Brookline, 

house 15 Lopez 
Baker Nicholas, lahorer, 169 Gore, house 11 

Baker Oshorn H., organ varnisher, 162 

Broadway, house 19 Pine 
Baker Stephen, carpenter, h. Crescent ave. 
Baker Thomas B., iceman (Chas'n), house 

18 Core 
Baker Walter W., organ pipe maker, 37 

Fifth, hoards 91 Gore 
Baker Washington I., traveling agent (174 

Hanover B.), house 25 Green 
Baker Win. A., banker and stock broker (42 

Water, B.), house 30 Park 
Baker Win. I., machinist, 72 Main, boards 

15 Baldwin 
Baker William J., clerk, 220 Cambridge, 

boards 8 South 
Balcer William P., carpenter, h. 242 Green 
Balch Augusta L., Miss, teacher of draw- 
ing in public schools, bds. 10 Gardner 
Balch George L., janitor, Matthews Hall, 

house 109 Ellery 
Balch Israel I)., provisions,^) Cambridge 

house 23 Fifth 
Balch John E., clerk, (5 Summer B.), bds. 

109 Ellery 
Balch John If., salesman (87 Court, B.), 

house 147 Mt. Auburn 
Balch Louis L., clerk (2 Liberty sq., B.), 

boards K) Gardner 
Balch Moses P.. house 10 Gardner 

B\M-4MI ARTHUR W., plumb- 
er, 1 Austin, house 806 Pearl (see p. 
Balcorn Frank M., traveling salesman (B.) 
house 185 Cambridge 

Balcom Frederick J., clerk, 192 Cambridge, 
bridge, boards 185 do 

Balcom Hannah H., widow, h. 73 Wash. 

Balcom Stephen W., boards 777 Main 

Baldner Abram, machinist house 42 Web- 
ster avenue 

Baldner Abram, supt., Day Cordage Co., 
Rogers, house 42 Webster avenue 

Baldner Abram F., supt. Day Cordage Co. 
house 127 Winsor 

Baldner Charles E., machinist Day Cord- 
age Co., boards 42 Webster avenue 

Baldrey Charles K., clerk (73 So. Market, 
B.), boards 121 Thorndike 

Baldrey Stephen, teamster, (49 S. Market, 
B.), house 121 Thorndike 

Baldrey William, F., clerk (73 So. Market, 
B.), boards 121 Thorndike 

Baldwin Adelaine W., Miss, teacher, train- 
ing school, boards 92 Norfolk 

Baldwin Benjamin G., clerk, 148 North av. 
boards 1 Emerson block, Mt. Pleasant 

Baldwin Carrie D., Miss, bookkeeper (Dev- 
onshire, B.), board 44 Western ave. 

Baldwin Charles S. Mrs., house 113 Auburn 

Baldwin Elizabeth J., Miss, teacher Mason 
school, boards 113 Auburn 

Baldwin James W., produce (114 S. Market, 
B.;, h. 1 Emerson blk. Mt. Pleasant 

Baldwin Joseph F., laundry machinery (50 
Union, B. ), house 44 Western ave. 

Baldwin Lewis F., salesman (744 Washing- 
ton, B. ), boards 94 Prospect 

Baldwin Louisa A., Mrs., h. 12 Ash-st pi. 

Baldwin Maria L., Miss, teacher Agassiz 
primary school, house 94 Prospect 

Baldwin Nicholas, engineer and janitor, 
Memorial Hall, house 28 Dunster 

Baldwin Richard, carpenter, H. U., house 
10 Hilliard place 

Balentine Robert, tinsmith, 153 Putnam 
avenue house 25 Hancock 

Balfe Annie, widow of Patrick, house 41 

Balfe John, millhand, 162 Broadway, bds. 
41 Porter 

Balfe Peter, teamster, 169 Gore, house 8 

Ball Ada G., Mrs. house 55 Harvard 

Ball A. Lawrence, clerk (74 Franklin, B.), 
boards 3 Austin 

Ball Calvin S., provisions (3 Union Market, 
B.), house 18 Pleasant 

Ball Edward, house 92 Fourtli 

Ball Edward C, laborer, boards 9 Fifth 

Ball Elijah, baker, 3 Austin, 601 Main and 
107 Oxford boards :i Austin 

Ball Elijah, house 145 Mt. Auburn 

Ball Eliza A., widow of Micah, h. 9 Fifth 

Ball Emtna F., Mrs., house rear 119 Gore 

Ball Evan, dyer (B.), house 250 Bridge 

Ball Frank P., ins. agent (Somerville), h* 
27 Mead 


Agents for DEXTtttt'S VILLA PAINTS 



Ball Geo. M., book-keeper (146 Congress, 

B.), h- 202 Putnam avenue 
Ball Harry P., clerk (127 State, B. ), bds. 

3 Austin 
Ball James H., clerk (13 Broad, Boston), 

house 193 Putnam avenue 
Ball John L., house 256 Sidney- 
Ball Joseph A., treasnrer (52 Central, B.), 

house 310 Pearl 
Ball Joseph G., house 3 Austin 
Ball Mary J., Miss, organist, St. Mary's 

church, and music teacher, 92 Fourth, 

house do. 
Ball Nellie F., Miss, teacher Lassell pri- 
mary school, boards 92 Fourth 
Ball T. "Henry, stationer (49 Court, B.), 

boards 123 Otis 
Ball Walter, teamster, boards 9 Fifth 
Ballam, Susan, widow of Alexander, house 

25 DeVVolf 
Ballantine Robert, at 153 Putnam avenue, 

house 25 Hancock 
Ballard Joseph, compositor, University 

Press rooms 60 Boylston 
Ballard W. W., conductor, W. B. S. R. Co. 
Ballway Frank M., gardener, house 2 

Walker court 
Balmer John, laborer, house Nutting place 
Balmer John E., horseshoer, boards 16 Oak 
Balmer Richard, teamster, 25 Brattle, house 

3 Garden st. place 
Balmer William, horseshoer, 9 Church, h. 

23 Ellsworth avenue 
Balmer William J., gilder, Riverside Press, 

boards 3 Garden st., place 
Balsor Frederick X., conductor, W. E. S. 

R. R. Co., h. 49 Essex 
Bancroft Edw., cooper, rear 260 Camb. , h. 

at Somerville 
Bancroft Jacob, law student, rooms 380 Har- 
Bancroft Joel C, express, Somerville ave., 

near Porter's station, and (15 Devon- 
shire, B.),bds. Porter's Hotel 
Bancroft Joseph H., paper hangings (119 

and 121 Hanover, B.), h. 380 Harvard 
Bancroft Robert B., Tenderer, h. 6 River 
Bancroft Wm. A., lawyer and notary pub- 

lic(6 Asbburtonpl., B), and supt. W. 

E. St. Ry. Co., 3 Harvard sq., house 

5 Putnam avenue 
Bancroft & Hayward (Miss Elizabeth C. 

Hay ward), fancy goods, 439 Cambridge 
Banfield Sarah, widow, h. 79 Thorndike 
Bang Eliza A., wid. of Jacob N., house 84 

BangChas., ins. agt., boards 10 Dana 
Bang Chas. A., h. 10 Dana 
Bang Sylvanus, lab. (23 F. H. Market, B.) 

house 151 Gore 
Bangs Chas. H., druggists' furniture mnfr. 

house 111 Inman 
Bangs Chas. W., chair painter (B.), h. 156 


Bangs Helen B., Miss. bds. 10 Dana 
Bangs Lincoln, Mrs., h. 10 Dana 
Banham Herbert, clerk, 62 Brookline, bds. 

15 Lopez 
Banister George P., box nailer, 3 Hamp- 
shire, h. 411 Main 
Banks Alfred B., waiter, Memorial Hall, 

bds. 74 Elm 
Banks Eliza, widow of Rober t,h. 267 Put- 
nam avenue 
Banks Henry, hostler, W. E. S. R. Co. bds. 

88 Mt. Auburn [139 Columbia 

Banks James H., porter (440 Wash.,B.),h. 
Banks James H., waiter, Memorial Hall 
Banks John, hostler, 33 Elm, h. 74 do. 
Banks Joshua, tailor, 8 Boylston, house 2 

Banks Matthew, servant, h 31 Brewery 
Banks Parker, pressman, University Press, 

h. 81 Oxford 
Banks Robert, stamper, Third, cor. Potter, 

bds. 267 Putnam avenue 
Banks Robert C. , janitor, Webster school, 

h. 13 Walnut court 
Banks R., laborer, Waverly, cor. Talbot 
Banks William, sawyer, 20 Albany 
Bannan Bridget, widow of Michael, house 

Bannan Francis, teamster, b. 39 Banks 
Bannan Michael, harness cleaner, 15 

Church, bds. 39 Banks 
Bannan Philip, hostler, 15 Church, house 

28 Dunster 
Bannan Sabina , widow of James, h. r. 384 

Baptiste Manuel B., laborer, h. 25 Fourth 
Barber Granville S., cracker dealer, b. 180 

Barber Samuel, carriage painter, h. 21 Ham- 
Barber Robert, iron moulder, Pqlham, house 

180 Harvard 
Barbey Christina D. Miss, teacher, Sargent 

primary school, bds. 16 Lincoln 
Barbey Jacob A., baker (52 Washington 

ave., Chelsea), h. 16 Lincoln 
Barbey Jacob A. Jr., clerk (87 Milk, B.), 

boards 16 Lincoln 
Barbour Abram, clerk, 115 Pleasant, house 

rear 115 do. 
Barbour Alfred L., sec. and treas. Cam- 
bridge Mutual Fire Ins. Co., 555 Main, 

house at West Newton 
Barbour Frank H., discount clerk, Shaw. 

mut Nat. Bank (60 Congress, B.), bds. 

12 Ellery 
Barbour Henry, grocer, 115 Pleasant, h. 

at Boston 
Barbour John, clerk, 563 Main, bds. 36 

Barbour John N., house 39 Chestnut 
Barbour Lovisa H., widow of Jas. S., h. 12 







Barbour Walter, clerk, rooms 53 Third 

Barbour Walter E., clerk, 126 Cambridge, 
rooms 53 Third 

Barbour Walworth 0. (Walworth O. Bar- 
bour & Co.) , iron founder, 356 Main 
and machinist (11 Chardon, B.), houss 
12 Amory 

Barbour Walworth 0. & Co. (Walworth O. 
Barbour, Alfred Morrill and Albert F* 
Allen), iron founders, 356 Main 

engineer, office City Hall, 660 Main, 
h. 14 Cottage 

Barcelo Raphael J., bookbinder, Riverside 
Press, h. 21 Bnx.kline 

Barden Elizabeth M. Mrs., h. 7 Hotel Har- 

Bardsick A., machinist, Osborn, h. 34 

Barie John corresponding clerk (Custom 
House st.,B.), bds. 295 Broadway 

Bardwell Francis N., furniture (19 Charles- 
town, B.), h. 2li Inman 

Bardwell Fred A., train dispatcher (F. R. 
R., B.), h. Fairfield 

Barker Alexander A., gate-keeper, rear en- 
trance Mt. Auburn cemetery, house 
5 Lexington avenue, ward 1 

Barker Almeda, Mrs., bds. Hotel Main 

Barker Almira Miss., seamstress, house 162 

Barker Annie, wid. of Thomas, bds. 10 

Barker Bridget, wid. of Joseph, h. 186 

Barker Charles F., salesman (33 Wendell, 
B.), bds. 8 Houghton 

Barker Frank N., machinist, bds. 112 Con- 
cord avenue 

Barker Henry A., clerk (39 Avon, B.), 
house 33 Cogswell avenue 

Barker Hugh T., confectioner, 503 Main, 
house 77 Inman 

Barker Isaiah, shoemaker, b. 8 Houghton 

Barker James, shoemaker, h. 8 Houghton 

Barker John, carpenter, 48 Linnaean, h. do. 

Barker John H., hackman, 216 Green, h. 
105 Kinnaird 

Barker John J., comedian (Washington, 
B.), house 123 Hampshire 

Barker John M., foreman of mill room, 33 
Clark, h. 57 Fairmont 

Barker Joseph D., house 112 Concord ave. 

Barker Joseph F., reporter (324 Washing- 
ton, B.j, boards 186 Hampshire 

Barker Mary, widow of Cornelius, bds. 98 

Barker Mary C, widow of Joseph D., h. 
112 Concord av. 

Barker Samuel F., trav. salesman (N. Y.), 
house 202 Harvard 

Barker Thomas W., printer (B.), bds. 186 

Barker Thomas J. E., coffin maker, 201 

Bridge, house at Somerville 
Barker Thomas J. E. Jr., coffin maker, 201 

Bridge, house at Somerville 
Barker Wm. H., carpenter, h. 41 Vine 
Barkman John, machinist, (B.), house 48 

Barlow Archer H., waiter (10 Brattle, B.), 

house 70 Elm 
Barlow Josephine F. Mrs., nurse, boards 78 

Barnard Albert, butcher, 169 Gore h. 19 

Barnard Alice M., book sewer, bds. 270 Put- 
nam av. 
Barnard Charles G., clerk, 275 Main, junc- 
tion Washington, boards 277 do. 
Barnard Edward A., lithographer, River- 
side Press, rooms 100 Magazine 
Barnard George, Jr. boards 13 Pine 
Barnard Henry W., paper hanger, house 25 

Barnard John, harness cleaner, Elm, bds. 

13 Pine [land 

Barnard Lucy Mrs., h. Dana, cor. Cleve- 
Barnard Solomon H., clerk (So. Market, 

cor. Com'l, B.), h. 29 Sidney 
Barnard W.,lab., Waverly cor. Talbot 
Barnard Wm. G., laborer, house 270 Put- 
nam av. 
Barnard see Bernhardt 
Barnes Albert M., merchant (11 India, B.), 

house 25 Lancaster 
Barnes Amos, at B. & L. freight shop 
Barnes C. H., driver, 502 Main, house at 

Barnes David H., driver cracker team, h. 

18 Jay 
Barnes Edward, hair dresser (Somerville), 

boards rear 57 Harvard 
Barnes Edward R., bookkeeper (122 Tre- 

mont, B.), b. 282 Broadway 
Barnes Essie E.Miss, bds. 16 Warland 
Barnes Frank B., freight conductor, B. & 

L. R. R., house 5 East 
Barnes Fred B., watchmaker. 402*Harvard 4 

house at So. Boston 
Barnes James, hostler, W. E. S. R. Co., 

201 Main, house 20 Harvard 
Barnes James, proprietor Inman Square 

Hotel, Inman Square, and livery stable 

518 Cambridge, house 5 Inman sq. 
Barnes John, note teller, Merchants' Nat. 

Bank (28 State, B.), h. 31 Bowdoin 
Barnes John, laborer, h. 426 Cambridge 
Barnes Mary, widow of Martin H., h 16 

Barnes Olive A. Miss, bookkeeper (42 

Water, B.), boards 16 Warland 
Barnes Philinda B., widow of Asa, h. 19 

Barnes William W. , elevator attendant (87 

Milk, B.), h. 282 Broadway. 




Barnett Alexander, cigar maker (B.), h. 

91 Brookline 
Barnett George, clerk, 399 Main, h. 12 Pine 
Barnett Mary, widow of Louis, h. 96 Har- 
Barney Charles, carriage painter, b. 38 

Barney Patrick, yard man, Am. Rubber Co. 
Barney Thomas, storehouseman, American 

Rubber Co. 
Barnuni A. M. Mrs., h. 92 Hancock. 
Baron Herman A. C, brush maker, h. 9 

Baron see Barron 
Barr Arthur H., clerk (107 Chauncy, B.) 

boards 65 Magazine 
Barr A. Lyman, tuner, h. 65 Magazine 
Barr David L., printer, h. 16 Walnut court 
Barr James, hostler, 665£ Main, h. 554 do. 
Barr Jane, widow of Peter, h. 346 Pearl 
Barr Oliver J., compositor, b. 346 Pearl 
Barr Peter A., book finisher, Riverside 

Press, house 20 Mt. Auburn 
Barr Robert T., compositor, (B.), b. 346 

Barra Joseph, hair dresser, 197 Cambridge, 

boards do. 
Barrell James S., master, Harvard grammer 

school, h. 342 Broadway 
Barrett Angeline L. Miss, b. 4 Wallace 
Barrett Bridget, widow, h. 8 North 
Barrett Daniel B., conductor (B .& A. R. 

R., B.), h. Rockingham 
Barrett Edmund, laborer, h. 3 Porter 
Barrett Edward, at 169 Gore 
Barrett Edward G. , sexton. St. Panl's 
church (136 Tremont, B.), house 11 
Barrett Henry, photographer, 110 Cam- 
bridge house do 
Barrett James, salesman, C. M. Hovey, h. 

Lynde, hear Cambridge 
Barrett Johanna, widow of John, house 7 

Lechmere place 
Barrett John, coffin maker, 201 Bridge 
Barrett John, ironworker, Boston Bridge 

Works, Sixth 
Barrett John, laborer, 169 Gore, house 7 

Barrett John C, boards 7 Lechmere place 
Barrett Louis G. , boards 11 Wallace 
Barrett Michael, carriage washer, house 

159 Winsor 
Barrett Michael, house 16 Arlington 
Barrett Michael J., liquors, 238 Cambridge 

house 2 Ninth 
Barrett Patrick, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

16 Marion 
Barrett Patrick, at 169 Gore 
Barrett Robert, laborer, C. H. North & Co. 

(Somerville), boards 44 Seventh 
Barrett William, laborer, 169 Gore, house 
2 Forest place 

Barri Martin, supt. (233 Cambridge B.), h. 

56 Austin 
Barrieau Anthony Mrs., h. 242 Cambridge 
Barrier Geo., coppersmith (B.), house 23 

Barrier Louise Mrs., dressmaker, 23 Market 

house do. 
Barrington Elizabeth, h. 9 Brown 
Barrington Geo. T., police station 1. house 

32 Cushing 
Barrington Josephine W. Mrs. dressmaker, 

32 Cushing, house do. 
Barron Charlotte, wd. of Robert, house 13 

Barron Luther, ivory worker, rms. 1 Union 

Barrow Henry, laborer, h. 131 Dublin 
Barrow Joseph, carpenter, h. 131 Dublin 
Barrow Mary A., widow, bds. 200 Dublin 
Barrows Cyrus A., teamster, Boston Ice 

Co. (B.), h. 3 Chapman place 
Barrows F. W., tuner, 286 Main, house 21 

Trow bridge 
Barrows Gertrude A. Miss, cashier, 1 Brat- 
tle square, bds. 3 Chapman pi. 
Barrows John, teamster, 28 Bridge, house 

121 Third 
Barrows Mary E., widow of James, dress- 
maker, 295 Broadway, bds. do. 
Barrows Wm., furniture finisher, Otis, cor- 
ner First, h. 19 Franklin 
Barrows Wm., laborer, 28 Bridge, house 

121 Third 
Barry Abbie C. Miss, saleswoman, 505 

Main bds. 347 Broadway 
Barry Alexander, laborer, h. 57 Spruce 
Barry Bridget Miss, dressmaker, boards 

118 Prospect 
Barry Catherine, widow of Matthias, house 

293 Main 
Barry Catherine, widow of Michael, house 

347 Broadway 
Barry Catherine T. Miss, cracker packer, 

bds. 347 Broadway 
Barry David, foreman of sloarmen, N. E. 
Glass Works, North, house at So. 
Barry David J., house 57 Spruce 
Barry Edward, cutter foreman asst., N. E. 
Glass Works, North, house at So. 
Barry Ellen, widow of Michael, house 143 
Bridge [Prospect 

Barry Ellen, widow of Patrick, house 118 
Barry Garrett, at 169 Gore 
Barry Garrett E., agent (19 Milk B.), rms. 

223 Broadway 
Barry Henry, laborer, h. 5 Harding 
Barry Johanna, wid. of Dennis, h. 6 Water 
Barry John, laborer, bds. 30 Warren 
Barry John David, clerk (So. B.), boards 

57 Spruce 
Barry John F., printer (B.), bds. 293 Main 
Barry John J., laborer, h. 93 Brookline 


E. Y. White 
W.H. Hollis 

| 603 Main St. 
, ) Central Sq. 



Barry John J., marble worker (B.), boards 

106 Third 
Barry J. W., driver, W. E. S. R. Co. 
Barry Maggie Miss, clerk, 587 Main, boards 

293 Main 
Barry Mary, widow, h. 16 North 
Barry Mary, widow of James, h. 106 Third 
Barry Mary A., widow of Wm. J., house 

133 Thorndike 
Barry Mary A. Miss, dressmaker, house 

118 Prospect 
Barry Mary J. Miss, saleswoman, 503 Main 

boards 347 Broadway 
Barry Matthew J., iron worker, (So. Bos- 
ton}, boards 293 Main 
Barry Michael, at 169 Gore 
Barry Michael, foreman of Brass Foundry 

(Allen, cor. Brighton, B.), house 70 

Barry Michael, laborer, h. 25 Banks 
Barry Michael H., hairdresser, 145 Bridge 

house 143 do. 
Barry Patrick, at 169 Gore 
Barry Patrick, carriage washer (B.), house 

17 Carson 
Barry Patrick, carriage painter, house 4 

Nichols place 
Barry Patrick, teamster, house 13 Vine 
Barry Patrick, laborer, B. & L. R. R., bds. 

85 Bridge, No. 5 
Barry Richard, case maker, 284 Main, h. 

347 Broadway 
Barry Richard E., brass moulder (B.), bds. 

293 Main 
Barry Robert, tinsmith, 502 Main, boards 

94 Pearl 
Barry Thomas, at 196 Gore 
Barry Timothy, potatoes, 186 Norfolk, 

house do. 
Barry Wm., baker, 176 Harvard, house at 

Barry Wm. , at Boston Ice Co. , Prison Point 

house 85 Bridge No. 2 
Barry Wm., laborer, house 16 East 
Barry William, moulder, 356 Main 
Barry Wm., sloarman, N. E. Glass Works, 

North, h. at So. Boston 
Barry Wm. H., glass worker, 3 Second bds. 

106 Third 
Barry William H., painter, h. 10 Harrison 
Barry Wm. H. Mrs., boarding house 10 

Barteaux Edw. J., stair builder, house 3 

Hotel Clark [Union 

Barth John, candy maker, 42 Elm h. 42 
Barth William, furniture polisher, boards 

42 Uuion 
Bartlett Alden S., gents' furnishings (72 

Hanover, B.), b. 22 Sacramento 
Bartlett Alfred A., pressman, University 

Press, rooms 29 Putnam av. 
Bartlett Arthur H., register maker (B.), 

house Rogers' blk. 317 Main 
Bartlett Daniel, carpenter, h. 282 Green 

Putnam av., near River, h. 18 Sands 
(see page 622) 

Bartlett Daniel B. H., foreman, 225 Bridge 
house at Lowell 

Bartlett Edward E., cabinet maker, house 
83 Pearl 

Bartlett Edwin A., clerk, 35 River, boards 
132 Auburn 

Bartlett Enoch, foreman River st. stable 
W. E. St. Ry. Co., rooms 5 Riverside 

Bartlett Frank C, fly finisher, 162 Broad- 
way, bds. 41 Webster av. 

Bartlett Frank D., livery stable. Pros- 
pect House and 12 Soden, house 132 

Bartlett Fred., clerk, house 41 Amory 

Bartlett Fred I., rooms 41 Amory 

Bartlett Frank W., confectioner, 645 Main, 
house 60 Magazine 

Bartlett Horace S., apothecary, 452 Har- 
vard, house 107 North av. 

Bartlett James A., shoemaker, Am. Rub. 
Co., house 4 Moore 

Bartlett John (Little, Brown & Co.), book- 
seller and publisher (254 Washington, 
B.), house 165 Brattle 

Bartlett John A., City lamplighter, house 
132 Auburn 

Bartlett John T., janitor Little's Block, 
Harvard sq , house do. 

Bartlett J. Gardner, printer (218 Franklin, 
B.), house 9 Park. 

Bartlett Joseph W., hairdresser, boards 23 
Green [145 Otis 

Bartlett Lucy A., widow of Bela N., house 

Bartlett Lydia F. Miss, seamstress, rooms 
rear 39 Brattle 

Bartlett Mary F., widow of Theodore, bds. 
104 Hampshire 

Bartlett Mary H., wid. of David C, house 
55 Essex. 

Bartlett William, hostler, J. E. Fabyan, 
Ellery, rooms do. 

Bartley Elizabeth H., widow of Thomas, 
house 43 Market 

Bartley Michael, laborer, 220 Portland 

Barotn Charles E., clerk, 280 Broadway, 
house 89 Norfolk 

Barton Clarence F., grocer, 280 Broadway, 
house 481 Cambridge 

Barton Edward, plasterer, bds. 15 Warren 

Barton Frank, mason, h. 108 Washington 

Barton George M., driver, Camb. Laundry, 
house 17 Dodge 

Barton James H., cigars and tobacco, 175 
Cambridge, house 13 Sixth. 

Barton Robert J., candy maker, 206 Hamp- 
shire, house at Somerville. 

Bascom Annie, Miss, house 183 Main 

Baskerville A., machinist, 17 Main, house 
112 Inman. [house do. 

Bass Charles A., apothecary, N 8 > 37 Main, 

Builders' Hardware, 

at Burditt& White's 

2 & 4 Central Sq. 



Bassett Arthur, blacksmith, h. 95£ Harvard 
Bassett Charles A., teamster, 69 Main, h. 

20 Plymouth 
Bassett Horace, 169 Gore, h. 112 Inman 
Bassett Horace, clerk, J. P. Squire & Co. 

house 112 Inman 
Bassett Joseph, sawyer, 162 Broadway, bds. 

95 Green 
Batchelder Aaron A., carpenter, rooms 24 

Batchelder Charles F., bds 7 Kirkland 
Batchelder Edwin A., collector (106 Court, 

B.), house 16 Rockwell 
Batchelder Edwin A. Jr., ass't bookkeeper 

(B.), bds. 16 Rockwell 
Batchelder Ferdinand W., h. 42 Langdon 
Batchelder Frank E. , bookkeeper (83 Wash- 
ington, B.), house 21 Avon 
Batchelder John M., civil engineer, house 

3 Divinity ave. 
Batchelder Joseph, shoemaker, (B.), house 

173 Elm 
Batchelder Julia A., widow of John G., 

house 21 Brookline 
Batchelder Samuel, counselor, 19 Brattle, 

house 8 Hilliard 
Batchelder Susan C, widow of Francis L., 

house 7 Kirkland 
Batchelder William Freeman, engineer, B. 

& L. R. R., house 33 Second 
Batchelder Wiiliam F., Sergeant of Police, 

station 2, house 12 Worcester 
Batcheller Joseph T., clerk, 513 Main, h. 

53£ Franklin 
Batchilder Rhyland, shipping clerk, bds. 

106 Austin 
Bate Charles H. , foreman (171 Devonshire, 

B.), house Avon Hill, cor. Avon pi. 
Bateman Annie Mrs., house 8 Hastings 
Bateman Wm R., wool broker (22 Broad, 

B.), house 74 Holworthy 
Bates Annie E. Mrs., house 8 Cogswell pi. 
Bates Benjamin F., civil engineer, bds. 18 

Bates Charles, salesman (27 Winter, B.) 

house 56 Dana 
Bates Charlotte F. Miss, private school, 10 

Ellery, house do. 
Bates Daniel, carver, 20 Albany 
Bates Edward B., clerk, 521 Main, bds. 11 

Bates Edward T., lithographer, Riverside 

Press, house 26 Jay 
Bates Eliza E,, widow of James V., house 

19 Church 
Bates Erastus C, billiard room, 521 Main, 

house 145 Washington 
Bates Esther A., widow of William, 2nd 

house 45 Brattle 
Bates Fletcher, book-keeper, Traders' Nat. 

Bank (91 State, B.), house 10 Ellery 
Bates George, action maker, 113 Broadway, 

house 4 Seckel 

Bates George, receiver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

3 Harvard sq., bds. 24 Shepard 
Bates George W., machinist (51 Oliver, 

B.), house 11 Norfolk 
Bates George W., machinist, Boston Bridge 

Works, Sixth 
Bates Harriet A., wid. of Joseph C, house 

30 Shepard 
Bates Harry H., clerk (77 Summer, B.), 

boards 24 Shepard 
Bates Henry V., clerk (95 Milk, room 43, 

B.), bds. 18 Fairmont 
Bates Herbert, student H. U., boards 30 

Bates Herbert H., principal Wellington 

school, house 20 Wendell 
Bates Howland C, clerk (Bromfield, B.), 

bds. 24 Shepard 
Bates James E., lawyer (27 Pemberton sq., 

B.), house 19 Cnurch 
Bates James Frank, overseer Am. Rubber 

Co., house 72 Prospect 
Bates John, baker, 151 Harvard 
Bates John R., clerk (B.), bds. 24 Shepard 
Bates John S., salesman, (518 Washington, 

B.). house 24 Shepard 
Bates Joseph L., McKay operator, boards 

1 Hannum's block Broadway 
Bates Louisa G., widow of Benjamin F., 

house 18 Fairmont 
Bates Walter, concrete paver, 613 Main, 
W. Medford 
Bates Walter, machinist, 29 Main boards 

97 Green 
Bates Walter T., clerk, (77 Summer. B.), 

boards 24 Shepard 
Bates W T illiam, boards 24 Shepard 
Bates William H., janitor, Harvard gram- 
mar school and sexton Austin Street 

Church, house 85 Prospect 
Bates William X., student, H. U. boards 

56 Dana 
Bates see Bate 

Bath James, confectioner, 42 Elm 
Batson Alice W. Mrs., nurse, boards 5 

Battie Joseph, baker, 502 Main, h. 2 Lop.'z 
Baumeister Augustus, plumber, 8 Palmer, 

near Brattle, house 648 Cambridge 
Baumeister Frank E., plumber, 8 Palmer, 

house 648 Cambridge 
Baumeister William L., plumber, 8 Palmer, 

boards 648 Cambridge 
Baumgart Michael M., cigar maker, house 

12 Watson 
Baxter Frank S., confectionery, boards 130 

Baxter George E . (John M. Woods & Co .), 

lumber, 22 Bridge, h. at Somerville 
Baxter Henry L., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, 

house 187 Broadway 
Baxter Horace, flour (43 Chatham, B.), 

house 4 Potter Park 

MT. AUBURN CEMETERY, p n'T?T?TT?^T 8, ^ftTCT 8^0 Main and 

Lots Bought, Sold, and Cared for. * • V JDlV*l4ll MT WWll j 89 Sparks SU. 



Baxter John A., traveling salesman, 502 

Main, house 39 Erie 
Baxter John H., paper hanger, house 6 

Rogers block, Washington 
Baxter John R., clerk (1 Winthrop square, 

B.), boards 168 Hampshire 
Baxter Mary L. Mrs., book-keeper, 528 

Cambridge, boards 168 Hampshire 
Baxter Michael, laborer, gas house, house 

3 Harvard place 
Baxter Robert, glass cutter, Union Glass 

Co. (Somerville) house 168 Hampshire 
Baxter Silas, carpenter, h. 6 Riverside pi. 
Baxter Smith B., carpenter, house 5 Cot- 
tage row, Green 
Baxter Wm., shade painter, 15 Blanche 
Bay State Brick Co., rear 124 Spruce and 

(5 Pemberton square, B.) 

idge & Caswell, props., 136 Franklin 

(see page 623) 
Bayard James E., cook, house 28 Union 
Bayley Augustus R. (A. R. Bayley & Co.) , 

607 Main, house 133 Austin 
Bayley A. R. & Co. (Augustus R. Bayley), 

apothecaries, 607 Main 
Bayley Frances widow of Stephen S., h. 

37 Putnam avenue 
Bayley Frank A., civil engineer (City Hall, 

B.), house 133 Austin 
Bayley see Bailey 

Baylies John T., nurse, house 209 Harvard 
Beach Burpee, blacksmith, W. E. S. R. 

Co., house 7 Huron 
Beach David N. Rev., pastor, Prospect- 
street Cong, church, house 9 Dana 
Beach see Bistch 

BEACOJV OIL CO., A. A. Vausfhan, 
treas. (26 Broad, B.), (see page 13) 
Beadle Claramon A., Mrs., rooms 15 

Beal Albert E., conductor W. E. S. Ry. 

Co. house 95 Windsor 
Beal Josiah, mariner, h. 84 River 
Beal Sarah E. Miss, saleslady, (17 Lever- 

ett, B.) boards 127 Auburn 
Beal Sophia, wid. of David, h. 127 Auburn 
Beal William, sugar refiner (B.), h. 137 

Webster avenue 
Beale Ellen C. Miss, nurse, Cambridge 

Hospital, boards do 
Beals Walter, cabinet maker. 20 Albany 
Beals William, decorator (96 Court, B.), 

house 4 Brookline 
Beainan Frederick VV., machinist ,'B.), h. 

21 Mill 
Beamish Margaret, widow, h. r. US Fourth 
Beamish Richard, junk, 118 Fourth, h. do 
Bean E., conductor, W. E. S. R. Co. 
Bean George W., Jr., watchmaker, 597 

Main, boards at Somerville 
Bean Henry Otis, freight conductor B. & L. 

R. R., b. 4 Linehaifs blk., Parnell 

Bean James S., traveling salesman, boards 
149 Windsor 

Bean John, cigars and tobacco, 149 Wind- 
sor, house do 

Bean John C, pattern maker, h. 4 Tufts 

Bean John P., porter, (B.), boards 149 

Bean Joseph D., teamster, house 69 Sidney 

Bean Mary, ropemaker Day Cordage Co., 

Bean William, cabinet maker (B.), house 
475^ Cambridge 

Beane Enoch (Enoch Beane & Co.) provis- 
ions, fish and groceries, 908 Main, h. 
9 Ellery 

and George A. Beane), provisions, 
fish and groceries, 906 and 908 Main 
(see page 72) 
Beane George A., (Enoch Beane & Co.), 

provisions, etc., 908 Main, house 49 

Mount Auburn 
Beane Irving, conductor, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., boards 112 Brookline 
Bearce Charles M., fly-finisher, 162 Broad- 
way, house 152 Spring 
Beard Edward L., N. E. Asso. Press (4 

State, B.), house 154 Brattle 
Beard Luke, patent thill-coupling springs 

(63 Court, B.), house 12 Linnaean 
Beard see Baird 
Beardsley Charles H. (Parr & Beardsley), 

painter, 9 Palmer, boards 6 Brewer 
Beardsley Thos. R., painter, b. 6 Brewer 
Bearse Andrew H., cabinet maker, 602 

Main, bds. 518 do. 
Bearse Benjamin, engineer (61 Beverly, 

B.) h. 24 Union 
Bearse David EL, restaurant (44 Clinton 

B.), bds. 65 North av. 
Bearse see Bearce 
Beatteay Mary, widow of Joseph, h. 11 

Beattie Robert, moulder, h. 39 Baldwin 
Beattie Robert W., watchman, B. & L. R. 

R., h. 59 Spring 
Beattie Thomas, fireman, h. 59 Boylston 
Beatty Evlward, painter, h. Emerson block, 

Crescent avenue 
Beatty John,storehouseman, American Rub- 
ber Co. TBanks 
Beatty Joseph, baker, 502 Main, h. IS 
Beatty William, h. 41 Somerset 
Beatty William G., printer, 105 Magazine, 

bds. 41 Somerset 
Beauchemin Henry A., clerk, 184 North 

avenue, bds. 67 Oxford 
Beaumont Harvey D.. carpenter, house 3 

Seckel [Dublin 

Beauvais Antoine, brick maker, h. rear 118 
Beauvais Hortense, Miss, dressmaker, 365 

North avenue [Dublin 

Beauvais John, clerk, 39 Rice, b. r. 118 


Wholesale and Retail, *«• DOCK 8QVARK. 



Bebo Joseph, brickmaker, B. S. B. Co., h. 

Clifton, near Spruce 
Beehtel Caroline, widow, h. 9 Squires ct. 
Beehtel Nicholas F., foreman (383 Federal 

B.), h. 39 Tremont 
Beck Annie A. Miss, h. 2 Gerry 
Beck Charles F., salesman, 565 Main, bds. 

10 Prince [Prince 
Beck Elizabeth C, widow of Tobias, h. 10 
Beck Geo. S., clerk, 568 Main, b. 10 Prince 
Beck John M. , saloon, Concord avenue cor. 

New, h. 293 do. [av. 

Beck John P., frog catcher, h. 293 Concord 

Beck Joseph, lager beer bottler, 96 Web- 
ster av., h. do. [av. 

Beck Robert, frog catcher, b. 293 Concord 

Beck Samuel, carpenter, 169 Gore 

Beck Sarah P. Miss, h. 2 Gerry 

Becker Albert F., stenographer, (20 High, 
B.), bds. 736 Cambridge 

Becker Chas., at 44 Cambridge 

BECKER FRANK, greenhouse 
and florist, 744 Cambridge, n. Pres- 

cott, h. 736 do. (see page 621) 
Becker Fred C, florist, 744 Cambridge, 

boards 736 do. 
Beckett David, carpenter, boards 133 

Beckett Joseph R., foreman, bindery, 

Riverside Press, h. 173 Putnam avenue 
Beckett Richard, liquors, 11 Broadway, 

house do. 
Beckett William J., h. 7 Sparks 
Beckett William J., Jr., bookbinder, River- 
side Press, h. Daye ct. 
Beckmann Alfred, blacksmith (B.), h. 91 

Main, No. 7 
Beckwich Loring E., lecturer and teacher, 

h. Cleveland, n. Dana 
Beckwith Nelson, carpenter, 502 Main, h. 

11 li Inman [Spring 
Bedo Geo., laborer, 169 Gore, rms. 105 
Beebe Lydia Mrs., h. 7 Avon 

Beecy William J., at B. & L. R. R. repair 

Beedle Claramon A. Mrs., b. 15 Pleasant 

Beedle James F., collector, (B.), bds. 31 

Beedle Melville C, carpenter, Palmer, n. 
Church, h. 31 Wendell 

Beers Martha G., widow of Hiram S., bds. 
58 Western avenue 

Beers R., driver, 502 Main 

Begley Cornelius, watchman, W. E. St. R. 
Co. (West Somerville), h. 36 Reed 

Begley John, offal collector, h. 5 Lexing- 
ton avenue, ward 5 

Begley Mary Miss, dressmaker, 248 Broad- 
way, house do. 

Begley see Bagley [Madison 

Behnke Henry, brass finisher (B.), house 5 

Behr John, laborer, bds. 25 Sixth 

Beiermeister Henry, trav. salesman (Troy, 
N. Y.),h. 7 Essex 

Belcher Albert W., clerk (17 Batterymarch 
B.), h. 6 Lamson pi. 

Belcher Arthur A., boards 18 Ash 

Belcher Charles E., steam fitter (69 Kilby, 
B.), h. 467 Main 

Belcher Charles E., supt. Am. Net and 
Twine Co., foot Second, h. at W. 

Belcher Charles F., confectioner, 440 Har- 
vard, rms. Trowbridge pi. 

Belcher Edward F. , police station 1, house 

10 Acacia 

Belcher George, clerk, 581 Main 

Belcher George W., safe painter, 17 Main, 

h. 6 Lamson place [Fifth 

Belcher Henry, hostler, 211 Bridge, h. 1 
Belcher Jacob, teamster, 211 Bridge, house 

Belcher JohnE., h. 9 Gerry 
Belcher Joseph W., foreman, H. M. Bird, 

h. 3 Village 
Belcher Nellie S. Mrs., h. 9 Gerry 
Belcher Silence, wid. of Geo. G., h. 467 

Belanger Jules, brickmaker, bds. Peter 

Morse's, Walden 
Belknap Chas. F., student H. U., rms. 42 

Mt. Auburn 
Bell Charles H., h. 132 Spring 
Bell Christina, widov*- of Henry A., house 

49 Harvard 
Bell Frank, iron worker, Boston Bridge 

Works, Sixth 
Bell Fred. M., packer, 502 Main, bds. 6 

Bell Geo. R., commercial traveller (Phila- 
delphia, Pa.), bds. 31 Norfolk 
Bell Isaac, lahorer, 182 Main, h.39 Hastings 
Bell William, horse-shoer, 202 North av., 

h. 4 Mead 
Bell Win. A., brush maker, 124 Harvard, 

h. Hotel Brooks 
Bellamy Henry, mason and builder, 39 

Boylston, h. do. 
Bellamy Lillie G. Miss, dressmaker, bds. 39 

Bellette Peter, laborer, h. Concord ave. n. 

Niles Bros. 
Bellew Robert, laborer, h. 75 Elm 
Bellis Wm. J., mason, 211 North ave., h. 29 

Belliveau John, provisions, h. 475 Camb. 
Belluche Andrew, carpenter, h. 14 Magee 
Belluche Andrew G., bookbinder, bds. 14 

Belluche John, laborer, Riverside Press, h. 

11 Elmer 

Belmore E., at 44 Cambridge 
Belt Matilda A., Miss, rms. 59£ Elm 
Belyea J. G., driver, W. E. S. R. Co. 
Bemis Abraham, h. 7 Water 
Bemis Annie M. Miss, bds 158 Mt. Auburn 
Bemis Emery, tobacco (32 Central whf. B.) 
bds. 158 Mt. Auburn 

Dr. E. Y. White, 
Dr.W.H. Hollis, 

{603 Main St. 
Central Sq. 




Bemis Frederick G., law student, H. U., 

bds. Walker, cor. Shepard 
Bemis Geo. P., real estate (Omaha, Neb.), 

bds. 158 Mt. Auburn 
Bemis John W., bds. Walker, cor. Shepard 
Bemis Jonathan W.. physician, h. Walker, 

cor. Shepard 
Bemis Margaret, wid. of Abraham, h. 118 

Bemis Richard, junk, h. rear 118 Fourth 
Bender Jacob, teamster, Ninth, cor. Sixth, 

bds. 168 Spring 
Bengtson Peter, heliotype printer, h. 20 

Worcester [well 

Benjamin Frank L., milkman, bds. 2 Rock- 
Benjamin G. H., driver, W. E. S. R. Co., 

bds. 12 Eliot 
Benjamin James W., carpenter, house 12 

Benjamin J. W., at 169 Gore 
Benner A. M., box maker, 174 Broadway, 

bds. 325 Main 
Benner Clarence J., driver, W. E. S. R. 

Co., h. 61 Holworthy [Main 

Benner Melbourne, box maker, bds. 325 
Bennet Charles H., car builder, B. & A. re- 
pair shop (Allston), h. 48 Fairmont 
Bennet Charles H. Jr. , car builder, B. & 

A. R. R. shop ( Allston), house 136 

Bennett Bernard, shoemaker (21 Cornhill, 

B.), h. 4 Cowperthwaite [River 

Bennett Charles M., laborer, h. 30 Charles 
Bennett Edwin C, carpenter, h. 6£ Antrim 
Bennett Edwin G. (Bennett & Briggs) , boots 

and shoes, h. at Dorchester 
Bennett Hubert, carpenter, bds. 92 Mt. 

Bennett H. A., driver, W. E. S. R. Co. 
Bennett James H., produce (19 North Mar- 
ket, B.), h. 17 Inman 
BENNETT JOS1AH Q., cashier, 
Market National Bank (86 State, B.), 
and pres. Fresh Pond Ice Co., foot 
Willow, h. 36 Linnsean 
Bennett Lorinda, wid. of Daniel, h. 112 

Bennett Manuel, bds. 38 Henry 
Bennett Oliver, h. 7 Richdale ave. 
Bennett Patrick, laborer, O. C. R. R., h. 

r. 104 Dublin [burn 

Bennett Simon, carpenter, bds. 92 Mt. Au- 
Bennett W. D., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., bds. 12 Dunster 
Bennett & Briggs (J. W. Briggs and E. G. 

Bennett), boots and shoes, 489 Camb. 
Bennetts A. E., draughtsman, 2 Central sq., 

rms. 115 Auburn 
Benney Nathaniel, proof reader, Riverside 

Press, h. r. 20 Prospect 
Bennink Cornelius G. EL, dry goods, 581 
Main, and (Fred H. Holton & Co.), r. 

134 Broadway, h. 16 Lee 

Bennink Ellen A. Mrs., clerk, 581 Main, 

rooms 100 Austin 
Bennink Gerritt J., carpenter, h. 34 Howard 
Benocher Nicholas, artificial limb maker, 

h. 88 Webster ave. 
Benoit James, laborer, h. 117 Spruce 
Benshimol David, clerk, (86 Court, B.), 

bds. 510 Cambridge 
Benshimol Joshua, cigars, h. 510 Cambridge 
Benson Albert S., driver, Hook and Ladder 

No. 1, Brattle sq., h. 90 Mt. Auburn 
Benson Amos, at 169 Gore 
Benson Andrew, laborer, bds. 74 Gore 
Benson Cassy Mrs. , dressmaker, 6 1 Auburn, 

h. do. 
Benson Charles, machinist, 17 Main, h. 5 

Rogers block 
Benson Edgar, carpenter, h. 61 Auburn 
Benson Henry J. H., hairdresser, 117 Cam- 
bridge, h. do. 
Benson Jefferson T., carpenter, house 438 

Green [Eliot 

Benson John, gardener, 25 Craigie, h. 11 
Benson John M., carpenter, h. 17 Hews 
Benson Mason D., h. 140 North ave. 
Benson Moses, laborer, 3 Hampshire, h. 

foot Murray 
Benson Walter E., clerk, 150 Portland, bds. 

229 Broadway 
Bent Charles E., agent, h. 72 Chestnut 
Bent Charles R. , compositor, Univ. Press, 

bds. 18 Farwell place 

BENT GEORGE €., lawyer (28 
School, r. 30, B.), morning office 613 
Main, h. 98 Inman (see p. 653) 
Bent George H., salesman, 5 Broadway, h. 

8 Brewster place 
Bent John H., hardware, 188 North ave., 

bbs. 20 Russell, cor. Orchard 
Bent Mary E. Miss, h. 152 Austin 
Bent Sarah C. Miss, h. 152 Austin 
Bent Stiles G. , fish and oysters (54 Boyl- 

ston, B.), h. 24 Warland 
Bentley E. Edwin, watchmaker, 571 Main, 

h. 28 Suffolk 
Bentley John H., h. 22 Fifth 
Benton Walter, clerk, 9 Harvard Row, bds. 

6 Emmons place 
Benwell Thomas J., salesman, A. II. Hews 

& Co., Crescent ave., h. 53 Wright 
Benz Charles F., sausage mnfr., 75 Sixth, 

house do. 
Benz George, sausage maker, 75 Sixth, 

house 73 do. 
Benz Mary M., widow of George, boards 

75 Sixth 
Benzaquen Henry S., cigar maker, 566 

Main, h. 60£ Franklin 
Benzaquen Henry, Jr., bookkeeper, 35 

Pearl, boards 60-i Franklin 
Benzaquen Vidal H. (Welch & Benzaquen) 

cigar maker, 566 Main, house 60£ 

Berard Louis, laborer, h. 41 Reed 


Central Square, Hardware Store, Nos. 2 and 4. 




Berg John, machinist, 17 Main 

Berg Martin, trimmer, 162 Broadway, h. 
3 Boyson place 

Berg Nicholas, at 44 Cambridge 

Bergen Joseph Y. Jr. ,t eacher (Latin school, 
B.), house 126 Oxford 

Bergeron Chlophie Mrs., dressmaker, 371 
North av. house do. 

Bergeron Peter, hostler, North av. stable, 
W. E. S. R. Co., h. 371 North av. 

Bergerow Jacob A., teamster, 211 Bridge, 
boards 1 Eighth 

Bergerow Mary E., widow of Octave, h. 1 

Bergher August, laborer, h. 106 Fourth 

Bergin Kieran, plasterer, 457 Cambridge, 
h. 49 Amory 

Bergin Patrick, at 169 Gore 

Berglund Martin P., cabinet maker (B.), 
h. 6 Hampshire place 

Bergquist Gustaf , soapstone worker, boards 
295 Main 

Bergqist O., machinist, 17 Main 

Berke Anthony, laborer, Revere Sugar Re- 
finery, house 68 Vine 

Berkeley David, shoemaker, h. 284 Green 

Berkeley David, Jr., stone cutter, h. r. 210 
Franklin [284 Green 

Berkeley Ludlow J., painter, 642 Main, b. 

Berkeley Patrick A., shoemaker (2 City 
Hall av., B.), h. 28 Decatur 

Berkeley Thomas, painter, 642 Main b. 
284 Green 

Berkeley William, blacksmith, boards 281 

Berlinguet Louis P., calenderer, American 
Rubber Co., h. rear 48 Broadway. 

Berlyn Moses, cigar mnfr, 8 Holly, h. do. 

Berlvn Philip, optician, 455 Main, h. 8 

Bernard Charles, shade painter, 15 Blanche, 
boards 458 Cambridge 

Bernard John H., bookbinder, 105 Maga- 
zine, house 21 Andrew 

Bernard Joseph G., plumber, b. 458 Cam- 

Bernard Joseph H. Mrs., h. 458 Cambridge 

Bernard Oscar, carpenter, h. 454 Broadway 

Bernhardt Adam, shoemaker, 212 Cam- 
bridge, house 188 Norfolk 

Bernhardt John Geo., cabinetmaker, house 
12 Hastings 

Berntsen Hans, cook, h. 1 Hotel Sun 

Berrick Edward C, machinist (31 Haver- 
hill, B.), house rear 26 Front 

Berrigan John F., plumber, 634 Main, h. 
at South Boston 

Berry Casper, lager beer bottler and liquors. 
(98 LevereU, B.), h. 63 Elm 

BERRY I'll ARL.ES E., mnfr. of 
harness hames and fire dept. supplies, 
also machinist and blacksmith, 72 
Boylston, house at East Watertown 
(see page 9) 

Berry Charles E., trav. salesman (N. Y.), 

house 9 Pemberton 
Berry C. Pearl, dry plate maker, 25 Main 
Berry Elizabeth, house 413 Broadway 
Berry Everett M., clerk (4 Winthrop sq., 

B.),b. 132 Green 
Berry George A., waiter, 3 Mason, rms. do. 
Berry Lewis, boards 413 Broadway 
Berry L. Caroline, widow of Alonzo P., h. 

132 Green 
Berry Mary A. Miss, h. Ill Auburn 
Berry Matthis, clerk (98 Leverett, B.), b. 

63 Elm 
Berry Preston L., porter (31 Lincoln, B.), 

house 133 Columbia 
Berry William, machinist, 72 Boylston, h. 

at East Watertown 

BERRY WILLIAUI B., tinsmith 
(79 North, B.), h. 67 Lake View av., 
(see page 649) 

Berry W. J., clerk, 148 North av., b. at 

Bertesson Albert, at 44 Cambridge 

Berthold Selma E. Mrs., teacher, Board- 
man primary school, Winsor, honse 16 

Berthold Victor Maximilian, stenographer 
(95 Milk, B.), house 16 Upton 

Bertolucci Temistocle, sculptor, McDon- 
ald & Son, Mt. Auburn, h. 23 Mc- 

Berton George T., carpenter, house 27 
Cogswell av. 

Berton John F., b. 27 Cogswell av. 

Bertram Christian, telescope maker, A. 
Clark & Sons, Henry, house at Sharon 

Bertrand Alphons, carver, h. at Boston 

Bertrand Edmond, carver, 162 Broadway, 
boards at Boston 

Bertsch Charles, varnisher, 162 Broadway, 

Bertscb Joseph L., brass finisher (B.), b. 
33 Seventh 

Bertsch Stephen, surgical instrument maker, 
(Columbus av. B.), h. 33 Seventh 

Bertsch Stephen, Jr., marble worker, 70 
Bridge, rooms 54 Fourth 

Bertsch William A., marble and granite, 70 
and 72 Bridge, rooms 54 Fo'.irth 

Bertwell Edward F., cb>rk, 147 North av., 
house 9 Lambert av., [Harvard 

Bess Frederick, boot black, boards r. 57 

Beton Peter, plumber, h. 30 Foster 

Betterid<je James T., bricklayer, (B.), h. 
51 North 

Bettinson Addie M. Miss, teacher, Gore 
Primary school, bds. 65 Otis 

BettinsonT.dward W., prop., Univ. Bindery, 
7 Brattle, h. 37 do. 

Bettinson Harry W. (H. W. Bettinson & 
Co.), express, 103 Cambridge, h. 124 

Bettinson H. W. & Co. (Harry W. and 
James AV. Bettinson), express, 103 
Cambridge and (32 Court sq., B.) 


FLORISTS, and Contractors for 
P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main & 89 Sparks Sts. 




Bettinson James W. (H. W. Bettinson & 

Co.), express, 103 Camb., h. 65 Otis 
Bettinson Mary A. H. Mrs., nurse, house 

125 Pleasant 
Betts Geo. F., head waiter (Young's Hotel, 

B.), house 61 Washington 
Betts George S., hairdresser, l£ Brattle, 

house 5 Brewer 
Beunke Fred L., newspapers and periodi- 
cals, 559 Main and 34 River, house 113 

Beunke John L., clerk, 559 Main, boards 

Hotel Franklin 
Beunke Marene J., widow of Leon J., 

house Upton 
Beverly Fred L., driver, 15 River, house 

117 Auburn 
Beverly Ida J., Mrs., boards 117 Auburn 
Bevon Samuel, rougher, 126 Portland, h. 

Rolling Mill block, Bristol 
Bezanson Alfred, carpenter, house 162 

Bibby Sarah, Mrs., house 179 Green 
Bickford Abbie J. Mrs., h. 78 Chestnut 
Bickford Chas. M., sawyer, 3 Hampshire b. 

45 Clark 
Bickford Geo. E., house 78 Chestnut 
Bickford Harry W.> salesman, house 3 

Ashburton pi. 
Bickford Herbert, boards 78 Chestnut 
Bickford L., hostler, W. E. S. R. Co. 

Bickford Thomas, at 169 Gore 
Bicknell Frank, cabinetmaker, 30Boylston, 

boards 52 do 
Bicknell George F., cabinet maker, 30 

Boylston h. 52 do. 
Bicknell Joseph G., cabinet maker and up- 
holsterer, 642 Main, h. 25 Elm 
Biddle Chas. M.,trav. salesman (177 Con- 
gress, B.), bds. 42 Arlington 
Biddle Chas. W., pastor, Third Universalist 

Church, h. 42 Arlington 
Biddle Joseph G., hairdresser, 109 Western 

av., house at Boston 
Biddle M. Jennie Miss, teacher, Wyman 

primary school, bds. 42 Arlington 
Biequist Vindicta, Mrs. h. 8 Prospect 
Bier Frederick J., fireman B. & M. R. R., 

boards 15 Second 
Bierweiler Andrew, polisher (B.), house 

168 Spring 
Bierweiler Charles, laborer, Revere Sugar 

Refinery, house 69 Sixth 
Bierweiler Frank, laborer, Goepper Bros. 
Bierweiler Jacob, laborer, h. 170 Spring 
Bierweiler Louis, furn. finisher (B.), h. 

28 Eighth 
Bierweiler William, laborer (B.), boards 

170 Spring 
Biette Alphonso, blower, N. E. Glass 

Works, North 
Bigelow Alanson, watches etc. (511 Wash., 

B.), h. 26.". Harvard 

Bigelow Ernest, student, H. U. boards 265 

Bigelow Frank H. , book-keeper (52 Kilby, 

B.), boards Channing TJT'S 8XK 

Bigelow Marshall T., proof reader, Univer- 
sity Press, house Channing 
Bigelow Mary A., cane chair seater, 1 Sec- 
ond st. court, h. do. 
Bigelow Melville M., lawyer, (209 Wash., 

room 54, B.), h. 3 Brewster pi. 
Biggers Wm. O., paper hanger, ^boards [30 

Biggin Patrick, furniture mover, order box 

Central sq., h. 224 Franklin 
Biggs Henry, toy mnfr., (241 Cambridge 

B.), house 32 Amory 
Bigley Daniel, horse trainer (Beacon Park, 

Allston), house 6G River 
Bignoll Abigail H., house 200 Harvard 
Bignoll Mary W. Miss, house 200 Harvard 
Bill Alexander H., clerk (23 Commercial, 

B.), boards 12 Centre 
Bill Frank C, broker (226 Wash. B.), h. 

12 Centre 
Billing Edmund F., polisher, house 1 Ayers 

blk., Third 
Billings B. F., conductor, W. E. S. R. Co. 
Billings Elmer W., clerk, 468 Harvard, bds. 

46 Winthrop 
Billings John D., principal Webster Gram- 
mar School, h. 17 Perry 
Billings Lillie, Mrs., house Rutland 
Billings Uriah Mrs , house 191 Harvard 
Billings Warren T., reporter (Herald B.),- 

boards Rutland 
Billman John, trav. agent, h. 65 Hancock 
Binford Deblois N., foreman B. Ice Co. 

Prison Point, h. at Medford 
Bingham Edw. A., tinsmith, h. 72 Kinnaird 
Binky Henry, brass finisher, h. 5 Madison 
Biorkland Lars, mechanical engineer, 2 

Central sq., boards 28 William 
Bird Addie, Miss, teacher, bds. Mrs. E. H. 

Bird's, Belmont 
Bird Andrew M., artist, h. 61 Dana 
Bird Elizabeth H., wid. of Horace, house 

Belmont, n. Gushing 
Bird Geo., carpenter, h. 1 Forest 
Bird Hattie, Miss, teacher (Waltham) bds. 

Mrs. E. H. Bird's Belmont 
Bird Henry M., iron founder, Pelham, cor. 

Broadway, house 11 Bigelow 
Bird Herman (II. Bird & Co.), ins. agent, 

559 Main, and (53 Devonshire, B.), h. 

794 Main 

BIRD II. & CO. (Herman Bird), 
ins. agents, 559 Main, aud (53 Dev- 
onshire, B.), (see pps. 2 and 15) 
Bird James, machinist, 356 Main 
Bird Margaret, Mrs , nurse, house rear 175 

B rid lie 
Bird Richard O., coachman, 808 Main, h. 

17 Kinnaird 
Bird Wm. W., boards 11 Bigelow 


Established 1860. 20 DOCK SQUARE. 



Birmingham Maurice, horse shoer, 498 

Main, h. 54 Kinnaird 
Birtwell Frances M., Miss, asst. H. U. 

Library ,bds. 64 Buckingham 
Bisbee John, trav. salesman, h. 99 Inman 
Bishop Abel S., laborer, Revere Sugar Re- 

finery, house 56 Spring 
Bishop Annie, wid. h. rear 184 Cambridge 
Bishop Geo. H., upholsterer, b. 24 Pleasant 
Bishop James H., laborer, bds. 125 Winsor 
Bishop Joel P., law author, house 51 

Bishop John, brick maker, h. 183 Spruce 
Bishop John, rope maker, Day Cordage 

Co., Rogers, h. 52 Charles [Spruce 
Bishop Joseph, brick maker, boards 183 
Bishop L. C, coffin maker, 201 Bridge h. 

at Charlestown 
Bishop Sarah £., wid. of Henry, house 

24 Pleasant 
Bishop Thomas, laborer boards 125 Winsor 
Bishop William J., h. 381 North avenue 
Bissell Daniel M., watchmaker (11 Han- 
over, B.), house 90£ Inman 
Bissell Flint M., book-keeper (53 State, 

B.), boards 90-i Inman 
Bissell Julia W. Mrs., house 56 Shepard 
Bissell Richard L., book-seller, (9 Park, 

B.), house 39 Hoi worthy 
Bitsch John M., paint grinder (407 Atlan- 
tic ave, B,), house 69 Sixth 
Bitsch Peter, upholsterer (569 Wash., B.) 

house 112 Gore 
Bittner John, laborer, h. 134 Spruce 
Bixby Hiram A., machinist, 356 Main, h. 

487 do. 
Bixby Lydia Miss, house 28 Holyoke 
Bixby Mehitable Miss, h. 28 Holyoke 
Black Chas., checker, B. & L. B. R. hay 

depot, 2 Prison Point, bds. at Somer- 

Black George, machinist, 29 Main, h. at 

Black Geo. H., machinist, bds. 16 Gerry 
Black George R., boiler maker (B.), h. 

210 Cambridge 
Black Henry teamster, h. 91 Main. No. 17 
Black James, laborer, h. 210 Columbia [do. 
Black James, paper hanger, 169 Green, h. 
Black James, upholsterer, h. Rogers' block, 

3 Brewery 

photographer (333 Washington, B.), 
house 10 Avon (see page IS) 
Black Jane, Mrs., grocer, 95 Main, and 

boarding house. 91 do. 
Black John, clerk, B. & L. R. R. hay 
depot 1 Prison Point, h. at Somerville 
Black John H., book binder (B.), b. 159 

Black John M., laborer, house 91 Main 
Black Manuel, mill-hand, First cor. Thorn- 
Black Mary A., widow, h. 21 Hastings 

Black Otis Fisher, student, H. U., b. 10 

Avon [Munroe 

Black Robert E., teamster, 75 Main, h. 1 
Black R., driver, W. E. S. R. Co. 
Black Thomas F., carpenter, bds., Mrs. 

Mary Black's, Concord av. 
Black William, house 159 Main 
Black Mary, wid. of William, h. Concord 

av., opposite Xiles Brothers 
Blackall Clarence H., architect (60 Devon- 
shire, B.), h. 9 Cleveland 
Blackburn William H. Mrs., house 8 Gerry 
Blackinton Henry B., clerk, 468 Harvard, 

rooms do. 
Blackman Arthur W., book-keeper (216 

Devonshire, B.), bds. 2s Arlington 
Blackman Fred H., clerk, 168 Cambridge, 

bds. 874 Sixth 
Blackman Horace P., foreman of mill 

work, 162 Broadway, h. 28 Arlington 
Blackman William R., planer, 169 Gore, 

house 87£ Sixth 
Blackman William R., 2d, at 169 Gore, 

rooms 114 Thorndike 
Blackmar J. H., calenderer, American Rub- 
ber Company, house 223 Broadway 
Blackwell Clarence E., agent, rms. 32 Pearl 
Blackwell Seth O., tinman, 163 Putnam 

av., house 7 Elmer 
Blackwell Susan, widow, house 19 Elmer 
Blackwell William H., tinsmith, bds. 163 

Blair Charles, engineer, Boylston Hall, II. 

V.. house 2 Hotel Inman 
Blair E. J., driver, W. E. S. Ry Co. 
Blair Isaac L., house 78 Winsor 
Blair James, laborer W. E. S. R. Co., 

house 40 Winthrop 
Blair James, proof reader, (B.), h. 450 

Broad wav 
Blair J., driver. AV. E. S. R. Co. 

yer (34 School, rms. 37 and 38, B.), 
house Garfield, (see page 653) 

Blair Mary A., teaciier Allston Grainmer 
school, bds. 309 Broadway 

Blair Samuel, drv pressman, University 
Press, bds. 24 DeWolf 

Blair Samuel M., salesman (B.), house 78 

Blais Edmund, carpenter house 105 Spruce 

Blais Mitchell, brickmaker. h. 6 Jackson 

Blaisdell Benjamin F., (Blaisdell & Hood), 
wood. 79 Brattle, house at Carlisle 

Blaisdell Charles P., foreman of mill work, 
162 Broadway 

Blaisdell 1). Henry, cabinet maker, house 
487£ Cambridge 

Blaisdell Henry, casket trimmer, 201 Bridge 

Blaisdell Ezra R.. teamster. 253 Cambridge, 
house, rear 500 Cambridge 

Blaisdell George J., asst. supt., Cambridge 
Fire Alarm, Brattle sq.. bouse 48 Win- 
throp, rooms City Building. Brattle sq. 


Dr. E. Y. White 
Dr.W. H. Hollis 


603 Main St. 
Central Sq. 



Blaisdell John G., clerk, 253 Cambridge, 

boards rear 500 Cambridge 
Blaisdell Joseph D., printer (B.), house 

74 Otis 
Blaisdell Orrie A., fancy dry goods, 442 

Harvard, boards 7G0 Main 
Blaisdell Stephen B., engineer, B. & L. R. 

R., rooms 9 Sixth 
Blaisdell & Hood (Benj. F. Blaisdell and 

Win. H. Hood), wood, 79 Brattle 
Blake Arthur W., dry goods, 159 Camb., 

hats, caps, etc., 168 do h. 102 Otis 
Blake Bridget, wid. of Thos. h. 39 Hastings 
Blake Charles, boards 82 Magazine 
Blake Clarence H., book finisher, Riverside 

Press, house 25 Erie 
Blake David, case maker, 1G2 Broadway, 

boards 4 Jefferson 
Blake Edward W., clerk (87 Court, B.), 

house 157 Thorndike 
Blake Edwin EL, real estate and insurance, 

36 Fifth, house at Bjdford 
Blake Elizabeth H., widow of George R., 

house 475£ Main 
Blake Elwisa A. Miss, bookkeeper, 497 

Main, boards 475£ do 
Blake Frank R., clerk (140 Tremont, B.), 

boards 11 Shepard 
Blake George F., Mnfg. Co., steam pump 

mnfrs., foundry, Third, cor. Bent, of- 
fice (111 Federal, B.) 
Blake G. O., driver, W. E. S. R. Co. 
Blake Herbert, tinsmith, Brock Bros., 

Brattle sq., house 21 Gerry 
Blake Ida A. Miss, boards 475£ Main 
Blake Irving, hack, livery and boarding- 
stable, 15 and 17 Church, h. 11 Shepard 
Blake James H., salesman (Wash. B.), 

house 19 Market 
Blake John, laborer, C H. North & Co., 

(Somerville), house 4 Jefferson 
Blanchard John H., calender Amer. R. Co. 
Blake J. Henry, artist, 7 Frentiss pi., h. do. 
Blake Martha, w r idow of George O., h. 359 

Blake Theodore E., grocer, 158 Cambriege, 

house 122 Otis 
Blake Thomas, laborer, house 58 Amory 
Blake William S., traveling salesman (B.), 

house 359 Harvard 
Blakey John, shell boat builder, foot of 

DeWolf, house 39 Putnam avenue 
Blanchard Charles, waiter, Memorial Hall 
Blanchard Charles A., bookkeeper, (Cus- 
tom House. B.), house (5 Story 
Blanchard Charles V., clerk (1G Winter, 

B.), boards GO Otis 
Blanchard Dexter V., engineer, B. & L. R. 

II.. house, GO Otis 
Blanchard E., driver, W. E, S. R. Co. 
Blanchard Frank, salesman, bds.872 Main 
Blanchard Fred W., letter carrier, P. O. 

129 Cambridge, house G2 Thorndike 

Blanchard Geo. H., clerk, 89 Camb. boards 
GO Otis 

Blanchard Henry, laborer, h. 2 Hunting 

Blanchard M. Franklin, fish (wholesale) 
(8 T. wharf, B.), h. 110 Hancock 

Blanchard Susan, widow of Daniel E., 
house 32 Winsor 

Blaney Charles, bookkeeper (432 Wash., 
B.), house 12 Remington 

Blaney Charles P., student, boards 12 Rem- 

Blanev Emma F., clerk, 503 Main, boards 
1234 Winsor 

Blaney Sarah, widow of Patrick, h. 123£ 

Blank Ernest, varnisher, 1G2 Broadway, h. 
279 do 

Blanshard Philip, tinsmith, boards 13 

Blasser Henry A., waiter, basement Lyce- 
um Hall, boards 3 Shepard 

Blatchford Geo. H., drug clerk, 4 Inman 
sq., boards at Somerville 

Bleiler Brothers (Chas and Peter Bleiler), 
cigar manufacturers, rear 113 Camb. 

Bleiler Charles (Bleiler Bros.), r. 113 Cam- 
bridge, boards 41 Winter 

Bleiler Peter (Bleiler Bros.), r. 113 Cam- 
bridge, boards 41 Winter 

Blen Eldredge S., police station 1, house 
10 Bath 

Blesch Emanuel T., liquors, 174 Fifth, 
house do. 

Blesch John, cigar maker, bds. 17£ Fifth 

Blessington Annie, widow of Hugh, h. 12 

Blessington Ellen, Mrs., at American Net 
and Twine Co., house 125 Third 

Blessington Francis A. (Peter Blessington 
& Son), Third, house at Somerville 

Blessington Frank R. , polisher, 139 Broad- 
way, boards 12 Portland 

Blessington Hugh, cutter, Am. Rubber Co. 

Blessington Peter (Peter Blessington & 
Son), Third, house at Somerville 

Blessington Peter & Son (Peter and 
Francis A. Blessington), granite cut- 
ters, Ayer's wharf , Third 

Blevins Jas., roofer, G22 Main, house 12 
Walnut ct. 

Blevins John, baker, Banks, boards 12 
Waluut ct. 

Blevins John A., clerk, G22 Main, boards 
9-1 Putnam avenue 

pLEVI^S JOHN J., slater, tin. 
iX-) copper and gravel roofer, basement, 

■^ Y. M. C. A. building, G22 Main, h. 
94 Putnam avenue (see front cover) 

Blevins Joseph J., slater, G22 Main, house 
170 Putnam avenue 

l. levins Mary, widow of John L., house 19 

Blevins William B., soapmaker, 172 Pearl, 
house 5 Somerset 



2 & 4 Central Sq. 




Blevins William J., clerk, 124 Inman, bds. 

12 Walnut court 
Blight John, bookbinder (3 Milk, B.), bds. 

36 Moore 
Blight John, house 36 Moore 
Blinn Chas. P., piano maker, 162 Broadway 

251 Cambridge 
Blinn Edward K., driver, W. E. S. Ry. Co., 

251 Cambridge 
Blish Ariadne, Miss, private school, 39 

Dana, boards do 
Blish E. H., driver W. E. S. R. Co. 
Blish Lucia A., widow of Timothy, house 

39 Dana 

Bliss Elmer J., clerk (71 Bedford, B.), 
33^ Inman 

Bliss Frederick D., night fireman, H. U., 
house 912 Main 

Bliss Leonard C, boot mnfr. (Brockton), 
house 33£ Inman 

Blodgett Alvaro Mrs., house 9 Hurlburt 

Blodgett Stephen H., physician, 391 Har- 
vard, house 880 Main 

Blodgett Warren K. Jr., lawyer (51 Equit- 
able building, B.), house 7 Acacia 

Blodgett William A., crockery (21 Mer- 
chants row, B.), house 16 Trowbridge 

Blood B. Kimball, finisher (48 Canal, B.), 
h. 2 Prospect 

Blood Hiram, engineer, steamer No. 3, h. 

40 Fifrh 

Blois Kinsman J., clerk, 480 Camb., bds. 

at Somerville 
Blouin Charles, cabinet maker, Otis, cor. 

First, house rear 8 Davis 
Blount Eugene I., machinist, h. 51 Walden 
Blunt Alfred M., house 50 Cottage 
Blunt John J., laborer, house 48 Hastings 
Blunt John H., slipper maker, boards 48 

Blyth Alexander, carriagesmith, William 

Elliott & Co., rooms do. 
Board E. H., conductor W. E. S. R. Co., 
Boardman Anna, widow of Andrew, house 

15 Laurel 

book-keeper, Cambridge Savings 
Bank, 2 Harvard Row, house at 
Boardman Charles, house Washington av., 

opp. Hillside av. 
Boardman Charles E., actor (20 Tremont, 

B.), bds. Hotel Austin 
Boardman D. S., at 169 Gore 
Boardman Edward, painter, house Jackson. 

near Dudley 
Boardman Ellen F. , book-keeper, 575 Main, 

bds. 15 Laurel 
Boardman George H., painter, h. Clifton, 

near Spruce 
Boardman John, currier, Dudley, bds. E. 

Boardman's, Jackson 
Boardman Wm. C, merchant tailor (120 
Tremont, B.\ house 7 Essex 

Boardman Wendell W., clerk (120 Tre- 
mont, B,), bds. 7 Essex 

Bocher Ferdinand, prof, of modern lan- 
g lages. H. U., house 12 Holyoke pi. 

Bocher Maxime, student H. U., bds. 12 
Holyoke pi. 

Bock Frank, car repairer, W. E. S. R. Co., 

Bock Franz, cabinet maker, boards 140 

Bock Rudolphus C, telescope maker, A Iran 
Clark & Sons,Henrv, h. 13 Florence 

BOCK WUI, A.\ florist (roses a 
specialty), 329 and 331 North ave., 
house do. (see page 623) 
Bodemer Chas. J., carver, 384 Main, house 

145 Columbia. 
Bodenshatz Frank, machinist, h. 70 River 
Bodge Edward, box maker, bds. 45 Clark 
Bodwell Charles F., lather, bds. 431 Main 
Bodwell Frederick, engineer, h. 44^ Austin 
Bochlmann Augusta, widow of Andrew, h. 

188 Norfolk 
Boehlmann George, cabinet maker, house 

426 Cambridge 
Boehlmann John, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

10 Vandine 
Boehm Wm., at 44 Cambridge 
Boggs Edwin P. com. mer. (47 South Mar- 
ket, B.), house 339 Broadway 
Boggs Francis M., steamship master (47 S. 

Market, B.), house 289 Broad way 
Boggs John, clerk, 279 Cambridge., house 

9 Hamilton 
Bogie John, compositor, University Press, 

rooms rear 39 Brattle 
Bohmiller Leopold, currier, house Jackson, 

near Harvey 
Bohonon Bartlett, harness maker, house 25 

Boistrom Edward, fireman, 23 Main, house 

at Boston 
Bokman Louis A., safe painter, 17 Main, 

house 402 Main 
Boland Peter, iron worker, Boston Bridge 

Works. Sixth 
Boland Richard, clerk, Sixth, cor. Potter, 

bds. 8 Gore 
Bolger David, blacksmith, Palmer, bds. at 

West Somerville 
Bolger James, horse shoer, Palmer, near 

Church, house at West Somerville 
Bolger Joseph, laborer, house 79 Spruce 
Bolinder Erik A., draughtsman, 2 Central 

sq., bds. 2 River 
Bolland Eliza, widow of Edward, house 9 

Hotel Moore 
Bolle Joseph, cigar maker, h. 27 Auburn 
Bolles Fannie D., wid. of Frederick, house 

102 Mt. Auburn 
Bolles Frank, house 6 Berkeley 
Bolo George N., blacksmith's helper, 72 

Main, house 178 Columbia 


LL1Y1 ill 1 £j£\f I W WlUi. r , O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main und 8£ 

89 Sparks Street* 


Cambridge [g] directory 

Bolster John C., clerk (33 Summer, B.), 

bds. 10 Banks 
Bolster Mary, wid. of John, h. 10 Banks 
Bolster Richard, shoemaker, 7 Boylston, 

house 12 Banks 
Bolt Hezekiah, porter (B.), h. 90 Harvard 
Bolton Edward R. , at 44 Cambridge 
Bolton Henry, supt., 126 Portland, house 

96 Winsor 
Bolton James, clerk, Am. Rub. Co., bds. 

96 Winsor 
Bolton Richard T., carriage painter (B.), 

house 72 Winsor 
Bolton Samuel, furnace finisher, 44 Camb., 

house at Boston 
Bond Catherine H., Miss, h. 8 Holyoke pi. 
Bond Elizabeth L,, Miss, h. 8 Holyoke pi. 
Bond Frederick A., paymaster's asst., 169 

Gore, house at Somerville 
Bond Richard F. Mrs., watches (112 State, 

B.), house 16 Quincy 
Bond Selina C Miss, assistant at Observa- 
tory, Garden, house at Lowell. 
Bond Wm. C, watches (112 State, B.), 

bds. 16 Quincy 
Bonenl'ant Alphonse, tinsmith (B.), house 

5 Pelham 
Boner Barney, tailor, house 51 Amory 
Bonnell Alfred, at 169 Gore 
Bonnell Jemima, widow of Isaac B., house 

5 Austin 
Bonnellor Louis, at 169 Gore 
Bonner Goorge W., salesman, b. 60 Brattle 
Bonner Jane, wid. of John, h. 10 Holyoke 
Bonney Arthur P., boards 32 Arlington 
Bonney Charles H., clerk (518 Wash., 

B.), boards 32 Arlington 
Bonney Frederick L., clerk (3 School, B.), 

boards 56 Fairmont 
Bonney J. 0., collector, B. Ice Co. Prison 

Point, house at Charlestown 
Bonney Lucy A. , widow of Charles, h. 3 

Bonney Pelham, (3 Pemberton sq., B.), h. 

56 Fairmont 
Bonney P^rez F., salesman (518 Wash., 

B.)« house 32 Arlington 
Booker Daniel A., blacksmith, h. 247 

Booker Franklin M., varnisher. 162 Broad- 
way, hoards 247 do. 
Booker Bobert C, porter, h. 46 Market 
Booker Simeon, iron moulder, Pelham, h. 

61 Clark 
Bootli Thomas (Booth & Cade), grocer, 82 

Pleasant, house 35 Park 
Booth & Cade (Thos. Booth and Wm. B. 

Cade), grocers, 82 Pleasant 
Boothhy Ahner, lahorer, W. E. S. R. Co., 

b. 4 Murray 
Bopp Anton, at 169 Gore 
Borcher S., at 169 Gore 
Borden Henry L., shipping clerk, 502 

Main, house 39 Green 

Borden J., hostler, Baldwin st. stable, W. 

E. S. R. Co. 
Borgal Simon, laborer, house 12 Ninth 
Borgerson Borger, at 44 Cambridge 
Borgerson John, at 44 Cambridge 
Borges Alexander, cabinet maker, Otis, 

cor. First, house 70 Cambridge 
Borges Anthony, laborer, Revere Sugar 

Refinery, house 30 Berkshire 
Borges Joaquin, hairdresser, 204 Cambridge, 

house 16 Seventh 
Borges Joseph, hairdresser, 234 Cambridge, 

boards 391 do. 
Borges Emanuel, cabinet maker, Otis, cor. 

First, house rear 200 Bridge 
Borges Francis, hairdresser, house 214 

Borges Manuel, carpenter, house 2 Water 
Borges Manuel, hairdresser, 454 Camb., h. 

30 Berkshire 
Bossey Charles, clerk, house 27 Baldwin 
Bossey Luke, iron moulder, Third, corner 

Bent, house at Maiden 
Boston Bridge Works, iron bridge mnfrs., 

D. H. Andrews, prop., Sixth, corner 

Rogers, office (70 Kilby, room 83, B.) 
Boston Ice Co., Prison Point, and (76 

State, B) 
Boston L. A., conductor, W. E. S. R. Co. 

fire hose mnfrs., 33 Hampshire and 

(234 Devonshire, B.) (see page 6) 
Boston & Albany R. R. Freight Office, rear 

Ninth and Spring 
Boston & Lowell R. R. Freight Office, 

Prison Point, near Bridge 
Boston & Lowell Railroad rolling stock 

and machinery shop, Bridge, c. Prison 

Boston & Lowell R. R. Station, foot Third 
Bosworth Leonard, carpenter, h. 3 Holly 

Bosworth Mary A., teacher, Shepard gram- 

mer school, boards 40 Arlington 
Bottum Fordyce H., student, H. U., bds. 5 

Bouchard Clovis, boots and shoes, 3 Har- 
vard row, rooms do 
Boucl;a:d John, salesman (B.) h. 83 Dublin 
Boucher Peter, brickmaker, h. Walden, n. 

Boudro Isaiah, bleacher, boards 6 Rogers 

block, Washington 
Boudro John, laborer, h. Concord ave., 

corner New 
Boudro John C, butcher Niles Brothers, 

house Concord avenue, corner New 
Boudro Wm. N., teamster, h. Vassal lane 
Boughan Frank II., painter, 660 Main, h. 

at Newton 
Bourges Casmere, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

39 Ik Cambridge 
Bourget Pierre, laborer, A. H. Hews & Co., 

house opp. the pottery 

RCQT Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 

ULOl A.T 20 HOCK SQUARE. Jtl'UUI'ri & U'llJJAJlN. 



Boune Fannie L. Mrs., h. 727 Cambridge 
Bourne Fannie, widow of Joseph, boards 

727 Cambridge 
Bourne George F., carpenter (146 Mt. 

Vernon, B.), house 62 Dana 
Bourne Robert T., carpenter (146 Mt. 

Vernon, B.), house 64 Dana 
Bourneque Hannah L., widow of Louis, h. 

87 Gore 
Bourtini Francesco, fruit, etc., 547 Main, h. 

6 Lopez 
Boutin Abram, night nurse, Cambridge 

Hospital, house 208 Appleton 
Boutin Herbert L., clerk, 6 Harvard row, 

boards 208 Appleton 
Bouve George W., bookkeeper (131 Dev- 
onshire, B.), boards 13 Roseland 
Bowen Bernard, laborer, house 34 Charles 
Bowen Charles S., boards 9 Follen 
Bowen Cornelius, boiler maker, !)2 Main, 

house 5 Hannum's block, Broadway 
Bowen Fannie W., Miss, house 81 Brattle 
Bowen Francis, Alford Professor of Nat- 
ural Religion, Moral Philosopby and 

Civil Polity, H. U., house 9 Follen 
Bowen James, blacksmith, B. & M. R. R. 

shop, house 128 Bridge 
Bowen Jeremiah, tinsmith, boards 5 Han- 
num's block, Broadway 
Bowen Louisa J. Mrs , h. 3 Butlers ct. 
Bowen Walter E., trimmer, 169 Gore, rms. 

62 Otis 
Bowen William, laborer, C. H. North & Co. 

(Somerville), house 303 Cambridge 
Bowen William L., clerk (Washington, B.), 

boards 3 Butlers court 
Bowens Mary J. Mrs., dressmaker, house 

43 Washington 
Bowens Wm. B., Rev., pastor of Rush M. 

E. Zion church, house 43 Washington 
Bower Charles N., carpenter, boards 60 

Bowers Charles E., boards 10 Hollis 
Bowers Frances Miss, asst. sec. U. S. S. 

Society (7 Tremont pi., B.), boards 10 

Bowers John M., engineer, boards 168 

Bowers LydiaE. Mrs., house 10 Hollis 
Bowers Minnie C, clerk, 613 Main, boards 

21 Putnam avenue 
Bowes Eliza, widow of Thomas, house 120 

Bowes Frank, box nailer, 3 Hampshire, h. 

120 Harvard 
Bowker Arthur L., clerk, (95 Oliver, B.) 

boards 3 Avon 

BOWIiEK EDWIN F., civil engi- 
neer and surveyor, 623 Main, room 8 
(see page 621) 
Bowker Walter, waiter, Memorial Hall 
Bowker Winslow L., insurance (35 Kilby, 
B.), house 3 Avon 

Bowler Michael, cooper, 75 Main, house at 

South Boston 
Bowler Michael, wheelwright, h. Marsh ct. 
Bowler Joseph, cigar maker, h. 27 Auburn 
Bowles Edward, supt., 15 Blanche 
Bowles Ella R., Mrs., teacher of painting, 

house 20i Bigelow 
Bowley Asa F., tin plate worker, house 271 

Bowman Algernon, laborer, house 17 Elmer 
Bowman Charles F., janitor, Hotels Brooks, 

Holly, School, Main, Sun, Luke, Moor, 

Harrison, Shirley a..d Clark, boards 1 

Hotel School 
Bowman Clarence F., machinist, 72 Main 
Bowman Hubert, machinist, 162 Broadway, 

house 136 Gushing 
Bowman Johannah H., widow of Abner H., 

house 61 Oxford 
Bowman John, ship carpenter, house rear 

103 Sixth [avenue 

Bowman Margaret, Mrs., house 103 Webster 
Bowman Matthew, laborer, bds. 23 Hastings 
Bowman Orlando, salesman (216 State, B.), 

house 25 Prospect 
Bowman Thomas, laborer, h. 194 Cushing 
Bowser Nathaniel, Singer sewing-machine 

agent, house 93 River 
Bowyer William, provisions, 126 River, 

house 124 do. 
Box Thomas, coachman, boards Brattle-sq. 

Boyce Ann, Miss, house 6 Vine 
Boyce Charles, sawyer, 3 Hampshire 
Boyce Charles H., box maker, house 226 

Boyce Edward, organ button maker, boards 

142i Harvard 
Boyce James, machinist, bds. 34 Hampshire 
Boyce Patrick, hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

201 Main, house rear 29 Harvard, No. 3 
Boyce Thomas F., clerk (Blackstone, B.), 

house 37 Union 
Boyd Charles E., musical director (Wal- 

tham and Belmont), house 49 Wright 
Boyd Daniel F., painter, house 11 Lopez 
Boyd Esther, Miss, milliner, 81 Auburn, 

house do. 
Boyd Fannie L., Miss, millinery, 81 Auburn, 

boards do. 
Boyd James, printer, 636 Main, house at 

Boyd James R., salesman (477 Washington, 

B.), house 17 Myrtle place 
Boyd Jane, widow of James, house 4 Pine 
Boyd Orman T., wholesale grocer (216 

State, B.), house 33 Linnaean 
Boyd Robert S., Mrs., boards 17 Lancaster 
Boyd Thomas, laborer, house 8 Lincoln 
Boyd William, compositor, University 

Press, house 62 Trowbridge 
Boyd William A., electrotype finisher, Uni- 
versity Press, house 11 River 
Boyd W., shade roller maker, 368 Main 

Dr. E. Y. White, 
Dr. W. H. Hollis, 


) 603 Main St. 
f Central Sq. 



Boyden Benjamin F. (B. F. Boyden & Co.), 

grocer, 13 Brattle, house 29 Mellen 
Boyden B. F. & Co. (Benjamin F. Boyden), 

grocer, 13 Brattle 
Boyden Charles A., clerk (11 Avon, B.), 

hoards 14 Ellery 
Boyden George W., varnisher, boards 445 

Boyden John E., polisher, 602 Main, house 

153 Pearl 
Boyden Sanford E., carriage trimmer, 176 

North avenue, house 25 Hadley 
Boyden Sarah, widow of John, house 445 

Boyer Henry B., clerk (113 Devonshire, 

B.), boards 3 Norfolk 
Boyer Herbert L., clerk (113 Devonshire, 

B.)i boards 3 Norfolk 
Boyer Robert F., Mrs., house 36 Brookline 
Boyer Samuel, stair builder, h. 3 Norfolk 
Boyle Bernard, oyster opener (B.), house 

29 Jefferson [18 Oak 

Boyle Catharine, widow of Edward G., h. 
Boyle Charles, junk dealer and grocer, 26 

Warren, house do. 
Boyle D., at 169 Gore 
Boyle Elizabeth, widow of John, house 163 

Boyle Ellen, widow, house 23 Dunster 
Boyle George H., clerk (B.), boards 18 Oak 
Boyle James, cutter, Am. Rubber Co. 
Boyle James, teamster, house 77 Concord 

Boyle James H., clerk, boards 163 Winsor 
Boyle James J., cabinet maker, house 344 

Boyle James K., foreman, 20 Albany, house 

at Somerville 
Boyle Jane Mrs., house 100 Ellery 
Boyle Jeremiah, cabinet maker, 20 Albany 
Boyle Jeremiah J., cabinet maker, house 

34 Charles 
Boyle John, carpenter, rear Lyceum build- 
ing, house at Somerville 
Boyle John, variety store, 218 Cambridge, 

boards 14 Seventh 
Boyle Mary, widow of John, h. 77 Tremont 
Boyle Mary, Miss, book folder, Riverside 

Bindery, boards 104 Western avenue 
Boyle Mary, Mrs., bread store, 125 Third, 

house 344 Charles 
Boyle Marv A., widow of Lewis, house rear 

62 Winsor 
Boyle Michael, elevator man, 169 Gore, 

boards 14 Seventh 
Boyle Patrick, laborer, 169 Gore, house 14 

Boyle Patrick S., cooper, John Reardon & 

Sons, house 275 Putnam avenue 
Boyle Rebecca, Miss, book-folder, River- 
side Bindery, bds. 104 Western avenue 
Boyle Thomas, blacksmith helper, B. & L. 

R. R. shop 
Boyle William, boards 2 Dunster 

Boyle William, carpenter, boards 3 Mount 

Auburn place 
Boyle William, City laborer, house 141 Elm 
Boyle William, 169 Gore, bds. 14 Seventh 
Boyle William C, laborer, Boston Bridge 

Works, house 2 Ayer's block, Third 
Boyman James, helper, 634 Main, boards 

12 Banks 
Boyman James A., mason, house 12 Banks 
Boyn Harry H., decorator, bds. 5 Pleasant 
Boyne Thomas, house 134 Thorndike 
Boynton Edward P., boots and shoes (50 

Cambridge, B.), house 19 Arlington 
Boynton Frederick H., book-keeper, Niles 

Bros., Concord ave., Somerville 
Boynton John L., house 151 Cambridge 
Boynton Morris B., produce (53 Commer- 
cial, B.), house 13 Chauncy 
Boynton Robert H., house 394 Main 
Boynton Walter G. , iron molder, boards 173 

Boynton Warren R., watchman, Niles Bros., 

Concord ave., house 173 Lake View av. 
Boynton William, produce (B.), house 5 

Richdale avenue 
Boyson George, groceries and provisions, 

84 Mt. Auburn, and publisher, Age to 

Come Herald, house 10 Mt. Auburn 
Boyson George H., book-binder, Riverside 

Bindery, house 54 Fairmont 
Boyson Sarah A., widow of William G., h. 

12 Norfolk 
Boyson William L. , book-binder, Riverside 

Bindery, house 26 Fairmont 
Brace Charles H., clerk, 397 Cambridge, 

house 3954 do. 
Brace Harry W., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house 768 Main 
Bracken Francis, gate tender, B. & L. R. 

R. , Water st. crossing, house 8 North 
Brackett Almon (A. Brackett & Co.), 18 

Cambridge, house 54 Spring 
Brackett A. & Co. (Almon Brackett), car- 
riage painters, 18 Cambridge 
Brackett Charles W., asst. engineer, C. F. 

D., boards 133 Mt. Auburn 
Brackett Elizabeth W., widow of James, h. 

23 Everett 
Brackett Henry T., clerk, 269 Pearl, house 

7 Sidney 
Brackett I. Frank, salesman, 7 Harvard 

square, house 15 Worcester 
Brackett Wm. H., house 133 Mt. Auburn 
Brackett William W., clerk (69 Commer- 
cial, B.), boards 271 Pearl 
Bradbury John P.,trav. salesman, 503 Main 

house at Charlestown 
Bradbury Marion, teacher, Cambridge Lat- 
in School, boards 369 Harvard 
Bradbury Milton W., foreman (295 Wash., 

B.), house 111 Magazine 
Bradbury William F., head master, Latin 

School, house 369 Harvard 


Paints, Oils & Glass. 



Bralbury William H., wool broker (143 

Federal, B.), boards 3G9 Harvard 
Bradeen George A., optician (333 Washing- 
ton, B.)> house 32 Fourth 
Bradeen Jacob F., house 32 Fourth 
Bradeen Jotham S., hay, coal, etc., 253 

Cambridge, honse at Somerville 
Bradfield Annie G., Miss, bds. r. 57 Charles 
Bradfield Robert, laborer, B. & L. R. K., 

house rear 57 Charles 
Bradford Edith, Miss, boards 375 Harvard 
Bradford Edwin S., salesman (06 Summer, 

B.), boards 119 Prospect 
Bradford Gamaliel, stock broker (68 Dev- 

onsbire, B.), house 8 Prescott 
Bradford Gamaliel, Jr., boards 8 Prescott 
Bradford George P., boards 8 Prescott 
Bradford Isaac, mathematician, house 46 

Bradford James, carpenter, boards 11 Pleas- 
ant place 
Bradford Mary R., Mrs., house 375 Harvard 
Bradford J. Russell Mrs., li. 375 Harvard 

sellor at law (209 Wash., room 53, 
B.) house 375 Harvard (see page 650) 
Bradford Sarah J., widow of J. Russell, h. 

375 Harvard 
Bradford Stephen S., trav. salesman, house 

119 Prospect 
Bradford W. B., draughtsman, 2 Central 

square, house at Boston 
Bradlee Charles L. , locksmith and brass 

worker, 648 Main, house 646 do. 
Bradley Benjamin F., cutter, 138 Norfolk, 

house at Chelsea 
Bradley Daniel E. (W. J. Gallagher & Co.), 

dry goods, 182 Cambridge and varnish- 

er, 162 Broadway, house at Somerville 
Bradley George W., iron worker, boards 

*8£ Fifth 
Bradley Jeremiah, baker, 502 Main 
Bradlev Julia, widow of John, house 88i 

Bradley Lucy C, widow cf John W., house 

18 Lee 
Bradley Mary, wid. of John, h. 121 Winsor 
Bradley Robert, laborer, 3 Hampshire, rms. 

rear 31 Hastings 
Bradley Miss, teacher, boards 21 Trow- 
Bradley William J., teamster, 13 Broadway, 

house 74 Hampshire 
Bradshaw Aaron, h. (232 W. Canton, B). 
Bradshaw Alfred A., salesman, 550 Main, 

house 6 Perry 
Bradshaw, Crocker & Co. (Edward H. 

Bradshaw and Henry T. Crocker), mill 

supplies, 150 Portland and (31 Doane, 

Bradshaw Edward H. (Bradshaw, Crocker 

& Co.), mill supplies, 150 Portland, 

and (31 Doane, B.), h. at Somerville 

Bradshaw Eliza S., wid. of Thns., house 31 

Bradshaw Walter L., collector (50 Cornhill 

B.), boards 31 Decatur 
Brady Bridget, Miss, variety store, 15 Vine, 

house do. [Stevens court 

Brady Charles, sawyer, 3 Hampshire, h. 2 
Brady Cora Miss, clerk, 127 Cambridge, b. 

2 Stevens court 
Brady Edward, sergeant, police station 2, 

house 14 William 
Brady Edward F. , plumber ( 16 Province ct. , 

B.), boards 4 Fourth 
Brady Edward J., laborer, h. 163 Winsor 
Brady Henry, clerk, 448 Cambridge, boards 

at Somerville 
Brady James, electrotyper, Univ. Press, b. 

856 Main [Hastings 

Brady James, elk. P.O., 611 Main, house 35 
Brady James, laborer, 169 Gore, house 29 

Brady Jeremiah, blower, Union Glass Co. 

(Somerville), house 4 Fourth 
Bradv John, laborer, 169 Gore, house rear 

186 Cambridge [DeWolf 

Brady John B., baker, 82 Mt. Auburn, h. 36 
Brady John J., cutter, Amer. Rubber Co., 

house 15 Washington 
Brady John J., laborer, h 261 Franklin 
Brady Michael, Mrs., house 37 Willow 
Brady Michael J., baker, 82 Mt. Auburn, 

house 7 Mill 
Brady Michael L. , potter, A. H. Hews & 

Co.. house 39 Spruce 
Brady Patrick, glass maker, house 185 

Brady Patrick F., laborer (89 Broad, B.), 

house 25 Winter 
Brady Peter, lab. (Somerville), b. 5 Ninth 
Brady Sylvanus. wheelwright, b. 40 Spruce 
Brady Thomas J., clerk (51 State, B.), b. 

2 Stevens court 
Brady Thomas, liquors (4 Avery, B.), h. 

4 Florence 
Bragg Elizabeth, widow of Franklin, house 

41 Norfolk 
Bragg Warren S. (Custom House, B.), h. 

117 Prospect 
Braham Elizabeth, widow of Joseph, house 

rear 186 Cambridge 
Braham Joseph F., action maker, 139 

Broadway, boards rear 186 Cambridge 
Braham Rosetta, Mrs., house 14 Laurel 
Brainard Clinton, student, H. U., rooms 46 

Mt. Auburn 
Brainard Cornelius S., teamster, house 209 

Mt. Auburn [C( ncord ave. 

Brainard John, coachman, 96 Brattle, h. 29 
Brainecd James P., h. 24« North av. 
Braman Anna E., widow of William F., h. 

97 Columbia 
Braman William F., clerk, b. 97 Columbia 
Bramball Charles E.. action maker, 162 

Broadway, house 113 Prospect 

PHniPr GREEK - H0USE PLANTS-New and Rare, D fl'QaOT St 

U I I U I U I. 820 Ulaiu and 89 Sparks Streets. I . U DIULIV Wl 



Branagan Margaret, widow of John, house 

15 Bolton 

Brannigan James, at 169 Gore 

Branch Amelia, widow of Alfred, house 

106 Tremont 
Branconnier Leon, brick maker, house 

Walden, near Dublin 
Brandly Herman F., pocket book maker, 

105 Magazine, h. 289 Green 
Brandon Edward J., asst. City Clerk, City 

Hall, boards 19 Park 
Brandon Elvira G., widow of Charles, h. 

26 Holyoke 
Brandon John, laborer, house 19 Park 
Brandon Michael, book binder, 418 Har- 
vard, boards 19 Park 
Brandt Henry H., painter, h. 7 Gordon pi. 
Brannack Joseph, helper (126 Portland, B.) 

house 123 Fourth 
Brannan James E., clerk, 432 Harvard, h. 

4£ Charles River 
Braslin Hugh, earthen ware agent (Allston) 

house 88 Putnam ave. 
Braslin James, glue maker, b. 88 Putnam av 
Braslin James C, electrotye finisher, Uni- 
versity Press, house 7 Willard 
Braslin Mary, widow of John, h. 6 Jackson 
Braslin Owen Mrs., house 7 Willard 
Braslin, see Breslin 
Brassel John F.. cooper, h. 12 Warren 
Brassil Ann, widow of Daniel C, house 

193 Franklin 
Brassil Daniel S., book cutter (49 Federal, 

B.), boards 193 Franklin 
Brassil James, grocer, 40 Banks, h. 28 Flagg 
Brassil James T. , plumber, h. 75 Western av 
Brassil John, contractor, house 42 Banks 
Brassil John, laborer, boards 42 Banks 
Brassil John B., bookbinder, boards 193 

Brassil Thomas, gardener, house 42 Banks 
Brassil Timothy, laborer, Pelham, house 

16 Harvard 

Bratt John, painter, house rear 114 Auburn 
Brattle Square Hotel, Solomon Isaacs, 

prop., 32 and 34 Brattle square 
Brauer William, coremaker, Third, corner 

Bent, house at Somerville 
Braun Philip H., grocer, 206 and 208 Cam- 
bridge, house 9 Seventh 
Brautigan Hugo, pocket-book maker, 105 

Magazine, house at Roxbury 
Brawn J., hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co., River 

street stable 
Braxton Patrick, hostler, Baldwin street 

stable, W. E. St. Ry. Co., house 52 

Brazier Abbie N., widow of Franklin J., 

house 18 Bigelow 
Brazier Charles G., salesman (418 Wash., 

B.), boards 18 Bigelow 
Brazier Elizabeth H., widow of James, bds. 

41 River 

Brean Joseph, supt., Y. M. Catholic Gym- 
nasium, house 60 Norfolk 
Breen Harry, laborer, boards 8 Gerry 
Breen John, laborer, boards 40 Foster 
Breen Michael, grocer, 13 Mill, house 21 

Charles River 
Breen Peter J., shipper, 169 Gore, b. 147 do. 
Breen Peter T., stone-cutter (B.), house 94 

Breen Robert, stevedore (B.), h. 147 Gore 
Breen Thomas F., clerk, 443 Cambridge, 

boards 147 Gore 
Breen Timothy J., carriage painter, rear 10 

Brattle, house 10 Crescent 
Breen William J., milkman, 88 Sixth, h. do. 
Brennan Bridget A., Miss, press feeder, 

Riverside Press, and (Brennan & Mel- 

len), dry goods, 140 Pleasant, house 92 

Brennan Catherine J., Mrs., grocer, 11 

Lopez, house do. [Elm 

Brennan Eliza, widow of Thomas F., h. 86 
Brennan Ellen, Mrs., house 3 Sparks 
Brennan Frank, shipper, Riverside Press, 

boards 518 Main 
Brennan George A., pickles, etc., house 

234 Bridge 
Brennan James, granite cutter, Dyke, house 

Symond's block, DeWolf, corner Grant 
Brennan James P., picture-frame maker, 

579 Main, boards 11 Lopez 
Brennan Johanna, wid. of John, house 197 

Mount Auburn 
Brennan John, City laborer, h. 22 Warren 
Brennan John, expressman, h. 12 Charles 

Brennan John J., tailor, 418 Harvard, bds. 

47 Boylston 
Brennan John M., pattern cutter, American 

Rubber Co., house 10 Davis 
Brennan John P., machinist, b. 250 Bridge 
Brennan Luke, tinsmith, 502 Main, boards 

518 do. 
Brennan 'Margaret, widow of Richard, h. 

250 Bridge [throp 

Brennan Martin, stone-cutter, h. 52 Win- 
Brennan Mary, widow of John, h. Howard, 

junction Kinnaird 
Brennan Mary, widow of John, h. 48 Market 
Brennan Michael, laborer, 5 Broadway, h. 

163 Portland 
Brennan Michael J., police, station 2, h. 

19 Mount Auburn 
Brennan Michael M, plumber, b. rear 215 

Mount Auburn 
Brennan Michael T., laborer, house rear 

215 Mount Auburn 
Brennan Patrick, bootmaker, American 

Rubber Co. 
Brennan Patrick, laborer, h. 149 Franklin 
Brennan Patrick, teamster, h. 27 Decatur 
Brennan Patrick H., plumber (Brighton), 

boards 92 Banks 
Brennan Robert II., laborer, b. 250 Bridge 


All kinds of HARDWARE GOODS at 
Lowest Prices. 20 Dock Square. 



Brennan Thaddeus, laborer, b. 106 Tremont 

Brennan Timothy, laborer, h. 28 Berkshire 

Brennan Timothy J., variety store, 16 
Sparks, house 14 do. 

Brennan T. D., packer, Amer. Rubber Co. 

Brennan William, bootmaker, Am. Rubber 
Co., boards 10 Davis 

Brennan & Mellen (Miss Bridget A. Bren- 
nan and Miss Mary Mellen), dry and 
fancy goods, 138 and 140 Pleasant 

Brenton Luther, baker, 502 Main 

Breslin Catherine T., widow, boards Luke 
Breslin's, Montgomery 

Breslin Cornelius V., electrotyper, River- 
side Press, house 13 Dyke 

Breslin Jeremiah, bootmaker, American 
Rubber Co. 

Breslin Joseph, boiler maker, B. &L. R. R. 
shop, house 130 Third 

Breslin .Joseph, clerk, 8 Boylston, boards 
13 Dyke 

Breslin Michael C, gate tender, F. R. R., 
Dublin street crossing, house 6 Clay 

Breslin Thomas, at 169 Gore 

Bresnahan Cornelius, laborer, bds. 40 Reed 

Bresnahan Luke, painter, house Montgom- 
ery, near Dudley 

Bresnahan Michael, wheelwright, 350 North 
avenue, boards 352 do. 

Bresnihan Daniel, bookbinder, house 17 

Bresnihan James, City laborer, bds. 40 Reed 

Bresnihan Jane, widow of Timothy, h. 40 

Bresnihan Mary, widow of Patrick, house 
18 Reed 

Bresnihan Patrick, clerk, boards 40 Reed 

Bresnihan Timothy, City laborer, b. 40 Reed 

Brett Charles A., clerk, 192 Hampshire, b. 
60 Howard 

Brett Edward, boiler maker's helper, 92 
Main, house 89 Harvard 

Brett Elizabeth Miss, boards 60 Howard 

Brett John, painter, 642 Main, house 114 

Brett Mary E. F. Miss, teacher of paint- 
ing, 36 Cottage, house do. 

Brett Marv, wid. of Patrick, b. 60 Howard 

BRETT MARY T., widow of Sam- 
uel G., mnfr., Eureka Salve (247 
Washington, room 2, B.), h. 36 Cot- 
tage (see page 638) 
Brewpll Harry, printer, L T niv Press, boards 

2 Wallace 
Brewer Charles, carpenter, River, junc. 

Western ave., bds. 559 Main 
Brewer Charles O., salesman (75 F. H. mar- 
ket, B.), h. 29 Fairmont 
Brewer Charles W. , agent, b. 67 Mt. Auburn 
Brewer David, provisions, 9 Brattle, h. 32 

Brewer Emery, car repairer, W. E. St. Ry. 
Co., boards 436 Broadway 

Brewer Thomas H., provisions, 1 Brewer 

blk. , Brattle sq., and fish, 3 do., h. do. 
Brewington Mary, widow, h. r. 81 Oxford 
Brewster Adelbert Mrs., h. 77 Broadway 
Brewster Wm., naturalist, Agassiz Mu- 
seum, H. U., house 61 Sparks 
Brewster Wm. F., house 12 Wallace [ter 
Briand Alexander, carpenter, h. 2 Worces- 
Briand Frank L., clerk (110 North, B.), 

boards 2 Marion place 
Brickett Geo. D., brushmaker (Leavens & 

Murphy, Com'l, B.), b. 1 Conlons ct. 
Bridden Ellen A., widow of Benjamin F., 

house 2 Crossland 
Bridden Horace E., letter carrier, P. O., 

611 Main, house 93 River 
Bridden William H., edge setter (B.), bds. 

2 Crossland 
Bridden Winnie Mrs., house 1 Union 
Bridge John H., salesman, 148 North ave., 

house at Somerville 
Bridge Primary School, Pioneer 
Bridge Samuel G., conductor, W. E. St 

Ry., Co., house 35 Auburn 
Bridges Augusta A., widow of Gelois F., 

boards 33 Charles River 
Bridges Augustus M., carriage painter, 181 

Hampshire, house at Somerville 
Bridges Charles, machinist, 72 Main, h. at 

Bridges George E., road master, W. E. S. 

Ry.*Co., house at Watertown 
Bridgham Percy A., ins. agent (B.), h. 

34 North ave. 
Bridgins Robert, blower, N. E. Glass Works, 

house at E. Boston 
Briem Fidel, house 167 Otis 
Brien Ann Mrs., boards r. 57 Sixth 
Brien James J., cooper (Somerville), h. r. 

57 Sixth 
Brigadier Noah H., whitewasher, h. 4 Athens 
Briggs Ida L., book-keeper, 563 Main, bds. 

19 Mellen 
Briggs Albert P., salesman (B.), boards 19 

Briggs Clinton H., student, Law school, b. 

359 Harvard 
Briggs Emma J., wid. of Edward, house 12 

Briggs Frank C, salesman (129 Tremont, 

B.), boards 19 Mellen 
Briggs George T., foreman of machinists, 

368 Main, house 153 Columbia 
Briggs Geo. W., pastor, Austin-st. Unitarian 

Church, boards 140 Brattle 
Briggs Harriet M., widow, 7 Mt. Auburn 
Briggs Horatio N., carpenter, h. 17 Beaver 
Briggs James H.. carpenter, bds. 47 William 
Briggs John, milkman, house 41 Walden 
Briggs Joseph W. (Bennett & Briggs), boots 

and shoes, house at Boston 
Briggs LeBaron R., instructor, in English, 

H. U., house 140 Brattle 
Briggs Oliver J., carpenter, h. 46 DeWolf 


C Dr. E. Y. White 
I Dr.W.H. Holl 

e, ) 603 Main St. 
is, J Central Sq. 



Briggs Thomas P. Rev., house 19 Mellen 

Briggs Walter D., salesman (21 Harrison 
ave. extension, B.), h. 722 Main 

Briggs Wm. A. , carpenter, h. 27 Andrew 

Briggs William C, gate keeper, Safe De- 
posit Vaults (Equitable bldg., B.), h. 
1 Hancock pi. 

Briggs William H., pianos and organs (576 
Washington, B.), house 64 River 

Briggs William R., salesman (129 Tremont, 
B.), boards 19 Mellen 

Brigham Edward F., contractor, house 23 
North avenue 

Brigham Frederick A., salesman (130 Fed- 
eral, B.), house 173 Lake View ave. 

Brigham George E., trav. salesman (9 Sum- 
mer, B.), house 352 Pearl 

Brigham Mary D., widow of Owen, h. 173 
Lake View avenue 

Brigham Mary M., teacher, Allston gram 
mar school, boards at Boston 

Brigham Susan H. Miss, house 18 Winsor 

Brigham Waldo B., patents, h. 2 Percy pi. 

Brigham William K., book-keeper (Cam- 
bridge, B.), boards 352 Pearl 

Bright Elizabeth Mrs., h. 104 Trowbridge 

Bright Ellen E. Miss, housel04 Trowbridge 

Bright Elliott, proofreader Riverside Press, 
boards 33 Lee 

Bright Elmer H., supt., Boston Ice Co. (76 
State, B.), boards 328 Broadway 

Bright Henry, com. mer. (88 Hawley, B.), 
house 33 Lee 

Bright Horace O., president Boston Ice Co. 
(76 State, B.), house 328 Broadway 

Bright John J., Boston Ice Co. (76 State, 
B.), house 320 Broadway 

Brignoli Joseph, fruit stand, 563 Main, h. 
rear 36 Auburn 

Brine Andrew W., contractor, house 178 
Lake View avenue 

Brine Edward, laborer, 220 Portland 

Brine George R. (George R. Brine & Co.), 
clothing, etc., 181 Cambridge, house at 

(George R. Brine), clothing, hats, 
caps and furnishing goods, 181 Cam- 
bridge (see page 627) 
Brine Geo. W., salesman, 181 Cambridge, 

boards at Winchester 
Brine Henry C, dry and fancy goods, 485 

Main, house at Somerville 
Brine James, baker, 502 Main 
Brine James W., clothing, etc., 10 Harvard 

row, rooms at Arlington 
BrineJeremiah, at 169 Gore 
Brine John, at 169 Gore 
Brine John B., merchant tailor, 8 Boylston, 

house 36 Wallace 
Brine Mary A. Miss, bookkeeper (17 Tre- 
mont row, B.), bds. 74 Otis 
Brine Owen, at 169 Gore 

Brine Robert, tailor (19 Tremont row, r. 

2, B.), house 74 Otis 
Brine Robert F., clerk, 485 Main, boards 15 

Brine William, elerk, 10 Harvard row, h. 

at Arlington 
Brine William, Jr., clerk, 436 Harvard, h. 

at Somerville 
Brine see O'Brien 

Briney Thomas, laborer, house 1 Pioneer 
Bringmann Chas., boiler, Revere Sugar Ke- 

finery. house 69 Spring 
Brinkley Richard, house 30 Hastings 
Brinkman Charles, sugar boiler, Revere 

Sugar Refinery, house 69 Spring 
Brisk Fred D., watchman, H. IT., boards 

912 Main 
Briton Auguste, cook, house 3 Hotel School 
Brittain Samuel, engineer, Gas Works, 

Third, house 1 Ayer's blk., Third 
Britton Henry A., trimmer (91 Wash., B.), 

house 89 Spring 
Britton John, peddler, house 18 Donnell 
Britton Joseph, clerk (P. O., B.), house 30 

Western avenue 
Britton Louise M., Miss, teacher, Welling- 
ton training school, boards 89 Spring 
Britton Samuel, carpenter, house 4 Ayer's 

block, Third 
Broadbent William, wood turner, 162 Broad- 
way, house 24 Hunting 
Brode Peter, brickmaker, h. 134 Spruce 

H., F. E. and L. N. Brock), stoves, 
etc., 12 and 16 Brattle (see p. 621) 
Brock Edwin O., carpenter, bds. 6 Sumner 
Brock Frank E. (Brock Bros.), stoves, etc., 

12 Brattle, house 434 Broadway 
Brock Halliburton D. (Brock Bros.) stoves, 

etc., 12 Brattle, h. 47 Mt. Auburn 
Brock Ira W., janitor, College House, office 

13 do., house 20 Dunster 

Brock John A., elevator tender, 169 Gore, 

house 77 Thorndike 
Brock Leslie N. (Brock Bros.), stoves, etc., 

12 Brattle, house 440 Broadway 
Brock Ossian H. (Brock Bros.), stoves, 

etc., 12 Brattle, boards 6 Sumner 
Brock Solomon H., house 6 Sumner 
Brockley Daniel, at 169 Gore 
Broderick Ann Miss, variety store, 54 Gore 

house do. 
Broderick Edward, carriage painter, 222 

North ave. house 20 Mead 
Broderick Edward T., grocer, 504 DeWolf, 

boards 50 do. 
Broderick John F. Rsv., asst. pastor, St. 

Peter's church, honse 29 Buckingham 
Broderick Thomas, house 50 DeWolf 
Broders Edward, cigar maker, boards 325 

Broders Geo. A., machinist, bds. 325 Main 
Broders John, stair builder, h. 325 Main 





Brodie Hugh, blacksmith, 356 Main, house 

29 Auburn 
Brogan Bernard J., hairdresser, 1G2 Camb- 
ridge, house 66 Winter 
Brogan Ellen, widow, h. 65 Brookline 
Brogan James, baker, 502 Main, boards 65 

Brogan James, gardener, 77 Sparks rms. do. 
Brogan John A., City lamplighter, house 20 

Prince [Cambridge 

Brogan John H., engine cleaner, house 384 
Brogan Nicholas, city laborer house Garden 

Brogan Patrick, city laborer, h. 49 Raymond 
Brogen James F., laborer, boards 10 Dublin 
Brogen James H., milkman, bds. 14 Dublin 
Brogen John gardener, house 14 Dublin 
Brogen William J., liquors, 10 Dublin, h. 

Broggaard Neils, varnisher, 162 Broadway, 

house 3 Hampshire place 
Brohan Edward H., tinsmith, C. H. North 

& Co. (Somerville) bds. 58 Spring 
Brohan James, metal worker, Otis, n. First 

boards 58 Spring 
Brohan Mary, Miss, house 50 Spring 
Brohan Patrick, engineer, Otis, near First 

house 58 Spring 
Brohan Thomas, metal worker, Otis, near 

First, boards 58 Spring [way 

Broman Andrew, tailor (B.), house 2 Broad- 
Bronson Ira D., house 9 Lancaster ave. 
Bronson Ira H., student (B.) boards 9 Lan- 
caster ave. 
Brooks Charles, waiter, Memorial Hall 
Brooks Frank A., box maker, boards 179 

Brookings Charles S., painter, 7 Western 

avenue, house 175 Pearl 
Brooks Alfred A., house at Winchester 
Brooks Charles S., boots and shoes (112 

Summer, B.) house 495 Main 
Brooks Edward C lumber surveyor (75 

State B.), boards 220 Brattle 
Brooks Edward 1L, civil engineer and sur- 
veyor, 623 Main, house 46 Prospect 
Brooks Edwin C, pumping engineer, C. W. 

W.. Worthington, cor. Lake View ave. 

house do 
Brooks Eugene D.. tanners' and curriers' 

supplies (100 High, B. ) house 21 Lee 
Brooks Evelina, Miss, teacher, boards 8 

Avon place 
Brooks George M., Judge of Probate and 

Insolvency, Court House, Third, house 

at Concord, Mass 
Brooks Harry A., clerk, boards 8 Day 
Brooks Helen M. C. Miss, parasol maker 

(B.), boards 39 Winter 
Brooks Herbert H., trav. salesman (75 State, 

B.), boards 220 Brattle 
Brooks Hiram W., commission merchant 

(178 Devonshire, room 21, B.), house 

57 Lake View avenue 

Brooks Isaac A., house 220 Brattle 
Brooks James W., trustee (108 Summer, 
B.), house 4 Berkeley [Dana 

Brooks Jemina H.. widow of Isaac, bds. 53 
Brooks John, hostler, house 23 Green 
Brooks John, treasurer (19 Exchange pi., 

room 6, B.), house 5 Ash 
Brooks John B., mariner, h. rear 480 Main 
Brooks John F., foreman of box makers, 

169 Gore, house 179 Cambridge 
Brooks John W., carpenter, h. 138 Spring 
Brooks J. Mason, clerk (35 Broad, B.), 

house 28 Inman 
Brooks J. Mason, 2d, real estate (221 Wash- 
ington, B.), boards 57 Lake View ave. 
Brooks Maria, widow of John, h. 39 Winter 
Brooks Martha W.,Miss, house 4 Berkeley 
Brooks Mary W., Miss, boards 28 Lee 
Brooks Matthew, house 204 Harvard 
Brooks Mnynard R., laborer, h. 41 Market 
Brooks Oliver H., house 8 Day 
Brooks Patrick, marble worker, A. McDon- 
ald & Son, Mt. Auburn, house McDonald 
Brooks Reuben A., box maker, 169 Gore, 

boards 13 Sixth 
Brooks Sumner, boards 119 North ave. 
Brooks Sumner J., house 119 North ave. 
Brooks Susan E., widow of Lucius, house 

15 Tremont 
Brooks Thomas, granite worker, A. McDon- 
ald & Son, Mt. Auburn, bds. McDonald 
Brooks T. P*, at 169 Gore 
Brooks William, house 8 Avon place 
Brooks William, laborer, boards 6 Douglas 
Brooks William A., trav. salesman, boards 

8 Day 
Brooks William F., marble worker, A. Mc- 
Donald & Son, boards Patrick Brooks', 
Broomhead Mark Mrs., house 227 Main 
Brophy Timothy, City laborer, house 190 

Brosnahan Hannah, widow of Thomas P., 

house 140 Spruce 
Brosnahan John F., mason, h. 63 Spruce 
Brosnahan Patrick, laborer, bds. 8 Mont- 
Brosnahan Patrick F., station agent (F. R. 

R., Arlington), boards 140 Spruce 
Brosnahan Timothy, laborer, house rear 5 
Jackson [Dublin 

Brossean Norbert, broom maker, house l'Jl 
Brothers John, laborer, house foot Murray 
Brotherton Joseph H., currier, J. W. Low 

& Son, Dudley, house 382 North ave. 
Broughton George, book-binder, Riverside 

Press, house 10 Cottage 
Brouillard Felix, brickmaker, h. 51 Dublin 
Broussard Joseph, brickmaker, house Vas- 
sal lane 
Brown Abby S., widow of Charles H., 

boards 13 Pleasant 
Brown Albert, waiter (United States Hotel, 
B.), house 61 Hastings 


MONUMENTS & CURBINGS, Designed and Constructed 

P. O'BKIEN & SON, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets. 



Brown Alvin B., furniture mover, 86 Wash- 
ington, house do. [bds. do. 
Brown Alzirus F., laborer, 91 Broadway, 
Brown Angie A., Miss, boarding house, 52 
Austin [149 Austin 
Brown Angie J., widow of William, boards 
Brown Archibald, teamster, 12 Cambridge, 

house 6 Willow 
Brown Artemas Z., house 57 Magazine 
Brown Arthur, farmer, boards Willis ct. 
Brown Aubrey, sawyer, 63 Hampshire, 

rooms 170 Harvard 
Brown A., shade painter, 15 Blanche 
Brown A., Jr., shade painter, 15 Blanche 
BroAvn Benjamin L. , laborer, Boston Woven 

Hose Co., house 63 Hampshire 
Brown Beverly, hostler, 13 Chauncy, house 
66 Putnam avenue [32 Winthrop 

Brown Bridget, widow of John M., house 
Brown Bristol, Avaiter, h use 21 Hastings 
Brown Carrie M., Miss, clerk (B.), boards 

17 Ellsworth avenue 
Brown Carroll, house 71 River 
Brown Carroll N., student, Harvard Univer- 
sity, boards 44 Langdon 
Brown Cecil B., hairdresser, h. 40 Plymouth 
Brown Charlotte Mrs., h. 22 Charles River 
Brown Charles, carpenter, h. 93 Chestnut 
Brown Charles A., foreman, street depart- 
ment, City Hall, house 31 Shepard 
Brown Charles E., driver, 502 Main, house 
21 Mead [Columbia 

Brown Charles F., action maker, rooms 57 
Brown Charles H., baker, 376 Cambridge, 

house 116 Winsor 
Brown Charles H., coachman, 296 North 

avenue, house Hollis, near Sprnce 
Brown Charles H., cooper. 129 Gore, house 

35 Amory 
Brown Charles H. (Brown & Spencer), 

provisions, house 90 Auburn 
Brown Charles M., cooper, 129 Gore, house 

35 Amory 
Brown Charles S., carpenter, 113 Broad- 
way, house 13 Norfolk 
Brown Charles W., boards 57 Magazine 
Brown Daniel, wheelwright, etc., 5 Palm er 

house 14 Appian lane 
Brown Daniel L. Mrs., house 65 North av. 
Brown David, barrels, 104 Gore, house 

127£ Cambridge 
Brown David, house 41 Essex 
Brown Dennis, furnace tender (B.), house 

167 Harvard 
Brown Duncan, printer (B.), h. 154 Charles 
Brown Earnest B., clerk (95 Blackstone, 

B.), bds. 11 Lincoln 
Brown Edward, laborer, bds. 1 Dickinson 
Brown Edgar K., baker, 502 Main, boards 

9 Norfolk 
Brown Edward G., carpenter, h. 67 Sydney 
Brown Edwin, hostler, 120 Hampshire, 
house 1 Dickinson 

Brown Eleazar G., organ maker, 37 Fifth, 
house at Boston 

Brown Eliza, widow of Peter, house 163 

Brown Elizabeth M. . widow of John N. , bds. 
17 Ellsworth avenue 

Brown Ellis E., laborer, house rear 112 

Brown Eugene M., dentist (168 Tremont, 
B.), house 864 Main 

Brown E. Hanson, barrel collector, 2 
Church place 

Brown Flora A., widow of Albert, house 
70 North 

Brown Florence C. Miss, book-keeper, 655 
Main boards 149 Austin 

Brown Francis, boards Porter's Hotel 

Brown Francis W., teamster, 185 Broadway, 
house 11 Lincoln [burn 

Brown Frank A., machinist, house 125 Au- 

Brown Frank P., inspector, W. E. St. Ry. 
Co., and fruit, 49 Main, house 41 Wes- 
tern avenue [Main 

Brown Fred, polisher, 268 Main, house 414 

Brown Fred H., teamster, 91 Broadway, 
house do. 

Brown Frederick H.. cashier, 502 Main, 
boards 93 Chesinut 

Brown Frederick W., auctioneer, real es- 
tate (68 Devonshire, room 5, B.), house 
185 Brookline [Langdon 

Brown Frederick W., student, boards 44 

Brown F. T. , driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Brown George D., janitor, Central square 
building, Central square, h. 8(54 Main 

Brown George E., electrotyper, University 
Press, house 42 Sacramento 

Brown George F., com. mer. (Central, B.), 
house 9 Shepard 

Brown George M., tailor, 5 Brattle, house 
79 Putnam avenue 

Brown George W., packer (Hay market sq., 
B.), house 144 Pleasant 

Brown Gilbert, variety store, 54i Cedar, 
house 9 Sargent 

Brown HallieG. Miss, clerk, 110 Cambridge, 
boards Hotel School, School 

Brown Hanora, widow of Philip, house 3 
Dickinson [mento 

Brown Henry A., machinist, bds. 42 Sacra- 
Brown Henry D., salesman (67 Cornhill, 
B.), house 880 Main 

Brown Herbert A., salesman (32 F. II. Mar- 
ket, B.), house 20 Lake 

Brown Horace E., book-keeper, Boston Ice 
Co., Prison Point, house at Woburn 

Brown Ida A. Mrs., house rear 54 Wash- 

Brown Isabella, widow of James, house 39 

Brown Irving W. , packer (50 Franklin, B.), 
house Hotel School 

Brown Irving W. Mrs., dressmaker, house 
Hotel School 

NAILS, LEAD, ZINC, &&, ^jE^^^SST 81 



Brown James, house 3 Brown's block, Third 
Brown James, boiler maker, 92 Main, house 

149 tlo. 
Brown James, laborer, boards Mansion 

House [tage 

Brown James Jr., dyer, boards rear 20 Cot- 
Brown James Jr. , polisher, 258 Mt. Auburn, 

boards 7 Camden place 
Brown James A., laborer, house 5 Vine 
Brown James C, proof reader, Riverside 

Press, house 57 Waverly, N. Brighton 
Brown James E., builder, 83 Columbia, 

house do. 
Brown James F., driver, 201 Bridge, bds. 

Ml Columbia 
Brown Joel W. (Burnett & Brown ) . machine 

blacksmith, opp. 22G Third, house at 

Melrose [lumbia 

Brown John, packer (B.), boards 163 Co- 
Brown John, currier, house 117Tremont 
Brown John, ropemaker, Day Cordage Co., 

Brown John, painter, house 7 Grant 
Brown John, at 169 Gore 
Brown John C, laborer, boards 5 Sparks 
Brown John G., iron and steel (69 Purchase, 

B.), house 15 Craigie 
Brown John H., cigar maker, 537 Main, h. 

35 Pleasant 
Brown John M. (Little, Brown & Co.), 

Blackstone, house at Belmont 
Brown John S., driver, 502 Main, house 15 

Brown Joseph, carpenter, 502 Main 
Brown Joseph C, bread store 114 Magazine 

and carpenter, boards 93 Chestnut 
Brown Joseph H., potter, Crescent avenue, 

boards Porter's Hotel 
Brown Joseph L., waiter, Memorial Hall, 

house 47 Hampshire 
Brown J. Willard, teacher (East Boston), 

house 44 Langdon 
Brown Leroy S., com. mer. (60 Commerce, 

B.), house 93 North avenue 
Brown Levi S., engineer, 245 Broadway, 

house 50 Pine 
Brown Lucina J., widow of Nathaniel, h. 

42 Sacramento 
Brown Lydia E., widow, house 116 North 

Brown Lyman A., hack driver, 216 Green, 

house 652 Main 
Brown Margaret, periodicals and variety 

store, 409 Cambridge, house do. 
Brown Margaret, widow, house 294 Green 
Brown Mary, widow of Patrick, house 91 

Brown Mary A. Miss, teacher, Sargent pri- 

mory school, boards at Boston 
Brown Mary B., widow of Ebenezer P., h. 

808 Main 
Brown Mary E., widow of Evan, boarding 

house 48 Brattle 

Brown Mary F., Miss, teacher, house 36 

Brown Matthew P., carpenter, house 185 

Brown Michael, cooper, Revere Sugar Re- 
finery, house 89 Fifth 
Brown Michael, mason, boards 2 Lawrence 
Brown Minnie L. Miss, bookkeeper, A. H. 

Hews & Co., Crescent av. h. at Cha'sn. 
Brown Morgan, mate tug-boat ("D. Ro- 

gan," Chasn.) house 8 Sands 
Brown Morris, waiter, Memorial Hall 
Brown Nancy Mrs., house 22 Church 
Brown Otis S. (Otis S. Brown & Co.), Ill 

Bridge, house 90 North avenue 
Brown Otis S. & Co. (Otis S. Brown, Hi- 
ram N. Hutchinson and Frank PL Mar- 
shall), flour, grain, etc., 109 to 113 

Brown Patience Miss, boarding house 24 

Brown Patrick, rope maker, Day Cordage 

Co. Rogers 
Brown Patrick A., teamster, house 5 Con- 
Ions court 
Brown Rebecca, widow of Walker, house 

33 Elmer 
Brown Richard, lab., bds. Mansion House 
Brown Richard T., 153 Putnam avenue, 

house 168 do 
Brown Robert C», watchman, Main corner 

Albany, house 57 Cherry 
Brown Robert, conductor, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house 15 Harding 
Brown Robert J., clerk, 409 Cambridge, 

boards do 
Brown R. Gordon, salesman (159 Tremont, 

B.), boards 106 Austin 
Brown Russell P. , clerk, 154 N:rth avenue, 

boards 2 Loring, Somerville 
Brown R., driver W. E. S. R. Co. 
Brown Samuel, nailer, 3 Hampshire bds. 

1 70 Harvard 
Brown Thomas, marble worker, 70 Bridge, 

house at Boston 
Brown Thomas F., wood turner (B.), h. 

27 Cogswell avenue 
Brown "Walker, lab. h. r. 9 Cowperthwaite 
Brown Walter, at 169 Gore 
Brown Warren, lab. 169 Gore, h. r. 168 do. 
Brown William, tinsmith, boards 294 Green 
Brown Win., milkman, 91 Fifth, house do. 
Brown Wm. F., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, bds. 

120 Winsor 
Brown William F., printer (222 Franklin 

B.), house 14 Park 
Brown Wm. H., secondhand clothing, 465 

Main, and (195 Cambridge, B.), house 

71 Putnam avenue 
Brown Wm. H., sec. Water Metre Co. (267 

Washington B.), house 65 North ave. 
Brown Wm. J., waiter, Memorial Hall, bds. 

66 Putnam avenue 
Brown Wm. M., boards 35 Amory 

Dr. E. Y. White, ( 6ot, Main St. } " rkT^"lVr r FTG r l 1 Q 
Dr. W. H. Hollis, \ Central Sq. } JLFJJJ JJl X A.KJ L !0* 



Brown Wm. P., bookkeeper, A. H. Hews 

&Co., Crescent ave. h. 15 Worcester 
Brown Wm. S., baker (99 Prince, B.), h. 

94 Hancock 
Brown Wm. S., at 169 Gore 
Brown Wm. S. Jr., clerk, (Wash. B.) bds. 

94 Hancock 
Brown Wm. Wilson, caterer (22^ Brattle, 

B.), house 73 Hastings 
Brown & Spencer (C. H. Brown and E. C. 

Spencer) provisions, 46 Auburn 
Browne Arthur B., chemist (235 Wash. 

B.), boards 64 Antrim 
Browne Benjamin A., provisions, 290 

Broadway, house 64 Antrim 
Browne Geo. H. , boys' private school, 8 

Garden, rooms do. 
Browne John K. Rev., house 4 Tufts 
Brownell Harwell C, clerk (F. R. R., B.), 

house 81 Hubbard avenue 
Browning Francis, foreman of tinsmiths, 

153 Putnam avenue, house 167 do. 
Browning John S., advertising agent (B.), 

house 25 Erie 
Brunton John, coachman, house 3 Symonds' 

block, DeWolf 

Browning blacksmith, h. 15 Sparks 

Brownlee Annie E. Mrs., house G6 Dana 
Brownlow Joseph, house 16 Perry 
Brownlow Joseph J., express (28 Court sq. 

B.), boards 16 Perry 
Brownlow Wm. A. (Custom House, B.), 

boards 16 Perry 
Bruce Annette, Miss, teacher Putnam gram- 
mar school, house at Hyde Park 
Bruce Christopher, clerk, 170 Gore, boards 

12 Ninth 
Bruce David (U. S. N.), house 314 Pearl 
Brum Antonio E., hairdresser, 10l£ Cam- 
bridge, house at Somerville 
Brum Martin, at 169 Gore 
Brum Peter, at 169 Gore 
Brumbaugher Terrins, laborer, house rear 

57 Charles 
Bruneau Joseph, brickmaker, 150 Spruce 
Bruno Hermann, coachman, 17 Qnincy, 

boards do 
Brunt Wm., milkman, house 13 Willard 
Brunt Wm. H. (Wm. Elliott & Co.,), car- 
riage nmfr., Boylston, cor. Murray, 

boards 13 Willard 
Brupbacher Fritz, caterer (B.), house 24 

Brusch Bernard, boarding house, 1 Wash, 
Brnsch Louisa, widow of John, h. 1 Wash. 
Brusseau Charles, foreman B. S. B. Co., 

Spruce, house rear do 
Bryan George M., boot maker, Am. Rubbor 

Co., house 287 Main 
Bryant Amos, coachman, 154 Brattle 
Bryant Amos G., laborer, h. Gardner court 
Bryant Benjamin R., com. merchant (50 No 

Market, B.), house 11 Tremont 

Bryant Edw. A., clerk (192 Wash. B.), bds. 

37 Cogswell avenue 
Bryant Francis, agent (548 Washington, 

B.), house 37 Cogswell avenue 
Bryant Lewis L., assistant city physician 

and physician, 7 Temple, house do 
Bryant Sophia B., widow of Lewis H., h. 

7 Temple 

Bryant S. Gertrude Miss, music teacher, 7 

Temple, boards do 
Bryant Stephen, lab., h. 132 Webster ave. 
Bryant Thomas T., meats (50 N. Market, 

B.), house 35 Tremont 
Bryant Wm. AV., waiter, h. 40 Plymouth 
Buchanan John, teamster, Richardson & 

Bacon, house 222 Franklin 
Buchanan Mary A., wid. of Daniel, nurse, 

house 146-1 Harvard 
Buchanan Wm. H., driver, 30 Boyslton h. 

8 Eliot 

Buchanan Wm. H. Jr., painter, 14 Church, 

boards 8 Eliot 
Buck Abbie R., milliner, bds. 12 Sidney 
Buck Abijah R., machinist, 162 Broadway, 

house 50 Winsor 
Buck Austin J. (Buck & Greene), grocers, 

143 Pearl, boards 12 Sidney 
Buck C. W., proof reader, University Press, 
Buck David W., janitor, 1 Norfolk, rms. do. 
Buck Fidel, cabinet maker. Second, corner 

Thorndike, house 70 Second 
Buck Frank A., paper box maker (32 

Green, B.), h. 247 Broadway 
Buck James, compositor Riverside Press, 

h. 10 Andrew 
Buck John S., house rear 58 Thorndike 
Buck Lucius A., iron moulder, Pelham, 

house 14 Market 
Buck O. M. clerk, 423 Main, rooms 98 

Buck Silas B., house 2 Greenongh avenue 
Buck Silas E. (Wellington & Buck), coal 

and wood, 211 Bridge, house 4 Green- 

ough avenue 
Buck Susan E., widow, house 12 Sidney 
Buck William, cabinet maker, house 70 

Buck William II., blacksmith, 225 Third, 

house do. 
Buck William H., house 16 Holyoke 
Buck Win. L., machinist, B. & L. R. R. 

shop, boards 39 Tremont 
Buck W. M., clerk, boards 98 Austin 

BUCK & GKEEXJE (Austin J. 
Buck and Walter A. Greene) , grocers, 
H3 and 145 Pearl ^see page 639) 
Buckingham Silas II., iron foundry, (B.), 

house 624 Cambridge 
Buckland Georgiana C. , Mrs., lodging 

house 25 Holyoke 
Buckler Charles E., piano maker, boards 

1 1 Worcester 
Buckler Walter S., piano maker, boards 11 

Burditt & WMtobLtiSiS; Paints, Oils & Glass. 





Buckley Annie, widow of Geo., boards 

4 White 
Buckley Catherine, widow of John, house 

101i Tremont 
Buckley Catherine, widow of William, 

house rear 200 Bridge 
Buckley Charles J., furniture polisher, 

Otis, c. First, boards 2$ Vine 
Buckley Cornelius, laborer, house 101-i 

Buckley Daniel, engine cleaner, B. & M. 

B. B. house 'J Short 
Buckley Daniel, laborer, 160 Gore, house 

128 Webster avenue 
Bucklev Daniel, laborer, house 30 Warren 

BUCKLEY DIXIEL A., real es- 
tate and insurance agent and editor 
and propr., Cambridge News, 547 
Main, house 278 Harvard (see page 

Buckley Daniel P., grease collector, house 
131 Webster avenue 

Buckley Edward G., 43 Cambridge, boards 
2 Short 

Buckley Ellen, widow, hous : 27 Vine 

Buckley Hannah, widow of Timothy, bds. 
131 Webster avenue 

Buckley Howard K., hatter, Khoades 
building, house at Boston 

Buek'ey James, laborer. American Net & 
Twine Co., house 100 Sixth 

Bucklev James, laborer (Chs'nJ, house 25 

Bucklav James, scotch knitter, Am. N. &. 
T. Co., foot Second 

Buckley James, house 277 Cambridge 

Bucklev James, Jr., glass blower, boards 
25 Third 

Buckley Jeremiah, grocer, 51 Amory. 
house do. 

Buckley Jeremiah, teamster (B.), boards 
35 Jefferson 

Buckley Joanna, widow, house 30 Vine 

Buckley John, carpenter, house 133 Web- 
ster avenue 

Buckley Jo in, laborer. Revere Sugar Re- 
finery, house 120 Otis 

Buckley John, teamster, boards 35 Jef- 

Buckley John Mrs., house 2 Short 

Buckley John, at 169 Gore 

Buckley John E., mill hand. 33 Hamp- 
shire, boards 28 Vine 

Buckley John J., liquors, 147 Bridge, bds. 
2 Short 

Buckley Michael, engineer, American Rub- 
ber Co. 

Buckley Michael, teamster, 28 Bridge, 
house 35 Jefferson 

Buckley Nellie L., Miss, dressmaker, 293 
Cambridge, boards 131 Webster av. 

Buckley Patrick, City laborer, house 186 




, house 




Buckley Peter, blacksmith. W. E. St. Ry.. 

Co., boards 3 Locust [Bridge 

Buckley Thomas, driver, U. S. Mail, 44 
Buckley Thomas F., house 3 Locust 
Buckley Thomas F. , Jr. , horse shoer, W. E. 

St. Ry. Co., house 3 Locust 
Buckley timothy, baker. 5<»2 Main 
Bucklev Timothv L., laborer, (Chas'n), b. 

25 "Third 
Buckley William T., teamster, boards 133 

Buckley Wm. H., clerk, (Boston P. O.), 

boards 25 Third 
Buckman Austin, cabinet maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house at Woburn 
Buckman A. Aaron, teamster (B.). 

19 Cambridge 
Buckman Benjamin F., printer 

house 9 Winsor 
Buckman Charles F.. advertising 

(Boston Theatre, B.), house 2 

man place 
Buckman Jesse M., printer (B.). 

34 Clark 
Buckman J., sawyer, 3 Hampshire 
Buckman Sarah A., widow of William 

house A 75 Putnam avenue 
Bucknell Kate B., widow of Benj. W. . 

68 Mt Auburn 
Buckschitski Daniel, cabinet maker, 

Albany, house at Boston 
Bucler Geo., plumber, house rear 

Budden Wm. L., wood carver, house Hotel 

Buffum Ferdinand M.. (F. M. Buff urn & 

Co.), bell hanger, 604 Main, house 8 

Buffum F. M. & Co.. (Ferdinand M. Buf- 
fum and John J. Cruikshank) electri- 
cians and bell hangers 604 Main 
Buffum James L. , paper hanger, 101 Nor- 
folk, house do. 
Bugbee John B. (Holt & Bugbee). hard 

wood lumber. 17 Bast and (173 Friend, 

B.). house 138 Newbury 
Buhner Adam, waod carver, Otis. c. First, 

rooms 135 Otis 
Buker Edwin, planer. 3 Hampshire, house 

219 Broadway 
Buker I. H.. conductor. W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Bulfinch Ellen S., teacher of painting, h. 

136 Mt. Auburn [burn 

Bulfinch Stephen G. , Mrs., h. 136 Mt. Au- 
Bulinqurst L., calenderer, Amer. Rubber 

Bulkley Hester Mrs., h. 32 BreAvery 
Bullard Asa. Rev., house 22 Centre 
Bullard D. Webster, clerk (room 3 Court 

House, B.). h. 20 Maple ave. 
Bullard Elizabeth C. Miss, music teacher, 

378 Harvard, house do. 
Bullard Enoch H., at O. C R. R. depot 

(Kneeland, B.), h. 20 Maple a v. 

Floral Decorations 


P. O'BRIEN & SOX, $20 Main and 89 Sparks Streets. 



senger First National Bank, Main, 
cor. Prospect, h. 757 Main 

BULL4RD JOHN C, cashier 
Camb. National Bank, 87 Cambridge 
house 19 Bigelow 
Bullard Joseph O. (Bullard & Scott), rms. 

780 Main 
Bullard Mary A., Mrs., house 378 Harvard 
Bullard Mary L. Miss, teacher, Holmes pri- 
mary school, boards 378 Harvard 
Bullard N. H., 153 Putnam ave. 

cashier First National Bank, Main, 
cor. Prospect, h. 757 Main 

Bullard William H., engineer, 153 Putnam 
ave., house 154 Pleasant 

Bullen Alvin A., letter carrier, P. 0., 150 
North ave., house at Somerville 

Bullock Charles (Bullock & Sawyer), den- 
tist, 569 Main, h. 2G5 North ave. 

Bullock Harry E.. wood turner, house 61 

Bullock Harriet, widow of Laban, house 61 

Bullock Herbert W., musician, b.51 Market 

Bullock Otis S., machinist, 179 Broadway, 
house 191 Harvard 

Bullock Thomas, laborer. Cochrane Chem- 
ical Co.. Potter, h. 60 Charles 

Bullock Warren L., machinist, house 51 

Bullock & Sawyer (Charles Bullock and Al- 
bert J. Sawyer), dentists, 569 Main 

Bulmer Edward Q., laborer, house Baker 
block. Crescent ave. 

Bulstrode George, cabinet maker, 44 Cam- 
bridge, house 59 Sixth 

Bumstead Mary J., widow of Freeman, h. 
12 Berkeley 

Bunce Joshua, boot maker. Amer. Rubber 
Co.. rooms 71 Hastings 

Bandy E. N., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Bank Melinda J. Mrs., h. 12 Warland 

Bunker Abbie H., Miss, dressmaker, house 
14 Sydney 

Bunker 'Georgie C. , Miss, housekeeper, 
house 14 Sydney 

Bunker Laura E., Miss, bookkeeper (Attle- 
boro'), house 14 Sydney 

Bunker Nathaniel W., carpenter, h. 6 Beech 

Bunker William, house 14 Sydney 

Bunten Alonzo, engraver (4 Alden, B.), h. 
20 Allen 

Bunten Frederick R., clerk (58 Elm, B.), 
house 5 Barstow ave. 

Bunton George W., cashier (Avon place, 
B.), I). Wash, ave., cor. Hillside av. 

Burbank Edwin A., cashier. North Nation- 
al Bank (109 Franklin, B.), r-ouse 38 

Burbank Frank, dentist, h. 132 Auburn 

Burbank Hannah F.. widow of Otis, house 
874 Main 

Burbank James P., printer (183 High, B.), 

boards 34 Hubbard avenue 
Burbank Thomas, carpenter, house 1 

Walker court 
Burbank Thomas F., supt. B. S. B. Co., 

Spruce, house 34 Hubbard av. 
Burbeck George D., h. 5 Riverside pi. 
Burch Eben F., fish market, 8 Inman so.., 

house at Somerville 
Burch James, clerk, 8 Inman square, house 

at Somerville 
Burdakin John C. Mrs., house 56 Fifth 
Burdakin Joseph, cutter, N. E. Glass Wks. 

house 7 Sixth 
Burditt George L.. boards 31 Lee 
Burditt George W. (Burditt & White), 

hardware, etc., 622 Main. h. 31 Lee 
Burditt Harriet S., widow of B. A., house 

31 Lee 
Burditt Laroy S.. tuner, 162 Broadway, h. 

25 William [b. 31 Lee 

Burditt William S., clerk (20 Dock sq., B ) 

W. Burditt and Francis A. White;, 
hardware, paper hangings, etc., 622 
Main (see foot lines) 
Bureau Joseph, laborer, h. 152 Spruce 
Burgen Henry, baker, 10 Franklin 
Burger Joseph, confectioner, b. 17£ Fifth 
Burger William K., baker, h. 176 Harvard 
Burgher John, blacksmith, h. 8 Hancock 
Burgher John C, engineer, 201 Bridge, 

rooms 86 Cambridge 
Burgess Albert L., physician, 425 Main, 

house do. 
Burgess Almira, wid. of Zimri, h. 9 Prince 
Burgess Amasa, wood moulder, h. 139 Main 
Burgess Benjamin, laborer (Custom House, 

- B.), house 60 Hastings 
Burgess Charles E., machinist, 162 Broad- 
way [vard 
Burgess Charles H., brushmaker, 124 Har- 
Burgess Charles H., painter, house Emer- 
son block. Crescent ave. 
Burgess Daniel, laborer, h. 108 Kinnaird 
Burgess Elizabeth S., widow of William I)., 

house 20 Union 
Burgess George A., clerk (51 High, B.), 

boards 19 Cottage 
Burgess James M., carpenter, house rear 

428 Cambridge 
Burgess James W., watchman (450 Wash- 
" ington, B.), house rear 426 Cambridge 
Burgess John E., clerk (451 Washington, 

B.), boards 19 Cottage 
Burgess Margaret Mrs., house 33 Union 
Burgess Patrick, hill boy. W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., boards 2t! Brattle 
Burgess Thomas ,1.. salesman (450 Wash., 

B.), house 52 Elm 
Burgess William, draw-man, Sixth and 
Third-street bridges, house 4 William 
Burgess William II.. reed board maker, 162 
Broadway, rooms 1794 Harvard 


Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 




Burgesson John, carver, b. 4 Second-st. ct. 
Burgewyn James C, carpenter, house 54 

Burgoyne Fred, laborer, 153 Putnam ave., 

house 130 Pleasant 
Burk Andrew, case maker, 162 Broadway, 

house 94 Vine 
Burke Bernard, clerk, 77 Cambridge, house 

159 Spring 
Burke Charles E., cooper, house rear Lech- 
mere building, Lechmere square 
Burke Charles H., cook (21 Cambridge, B.), 

house 3 Dickinson 
Burke Daniel, laborer, F. R. R., house 140 

Dublin [Hampshire 

Burke Daniel, laborer, Pelham, boards 34 
Burke David, laborer (Somerville), house 

242 Cambridge 
Burke Deborah, house 206 Third 
Burke Edward, at 169 Gore [shire 

Burke Edward A., plumber, h. 64 Hamp- 
Burke Edward J., clerk, 114 Cambridge, b. 

78 Sixth 
Burke Ellen, widow, house 6G Harvard 
Burke Eugene, expressman, house rear 15 

Burke Frank B., carpenter, 61 Fifth, h. do 
Burke George H., siiipper, 502 Main, bds. 

35 Green 
Burke Harry, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 

rear 55 Charles [Dudley 

Burke James, currier, J. W. Low & Son, 
Burke James, laborer, house 36 Andrew 
Burke James, machinist, Amer. Rub. Co. 
Burke John, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 14 

Porter [Warren 

Burke John, laborer, 169 Gore, house 17 
Burke John, laborer, 169 Gore, house rear 

61 Winter 
Burke John, laborer, house 23 Sargent 
Burke John, laborer, house 23 Somerset 
Burke John, painter, house 78 Howard 
Burke John, boards 23 Somerset 
Burke John, tailor, 494 Main, h. 35 Green 
Burke John, wood carver, house 6 Third 
Burke John T., piano maker, b. 299 Green 
Burke Joseph, upholsterer (42 Cornhill, 

B.), house 60 Webster avenue 
Burke Joseph E., compositor, University 

Press, house 15 Sparks 
Burke Lawrence, blacksmith, 232 North 

avenue, boards 189 Spruce 
Burke Margaret, widow of James, house 

72 Hubbard avenue 
Burke Margaret T. Miss, teacher, boards 72 

Hubbard avenue 
Burke Martha, widow of John H., boards 

78 Sixth 
Burke Mary, widow, house 76 Spruce 
Burke Mary, widow of Patrick, house 299 

Green [Hampshire 

Burke Mary, widow of Thomas, house 64 
Burke Mary A. Miss, teacher, Riverside 

training school, boards 72 Hubbard av. 

Burke Michael, laborer, Waverly, corner 

Burke Nicholas F., clerk (112 Canal, B.), 

boards 72 Hubbard avenue 
Burke Patrick, laborer, 92 Main 
Burke Patrick, laborer, boards 23 Sargent 
Burke Patrick, laborer, C. H. North (Som- 
erville), house 14 Porter 
Burke Patrick, laborer, house 132 Webster 

Burke Patrick J., pressman (4 Williams ct., 

B.), house 133 Prospect 
Burke Thomas, hostler, otiok Main, house 

45 Kinnaird 
Burke Thomas, laborer, boards Hannum's 

block, Broadway [Third 

Burke Thomas, laborer, boards Munroe, n. 
Burke Thomas, laborer, house 75 Hastings 
Burke Thomas, laborer, house r. 52 Spruce 
Burke Thomas, laborer, 220 Portland 
Burke Thomas, tinsmith. 502 Main 
Burke Thomas E., boards 2 Ayer's block, 

Third [Kinnaird 

Burke Thomas F. , tin can mnfr. , boards 44 
Burke William, lather, house 101 Brookline 
Burke, see Berke, also Bourke 
Burkhardt Otto, baker, 502 Main 
Burkland Lawrence, mechanical engineer, 

boards 15 Magazine* 
Burleigh Emily A., widow of John A., h. 

85 Brattle 
Burleigh Gordon A. (Osborne & Burleigh), 

boots and shoes, 584 Main, house at 

Burleigh H. Prescott, clerk (70 Kilby, rm. 

52, B.), boards 32 Putnam avenue 
Burleigh Jacob N., buyer, 502 Main, house 

32 Putnam avenue 
Burleigh Thomas W., driver W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., boards 157 Prospect 
Burlingame Alice J. Mrs., h. 293 Broadway 
Burlingame Howard H., bds. 293 Broadway 
Burnaby Louise, widow of Charles, nurse. 

boards 48 Prospect 
Burnell Kittie Miss, at Public Library (B.), 

boards 11 Sacramento 
Burnell Lyman G. , foreman, Boston Clock 

Co. (Clifton, cor. Shirley, B.), house 

11 Sacramento 
Burner Lewis, cigar maker, h. 27 Harvard 
Burnett Andrew, machinist, 29 Main, house 

at Boston 
Burnett Charles H., clerk, 203 North ave., 

boards 46 Holyoke 
Burnett Frank AV., hack driver, 15 Church, 

house 60 Brattle 
Burnett Frederick A., driver, Hatch's ex- 
press, house 24 Harris place 
Burnett James (Burnett & Brown), opp. 

226 Third, house at Somerville 
Burnett Jeremiah, laborer, h. 20 Hastings 
Burnett Lewis Mrs., house 46 Holyoke 
Burnett Mary, widow of Daniel, h. 14 Vine 
Burnett Thomas, house 6 Centre 

DENTISTS, { ffi 

E. Y. White, ) 6o^ Main St. 
W.H. Hollis, j Central Sq. 



Burnett & Brown (James Burnett and Joel 

L. Brown), machine blacksmiths, opp. 

226 Third 
Burnham Addison C, student, H. IL, bds. 

68 Inman 
Burnham Asa, foreman of varnishers (791 

Tremont, B.), house 28 Upton 
Burnham Chas. Theo., piano action maker, 

131) Broadway, house 92 Winsor 
Burnham Charles Tilton, bds. 92 Winsor 

eer, insurance and real estate agent, 
623 Main, h. 68 Inman (see page 14) 
Burnham Frank L., clerk, 3 Brattle, bds. 7 

Burnham Geo. W. , bds. 2 Granite 
Burnham John F., clerk (20 Essex, B.), 

house 64 Fairmont 
Burnham Lamont G. (L. G. Burnham & 
Co.^), (221 Bridgeand 132 Charles, B.), 
house (209 West Newton, B.) 

BURN HAITI L. G. & CO. (La- 
mont G. Burnham), coal, Avood, lime, 
etc., 221 Bridge and (132 Charles, 
East Chester Park, B.) (Granite, S. 
B.), office (75 State, B.) (see page 3 
Burnham Marion H., Miss, teacher, Web- 
ster grammar school, bds. 68 Inman 
Burnham Sarah M., Miss, h. 80 Cambridge 
Burnham Sawyer, overseer, Almshouse, 

Tannery, bds. do. 
Burnham Winfred E., plumber, 599^ Main, 

bds. 39 Magazine 
Burns Andrew, laborer, house rear 27 Vine 
Burns Ann, wid. of Charles, h. 28 Spring 
Burns Catherine, widow, house 12 East 
Burns Catherine A., Mrs.,-h. Hotel Moore 
Burns Charles F., clerk, bds. 28 Spring 
Burns Cornelius, track layer, W. E. S. R. 

Co., bds. 15 Farwell pi. 
Burns David, laborer, h. 7 Cowperthwaite 
Burns David D., clerk, 15 Sparks, h. 13 do. 
Burns David P., elastic cement mnfr., 5 

Blackstone, house 54 Putnam ave. 
Burns Edward J., ro fer, house 49 Harvard 
Burns Edward J., tailor, 564 Main, boards 

463 Main 
Burns Elizabeth, Miss, house 12 East 
Burns 10. J., machinist, 35(5 Main 
Burns Hanify, laborer, bds. 204 Franklin 
Burns Horace H., clerk (1 T Wharf, B.), 

bds. 33 Bigelow 
Burns Humphrey, laborer, 169 Gore, bds. 

18 Eighth [Magee 

Burns Isabella, widow of Dixon, bds. 22 
Burns James, blacksmith, h. r. 55 Charles 
Burns James, teamster, house 40 School 
Burns James H., clerk, 15 Sparks, b. 13 do. 
Burns Jane, widow of Alexander, bds. 44 

Burns Jeremiah, laboror, bds. 23 Fourth 
Burns Jeremiah Mrs.., house 16 Gore 
Burns John, blower, N. E. Glass Works, 

house 14 North 

Burns John, foreman, clothing oiler, Thorn- 
dyke, rms. 60 Cambridge 
Burns John, fish (1 T wharf, B), house 

33 Bigelow 
Burns John, hostler, 565£ Main, house 20 

Hayes court 
Burns John, laborer, bds. 88 Third 
Burns John, slater, bds. 68 Boylston 
Burns John, teamster, house 24 Vine 
Burns John, waiter (B.), house 95 Tremont 
Burns John B., driver, 201 Bridge, house 

25 Third [do. 

Burns John E., clerk, 15 Sparks, bds. 13 
Burns Joiin F., laborer, bds. 224 Bridge 
Burns John H., painter, house 204 Franklin 
Burns John J., baker, 31 Elm, house 4 

Austin pi. [pi. 

Burns John J., upholsterer, bds. 4 Austin 
Burns John P., clerk, 2 Cowperthwaite, 

bds. do. 
Burns Joseph, laborer, Boston Bridge 

Works, bds. 58 Harvard 
Burns Julia, wid. of John, house 10 Pine 
Burns Lydia, Miss (The mpson & Burns), 

milliners, 190 Cambridge, bds. do- 
Burns Margaret A., Miss, dressmaker, rms. 

10 Pleasant 
Burns Mary, widow, house 18 Eighth 
Burns Matthew, laborer, 502 Main, bds. 48 

Burns Michael, clerk, 15 Sparks, h. 13 do. 
Burns Michael J., laborer, house 2 Ayer's 

blk., Third 
Burns Nelson S., janitor (34 School, B.), 

house 32 Amory 
Burns Owen, laborer, house 8 Jefferson 
Burns Patrick, hackman, b. 277 Cambridge 
Burns Patrick, laborer, bds. 48 Green 
Burns Patrick, J., clerk, 2 Cowperthwaite, 

bds. do. 
Burns Patrick, mason's tender, house 4 

Burns Patrick, shoemaker, 68 Norfolk, bds. 

at Somerville 
Burns Patrick J., trackman, B. & L. R. R., 

bds. 12 East 
Burns Peter, groceries and provisions, 2 

Cowperthwaite, house do. 
Burns Richard, blacksmith, Boston Ice Co., 

Prison Point, house at Charleston n 
Burns Richard, carpenter, house 22 Magee 
Burns Robert R., carpenter, h. 283 Main 
Burns Samuel, laborer, house 118 Fourth 
Burns Sarah, wid. of John, h. 224 Bridge 
Burns Thomas, laborer, house 5 Gray place 
Burns Thomas, at 169 Gore 
Burns Thomas, watchman, City stable, 

Hampshire, c. Norfolk, h. 4 Austin pi. 
Burns Thomas, teamster, house 486 Main 
Burns Thomas J., clerk (80 State, B.), bds. 

4 Austin pi. 
Burns Thomas J., teamster, Sixth, corner 

Potter, house 10 Blanche 





Burns Timothy, laborer, house 39 Cow- 

Burns Timothy, Mrs., grocer, 15 Sparks, 

house 13 do. 
Burns, see Byrne 
Burpee Lucy W., widow of Samuel W., h. 

42 Antrim 
Burr E. J., widow, house 780 Main 
Burr Henry E., boards 780 Main 
Burr Lemuel I)., carpet beater, boards 45 

Burr Lemule, house 45 Hampshire 
Burr Mareia, widow of Newton, house 21 

Burr Sally, widow of Seymour, house 47 

Burrage Abigail, widow of Joseph, house 

91 Prospect 
Burrage Frederic E., real estate and mort- 
gages, 555 Main, boards 91 Prospect 
Burrage Harriet L., wid;»w of T. P., h. 13 

Burrage Henry T., civil engineer, City 

engineer's office, City Hall, house 6 

Burrage William E., clerk, 555 Main, bds. 

13 Jay 
Burrage William S., student, b. 10 Fayette 
Burrage William W., lawyer (33 School, r. 

10, B.J, house 10 Fayette 
Burridge Caroline T. Miss, house 9 Amory 
Burrill Increase S., shoemaker (B.), house 

• Hotel Brooks 
Burroughs Charles H., hackdriver, 15 

Church, house 24 Farwell place 
Burroughs Edward A., grocer, 07 Columbia, 

house 430 Main 
Burroughs Edward S., ins. agent, house 10 

Clarendon avenue 
Burroughs George L., provisions, house 65 

Burroughs George W., foreman, 37 Clark, 

house at Charlestown 
Burroughs James, boards 10 Clarendon av. 
Burroughs Nim, feeder, W. E. S. R. Co., 

house Dudley, next Montgomery 
Burrowes Harrison D., tinsmith, 85 Cam- 
bridge, house at Boston 
Barrows Thomas R., blacksmith, 244 Main, 

house at Somerville 
Burrows William, blacksmith, 244 Main, h. 

at Somerville 
Bursiceau Henrv, at 169 Gore 
Burt H. A., conductor, W. E. S. R. Co. 
Burt Katie A. Miss, boards 29 Western av. 
Burt Seth P., butter, cheese, etc. (24 F. H. 

Market, B.), house 29 Western avenue 
Burt William L., jeweller (7 Province court, 

B.), house 11 Prospect 
Burton A. & E. & Co. f Anson and Ezra 
Burton and Frank H. Carter), brush 
manufacturers., 122 Harvard and (21 

Exchange, B.) 

Burton Anson (A. & E. Burton & Co.), 124 

Harvard, house at South Lancaster 
Burton Edward, machinist, li>2 Broadway 

house 96 Thorndike 
Burton Edward H., clerk (69 Commercial. 

B.), boards 96 Thorndike 
Burton Edwin S.. commission merchant 

(State, cor. India, B.), h. 373 Harvard 
Burton Ezra (A. & .E. Burton & Co.), 122 

Harvard, house at South Lancaster 
Burton George T., carpenter, house 27 

Cogswell avenue 
Burton Harry E., student II. U. boards 373 

Burton Henry E., letter carrier, P. O., 18 

Boylston, house 99 Garden 
Burton John P., painter, b. 27 Cogswell av. 
Burton Joseph S., coal (20 Exchange pi. , 

B.), house 6 Langdon 
Burton Robert, blacksmith, 355 North av. 

house 371 do. 
Busch John W., gardener, house 88 Web- 
ster avenue 
Bush John, boar Is 88 Webster avenue 
Bush Maria, widow of Samuel, house 10 

Bush Martha Mrs., house "50 Erie 
Bushard John, teamster, house 1 Rogers 

block. Washington 
Bushee Albert, box maker, 3 Hampshire, 

boards 394 Main 
Bushee James A., varnisher, 162 Broadway 

boards 394 Main 
Business Men's Club, 97£ Cambridge 
Buskirk Charles V., wheelwright, 376 

Main, house at Somerville 
Buskirk Samuel V., wheelwright, 232 

North avenue, house 178 Raymond 
Busnach Henry, hairdresser, 574 Main, h. 

11 Watson 
Busnach Michael S., constable, collector 

and cigar mnfr., 576 Main, house 11 

Busnach Samuel, hairdresser, 574 Main, h. 

13 Lopez 
Busnach Solomon M., cigar maker. 576 

Main, and grocer, 43 Brookline, house 


flooring and floor polish (9 Haverhill, 
B.), house 197 Lake View av. (see 
page 657) 
Butcher John, foreman, 33 Hampshire, h. 

9 Salem 
Butcher W. A., conductor, W. E. S. R. Co. 
Butland John C. F. (Butland & Son), ex- 
press, order box, 901 Main (26 Mer- 
chants row, B.), boards 307 Pearl 
Butland Uriah (Butland & Son), express, 

house 307 Pearl 
Butland & Son (Uriah and John C F. But- 
land), express, order box, 601 Main, 
and (25 Merchants row, B.) 








Butler Alfred If., hairdresser. 11 Brattle, b. 

Butler "A. L.. washer. W. E. S. R. Co., 

326 North avenue 
Butler Catherine A., widow of John, house 

139 Cambridge 
Butler Charles E.. tuner. 2S6 Main, house 

at Lynn 
Butler Daniel, stone-cutter, h. 23 McDonald 
Butler Edward, waiter. Memorial Hall 
Butler Ellen, widow, house 77 Hampshire 
Butler Elmer, conductor. W. E. S. R. Co., 

house 10 Frank 
Butler Frank J. Rev., asst. pastor. Church 

of the Sacred Heart, house 49 Sixth 
Butler George A., organ maker, 37 Fifth, 

house rear 452 Cambridge 
Butler George W., engineer, h. 26£ River 
Butler James, boot maker. Amer. Rubber 

Co., rooms 167 Broadway 
Butler Lovinia. widow of John, house 65 

Butler Martha H. Miss, teacher. Otis pri- 
mary school, boards 2 Frost 
Butler Mary, widow of David, house rear 

Butler Mary. wid. of John, house 17 Wash. 
Butler Mary A. Miss, teacher, St. Mary's 

Parochial school, boards ISO Prospect 
Butler Mary H.. widow of Samuel, boards 

2 Frost" 
Butler Matthew P.. cake baker. 502 Main. 

house 133 Prospect [ingham 

Butler Oscar, wire worker, boards 3 Rock- 
Butler Patrick, head baker. 502 Main, house 

139 Prospect 
Butler Patrick, laborer, 16:> Gore, boards 

19 Carson 
Butler Patrick, laborer, at Rubber Works, 

boards 2u Warren 
Butler Pierce, coppersmith. 153 Putnam av- 
enue, house 22 Somerset 
Butler Thomas, heel maker. Am. Rubber 

Co. , boards 20 Warren 
Butler Thomas W.. tinsmith, h. 13 Second 
Butler Wm. G.. cutter. N. E. Glass Works. 

boards Hotel Cambridge 

surance agent (27 State. B.), house 
10 Arlington see p. 15) 
Butterfield AldenA.. trav. salesman (32 

Summer. B.), boards Hotel Franklin 
Butterfield David W.. photographer. 573 

Main, house at Boston Highlands 
Butterfield E. Stuart, student. H. U., rms. 

25 Ellery 
Butterfield Jennie L., cashier, 60S Main. 

boards Hotel Franklin, Norfolk 
Butterfield John H.. clerk, S6 Cambridge, 

rooms 36 Fourth 
Butterfield Lewis H.. book-keeper (5 Mer- 
chants row. B-), hoards 52 Austin 
Butterfield Louisa E., widow of Charles M., 

boards L55J Cambridge 

Butterfield Louise J., wid. of Alden. house 
40 Bigelow 

Butterfield Wm.. laborer, h. 32 Charles Riv. 

Butters George W., provisions, 194 Cam- 
bridge, house 150 Thorndike 

Butters John W.. painter. 59 Market, h. do. 

Butters John W., Jr., lithographer (B.), 
boards 59 Market 

Butterworth James, chief engineer. U. S. 
Navy, house 25 William 

Butterworth J. Frank, student, H. XL, h. 

25 William 

Butterworth Robert, supt., 10 Arrow, house 

at Somerville [line 

Button Albert, shipper (B.), b. 112 Brook- 
Buttrick Charles F.. carpenter, house 1 

Douglass court 
Buttrick Elizabeth G. Miss, house S Norton 
Buttrick Ella E. Miss, teacher, Webster 

grammar school, boards 5 Frost 
Buttrick Mary A. Miss, boards 5 Frost 
Buxton Addison A., reed board maker, 162 

Broadway, house 58 Columbia 
Buxton Charles B.. fish and oysters, 63S 

Main, house 5 Soden 
Buxton Chas. R., action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, house 5S Columbia 
Buxton Charles AY., clerk, 549 Main. bds. 

5 Soden 
Buxton Walter H., clerk, 63S Main, boards 

5 Soden 
Buzzell George W. , teamster, 153 Putnnm 

avenue, house 151 do. 
Buzzell. see Busiel 
Byam Dexter H. (Roop& Byam), boots and 

' shoes. 557 Main, bds. S Wayland 
Bver Frank, tailor. 216 Cambridge, rooms 

Byerly William E.. professor, H. U.. house 

Hammond, near Oxford 
Byette John B.. compositor (39 Arch. B. ) , 

house 105 Fourth 
Bvnner Edward T., salesman. 622 Main, r h. 

26 Lee 

Bynron Frank, machinist. Boston Bridge 

Works. Sixth, house at Boston 
ByramEben S., house 19 Cottage 
Byram Joseph R.. kitchen furnishing goods 

(11 Essex. B.), house 3 Clinton t-^ 

Byrne Alfred J., clerk, 1 Brattle square, b. 

19 Brown 
Bvrne Catherine, widow of Patrick, house 

19 Brown 
Byrne Charles. M. R. C. Y. S.. veterinary 

surgeon. 22 Brattle, and 49S Main, h. 

at Waltham 
Byrne John, helper. 98 Tremont. bds. do. 
Byrne John B.. packer, 161 Broadway, bds. 

at Caarlestown 
Byrne Timothy J., carpenter, house 121 

Bvrne, see Burns 

Byrnes J., driver. W. E. St. Ry. Co.. 
Byrnes William J., house 50 Baldwin 



Wholesale and Retail. SO DOCK SQUARE. 



Byron George H., foreman, 113 Broadway, 

bo lrds 48 Pearl 
Byron John, painter, 14 Church, h. 20 Mill 
Byron Marion Mrs., dretsmaker, 7 Hotel 

Harrison, boards do. 

CABECEIRA JOAQUIN, cabinet maker, 

house 17 Vandine 
Cabeceira John J., laborer, h. 16 Vandine 
Cabery Joseph, laborer, John Reardon & 

So:is, nouse 273 Putnam avenue 
Cable William H., newspapers, h. 6 Salem 
Cabot Charles B., furniture finisher (157 

Fulton, B.), house 286 Pearl 
Cabot Charles H., newspaper carrier, house 

184 Cambridge 
Cabot Edith R. , Miss, copyist, Otis, corner 

Second, boards 286 Pearl 
Cabot Frances L., widow of Chas. EL, house 

33 Sixth 
Cabot Godfrey L., chemist (82 Water, B.), 

bds. 147 Brattle 
Cabot Henry B., gold beater (83 Sudbury, 

B.), boards 286 Pearl 
Cabot Lucian S., baker, 123 Norfolk h. do. 
Cabot Rhoda, widow of Charles, house 286 

Cade Charles B. (J. H. Stevens & Co.), 

plumber, 634 Main, house 113 Norfolk 
Cade William B. (Booth & Cade), grocer 

82 Pleasant, house 27 Park 
Cad in Charles F., engineer, house 62 Fair- 
CadranTheophilus, brickmaker, house Wal- 

den, near Dublin Tster 

Cadwell J., hostler, W. E. St, Ry. Co., Dun- 
Cady Ashley B., salesman (5 Union, B.), 

boards 30 Decatur 
Cady A., boiler maker, 92 Main 
Caffrey Frank, plumber, boards 15 Farwell 
place [folk 

Caffery Thomas, teamster, house 199 Nor- 
Cahill Charles S. Dr. apothecary, 474 Camb- 
ridge, boards 149 Prospect 
Cahill David, pigs' feet, 9 Porter, house do. 
Cahill James, laborer, 4 Dinsmore court 
Cahill Edward A., clerk, 474 Cambridge, 

boards 1494 Prospect 
Cahill' Elizabeth G. Miss, teacher (B.), bds. 

149 Prospect 
Cahill John, lawyer, 149 Prospect, house do. 
Cahill John, laborer, house 5 Burns ct. 
Cahill John F., clerk, 474 Cambridge, bds. 

149 Cambridge 
Cahill Matthew, straightener, 126 Portland, 

house 193 Broadway 
Cahill Michael J. , coachman (1 Marlboro, 

B.) house 109 Cushing 
Cahill Patrick, laborer, house Montgomery, 

first from Spruce on left 
Cahill Patrick, laborer, John Reardon & 

Sons, house 6 .Allston 
Cahir Thomas F., engineer, Dudley, cor. 

Reed, house 84 do. 

Cain Albion H., civil engineer City engin- 
eer's office, City Hall, house 27 Essex 

Cain Ann, Mrs. , house 7 Jefferson 

Cain Charles, teamster, 84 Bridge, house 
Decatur ct. 

Cain Ellen Mrs., (E. Cain & Sons), grocer, 
495 Cambridge, house 461 do. 

Cain E. & Sons (Mrs. Ellen, John H., and 
Thumps P. Cain), grocers 459 Camb- 

Cain E. W., driver W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Cain Frank B., blacksmith, 446 Main, boards 
389 do. 

Cain John H. (E. Cain & Sons), groc r, 459 
Cambridge, house 461 do. 

Cain Michael, laborer, house rear 127 Elm 

Cain Patrick, laborer, 3 Hampshire 

Cain Thomas P. (E. Cain & Sons), grocer, 
459 Cambridge, boards 461 do. 

Cain see Kane 

Cairns Charles A., case maker 286 Main, 
boards 171 Norfolk 

Cairns Michael M., carpenter, h. 37 Amory 

Cairns William II., case maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 89 Third 

Cairns see Carnes 

Caito Louise, widow, house 56 North 

Calderwood Fred S., machinist, 72 Main, b. 
20 Cottage 

Calderwood Irvin, watchman, N. E. Glass 
Works, house 62 Plymouth 

Caldwell Almira, widow of Win. F., house 
131 Cambridge [Suffolk 

Caldwell Charles W., painter, boards 21 

Caldwell Clara M., widow of George, h. 
12 Lopez 

Caldwell Harriet, widow Timothy, boards 

11 Prospect 

Caldwell James A., house 120 Magazine 
Caldwell John, engineer, house 86 Banks 
Caldwell Margaret Miss, press feeder, bds. 

12 Lopea 

Caldwell Maria, widow of Randolph, house 

7 Appian Way 
Caldwell Mary F., Miss, press feeder, bds. 

12 Lopez 
Caldwell Murat, slater, 622 Main, house 170 

Caldwell Nancy E. Mrs., boarding house, 44 

Caldwell Samuel P., carpenter, B. &. L. R. 

R. shop, house First, opp. Thorndike 
Caldwell William, laborer, Davis, corner 

Caldwell William, boards 380 Harvard 
Caldwell William, shipper, 502 Main 
Caldwell Wm. D., teamster, h. 1 Scevapl. 
Caldwell Wm. F. , baker, 31 Green, house 

3£ State 
Call Harry M., trav. salesman, b. 84 Auburn 
Call R. J., at 169 Gore 
Callaghan James, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

30 Warren [dar 

Callaghan Timothy A., teamster, h. 53 Ce- 

Dr. E. Y- White, 
Dr.W.H. Hollis, 




Callahan Annie E. Miss, teacher, Gore pri- 
mary school, boards at Chas'n 
Callahan Charles, carpenter, h. 124 Dublin 
Callahan Cornelius, laborer, 221 Bridge 
Callahan Daniel, clerk, 448 Cambridge, bds. 

48 Elm 
Callahan Daniel, gate tender, Short street 

crossing, B. & L. R. R., h. 10 Short 
Callahan Daniel, hostler, 43 Cambridge, h. 

at Boston 
Callahan Daniel, laborer, house 72 Spruce 
Callahan Daniel, hostler, 216 Green 
Callahan Daniel, sergeant police, station 5, 

house 32 Russell 
Callahan Daniel, at 169 Gore 
Callahan Daniel E., City lab., h. 91 Third 
Callahan Edward W., boards 135 Cambridge 
Callahan Ellen, wid. of Jeremiah, house 23 

Webster avenue 
Callahan Erank, machinist, 356 Main, h. 23 

Webster avenue 
Callahan George H., grocer, 80 Concord 

avenue, boards 7 Sparks street place 
Callahan James, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

163 Spring 
Callahan Jeremiah, hack stable, 287 Cam- 
bridge, house do. 
Callahan Jeremiah, hostler, 216 Green 
Callahan Jeremiah, house rear 3 Short 
Callahan Jeremiah, laborer, house 177 Cam- 

Callahan Johanna, widow, boards 77 Spruce 
Callahan John, bottler (98 Leverett, B.), 

boards 63 Elm 
Callahan John, brushmaker, bds. 164 Gore 
Callahan John, clerk, boards 148 Elm 
Callahan John, laborer, boards 10 Third 
Callahan John, laborer, h. 7 Sparks st. pi. 
Callahan John, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 30 
Warren [Carson 

Callahan John, laborer, 169 Gore, house 17 
Callahan .John, painter, 22 Boylston, house 

35 Cowperthwaiie 
Callahan John M., hairdresser, 112 Cam- 
bridge, boards 15(5 dt-. 
Callahan John P., printer (251 Wash., B.), 

house 135 Cambridge 
Callahan Lizzie F. Miss, dressmaker, 23 

Webster avenue, boards do. 
Callahan Margaret, widow, house 12 North 
Callahan Mary, widow of Dennis, house 61 
Winter ' [Elm 

Callahan Mary, widow of Jeremiah, h. 14-8 
Callahan Mary, widow of John, house 257 
Franklin [Foster 

Callahan Mary, widow of Patrick, house 40 
Callahan Mary, widow of Thomas, house 19 

Callahan Michael, laborer, bds. 72 Spruce 
Callahan Michael, laborer, 221 Bridge 
Callahan Michael, at 169 Gore 
Callahan Owen, driver. 502 Main, boards 
148 Elm 

Callahan Patrick, heater, 126 Portland, h. 

Rolling Mill block, Bristol 
Callahan Patrick J., horseshoer, 352 Cam- 
bridge, boards 3 Lechmere place 
Callahan Richard J., laborer, boards 177 

Cambridge [Rogers 

Callahan Robert, blacksmith, Sixth, corner 
Callahan Thomas, laborer, h. 17 Jefferson 
Callahan Thomas, laborer, house 88 Fifth 
Callahan Timothy, teamster, house 7 Fifth 
Callakan William, trackman, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house 303 Cambridge 
Callahan William J., fireman (Charlestown) , 

boards 177 Cambridge 
Callahan William J., junk, h. 14 Harding 
Callanan Michael, laborer, house Plymouth 
Callender Carrie M. Miss, house 413 Main 
Callender Charles A., house 487 Main 
Callender Frances Miss, dressmaker, 413 

Main, house do. 
Callender George L., rooms 500 Main 
Callender John, treas. (Bay State Brick 

Co., 5 Pemberton square, B.), house at 

Callender Mary M. Miss, stamping, em- 
broidering, etc., 413 Main, house do. 
Calligan Timothy, iron worker, Boston 

Bridge Works, Sixth 
Calnan Alice, widow, house 10 Fourth 
Calnan James S., plumbers' helper, boards 

71 Gore 
Calnan John, engine cleaner, B. & L. R. R. 

round house, boards 52 Bridge 
Calnan Joseph, teamster, 12 Cambridge 
Calnan Michael, laborer, 84 Bridge, house 

163 do. 
Calnan Morris F , core maker, Third, cor- 
ner Bent, house 34 Charles 
Calnan Patrick J., tallyman, 12 Cambridge, 

house 71 Gore 
Calnan Thomas, engine cleaner, B. & L. It. 

R. round house, boards 52 Bridge 
Calnan Thomas, at 169 Gore 
Calnan Thomas F\, freight conductor, B. & 

M. It. It., boards 71 Gore 
Calnan Timothy, boiler maker, 92 Main, h. 

rear 42 Hampshire 
Camberlain Frank, cigar maker, 599 Main, 

house 44 DeWolf 
Cambridge Almshouse, Tannery, Martin L. 

Eldridge, warden 

Cambridge Bicycle Club, 81 North avenue 

Cambridge Casino, Mt. Auburn, cor. Bath 

Cambridge Cemetery, Chas. S. Childs supt. 

Coolidge ave., n. Watertown line 

F\ Stanhope Hill, editor and prop., 
573 Main (see page 625 ) 
Cambridge City Guards Armory, City bldg., 

Brattle square 
Cambridge Conservatory of Music, George 
Fisher, prop., 4 Lee [bridge 

Cambridge Co-operative Bank, 89 Cam- 





Cambridge Electric Light Co.,E. H. Mulli- 

ken, supt., 23 Main 
Cambridge Gas Light Co., office, Hilton's 

block, 424 Harvard [Fayette 

Cambridge High School, Broadway, corner 
Cambridge Hospital, George E. Cole. M. 

D., house physician, Mt. Auburn. 

opposite Cbanning 

L. Shorey, prop., Soden (see p. 622) 
Cambridge Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Josiah W. 
Cook, pres., Alfred L. Barbour, sec. 
and treas., 555 Main 

BANK, Daniel K. Sortwell, pres., 
John C. Bullard, cashier, 87 Cam- 
bridge (see page 614) 
J Buckley, editor and prop., 547 Main 
(see page 624) 
Cambridge Observatory, junction Garden, 

Bond and Concord avenue 
Cambridge Post-Office, 18 Bovlston 

Cox, prop., 531 Main (see page 624) 
Cambridge Public Librarv, 639 Main 

.HILLS, iron mnfrs., Gilmore & 
Eustis, props., 126 Portland, office 
(70 Kilbv, B.) (see back cover) 

TRY, 613 Main (see page 72) 
BANK, Charles W. Sever, pres., 
Oscar F. Allen, treas., 2 Harvard 
row (see page 615) 

liam B. Howland, prop., 3 Linden 
(see page 625) 

WORKS, vinegar mnfrs., Herbert 
Derby, prop., 75 Main and (24 North 
Market, B.) (see page 13) 
Cambridge Water Board, City Hall, 660 

Cambridge Water Works, office City Hall, 
pumping station, Worthington, cor. Lake 
View a\|p. 
Cambridge Young Men's Christian Associa- 
tion, L. Wilbur Messer, general secre- 
tary, 624 Main, cor. Central square 
Cambridgeport Diary Co., diary mnfrs., 105 

AL BANK, Asa P. Morse, pres., 
Will F. Roaf, cashier, 585 Main (see 
page 616) 
Cambridgeport Post Office. 611 Main 
Cambridgeport Savings Bank, Joseph A. 
Holmes, pres. 635 Main 

TON EXPRESS, 600 Main and 
(34 Court sq., B.), Savage & Son, 
props, (see page 22) 

Came Ada M. Miss, music teacher, house 

12 Front 
Came Daniel, tinsmith, house 12 Front 
Came George A., teamster, 169 Gore, house 

72 Sixth 
Cameron Alexander, lineman, b. 2 Columbia 
Cameron James, lineman, bds. 271 B'dway 
Cameron James, repairer, W. F. St. By., 

Co., Dunster 
Cameron James, at 169 Gore 
Cameron John, coachman, 12 Ware, b. do. 
Cameron Neil, wood worker, 244 Main, 

house at Boston 
Campbell Alec, teamster, 360 Cambridge, 

boards Elm 
Campbell Alexander, carpenter, h. 10 Eliot 
Campbell Alexander J., bookkeeper, 42 

Elm, house 8k Market 
Campbell Ann, widow of John, h. 6 Moore 
Campbell Annie Miss, dressmaker, house 

135 Brookline 
Campbell Archie E., assist, bookkeeper, 

17 Elm, B.), boards 3 Summer 
Campbell Benjamin F., trunk maker, house 

87 Howard 
Campbell Bros. (Thomas F. and Edward 

H. Campbell), grocers, 97 and 99 

Campbell Charles H., Xinth, cor. Spring, 

house 10 Ninth 
Campbell diaries R., clerk, 7 Brattle, bds. 

Campbell Christopher, coachman, boards 

14 Beaver 
Campbell C. W., University Press, boards 

Brattle square Hotel 
Campbell David J.,opr. fire alarm, 1 Brattle 

sq., City building, rooms do. 
Campbell Douglass A., oil maker, John 

Keardon & Sons, house 15 Hamilton 
Campbell Edward, harness maker, rooms 

William Miller's. Murray 
Campbell Edward H. (Campbell Bros.), 

grocer, 99 Third, house 52 Spring 
Campbell Emma C. Miss, house 116 North 

Campbell Francis, discount clerk, Traders' 

National Bank (91 State, B.), boards 

36 Lee 
Campbell Frank J., blacksmith, 225 Third, 

house at Boston 
Campbell Geo. G. , laborer, b. 187 B'dway 
Campbell Hector L., mill hand, 37 Clark, 

house 63 Hampshire 
Campbell Hiram A., driver, 42 Elm, bds. 

84 Market 
Campbell Hugh, furniture polisher, State, 

cor. Osborn, house 56 Charles 
Campbell Husdi, house 3 Vine 
Campbell H. H., driver, W. E. St. By.. Co. 
Campbell James, furniture finisher, State, 

corner Osborn, house 167 Spring 
Campbell James, moulder, b. 99 Brookline 
Campbell James, sailmaker, h. 43 Market 






Campbell James, at 169 Gore 

Campbell James P., boilermaker,365 Main, 

house 138 Hampshire 
Campbell John, boiler maker, 356 Main, 

house 14 Brookline 
Campbell John, carpenter, h. 23 Warren 
Campbell John, foreman of machinists, 162 

Broadway, house 3 Summer 
Campbell John A., clerk (79 Bedford, B.), 

boards 3 Summer 
Campbell John M., printer, bds. 103 River 
Campbell ^Joseph, pipe maker, Lamb & 

Ritchie, Albany, house at Boston 
Campbell J. F. Mrs., house 36 Lee 
Campbell Malcolm, teamster, house 166 

Franklin [Boylston 

Campbell Margaret J., widow, h. rear 64 
Campbell Mark, teamster, Fifth, corner 

Rogers, house 884 Fifth 
Campbell Oscar, laborer, Am. Rubber Co., 

boards 81 Broadway 
Campbell Robert, hairdresser, 16 River. 

house at Boston 
Campbell Robert H., cloth inspector (440 

Washington, B.), boards 41 River 
Campbell Robert M., window screen agent, 

house 41 River 
Campbell Sanford K., delivery teamster, 

^55 Tremont, B.), house 4 Douglass 
Campbell Sarah, widow of Daniel, boarding 

house, 2 Columbia 
Campbell Sarah A. Miss, dressmaker, 95 

Mt. Auburn, house do. 
Campbell Thomas, plumber, boards 138 

Campbell Thomas F. (Campbell Bios.), 

grocer, 1 Vine, house 95 Third 
Campbell Thomas H., cutter Am. R. Co. 
Campbell Tunis G., clergyman, h. 55 Union 
Campbell VTunis G. Jr. , •shoemaker (B.), 

house 107 Elm 
Campbell Wm. (William Campbell & Co.), 

boiler maker, 364 Main, h. 168 Harvard 

and Wilson Campbell, 2d), boiler 
mnfrs., 356 Main (see page 641) 

Campbell Wm., rope maker, Day Cord. Co. 

Campbell Wm. H., clerk, rms. 30 Winthrop 

Campbell Wm. J., blacksmith, 162 Broad- 
way, house 6 Hotel Shirley, 41 School 

Campbell Wm. K., boiler maker, 356 Main, 
boards 168 Harvard 

Campbell Wm. T., house 37 Lee 

Campbell Wilson, 2d (Wm. Campbell & 
Co.;, boiler mnfr., 356 Main, house 31 

Canada G., hostler, W. E. S. R. Co., 326 
North avenue 

Canavan James A., polisher, 162 Broad- 
way, house 80 Washington 

Canavan John, tinsmith, house 20 East 

Canavan J. H., at 169 Gore 

Canavan see Can na van 

Canehan H., at 44 Cambridge 

Canfield Chas. T., clergyman (12 Chardon, 

B.), house 1 Berkeley 
Canfield Grace R., Miss, teacher (Boston), 

boards 1 Berkeley 
Cannaly John, at 169 Gore 
Cannaly Patrick, at 169 Gore 
Cannavan Ally, wid. of Jas., house rear 

335 Cambridge 
Cannavan John H. , laborer, boards r. 335 

Cannavan Richard L., peddler, h. Binney 

Field, Cambridge, opp. Harding 
Cannavan see Canavan 
Cannell B., driver, W. E. S. R. Co. 
Cannell Henry (H. N. Hovey & Co.), gro- 

9 t, 89 Cambridge, house 55k Gore 
Cannell Joseph, carpenter, boards 55^ Gore 
Canney John, laborer, house 33 Harding 
Canning H., driver, W. E. S. R, Co. 
Canning John, machinist, 17 Main 
Cannon Hugh, laborer, house 22 Foster pi. 
Cannon John, laborer, boards 10 Broadway 
Cannon Michael, at 169 Gore 
Cannon Rose, Miss, house 60 Boylston 
Canterburv Geo., driver, 502 Main, h mse 

14 Lake 
Cantwell Bessie, Miss, housekeeper, 88 Gore 
Cantwell Denis, clerk, house 88 Gore 
Cantwell James, at 169 Gore, bds. 88 Gore 
Canty Charles, catcher, 126 Portland 
Canty Gregory, 169 Gore, house 95 Gore 
Canty James, at 169 Gore, house 95 Gore 
Canty J., compositor, University Press 
Canty Michael, at 169 Gore 
Canty Patrick, blacksmith's helper, Sixth, 

corner Rogers 
Canty Patrick, laborer, boards 95 Gore 
Canty Timothy, laborer, boards 95 Gore 
Canty Zeph, house 73 Gore 
Capelle Jonas F., clerk (131 Portland, B.) f 

house 138 Thorndike 
Capelle Thomas, carpenter, house 8 Locke 
Capen Chas. L., music teacher, house 13 

Capen Levi, laborer, house 122 Elm 
Capen Timothy, carpenter, h. 34 Hunting 
Capidonia Capl, at 169 Gore 
Carbery Patrick, hostler, 12 S^len, house 

3 Soden place 
Carbonneau Napoleon, carpenter, house 

Clifton, near Spruce 
Carbrey Hugh M., trav. salesman, house 

63 Fourth 
Carbrey James, candy maker, boards 3 So- 
den place 
Cardinal Deoda, blacksmith, house Reed, 

near Dudley 
Cardwell James E., laborer, h. 32 Charles 

Carew Edward J., cooper, house 214 Pearl 
Carew Edward J. Jr., boards 214 Pearl 
Carew George, operator (B.), boards 167 

Carew John, cooper. 169 Gore, h. 31 Carson 





Carew Mary, Miss, teacher, 29 Everett, 

boards do. 
Carew Philip P., watchman, B. & L. R. R. 

house 62 Charles 
Carew Thomas A., house 29 Everett 
Carey Albert, painter, 244 Main, house at 

Carey Arthur A., house Fayerweather, cor- 
ner Reservoir 
Carey Bridget, widow, house 87 Gore 
Carey Emma P.. Miss, house 92 Brattle 
Carey Daniel, printer, University Press, 

boards 30 Winthrop 
Carey H. C, conductor, W. E. S. R. Co. 
Carey James P., horseshoer, 135 Frank- 
lin, boards 48 Sidney 
Carey James W., asst. engineer, Revere 

Sugar Refinery, boards rear 126 Gore 
Carey Jeremiah, saloon, 169 Bridge, house 

87 Gore 
Carey John M., teamster (B.), b. 87 Gore 
Carey Marcus, hostler, 251 Cambridge 
Carey Mary E. Mrs., dressmaker, 213 

Broadway, house do 
Carey Maurice, hostler, W. E. S. R. Co., 

223 Cambridge, house 10 North 
Carey Michael, laborer, 72 Main, house 6 

Baldwin place 
Carey Sarah G. Miss, boards 92 Brattle 
Carey Sarah M. Mrs., house 36 Cherry 
Carey Thomas G., house 92 Brattle 
Carey Timothy, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

37 Warren 
Carey Wm. M., cutter (32 North, B.), 

house 48 Sidney 
Carey see Cary 

Carlen Michael, cooper, boards 210 Camb. 
Carleton Deborah Miss, bds. 80 Oxford 
Carleton Harriet Miss, b 1 Wallace Terrace 
Carlin James, laborer, Goepper Bros. 
Carlin John, core maker, h. r. 175 Bridge 
Carlin Michael, cooper, Goepper Bros. 
Carlin Patrick, plumber, boards Mansion 

Carlin Wm. A., plumber, 15 Brattle, house 

79 Boylston 
Carlisle Geo. A., die maker (B.), house 84 

Carll Lewellyn F., cooper, house South- 

ers place 
Carlock Charles T., diary binder, 105 Mag- 
azine, house 22 Brookline 
Carlock John R., watchcase maker (8 

Province court, B.), h. 16 Brookline 
Carlon Henry, wood turner, 368 Main, h. 

75 Hastings 
Carlou James W., confectioner, boards 186 

Carlou John P., fruit tree agent, house 189 

Carlou Roscoe A., peddler, h. 1 Union pi. 
Carlson Albert, laborer, b. 4 Rogers block 


Carlson A., safe maker, 17 Main, house at 

Jamaica Plain 
Carlson Carl, clerk, 404 Main, bds. do. 
Carlson T., safe maker, 17 Main, house at 

Jamaica Plain 
Carlton Harriet Mrs., h. 14 Western ave. 
Carlton Harriet E. Miss, b. 14 Western av. 
Carlton Eugene E., bookkeeper (North, B.) 

boards 107 Lake View avenue 
Carlton James, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Carlton Patrick, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Carlton Samuel, watchman, Otis, c. First 
Carlton William H., carpenter, boards 28 

Hubbard avenue 
Carlton, see Carleton 
Carman Charles W., grocer, 421 Main and 

178 Harvard, house 94 Magazine 
Carman Frank E., clerk, 421 Main, boards 

94 Magazine 
Carman Leonard L., clerk, 421 Main, bds. 

94 Magazine 
Carmichael James A., carpenter, boards, 

408 Cambridge 
Carmichael John, baggage master, B. & L. 

R. R., B.), house 102 Cambridge 
Carmichael Mary Mrs., h. 408 Cambridge 
Carmichael Mary A., teacher, Wellington 

grammar school, bds. 102 Cambridge 
Carmichael Matthew P., clerk (62 High, 

B.), boards 102 Cambridge 
Carmichael Peter, clerk, 444 Cambridge, 

boards 408 Cambridge 
Carnes James C, carpenter, h. 4 Jordan pi. 
Carnes John, shoemaker (B.), h. 11 William 
Carnes Philip, laborer, h. 58 Waverly 
Carnes William, blacksmith, house 169 

Carnes, see Cairns 

Carney Bernard, laborer, h. 358 Broadway 
Carney Daniel, at 169 Gore 
Carney Edward, at 169 Gore 
Carney Edwin A., clerk, 543 Main, honse.4 

Lamson place 
Carney Francis H. , piano tuner (156 Tre- 

mont, B.), house 111 Putnam ave. 
Carney Frank, at 169 Gore 
Carney Frank M. , asst. in H. U. library, b. 

12 Madison 
Carney Frederick W., conductor, W. E. 

St. Ry. Co., boards 39 Amory 
Carney James J., teamster, h. 78 Boylston 
Carney John, hostler, h. 191 Dublin 
Carney John, lab., 169 Gore, h. 23 Marion 
Carney John P., plumber, 12 Harvard row, 

bds. 6 Harvard sq. 
Carney Josie, at 169 Gore 
Carney Katie, at 169 Gore 
Carney Mary, widow, house 38 Winter 
Carney Michael, laborer, Electric Light 

station, boards 6 Vine 
Carney Michael E., scotch knitter, Am. N. 

& T. Co., h. Monroe, west of Third 
Carney Owen, laborer, house IS Brown 


Dr. E. Y. White, ") 603 Main St. 
W. H. Hollis, J Central Sq. 



Carney Patrick, scotch knitter, Am. N. & T. 
Co., foot Second, h. at South Boston 

Carney Patrick, farmer and milkman, house 
Fresh Pond lane 

Carney Patrick J. , stonecutter, 258 Mt. Au- 
burn, boards 18 Brown 

Carney P., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Carnev Rebecca, widow of Bernard, house 
191 Dublin 

Carney Rebecca, wid. of Joseph.h. 39Amory 

Carney Sarah, widow of Michael, h. Munroe 

Carney Timothy, at 1G9 Gore 

Carney William A., teamster, b. 84 Moore 

Carpenter Alexander C, blacksmith, house 
70 Harvard 

Carpenter Augusta C, widow of Hiram, 
house 7 Dover 

Carpenter Edward A., physician, 7 Lin- 
mean, house do. 

Carpenter Ella F. Miss, bds. 7 Dover 

Carpenter Elvira H., widow of Henry, h. 
7 Lin me an 

Carpenter George, coffin maker, 201 Bridge, 
house rear 58 Winter 

Carpenter Mary G. Miss, teacher, Agassiz 
school, boards 7 Linnrean 

Carpenter Thomas, cabinet maker and up- 
holsterer, 56 Clark, h. 21 do. 

Carr Alfred, carpenter, bds. 10 Essex 

Carr Alton E., bookkeeper (45 Oliver, B.), 
house 6 Hotel Allerton 

Carr Annie Miss, inspector, N. E. Glass 

Carr Arthur, laborer, Union Glass Co. 
(Somerville), house 45 Harding 

Carr Bernard, laborer, house r. 18 Decatnr 

Carr Bros. (Michael Carr), soft soap manu- 
facturers, rear 12 Lopez 

Carr Caroline E. Miss, principal Kindergar- 
ten, 76 Moore, boards 147 Harvard 

Carr Charles, carpenter, 37 Garden, h. do. 

Carr Charles, soap maker, Carr Bros., h. 
20 Decatur 

Carr Charles H., carver, 20 Albany, boards 
rear 18 Decatur 

Carr Charles H., printer (Herald, B.), h. 
28 Bigelow 

Carr Erwin S. (Carr & Ryder), stoves, etc., 
400 Harvard, house 36 Wallace 

Carr Frank P., hose driver 5, house 195 

Carr George W., salesman, b. 28 Bigelow 

Carr Henry, "house 9 Dinsmore court 

Carr James, brushmaker (B.), boards 45 

Carr James, laborer, 389 Cambridge, bds. 

Carr James, tailor, house, r. 233 Franklin 

Carr John, laborer, house 9 Dinsmore ct. 

Carr John Henry, brass finisher (South. 
B.). boards 195 Hampshire 

Carr John II., clerk (9 Chauncy, B.), bds. 
383 Cambridge 

Carr John H., at 169 Gore 

Carr Julia, widow of Richard, h. 4 Suffolk 
Carr Martin C, coachman, h. 21 Banks 
Carr Michael (Carr Bros.), soft soap mnfr., 

rear 12 Lopez, house do. 
Carr Michael F., letter carrier, boards r. 18 


CARR NATHANIEL,, coal (280 
Causeway, B.), house 7 Walnut ave. 
(see page 655) 
Carr Patrick, laborer, bds. 34 Jefferson 
Carr Patrick, soap cutter, 206 Broadway, 

boards 383 do. 
Carr Peter, at 169 Gore 
Carr Richard, fish packer, h. 4 Suffolk 
Carr Richard T., lithographer, Riverside 

Press, boards 83 Putnam ave. 
Carr Robert, laborer, house 9 Dinsmore ct. 
Carr Samuel, house 143 Magazine 
Carr William, soap cutter, 184 Broadway, 

boards 383 Cambridge 
Carr William, tailor, 6 Prospect, h. 23 Bay 
Carr William, at 169 Gore 
Carr & Ryder (Erwin S. Carr and Horace 

G. Ryder), stoves, furnaces, etc., 400 

Carr, see Rear, also Kerr 
Carret J. Francisco, at Boston Public Li- 
brary (46 Boylston, B.), house 6 Appian 

Carrick Henry C, nurse, house Fayer- 

weather, corner Reservoir 
Carrick James, foreman (Hanover, B.), 

house 89 Elm 
Carrigan, see Kerrigan 
Carrington H., hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

Carrington John, teamster, house 33 Elmer 
Carrington Solomon, porter (48 Temple 

place, B.). house 139 Columbia 
Carrington William A., waiter, Memorial 

Hall, rooms 74 Elm 
Carrington William M., waiter, Memorial 

Hall [way 

Carroll Alfred P., machinist, 162 Broad- 
Carroll Ann Miss, house 36 Winter 
Carroll Caroline Miss, dressmaker, 3 

Charles River, house do. 
Carroll Charles, driver, boards 99 Brookline 
Carroll Charles D., driver, C. H. North & 
Co. (Somerville), house 106Tremont 
Carroll Daniel, laborer, boards 16 Gore 
Carroll Daniel, bartender (B.), boards 341 

Carroll Denis, laborer, house 14 Hancock 
Carroll Edward, coppersmith, boards 58 

Carroll Edward, hairdresser, 389 Main. 

house 71 School 
Carroll Edward J., laborer, Boston Woven 

Hose Co., house 24 Berkshire 
Carroll Eliza, widow of John, house 36 

Carroll Helen (42 Chauncy, B.), house 24 


Builders' Hardware, 

at Bnrditt& White's 

2 ik 4 Central Sq. 



Carroll James, laborer, 169 Gore, house 2 

Stevens court 
Carroll James, laborer, h. rear 206 Bridge 
Carroll James H., sewing machines, 116 

Cambridge, house do. 
Carroll John, sla:er, house 34 Charles 

Carroll John F., blower, N. E. Glass 

Works, house 228 Bridge 
Carroll John F., machinist, 169 Gore, h. 

7 Vine 
Carroll John I., milkman, house 57 

Carroll Joseph J., laborer, boards 102 

Carroll Julia S., widow of Edward J., h. 

108 Tremont 
Carroll Marcella Miss, dressmaker, 108 

Carroll Margaret Miss, dressmaker, 3 

Charles River, house do 
Carroll Mary, widow of John, rooms 4-1 

Carroll Mary, widow of Patrick H., boards 

4(5 River 
Carroll Nora, widow of Patrick H., house 

27 West 
Carroll Olivia, widow, house 10 Plymouth 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, house 309 Green 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, Revere Sugar Re- 
finery, house 5 Winter 
Carroll Patrick, at 169 Gore 
Carroll Patrick, porter (B.), h. 27 West 
Carroll Patrick D., house 281 Cambridge 
Carroll Philip, laborer, house 59 Boylston, 
Carroll P., feeder, Murray st. stable, W. 

E. St. Ry. Co. 
Carrol Richard, fireman, Cochrane Chemi- 
cal Co., Potter, house 6 Conlons court 
Carroll Thomas J., varnisher (B.), boards 

6 Conlons court 
Carroll William, baker, 502 Main, boards 

95 Winsor 
Carroll William, baker, boards 19 Hunting 
Carroll Wm.,- coachman, house 7 Norton 

Carroll Wm., compositor, boards 18 Put- 
nam av. 
Carroll William, grain weigher (F. R. R. 

Chs'n), house 16 Gore 
Carroll William, tailor, house 24 Porter 
Carroll William Jr., junk, bds. 24 Porter 
Carroll Wm. C, laborer, house 238 Frank- 
Carroll Wm. H., herdic driver, house 67 

Carruth Charles E., grocer, 72 River, bds. 

9 Laurel 
Carruth George E., clerk, 72 River, house 

9 Laurel 
Carruthers Edward J., paymaster, 17 Main, 

house at Melrose 
Carry Harry, laborer, house 9 Dinsmore ct. 

Carry Will C, medical student, boards 96 

Carson Albert, baker, 176 Harvard, h. do. 

Carson Byron, boxmaker, boards 325 Main 

Carson Patrick, carpenter, h. 356 Green 

Carson Robert, h. 340 Green 

Carson Thomas, at 169 Gore 

Carstein Hans L., coal and wood, 47 Cogs- 
well ave., house 45 do. 

Carter Abbie Mis», dressmaker, boards 15 

Carter Alfred, coachman, 134 Oxford, 
boards do. 

Carter Charles, boards 35 Concord av. 

dent, Maverick Oil Co., Sixth, cor. 
Potter, and (61 Broad, B.), house 
at Boston (see page 12) 
Carter Edbert E., clerk, 164 Cambridge, 

rooms rear 149 Cambridge, 
Carter Elno A., book-keeper, 153 Put- 
nam avenue, house 5 Chestnut 
Carter Frank H. (A. & E. Burton. & Co.), 

brush mnfr., 122 and 124 Harvard, and 

(21 Exchange, B.), house at Boston 
Carter George, blower, N. E. Glass Works, 

house 138 Cambridge 
Carter George E., 623 Main, house 35 

Concord av. 
Carter George W. , wood engraver, boards 

138 Cambridge 
Carter Gordon, hostler, boards 24 Mill 
Carter Harriet, Miss, city missionary (19 

Congregational House, Beacon, B.), 

house 14 Western avenue 
Carter James, carpenter, house 467 Main 
Carter James, coachman, 80 Sparks, house 

31 Willard 
Carter John, laborer, 169 Gore, house 13 

Carter John R. , law student, H. U., house 

64 Sparks 
Carter Joseph C, confectionery peddler, 

boards 4 Elm 
Carter Joseph T., compositor (238 Wash., 

B.), house 38 Sidney 
Carter Lemuel T., grocer, 174 Hampshire, 

house 382 Cambridge 
Carter Lewis W., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house 25 Mt. Auburn 
Carter L. L. (Smith & Carter), teamster, 

Crescent ave., house 5 Hadley 
Carter Martha L., widow of John, house 38 

Carter M. Jennie Miss, dressmaker, Brack- 

ett place, house do. 
Carter Nathan A., watchman, Rhoades build- 
ing, State, house 4 Boardmau place 
Carter Noel A., salesman (229 Franklin, 

B.), house 6Q Antrim 
Carter O. M., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Carter Richard H., waiter, Memorial Hall, 

rooms 66 Putnam avenue 
Carter Susan Mrs., house 177 Harvard 


Lots Bought, Sold, and Cared for. 


8-0 Main and 

89 Sparks SU. 



Carter William, watchman, State, corner 

Osborn, house 9 Broadway 
Carter William F., horse shoer (B.), house 

rear 11 Valentine 
Carter William G., laborer, h. Garden ct. 
Carter William H., cook, S. Algheiri, Main, 

house 90 Harvard [Harvard 

Carter William H., whitewasher, house 90 
Carter W. G., hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

Carton Hugh, soap dealer, h. 33 Hunting 
Cartwright Ezekiel S., rope maker, house 2 

Harold place 
Cartwright John B., trombone soloist, bds. 

2 Harold place 
Cartwright Joseph P., driver, S. F. E. 5, 

house 2 Hotel Inman 
Cartwright Philip, box nailer, 3 Hampshire, 

boards 2 Harold place 
Carty Henry, machinist, house 129 Winsor 
Carty Henry T., bread store, 129£ Winsor, 

and music teacher, 129 Winsor, b. do. 
Carty, see McCarty, also McCarthy 
Carver Edmond S., machinist, boards Lam- 
bert avenue, corner Richdale avenue 
Cary Emma F. Miss, boards 92 Brattle 
Cary John H., at B. & L. R. R. repair shop 
Cary Sarah G. Miss, house 92 Brattle 
Cary Thomas G., boards 92 Brattle 
Cary, see Carey 
Caryl Mary E. Miss, copyist, Otis, corner 

Second, house at Somerville 
Case Elias A., clerk (140 Hanover, B.), h, 

132 Washington 
Case Lyman G., teamster (99 Sudbury, 

B.), house 68 Columbia 
Case Samuel M., book-keeper, boards 68 

Casey Andrew A., baker, 502 Main, house 

rear 15 Pine 
Casey Ann J., widow of William, house 

104 Fourth 
Casey Frank J., iron moulder, Third, cor. 

Bent, house 10 Pine 
Casey Geo., laborer, house 6 Rogers' block, 

Casey George A., laborer, boards rear 79 

Casey James, insurance agent (85 Devon- 
shire, B.), house 139 Main 
Casey James H., laborer, boards 91 Fifth 
Casey James M., clerk, 33 Hampshire, bds. 

173 Cambridge 
Casey James S., sub., steam fire engine 

driver, house 195 Cambridge 
Casey John, oiler, 502 Main, h. 23 Sidney 
Casey John H., lab., house r. 78 Boylston 
Casey John H., machinist, boards rear 79 

Casey Katie, book-binder, h. 2 Norfolk ct. 
Casey Mary Mrs., house 137 Main 
Casey Mary A., widow of Bernard, house 

rear 79 Hastings 
Casey Maurice, laborer, 28 Bridge 

Casey Michael, clerk, 432 Cambridge, bds. 

at Somerville 
Casey Michael, marble worker (B.), house 

107 Columbia 
Casey Michael, messenger (Tremont 

House, B.), house 91 Fifth 
Casey Michael, Jr., herdic driver (B.), b. 

91 Fifth 
Casey Patrick, blacksmith, h. 200 Cushing 
Casey Thomas, clerk, boards 20 School 
Casey Thomas H., clerk (33 Federal, B.), 

boards 173 Cambridge 
Casey Thomas J., chief engineer, fire de- 
partment, office, City Hall, 660 Main, 

house 173 Cambridge 
Casey Timothy, laborer, house 26 North 
Casey William, furnace tender (B.), house 

41 Clark 
Casey William,, hostler, house 6 Baldwin 

street court 
Casey William F., confectionery, fruit, 

etc., 195 Cambridge, house do. 
Casey William L., morocco dresser, boards 

rear 79 Hastings 
Cashman George R., warehouseman, Uni- 
versity Press, boards 26 Donnell 
Cashman John, gardener, at Observatory, 

house 29 Donnell 
Cashman John, laborer, 220 Portland 
Cashman Michael Mrs., house 8 Lincoln 
Cashman Patrick, wheelwright, 234 North 

<avenue, house 47 Cedar 
Cashman Thomas, book-binder, Riverside 

Press, house 536 Main 
Casneau Sylvester, hairdresser, 627 Main, 

house 32 Amory 
Caspar M., metal worker, Otis, near First 
Casper Nicholas, clerk, 246 Broadway, bds. 

118 Winsor 
Cass Calvin P., clerk (Boston), h. 22 Pearl 
Cass Frederick G., pres., Wilson-Cass Co., 

10 Franklin, house 12 Green 
Cass Sarah C, widow of Enoch C, house 

12 Green 
Cassalls William, clerk, 538 Main, boards 

35 Green 
Cassidy Andrew, fireman, Gas Co.'s Works, 

Third, rooms (>6 Broadway [Pearl 

Cassidy Ann, widow of Edward, house 120 
Cassidy Bridget Mrs., house 8 Decatur ct. 
Cassidy Edward, clerk (B. & M. freight de- 
pot, B.), boards 120 Pearl 
Cassidy Edward, driver, U. S. Mail, 44 

Cassidy Edward, at 169 Gore 
Cassidy Edward Mrs., house 79 Spring 
Cassidy Edward B., teamster (B.), house 

16 Leighton court 
Cassidy John, helper, Albany, house at 

Cassidy John, laborer, house 35 Harding 
Cassidy John P., mason, house 20 Fair- 
mont avenue 



Wholesale and Retail. i*> DOCK SQUARE. 



Casson Robert (Irving & Casson), wood 

mantels, Otis, c. First, house at Linden 

Castle Eliza, widow of James, house 52 

Castle James C, clerk (B.),b. 52 Columbia 
Caswell Daniel W., clerk, boards 44 Sidney 
Caswell Elizabeth, widow of John, house 
291 Green 

CASWELL GEO. B. (Coolidge & 
Caswell), prop., Bay State Laundry, 
136 Franklin, house s£ Western ave. 
(see page 623) 
Caswell Margaret Ann Miss, press feeder, 

University Press, boards 291 Green 
Caswell Newell F., clerk, boards 10 Dover 
Caswell Sarah P., widow of Enoch H., h. 

8£ Western avenue 
Caswell Susan, widow of Thomas, house 93 

Hampshire [shire 

Caswell Thomas M., teamster, b. 93 llamp- 
Cate Charles F., clerk (18 Cambridge, B.), 

house 57 Frost [h. do. 

Cate George F., provisions, 142 Harvard, 
Cate Jessy L., teacher, High School, boards 

15 Lancaster 
Cate John, carpenter, rooms 12 Dunster 
Cate Lavinia T. Mrs., boards 142 Harvard 
Cate Louisa L., widow of James, house 7 

Appian Way 
Catlin John, night watchman, Third, corner 

Bent, house 67 Vine 
Caty Louis O., clerk, 432 Cambridge, house 

at Somerville 
Cauley Ann Mrs., house 48 Harding 
Caulkin Katie M. Miss, shoe stitcher, bds. 

438 Main 
Caulkins Frederick J., asst. editor, 3 Lin- 
den, boards 96 Austin 
Caulkins Louisa B., widow of Jonathan, h. 

96 Austin 
Caun Edward, hairdresser, h. 24 Putnam av. 
Caution Benjamin, drug clerk (B.), house 

32 Howard 
Cavanagh Annie Mrs., house 656 Cambridge 
Cavanagh Charles, stone-cutter, First, opp. 

Spring, house do. 
Cavanagh Cortes W., printer, bds. 17 Eliot 
Cavanagh George, boiler-maker, 92 Main 
Cavanagh John, cook, house 45 Brookline 
Cavanagh Michael, harness maker, 445 

Main, house 69 Columbia 
Cavanagh Michael T., grocer, 346 North 

avenue, house do. 
Cavanagh Patrick, teamster, First, near 

Spring, house do. 
Cavanagh Thomas H., action maker, 162 

Broadway, house 656 Cambridge 
Cavanagh William H., clerk, 346 North av., 

boards do. 
Cavanagh, see Kavanagh 
Cave Jane Mrs., house 3 Symonds' block, 

Cawley John F., laborer, Amer. Rub. Co., 

boards 20£ Third 

Cawley Thomas J., laborer, 211 Bridge, h. 

20£ Third 
Cayer Andrew, laborer, house Wellington, 

near Brick Yard 
Cederberg A., at 44 Cambridge [Main 

Cederberg John F., tailor (B.), house 291 
Cederberg Theodore, carpenter, house 51 

Hayes court 
Cederholm Nels, cabinet maker, 44 Cam- 
bridge, house at Melrose Highlands 
Centennial Am. Tea Co., teas and coffees, 

527 Main and 130 Cambridge 
Center Caroline O. Mrs., h. 2 Lincoln court 
Center Mary P. Mrs., house 23 Summer 
Central Club, 1 Norfolk 
Cervi Romeo, book-binder, Riverside Press, 

house 98 Putnam avenue 
Chabot Joseph S., tinsmith, Cedar, corner 

Dudley, house 63 Cedar 
Chadbourne Arthur P., bds. Mercer Circle 
Chadbourne George S., clergyman, house 9 

Chadbourne James P., boards 9 Warland 
Chadbourne Samuel R., fly finisher, 162 

Chadbourne William Mrs., h. Mercer Circle 
Chadbourne William J., trav. salesman, 

boards 9 Warland 
Chadwick Alford F., polisher, 137 Broad- 
way, house 44 Winsor 
Chadwick Lead Works, red lead mnfrs., N. 

E. Glass Works yard, North, office 

(171 to 175 High, Boston) 
Chadwick Lena B. Miss, saleswoman, boards 

42 Winsor [h. do. 

Chafe Georgianna, dressmaker, 26 Essex, 
Chaffee Charles, baker, 502 Main 
Chaffee Eben, boards 55 Otis 
Chaffee Knowlton S., house 55 Otis 
Chalingsworth Joseph, blower, New Eng- 
land Glass Works, house at E. Boston 
Chalk Abram B., shoemaker, 26 Fourth, 

house do. 
Challis Alfred, assistant engineer, Univer- 
sity Press, house 42 Holyoke 
Chalmers Frank S., shoemaker (341 Wash., 

B."), house 216 Pearl 
Chalmers William, Jr., nailer, 3 Hampshire, 

house 402 Main 
Chamberlain Alfred N. Mrs., h. 17 Amory 
Chamberlain Arthur W., clerk, bds. 10 Jay 
Chamberlain A. Otis, letter carrier, P. O. 

611 Main, house 17 Amory 
Chamberlain Carrie Miss, Kindergarten 

school. Grace M. E. Church, b. 7 River 
Chamberlain Edward, carver, house 2 

Rogers block, Washington 
Chamberlain Edward, teamster, 169 Gore, 

house 14 Squires court 
Chamberlain George D., beef (25 South 

Market and 117 Clinton, B.), house 5 

Chamberlain James F., silver plater (21 

School, B.), house 116 Prospect 


Dr. E. Y. White, 
Dr.W.H. Hollis, 



Chamberlain John Paul, trav. salesman (12 
Bedford, B.), boards 10 Jay 

Chamberlain Newell, beef (25 South Mar- 
ket and 117 Clinton, B.), h. 7 River 

Chamberlain Sally N. Mrs., teacher, Wil- 
lard primary school, house 10 Jay 

Chamberlain Samuel B., agent, h. 289 Pearl 

Chamberlin Charles U., boards 659 Main 

president, First National Bank, Main, 
cor. Prospect, and president Cambridge 
Gas Light Co., 424 Harvard, house 
659 Main 

Chamberlin Ella M. Miss, whistling soloist, 
boards 39 Columbia 

Chamberlin George H., residence 77 Brattle 

Chamberlin Horace E., lumber (51 Kilby, 
B.), house 177 Putnam avenue 

Chamberlin John F., teamster, 220 Portland, 
house 142 Prospect 

Chamberlin Mary A. N., widow of John, 
house 29 Suffolk 

Chamberlin L. W., widow of Volney R., 
house 167Brookline 

Chamberlin Sarah F., widow of Charles P., 
house 39 Columbia [Talbot 

Chamberlin S. B., laborer, Waverly, cor. 

Chamberlin William E., architect (6 Bea- 
con, B.), boards 659 Main 

Chamberlin "Winston W., clerk (cellar 1, 
new F. H. Market. B.), h. 29 Suffolk 

Chamberlin W. E., painter, h. 2 Douglass 

Chamberlin, see Chamberlain 

Chambers George, laborer, 1G9 Gore, bds. 
339£ Cambridge 

Chambers Samuel D., mariner, h. 34 Amory 

Champagne Desire, brickmaker, house 51 
Dublin [Dublin 

Champagne Joseph, brick maker, house 51 

Champoux Edward, teamster, 47 Cogswell 
avenue, house 7 Reed 

Champlin Edgar R., lawyer (209 Washing- 
ton, room A, Boston), house 8 Dana 

Champlin Robert, boards 770 Main 

Champney William L., expressman, house 
4 Coolidge place [Railroad 

Chance John, currier, Dudley, house 18 

Chandler Amanda M. Mrs., h. 35 Hudson 

Chandler Archie, clerk, Boston Bridge 
Works, Sixth 

Chandler Charles H., book-keeper (178 
Devonshire, B.), house 2G9 Harvard 

Chandler Edward K. Rev., pastor Broad- 
way Baptist Church, house 81 Prospect 

Chandler Edward R., hatter (9 Hollis, B.), 
house 22 Front 

Chandler Edwin J., piano trimmer, 162 
Broadway, house at Hyde Park 

Chandler Elmer E., draughtsman (84 King- 
ston, B.), boards 16 Amory 

Chandler Emeline B., widow of Ebenezer, 
house 16 Amory 

Chandler Emery A., timekeeper, 502 Main, 
house 37 Columbia 

Chandler E. Dana, designer, 83 North av. , 
bds. do. 

Chandler Florence B. Miss, teacher, Web- 
ster grammar school, bds. at Salem 

Chandler Frank A., electrotype finisher, 
Riverside Press, boards 22 Front 

Chandler Gilbert E., dividend clerk (N. E. 
Trust Co., 85 Devonshire, B.), boards 
16 Amory 

Chandler Isaac A., supt. Boston Bridge 
Works, Sixth, cor. Rogers, house 

3 Hastings square 

Chandler John H., salesman (16 Leverett. 

B.), house 36 Winsor 
Chandler Laura J. Mrs., house 23 Norfolk 
Chandler Lewis B., provisions, 655 Main, 

boards 686 do. 
Chandler Seth C, house 16 Craigie 
Chandler Seth C, Jr., consulting actuary, 

Union Mutual Life Insurance Co. 

(Portland, Maine), house 16 Craigie 
Chandler Stephen B., insurance agent (172 

Devonshire, B.), house 83 North av. 
Chandler William, bookbinder, Riverside 

Press, boards 43 Blackstone 
Chaney Abigail, widow of Thomas, house 

4 River 

Chaney Sylvanus B., cracker dealer, 502 

Main, house 8G Pleasant 
Chaney, see Cheney 
Channing Edward, instructor, H. U., house 

1 Brewster place 
Channing Henrietta A. S.. wid. of Edward 

T., boards 67 Kirkland 
Channion Wilford, driver, Peter Morse, 

Walden b. do. 
Chanron Gudfroind, wood carver, h. 10 

Fourth st. place 
Chapin Andrew N., mason, basement 602 

Main, house 22 Fairmont avenue 
Chapin Edward S., salesman (31 West, 

B.), house 97 Lake View avenue 
Chapin George E., clerk (12 Blackstone 

market, B.), house GG Otis 
Chapin Geo. T., butter (17 Blackstone 

market, B.), boards GG Otis 
Chap'.in George (George Chaplin & Co.), 

builder, Cambridge, cor. Antrim, h. do. 
Chaplin George & Co. (George Chaplin), 

builders, Cambridge cor. Antrim 
Chaplin J. Charles, carpenter, boards 

Cambridge, corner Antrim 
Chaplin Sedley, carpenter, b. Cambridge, 

corner Antrim 
Chaplin William H., carpenter, bds. Cam- 
bridge, corner Antrim 
Chaplin Winfield S., professor, H. l\, 

house 16 Prescott 
Chapman Charles H., sawyer, State, bds. 

40U Main 
Chapman Charles W. (Emery & Chap- 
man), optician, 507 Main, house do. 
Chapman Cyrus 1)., engineer, Cambridge 

Laundry, Soden, boards 51 Sidney 


at Central Square, Hardware Store, Nos. 2 and 4. 




Chapman Elizabeth, widow of Ozias G., 

house 7 Riedesel avenue 
Chapman Francis L., carriage mnfr., rear 

10 Brattle, house 11 Story 
Chapman Frederick E., salesman, house 5 

Hotel Ellerton, Norfolk 
Chapman Harrison, machinist, B. & M. R. 

R. , house 23 Austin 
Chapman James, carpenter, 400 Cambridge, 

house Oak 
Chapman John, millhand, 44 Cambridge, h. 

at Everett 
Chapman John A., mariner, b. 1 Baldwin 

Chapman John L , action maker, 162 

Broadway, house 27 Western avenue 
Chapman Joseph D., slipper maker (14 

Hamilton, B.), house Hotel Shirley, 41 

Chapman Josiah G., painter, 660 Main, h. 

28 Norfolk 
Chapman Mary E., widow of Hazen, house 

40l£ Main 
Chapman M. N. Mrs., house 1 Waterhouse 
Chapman Nathaniel B., rooms 16 Story 
Chapman Orville H., hairdresser (B.), h. 

102 Pearl 
Chapman Ruth, boarding-house, 54 Sidney 
Chapman William G-., salesman, 473 Cam- 
bridge, boards 75 Gore 
Chappell B., driver, W. E. S. R. Co. 
Chappelle Fred W., boxmaker, boards 57 

Chard T. P., conductor, W. E. S. R. Co., 

boards Brewer's block 

WORKS, Edward Kendall & Sons 
props., 72 to i)2 Main (see page 5) 

AL RANK., Eben Snow, cashier, 
1 Harvard row (see page 614) 
Charlton Frank, carpenter, h. 84 Howard 
Charlton William, carpenter, h. lo Hews 
Charlton William B, gauge maker, (36 

Chardon, B.). h. 197 Hampshire 
Charmois Mary A., widow of Victor, house 

141 Thorndike 
Chartrand Eleazar, cooper, 169 Gore, bds. 

60 Sixth 
Chartrand George, cooper, 169 Gore, h. 60 

Chase Aaron F., mason, h. 29 Vineyard 
Chase Austin C, clerk, 168 Gore, b. 108 

Chase Charles D., carpenter, house 22 

Harris place 
Chase Charles M., laborer house 134 Web- 
ster avenue 
Chase Charlotte M. Miss, teacher, Webster 

grammer school, boards 341 Broadway 
Chase Edward F., electrician, h. 86 School 
Chase Freeman H., express (91 Kilby, B.), 

house 156 Hampshire 

Chase George S., salesman, house 13 Hum- 
Chase Herbert A., physician, h. 772 Main 
Chase Hiram L., homoeopathic physician, 

office and house 752 Main 
Chase Isaac, book-keeper Richardson & 

Bacon, foot Dunster, h. 47 Trowbridge 
Chase Isaac R., engineer, B. & L. R. R., b. 

123 Thorndike 
Chase James N., druggist, boards 55 Essex 
Chase Joseph S., cabinet maker 162 Broad- 
way, house at Maiden 
Chase Josiah G. , civil engineer and survey- 
or, house 8 Bigelow 
Chase Louis S., student, b. 47 Trowbridge 
Chase Mary E., widow of Edwin B., h. 50 

Chase William H., salesman (118 Merrimac, 

B.), boards 128 Oxford 
Chatwin Alfred, granite cutter, bds. 609 

Mt. Auburn 
Chatwin Kate E. Miss, dressmaker, 125 

Columbia, boards do. [Columbia 

Chatwin William, brass-finisher (B.), h. 125 
Chatwin William T., furniture mover, bds. 

125 Columbia 
Chayer Edward, at 169 Gore 
Checkley Dora T. Miss, h. 7 Appian Way 
Checketts George, brass filer (B.), h. 4 

Rogers block, Washington 
Cheever Chester, teamster (124 Commerce, 

B.), rooms 40 Winsor 
Cheever Sanford, drover, house 6 Lopez 
Cheney Charles W., salesman, 502 Main, 

house 351 Pearl 
Cheney Edwin L., produce, (basement, 10 

N. F. H. market, B.), house 41 Essex 
Cheney Ellen A., teacher, Stearns primary 

school, boards 15 Greenough avenue 
Cheney Harvey A., moulder, h, 74 Allston 
Cheney Herbert E., clerk ^basement 10 

New Fane ail Hall Market B.), boards 

106 Austin 
Cheney Hiram W.. trav. salesman (119 

Milk, B.), house 58 Austin 
Cheney Lizzie A. Miss, teacher of drawing, 

50 Sacramento, house do. 
Cheney Mary, widow of Nathan, house 50 

Cheney Susan 1)., widow of Joseph A., h. 

52 Mt. Auburn 
Cheney, see Chaney 
Cherest Eliza A. Mrs., h. 147 Columbia 
Cherwinsky Max, soap maker, 172 Pearl, 

house Hotel Fairmont, Kiver 
Chestnut James, hat oiler, Thorndike, h. 

47 Harding 
Chevallier Gotthard, canvasser, 3 Prospect, 

house 4 Putnam court 
Chew James, waiter, Memorial Hail, bds. 

9 Baldwin st. court 
Cheyne Charlotte, dressmaker, boards 19 

Walnut court [nut ct. 

Cheyne William, stone mason, h. 19 Wal- 


FLORISTS, and Contractors for 
P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main & 89 Sparks Sts. 




Chick Charles A., salesman (9 Chauncy, B.) 

boards 99 Allston 
Chick Edward E., assistant, Peabody Mu- 
seum, house 15 Ware 

Chick Joseph E., box maker, 169 Gore, h. 
14 Buck's block. Seventh 

Chick Sarah W., widow of John A., house 
99 Allston 

Chickering William H., clerk, B. & L. R. 
R. freight office, Prison Point, house 
at Lowell 

Chicoine Bruno, confectioner (147 Tre- 
mont, B.). house 317 Main 

Chicoine B. Mrs., dressmaker, 317 Main, 
house do. 

Child Acme Cutter & Press Co., paper cut- 
ters and printing presses, 356 Main and 
(64 Federal, B.) 

Child Arthur W., clerk (87 Milk, B.), house 
7 Prince 

Child Emma Mrs., house 13 Mellen 

Childs Emma L., boards 6 State 

Child Ernest G., bookkeeper, 120 Hamp- 
shire, boards 22G Broadway 

Child E. Adelaide, teacher, Agassiz school, 
boards 13 Mellen 

Child Francis J., professor of English, II. 
U., house 67 Kirkland 

Child Frederick E., photographer, house 
Hotel Stratford 

Child Fred G., violinist, house 13 Mellen 

Child Joseph Mrs., house 7 Prince 

Child Mary A. Mrs., house 99 Green 

Child M. M., truant officer, house 10 Far- 
well place 

Child Spencer, sale stable, 120 Hampshire, 
house 226 Broadway 

Child William B., house 6 State 

Childs Freeman, machinist. 356 Main 

Childs George W., driver, 15 River, h. 32 

Childs Henry H. Mrs., hoards 46 Holyoke 

Childs John J., house 18 Fairmont 

fluids Moses, truant officer, rooms 10 Far- 
well place 

Childs William II., harness maker, W. E. 
St. R. Co., house at Somerville 

Childs Winthrop W.. driver. 565£ Main, 
rooms do. 

Childs, see Child 

Chipman Albion, supt., The Gould Pack- 
ing Co., 36 Cambridge, h. 38 Bigelow 

Chipman Anna M. Miss, medical student, 
boards 38 Bigelow 

Chipman Frank B., teamster, h. 23 Camb. 

Chipman George W. (1 16 Treniont, B.), h. 
170 Brookline 

Chisholm A., machinist, 17 Main 

Chisholin Charles, butcher, Niies Bros., 
Concord avenue 

(1IIIMSOI.1I COL.IN. carpenter 
J and builder. 427 Cambridge and 
613 Main house 108 Tremont (see 
page 626) 

Chisholm Daniel, harness maker, house 4 
Charles River 

Chisholm Daniel, lineman, b. 271 B'dway 

Chisholm Duncan, lineman, b. 271 B'dway 

Chisholm D., hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

Chisholm Hugh, lineman, bds. 2 Columbia 

Chisholm James, lineman, bds. 2 Columbia 

Chisholm John, carpenter, h. 37 Wash. 

Chisholm M., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Chisholm Peter, carpenter, bds. 14 Warren 

Chittick Robert Mrs., h. r. 13 Appian Way 

Chittick Robert H., bds. r. 13 Appian Way 

Chlaud M., at 169 Gore 

Choate E. M. Miss, metaphysician, 24 
Pearl, house do. 

Christenson Frank, painter, house 63 Brook- 

Christian Caroline, widow of Henry L., 
nurse, house Boylston 

Christiansen Alfred E., photograph retouch- 
er, rooms 08 Winsor 

Christiansen Hans, cabinet maker, Otis, c. 

Christiansen Leonard, photograph retouch- 
er, rooms 68 Winsor 

Christiansen Robert, gardener, 11 Fayer- 
weather, bds. do. 

Christie Alexander, stenographer, Riverside 
Press, house at Maiden 

Christie Michael, laborer, house 16 Reed 

Christie William, supt.. Dana Hill Club, 
stable, 677 Main, h. 22 Western ave. 

Christmann George, baker, 10 Franklin 

Christopher Geo. P., boards Zenas Chris- 
topher's, Davenport 

Christopher Haudley S., clerk (Summer, 
B.), bds. Z. Christopher's, Davenport 

carpenter, 121«| Columbia, house 68 
Webster ave. (see page 626) 
Christopher Susan, widow of Edward B., 

boarding-house, 4 Eaton 
Christopher William, calenderer, American 

Rubber Co, 
Christopher Zenas, harness maker, 186 

North ave., house foot Davenport 
Church Alice, widow of Harry, h. 40 Third 
Church Charles, butcher, Niles Bros., Con- 
cord avenue 
Church Charles A., teamster, house 01 

Church Charles C, waiter, h. 19 Brewery 
Church Charles L., cigar maker(85 State, 

B.), house 121 Tlu>rn<like 
Church Heber B., clerk (30 Kilby, B.), 

boards 11 Chester 
Church John B., cabinet maker, (Chasn.), 

house 7 Eighth 
Church Mary H. Mrs., dressmaker, 7 Eighth 

house do. 
Church Moses D., physician, 106 Putnam 

avenue, house do. 
Churchill Edwin Mrs., house 13 Chester 


II Ujililllllu, Established 1860. SO DOCK SQUARE. 



Churchill Heber B., clerk, bds. 13 Chester 
Churchill John, painter, 444 Cambridge, 

boards Souther place 
Churchill Mark, civil engineer, boards 52 

Churchill Theodore, fish dealer, 135 Hamp- 
shire, boards 14 Lincoln 
Chute Clarinda G., widow of "William B., 

rooms rear 508 Main [h. 17 Mellen 

Chute D. A., expressman, Hatch's express, 
Chute Edward E., house rear 503 Main 
Chute Irene Mrs., house 169 Green 
Cilley Horace L., house 15 Clinton 
Cilter James, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 15 

City Hall, 060 Main 
City Stable, Hampshire, between Norfolk 

and Tremont 
Claffey A. J., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Clarlin Walter A., apothecary, 1 Brattle, 

house 112 Oxford 
Clancey David, hostler (B.), house 34 

Clancey Henry, laborer, boards 15 Warren 
Clancey James William, laborer, house 86 

Clancy Michael, at 169 Gore 
Clancy Michael, cabinet maker, 20 Albany 
Clancy Michael, laborer, h. 212 Columbia 
Clancy Patrick, mason, house 173 Elm 
Clancy Richard, at 169 Gore 
Clancy Stephen, at 169 Gore 
Clancy Timothy, at 169 Gore 
Clapp Charles W., saw filer, 3 Hampshire, 

house Rogers' block, 321 Main 
Clapp Edward C, compositor, H. U. print- 
ing office, house 138 Mount Auburn 
Clapp Ellen H., widow of John W., house 

67 River 
Clapp Fred C, musician, boards 132 Mt. 

Clapp George Walter, mnfr. of solderine, 

160 Putnam avenue, house do. 
Clapp John, sawyer, 162 Broadway, house 

89 Plymouth 
Clapp Mary A., widow of Charles C, house 

132 Mt. Auburn 
Clapp Robert P., lawyer (40 Water, room 

67, B.), removed to Lexington 
Clapp Walter G., missionary, rooms 18 

Putnam avenue 
Clapp Walter H., coat maker, Am. Rubber 

Co., house 130 Winsor 
Clapper Charles, foreman, 10 Franklin 
Clark Albert E., foreman (87 Broad, B.), 

house 140 Green 
Clark Albert S., driver, 99 Third, house 52 

Clark Alice D., widow of Simon P., house 

35 Cherry 
Chirk Almira EL, widow, boards 51 Erie 
Clark Alvan & Sons (Alvan G. and George 

B. Clark), telescope makers, Henry, 

near Brookline 

Clark Alvan G. (Alvan Clark & Sons), tel- 
escope maker, Henry, h. 186 Brookline 

Clark Amasa S. K., clerk, Cambridge Gas 
Light Co., 424 Harvard, bds. 6 Plymp- 

Clark Ambrose H., collector, Camb. Gas 
Light Co., 424 Harvard, h. 21 Irving 

Clark Appleton, house 20 Sacremento 

Clark Augustus W. (Clark Bros.), hay, etc. 
345 North avenue, boards do. 

Clark A. C, at 169 Gore 

Clark Benjamin P. (B. P. Clark & Co.), 
confectioner, 506 Main, h. 81 Frank- 

Clark Brothers (Charles N. and Augustus 
W.), hay and grain, 345 North avenue 

Clark B. P. & Co. (Benj. P. Clark, Amasa 
A. McKusick and Thomas H. Emer- 
son), confectionery mnfrs., 503 Main 

Clark Carrie Miss, music teacher, boards 
36 Market 

Clark Charles, waiter, Memorial Hall 

Clark Charles N. (Clark Bros.), 345 North 
avenue, house at West Somerville 

Clark Charles S., clerk (8 Oliver, B.), bds. 
48 Garden 

Clark Chester N., supt. brush dept... House 
of Correction, house at Somerville 

Clark Daniel, saloon, 1 Palmer, house 48 

Clark David, feeder, W. E. St. Py. Co., 
201 Main, boards 2' Coolidge place 

Clark DwightS., primer, house 100 Pros- 

Clark Edward, soap presser, 206 Broadway, 
boards 59 Portland 

Clark Edward C. Mrs., house 23 Summer 

Clark Edward P., clerk, 6 Brattle, house 12 

Clark Ellora J. Miss, teacher, Washington 
Grammar school, bds. 17 Dunster 

Clark Elizabeth H. Miss, house 48 Garden 

Clark Ernest W. (Clark & Crawford), 
plumber, 12 Harvard row, house 26 

Clark Eugene F., clerk (50 N. Market, B.) f 
boards 43 Essex 

Clark Eliza T. Mrs., nurse, h. 26 Winthrop 

Clark Fannie P., artist, 6 Clinton 

Clark Frances M., widow of Metcalf B., h. 
501 Cambridge 

Clark Frank A., fruit and confectionery, 
570 Main, house 16 Brookline 

Clark Frederick C, boarding house, 404 

Clark Frederick Steiniger, music teacher, 
house 24 Clinton 

Clark George, butcher house 71 Hastings 

Clark George B. (Alvan Clark & Sons), 
telescope maker, Henry, house 182 

Clark Georgie C. Mrs., house 23 Summer 

Clark G. Fred, artist, Riverside Press, bds, 
100 River 



Y. White, ) 6o-\ Main St, 


H. Hollis, j Central Sq. 



Clark Henry, 286 Main, boards 279 do. 
Clark Honora, widow of William, house 

107 Tremont 
Clark Hyacinth, boiler maker, 92 Main. h. 

265 Cambridge 
Clark H. G., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

h. 22 Lawn 
Clark James, laborer, 356 Main 
Clark James, laborer, house 13£ Warren 
Clark James M., shoemaker, 381 Main, h. 

at Boston 
Clark James S., cutter, N. E. Glass Works. 

boards 79 Spring 
Clark Jedathen, clerk, h. 18 Fairmont ave. 
Clark Jolin, grocer, 41 Porter, house do. 
Clark John, laborer, house 608 Mt. Auburn 
Clark Jolin, printer, house 87 River 
Clark John Edward, driver. W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house 99 Cushing 
Clark John J., book-keeper (36 Kilby, B.), 

house 107 Tremont 
Clark John E., express driver, h. 15 State 
Clark John E., laborer, house 19 South 
Clark John J., clerk, 6 Brattle, boards 12 

Clark John J., iron worker, Boston Bridge 

Works, Sixth, house Lilac court 
Clark John W., cabinet maker (76 Beverly. 

B.), house 98 Hampshire 
Clark Joseph, laborer, 91 Broadway, bds. 

70 Hastings 
Clark Joseph, machinist, 17 Main 
Clark Joseph P., clerk (121 Federal, B.). 

boards 12 Crescent 
Clark Joshua W.. carriage painter, 270 

North avenue, house 18 Cogswell 
Clark J., compositor, University Press 
Clark J., feeder, \V. E. St. By. Co., 201 

Clark Lewis C, engineer, chemical engine, 

Central-sq. building, Western avenue, 

house do. 
Clar Lorenzo B.. cook. 560 Main, house 

36 Auburn 
Clark Lydia H., widow of Joseph F., house 

48 Garden 
Clark Margaret, widow, h. 14 Leighton ct. 
Clark Martin V. B., compositor, Riverside 

Press, house 100 River 
Clark Mary, wid. of Alvin, h. 184 Brookline 
Clark Mary, widow of Bartholomew, house 

42 Dunster 
Clark Mary A., house 12 Crescent 
Clark Mary E., widow of Edward, house 59 

Clark Mary J., widow of James, h. 8 White 
Clark Monroe, mail driver (P. (.)., B.), 

rooms 68 Otis 
Clark Nicholas, cooper, house 3 Harding 
Clark Patrick, hostler, 201 Bridge 
Clark Patrick, laborer, h. 60 Auburn place 
Clark Richard, laborer, house 14 Leighton 


Clark Robert H., provisions, Crescent ave., 

near Walden, house do. 
Clark Sadie Mrs., teacher, Corlett grammar 

school, boards 96 Austin 
Chirk Samuel Adams, foreman of laborers, 

3 Hampshire, house at Somerville 
Clark Samuel L., painter, boards 67 Wes- 
tern avenue 
Clark S. C. Miss, rooms 15 Centre 
Clark Thomas, house 88 Winsor 
Clark Thomas A., feeder, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house 2 Coolidge place 
Clark Thomas H., fori man, 12 Brattle, bds. 

36 Ash 
Clark Thomas M., clerk, 147 North avenue, 

boards 8 White 
Clark Thomas W., house 10 Wendell 
Clark Walter T., student, H. U., boards 88 

Clark William A., produce, h. 7 Pemberton 
Clark William E., rooms 167 Cambridge 
Clark William G., at 44 Cambridge 
Clark William IL, book-binder (76 Sud- 
bury, B.), house rear 202 Putnam ave. 
Clark William T., provisions, Crescent av., 

near Walden, house do. 
Clark W. , driver, W. E. St Ry. Co. 
Clark W., laborer, W\averly, cor. Talbot 
Clark W. Ernest, salesman (115 Clinton, 

B.), house 7 Pemberton 
Clark & Crawford (Ernest W. Clark and 

James Crawford), plumbers. 12 Har- 
vard row 
Clark, see Clarke 
Clarke Augustas P., physician, 693 Main, 

house do. 
Clarke Cvrus W. , bricklayer (B.), house 

14 Dod e [do. 

Clarke Edward F., milkman, 5 Brewer, h. 
Clarke George E., clothing (165 Court, 15.), 

house 28 Norfolk 
Clarke George W., conductor, W. E. St. 

Ry. Co.. boards 40 Brookline 
Clarke J. J., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Clarke Mary A. Mrs., boards 5 Brewer 
Clarke Matthias C, City laborer, house 87 

Clarke Milton E. B., clerk (P. O., B.), 

boards 2 Florence place 
Clarke Patrick, hostler, 201 Bridge, house 

4 Water 
Clarke Rufus W., fireman, tug-boat boards 

DeWolf, corner Beaver 
Clarke Theodore P. B.. letter carrier 

(P. O., B.), house 1 Florence place 
Clarke William, bootmaker, DeWolf, cor. 

Beaver, house do. 
Clarke Win. H., carriagesniith, 178 North 

ave., house DeWolf. cor. Beaver 
Clarke, see Clark 

Clarkson John G., jeweler, house 93 River 
Clarkson Thomas G., jeweler, h. 6 




2 & 4 Central Sq. 






Clary Charles II., book-keeper, (145 Milk, i 

B. ), boards 25 Erie 
Clary Francis P., janitor, Boylston Hall, H. -j 

U., house 22 Baldwin 
Clary Isabel Miss, boards 130 Oxford 
Clary James, spring bed ninfr. , 386 Main, 

boards Clark 
Clary John, lumber, Sanborn's wharf, 68 

Bridge, house 103 Otis 
Clary John S., salesman, {iS Bridge, boards 

103 Otis 
Clary John T., carpenter, house 20 Hub- 
bard avenue 
Clary John \V\, book-binder (25 Arch, B.)i 

boards 25 Erie 
Clary Mary, wid. of David, h. 230 Bridge 
Clary Nellie Miss, clerk, 127 Cambridge, b. 

103 Otis 
Clarv Oliver D., clerk, 63 Bridge, b. 103 

Claiy Sophia Miss, boards 130 Oxford 
Clary Susan Miss, house 130 Oxford 
Clasby Thomas, laborer, Gas Works, Third 

house Rolling Mill block, Bristol 
Clasby Thomas, laborer, 3 Grant 
Clasby William, brakeman, B. &A. R. R., 

boar s 299 Green 
Clattenbury Mary, wid. h. 3 Chestnut park 
Clatur Alfred A. Jr., student, II. U., rms. 

42 Mt. Auburn 
Claus Charles H., artist (Wash. B.), house 

7 Orchard 
Clauss Ellen A., widow of Louis, house 

304 Green 
Clauss Louis, clerk, 310 Green, bds. 304 

Claussen Frederica Miss, boards 394 Green 
Claussen Peter, bootmaker (B.), house 

394 Green 
Clay Abbie Miss, clerk (B.), bds. 24 Front 
Clay George C. (Hawkins Machine Co.), 

foot of First, house at Stoneham 
Clay James, rms. 97 Austin 
Clay Zenas, machinist, 29 Main, house rear 

123 Elm 
Clayton Harriet E.. widow of John W., 

bds. 8 Rice 
Clayton Horace E., clerk (38 School, B.), 

bds. 20 Essex 
Clayton Isaiah H., waiter (Y.oung's Hotel, 

B.), house 39 Winsor 
Cleary Frank E., clerk (30 Kilby, B.), bds. 

179 Putnam av. 
Cleary James, foreman, box department, 162 

Broadway, house 171 Pearl 
Cleary Margaret, widow of Patrick, house 

7 Baldwin ct. 
Cleary Mary Miss, clerk, 502 Main, bds. 

173 Pearl 
Cleland Marsh B., teamster. 169 Gore, h. 

84 Spring 
Clement E. E.. driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Clement Herbert E., jewelry (19 Milk, B.), 

house 4 A. Clinton 

Clements George, shipper (33 Portland, 

B.), house 1 Front st. ct. 
Clements John, plasterer, h. 83 Charles 
Cleveland Albert I), house 13 Hadlev 
Cleveland Albert I). Jr., fireman, F. R, R., 

boards 13 Hadlev 
Cleveland Charles V., locksmith, house 

Cleveland Edward, confectioner, boards 

13 Hadley 
Cleveland Samuel T., stone contractor, h. 

12 Wallace 
Cleveland Win. A., letter-carrier. P.O., 

150 North ave., bds. 13 Hadley 
Cliff Sanford P., carpenter, boards 142 

Wash. [do. 

Clifford Frank L., driver, 36 William, bds. 
Clifford James, feeder. W. K. St. Ry. Co., 

251 Cambridge, house 27 Seventh 
Clifford James F., plumber (B.), boards 2 

Loughrey av. 
Clifford Jeremiah, currier, M tiller Bros., 

390 North avenue 
Clifford John, engineer, house 5 Beaver 
Clifford John, 169 Gore, bis. 15 Warren 
Clifford John, Jr.. book-binder (B.) boards 

5 Beaver 
Clifford Michael, boot-maker, American 

Rubber Co. 
Clifford Patrick, carpenter, house foot 

Clinch J. Morton, watches, etc. (112State, 

B.), house 16 Quincy 
Clinch Thomas 1)., furniture maker, bds. 

Hotel Stratford 
Clinch Win. Chesley, telegrapher (109 

State, B.). h. Hotel Stratford 
Cline Ida E. Miss, dress-cutter, 23 River, 

bds. 207 Harvard 
Cline see Kline 
Clinker Henry I., salesman (B.), house 12 

Clinton Malachi, laborer, C. H. North & 

Co. (Somerville), house 32 Warren 
Clocke Harry, finisher. 286 Main, h. 297 do. 
Close Caroline, teacher, Allston grammar 

Close George, manufacturing confectioner, 

243 and 245 Broadway, h. 380 do. 
Close John, Christian scientist, house 121 

Close Nellie L. Miss, bds. 121 Prospect 
Clough Ellen R. Mrs., dressmaker, do Ply- 
mouth, house do. 
Clough Joseph L., grocer, 246 Broadway, 

house 118 Winsor 
Clough Will H., teamster, W. E. St. Ry Co., 

bds. 46 Winthrop 
Clough William, hostler. W. E. St. Ry Co., 

Dunster [William 

Clouston Mary L., widow of William, h. 14 
Clovan Ellis, 457 Cambridge, house 131 

Clovan Frederick, house 14 Murdock 

fTMTTrPV WflPTT gardeners, contractors, florists, 

vJjlYLJU 1 id£w I VV Yii¥**» p. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streeti 



Clovan Michael, cutter. Am. Rubber Co. 
Clow Alexander, at 44 Cambridge, boards 

108 do. [ave. 

Clow B. Franklin, carpenter, h. 85 Concoid 
Clow Edmund R.. printer, Riverside Tress, 

house 14 Fairmont ave. 
Clow Henry J., printer. Riverside Pi 

14 Fairmont avenue 
Clow Jacob, carriage painter. 1). 1 Resrent 
dowser diaries E.. brakeinan, F. li. R.. 

h. Carver, opp. Wendell 
Cloves Lothrop J.. Chief of Police, office. 

Central sq. bldg.. Western ave., house 

17 Trowbridge pi. 

Clucas John, upholsterer, h. 20 Prince 
Clucas Thomas E.. tinsmith, loo Putnam 

ave.. house 381 Cambridge 
Clukas George M., clerk, Sunt. Street-. I t 

Hall, house 120 Austin 
Clukas William H.. jig sawyer, h. 8 Sixth 
Chimin Andrew, printer, h. 269 Cambridge 
Clunan Bartlett. plumber, h. 62 Putnam av. 
Clymer William B. S.. instructor of Eng- 
lish. II. U., house Chaoning 
Coakley Daniel, laborer, b. 18 North 
Coakley Daniel H., conductor. W. K. St. 

By. Co.. bis. 300 Cambridge 
Coakley David, house 18 North 
Coakley David J., boiler maker, B. £ L. K. 

• >j>. boards 18 North 
Coakley Dennis. laborer ( Somerville). bds. 

18 North 

Coakley Hanora, wid. of John. h. 26 North 
Coaklev Patrick. laborer (Quincy Market. 

B- . house 14 Willow 
Coan Willard. teamster, bds. 20 Green 
Coates Charles, at 169 Gore 
Coates John W., porter. Pullman P. Car 
. Eastern div. U. ft M. R. [1.. B. . 

house 88 Harvard 
Cobb Charles D.. clerk 720 Wash.. B. . b. 

Cobb Charles S.. gilder. ."»7'.» Main, boards 

84 Austin 
Cobb Edward C. clerk. 529 Main, house 12 

Cobb Elizabeth, widow of Chas. D.. house 

'da in 
Cobb Elmira F.. boards 29 Pleasant 
Cobb Eugene II.. baker. 180 North avenue. 

boards 25 Wyeth 
Cobb Everett, baker. 502 Main, boards 7 

Cobb Franklin A., clerk. 638 Main, house 

Cobb Franklin A.. Jr.. clerk. 1<J."> Magazine. 

boards 2'.) Pleasant 
Cobb Geor. .rue 11. Cobb ,v 

picture fran* 1 ' Main. 

>4 AuMtin 
Cobb George E.. sawyer, 3 Hampshire, h. 

."> Austin 
Cobb George E. ft Co. (George B. Cobb;. 

picture frames, etc., 579 Main 

Cobb George S., carpenter. B. & L. Ii. Ii. 
shop, house r. 175 Cambridge 

Cobb Harriet H. Mrs., physician, 314 
Broadway, house do. 

Cobb Harry H., picture framer. 579 Main, 
boards 84 Austin 

Cobb Henry B. (McWhorter ft Cobb), 
printer. 4o4 Main, house at Maiden 

Cobb Josiah H., house 17 Prospect 

Cobb 8. Herbert, clerk (469 Wash., B.). 
boards 48 Prospect 

Cobban George A. I)., granite cutter. 33 
Main, house at Boston 

Cobleigh Charles C. coal, order box Lyce- 
um Exchange. Harvard sq. and 156 X. 
av.. house at Allston 

Coburn Agnes Miss, boards 89 Brattle 

Coburn Anna Miss, house 2<> Winthrop 

Coburn Calvin, organ maker (Xo. Grove, 
cor. Cambridge. B. ), h. 148 Spring 

Coburn Charles, house 172 North av. 

Coburn Charles F., organ maker (North 
Grove, cor. Cambridge. B. . house 148 

Coburn Cornelia A. Miss. h. 26 Winthrop 

Coburn Elizabeth Miss, boards <'.!) Brattle 

Coburn Frank F. Mrs., house foot Murray 

Coburn Giorge A., physician, 134 Otis. 
house do. 

Coburn Jennie M. Miss, secretary's office, 
H. V.. bds. 172 North avenue 

Coburn Mary J., widow of Wendell T.. 
hairwork, 110 Winsor. h. do. 

Cochling Dennis, laborer, bds. 184 Bridge 

Cochran John, piano case mnfr., 162 Broad- 
way, house at Somerville 

Cochrane Alexander, pres. and treas. Coch- 
rane Chemical Co.. Potter, house 44 
Beacon. B. 

Alexander Cochrane, president and 
treasurer. Hugh Cochrane, vice pres- 
ident), chemical ninfrs . Potter, of- 
fice ,5*1 Kilby, B.) (see page • 
Cochrane Hugh, vice pres. Cocdirane Chemi- 
cal Co.. Potter, boards (3 Walnut, B.) 
Cocklan John, laborer, boards 30 Warren 
Cockran James, brush maker, boards lt>:> 

Codv Patrick, glass blower, Union Glass 

Co.. boards 192 Norfolk 
Cody Patrick J., teacher St. Augustine 
College, house at Lexington 
i . J., machinist. 72 Main 
Cody William, laborer, 220 Portland, house 

rear 171 Winsor 
Coe Edward, tinsmith 12 Brattle 
Coe Huldah A., wid. John A., h. II Chester 
C. X- Mrs., house 2<»7 Hampshire 
George H.. comedian, house 207 
Coffey Catherine, widow of Timothy, bds. 
220 Franklin 


Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 




Coffey Dennis J., safe painter, 17 Main, h. 

143 do 
Coffey James, laborer, h. 7 Baldwin st. pi. 
Coffey John, laborer, 169 Gore h. 7 Carson 
Coffey John, messenger (Custom House, 

B.), house 54 North 
Coffey John J., provisions and groceries, 

25 Bay, house 220 Franklin 
Coffey Joseph, teamster, bds. 4 Potter 
Coffey Michael, gate tender, Short st. cross- 
ing B. &L. R. R., h. 22 East 
Coffey Nellie, widow of David, house Bay, 

corner Franklin 
Coffey Wm. H., clerk, bds. 16 Leighton ct. 
Coffield Mary, widow of Thomas, house 2£ 

Coffin Amos N., machinist, Albany, rooms 

59 Pearl 
Coffin Celia I. Mrs., bookkeeper, 502 Main, 

house at Boston 
Coffin Edward A., brushmaker, 124 Harvard 
Coffin Eugene, foreman, paint shop, 17 Main 

house at Boston 
Coffin Fred M., shipper, bds. 71 Sidney 
Coffin Freeman, carpenter, h. 8 Cottage 
Coffin George H., commercial traveller, 

Riverside Press, h. 40 Arlington 
Coffin Herbert E., shipper (525 Wash., B), 

boards 71 Sidney 
Coffin J. C, machinist, foot of First, house 

at Stoneham 
Cofran Frank II., teamster, boards 89 Con- 
cord avenue 
Cofran Fred X.. teamster, b. 89 Concord av. 
Cofran Noah M., at S. M. Cofran's, Con- 
cord avenue, h. 89 Concord av. 
Cofran Samuel M., brick mnfr., Concord 

av. near Fresh Pond, h. 70 Concord iv. 
Cogan Dennis, at 1G9 Gore 
Cogan Edmund J., carpenter, rear, 400 

Cambridge, house at Somerville 
Cogan Emma F. Miss, teacher Thorndike 

grammar school, bds. 35 Second 
Cogan Joseph, harness mnfr. (65 Sudbury 

B.), house 35 Seeond 
Cogan Joseph A., physician (Sparhawk, 

Brighton), bds. 35 Second 
Coghland Francis J., police officer, house 73 

Coghland Patrick, cooper (Charlestown), 

house 47 Jefferson 
Coghland William, laborer, h. 47 Jefferson 
Cogswell Charles N., student, H. U., rms. 

37 Holyoke House 
Cogswell Edward R., physician, house 61 

Cogswell Francis, supt. of schools, office 

Central square bldg. , Western avenue, 

boards 123 Prospect 
Cogswell George P., student, II. U., rooms, 

37 Holyoke House 
Cogswell George W., collector, 221 Bridge, 

house at Jamaica Plain 
Cohen Leo, salesman, bds. 90 Thorndike 

Cohen Louis, merchant tailor, 106 Cam- 
bridge, house 90 Thorndike 
Cohen Mark, machinist, 10 Arrow, house 

29 River 
Cohen Morris, cigar maker, 599 Main, house 

10 Decatur 
Cohen Willard. teamster (145 Atlantic av., 

B.), boards 14 Green 
Colin Adolphe, prof, of French, II. C, h. 

56 Buckingham 
Cohn Samuel, clothing, 209 Cambridge, h. 

at Boston 
Coiley Thomas, peddler, h. 116 Webster av. 
Coker Frederick G. , janitor, Court House, 

Third, house 102 Thorndike 
Colbert Edmund, clerk, bds. 8 Broadway 
Colbert Margaret, wid.. of Edward, house 

49 Reed 
Colbert Patrick John, foreman, packing 

dept., 162 Broadway, h. 102 Inman 
Colebrick John, teamster, rms. 78 Fifth 
Colburn Chas. F., watchman (M. \V. W.,B.) 

house 109 Tremont 
Colburn C. H. Mrs., house 500 Mam 
Colburi- Frank, clerk, 9 Harvard row, bds., 

141 North avenue 
Colburn George W., salesman (33 Summer, 

B.), house 7 Dana 
Colbv Albion C, house 93 Auburn 

COL.B V GILJIAN, editor. 573 Main, 
house 4 Centre 
Colby Henry J., coffin trimmer. 414 Camb., 

rooms 132 Elm 
Colby James S., physician, 2 Hotel Harrison 

house do. 
Colbv Joseph, teamster, house 11 Green 
Colbv Lewis Rev., boards, ,92 Hancock 
Colby Moses C, house 28 Wendell 
Colby Nellie M. Miss, teacher, Dunster 

primary school, bds. 36 North avenue 
Colby S. Emma Miss, house 36 North av. 
Colby Wm. M., furniture findings (96 Rich- 
mond, B.), house 14 Meacham 
Cole Arthur E., driver, 31 Elm, h 89 do. 
Cole Benjamin F., trimmer, 203 Bridge, 

boards 56 Second 
Cole Cliarles D., sec. Grand Lodge I. O. 

O. F. (515 Tremont, B.), house 738 

Cole Charles, fireman, B. & A. Ii. 11., bds. 

1 Rockingham 
Cole Clarence, painter, boards 54 Franklin 
Cole C. S.. driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 
Cole Daniel, driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., bds. 

110 Pleasant 
Cole Daniel, teamster (B.), rms. 47 Clark 
Cole Daniel, varuisher, 162 Rroadwav, h. 

172 Columbia 
Cole Edwin M., teamster (Court, corner 

Brattle, R.), house 47 Clark 
Cole Elizabeth Mrs., house 72 Gore 
Cole F. W , driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

Dr. E. Y. White 
Dr.W.H. Hollis, 

i (DENTISTS, lass;" 1 



Cole George A., starter, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
(West Boston bridge), house 136 Co- 
Cole George E., laborer, house 19 Mill 
Cole George F., grocer (Staniford, cor. So. 

Margin, B.), house 340 Pearl 
Cole Howard E., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, h. 

341 Main 
Cole Ivory F., carpenter, h. 47 Fairmont 
Cole Mary, widow of Seth, house 6 Union 
Cole William E., carpenter, h. 54 Franklin 
Cole Winslow V., boards 84 Auburn 

ter G. and James W. Coleman), 
wood, coal and kindling wood mnfrs., 
91 Broadway, and hay, grain an 1 
straw, 506 Main (see page 641) 
Coleman Cornelius, laborer, 169 Gore, h. 

9 Carson 
Coleman Daniel, confectioner, boards 93 
Webster avenue [han court 

Coleman Daniel, teamster, boards 5 Linne- 
Coleman Edward B., cotton broker (4 Lib- 
erty square, B.), boards 11 Wendell 
■Coleman Elisha P., Am. Baptist Mission 
Union (32 Tremont Temple, B.), house 
11 Wendell 
Coleman James, coal and wood. 41 Portland, 

house 40 Hastings 
Coleman James W. (Coleman Bros.), coal, 
91 Broadway, and 506 Main, house 25 
Front [68 School 

Coleman John, engineer, 356 Main, house 
Coleman John, gardener, Mt. Auburn cem- 
etery, bds. Michael Coleman's, Burns 
court [5 Linnehan court 

Coleman John, teamster, 25(5 Bridge, house 
Coleman Mary Miss, h. 41 School st. place 
Coleman Mary, widow, house 13 Willow 
Coleman Maurice, plasterer, bds. 13 Willow 
Coleman Michael, laborer, house Burns', 

blook. Burns court 
Coleman Michael D., house 93 Webster a v. 
Coleman Patrick, varnislier, 2(56 Main. h. 

41 School street place 
Coleman Walter G. (Coleman Bros.), wood, 
etc., 91 Broadway and 506 Main, house 
Hotel Franklin. Norfolk 
Coleman, see Column 
Coles Albert, painter, house 5 Village 
Coles Albert 11.. driver. 79 Cambridge, h. 

994 do. 
Colford Richard, cooper, house 17 Seventh 
Colgan James, cabinet maker. 626 .Main, 

house rear ;>7 Norfolk 
Coll Mary Mrs., house 94 Webster avenue 
Collat Mary, widow, boards 90 Thorndike 
Collerton .Joseph, laborer (B.). h. 12 East 
Colley Edgar G., driver, bds. 50 Western 

CO 1.1,10V IKWK A., special agt.. 
Union Insurance Co. of Philadelphia, 
(19 Central, B.)> house 697 Main (see 
[•age 15) 

Colley Frank A., painter, 539 Main, boards 

50 Western avenue 
Colley Harriet G., widow of James, house 

3 Hotel Allerton, Norfolk 
Colley James F., painter, boards 50 West- 
ern avenue 
Colley William A., driver, 502 Main, house 

50 Western avenue 
Collier Ann, widow of Thomas, house 136 

Collier Annie M. Miss, clerk (51 Hanover, 

B.), boards 9 Winter 
Collier Carrie E. Miss, compositor (30 

Franklin, B.), boards 9 Winter 
Collier Edward P., printer (238 Washing- 
ton, B.), boards 9 Winter 
Collier John, truant officer, Ward 3, house 

9 Fourth 
Collier Lawrence II., clerk, P. O., 129 

Cambridge, boards 9 Fourth 
Collier Lydia B., teacher, Putnam grammar 

school, boards 9 Winter 
Collier Sophia, widow of Patrick H., house 

9 Winter 
Colligan Mary Mrs., house 51 Elm 
Collins Andrew L., marble cutter, boards 

609 Mt. Auburn 
Collins Charles, boards 7 Squires court 
Collins Charles J., wood turner, 74 Boyl- 

ston, house 17£ Pine 
Collins Cornelius, laborer, house 28 East 
Collins Cornelius, laborer, rooms rear 6 

Collins Daniel, furniture finisher, 44 Cam- 
bridge, house at Charlestown 
Collins Daniel, laborer, Sixth, cor. Potter, 

boards 151 Otis 
Collins Daniel, teamster, bds. 6 Short 
Collins Daniel F., teamster, 153 Putnam 

avenue, house 149 do. 
Collins Dennis, coal shoveller, B. & L. R. 

R., house 8 Cambridge 
Collins Dennis, mill hand, Amer. Rubber 

Co., Potter 
Collins Dennis, at 169 Gore 
Collins Ellen, widow of David, house 159 

Collins Ellen, widow of Patrick, house rear 

25 Cowperthwaite 
Collins Frank, calenderer, Araer. Rubber 

Collins George, boot maker, Amer. Rubber 

Co., boards 4 Harvard place 
Collins James, elevator attendant (165 

Wash., B.), bds. 609 Mt. Auburn 
Collins James, at 169 Gore 
Collins James, machinist (B.), boards 

14 Porter 
Collins James E., conductor, W. E. St. Ry 

Co.. boards 22 Eighth 
Collins James J., coffin maker, 201 Bridge, 

boards 5(> Second 
Collins James J., laborer, 169 Gore, boards 

7 Squires court 

Burditt & White, Lf. £252 £i Paints, Oils & Glass. 



Collins Jane E., widow of Joseph, house 
609 Mt. Auburn 

Collins Jeremiah, laborer, 169 Gore, house 
159 Winsor 

Collins John, at 169 Gore 

Collins John, coal shoveller, B. & M. R. R., 
boards 1 Lechmere pi. 

Collins John, conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 
rooms 4 Murray 

Collins John, granite works, Ayers' wharf, 
Third, house at South Boston 

Collins John, laborer, boards 4 Harvard pi. 

Collins John, safe maker, 17 Main 

Collins John, tailor (B.), house Boylston, 
corner Winthrop 

Collins John A., supt. P. O., 129 Cam- 
bridge, boards 10 North 

Collins John C, boards 56 Second 

Collins John J., cutter, Amer. Rubber Co., 
house at Maiden 

Collins John P., broker, h. 20 Western av. 

Collins J. H., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Collins Kate F. Miss, dressmaker, 19 Boyls- 
ton, house do. 

Collins Martin, at 169 Gore 

Collins Mary A. Miss, dressmaker, 19 
Boylston, house do. 

Collins Mary B. Mrs., boarding-house. 56 

Collins Maynard, salesman (B.), boards 39 

Collins Michael, butcher Niles Bros., house 
69 Bolton 

Collins Michael, horseshoer (B.), house 5 

Collins Michael, iron worker, Boston Bridge 
Works, boards 28 East 

Collins Michael, junk dealer, h. 14 Porter 

Collins Michael, laborer, 169 Gore, house 
7 Squire's court 

Collins Michael, teamster. North avenue, 
cor. Lexington avenue, house do 

Collins Michael B. (Reid & Collins), provi- 
sions, 3 and 5 Essex, h. 10 Rockingham 

Collins Michael H., horseshoer (B.), bds. 
5 Potter 

Collins Patrick, iron dealer, h. 22 Blanche 

Collins Patrick teamster, boards 15 Warren 

Collins Patrick D., coal and wood, rear 140 
Pleasant, house do. 

Collins Richard, head baker, Memorial 
Hall, house 35 Elagg 

Collins Samuel M., machinist (B.), house 
20 Mead 

Collins Thos. painter, rooms 8 Eliot 

Collins Thomas, laborer, h. 1 Lechmere pi. 

Collins Thomas, at 169 Gore 

Collins Thomas E., teamster, Ninth, cor- 
ner Spring, house 124 Spring 

Collins Timothy, tailor (B.), h. 52 North 

Collins T. F., boards Brattle Square Hotel 

Collins William, bootmaker, Am. Rub. Co. 

Collins William H. , bootmaker, Am. Rubber 
Co., house 4 Harvard place 

Collins Wm. J., City laborer, h. 282 Green 
Collins Win. S., conductor W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., boards W. Powell's, Cushing 
Collity Thomas, plumber, bds. 44 Boylston 
Collord James, at 169 Gore 
Collyer Matilda L. Mrs., house 10 Upton 
Colman Adeline A. Miss, children's cloth- 
ing (9 Park, room A. B.), house 126 

Colman Emile, laborer, boards 287 Main 
Colman John, City laborer, house 6 Reed 
Colman John, Jr., boards 6 Reed 
Colman John H., carriage trimmer, 446 

Main, rooms 10 Austin 
Colman Joseph J., kitchen furnishing 

goods, 463 Cambridge, house 4 Union 
Colman Mary E. Miss, children's clothing 

(9 Park, room A. B.), house 126 Otis 
Colman Mary J., widow of Mark W., h. 

126 Otis 
Colman see Coleman 
Colston Frank, wood and coal, 6 Western 

avenue, boards 116 Columbia 
Colston Wm. M., trav, salesman, rooms 126 

Colter Antoine, brhss finisher, house 20 

Colton Frank II., cook (Young's Hotel, 

B.), house 205 Lake Yi w avenue 
Colum Henry J., tinsmith, house Richard- 
son block, 103 Gore, suite 3 
Columbus Albert A., plumber, Main corner 

Columbus Louis G., tin ware mnfr. , Cedar, 

cor. Dudley, house 27 Reed 
Columbus Eliza Mrs., h. 11 Webster avenue 
Colvin Maranda M., widow of Columbus 

T., house 38 Pearl 
Colwell J., compositor, University Press 
Combash Benjamin F. Rev., pastor, St. 

Paul's A. M. E. Church, house 160 

Combash Rachael A., widow of John W., h. 

160 Harvard 
Combs Charles E., apothecary, 417 Cam- 
bridge, house 92 Tremont 
CO.TIEE DENNIS F., barrel deal- 
er and cooper, 129 Gore, house at 
Boston (see page 623) 
Comer Michael, laborer, house 35 Harvey 
Comerford Alice, widow of Edward, house 

401 Cambridge 
Comerford Edw. J., groceries and liquors, 

310 Green, house 308 do. 
Comerford Lawrence, cooper, house 31 

Comey Geo. A., peddler, house 22 Lake 
Comey M. Emma Miss. Kindergarten school 

in the parlor of Grace M. E. church 

Magazine, boards 22 Lake 
Comey William A., clerk (9 Bowdoin sq., 

B.), house 120 Magazine 
Commory Martha, widow, house Hotel 

Cambridge, Crescent avenne 



82© main and 89 Sparks Streets. 1 . 





Comstock Alan L., supt. Am. Rubber Co., 
Potter, cor. Nintb, rooms 520 Main 

Conant Charles B., photographer, house 57 

Conant Charles M., book-keeper, State 
cor. Osborn, boards 57 Pearl 

Conant Clarence T., driver, 5 Brewer, h. 
31 Bow 

Conant Frank A., pressman, house 7 Lam- 
son place 

Conant Geo. H., clerk, 9 Brattle, house at 

Conant Geo. W*. S., cierk, Riverside Press, 
house 8 Tufts 

Conant Harry W., clerk, boards 57 Pearl 

Conant Mabel, book-keeper (365 Washing- 
ton, B.), boards 106 Auburn 

Conant Mary B. Mrs., nurse, h. 8 Tufts 

Conant Selwyn Frank, conductor, B. & A. 
R. R. , house 94 Green 

Conaton James, boiler maker B. & L. R. 
R., boards 5G Second 

Conboy Thomas, laborer, h. rear 99 Sixth 

Concannon Patrick H., printer (202 Wash- 
ington, B.), house 30 Mt. Auburn 

Concannon Wm., teamster, 253 Camb. h. 
at Somerville 

Conder Charles E., clerk, 497 Main, house 

Condon Bridget, widow of John, house 171 

Condon James F., liquors, 461 Main, h. do. 

Condon John A., teamster, bds. 12 Andrew 

Condon John P., carpenter, B. & A. R. R. 
repair shop (Allston), h. 110 Magazine 

Condon Joseph, foreman of bootmakers, 
Amer. Rubber Co., Ninth, house at 

Condon Joseph, laborer, h. 80 Boylston 

Condon Thomas, tinsmith, 153 Putnam av., 
boards 2 Austin place 

Condon Wm., laborer, house rear Murrav, 
n. Eliot 

Condon William, teamster, h. 12 Andrew 

Condon William, tin plate worker, 153 Put- 
nam ave., bds. 2 Austin place 

Condon William, varnisher, Amer. Rubber 
Co., house 51 Clark 

Condrick Edward, night watchman, 126 
Portland, h. 137 Washington 

Condrick Julia E., teacher, bds. 137 Wash. 

Condrick Thomas J., brass finisher (B.), 
boards 137 Washington 

Condville Charles, laborer, Am. Rubber Co. 

Cone Abram, engineer, 10 Franklin 

Cone Adeline W., Mrs., h. 105 Inman 

Cone Frank W., bookkeeper(lll Arch,B.) 
boards 105 Inman 

Conefry Dominick, boot maker, American 
Rubber Co., house 107 Hampshire 

Coney Mary E. Miss, dressmaker (B.), b. 
5:5 Crescent 

Coney Patrick, gardener, h. 53 Crescent 

Conger Arthur \Y\. student, b. 62 Brattle 

Conger Kenyon B., student, H. U., house 

62 Brattle 
Conihan Daniel, teamster, bds. 91 Fifth 
Conihan John, stone cutter (Chas'n), house 

91 Fifth 
Conkey Edward L., boards 4 Marion 
Conkey William G., machinist (37 Chas'n, 

B.), house 4 Marion 
Conlan Bridget, Mrs., h. rear 24 Vine 
Conlan Dennis. City laborer, h. 13 Bolton 
Conlan Edward, barrel dealer, house 417 

Conlan Felix, lawyer, Lechmere Bank 

bldg., 66 Cambridge, b. 59 Thorndike 
Conlan James, laborer, 356 Main 
Conlan John, house 24 Vine 
Conlan Joseph, laborer, h. 14 Webster ave 
Conlan Margaret, widow of John, house 13 

Conlan Margaret P., widow, h. 102 Dublin 
Conlan Michael, baker, house 34 Spring 
Conlan Michael, laborer, 128 Winsor, house 

184 do. 
Conlan Patrick, foreman, C. W. W., house 

102 Dublin 
Conlan Patrick, house 56 Thorndike 
Conlan Peter, engineer, 206 Broadway, h. 

159 Columbia 
Conlan Robert, laborer, h. 49 Brookline 
Conlan Samuel, laborer, 206 Broadway, h. 

88 Webster ave. 
Conlan William H., laborer, 204 Broa Jway, 

boards 88 Webster avenue 
Conlan see Conlin 

Conlay John W., plasterer, house 73 Con- 
cord avenne 
Conley Bridget, widow of John, house 2 

Hampshire place 
Conley Charles E. (Conley & Holland), 

provisions, 538 Main, h. 152 Pearl 
Conley Colin, fisherman, h. 54 Charles 
Conley Edward, laborer, 180 Main, house 

Conley Frank, candy maker, b. 10 Munson 
Conley James, baker, 502 Main, boards 99 

Conley James, carpenter. b. 2 Hampshire pi 
Conley James, laborer, B. & A. R.R., house 

19 Jefferson 
Conley James, laborer, 13 Broadway 
Conley James J., moulder, bds. 10 Munson 
Conley Jane, Mrs., house 3 Dickinson 
Conley John, house 54 Charles 
Conley Mary, widow, house 10 Mm s n 
Conley M. Mrs., nurse, house 72 School 
Conley Owen, coachman, 335 Harvard, bds. 

Conley Thomas, carpenter, h. 4 Emmons pi 
Conley William J., baker, 5t)2 Main. bds. 

10 Munson 
Conley & Holland (Charles E. Conley and 

Charles Holland), provisions, 538 Main 
Conlin James A., roofer, 103 Himpshire, 

house do. 


All kinds of HARDWARE GOODS at 
Lowest Prices. XO Dock Square. 



Conlin John H., bleacher, h. 67 Harris 
Conlin Patrick, shade roller maker, house 

75 Hastings 
Conlin Thomas, laborer, h. 75 Hastings 
Conlon James, cooper, house 4 Jefferson 
Conloi John J.,shoemak.r, 8 Harding, 
Connaton Edward, painter, 14 Chnrch, h. 

5 Athens 
Connell Anthony, painter, h. 9 Hancock 
Connell Anthony, Jr., brass worker, boards 

9 Hancock 

Connell Dennis, brass finisher, boards 200 

Franklin [do. 

Connell Dennis J., clerk, 207 Franklin, b. 

Connell Ellen, widow of Patrick, house 207 

Connell Ellen, widow of William, house 200 

Connell James, laborer, h. 249 Franklin 
Connell James E., tinsmith, 153 Putnam 

ave., house 26 Walnut ct. 
Connell James J., grocer, 18 Charles River, 

house 18£ do. 
Connell Jeremiah, baker, 502 Main 
Connell Jeremiah, brass finisher, boards 

200 Franklin 
Connell Jeremiah, brass finisher, house 192 

Connell John, helper, Albany, h. at Boston 
Connell John, laborer, 28 Bridge 
Connell John, painter, bds. 9 Hancock 
Connell John, sawyer, 3 Hampshire 
Connell John, teamster, 71 Main, house 

206 Franklin 
Connell John, house 253 Franklin 
Connell John B., clerk, ll£ Blackstone, 

house rear 68 Appian Way 
Connell John T., salesman (24 Summer, 

B.), house 206 Pearl 
Connell Mary A., widow of William J., h. 

rear 249 Franklin 
Connell Michael, bacon curer, rear 365 

Cambridge, house 175 Winsor 
Connell Michael, stone cutter, boards 166 

Connell Michael, at 169 Gore 
Connell Mike, at 169 Gore 
Connell Patrick, helper, Albany, house at 

Connell Patrick J., laborer, boards 253 
Franklin [cock 

Connell Robert, clerk (B.), boards 8 Han- 
Connell Thomas, laborer, house 19 Foster 
Connell William, book-binder, Riverside 

Bindery, boards at Brighton 
Connell William, brass finisher, house 228 

Connell William J., grocer, 207 Franklin, 

house 224 Green 
Connell see O'Connell 
Connelly Edward, calenderer, Am. Rubber 

Co., bouse 180 Main 
Connelly James, laborer, 13 Broadway, h. 
239 Main 

Connelly James, laborer, 220 Portland, h. 

61 Plymouth 
Connelly John, clerk (B.), rooms 333 Main 
Connelly John, farmer, h. 22 Cuohing ct. 
Connelly John, laborer, house 72 Hastings 
Connelly Maria, widow of Thomas, house 

17 Grant [Third 

Connelly Patrick, herdic driver, house 119 
Connelly Patrick, sexton, St. Peter's 

Church, boards 9 Donnell 
Connelly Thomas J., mason, house 133 Co- 
Connelly William, teamster, 13 Broadway, 

house 30 Harvard 
Connelly William, at 169 Gore 
Conner Charles E., engineer, steamer 5, h. 

511 Cambridge 
Conners Edward, at 169 Gore 
Conners Jeremiah, at 169 Gore 
Conners John, at 169 Gore [ber Co. 

Conners Jonathan, calenderer, Am. Rub- 
Conners Mary L. Mrs., house 39 Brattle 
Conner Samuel, laborer, house Munroe, 

near Third 
Connerton Dominick, City laborer, house 

431 Cambridge [folk 

Connerton Thomas, mason, house 200 Nor- 
Connerty Thomas, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

5 Ninth 
Connery Michael, inside man, house 91 

Main, No. 3 
Connington William R., baker, 502 Main, 

boards 51 Pleasant 
Connolly George J., book binder ((')"> King- 

ster, B.), house 33 Inmau 
Connolly Mary, widow of Bernard, house 

55 River 
Connor Bernard J., button maker, 145 

Broadway, house 218 do. 
Connor Daniel, laborer, boards 19 Hunting 
Connor Dennis, laborer, h. 1 Clay 
Connor Edward, cooper, bds. 71 Washing- 
Connor Frank, sawyer, 3 Hampshire 
Connor James W., clerk, 91 Spruce, bds. 

rear 14 Jackson 
Connor Jeremiah, laborer, house 19 South 
Connor John, laborer bds. rear 14 Jackson 
Connor John F., baker, boards 177 Norfolk 
Connor John H., servant, house 8 Foster 
Connor Justin P., grocer, 88 Fifth, house 

121 Winsor 
Connor Margaret, widow of James, house 

177 Norfolk 
Connor Michael, gardener, house 368 Green 
Connor Michael, laborer, house rear 14 

Connor Michael, laborer, house 157 Winsor 
Connor Susan, Mrs., boards 8 Jefferson 
Connor Thomas, laborer, boards rear 14 

Connor Thomas, teamster, 13 Broadway 

boards 368 Green 


te, ) 
Lis, j 

W. H. Hollis, j Central Sq. 





Connors Charles J., laborer, 13 Broadway, 

house 51 Clark 
Connors Daniel, laborer, 220 Portland 
Connors Edward, laborer, Goepper Bros. 
Connors Frank, at 169 Gore [do. 

Connors James B., driver, 5 Brewer, bds. 
Connors John, fireman, h. 4 Coolidge pi. 
Connors John, laborer, Am. Rubber Co., h. 

25 Seventh 
Connors Joseph, teamster, 5 Broadway, b. 

Gl Hastings 
Connors Joseph A., broom maker, boards 

21 Franklin 
Connors Julia, widow, house 25 Bow 
Connors Martin, laborer, John Reardon & 

Connors Mary Mrs., house rear 356 Green 
Connors Michael, laborer, boards 160 Otis 
Connors Michael, laborer, Waverly, corner 

Talbot, boards 7 Hamilton 
Connors Terrence, foreman, 13 Broadway, 

house 55 do. 
Connors Thomas, gate-tender, Harvard st. , 

crossing, B. & A. R. R., h. 1 Harvard 

Connors William J., polisher, 201 Bridge, 

house 120 Spring 
Connors, see Connor also O'Connor 
Conrad John N., variety store, and intelli- 
gence office, 351 Broadway, house do. 
Conroy Annie M., widow of JohnF., house 

9 Cowperthwaite 
Conroy James, electrotyper, Univ. Press, 

house 241 Mt. Auburn 
Conroy James, laborer, house 101 Kinniard 
Conroy James, at 169 Gore 
Conroy John, laborer, Am. Rubber Co., 

house 27 Webster avenue 
Conroy Kieran, mason's tender, house foot 

Conroy Patrick, at 169 Gore 
Conroy Patrick J., slater, house rear 56 

Conroy Stephen, electrotyper, Univ. Pr^ss, 

b. 149 Franklin 
Conroy Thomas, liquors and boardinghouse, 

198 Cambridge, house do. 
Conry Michael J., police station 1, house 

858 Main 
Conry M. J. Mrs., dressmaker, house 858 

Main [line 

Considine James, laborer, boards 63 Brook- 
Considine John, laborer, John Reardon & 

Sons [line 

Considine John, teamster, house 63 Brook- 
Converse George H., clerk (178 Congress, 

B.), boards 403 Broadway 
Converse Joseph H., house 403 Broadway 
Converse Julia M., widow of Joseph, house 

140 Green 
Conway Conroy, laborer, Amer. Rubber Co. 
Conway James, helper, 126 Portland, bds. 

307 Cambridge 

Conway James, tailor, 418 Harvard, rooms 

22 Mt. Auburn 
Conway John, at John Reardon & Sons, h. 

63 Brookline 
Conway John J., machinist, 72 Main 
Conway Martin, lab., John Reardon & Sons 
Conway Michael, bootmaker, Amer. Rub. 

boards 58 Harvard 
Conway Patrick C, clerk, Adjt. Gen. office 

(State House, B.), h. 10 Florence 
Conway Richard, carpenter, h. 9 Austin 
Conway Richard, mason, house 45 Pilgrim 
Conway Stephen H., painter, 460 Main, h. 

8 Watson 
Conway Thomas, laborer, 172 Pearl, boards 

63 Brookline 
Conwav Thomas, laborer, bds. 63 Brookline 

ERS EXCHANGE, 613 Main, 
rm. 3 (see page 72) 
Conway William, house 172 Harvard 
Conwell Frank, dentist (5 Hamilton pi., B.) 

boards 65 Inman 
Coogan Martin, clerk, 655 Main, b. 89 Green 
Coogan Michael B., lawyer (U. S. Marshals 

office, P. O., Bldg., B.), house 16 

Cook Almerine S., electrician, 23 Main, h. 

440 Green 
Cook Anna F., widow of Michael W., bds. 

62 Wright 
Cook B. F., carpenter, h. 5 Hotel Templeton 
Cook Catherine, widow of William, house 

59 Wright 
Cook Charles, salesman (13 Chauncy, B.), 

boards 59 Gture 
Cook Charles E., box maker, b. 77 Auburn 
Cook Coleman, laborer, 221 Bridge, house 

230 do. 
Cook Edward C, boards 30 Sidney 
Cok Edward F., shipper, 13 Broadway, h. 

Pioneer, cor. Deacon 
Cook Edward H., book-keeper, 81 Bridge, 

house at Arlington 
Cook Ephraim, house 59 Gore 
Cook Frank G., lawyer (8 Congress, B.), 

boards 12 Plympton 
Cook Fred F., box maker, bds. 77 Auburn 
Cook George R., clerk (42 Commercial, 

B.), house 23 Erie 
Cook George W., local editor, Chronicle, 

573 Main, house 24 Pearl 
Cook James, blower, N. E. Glass Works, 

North, house at Charlestown 
Cook John, house 49 Market 
Cook John A., waiter (86 Friend, B.), h. 

72 Winsor 
Cook John B., house 1 Davenport 
Cook John F., cabinet maker, house 192 

Cook John R., wood-worker, State, corner 

Osborn, house 14 Blanche 
Cook John T., teamster, Lyceum Exchange, 

Harvard sq., house 46 Vine 





Cook Joseph, case maker, 162 Broadway, 

house at Arlington 
Cook Joseph C, varnisher, 162 Broadway, 

boards 19 Washington 
Cook Josiah W., pres. Camb. Fire Ins. Co. 

555 Main, house 96 Auburn 
Cook Lewis J., driver, 502 Main, house 8 

Cook Louis, provisions, h. 214 Columbia 
Cook Lowell M., organ tuner, 162 Broad- 
way, house 471 Main 
Cook Mary T., widow of Charles A., house 

77 Auburn 
Cook Matthew, machinist, 72 Main 
Cook Melissa C. Mrs., house 761 Main 
Cook Nelson P., clerk (F. R. R., B.), bds. 

20 Harris 
Cook Susan, wid. of Wm., h. 25 Appleton 
Cook Thomas, teamster, 13 Broadway, bds. 

49 Market 
Cook Thomas F., grocer, 434 BrMw'y, h. do 
Cook Timothy, carpet cleaner, h. 658 Main 
Cooke E. Ward, dentist, 104 Cambridge, 

house do. 
Cooke Henry, laborer, house 27 Valentine 
Cooke Henry J., bar-keeper (B.), house 27 

Cooke Josiah P., Erving Professor of Chem- 
istry and Mineralogy, and Director of 

the Chemical Laboratory, H. U., house 

12 Ware 
Cooke Lucy A., physician, 9 Forest, h. do. 
Cooke Patrick, iron worker, Boston Bridge 

Works, Sixth 
Cooke, see Cook, also Koch 
Cooksley Daniel, house 97 Hancock 
Coolbroth Edward N., joiner, 34 Mill, house 

92 Banks 
Coolbroth George L., driver (Parcel Del'y, 

B.), boards 92 Banks 
Cooley Albert L., house 91 Magazine 
Cooley George P., clerk (62 State, B.), b. 

91 Magazine 
Cooley John I)., cabinet maker, State, cor. 

Osborn, house at Chelsea 
Coolidge Charles, compositor, Riverside 

Press, house 56 Auburn 
Coolidge Charles F., clerk, Riverside Press, 

house 176 Putnam ave. 

& Caswell), prop. Bay State Laundry, 
136 Franklin, h. 9 River (see p. 623) 
Coolidge Edward J., foreman, Mrs. Joseph 
G. Coolidge, Coolidge av., h. near do. 
Coolidge Flavel, house 48 Trowbridge 
Coolidge George H., hammer coverer, 73 

Main, house 26 Amory 
Coolidge George H., plumber's helper, 634 

Main, house 6£ Antrim 
Coolidge James I. T., clergyman, house 6 

Brewster place 
Coolidge John, carpenter, 195 Broadway, 
house 14 Myrtle place 

Coolidge John F., express, 195 Broadway, 
and (26 Devonshire, B.), h. 3 Columbia 

Coolidge Joseph G. Mrs., house Coolidge 
avenue, near Mt. Auburn 

Coolidge Mary A., widow of Charles, house 
13 Walden 

Coolidge Mary B. Miss, b. 17 Mt. Auburn 

Coolidge Susan G., Mrs., house 758 Main 

iel S. Coolidge and George B. Cas- 
well), Bay State Laundry, 136 Frank- 
lin (see page 623) 
Coombs Burton, house 141 Gore 
Coombs Henry J., clerk, Porter's Hotel, 185 

North avenue, house do. 
Coombs Samuel, sawyer, 20 Albany 
Coombs, see Combs 
Coon Flovd C, clerk (60 Federal, B.), bds, 

46 William 
Coon Howard (H. Coon & Co.), mason and 
contractor, 77 Broadway, and (17 Milk, 
B.), house (207 West Newton, B.) 
Coon James Mrs., house Garfield 

COON H. & CO. (Howard and 
John J. Coon), masons and contrac- 
tors, 77 Broadway, office (17 Milk, 
B.) (see page 10) 
Coon John J. (J. H. Coon & Co.), contrac- 
tor, house Cherry, Somerville 
Coon Romer G., mason, house 58 Franklin 
Cooney Edward J., cabinet maker, 626 

Main, house 46 DeWolf 
Cooney John G., printer, University Press, 

boards 17 Flagg 
Cooney Joseph, machinist, house 17 Flagg 
Cooney J., compositor, University Press 
Cooney Michael, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

5 Carson 
Cooney P. H., asst. district attorney, office, 

Court House, Third, house at Natiek 
Cooper Anson B., laborer, 169 Gore, boards 

186 do. 
Cooper Caroline L. F. Mrs., h. 152 Green 
Cooper Catherine J., press feeder, River- 
side Press, boards 11 Hamilton 
Cooper Charles, bookbinder (B.), boards 24 

Cooper Charles H., clerk (P. O., B.), house 

84 Auburn 
Cooper Henry M., compositor(39 Arch, B.), 

house Hotel Holly 
Cooper James, carpenter, house 2 Buck's 

block, Seventh 
Cooper James J., cooper, boards 2 Buck's 

block, Seventh 
Cooper Joel, cigar maker, house 8 Decatur 
Cooper John, salesman, h. r. 144Thorndike 
Cooper John J., printer, Riverside Press, 

house 11 Hamilton 
Cooper John T., cooper, Ninth, cor. Spring, 

house 2 Buck's block, Seventh 
Cooper Margaret, widow of William, house 

24 Plymouth 
Cooper Martin M., confectioner, 91 Winsor 


MONUMENTS & CUKBINGS, Designed and Constructed 

J\ O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets, 



Cooper Mary, widow of David, house 11 

Cooper Mary, wid. of William, h. 46 River 
Cooper Mary J., widow, house 186 Gore 
Cooper Nathan C, teamster, 10 Arrow, h. 

3 Charles River 
Cooper William, boiler maker, 92 Main, b. 

2 Broadway 
Cooper William, clerk, b. 13 Walnut court 
Cooter William P., coppersmith (63 Pitts, 

B.), house 10 Fifth 
Copeland Annie M. Miss, bds. 123 Franklin 
Copeland Henry F., hostler. W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., Mt. Auburn stable, house at Water- 
Copeland Horace J., carpenter (146 Mt. 

Vernon, B.), house 55 Elm 
Copeland John C, driver, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co. (B.), house 10 King place 
Copeland Josephine G. , widow of Robert 

M., house 21 Buckingham 
Copeland Maria B., widow of George H. , 

house 12 Winsor 
Copeland Mary J. Miss, bds. 123 Franklin 
Copeland Robert M., driver, 31 Elm, house 

61 Market 
Copeland William E., book-keeper, 356 

Main, boards 12 Winsor 
Copeland William R. , student, boards 21 

Copithorne Ann Mrs., paperer, Third, cor. 

Potter, house 118 Fourth 
Copithorne Ellen, widow of Matthew, house 

40 Union 
Copithorne Frederick M., bookbinder (82 

State, B.), boards 113£ Winsor 
Copithorne John, boards 40 Union 
Copithorne John T., inventor, h. 31 Essex 
Copithorne Richard M., bookbinder (82 

State, B.), house 98 Tremont 
Copithorne William, foreman(82 State, B.), 

house 113^ Winsor 
Copp John, bookbinder, 105 Magazine, h, 

109 Allston 
Copp John, teamster, 220 Portland, boards 

1 15 Prospect 
Coppenrath Fred E., upholsterer (38 Corn- 
hill, B.), b. Jacob Coppenrath's, Eighth 
Coppenrath G., at 44 Cambridge 
Coppenrath Jacob, cabinet maker, 44 Cam- 

hridge, house Eighth, near Spring 
Copplestone Ann, widow of Richard, house 

140 Garden 
Coran Benjamin F., carver, 286 Main, h. 

at Roslindale [Vine 

Corballis James F., laborer, 169 Gore, h. 2 
Corbett Augustus O., furnace maker (B.), 

house 13 Kirkland place 
Corbett Daniel, cooper, 169 Gore, house 12 

Squirps court 
Corbett John, foreman of yard, 113 Broad- 
way, house 108 Washington 
Corbett John, shade painter (B.), h. 5 Holly 

Corbett Mary C. , house keeper, 278 Har- 

Corbett Michael F., gateman, B. & L. R. R. 
shop, house 36 Second 

Corbett Robert S., carpenter, bds. 9 Norfolk 

Corbett Solomon, carpenter, bds. 9 Norfolk 

Corbett Walter G., lather, h. 102 Tremont 

Corbett William J., wood carver, bds. 12 
Squires court 

Corbilis James, at 169 Gore 

Corbin William, laborer, American Rubber 
Works, boards 12 Ninth 

Corcoran Corneilus, teamster (Chasn'), h. 
rear 83 Bridge 

Corcoran Daniel, laborer, h. 162 Franklin 

Corcoran David F., clerk, 25Boylston. bds. 
foot of Bennett 

Corcoran Dennis, sergeant police, station 3, 
house 118 Otis 

Corcoran Frank, electrotype finisher, Uni- 
versity Press, house 1 Foster 

Corcoran James E., driver W.E. St. Ry. Co. 
bds. foot Bennett 

Corcora.i Jeremiah, baker, 27i Banks, 
house do. 

Corcoran John, book-binder Riversid° Press, 
h. 109 Putnam av. 

Corcoran John, dry press, University Press, 
bds. 6 Harvard Square 

Corcoran John, laborer, bds. 162 Franklin 

Corcoran John Mrs., boards 19 Vine 

Corcoran John Mrs., h. end of Bennett 

Corcoran John F., salesman (164 Wash., 
B.), boards 44 Hudson 

Corcoran John H. (J. H. Corcoran & Co.), 
dry goods, etc., 587 Main, boards 109 
Putnam av. 

Corcoran Julia Mrs., house 142 Pleasant 

Corcoran J. Joseph, clerk, 17 Brattle, h. 
12 Gerry 

Corcoran J. H. & Co. (John H. Corcoran), 
dry goods, 587 Main 

Corcoran Kate Miss, dressmaker 36 Mar- 
ket, boards do. 

Corcoran Louise M., clerk 8 Harvard sq., 
rooms do. 

Corcoran Maria, widow of John, house 
36 Market 

Corcoran Mary A. Miss, dressmaker, end of 
Bennett, boards do. 

Corcoran Michael, foreman, pressroom, Uni- 
versity Press, and overseer of the poor, 
house 44 Hudson 

Corcoran Michael, hostler, 10 Franklin 

Corcoran Patrick, asst. janitor, Court House, 
Third, h. Charles, east of Third 

Corcoran Patrick J., coachman 24 Concord 
av., house 6 Parker 

Corcoran Thomas, laborer, h. 2 Cedar sq. 

Corcoran Thomas Mrs., house 17 Charles 

Corcoran Timothy, boot maker,Amer. Rub- 
ber Co., boards 10 Franklin 








Corcoran Timothy, police station 1, house 

(ih South 
Corcoran Timothy, shoemaker, 317 Green, 

house do. 
Corcoran William Mrs., house Munroe, 

west of Third 
Corey Austin S. (Shaw & Corey), dining- 
room 560 Main, rooms 86 Green 
COKE V DELOR4INE P., treas. 
Maverick Oil Co., Sixth, cor. Potter, 
and (61 Broad, B.), h. at Maiden 
(see page 12) 
Corey Samuel J., travelling salesman (44: 

Oliver, B.), h. 152 North ave. 
Corkery Dennis, teamster, h. 16 Hayes ct. 
Corkery George, lahorer, b. 16 Hayes ct. 
Corkery Honora, widow of Matthew, house 

Somerville av., next the line 
Corkery Jeremiah, book-hinder Riverside 

Bindery, boards 11 Walnut ct. 
Corkery Mary M., widow of Michael, h. 

134 Webster ave. 

tractor, 613 Main and 11 Walnut ct., 
house do. (see page 631) 
Corkery Maurice, laborer, h. 16£ Mill 
Corkery Maurice M., hackman, bds. Mrs. 

H. Corkery's, Somerville ave. 
Corkery Michael, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

19 Carson 
Corkery Michael J., clerk, 437 Cambridge, 

boards 13-1 Webster ave. 
Corkery Patrick, section-hand, B. & A. R. 

R., house 24 Jefferson 
Corkery Patrick J., car inspector (Allston) 

house 137 Brookline 
Corkery Thomas, hostler, W. E. St. Uy. 

Co., house 2 Cedar square 
Corkery Timothy, drain builder, boards 11 

Walnut court 
Corkery Timothy, express, off Reed. bds. 

Mrs. H. Corkery's, Somerville av. 
Corkhill Edward. porter (60 Commerce. B.) 

house 4 Chestnut Park 
Corkrinn George, at 169 Gore 
Corlin Charles, slater and roofer, 34 Mill. 

house 15 Dyke 
Cormier Daniel, auditor (X. Y. ft X. E. 

R. R., B.), h. 88 Kirkland 
Corne Win. F., com. mer. (104 State, B.). 

house 48 Lake View ave. 
Cornelius Lydia F., widow of Elias, house 

5 Hawthorn 
Cornell John, laborer, b. 23 McDonald 
Cornell Lucy, wid. of John. h. 23 McDonald 
Corning Jacob, coatmaker Am. Rnbber Co. 
Corning Jacob T., mariner, h. 438 Main 
Cornish James, seaman, bds. 22 Hastings 
Cornish Henry C, bootblack (33 Beach, B.) 

house 88 Harvard 
Cornish Rose E. Mrs., milliner 615 Main. 

boards 102 Austin 
Coron Joseph, laborer, h. 152 Spruce 

Corpiel Camille, polisher, house Eighth, 

near Spring 
Correau Thomas, laborer, h. 124 Dublin 
Corrie Thomas B., pressman, h. 1 State 
Corrigan James, laborer, 8 Brattle 
Corrigan Thos., hack driver, h. 44 DeWolf 
Corton Daniel, at 169 Gore 
Cosgrove Andrew, laborer, 169 Gore, h. 

120 Fourth 
Cosgrove Daniel J., painter, b. 20 Donnell 
Cosgrove Jane, widow of Thomas, honse 20 

Cosgrove Mary, rope maker. Day Cordage 
Cosgrove Mary Mrs., house 27 Harvard 

Co., Rogers 
Cosgrove Patrick, horse shoer, 202 North 

av., house at Lexington 
Cosgrove Thomas P., grocer, 79 Concord 

av., house 77 do 
( losgrove Timothy, express, 87 Mt. Auburn, 

house 20 Donnell 
Cossette Joseph, currier, Miiller Bros., h. 

152 Spruce 
Cosmo Manuel J., laborer, Revere Sugar 

Refinery, house 90 Third 
Costa August, musician, house Locke 
Costa Frank J., hairdresser, 3'.»2 Cambridge 

house 390J do. 
Costa Manuel, sand paperer, house 1 Low- 
land avenue 
Costeller Edward F., florist (B.), h. 59 

Costeller Isaac, mason, h. 2 Shepherd's blk., 

Charles River 
Costeller Mary, widow of Edward, h. 59 

Costello Ann. widow of Martin, house 16 

Costello Ldward. gardener, h. 178 Franklin 
Costello Edward, dr.. Lithographer (B.), b. 

17* Franklin 
Costello Frank L.. machinist (B.), house 

112 Gore 

laborer. 169 Gore, h. 33 

laborer, 281 Broadway, h. 

Costello John 

Costello John 

111 Elm 
Costello Michael, engineer, Union Glass 

Co. (Somerville). house 117 Gore 
Costello Peter, sloarman, X. E Glass Wks. 

boards 163 Bridge 
Costello Richard, laborer. Gas Co's. Works, 

Third, house 19 Flagg 
Costello Richard II., hackman, 216 Green, 

boards 233 Franklin 
Costello Timothy, at 169 Gore 
Costello William, potmaker. Union Glass 

Co (Somerville), boards 172 Columbia 
Cote Daniel, laborer, Xiles Bros., Concord 

av., house 6 Jackson 
Cote Francisco, carver, 44 Cambridge, h. 7 

Cotter Edward, laborer, house 36 Spring 
Cotter Edward, v o >d turner, bds. 7 East 

Dr. E. Y. White, 
Dr.W.H. Hollis, 

( 603 Main St. 
] Central Sq. 




Cotter Edward M., at 44 Cambridge 

Cotter Elizabeth M. Miss, h. 10 Oxford 

Cotter Ellen, wid. of Thomas, house 29 

Cotter Jeremiah, mason's tender, house 18 

Cotter John, gardener, house 35 Baldwin 

Cotter John, gas man, McLean Asylum 
(Somerville), house 24 Sixth 

Cotter John, longshoreman, h. 13£ Warren 

Cotter Morris, gate tender, B. & L. R. R. 
East st. crossing, house 10 East 

Cotter Peter, gate tender, B. & L. R. R. 
East st. crossing, house 7 East 

Cotter Thomas, gateman, B. & L. R. R, 
shop crossing, b. 1 Linehan's blk., 

Cotton Eloise A., wid. of Warren, house 2 
Pleasant place 

Cotton H. Norman, stationery (24 Milk, 
B.), house 23 Clinton 

Cotton Irving W. , book-keeper (24 Milk, 
B.), house 308 Harvard 

Cotton Susan G., wid. of Solomon, h. 27 

Couch John, foreman, 245 Broadway, h. 
110 Prospect 

Couch Mary A., wid. of John R., h. 646 
Main [Ash 

Coues Samuel F. Dr., U. S Navy, h. 14 

Cougan James, binder, boards 40 Pearl 

Coughlan David, sawyer, 20 Albany 

Coughlan John, laborer, house 20 Locust 

Coughlan Julia, wid. of Patrick, h. 47 

Coughlan Margaret, at 1(59 Gore 

Coughlin Bridget, wid., bds. 40 Winthrop 

Coughlin Catherine,, wid., h. i) Hayes ct. 

Coughlin Daniel, laborer, 169 Gore, h. 21 

Coughlin Daniel laborer, bds. 23 Fourth 

Coughlin Daniel H., blower, Union Glass 
Co. (Somerville), h. rear 127 Elm 

Coughlin David, City laborer, h. 97 Hamp- 

Coughlin David W., sawyer, 20 Albany, h. 
57 Klin 

Coughlin Dennis, furniture mover, 95 Cam- 
bridge, house 23 Fourth 

Coughlin Ellen, widow, boards 16 East 

Coughlin Francis J., police station 3, h . 73 

Coughlin Johanna, wid. of Daniel, house 169 

Coughlin John, City laborer, house 17 Jef- 

Coughlin John, City laborer, house 85 Har- 

Coughlin John, laborer, h. rear 23 Gore 

Coughlin John, liquors, 390 North av. 
house do. 

Coughlin John, at 169 Gore 

Coughlin Michael, laborer, h. 16 Hayes ct. 

Coughlin Sarah, wid. of John, h. r. 6 Last 

Coughlin Timothy, grocer, 16 Webster av., 

house do. 
Coughlin Timothy, laborer (B.). house 4 

Coughlin Timothy, laborer, house 169 

Coughlin Wm. G., wood carver, house 16 

Webster av. 
Coulter Frank J., teamster, 113 Broadway, 

house 28 Berkshire 
Coulter James, laborer, boards 7 Chapman 

Coulter John, police station 1, h. 7 Chap- 
man place 
Counihan Edward A., clerk (33 Summer, 

B.), house 115 Charles 
County Commissioners' Office, Court House, 

County Engineers' Office, Court House, 

Third [Third 

County Treasurer's Office, Court House, 
Coursey John H., switchman, B. & L. R. 

R. , house 1 Linehan court 
Coursey Mary, widow of Thomas, house 22 

Courtney Bridget, widow of Michael, house 

rear 384 Cambridge 
Courtney Daniel, iron worker, B. B. Works, 

boards 1 Spring place 
Courtney David, hostler, Boston Ice Co., 

Prison Point, house at Charlestown 
Courtney David, machinist (B.), boards 1 

Spring place 
Courtney James, laborer, house 34 North 
Courtney Joseph W., student, H. U., bds. 

174 Cambridge 
Courtney Thomas, City laborer, house 1 

Spring place 
Courtney Thomas F., marble cutter (B.), 

house rear 384 Cambridge 
Courtney William J., brush maker (132 

Oliver, B.), house 174 Cambridge 
Cousens Catherine H. Miss, bds. 64 Antrim 
Coutts James A., clerk, John Reardon & 

Sons, boards 13(5 Brookline 
Couture Joseph, brick maker, house Clifton, 

near Spruce 
Cove Arthur, carpenter, bds. 7£ Fairmont 

Cove John W., carpenter, house 38 Howard 
Cove Joseph T. C, carpenter, house 68 

Fairmont [ave. 

Cove Richard B., carpenter, h. 7£ Fairmont 
Cove W. Fred, builder, house 74 Chestnut 
Covell Bartlett F., carpenter, house 90 

Pleasant [5)0 do. 

Covell Clarence F., clerk, 80 Pleasant, bds. 
Covell Mary Mrs., boards 90 Pleasant 
Coveney Daniel, laborer, 221 Bridge, house 

8 Winter 
Coveney Dennis, at 169 Gore 
Coveney Hannah Mrs., dressmaker, and 

bread store, 12 Winter, house do. 

Burditt & White, Lt 1^1^ Paints, Oils & Glass. 



Coveney Hannah L. Mrs., confectionery, 

etc., 138 Pleasant, house do. 
Coveney Jeremiah, watchman, B. & M. R. 

R., house 184 Bridge 
Coveney Jeremiah W., surveyor (Custom 

House, B.), house 44 Second [do. 

Coveney John, laborer, 221 Bridge, house 
Coveney John, laborer, boards 149 Bridge 
Coveney John, switchman, B. &. L. R. R,, 

house 4 Linehans court 
Coveney John, teamster, 221 Bridge, house 

R Winter 
Coveney John, at 169 Gore 
Coveney John W., undertaker, 193£ Cam- 
bridge, house 193 do. 
Coveney Katie Mrs., house Southers place 
Coveney Michael, fireman, bds. 149 Bridge 
Coveney William, laborer, h. Southers pi. 
Covey Carl, driver, U. S. Mail, 44 Bridge. 

boards 149 do. 
Cowan Bernard, laborer, 1S4 Broadway, 

house 1G Market 
Cowan Dennis, rope mnfr. , Montgomery. 

house 88 Dudiey 
Cowan M. Frank, driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

house 142 Putnam avenue 
Cowan Robert J., herdic driver, house 23G 

Putnam avenue 
Cowan Thomas, building mover, house 41 

Webster avenue 
Coward George, janitor, Hilton's block, and 

Manter Hall, boards £72 Main 
Coward John, laborer, H. U., h. 65 Norfolk 
Cowdin Abbie A. Miss. bds. 15 Sacramento 
Cowdin Angeline B., widow of Levi P., h. 

28 Holyoke 
Cowdin John, at 169 Gore 
Cowdin Putnam F., dry pressman, boards 

28 Holyoke 
Cowdin Sarali A., widow of Robert, house 

15 Sacramento 
Cow en Robert, supt., Boston Woven Hose 

Co., 33 Hampshire, house 28 Klin 
Cowhig Edward, laborer, house 136 Bridge 
Co whig Jeremiah, coal shoveller. B. & L.|R. 

R. round house, house 45 Cambridge 
Cox Alex P., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., h. 

17 Cushing court 
Cox Austin G., granite cutter, boards 180 

Lake View avenue 
Cox Charles A., painter, 153 Putnam ave., 

house 82 Chestnut 
Cox Charles P., pattern maker (B.), house 

31 Blackstone 
Cox Christopher, house 34 North 
Cox Edward (_)., upholsterer, boards 50 

Prospect [do. 

Cox Elizabeth Mrs., teamster, 4 Potter, h. 
Cox Francis A., real estate, h. 186 Green 
Cox Frank, plasterer, house 10 Harding 
Cox Fred E., driver, Sawin's Express, bds. 

39 Magazine 
Cox Frederick W., letter carrier, P. 0., 

611 Main, boards 50 Prospect 

Cox George, compositor, 531 Main, boards 

50 Prospect 
Cox George, printer, 531 Main, house 202 

Cox George A., printer. 531 Main, boards 

519 do. 
Cox George H., 2 Central square, house 

310 Harvard 
Cox George T., book-keeper (22 School, 

B.), boards 202 Hampshire 
Cox James, porter (167 Congress, B.), h. 

2 Butlers court 

COX JA.flES, publisher, Cambridge 
Press, 531 Main, house 50 Prospect 
(see page 624) 
Cox James H., printer, 531 Main. h. 9 Front 
Cox John C, compositor. 531 Main, boards 

50 Prospect 
Cox Maria J., widow of Albert, house 39 

Cox Owen, laborer, house 17 Banks 
Cox Sarah, widow of Benjamin, house 49 

Cox Thomas, laborer, boards 5 Carson 
Cox Thomas B., house 49 Holworthy 
Cox Thomas EL, carpenter, h. 140 Columbia 
Cox Thomas H., laborer, h. r. 90 Harvard 
Cox William, carpenter, house HO Holworthy 
Cox William, laborer, house 112 Hampshire 
Cox William F.. printer (288 Washington, 

B.), house 95 Pearl 
Coy Charles, machinist, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

Dunster. house 8 Oak 
Coy George H., engineer, h. 64 Boylston 
Cove Ella E. Miss, teacher, Riverside prim- 
ary school, boards 8 Oak 
Cove E. Everett, foreman, 221 Bridge, 

boards 15 Wallace 
Cove George, engineer, house 17 South 
Coye J (dm, laborer, house 15 Heed 
Coye William J., furrier (130 Milk, B.), 
house 15 Wallace [do. 

Coyea Andrew, safe maker. 17 Main, h. 102 
Coyle Francis, laborer, house 149 Elm 
Coyle James, teamster (126 Atlantic ave. , 

B.), house 317 Cambridge 
Coyle John T. G.. student. Harvard Univer- 
sity, rooms 42 Bit. Auburn 
Coyle Ter ranee, laborer, house 85 Bo ton 
Coyle Timothy, grocer. Ill Cushing. house 
109 do, [117 Spruce 

Coyne Catherine, widow of James, house 
Coyne Michael, teamster, b. 271 Broadway 
Coyne William, tinsmith, Third, cor. Pot- 
ter, house 62 Amory 
Crafts Arthur C. tinman, 153 Putnam ave., 

house 88 Banks 
Cragan John, at 169 Gore [ren 

Cragin George E.. expressman, b. 17 War- 
Cragin John P. Mrs., house 17 Warren 
Craig Carrie M., clerk, Otis, cor. Third, 

boards (>5 Inman 
Craig Charles E., bleacher, h. 105 Portland 

Floral Decorations 

FOR FUNERALS, WEDDINGS, RECEPTION, forcished at Snort Notice 
P. O'BRIEN & SOX, $20 Main and 89 Sparks Streets. 



Craig Edwin P., clerk, P. 0., Gil Main, 
boards 54 Austin 

Craig Mary Miss, dressmaker, 1 Winthrop 
square, house do. 

Craig Robert, horse dealer, h. 68 Holworthy 

Craig Robert, machinist, 29 Main, house at 

Craig Robert, Jr., casemaker, 105 Maga- 
zine, house 149 Brookline 

Craig Thomas A., horse dealer, boards 68 

Craig William G. , carpenter, house rear 13 
Charles River 

Craig William J., carpenter, h. 50 Amory 

Craig William J., printer, 3 Linden, house 
21 Cushing court 

Craig William L., engineer (162 Columbus 
ave., B.), house 2 Burrage block, 
Bristol [83 Prospect 

Cram Anna B., widow of Frank W. , house 

Cram Charles N. , foreman, of action makers, 
113 Broadway, house 16 Pleasant pi. 

Cram George A., paper hanger, 660 Main, 
house 6 Sidney 

Cram George W., house 83 Prospect 

Cram Harry, cabinet maker, bds. 73 Gore 

Cram Henry B., treasurer, Bernstein Elec- 
tric Light Mauufacturing Co. (48 Con- 
gress, B.), boards 83 Prospect 

Cramer William P., driver, Cambridge 
Laundry, Soden 

Crandall Edwin A., at Revere Sugar Refin- 
ery, house 183 Cambridge 

Crandall Herbert T., fireman, B. & L. R. R., 
boards 63 Fifth 

Crandall J. Lyman, feeder, J. S. Hilliard, 
house 63 Fifth 

Crane Charles F., driver, 15 River, b. 17 do. 

Crane Edward F., boot maker. American 
Rubber Co., house 36 Harvard 

Crane George I., baker, 910 Main and 15 
River, house 17 do. [Pine 

Crane Luther, nailer, 3 Hampshire, h. 21 

Crane Warren, foreman, of machinists, B. & 
L. R. R. shop, house 84 Otis 

Cranmore J. E., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Crapeau Adrienne, brick maker, house 108 
Spruce [Maiden 

Craven Daniel, machinist, 29 Main, h. at 

Crawford George C, clerk (50 Howard, 
B.), house 96 Allston 

Crawford James (Clark & Crawford), plum- 
ber, 12 Harvard row, h. 26 Winthrop 

Crawford John CLevi Ilawkes & Co.), plum- 
ber. .V.)!).', Main, and (Ilawkes & Craw- 
ford) (50 Howard, B.), house 96 

Crawford John, waiter, Memorial Hall 

Crawford John A., driver, boards 33 Essex 

Crawford .John J., brick layer (B.), house 
66 Winter 

Crawford Rebecca, widow of Albert, house 
rear 26 Somerset 

Crawford Sarah Mrs., house 49 Harvard 

Crawley Thomas W. Rev., house 37 Erie 
Creamer Ann Mrs., boards 4 Boyson place 
Creamer John W., tinsmith, 502 Main, h. 

4 Boyson place 
Creamer, see Cremer 

Crean Peter, City laborer, house 45 Union 
Creed Charles H., salesman (87 Court, B.), 

house 72 Plymouth [Spring 

Creed Joseph, brass moulder, house r. 103 
Creeden Patrick, laborer, 206 Broadway, 

house 171 Winsor 
Cree on Dennis J., boards 165 Otis 
Creedon James, teamster, house 165 Otis 
Creedon John, teamster, boards 165 Otis 
Creelman Henry W. , carriage maker 

(Chas'n) house 439£ Cambridge 
Creelman Isabel, wid., bds 12 Fairmont 
Creelman John D., carpenter, h. 14 Oak 
Creelman Oliver E., clerk (250 Devonshire, 

B.)i bds. 12 Fairmont 
Creelman William, book binder, Riverside 

Bindery, house 12 Fairmont 
Creighton Catherine, wid. of Wm., house 

67 Moore 
Creighton Frank, carpenter, house Hotel 

Shirley, 41 School 
Creighton Mary Anna, wid. of Thomas, h. 

93 Cambridge 
Creighton Patrick, soap maker, house 133 

Creighton Wm., compositor (Wash., B.), 

house 147 Washington 
Creighton Wm. E., cutter, N. E. Glass 

Works, bds. 93 Cambridge [av. 

Cremer William, baker, 10 Franklin 
Cressey Henry E , porter, h. 70 Webster 
Cribbin J. A., at 169 Gore 
Crilley Patrick, laborer, house 13 Vine 
Crimminger Antoine, finisher, Am. Rub. 

Co., house 105 Portland 
Crimminger Joseph B., piano maker, bds. 

105 Portland 
Criinmings Daniel, at 169 Gore 
Crimmings Julia F., grocer, 18 School, 

house do. 
Crimmings J. A., at 169 Gore 
Crimmins Catherine, widow of John, house 

44 Kinniard 
Crimmins Darnel, cooper, Ninth, corner 

Spring, house 6 do. 
Crimmins D., packer, Am. Rubber Co. 
Crimmins John, iron moulder, Pelham, 

house Lilac ct. 
Crimmins John, packer, Amer. Rubber Co., 

house 19 Vine 
Critchelow Melissa, Mrs., house rear 1 

Norfolk ct. 
Croak Michael, stone cutter, house 9 Vine 
Crocker Elvira K., widow of Phineas A., 

house 27.' > > North ave. 
Crocker Geo. W., proof-reader (24 Frank- 
lin, B.)» house 308 Harvard 
Crocker Harry, baker, 502 Main 

DCCT Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 

ULU 3 A.T 20 DOCK SQUAMJ£. BlUBlll & WlLl.IAiflS. 



Crocker Henry T. (Bradshaw, Crocker & 

Co.), mill supplies, 150 Portland, and 

(31 Doane, B.), house at Winthrop 
Crocker John A., travelling salesman (B.), 

bds. 13 Erie 
Crocker John C, die maker, 153 Putnam 

ave., house 13 Erie 
Crocker John D., colorer and whitener, 19 

Central sq., bds. 2 William 
Crocker John E., wholesale grocer (84 and 

86 S. Market, B.), house 32 Lee 
Crocker John M., physician, 322 Broadway, 

house do. 
Crocker John S., assist, undertaker, 414 

Cambridge, bds. 5 Bristol 
Crocker John W., plasterer, 19 Central 

sq., house 2 William 
Crocker Nehemiah D., watchman, 1G2 

Broadway, house 25!) Putnam ave. 
Crocker Walton L., 102 Broadway, bds. 

259 Putnam av. 
Crocker William H., foreman, cake baker, 

502 Main, house 19 Columbia 
Crocker William J., collector, h. 4 Antrim 
Crocker Winnifred S., widow of Charles, 

house 5 Bristol 
Crompton Isaac L., shoemaker, 3 Harvard 

Row, house 9 Norfolk 
Cromwell Albert C, carpenter (Quincy 

House, B.), house 36 Howard 
Cromwell Albert J., clerk, 557 Main, bds. 

Cromwell George L., clerk, 589 Main, b. 

36 Howard 
Cronan Daniel, laborer, h. r. 236 Eranklin 
Cronan John, iron worker, house 23 Antrim 
Cronan Mary A., widow of Michael, house 

68 Putnam ave. 
Cronan Timothy A., varnisher, 162 Broad- 
way, house 65 Vine 
Cronin Catherine, widow of Daniel, house 

3 Lechmere pi. 
Cronin Daniel, solar printer, bds. 3 Bald- 

win-st. ct. 
Cronin David, Mrs., liquors, 30 Portland, 

and grocer, 51 Washington, house do. 
Cronin Dennis, laborer, bds. 3 Baldwin ct. 
Cronin Ellen, widow of Timothy, house 1 

Murdock [Green 

Cronin Erank, laborer, 502 Main, bds. 35 
Cronin John, carver, 212 Brattle, house at 

Boston [ct. 

Cronin John, currier, house 3 Baldwin-st. 
Cronin John, laborer, 33 Hampshire, bds. 

151 Otis 
Cronin John, laborer, B. & M. R. R., house 

11 Short 
Cronin John J., photo, colorer, boards 3 

Baldwin street court 
Cronin John M., laborer, h. 9 Walnut ct. 
Cronin Mary. wid. of Dennis, h. Burns ct. 
Cronin Michael, coachman (B.), house 341 


Cronin Michael, solar printer, boards 3 

Baldwin-st. ct. 
Cronin Patrick, laborer, house 34 Jefferson 
Cronin Patrick, peddler, h. 242 Eranklin 
Cronin Patrick, stone mason, h. 13 Carson 
Cronin Timothy, currier, h. 185 Norfolk 
Cronin Timothy, stone cutter. Gore's wharf, 

Third, house 10 Poster pi. 
Cronin, see Cronan 
Crook George F., printer (30 Music Hall, 

Winter, B.), house 9 Remington 
Crooker Susan C, widow of John, house 28 

Crosby Austin R., salesman, h. 281 Pearl 
Crosby Cyrus E. (Crosby. Paige & Gove), 

milk contractor, rear 75 Bridge, house 

at Somerville 
Crosbv Erederick, produce (57 E. H. mar- 
ket, B.), boards 128 Oxford 
Crosby John G., plasterer, house 5 Hotel 

Crosby Joseph T., painter, h. 22 Wallace 
Crosby Michael, laborer, h. 243 Eranklin 

(Cyrus F. Crosby, Dennis A. Paige, 
and Archibald R. Gove), milk contrac- 
tors, butter and cheese mnfrs., rear 
75 Bridge (see page 638) 
Crosby Patrick, laborer, h. 243 Franklin 
Crosby Peter II., bru.shmaker, 124 Harvard 

house rear 15 Pine 
Crosby Biehard, laborer, h. r. 243 Franklin 
Crosby Stalie, wheelwright, boards 47 

watchmaker (4 Park, B.), house 21 
Sacramento (see reverse side of in- 
sert opp. E. F. Hunt & Co's name) 
Crosby Thomas K., engineer, h. 24 Vine 
Crosbv Warren L., machinist(142 Kneeland 

B.), boards 22 Wallace 
Croscombe Morley G., house 94 Pleasant 
Crosier, see Crozier 

Cross Carleton, fruit peddler, h. 142 Bridge 
Cross Charles H , clerk (B.), boards 7 

Cross Fred, carpenter, bds. 134 Cambridge 
Cross Fred A., butcher, 169 Gore, house 9 

Cross George P., action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, house 63 Clark 
Cross Henry J., book-keeper, 22 Boylston. 

boards 16 Dunster 
Cross Henry S., fruit dealer, h. 118 Spring 
Cross Joseph, house 63 Pleasant 
Cross Lizzie A. Miss, dressmaker, 288£ 

Broadway, house do. 
Cross Nancy H., widow of Timothy, house 

771 Main 
Cross Phebe W. Mrs., nurse, h. 21 William 
Cross T.,at 169 Gore 
Crossman Charles T., repairer (576 Wash., 

B.). boards 87 Plymouth 


r. E. Y. White, ) 6oVMainSt. 
r. W. H. Hollis, j Central Sq. 



Crossman Frederick D., painter, 460 Main, 

boards 29 Jay 
Crosston Joseph, teamster, b. 5 Dickinson 
Crowell Simon G., lawyer (40 Water, rm. 

55, B.), bds. 19 Ash 
Croswell William, book-keeper (77 Sum- 
mer, B.), house 05 Frost 
Crothers Charles E., salesman, 168 Gore, 

house 22 Fifth 
Crothers Frederick A., clerk, B. & L. R.R. 

freight depot (B.), bds. 12 Oak 
Crothers Litel, pressman (Globe Office, B.) 

house 126 Thorndike 
Crothers Wm. J., tin peddler, h. 12 Oak 
Crothers William J., Jr., clerk, 18G Cam- 
bridge, house 110 do. 
CrowM. B., at 1G9 Gore 
Crowdis Charles, carpenter, b. 30£ Shepard 
Crowe Joanna, widow of William, house 

100 Dublin 
Crowe John, pot maker, X. E. Glass Works 

North, house 99 Gore 
Crowe Joseph, saw filer, house 131 Harvard 
Crowe Leander, blacksmith, 446 Main 
Crowe Mary Ida Miss, at American Net and 

Twine Co., house 117 Spring 
Crowe Michael B., 1G9 Gore, rms. 68 do. 
Crowe Patrick, laborer, bds. 100 Dublin 
Crowe Smith, watchman, N. E. Dredging 

Co. (S. Boston), h. 117 Spring 
Crowe T. F., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Crowell George E. (Crowell & Homer), 

confectioner, 189 Hampshire, rooms 

4 Elm 
Crowell Herbert E., action maker, 139 

Broadway, boards 39 Ash 
Crowell Maria Mrs., house 11 River 
Crowell Thomas Howes, foreman, C. G. L. 

Co.. 424 Harvard, h. 39 Ash 
Crowell Timothy, lumber (9 India, B.), h. 

34 Prospect 
Crowell William H., machinist, 72 Main, 

boards 20 Cottage 
Crowell & Homer (George E. Crowell and 

Fitz II. Homer), mnfg. confectioners, 

189 Hampshire [Co. 

Crowley Andrew, mill hand, Amer. Rubber 
Crowley Ann Mrs., boards 87 Elm 
Crowley Cornelius, switchman, B. & L. R. 

R., house 142 Thorndike 
Crowley Daniel, laborer, bds. 34 Vine 
Crowley Daniel, laborer, h. 13£ Warren 
Crowley Daniel, laborer, h. lM> Cambridge 
Crowley Daniel, laborer, Sixth, cor. Potter 

house 93 Third 
Crowley Daniel, at 169 Gore 
Crowley Daniel J., blower, X. E. Glass 

Works, house 94 Fourth 
Crowley David, teamster, 71 Main, house 

67 Moore 
Crowley David Mrs., house 8 Short 
Crowley David F., 150 Broadway, house 67 

Crowley Dennis Mrs., house 36 North 

Crowley Dennis J., compositor University 
Crowley D. A., advg. agt. 3 Linden, house 

at Boston 

Press, house 2 South 
Crowley Edward F., core maker, Third, 

cor. Bent, house at Charlestown 
Crowley Eliza, wid. of John, h. 98 Vine 
Crowley Elizabeth B., widow of John J. h. 

13 V T ine 
Crowley Ellen, wid. of John H., h. 95 Fifth 
Crowley Florence, laborer, Revere Sugar 

Refinery, house 2oh Gore 
Crowley Florence A., teamster (B.) house 

96 Spring 
Crowley Henry, laborer, 126 Portland 
Crowley James, lab. (B.), house 163 Spring 
Crowley James P., tinsmith, Third cor. 

Potter, boards 67 Moore 
Crowley Jeremiah, coachman (B.), house 

37 Vine 
Crowley Jeremiah, foreman of cellar, 169 

Gore, house 74 Spring 
Crowley Jeremiah, laborer, bds. 19 Jackson 
Crowley Jeremiah, teamster, bds. 3G North 
Crowley Jeremiah, teamster, 34 Gore, bds. 

27 Gore 
Crowley Jeremiah, house 223 Franklin 
Crowley John, laborer, 129 Gore, boards 28 

Crowley John, laborer, boards 19 Jackson 
Crowley John, at 169 Gore 
Crowley John D., tailor, 433 Main, house 

at Charlestown 
Crowley Kearan F., book-binder, Riverside 

Press, house 6 De Wolf 
Crowley Margaret, widow of Jeremiah, h. 

19 Jackson 
Crowley Mary. wid. of Jere. . h. 8 Water 
Crowley Michael, boot maker, Am. Rubber 

Co., Potter, house 3 Pioneer 
Crowley Michael wheelwright, h. 52 Fair- 
Crowley Michael J., tinsmith. 153 Putnam 

avenue house 34 Somerset 
Crowley Mitchell, carpenter, h. 19 Pine 
Crowlev Patrick, gardener, 10 Linden, bds. 

Crowley Patrick J., machinist, 153 Putnam 

ave. house 41S Cambridge 
Crowley Patrick J., molder, house 187 Mt. 

Crowley Timothy, coal and wood, 34 Gore, 

house 27 do. 
Crowley Timothy, mason, bds. 15 Warren 
Crowley Timothy, teamster, Sixth, c. Potter 

boards 151 Otis 
Crowley Timothy, at 169 Gore 
Crowley Timothy J., teamster, 34 Gore, 

boards 27 Gore 
Croy Basiglio, salesman (34 Hamilton, B.) 

house 1 16 Webster are. 
Crozier Christopher J. (Kel lie & Crozier), 

painter, 43G Main, house 3 Suffolk 





Crozier Edwin A., painter, 460 Main, h. 16 

Crozier Robert, carpenter, h. 2 Coolidge pi. 
Crozier William F., carpenter, house 3 

Coolidge place 
Crufts Mary E., widow of Geo. W., house 

rear 112 Magazine 
Cruikshank Geo., roller, 12G Portland, h. 

56 Webster avenue 
Cruikshank James F., box maker, house 

122 Winsor 
Cruikshank John J. (F. M. Buffum & Co.), 

electrician and bell hanger, 604 Main, 

boards 5G Webster ave. 
Crump Wm. H., baker, 502 Main, house 61 

Cuddy Bridget, widow of John, house 157 

Cuddy Edw., clerk, 19 Lincoln, boards 157 

Cuddy Thomas, liquors, 19 Lincoln, boards 

157 Columbia 
Culhan Edward, foreman. 386 Main, house 

390 Main 
Culhane Daniel, laborer, house 9 Foster pi. 
Culhane Daniel, laborer, h. 1!) Beaver 
Culhane Daniel F., marble worker, boards 

9 Foster place 
Culhane D., laborer, Waverly cor. Talbot 
Culhane Edward, laborer, b. 9 Foster place 
Culhane Fred, laborer, house 6 Sands 
Culhane Garrett T. J., elerk (33 Summer, 

B.), house 16-1 Norfolk 
Culhane James, fireman, Gas Works, Third, 

house 36 Banks 
Culhane James J., laborer, Riverside Press 

boards 13 Flagg 
Culhane James M., laborer, h. 4 Sands 
Culhane John, hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

boards 19 Bay 
Culhane John T., fireman, Gas Works, 

Third, house 18 Flagg 
Culhane J., hostler, Murrav st. stable, W. 

E. St. Ry. Co. 
Culhane J., laborer, Waverly, c. Talbot 
Culhane Mary, widow of John, house 257 

Culhane Michael, laborer, house 19 Bay 
Culhane Michael, laborer, house 49 Flagg 
Culhane Patrick, city laborer, h. 13 Flagg 
Culhane Patrick, provisions, 233 Franklin, 

boards 19 Bay 
Culhane Thomas, tinsmith, 153 Putnam av. 

boards 19 Bay 
Culhane Wm. H.. liquors, 25 Flagg, boards 

13 do. 
Cullen Bridget, variety store, 321 Cam- 
bridge, house 2 Harding 
Cullen Catherine, widow of John., house 

126 Harvard 
Cullen Frank, tailor, 623 Main, boards 21 

Cullen John P. , provisions ( 1 13 Cambridge, 

B.), house 191 Portland 

Cullen Katie, widow of John J., house 1 19 

Cullen M., laborer. Am. Rubber Co. 
Cullen Patrick laborer, house 62 Amory 
Cullen Patrick, packer (89 Broad B.)\ h. 

21 Franklin 
Cullen Thos. F., broker (26 Congress sq., 

B.), house 34 Putnam av. 
Culleton Joseph, laborer, house 12 East 
Cullian Thomas, iron worker. Sixth, cor. 

Cullinan Honora, widow, bda. 22 Decatur 
Cullinan Patrick, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

339.^ Cambridge 
Culliton Bernard, cooper, bds. 21 Willow 
Culliton James, barrel dealer. 21 Willow/ 

house do. 
Culliton James Jr., laborer, bds. 21 Willow 
Culliton John, fermenter. Sortwell & Co., 

Distillhouse, house 419 Cambridge 
Culliton John, laborer, 220 Portland 
Cullity Patrick, laborer, 7 Jefferson 
Cully John, piano case maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 60 Harvard 
Culverwell Mary A. Mrs., h. r. 8 Perry 
Culverwell Thomas, trav. .salesman, boards 

rear 8 Perry 
Culverwell William.' boiler maker, 92 Main 

boards rear 8 Perry 
Cumings Cecil H.. salesman (9 Chauncy, 

B.), boards 185 Oxford 
Cumings Cbarles II.. clerk (27 Winter, B.) 

house 135 Oxford 
Cumings Mehitable, widow of Thomas, b. 

135 Oxford 

CUJIISKEY IIEAKY, painter and 
paper hanger, 371 Main, house 8 Pine 
(see page 632) 

Cummings Bernard, tailor, 547 Main, bds. 
416 do. 

Cummings Charles F., printer (171 Devon- 
shire, B.), and crayon artist, 88 Auburn 
house do. 

Cummings Charles P., printer, Riverside 
Press, house 294 Green 

Cummings Charles P., glass, china, etc. 
(153 Tremont. B.), bds. 82 Otis 

Cummings Daniel P., house 82 Otis 

Cummings Dorcas H. , widow of Joseph, b. 
41 Western avenue 

Cummings Emery C, salesman, b. 4 White 

Cummings Erastus J., hairdresser, 193 No. 
avenue, bds. Henderson court 

Cummings George, iron worker, Boston 
Bridge Works, Sixth, h. at E. Boston 

Cummings George W., bookl nder, 7 Brat- 
tle, boards 28h Winthrop 

Cummings Harriet E. Mrs., nurse, boards 
14 Shepard 

Cummings James, teamster, John Reardon 
& Sons, house 9 Hamilton 

Cummings James F., iron worker, Boston 
Bridge Works, house 95 Gore 






Cummings James T., bookkeeper, 72 Boyl- 

ton, house at Somerville 
Cummings Jonathan, business manager, 

Age to Come Herald, 8 Mt. Auburn 
Cummings John, laborer, Cambridge Water 

Works, house 32 Auburn 
Cummings Mary F.. widow of Calvin, house 

88 Auburn" 

Cummings Richard J. J., compositor, Riv- 
erside Press, boards 2i>-t Green 

Cummings Theron J., intelligence office 
(1 Cambridge. B.), h. 64 Buckingham 

Cummings Thomas, marble cutter (B.), h. 
44 Bolton 

Cummings William F., clerk (Bedford. B.). 
boards 88 Auburn 

Cummings, see Comings 

Cummins Charles H., coppersmith (33 
Bowker, B.), h. Hotel Weston, 43 

Cummiskey James, sole maker, Am. Rub- 
ber Co.. h. rear 36 Harvard 

Cummiskey Thomas, provisions, 358 Broad- 
way, house do. 

Cunard Arthur X.. boards 19 Tremont 

Cunard Susan, widow of George, house 19 

Cunard Thomas L., shipper. 15 Blanche, b. 
19 Tremont 

Cunio Anthony, dining-room (19 School, 
B.). house 1G Pleasant 

Cunio John A., house painter, b. 1G Pleasant 

Cunnif William, marble worker, 53 Main, 
house at Arlington 

Cunniff James, at 1G9 Gore 

Cunniff William, at 1G9 Gore 

Cunningham Dennis F., starter. W. E. St. 
Ry. Co.. 3 Harvard sq., b. 145 Franklin 

Cunningham Edward EL, horse dealer, 78 
Hohvorthy, house do. 

Cunningham Ellen, widow of James, house 
145 Franklin 

Cunningham Frank, furnace tender, house 

89 Washington 

Cunningham Fred L.. trav. salesman (13G 
State, B.), boards 31 Essex 

Cunningham G., compositor, Univ. Press 

Cunningham James, wood turner, 113 
Broadway, house 25 State 

Cunningham James T., stereotyper, River- 
side Press, boards 145 Franklin 

Cunningham Jeremiah, iron moulder, 356 
Main, house 23 Harrison 

Cunningham John, house 32 Harvard 

Cunningham John, mason's tender, house 
Lilac court 

Cunningham John A., pressman (18 P. O. 
sq., B.). bds. 145 Franklin 

Cunningham John F.. upholsterer, 25 Brat- 
tle, boards Willard-st. court 

Cunningham John J., laborer, b. r. 53 Vine 

Cunningham Mary, widow of Charles, h. 
48 Fifth 

Cunningham Matthew, laborer, boards 5S 

Cunningham Moses, teamster, 12 Cambridge 

house 197 do. 
Cunningham Philip, city laborer, house 

rear 53 Vine 
Cunningham Robert, carpenter, 113 Broad- 
way, house 81 do. 
Cunningham Thomas, boiler maker (Chs'n) 

house 5 Baldwin pi. 
Cunningham Thomas, heel maker, boards 

187 Broadway 
Cunningham Thomas E., physician. 707 

Main, cor. Clinton, house do. 
Cunningham William J., letter collector 

(P. O., B.), boards 145 Franklin 

Cunningham, laborer, h.19 Sparks-st. pi. 

Curley John, car washer, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., Murray street stable, boards 6 

Harvard square 
Curley John J., pressman, Riverside Press, 

house 74 River 
Curley Mary M. Miss, book-keeper. 422 

Cambridge, boards 8 Stevens court 
Curley Patrick J., contractor, h. 22 Donnell 
Curlev Winnifred, widow of Martin, house 

22 Donnell 
Curley, see Kirley 

Curling John, laborer, 26 North ave.. b. do. 
Curran Bridget Mrs., house 55 Amory 
Curran Catherine, widow of Philip, house 

11 Eliot 
Curran Cornelius, laborer, house 39 Hunting 
Curran Cornelius, laborer, 172 Pearl, house 

at Somerville 
Curran Dennis, peddler, boards 39 Hunting 
Curran Ellen, widow of John, house 51 Elm 
Curran Frank, cutter. Am. Rubber Co., h. 

Pioneer, corner Deacon 
Curran George, coffee peddler, h. 11 Short 
Curran James, cutter, Am. Rubber Co. 
Curran James, painter, h. rear 78 Boy Is ton 
Curran John, laborer, h. 3 rear 18 Sparks 
Curran John F., peddler, house 24 Willow 
Curran John F., pressman, University 

Press, house 48 Sacramento 
Curran Joseph M., sawyer, First, corner 

Thorndike, house 171 Thorndike 
Curran Lawrence 1L, cutter, Am. Rubber 

Co., house 2 Harvard place 
Curran Margaret, widow, house 47 Vine 
Curran Michael, baker, 502 Main 
Curran Michael, peddler, house 39 Hunting 
Curran Michael J., teamster, foot First, 

boards do. 
Curran Peter, cooper, house 6 Banting 

C I'll It II-: ABRA^I Y., carpenter 
and builder. IS Trowbridge, house do. 
(see page 626) 
Currie Annie Miss, house 121 Second 
Currie Edward, at 169 Gore 
Currie Elizabeth F.. widow, h. 117 Charles 
Currie John C sawyer (B.,, h. 113 Charles 


Wholesale and Betall. 2U DOCK SQUARE. 



Currie Joseph, shoemaker, 192 Bridge, 
house do. 

Currie Lewis, boot and shoe maker, 226 
Cambridge, boards Charles, cor. Sixth 

Currie Lionel R., wood turner, 380 Main, 
boards 117 Charles 

Currie Llewellyn, spring-bed maker, 386 
Main, boards 117 Charles 

Currie Ronald, switchman, B. & L. R. R., 
North Cambridge station, h. at Boston 

Currie Willard A., D. D. S., dentist, 613 
Main, house do. 

Currie, see Curry 

Currier Albert, blower. N. E. Glass Works, 
North, house at Somerville 

Currier Arthur T., bookbinder (30 Frank- 
lin, B.), house 127 Auburn 

Currier A. A. Mrs., house 70 Prospect 

Currier George, organ maker (B.), house 
1 Green 

Currier Joseph B., clerk (Blackstone mar- 
ket, B.), house 15 Pine 

Currier Maria XV. Mrs., matron, Kindergar- 
ten Nursery. 76 Moore, boards do. 

Currier William E., clerk (P. O., B.), h. 
61 Pearl 

Currier William P., house 74 Pearl 

Curry Edward, butcher, 169 Gore, house 
198 Cambridge 

Curry Frank, laborer, Union Glass Co., h. 
198 Norfolk 

Curry James, butcher, 169 Gore, boards 
198 Cambridge 

Curry James, harness maker, 2 Cambridge, 
house 9 Fifth 

Curry John, granite cutter, A. McDonald & 
Son, Mt. Auburn, b. William Curry's, 

Curry Patrick, 169 Gore, b. 198 Cambridge 

Curry Victor, tinsmith, 8 Pearl, boards 69 
Western avenue * 

Curry William, blacksmith, A. McDonald & 
Son, Mt. Auburn, house McDonald 

Curry, see Currie [Second 

Curtin Edward, laborer, 169 Gore, house 70 

Curtin James, laborer, 84 Bridge, house 8 

Curtin John, laborer, house 14 Jackson 

Curtin John F., laborer, Mt. Auburn ceme- 
tery, boards 104 Cushing 

Curtin Mary, widow of Cornelius, house 71 
Cushing [ct. 

Curtin Mary, widow of John, h. 22 Cushing 

Curtin Patrick, laborer, Mt. Auburn ceme- 
tery, house 104 Cushing 

Curtin Patrick, machinist, h. 13 Valentine 

Curtin Thomas C, liquors, 75 Spruce, 
boards do. 

Curtin William, laborer, house 75 Spruce 

Curtis Albert W., foreman mason, Harvard 
University, house 8 Avon Hill 

Curtis Asbury C, grocer, 437 Cambridge, 
house 437£ do. 

[ Curtis Charles, carpenter, house Groveland, 

3d from Spruce 
Curtis Charles H., trav. salesman (150 

Franklin, B.), house 107 Ellery 
Curtis C. W. Mrs., dressmaker, house 9 

Pleasant place 
Curtis Edward, at 169 Gore 
Curtis Frank A., clerk, 437 Cambridge, 

boards 437£ do. 
Curtis Fred, clerk, 2 Central square, house 

9 Pleasant place 
Curtis Fred F., teamster (52 Charles, B.), 

house 1 Union 
Curtis George L., sawyer, 3 Hampshire 
Curtis Hannah, widow of Thomas, house 77 

Curtis Horace S., painter, 660 Main, house 

9 Pleasant place 
Curtis James H., case maker, 162 Broad- 
way, boards 21 Fifth 
Curtis John B.. blower, N. E. Glass Works, 

house 21 Fifth 
Curtis John B., Jr., student, bds. 21 Fifth 
Curtis Mary B. Miss, dressmaker, 7 Hilliard 

place, boards do. [Charles 

Curtis Patrick, fish dealer (B.), house 43 
Curtis Thomas, mason's tender, h. 98 Fifth 
Curtis Trueman, tinsmith, house rear 143 

Curtis William W., manager (GS Court, B.), 

house 12 Linnaean 
Curtis Willis C, clerk (63 Court, B.), bds. 

12 Linnaean 
Cuselito Felix, cabinet maker, 20 Albany 
Cushing Angrie, housekeeper, 886 Main 
Cushing Charles C, boards 18 Wendell 
Cushing Clarence H., rougher, 126 Port- 
land, house 10 Berkshire place 
Cushing Charles L., freight conductor, B. 

& L. R. R., house 19 Cambridge 
Cushing Francis, laborer, 126 Portland 
Cushing George, tailor (37 Temple place, 

B.), house 59 Frost 
Cushing George W., printer (138 Pearl, B.), 

house 30 Wendell 
Cushing Henry E., rougher, 126 Portland, 

house Rolling Mill block, Bristol 
Cushing Henry G. , sheriff of Middlesex 

County, office, Court House, Third , h. 

at Lowell 
Cushing Joseph (J. Cushing & Co."), grain, 

Regent, house at Fitchburir 
Cushing J. Co. (Joseph Gushing), grain, 

F. R. R. freight depot, foot Kegent 
Cushing Kate W. Miss, teacher (E. B.), b. 

18 Wendell 
Cushing L. F., finisher, 286 Main, house at 

Cushing Theophilus J. (Frost & Cushing), 

bread store, 191 Hampshire, rooms 4 

Hampshire place 
Cushing Wallace E., catcher, 126 Portland, 

house rear 157 Harvard 
Cashing William, clergyman, h. 18 Wendell 

Dr. E. Y. White, 




Cushing William H., iron roller, 126 Port- 
land, house 2 Berkshire 
(Charles H. and Fred H. Cushman), 
window shades and curtain fixture 
ranfrs., 368 Main, Blanche, corner 
Green and (84 Hawley, B.) (see 
page 6) 

Cushman Charles, clerk, 221 Broadway, 
boards 6 Fayette 

Cushman Charles A., student, H. XL, house 
801 Main 

Cushman Chas. F., clerk (20 Congress, B.) 
house 9 Wallace 

Cushman Charles H. (Cushman Bros. & 
Co.)? curtain fixture mnfrs., 3G8 Main, 
and (84 Hawley, B.), boards Hurlbut, 
corner Martin 

Cushman Edith W. Miss, house SOI Main 

Cushman Fannie H., widow of Simon, h. 7 

Cushman Fred II. (Cushman Bros. & Co.), 
window shade mnfr., 368 Main and 
(84 Hawley, B.), boards (28 Hancock, 

Cushman George W., gents' furnishing 
goods (9 Court, B.), house 48 Concord 

Cushman Jennie Mrs., dressmaker, 50 Hol- 
yoke, boards do. 

Cushman J., hostler, Murray-st. stable, W. 
E. St. Ry. Co. 

Cushman Lilla Miss, clerk (25 Winter, B.), 
hoards 7 Austin 

Cushman Margaret K., widow of Elkanah 
A., house 48 Concord avenue 

Cushman Moses E., real estate (131 Devon- 
shire, B.), house 339 Broadway 

Cushman Rufus C, sugar broker (36 Cen- 
tral, B.), house Hurlbut, c. Martin 

Cushman Susan E., widow of Cephas, house 
9 Wallace 

Cushman T. Alvah, driver, 180 North ave., 
boards 25 Wyeth 

Cusack Esther, widow, house 2 Baldwin pi. 

Cusack Mary Miss, dressmaker, boards 2 
Baldwin place 

Cusack Thomas, harness maker (Lowell), 
boards 2 Baldwin place 

Cusack William, shipper (31 Batterymarch, 
B.), boards 2 Baldwin place 

Cushon Hermille, laborer, house 28 Vine 

Cusick John, painter, 109 Franklin, boards 
Miss Sarah Cusiek's, Green 

Cusick Maggie Miss, house Green, near 
Putnam avenue 

Cusick May F. Miss, boards Miss Sarah 
Cusiek's, Green 

Cusick Patrick, mason, boards 7 Ninth 

Cusick Sarah Miss, house Green, near Put- 
nam avenue 

Custer Fred, carriage trimmer, rear 10 
Brattle, house 45 Wright 

Custer see Kuster [do. 

Cutchey Henry, hostler, 28 Bridge, h. 26 
Cuthbert Ross C, teamster, h. 105 Bridge 
Cutler Anna C, boards 723 Cambridge 
Cutler Arthur W., grocer, 831 Main, boards 

Cutler Charles H., letter carrier, P. O., 18 

Boylston, house 99 Garden 
Cutler Edward H., com. mer. (69 Com- 
merce, B.), boards Porter's Hotel 
Cutler Edwin B., clerk, 284 Main, house 

83 Auburn 
Cutler Frank C, box nailer, 3 Hampshire, 

house at Allston 
Cutler George Henry, carpenter, r. 7 Sum- 
ner, house Rutland 
Cutler George Holbrook, letter carrier (P. 

O., B.), house IS Wallace 
Cutler Isaac Mrs., house 7 Sumner 
Cutler Joseph G., civil engineer, house 723 

Cutler Mary C., widow of Otis, boards 88 

Cutler Sarah B. Miss, house 723 Cambridge 
Cutten Theodore H., Jr., foreman, Sort- 
well & Co., Distillhouse, boards 107 

Cutter Charles A., officer, House of Correc- 
tion, boards 102 Thorndike 
Cutter Charles H., engineer, A. H. Hews & 

Co., house Norris near Cedar 
Cutter Charles S., clerk (56 Bedford, B), 

boards 42 Austin 
Cutter E. J. Mrs., nurse, house 42 Austin 
Cutter Frank B., clerk (Market Nat. Bank, 

86 State, B.), boards 35 Linnaean 
Cutter Frank L., painter, B. & A. R. R. 

shop (Allston), boards 22 Cherry 
Cutter Frederick S., teacher Harvard 

grammer school, boards 273 Harvard 
Cutter George 11. , cutter (6 Chauncy, B.), 

house 1 Hancock place 
Cutter Harry E., dentist, 432 Harvard, bds. 

273 do. 
Cutter Henry O., clerk (5 Tremont, B.), 

h. 35 Linnasan 
Cutter Horace E., piano action maker 

(B.), boards 22 Cherry 
Cutter James H. (James H. Cutter & Co.), 

ice tool mnfr., h. 164 North av. 
Cutter James H. & Co. (James H. Cutter), 

ice tool mnfrs., 168 North av. 
Cutter Laura J., wid. of George W., house 

41 Essex 
Cutter Leander, varnisher, B. & A. R. R. 

shop (Allston^, house 22 Cherry 
Cutter Louisa, wid. of Abel P., house 273 

Cutter Mary J., widow of Peter, house 50 

Cutter Stephen B., carpenter, house 42 

Cutter Walter, letter-carrier, P. O., 611 

Main, house 578£ do. 


Agents for DLXlfcK 5» V1L.L.A P/UtfT>. 



Cutter Watson G. (Winnett & Cutter), 

real estate, (5 Tremont, B.), h. 35 

Cutter Wm. H., painter, B. & A. R. R. 

shop (Allston), boards 22 Cherry 
Cutting Charles H., fish, etc., 359 Main, h. 

4 Eaton 
Cutting Eliza M. , wid. of Hiram, house 73G 

Cutting George A., clerk, 359 Main, rooms 

19 Cherry 
Cutting Gilbert, piano tuner, house 23 

Cutting Gilbert E., piano tuner, house 23 

Cutting Henry, clerk, 359 Main, house 4 

Cutting Hiram S., clerk, 608 Main, boards 

26 Lee 
Cutting Louis W., book-keeper, First Na- 
tional Bank, Main corner Prospect, bds. 

736 Main 
Cutting Samuel H., clerk, (71 Bedford 

B.), boards 26 Lee 
Cutting clerk, 9 Brattle, rms. 15 

Cyr Ellen M. Miss, teacher, Holmes pri- 
mary school, bds. 15 Shepard 
Cyr Lucy B. Miss, teacher, Lowell primary 

school, boards 15 Shepard 

DACBY DANIEL, laborer, 169 Gore, 

hjuse 14 Marion 
Dacey James, laborer (F. R. R., B.), bds. 

73 Gore 
Dacey Mary Mrs., house 16 North 
Dacey Patrick J.Mrs., boarding-house, 28 

Dacey Thomas, carpenter, American Rub- 
ber Co. 
Dacie Julia Mrs., variety store, 12 Short, 

house do. 
Dacie Wm., laborer, 84 Bridge, house 

12 Short 
Dacre Roger at 169 Gore 
Dacy William, cutter, American Rubber Co. 
Dagen Patrick at 169 Gore 
Daggett Ella Miss, lining maker, 209 

Bridge, boards 1274 Cambridge 
Daggett Freeman L. Mrs., h. 51 Essex 
Dagle Michael J., sawyer, Otis, cor. First, 

boards at Boston 
Daheney Thomas L. Mrs., dressmaker, 99 

Mt. Auburn, house do. 
Dahl C. Axel, machinist, house 325 Main 
Dalilquist John, coppersmith., house 295 

Dahlstrom Frank L., painter, (B.), house 

193 Main 
Dailey Charles W., hack and livery stable, 

43 Cambridge, house 107 Otis 
Dailey Clara A. Miss, bds. 335 Harvard 
Dailey Dennis, at 169 Gore 
Dailey Dennis, laborer, h. 360 Broadway 

Dailey E. J., at 169 Gore 
Dailey Mary A., widow, house 55 Fifth 
Dailey Michael, laborer, h. 192 Franklin 
Dailey Michael J., driver (B.), house 125 

Dailey Michael J., Jr., bds. 125 Pearl 
Dailey Patrick at 169 Gore 
Dailey Patrick, engine cleaner, B. & L. R. 

R. round house, house 6 Short 
Dailey Patrick, laborer, house 28 Harvard 
Dailey Wm., teamster. 345 North ave., h. 

5 Sargent 
Daily Eugene J., porter, (B.), boards 

3 Vine 
Daily George E., clothing oiler, Thorn- 
dike, boards 11 Seventh 
Daily James H., mason, house 188 

Daily James J., oil hat maker, Thorn- 
dike, house 11 Seventh 
Daily Jeremiah, laborer (177 State, B.J, 

boards 83 Bridge 
Daily John, clothing oiler, Thorndike, h. 

at Boston 
Dailv Mary Ann Miss, seamstress, b. 11 

Daily Owen, laborer, h. 42 Vine 
Daily William H., boiler maker, 92 Main, 

house 42 Vine 
Daily see Dailey, Daley, also Daly 
Daisy Edward, potter, h. 9 Lawrence 
Daisy Edward J., sawyer, h. 9 Lawrence 
Daisy Joseph L., furniture maker, house 37 

Daisy Thomas IL, helper (87 Broad, B.), 

house 140 Green 
Daisy AVm. R., shade maker, 15 Blanche, 

boards 9 Lawrence 
Dakin Arthur, armorer, (B.), house 56 

Dakin A. A. Mrs., house 9 Gardner 
Dakin Edgar W., clerk (115 State, B.), 

boards 56 Columbia 
Dakin H. W., at 169 Gore 
Dakin Thomas, tinsmith, 502 Main 
Dale Edward B., engineer, Sever Hall, H. 

U., boards 64 Gore 
Dale George, clerk, 124 Cambridge, house 

64 Gore 
Dale George H., house 87 Plymouth 
Dale Lorenzo H., driver, hose No. 3, house 

94 Gore 
Dale Thomas J., fish market, 124 Cam- 
bridge, house 59 Winter 
Dale William W., clerk, 124 Cambridge, 

house 51 Crescent 
Daley Daniel, laborer, 221 Bridge, house 

40 Jefferson 
Daley Edw. , laborer Am. Rubber Co., 

house 15 Vandine 
Daley Edward B., laborer, h. 4 Gray place 
Daley Henry, laborer, house r. 4 Hastings 
Daley James, laborer, h. rear 127 Elm 
Daley James, laborer, 220 Portland 








Daley James E., painter, 22 Boylston, h. 

35 Araory 
Daley John, coppersmith, bds. 58 Harvard 
Daley John, laborer, house 45 Banks 
Daley John, laborer, h. 123 Third 
Daley John, laborer, house 259 Broadway 
Daley John, ropemaker, Day Cordage Co. 

Daley John E., tinman, 153 Putnam ave., 

house Auburn, corner River 
Daley John S., book-binder Riverside 

Press, house 22 Grant 
Daley Margaret Miss, clerk 20 Charles Riv- 
er, boards 255 Broadway 
Daley Michael, baker, 502 Main, bds. 27 

Cushing ct. 
Daley Michael, sawyer, 1G2 Broadway, bds. 

27 Cushing court 
Daley Samuel C, cutter Am. Rubber Co. 
Daley Thomas, iron worker, Boston Bridge 

Works, Sixth, h. 259 Broadway 
Daley Thomas, teamster, bouse 123 Third 
Daley Thomas, tinsmith, 21 Central square, 

house rear Andrew 
Daley William, laborer, house 3 Sargent 
Daley William, printer, 10 Dunster 
Daley, see Dailey, Daily, also Daly 
Dallinger Charles, house 97 Western ave. 
Dallinger Elizabeth E. Miss, teacher Bridge 

primary school, house 750 Main 
Dallinger Emily C. Miss, teacher Bridge 

primary school, bds. 97 Western ave. 
Dallinger Frank W., storage (121 Broad, 

B.), house Henry, cor. Brookline 
Dallinger Wm. W., city treasurer and col- 
lector, office City Hall, h. 384 Broad- 
Dalloway John, cutter, Am. Rubber Co., h. 

41 School Ct. place 
Dalton Abby W., wid. of John R., nurse, 

house 7 Spruce 
Dalton Andrew J., lab., house 18 Harvard 
Dalton Bridget, widow of James, house 25 

Dalton Charles C, foreman, 36 Main, h. 

10 Cottage 
Dalton Christopher, freight car repairer, 

B. & L. R. R. shop, house 27 Winter 
Dalton E. A., compositor Union Press 
Dalton Frank B. (Millard & Co.), cigar 

mnfr., 105 Cambridge, bds. 27 Winter 
Dalton Fred., at 169 Gore 
Dalton James F., foreman of yard, 169 

Gore, house 17 Squires court 
Dalton Joseph, laborer, 184 Broadway, h. 

73 Hampshire 
Dalton Lizzie A. Miss, millinery, 103 Cam- 
bridge, boards 17 Squires court 
Dalton Mary E., widow of Joseph, house 

686 Main 
Daly Augustin J., lawyer, 19 Brattle and 

(47 Court B.) % boards 3 DeWolf place 
Daly Catherine, wid. of John J., house 105 


Daly Cornelius, pressman, University 

Press, boards 13 Hancock 
Daly Daniel, Mrs., house 11 Ninth 
Daly Daniel W., electrotyper (117 Frank- 
lin, B.), house 78 Kinnaird 
Daly James, harnessmaker, 2 Cambridge, 

house 22 Montgomery 
Daly John, clerk (B.), bds. 105 Kinnaird 
Daly John E., book-keeper (3 Charles, B.), 

house 30 Hamilton 
Daly John E., lab., bds. 13 Hancock 
Daly JohnE., tinsmith, h. 125 Auburn 
Daly Michael, laborer, h. 6 Fourth 
Daly Michael, house 410 Cambridge 
Daly Sarah Miss, house 13 Hancock 
Daly Sarah B., wid of John J., house 125 

Daly Thomas, gas fitter, h. r. 117 Pleasant 
Daly see Dailey, Daley, also Daily 
Dalzell John W., private tutor, house 15 

Appian Way 
Dam Charles O., house 138 Washington 
Dam William H., clerk (25 Central wharf, 

B.), house 58 Pleasant 
Dame Henry, teacher, house 16 Mellen 
Dame William S., expressman, 34 Colum- 
bia and (39 So. Market, B.), house 34 
Damery Charles, baker, 502 Main, house 

91 Main No. 4 
Damon Emily F., teacher Harvard gram- 
mar school 
Damon Emma Miss, boards 108 Norfolk 

DAITION OEORGE L,., pres. and 
treas., Damon Safe and Iron Works 
Co., 17 Main and (108 and 110 Sud- 
bury, B.), house 338 Commonwealth 
av., Boston (see page 5) 
Damon Sarah, widow of Warren, carpet 
maker, house 108 Norfolk 

WORKS CO., factory 17 Main, 
store (108 and 110 Sudbury, B.) 
(see page 5) 
Dana Bridget, dressmaker, 358 Broadway, 

house do. 
Dana Charles G., artist, boards 3 Fayer- 

Dana Daniel, packer (360 Washington, 

B.), house 358 Broadway 
Dana Richard H., lawyer (30 Court, rm. 18, 

B.), house 113 Brattle 
Danahy John, clerk, 608 Main, house 165 

Danahy Mary, Mrs., house 4 Lopez 
Dandridge Elizabeth M., wid. of James H., 

house rear 112 Columbia 
Dane Frank, shoe mnfr. (110 Summer, B.), 

bas. 38 Upton 
Danehy Daniel, 169 Gore, bds. 277 Camb. 
Danehy Daniel P., carriage painter, rear 10 

Brattle, house 132 Spruce 
Danehy Jeremiah, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

4 Jefferson 




Danehy Thomas, pump maker (B,), boards 

15 Sargent 
Danehy Timothy, house 15 Sargent 
Danehy Timothy, Jr., express-order box, 

224 North ave., and (15 Blackstonc, 

B.), bds. 15 Sargent 
Danehy William, clerk, 10 Broadway, h. 

28 do. 
Danehy William H., bds. 15 Sargent 
Danforth Allen, bursar, H. U., rooms 7 

Wadsworth House 
Danforth B. Otis, Supt. of Lamps, office 

City Building, Central sq., h. 8 Bath 
Danforth Charles, at 169 Gore 
Danforth Charles O., type-writer (306 

Washington, B.), bds. 26 Amory 
Danforth Cyrus, traveling salesman, house 

9 Linden [pect 

Danforth Georgianna, Miss, bds. 92 Pros- 
Danforth Isaac VV., director, Eagle National 

Bank (95 Milk, B.), house 25 Craigie 
Danforth James L., painter, 3 Palmer, bds. 

35 Ash 
Danforth Olive M., wid. of George O., h. 

35 Ash 
Danforth Susan, widow of Hollis, housa 

92 Prospect 
Danforth Vespasian, visitor of the poor, 

office Central Square building, Western 

aw, house 57 Auburn 
Danforth Walter B., bookkeeper, 573 Main, 

b. 57 Auburn 
Daniel Herman G., dry goods, 13 River, 

bds. 68 Pleasant 
Daniel Julius C, merchant, h. 68 Pleasant 
Daniel Natalie A. K., Miss, teacher of Ger- 
man, house 68 Pleasant 
Daniel Walter, dry goods, 274 Broadway, 

house 180 Harvard 
Daniels Annie E., Mrs., clerk, P. O., 18 

Boylston, house at Lexington 
Daniels Arthur W., operator, Camb. Fire 

Alarm at City building, .Brattle sq., 

bds. 23 Hudson 

(Chas. E. Daniels, Wm. C. H. 
Badger, and Geo. F. Tyler), furni- 
ture mnfrs., 20 Albany salesrooms 
(25 Sudbury. Boston). 
Daniels Carrie J., Miss, employment office 

:43 Winter, B.), bds. 59 Walden 
Daniels Charles E. (Daniels, Badger &Co.) 

20 Albany, house at Boston 
Daniels Daniel, cigar maker, house 87 

)aniels D., pressman, University Press 
Janiels George, laborer, bds. r. 57 Harvard 
Daniels Janet C, widow, bds. 1 Butler ct. 
Daniels Jesse, baker, 305 Main 
Daniels John, at 169 Gore 
Daniels Joseph F., draughtsman, A. McDon- 
ald & Son. Mt. Auburn, h. at Somerville 
Daniels Lewis E., milk dealer, do Chestnut, 
house do. 

Daniels Mary E., widow of Leonard L., 

house 23 Hudson 
Daniels Nicholas, at 169 Gore 
Daniels Thomas, at 169 Gore 
Danielson Arthur L., assistant, Agassiz 

Museum, rms. 19 Hilliard 
Danielson Emil A., agent C. & A. R. R. 

(268 Wash., B.), house 22 Wash. ave. 
Danly Fred., at 169 Gore 
D'Arcy Geo. W., clerk (BO, bds. 15 Wyeth 
D'Arcy John, dry goods (Causeway, B.), 

house 15 Wyeth 
D'Arcy John, lead maker, Chadwick Lead 

Works, house First 
D'Arcy Patrick H., book-gilder, Riverside 

Press, house 2 Banks 
D'Arcy Wm. J., clerk (F. R. R., B.), bds. 

15 Wyeth 
D'Arcy, see Dorsey [Spruce 

Darcey Charles, brick maker, house foot 
Darby James, coach man, bds. 7 Maynard 
Dardis Frank S., clerk, 264 Banks, boards 

32 Banks 
Dardis John, city laborer, house 32 Banks 
Dardis John F., shipper, bds. 32 Hanks 
Dardis Thomas B., piano polisher, house 

193 Hampshire 
Darey William H., gilder, bds. 38 Pearl 
Darling Charles F., book-keeper (228 

Causeway, B.), h. 103 Lambert av. 
Darling Charles S., whip mnfr.. 112 Main, 

house at Somerville 
Darling Edward B., clerk (74 Chauncy, 

B.), bds. 105 Lambert av. 
Darling Frederick II., law student H. U., 

bds. 105 Lambert av. 
Darling Henry W., stationer (15 Exchange, 

B.), house 6 Trowbridge 
Darling Jerome A., pressman, Riverside 

Press, house 79 Allston 
Darling Mary A., widow of John R., liquors, 

171 Bridge, house do. 
Darling Mary F., widow of Charles K., h. 

105 Lambert av. 
Darling Wm., whip mnfr., 112 Main, h. do. 
Dasnoit John Joseph, boiler-maker, 92 

Main, house 33 Harvey 
Davenport Albert H., furniture mnfr., 44 

Cambridge, warerooms (96 and 98 

Washington, B.), house at Maiden 
Davenport Caroline, widow of Wm. H., b. 

69 Washington 
Davenport Charles F., house 402 Main 

treas. Fresh Pond Ice Co., Willow, 
h. 27 Maple av. (see page 12) 
Davenport H. M. Mrs., nurse, boards 41 

Davenport Jerome J., portrait painter, h. 

27 Cambridge 
Davenport Mary A., widow of John, h. 255 

North av. 
Davenport Robert, harnessmaker, 87 Main, 
house 2 Aver's block, Third 


Dr. E. Y. White, | 603 Main St. 
Dr. W. H. Hollis, j Central Sq. 



Davey Annie, widow of John, h. 511 Cam- 

David Frederick B. , packer (104 Pearl, B.) , 
boards 22 Avon 

David Lizzie W. Miss, music teacher, bds. 
22 Avon 

David Maria J., widow of Samuel M., ar- 
tist, house 22 Avon 

Davidson Fred L., stationary engineer, 
Boston Bridge works 

Davidson Harry, ropemaker, Day Cordage 
Co., Rogers 

Davidson Henry G., watchman, Rogers, h. 
289 Main 

Davidson Herman, stencil cutter, 320 
North av. 

Davidson James S., plumber, h. 22 Park 

Davidson John, painter (B.), h. rear 120 

Davidson Joseph B., tinner, 153 Putnam 
av., house 242 do. 

Davidson Mary Mrs., h. 15 Mellen 

Davidson William, cutter, Am. Rubber Co. 

Davidson William H. A., engineer (92 
Pearl, B.), house Avon hill, near Hill- 
side avenue 

Davies Alfred, printer, University Press, 
house 9 Revere 

Davies Benjamin F., builder, rear 141 Gore, 
and ins. adjuster, 36 Fifth, house 137 

Davies Edward F., book-keeper (36 Char- 
don, B.), house 8 King place 

Davies Fred, book-keeper (14 Summer, 
B.), house 91 Otis 

Davies Philip, City missionary f2029 Wash., 
B.), house 26 Howard 

Davies Richard J. , tramway and refrigerator 
builder (20 Creek sq., B.), house 116 
Western av. 

Davies Wm. H., machinist (B.), boards 26 

Davis Abner F., cooper, 169 Gore, house 
293 Cambridge 

Davis Amelia H., widow of Hervey, h. 23 

Davis Andrew Mc.F., house 3 Berkeley 

Davis Annie, widow of Eliphalet, house 51 

Davis Augustus A., boards 1 Co lidge pi. 

Davis Bancroft G., law student, H. U., 
res. 3 Berkeley 

Davis Byron W., boxmaker, 174 Broad- 
way, house 123 Washington 

Davis Catherine M., wid. of Isaac, house 
284 Broadway 

Davis Charles, cabinet maker, 139 Broad- 
way, house rear 152 Prospect 

Davis Charles A., action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 52 Hamilton 

Davis Charles C, clerk, 5 Harvard row, b. 
25 Wendell 

Davis diaries C, provisions (114 Black- 
stone, B.), h. 8 Western av. 

Davis Charles D., tailor (21 Court, B.),b. 326 

Davis Charles F., bds. 3 Ashburton place 

Davis Charles H. Mrs., house 38 Quincy 

Davis Charles T., adv. agent, boards 7 

Davis Charles W., door maker, 113 Broad- 
way, house 70 Winsor 

Davis Clarence, wood engraver, h. 2 Ash- 
burton place 

Davis Curtis Mrs., widow, h. 13 Bigelow 

and Edwin D. Mellen), soap mnfrs., 
184 to 194 Broadway, and (136 
State, B.) (see page 58) 

Davis Daniel W., shipping clerk, 184 Broad- 
way, boards 284 do. 

Davis David, cutter N. E. Glass Works, 
North, house at Boston 

Davis David W., blueing mnfr., house 30 

Davis Edward, machinist's helper, B. & L. 
R. R. shop, house 8 Cambridge 

Davis Edward, machinist's, h. 83 Western 

Davis Edward A. (Ryder & Davis), grocer, 
126 Inman, house 16 Tremont 

Davis Edward E., clerk, 5 Harvard row, 
house 658 Cambridge 

Davis Eliphalet F., clerk, 417 Main, h. 51 

Davis Esther M. Mrs., house 23 Erie 

Davis Frances L. Miss, bds. 127 Auburn 

Davis Frank, coal and wood, 400 Cam- 
bridge, house 172 Columbia 

Davis Frank N., action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, boards 52 Hamilton 

Davis Franklin, express, 379 Main (box 25 
Faneuil Hall sq., B.), house 6 Moore 

Davis Fred C, Harvard University, bds. 
326 Broadway 

Davis Fred G., clerk, City Hall, bds. 284 

Davis George, civil engineer, City engi- 
neer's office, City Hall, h. 30 Warland 

Davis George A., grocer, 515 Main, house 
103 Inman 

Davis George B., clerk, 206 Broadway, b. 
326 do. 

Davis George H., clerk (B.), house 3 Ash- 
burton place 

Davis George H., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Davis George S., cooper, 89 Bridge, house 
86 Fourth 

Davis Grace B. Miss, clerk, 613 Main, bds. 
13 Boardman 

Davis Guilford H., salesman (23 Winter, 
B.), boards 348 Pearl 

Davis Henry, shoemaker, 314 River, house 
at Boston 

DAVIS HENRY B., cashier, Na- 
tional City Bank, 553 Main, house 
8 Clinton 

Builders' Hardware, 

at Burditt& White's 

2 & 4 Central Sq. 



Davis Henry G. , pressman, Riverside Press 

house 112 Western ave. 
Davis Horatio, organ tuner, 37 Fifth, house 

78 Otts 
Davis Horace O., confectionery and fruit 

155 Cambridge, house do. 
Davis James C. (James C. Davis & Son), 

soap mnfr., 204 Broadway, h. 326 do. 
Davis James C. & Son (James C, James 

H. Davis and James H. Spaulding), 

soap mnfrs., 204 to 208 Broadway and 

(3 Chatham, B.) 
Davis James H. (James C. Davis & Son), 

soap mnfr., 204 Broadway, house 20 

Davis James T., wines, etc. (27 N. Market 

B.), house 15 Humboldt 
Davis John, laborer, bds. 339£ Cambridge 
Davis John, laborer, 3 Hampshire 
Davis John, machinery (118 Merrimac, B.) 

house 2 Walnut ave. 
Davis John, 1G9 Gore. bds. 305 Cambridge 
Davis John E., ship stores (204 Commer- 
cial, B.), house 7 Wendell 
Davis John M. (Mason, Davis & Son), soap 

mnfr., 3 Lincoln place, h.13 Boardman 
Davis John W., baker, 15 River, house 172 

Davis John W., chemist, 150 Broadway, b. 

279 Main 
Davis Julia, widow of Peter R., house 26 

Putnam avenue 
Davis Julia W., widow of William W., h. 

153 Brattle 

TRAVIS J. EDWIN, treas. Boston 

JL>/ Woven Hose Co., Hampshire, office 

(234 Devonshire B.), boards at Lynn 

(see page 6) 

Davis Lester, clerk (Hi Blackstone, B.), 

boards 68 Lake View ave. 
Davis Mahala E. Mrs., h. 25 Wendell 
Davis Martha, widow of Curtis, house 13 

Davis Martin V. B., prison officer, House 

of Correction, house 51 Fourth 
Davis Mason (Mason Davis & Son), soap 

mnfr., 3 Lincoln place b. 122 Norfolk 
Davis Mason & Son (Mason and John M. 

Davis, soft soap mnfrs., 3 Lincoln pi. 
Davis Nahum N., driver, W. E. St. liy. 

Co., house 24 Holworthy pi. 
Davis Peter, laborer, h. 3 Chestnut park 
Davis Richard, laborer, h. 57 Harvard 
Davis Robert H., student, H. U., boards 

153 Brattle 
Davis Robert W., painter, h. 25 Reed 
Davis Roscoe C, book-keeper ()22 Bedford 

B.), boards 36 Howard 
Davis Samuel, wholesale beef (11^ Black- 
stone, B.), h. 68 Lake View ave. 
Davis Samuel, slater, order box, Lyceum 

building, Harvard Sqnare, house 24 


Davis Samuel A., clerk (Bedford, B.), bds. 

144 Austin 
Davis Samuel W., collector, h. 94 Pearl 
Davis Sarah J. Miss, teacher, Gannet pri- 
mary school, h. 13 Trowbridge pi. 
Davis Sarah J. Mrs., h. Dana, c. Cleveland 
Davis Stephen F., printer (262 Washington 

B.), house 28 Suffolk 
Davis Stillman C, stenographer (87 Milk, 

B.), h. 27 Irving 
Davis Sumner B., driver, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., boards rear 15 Hollis 
Davis Sumner E., barrels, 89 Bridge, h. at 

Davis Susan C, widow of Willard W., h. 

36 Howard 
Davis S. Emma, teacher, Wellington train- 
ing school, boards 73 Dana 
Davis Thomas, laborer, 109 Gore, house 

305 Cambridge 
Davis Thomas, Jr., laborer, 169 Gore, bds. 

305 Cambridge 
Davis Thomas M., fancy soap mnfr., 417 

Main, house 23 Erie 
Davis Thomas W., master, Putnam gram- 
mar school, h. at Waverley 
Davis Warren J., furniture mover, 125 

Columbia, house do. 
Davis Wells, house 1 Coolidge place 
Davis William, clerk (Hyde Park), house 

144 Austin 
Davis William, foreman, 15 River, house 

101 Pearl [51 Cherry 

Davis William H., clerk. 417 Main, house 
Davis Win. M., asst. professor of Physical 

Geography, H. U., h. 2 Bond 
Davis William P., pressman, Riverside 

Press, bds. 2fi Putnam avenue 
Davis William P., h. 156 Thorndike 
Davison Frederick, plumber, 651 Main, 

rooms 118 Auburn 
Davison Geor,e H., laborer, 145£ Columbia 
Davison James S., steam fitter, 651 Main, 

house 22 Park 
Davison Thomas, laborer, h. 387i Camb. 
Davison William, butter and eggs, boards 

112 Winsor 
Davlin Michael F. (M. F. Davlin & Co.), 

plumber, 199 Cambridge, h. J 97 do. 

DAVLIN Jfl. F. & CO. (Michael 
F. Davlin), plumbers and gas filters, 
199 Cambridge (see p. 627) 
Davlin, see Devlin 

Davren Gilbert, laborer, h. 116 Holworthy 
Davy William, sounding board maker, 162 

Broadway, h. rear 27 Webster av. 
Davy William H., boat builder, 34 Mill, h. 

59 Flagg 
Dawes Albert A., laborer, F. R. R. freight 

depot, B.), house 140 Spring 
Dawson Alexander, laborer, h. 42 School 
Dawson Charles, waiter, Memorial Hall 
Dawson Charles M., waiter, Memorial Hall 

ring. 31 Howard 



AUBURN CEMETERY, p fyT5T?nPTCT ft CJAltf 820 Main and 

Bought, Sold, and Cared for. ■• Wfi*wl*dlN tV MWIN j 89 Sparks Sta. 



Dawson Frances H., teacher, Agassiz schoo 1 
boards 30 Bowdoin 

Dawson John, foreman of finishers, Otis, c. 
First, house at Boston 

Dawson John, straightener, 126 Portland 

Dawson John E., laborer, b. 42 School 

Dawson William, laborer (B.), house 210 

Dawson William E., clerk, 497 Main. bds. 
12 Sidney 

Day Albert, teas and coffees (235 Franklin, 
B.), house 84 Buckingham 

Day Arthur C, nailer, 3 Hampshire, house 
47 Austin 

Day Cordage Co., rope mnfrs., Rogers, bet 
Third and Fifth, George Lamb, treas., 
Moses H. Day, general manager 

Day Edward F., shipper, Revere Sugar 
Refinery, Water, boards 176 Bridge 

Day Fred, painter, boards 70 River 

Day Hiram R., carpenter, boards 5 Lexing- 
ton avenue, ward 1 

Day James, conductor, W. E. St. Ry Co. 

Day Frances J., widow, h. 70 River 

Day Jennie Miss, clerk, 28 Boylston, house 
23 Sparks-st. place 

Day John M., laborer, Mt. Auburn ceme- 
tery, house 23 Sparks-st. pi. 

Day Leonard, potter, boards Hotel Cam- 
bridge, Crescent ave. 

Day Marcellus (estate of), drain pipe mnfr. 
132 Main, and (27 Devonshire, B.), J. 
B. Wilson, supt. 

Day Mary Mrs., widow, h. 191 North ave. 

Day Mary, widow, house 18 Warner court 

Day Mary A., widow of Ralph, h. 7 Day 

Day Moses H., gen. manager, Day Cordage 
Co., Rogers, h. at Brookline 

Day Paris, potter, b. Hotel Cambridge, 
Crescent avenue 

Day Richard, butler, 24 Craigie, bds. do. 

Day Stephen, house 76 Cambridge 

Day William, laborer, Main, h. 12 Harrison 

Day William, machinist, 17 Main 

Day William H., laborer, h. 29 Porter 

Day William I., blacksmith's helper, Sixth, 
corner Rogers 

Day Winifred C. Miss, clerk, 184 Cam- 
bridge, boards 177 Bridge 

Dayfoot John 13., supt. Ivers & Pond Piano 
Co., 284 Main, bds. 2 River 

Dayton Isabella M. Mrs., dressmaker, h. 
95 Magazine 

Deacon Daniel, laborer, h. 163 Pearl 

Deacon William F., house 77 Washington, 
corner Moore 

Deacy Patrick, at 169 Gore 

Dea»le Reuben, coat maker, Amer. Rnbber 
Co., boards 1 Wash. 

Dean Cynthia Miss, laundress, house 82 

Dean Daniel II., grocer, 21 Brattle, house 
20 Harris 

Dean Dora B. Miss, teacher, Agassiz school 

boards 34 Wendell 
Dean Edmund, driver, W. E. St. Ry Co., 

house 5 DeWolf 
Dean Francis W. , mechanical engineer, 2 

Central sq., boards 10 Dana 
Dean Fred, brush maker (B.), boards 31 

Webster avenue 
Dean George H., book-keeper (63 Oliver, 

B.), boards 25 Hadley 
Dean Harriet C, widow of Myron M., h. 

34 Wendell 
Dean James, painter, bds. 157 Washington 
Dean John M., book-keeper, 336 Main, h. 

20 Chestnut 
Dean Ophelia M., dressmaker, b.85 Prospect 
Dean Robert, brick maker, house foot of 

Deane Charles, house 80 Sparks 
Deane Walter, teacher (20 Boylston place, 

B.), house 5 Brewster place 
Dearborn Charles, driver, U. S. Mail wag- 
on, 44 Bridge, bds. at Charlestown 
Dearborn Frank, driver, U. S. Mail wagon, 

44 Bridge, bds. at Charlestown 
Dearborn George, driver, U. S. Mail wagon, 

44 Bridge, boards at Charlestown 
Dearborn George W. (H. N. Hovey & Co.) 

grocer, 89 Cambridge, h. 94 Otis 
Dearing James A., teamster, h. 90 Wash. 
Dearing, see Deering 
Deastloo Charles, currier, h. 95 Spruce 
Deasy John, cabinet maker (B.), h. 2 Davis 
Deasy, see Dacey 

Deboitard Rose Mrs., house 85 Spruce 
Decatur Ora S., carpenter, h. 34 Pleasant 
Decatur Mary, widow, house 88 Gore 
Dechan Mary, widow, house 20 Fourth 
Dechan Michael, carpenter, 123 Winsor, 

house do. 
Dechman Robert A., blacksmith, 202 North 

Deckhart John Mrs., house 113 Webster av. 
DeCorte Augustus, cabinet maker (Wal- 

tham^, house 141 Western avenue 
DeCost William, painter, h. 25 Sparks st. pi. 
DeCosta Benjamin F., supt., 356 Main, h. 

17£ Austin 
DeCourcey Patrick H., clerk, Skillings, 

Whitney's & Barnes Lumber Co., 

Prison Point, house 118 Sixth 
Dedrick Francis W. , painter, h. 37 Porter 
Dedrick Frederick, britannia worker (48 

Portland, B.), house 7 Buck's block, 

Dedrick Henry V., britannia worker (48 

Portland, B., boards 7 Buck's block, 

Dedrick Thomas F., brass moulder (33 

Hawkins, B.), boards 7 Buck's block, 

Dee Joseph, grocer (317 Hanover, B.), h. 

8 Walden 
Dee Mary H. Miss, house 24 Sparks 


Wholesale and Retail, 2*> dock SQUARE 



Dee Patrick, laborer, 169 Gore, house 22 

Dee Patrick, provisions, 18 Sparks, h. do. 
Dee Sarah H. Mrs., boards Thomas W. 

Dee's, Fresh Pond lane 
Dee Thomas, car repairer, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house 273 Putnam 
Dee Thomas, coachman, 1 Chauncy, house 

67 Wright 
Dee Thomas, plumber, boards 24 Sparks 
Dee Thomas W., florist (104 Tremont, B.), 

and Mt. Auburn, opp. Mt. Auburn cem- 
etery, house Fresh Pond lane 
Deegan Patrick F., teamster (38 Faneuil 

Hall square, B.), house 232 Bridge 
Deehan John W., policeman, station 2, h. 

83 Plymouth 
Deehan P. E., apothecary, 551 Main, house 

14 Warland 
Deehan Thomas, blacksmith, h. 22-1 Bridge 
Deehan Thomas C. , teamster, 13 Broadway, 

house 75 Hampshire 
Deehan William H., police, station 2, house 

147 Main 
Deely James, baker, 79 Cambridge, house 

9 Eighth 

Deeney George, blacksmith, 164 Columbia, 

boards 189 Spruce 
Deer James N., painter, 106 River, house 

10 Fairmont avenue 

Deer Nathaniel J., clerk, 590 Main, boards 

10 Fairmont avenue 
Deering Charles, carpenter, bds. 3 Prospect 
Deering Henry F., cabinet maker (91 Hav- 

verhill, B.), boards 79 Gore 
Deering Joshua, gardener, h. GQ Boylston 
Deering Robert S., trimmer, 286 Main. bds. 

79 Gore 
Deering William, house 28 Warren 
Deering, see Dearing 
Default Octave, laborer, h. 25 Donnell 
DeFord M. R. Madame, dressmaker, 23 

Fairmont, boards do. 
De Gersdorff Carl A., law student, H. U. , 

house 1 Garden 
De Gersdorff Ernst B. Mrs., house 1 Garden 
De Gersdorff George B., student, H. U., 

house 1 Garden 
Degnan Thomas, laborer, house 67 Amory 
Deguio Joseph, chair maker, Union Chair 

Co., house 117 Tremont 
Deigier Joseph, bottler, 96 Webster ave., 

boards do. 
Deitchfield Samuel H., coffin maker, 201 

Bri Ige, house at Somerville 
DeKniglit Levi, laborer, house 74 Harvard 
Deland Thomas W. (Little, Brown & Co.), 

book-binders, Blackstone, h. at Boston 
Delane Daniel, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Delaney Elizabeth -4rs., house 50 Spruce 
Delaney Henry W., plumber (30 Cambridge, 

B.), boards 33 Winter 
Delaney James S., plumber (30 Cambridge, 

B.)\ house 33 Winter 

Delaney John, baker, 111 Fourth, house 

34 Vine 
Delaney John, gate tender, B. & L. R. R. 

crossing, Prison Point, house 6 Third 
Delaney John, mason, 17 Winthrop, h. do. 
Delaney Margaret, widow of John, house 

17 Bolton 
Delaney Michael, marble cutter, boards 

17 Bolton 
Delaney Patrick, house 48 Montgomery 
Delaney Patrick T. , hostler, 43 Cambridge, 

boards 58 Charles 
Delaney Richard, laborer, house 19 Bolton 
Delaney Thomas, clerk, 26 Sparks, boards 

34 Foster 

Delaney William H., laborer, h. 90 Harvard 
Delaney William H., 2d, laborer, 3 Hamp- 
Delanev. see Delany 
Delano Edgar H., clerk (410 Wash., B.), 

boards 32 Second 
Delano George W., expressman, Lyceum 
Building, Harvard square, h. at Allston 
Delano Maria C. Mrs., house 12 Lowell 
Delano Sarah, widow of* Jeptha, bds. 18 Jay 
Delany Dennis, currier, boards 5 Orescent 
Delanv Edmond 1L, mason, house 426 Cam- 
Delany Jeremiah J., clerk, 339 Cambridge, 

boards 337 do. 
Delany John, liquors, 339 Cambridge, house 

337 do. 
Delany Julia, wid. of Martin, h. 50 Spruce 
Delanv William II., nailer, 3 Hampshire, b. 

4'ii; Cambridg 
Delany, see Delaney 
Delevira John, laborer, 3 Hampshire 
Delisle Theopile, house 13 Squires court 
DeLong Charles, carpenter, h. 13 Suffolk 
Delorie Matilda, widow, house 100 Dublin 
Delorie Murdick. brick maker, h. 100 Dublin 
Dembroiskey Martin, packer (B.), house 

131 Spring 
DeMasse Octave, farmer, h. 147 Cushing 
DeMerritt Joseph H., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, 

boards 394 Main 
DeMerritt Mary, widow, h. 40 Concord ave. 
Denim >n Reuben A., stock broker (82 Dev- 
onshire, B.), house 40 North avenue 
DeMoura Emanuel, sawyer. 3 Hampshire 
Dempsey Ellen, widow of Thomas, house 

35 Vine 

Dempsey Frank, shipper (12 Milk, B.), h. 

171 Winsor 
Dempsey Jeremiah, house S Hancock 
Dempsey James, blower, X. E. Glass Works, 

house at Somerville 
Dempsey John, laborer, bds. 132 Bridge 
Dempsey John, waiter, house 8 Porter 
Dempsey John W., laborer, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house 74 Bolton 
Dempsey J., track layer, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Dempsey Lawrence, laborer, Waverly, cor. 

Talbot, house 1 Bell 

Dr. E. Y. White, ( 603 Main St. 
Dr. W. H. Hollis, { Central Sq. 






Dempsey Michael, laborer, bds. 18 Marion 
Dempsey Michael, laborer (B. & M. R. R.), 

house 134 Bridge 
Dempsey Myles, laborer, house foot Willard 
Dempsey Patrick, planer, First, corner 

Dempsey Timothy, laborer, 132 Bridge 
Denby Richard, teamster, h. 4-9 Washington 
Denigh Michael, baker, 502 Maui 

DJGtflSOlV VIM III l£ E., lawyer 
(150 Devonshire, room 51, B.), h. 13 
Arlington (see page 054) 

Denison Herbert R., salesman (177 Con- 
gress. B.), boards 13 Arlington 

Denison Nathan X., book-keeper (High, 
B.), boards 13 Arlington 

Denison, see Dennison 

Denmark William, baker, 502 Main, boards 
51 Pleasant 

Dennett George M., lard refiner, 1G0 Gore, 
house 179 Cambridge 

Dennett John, lieutenant (U. S. R. M.), 
house 25 Ellery 

Dennett John, student, Harvard Univer- 
sity, boards 25 Ellery [Sacremento 

Dennett William H., clerk (B.), house G0£ 

Denney John, hackman. h. 12(! Brookline 

Dennigan Catherine, widow of Peter, house 
20 Fourth 

Dennis Adolph, cabinet maker (B.), house 
4 Hotel Harrison 

Dennis Catharine, wid. of Win., h. 2 Water 

Dennis Fannie E. M. Mrs., teacher, Wyman 
primary school, b. North av., c. Frank 

Dennis Fred D., bds. Harvey, c. Jackson 

Dennis James, florist, 4 Hohvorthy, h. do. 

Dennis John, laborer, boards 2 Water 

Dennis William D., laborer, house G9 

Dennison Albert, blacksmith, b. 149 Bridge 

Dennison Albert, carpenter, h. 1G2 Prospect 

Dennison Frank E., teamster, J. S. Hilliard, 
boards 128 Spring 

Dennison Hosea B., archiect, 130 Cam- 
bridge, house at Somerville 

Dennison H. Elmer, book-keeper (63 Pitts. 
B.), boards 128 Spring 

DENNISON JAMES E., carpenter, 
54 Cambridge, house Emery, near 
Tufts' College, West Medford (see 
page G26) [Brattle 

Dennison Lizette, widow of Erasmus, h. 149 
Dennison Mary, widow of Otis, house 128 
Spring [Franklin 

Dennison Michael, laborer, house rear 203 
Dennison Woodworth, student, boards 149 

Dennison, see Denison 
Denny Mary Miss, house 13 West 
Denny Michael J., teamster, 13 Broadway, 

house 24 Harvard g 

Denton Eben, treasurer, Reversible Collar 
Co., 10 Arrow and (27 Kilby, B.), h. 
at Dorchester 

Denton H. Alfred, stained glass worker 
(B.), house 288£ Broadway 

Denton Thomas J., baker, 502 Main, house 
187 Franklin 

Denvi Ellen, widow, house 77 Third 

Denyen Annie D. Miss, assistant book- 
keeper, 243 Broadway, b. 118 Harvard 

Denyen Christena R. Miss, teacher Welling- 
ton school, boards 118 Harvard 

Denyen David, cabinet maker, 44 Cam- 
bridge, house 118 Harvard 

Depatie Joseph, mason, house 108 Spruce 

DeQuedville Elizabeth A. Miss, manager, 
456 Harvard, boards 39 Garden 

DeQuedville Fannie Mrs., dressmaker, 39 
Garden, house do. 

DERBY HENRY C, pickled tripe 
and pigs' feet, 75 Main and (24 North 
Market, and Brighton District, B.), 
house at Watertown (see page 13) 

DERBY HERBERT, proprietor, 
Cambridge Vinegar Works, 75 Main 
and (24 North Market, B.), house at 
New York (see page 13) 
Dercy John, laborer, house 92 Spring 
Derksen Pilgrim, piano maker. 256 Main, 

house 3 Hotel Weston 
Derling Joseph W., washer, h. r. 90 Harvard 
Derome Peter, coppersmith, h. 87 Wendell 
DeRosay Albert E. (L. E. DeRosay & 

Son), brick ninfr. , (J6 Dublin, house 

134 Oxford 
DeRosay Daniel W. (Custom House, B.), 

boards 134 Oxford 
DeRosay Josephine A. Miss, mnsic and 

organ teacher, boards 134 Oxford 
DeRosay Lewis E. (L. E. DeRosay & Son), 

brick mnfr., GG Dublin, house 134 

DeRosay L. E. & Son (Lewis E. and Albert 

E. DeRosay), brick manufacturers. GG 

Derrick George W., agent, h. 2 Jordan pi. 
Derringer John E., gardener, 520 Main, 

boards 37 Willard 
Derry Charles T., salesman (44 Summer, 

B.), house 12 Trowbridge 
Derwin Bridget, widow of John. h. 15 Clark 
Derwin John J., boiler maker, 92 Main, 

boards 15 Clark [15 Clark 

Derwin Tliomas E., cigar maker (B.), bds. 
DeSage David, carpenter, 153 Putnam av., 

house 91 Chestnut 
DeSage William A., foreman, of tinners. 153 

Putnam ave., house 91 Chestnut 
DeSautelle Arthur, book-keeper. , I. W. Low 

& Son, Dudley, house 38 Reed 
DeSautelle Eli, carpenter, Bay State Brick 

Co., house 122 Spruce 
DeSautelle Eli, Jr., currier, b. 122 Spruce 
DeSautelle Frank S., brakeman, F. R. R., 

house 89 Dublin 
Desmond Andrew, teamster, h. r. 192 Bridge 


at Central Square, Hardware Store, Nos. 2 and 4. 




Desmond Daniel, currier, house Dudley, 
next Montgomery 

Desmond Dennis, blacksmith (B.), house 
85 Bridge, No. 5 

Desmond Dennis Myron, druggist, 1G1 
Cambridge, rooms 163 do. 

Desmond Hanora, widow of William, house 
Dudley, near Montgomery 

Desmond Jeremiah, liquors, 165 Bridge, 
rooms rear do. 

Desmond John, baker, boards 88 Fifth 

Desmond John, florist, boards 40 Spruce 

Desmond John, laborer, B. & L. \i. K. shop, 
boards 85 Bridge, No. 3 

Desmond J., hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 
Mt. Auburn stable 

Desmond Mary Miss, house 7 Appian Way 

Desmond Marv Miss, house 85 Bridge, 
No. 5 

Desmond Mary, widow of Peter, h. 88 Fifth 

Desmond Michael, laborer (B.), house 73 

Desmond Timothy, boards 34-1 Cambridge 

Desmond Timothy, Jr., liquors. 315 Cam- 
bridge, house 341 do. 

Desmond Timothy J., mason, h. 3 Rogers 

Desnoit J., boiler maker, 92 Main 

Desrouin Joseph, tinsmith, Cedar cor. Dud- 
ley, boards 9."> Spruce 

Desoe A. J., at 44 Cambridge 

Deuschle Louis, janitor llarugari Hall and 
Liquors, 154 Spring, house 156 do. 

Deuxans Emile, laborer, at Revere Sugar 
Refinery, house Richardson block, 101 
Gore, suite 4 

Deuxans Leon, varnisher, 201 Bridge, bds. 
rear 60 Winter 

Devanie George, currier, h. Harvey, corner 
Montgomery [Montgomery 

Devanie Wm., mason, house Harvey, cor. 

DeVene Samuel, clerk (5 IS Washington 
B.), house 107 Pleasant 

Deveney Jonathan, calenderer, Am. R. Co 

Devens Agnes H., wid. of Arthur L., house 
Oxford, corner Everett 

Devens Mary Miss, bds. Oxford, c. Everett 

Devens Thomas, laborer, h. 15 Bolton 

Devens Thomas, undertaker, 414 Cam- 
bridge, house 132 Elm 

Dever Harriet V., teacher Wyman school, 
boards at South Boston 

DeVeuve Alfred G., watchmaker, 6 Ash- 
burton place 

Devine Charles, laborer, house 3 Ninth 

Devine Francis, coal and wood, 240 Cam- 
bridge, house 3 Ninth 

Devine Jeremiah, laborer, house 42 Vine 

Devine John, hairdresser, 155 Harvard, 
boards 21 Market 

Devine John, safe maker, 17 Main, house 
Main. cor. Pelham 

Devine John, trader, house rear 21 Carson 

Devine Joseph, plasterer, boards 519 Main 

Devine Kate Miss, house 9 DeWolf 
Devine William, gardener, Thos. W. Dee, 

Mt. Auburn, rooms do. 
Devine William, plasterer, 610 Main, bds. 

519 do 
Devine William H., mill hand, Am. Rubber 

Co., boards rear 109 Gore 
Devlin Frank, laborer, 221 Bridge, house 

5 Winter 
Devlin William, laborer, house 13 Vine 
Devlin see Davlin 
DeVoe Judson W., carpenter, boards 26 

Hubbard avenue 
DeVoe Leslie E., clerk, 159 North avenue, 

boards 26 Hubbard avenue 
Dewar John, cutter, N. E. Glass Works, 

house 68 Second 
Dewar see Duer 
Dewvart Franklin II., student H. U., house 

8£ South 
Dewer Mary, widow, tailoress (179 Court, 

B.), bouse 102 Third 
Dewey Annie P. Mrs., house rear 110 Main 
Dewey Charles IL, painter, 22 Boylston 
Dewey Clara B. Miss, bds. 58 Trowbridge 
Dewey Edson E., brewer (63 Haverhill, 

B.), house 1 Potter Park 
Dewey Henry W., butler, h. rear 110 Main 
Dewhurst Hannah A., wid. of Thomas, b. 

104 Prospect 
Dewing Charles IL, book-keeper (30Kilby, 

B.), house 11 Prentiss place 
Dewing Louise Miss, boards 4 Forest 
Dewing Paul F., wholesale liquors (196 

State, B.), house 4 Forest 
Dewire Charles T., laborer, h. 130 Bridge 
Dewire James, laborer, 220 Portland, bds. 

15 Warren 
Dewire Michael B., saloon. 86 Kirkland, 

house at Somerville 
Dewire Thomas A., clerk, 86 Kirkland, h. 

at Somerville 
Dewire William, cabinet maker, 20 Albany 
DeWolf Albert B., packer, 503 Main, h. 

86 Allston 
DeWolf Eug2nia, wid. of Winthrop, house 

49 Oxford 
DeWolf John W. , salesman (60 Union, 

B.), boards 49 Oxford 
Dexter Allen D., tinsmith, 153 Putnam av., 

boards 20 Western avenue 
Dexter Frank, tinsmith, 27 Boylston, bds. 

oii do. 
Dexter Henry L., salesman (290 State, B.), 

house 96 Green 
Dexter Lucy W., wid. of George, house 

76 Sparks 
Dibblee Albert Mrs., house 86 Buckingham 
Dick David, sawyer, 20 Albany, b. 25 Pine 
Dickerman Charles, insideman, 70 North 

avenue, house do. 
Dickerman Edward 11. , bar tender (B.), 
house 8 South 


FLORISTS, and Contractors for 
P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main & 89 Sparks Sts. 





Dickerman Edward M., carpenter, B. & L. 

R. R. shop, boards GG Fifth 
Dickerman Ormando W., foreman, B. & 

L. R. R. shop, house GG Fifth 
Dickerson J., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Dickey Abner P.. carpenter, h. 7 Rockwell 
Dickey Anbrey M., machinist. 72 Main 
Dickey Thos., carpenter, bds. 74 Columbia 
Dickie Melville, teamster, Sixth, cor. Pot- 
ter, bouse 66 Winsor 
Dickinson Ann M. Mrs., variety store, 247 

Cambridge, house 33 Carson 
Dickinson Charles A., nurseryman. Broad- 
way, junc. Market, house 135 Wash. 
Dickinson David T., student H. U., boards 

135 Washington 
Dickinson Elizabeth, wid. of Alexander, 

house 135 Washington 
Dickinson James M., bacon cutter (C. H. 

North & Co., Somerville). h. 33 Carson 
Dickinson John L.. engineer, h. 65 Clark 
Dickinson J. E.. machinist, Sixth, corner 

Dickman Clara J., widow of Joseph L., h. 

Frank, first on left 
Dickman Isaac, overseer, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co. stable, 32G North avenue, house 

Frank, second on left 
Dickman M. Carrie Miss, teacher. Wyman 

primary school, boards Frank, first on 

Dickman Sarah Miss, boards 98 River 
Dickson Christina, widow of Samuel, house 

87 Columbia 
Dickson Ernest P.. stock clerk, 12 Cam- 
bridge, house 11 Sixth 
Dickson Frank W. . varnisher. 162 Broad- 
way, house at Charlestown 
Dickson George F., steam and gas fitter, 

595 Main, house 2 Hastings square 
Dickson Marshall (Marshall Dickson & Co.) 

527 Cambridge, house 87 Columbia 
Dickson Marshall & Co. (Marshall Dickson 

and Clinton A. Ricker), grocers, 527 

Dickson Robert, laborer (B.), rooms 55 

Dickson Samuel, metal and paper stock, 

103 Winsor, house do. 
Dickson William lawyer (34r School. B.), 

house 87 Columbia 
Diedrick George, shade painter, 15 Blanche 
Diehl Antone B., cutter, Am. Rub. Co., h. 

14 Porter 
Diehl George, cook (Quincy House, B.), h. 

71 Washington 
Diehl John Philip, laborer, Am. Rub. Co., 

house GO Harvard [Harvard 

Diehl Mary C. Mrs., boarding-hous 
Diehl Philip, cutter's helper. Am. Rub. Co., 

boards GO Harvard 
Diez .Joseph, brick maker, house 95 Dudley 
Dignan Catherine, widow of Barnard, house 
" 59 Wright 

Dignan Margaret M., shirt maker (B.), h. 

" 59 Wright 
Dignan Patrick, laborer, house 17 Decatur 
Dignon John, shipping clerk, 502 Main 
Dillaway James H. (Quincy Market, B.), 

house 86 Ellery 
Dillaway James H.,,Tr. (Quincy Market, 

B.), boards 86 Ellery 
Dillaway Stillman S., house 22 School 
Dillaway see Dilloway 
Dillingham Franklin, paper, twine, etc. (2 

Friend, B.;, house 22 Hubbard avenue 
Dillingham George A., paver (B.),h. 223 

Broadway, suite 3 
Dillingham Henry A., book-binder, River- 
side Press, boards 42 Holyoke 
Dillingham Maria, widow of Henry, dress- 
maker, house 42 Holyoke 
Dillingham Mary A., widow of Henrv. h. 

42 Holyoke 
Dillingham William C., second asst. clerk 

of courts, Court House, Third, house 

at Maiden 
Dillon Ann, widow of Owen, h. 5G Winter 
Dillon Charles H., fruit peddler, boards 5Q 

Dillon Edward, foreman of varnisher , 201 

Bridge, house 39 Gore 
Dillon John, laborer, house 44 Hastings 
Dillon John F., fruit peddler, b. 5G Winter 
Dillon Margaret Mrs., at Amer. Net and 

Twine Co., house 125 Third 
Dillon Mary E. Miss, book-keeper, boards 

56 Winter 
Dillon Patrick, at 169 Gore 
Dillon Peter, blower, X. E. Glass Works, 

Dillon William H., printer (Pearl, B.), h. 

3 Banks 
Dilloway John, cutter. Am. Rubber Co. 
Dillworth John, iron melter. 356 Main, bds. 

Ross House 
Dilworth Patrick, at 1G9 Gore 
Dilworth Timothy, at 169 Gore 
Dimbroski Martin, packer. Second, corner 

Thorndike, house rear 56 Charles 
Dimick Calvin, h. Cambridge, cor. Lynde 
Dimmock Emily A., widow, bds. 69 Brattle 
Dimmock Emily R. Miss, boards 69 Brattle 
Dimmock George, naturalist, house 61 Sac- 
Dinan Bartholomew, laborer, 221 Bridge, 

boards 8 Winter 
Dinan Daniel, teamster, house 32 Charles 
Dinan John, laborer, 169 Gore. b. 8 Winter 
Dinan Nicholas, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 

12 Seventh 
Dinan Peter C, slater, Otis, corner Second, 

house 66 Spring 
Dinan Timothy, teamster, 221 Bridge, house 

G Winter 
Dinan see Dynan 
Dingley Chappell, piano key maker, State, 

house Brewery 


Established 1860. 20 DOCK SQTJAJRJE. 



Dingley Thomas, piano case maker, Rhoades 

building, State, house at Somerville 
Dingwell Emma J. Miss, boards 73 Gore 

Dingwell Harold A., wood worker, State, 
corner Osborn, house 44 Winsor 

Dinneen DanielJ., laborer, 109 Gore, house 
5 Linehan's block, Parnell 

Dinneen Ellen Mrs. , boarding-house, 5 Line- 
han's block, Parnell 
son & Dinsmore), carpenter, 79 Brat- 
tle, house 9 Brewer (see page 628) 

Dinsmore Frank A., painter, 660 Main, h. 
G Murray 

Dinsmore James, storehouse man, Amer. 
Rubber Co. 

Dinsmore Leonard C, cooper, h. 122 Spring 

Dinsmore Samuel, carpenter, b. 7 Rockwell 

Dinsmore William J., florist, 273 North av. 

Disney William, piano polisher, 284 Main, 
house 129 Green 

Diske A. B., cutter, Amer. Rubber Co. 

Disleman Jobn, gardener, 329 Xortn ave.. 
boards Spruce 

Ditmars James B., book-keeper. Cambridge 
Laundry, Soden, house at East Boston 

Dixwell Epes S., house oS Garden 

Doane Calvin, hack driver, h. 46 Hamilton 

Doane Frank, hose maker, 33 Hampshire, 
house 288^ Broadway 

Doane Henry S. (Johnson & Doane), bottler 
27 Green, boards 425 Main 

Doane Norman, confectioner, 6 Inman sq., 
boards 75 Inman 

Doane Thomas M., clerk (70 Long wharf, 
B.), house 55 Ellery 

Doane Walter, cracker packer, boards 10G 

Dobbs Geo., confectioner (B.), boards 153 

Dobbs George, laborer, house 9 Grant 

Dobbs James, bacon curer, r. 4G5 Cam- 
bridge, house 153 Franklin 

Dobbs James P., plasterer, boards 153 

Dobson Geo. R., carpenter 1G5 North ave., 
house 3 Corliss place 

Dockerty Robert, laborer, John Reardon & 
Sons, house rear 21 Decatur 

Dodd Annie, widow of Brandon J., house 
20 Fairmont av. 

Dodd Daniel C, painter, Mt. Auburn cem- 
etery, house 104 Cushing 

Dodd see Dods. 

Dodge Arthur B., clerk (83 Summer, B.), 
boards 39 Columbia 

Dodge Caleb S. P., printer (240 Washing- 
ton B.), house 23 William 

Dodge Chas. H., clerk, treas. office City 
Hall, boards 72 Pleasant 

Dodge Edward S., lawyer (87 Milk, B.), 
h. 70 Sparks 

Dodge Frank A., clerk, 559 Main, bds. 113 

Dodge John A., carpenter, h. 9 Chester 

Dodge John C, lawyer (87 Milk, B.), h. 
72 Sparks 

Dodge John H., house 72 Pleasant 

Dodge Joseph A., piano regulator, 162 
Broadway, house 113 Washington 

Dodge J. Felt, barrel dealer, boards 39 Co- 

Dodge Rufus, salesman, house 9 Story 

Dodge Saraii B., widow of Geo., b. 329 

Dodge Wm. E., fruit peddler, house 46 

Dodge Wm. H., provisions, 8 Central sq. 
house 15 Cottage 

Dodge Wm. W., lawyer (87 Milk, B.), h. 
72 Sparks 

Dodge Winslow Herbert, book-keeper, 162 
Kiver, house 15 Lawrence 

Dodge Winslow Hewes, express, house 2 

Dods Adam, wood-carver, 44 Cambridge, h. 
50 Sidney 

Doe Albert, furniture finisher, Otis, corner 
First, house at Boston 

Doe Bradburv P., ass't foreman, C. W. W. 
City Hall, h. 193 Putnam ave. 

Doe Freeland A., cabinet maker, 44 Camb- 
ridge, house at F. Somerville 

Doerr Michael, currier, house 7 Heed 

Dogherty Agnes M. Miss, clerk, G37 Main, 
house 13 Suffolk 

Dogherty Charles M., casemaker, 1G2 
Broadway, house 102 Winsor 

Doherty Albert, driver, 201 Bridge 

Doheny Alexander, book-binder (76 Sud- 
bury, B.), house 303 Main 

Doherty Annie M. Miss, h. r. 123 Elm 

Dohertv Arthur P., driver, 209 Bridge, bds. 
93" Gore 

Doherty Bridget, widov . bds. Gl Charles 

Doherty Charles, house 5 Moore 

Doherty Charles H., engraver, boards 1G8 

Doherty Daniel, hairdresser, 345 Main, h. 
Hotel Weston 

Doherty Daniel, tinsmith. Third, cor. Pot- 
ter, h. 8 Hotel Weston. 43 School 

Doherty Daniel B., clerk, 157 Bridge, h. 
rear 82 Cambridge ' 

Doherty Dennis, laborer, boards rear 241 
Mt. Auburn 

Doherty Ellen, widow of Matthew, h. 221 

Doherty Elizabeth, widow, h. G Gordon pi. 

Doherty Elizabeth, widow of John, house 
14 Somerset 

Dohertv Frank E , cabinet maker, 20 
Albany, h >use 13 Suffolk 

Doherty Henry, clerk, 151 Bridge, bis. r. 
82 Cambridge 

Doherty Henry A., groceries and provi- 
sions, 151 and 1G1 Bridge, and over- 
seer of the p >or. b. 82 Cambridge 


W. H. Hollis, j Central Sq. 



Doliertv Hugh, granite, 41 Main, house 

85 Fifth 
Doherty Ira, carpenter. American Rub- 
ber Co. 
Dohertv James. Citv forester, office Citv 

Ha'll, house 168 Norfolk 
Doherty James, gardener, boards rear 24 

Mt. Auburn 
Doherty James, liquors (1S1 Camb. B.), h. 

16 Kinnaird 
Doherty James, teamster, house Plymouth 
Doherty James, house 61 Charles 
Doherty James E., calenderer, 31 . Hamp- 
shire, bds. 85 Fifth 
Dohertv John, blower. N. E.. Glass 
Works, North [Elm 

Doherty John, City laborer, house 141 
Dohertv John, granite-cotter, 43 Main, h. 

85 'Fifth 
Doherty John, laborer, h. 380 Green 
Doherty John, machinist. 72 Main 
Doherty John, offal collector, h. 42 Mont- 
Doherty John, waiter, Memorial Hall 
Doherty John E.. tinsmith. 153 Putnam aw. 

house rear 221 Franklin 
Doherty John F., boose 23 Seventh 
Dohertv John T.. upholsterer (B.\ bds. 

168 Norfolk 
Doherty Joseph, student, bds. 16 Kinnaird 
Doherty Josephine M. Miss, teacher, Otis 

primary school, boards 93 Gore 
Dohertv Lawrence, plumber's helper, bds. 

23 Bay 
Doherty Margaret, widow of Barnard, h. 

rear 17 Hamilton 
Doherty Mary Miss, house 23 Bay 
Doherty Maurice, currier, h. 61 Brookline 
Doherty Michael, bookbinder, boards 221 

Doherty Michael, florist. Thomas W. Dee, 

house Fresh Pond lane 
Doherty Michael, laborer. Cambridge ceme- 
tery, house rear 241 Mt. Auburn 
Doherty Michael, piano maker, h. 16 Elm 
Doherty Neil, liquors (69 Causeway. B.). 

house 56 River 
Doherty Owen, harness maker. 2 Bridge. 

house '){> Second 
Doherty Owen, at 169 Gore 
Doherty Patrick, at 1('.!> Gore 
Dohertv Patrick, bookbinder (B. N i. boards 

221 Franklin 
Doherty Patrick, house 93 Gore 
Doherty Patrick, house 157 Spring 
Doherty Philip, laborer, boards rear 241 

Mt. Auburn 
Doherty Philip, laborer, house 2:'> Bay 
Dohertv Philip, painter, 042 Main, boards 

221 Franklin 
Doherty Philip X., orick layer, boards D. 

W. Hannaford's, Concord avenue 
Doherty Robert, iron moulder, Third, cor. 

Doherty Robert, laborer, Waverly. c. Talbot 
Doherty Robert, laborer, house 21 Suffolk 
Doherty Robert, molder, house 112 Third 
Doherty Sarah, widow, house 8 Hotel Wes- 
ton, 43 School [Charles 
Doherty Sarah M., widow of Charles, h. 61 
Doherty William, boiler maker, 356 Main, 

house 37 Amory 
Doherty William, cabinet maker, 20 Albany 
Doherty William, ity laborer, h. 47 Vine 
Doherty William, laborer, b. 42 Montgomey 
Doherty William, painter. Fifth, c. Rogers, 

house 55 Charles 
Doherty William, painter, house 42 Spring 
Dolan Ann. widow, house 35 Winter 
Dolan Charles, cooper, house 115 Tremont 
Dolan I)., action maker. 1G2 Broadway, h. 

17 Baldwin 
Dolan Edward J., merchant tailor, 547 Main, 

house 252 Pearl 
Dolan Frank X., student, boards 13 Decatur 
Dolan Hugh, mill hand, 44 Cambridge, h. 

75 do. 
Dolan James, iron worker, Sixth, c. Rogers 
Dolan John, baker. 502 Main 
Dolan John, cabinet maker, bds. 8 Fourth 
Dolan John (Griffin & Dolan), soap mnfr., 

rear 13 Decatur, house 13 do. 
Dolan John, moulder, boards 45 Clark 
Dolan John B., baker, 502 Main, boards 13 

Decatur [Sargent 

Dolan John H., trav. showman, boards 11 
Dolan John J., bookbinder. 564 Main, b. 7 

Dolan Joseph, teamster, Fifth, c Rogers, 

house Charles 
Dolan Joseph F.. harness maker (65 Sud- 
bury. B.), boards 35 Winter 
Dolan Martin, laborer, house 52 Charles 
Dolan Mary, widow, house 8 Fourth 
Dolan Michael, rope maker, Day Cordage 

Co., Rogers 
Dolan Michael W., painter, bds. 11 Sargent 
Dolan Owen, laborer, house 3 Brown's blk.. 

Third [Sidney 

Dolan Patrick, head baker. 502 Main. h. 23 
Dolan Patrick, cooper, boards 115 Tremont 
Dolan Patrick, laborer, house loh Warren 
Dolan Patrick, nurse, house 17 Baldwin 
Dolan Philip, cabinet maker, bds. 8 Fourth 
Dolan Richard, plumber, 12 Harvard row, 

house 152 Harvard 
Dolan Thomas, cutter, Amer. Rubber Co. 
Dolan Thomas, grave digger. Cambridge 

cemetery, house 11 Sargent 
Dolan Thomas, laborer, 221 Bridge, house 

Stevens court 
Dolan Thomas, soap maker. 175 Pearl, k. 

25 Suffolk 
Dolan Thomas C, driver, bds. 13 Decatur 
Dolan Thomas F. , gardener, b. 11 Sargent 
Dolan Thomas II . action maker, 162 Broad- 

wav. board: 17 Baldwin 



2 & 4 Central Sq. 




Dolan Thomas J., mill hand, 44 Cambridge, 

house 75 do. 
Dolan William, teamster, Harvard, house 2 

Hannum's block, Broadway 
Dolan William Mrs., house 7 Perry 
Dolbeare C. J., bootmaker, Am. Rubber Co. 
Dole Cyrus G., provisions (19 New F. H. 

market, B.), house 20 Bigelow 
Dole Sarah, widow of Cyrus, h. 20 Bigelow 
Dolhenty Thomas H., express, North ave., 

and (25 Merchants row, B.), house 32 

Dollard James, boots and shoes, 448 Har- 
vard, house 15 Gerry 
Dollard John E., shoemaker, 448 Harvard, 

boards 15 Gerry [Austin 

Dolliver Frank D., clerk, 423 Main, b. 1)7 
Dolliver Joseph B., teamster, h. 3 Somerset 
Dolloff Francis W., janitor, C. S. U. rooms, 

15 Brattle, house 8 Holyoke 
Dolloff William J., printer, University 

Press, house 4 Trowbridge 
Dolly John F., switchman, F. R. R., house 

rear 20G Bridge 
Donahoe Charles H., packer, 102 Broad- 
way, house 9 Decatur 
Donahoe Edward, blacksmith, b. 44 Seventh 
Donahoe Edward P., upholsterer, 23 Brat- 
tle, house Willard street court 
Donahoe James W., brass moulder, boards 

9 Decatur 
Donahoe James W., driver, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., boards 199 Mt. Auburn 
Donahoe Jeremiah, tailor (Charlestown), h. 

8 Third [h. do. 

Donahoe John, coal and wood, 9 Decatur, 
Donahoe John, express driver, boards 18 

Donahoe John, foreman, A. H. Hews & Co., 

Crescent avenue, house near do. 
Donahoe John, laborer, h. 106 Webster ave. 
Donahoe John Mrs., house 2 Willow 
Donahoe John J., contractor, b. 18 Blanche 
Donahoe John J., painter, house First, 

beyond Spring 
Donahoe J., hostler, W. E. St. Ry Co., 201 

Donahoe J., track layer. W. E. St. Ry Co. 
Donahoe Margaret, widow of Patrick, h. 

11 Valentine 
Donahoe Mary Ann, widow of Patrick H., 

house Willard-st. court 
Donahoe Michael, laborer, b. 273 Putnam 

Donahoe Michael, laborer, h. 80 Boylston 
Donahoe Michael J., harness maker, house 

5 Lambert avenue 
Donahoe Patrick, expressman, b. 2 Willow 
Donahoe Patrick, fireman, Gas Works, 

Third, bds. 10 Broadway 
Donahoe Patrick, hostler, W.E. St. Ry. Co. 

Dunster, iiouse Hilton's block, Murray 
Donahoe Patrick, lab., h. 199 Mt. Auburn 

Donahoe Patrick, sawyer, First, corner 

Thorn dike 
Donahoe Patrick, house 18 Blanche 
Donahoe Peter A., clerk (State, B.), bds. 

11 Valentine 
Donahoe Timothy, laborer, h. rear G Lopez 
Donahue Christopher, car repairer, B. & L. 

R. R., repair shop, house at Newton 
Donahue Daniel, moulder, h. 14^ Clark 
Donahue Florence, laborer, house New 
Donahue Patrick, inspector, B. & L. R. R. 

shop, house at Newton 
Donahue Thomas, gardener, h. 85 Cushing 
Donahue Thomas, storehouse man, Amer,' 

Rubber Co. 
Donavin John, varnisher, 102 Broadway, 

boards 23 Harrison 
Dondero Andrew, fruit, etc., 517 Cam- 
bridge, boards 43G do. 
Dondero Angelo, fruit and confectionery, 

435 Camhridge. house do. 
Donehey Fred W., clerk, 443 Cambridge, 

boards 1 Lowland ave. 
Donehey John II., stone cutter, foot Ayer's 

wharf. Third, h 1 Lowland av. 
Donelan Francis, engineer (2# Summer, 

B.)i house 19G Cambridge 
Donelan Francis, Jr., bds. 19G Cambridge 
Donelan John, engineer, h. 20 Third 
Donlan John J., granite cutter, b. 31 Bow 
Donlan Martin J., conductor, W. E. St. Ry 

Co., house 44 Kinnaird 
Donlan Thomas, painter, 14 Church, boards 

31 Bow 
Donlevy John, laborer, house 25 Harvey 
Donly Rose Mrs., house 12 Madison 
Donnell Eugene, clerk, P. ()., 611 Main, h. 

at Somerville 
Donnell George, at 169 Gore 
Donnell William J., metal polisher, Otis, n. 

First, house 7 Summer 
Donnell, see O'Donnell 
Donnelly Bridget, widow of James, house 

rear 53 Vine 
Donnelly Dennis, laborer, b. 47 Reed 
Donnelly Frank, carriage painter, 352 Cam- 
bridge, house 380 do. 
Donnelly Frank J., blower, N. E. Glass 

Works, North, bds. 380 Cambridge 
Donnelly Henry, boards 43 Vine 
Donnelly James, brass finisher, house 6£ 

Donnelly James A., cigar maker, 599 Main, 

house 3 Cottage 
Donnelly James H., asst. book-keeper (So. 

Market, B.), boards 30 Franklin 
Donnelly James H. S., dry goods and milli- 
nery, 118 Cambridge, house 133 Thorn- 
Donnelly John, blower, N. E. Glass Works, 

North, house at Somerville 
Donnelly John, boot maker, Amer. Rubber 

Donnelly John, city forester, b. 62 Spring 

fTMlTTn?VTJ(7ftPT? gardeners, contractors, florists, 

VJ-ilVl JJ 1 iJAU X YV V*vI*p j». O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main und 89 Sparks Streets 



Donnelly John, laborer, bds. 43 Vine 
Donnelly John, laborer, house 47 Reed 
Donnelly John, shoemaker, Amer. Rubber 

Co., boards 355 Main 
Donnelly JohnB., machinist, b. 30 Franklin 
Donnelly Joiin J., glass blower, N. E. 

Glass Works, bds. 380 Cambridge 
Donnelly Joseph, watchman (Clinton mkt., 

B.), house 30 Franklin 
Donnelly Joseph, Jr., asst. shipper, boards 

30 Franklin 

Donnelly Michael, laborer, boards 47 Reed 
Donnelly Patrick, laborer, house 4 Symonds 
i block, DeWolf 
Donnelly Peter, iron worker, B. B. Works, 

Sixth [Madison 

Donnelly Rose, widow of Patrick, house 12 
Donnelly Stephen Mrs., h. 133 Thorndike 
Donnelly Teresa Miss, b. 133 Thorndike 
Donnelly Thomas, city laborer, h. 79 Elm 
Donnelly Thomas, house 82 River 
Donovan Ann Mrs., house 14 Ninth 
Donovan Catherine, widow, h. 13 Water 
Donovan Charles, express, 109 Cambridge, 

house r. 42 Gore 
Donovan Cornelius, clerk, 279 Cambridge, 

house 26 Decatur 
Donovan Cornelius, laborer, 169 Gore, h. 

205 Cambridge 
Donovan Cornelius, laborer, 169 Gore, bds. 

102 Sixth 
Donovan Cornelius, laborer, h. 7 Water 
Donovan Cornelius J., salesman, 68 Bridge, 

rms. rear 6 East 
Donovan Daniel, catcher, 126 Portland 
Donovan Daniel, foreman, 17 East, house 

31 East 

Donovan Daniel, laborer, 126 Portland, h. 

1 Jordan place 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, house 58 North 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

13 Warren 
Donovan Daniel W.. iron moulder, Third, 

cor. Bent, h. 37 School-st. place 
Donovan Dennis, hostler, J. E. Fabyan, 

Ellery, rooms do. 
Donovan Dennis, laborer, B. & M. R. R., 

liDiise 12 North 
Donavan Dennis F., teamster, house 11 

Donavan Edward, laborer, Am. Rubber 

Works, boards 3 Parnell 
Donavan Ellen, widow of Patrick, house 

24 North 
Donavan George, shipper, 13 Broadway, h. 

at Charlestown 
Donavan James, laborer, First, opp. Spring, 

house do. 
Donavan James, mason's tender, boards 23 

Donavan James, teamster, 12 Cambridge, 

house 52 North 
Donavan James, track man, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house 79 Pleasant 

Donavan James F., picture frame maker 

(89 Sudbury, B.), h. 18 Leighton ct. 
Donavan James F., hostler (B.), house 163 

Donavan Jane, wid. of Daniel, house foot 

of Bennett 
Donavan Jeremiah, laborer, Boston Bridge 

Works, boards 150 Charles 
Donavan Jeremiah, iron moulder, Pelham, 

house 153 Columbia 
Donovan Jeremiah, blacksmith, 106 Port- 
land, boards 34 Hampshire 
Donovan Jeremiah, laborer, 126 Portland 
Donovan John, coal shoveler, house 232 

Donovan John, hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

house 47 Banks 
Donovan John, hostler, W. E. St. Ry., 201 

Main, house 432 Broadway 
Donovan John, lab., 256 Bridge, house 7 

Donovan John, laborer, h. 26 Decatur 
Donovan John, laborer, h. 12 East 
Donovan John, laborer, bds. 200 Franklin 
Donovan John, mixer, N. E. Glass Works, 

house at Somerville 
Donovan John, paver, house rear 17 Cow- 

Donovan John, tailor, 394 Camb., house 

Franklin, cor. Soden 
Donovan John, at 169 Gore 
Donovan John A., clerk, 10 Cambridge, h. 

123£ Bridge 
Donovan John F., lab. (B.), house 47 Gore 
Donovan John J., laborer, bds. 14 Ninth 
Donovan John J., painter, bds. 23 Harrison 
Donovan John J., upholsterer (B.), house 

236 Bridge 
Donovan John P., baker, 128 Inman, house 

rear 106 Norfolk 
Donovan Mary, widow, h. 105 Kinnaird 
Donovan Mary, widow of Timothy, house 

63 Gore 
Donovan Mary, widow of William, boards 

236 Bridge 
Donovan Mary Mrs., house 42 Sixth 
Donovan Michael, laborer, house 12 East 
Donovan Michael, laborer, B. & L. R. R., 

boards 4 Winter 
Donovan Michael, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

rear 269 Cambridge 
Donovan Michael J., liquors (99 Cambridge 

B.), house 30 Bigelow 
Donovon Michael, mattress maker (B.), 

boards 11 Ninth 
Donovon Michael J., piano polisher, 20 

Albany, house 416 Main 
Donovan Patrick, laborer, h. 11 Hayes ct. 
Donovan Patrick, laborer, h. 200 Franklin 
Donovan Patrick, machinist, bds. 62 Cherry 
Donovan R., box maker, 174 Broadway, b. 

61 Cherry 
Donovan Patrick Mrs., boards rear 106 


DCQT Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 

DLul A.T 20 DOCK SQUAJtE. Bl'KUITT & Wl I.I ,1 A.TIN. 



Donovan Patrick, teamster, bds. 48 Bridge 
Donovan Thomas, laborer, Am. B. Co., 

boards 60 Ha.-vard 
Donovan Thomas, track laver, \V. E. St. 

Ry. Co., house 48 DeWolf 
Donovan Thomas A., inspector, C. G. L. 

Co., 424 Harvard, house at Hyde Park 
Donovan Thomas R., teamster, Sixth, cor. 

Potter, house 34 Vine 
Donovan Timothy, house 34 North 
Donovan Timothy, carpenter, h. 41Kinnaird 
Donovan Timothy, laborer, 169 Gore, h. 70 

Donovan Timothv, laborer, 3 Hampshire, 

boards 387 Main 
Donovan Timothy, laborer, 109 Gore, house 

31 Carson 
Donovan Timothy, iron moulder (So. Bos- 
ton), house 70 Washington 
Donovan Timothy, teamster, 22 Bridge, h. 

48 Bridge 
Donovan Timothy J., core maker, boards 

70 Washington 
Donovan William, teamster (42 Commercial, 

B.), house 33 Jay 
Donovan William F., book-keeper, N. K. 

Glass Works, North, bds. 23G Bridge 
Donworth Geo., sawyer, 3 Hampshire 
Doody Edward, laborer, boards 9 Sparks 
Doody James, shade painter, 15 Blanche, h. 

rear 107 Elm 
Doody John, teamster, 9 Sparks, h. 22£ do. 
Doody Mary, widow of John, h. 9 Sparks 
Doogan Michael, gardener, house 8 Bald- 
win street court 
Dool William, cutter, Am. Rubber Co. 
Dooley Annie E. Miss, house 300 Bridge 
Dooley Catherine, house rear 198 Bridge 
Doolev Edmund, horseshoer, 17 Gore, h. 

121 do. 
Dooley Ellen, widow of Thomas, house 105 

Dooley John, coachman, 158 Brattle, b. do. 
Dooley John, boiler maker, 92 Main, house 

33 Pioneer ave. 
Dooley John, laborer, bds. 10 Third 
Dooley Joseph T., music teacher, 518 Main 

boards do. 
Dooley Margaret, widow, house 53 Charles 
Dooley Patrick, Scotch knitter, Amer. Net 

and Twine Co., house 123 Third 
Dooley Patrick, gardener, 46 Grigg, house 

44 Kinnaird 
Dooley Patrick, horseshoer, 436 Main, h. 

66 Broadway 
Dooley William" H., blower, N. E. Glass 

Works, North 
Dooley William H., painter, h. 200 Bridge 
Dooling Frank J., salesman, C. H. North 

& Co. (Somerville), house 68 Winter 
Dooling Sylvester J., carpenter, C. H. 

North & Co. (Somerville), h. rear 29 


Dooner James E., at University Press, bds. 

2 Symonds' blk., DeWolf 
Dooner Margaret, widow of Th >s.. house 

2 Symonds' blk., DeWolf 
Doore James F., carpenter, hou-=e 103 

Western avenue 
\ Dooris John S-. blacksmith, b. 21 Winter 
i Dooris, see Duris 
Doran Edward M., book agent, house rear 

12 Appiao Way 
Doran James, te;imster, 32 Orchard, b. do. 
Dorao John, laborer, boards 5 Clay 
Doran John M., artist (B.), b. 35 Sarjjent 
Doran Laura A. Mrs., nurse, boards 191 

North avenue 
Doran Mary, widow, house 181 Dublin 
Doran Michael, fireman, pumping house, 

C W. W., Worthington, h. 5 Clay 
Doran William P., blower, Union Glass 

Co. (Somerville), h. 25 G 
Dorant John, teamster, bds. 70 Concord av 
Dore Augustus G. 'A. G. Dore & Co;, hay, 

etc., 18 Central sq.. h. \\h Prospect 
Doucette John, shoemaker, 1 Marion, h. 3 

Dore A. G. & Co. (Augustus G. Dore), 

hay and grain, IS ("e ,tral square 
Dore Henry A., 18 Central sq., house ll£ 

Dore see Dorr 
Doreon Joseph, baker, 180 North ave.. h. 

7 Albro 
Doreon Joseph, painter, house 7 Elm 
Dorgan John, laborer. Revere Sugar Refin- 
ery, house 46 Winter 
Dorin Reran, at 169 Gore 
Dorkins Elvira, widow, h. rear 57 Harvard 
Dormai Elizabeth M., widow of Joseph, h. 

44 Shepard 
Dorman Chas. T., shoemaker, h. 118 Third 
Dorman Joseph P., book-keeper(B.), house 

487-i Cambridge 
Dormer Anna M. Miss, teacher, Putnam 

grammar school, bds. 95 Otis 
Dormer Charles E., reed maker, 162 Broad- 
way, boards 95 Otis 
Dormer Edwin, carriage smith, 18 Cam- 
bridge, house 95 Otis 
Dornev Daniel, laborer, C. W. W., house 

92 Cushing 
Dorney James, laborer, bds. 92 Cushing 
Dorr Clifford E. Mrs., house 7 Cottage 
Dorr Cornelius, flour (3 Commercial, B.), 

house 260 North avenue 
Dorr Eliza A., widow of Edward E., house 

59 Cushing 
Dorr Fred R., clerk (3 Com'l, B.), boards 

260 North avenue 

DORR GEORGE, express, 525 
Main and (38 Broad and 76 Kingston 
B.), h. 86 School (see page 638) 
Dorr John, house 19 Pine 
Dorr Lester ML, clerk (43 South, B.), bds. 
334 Harvard 

Dr. E. Y. White, 
Dr.W. H. Hollis 




Dorr Moses, flour (36 Commerce, B.), h. 

334 Harvard 
Dorr Wilber C, teamster, 10 Arrow, bds. 

3 Charles River 
Dorr Wilson O., driver, W. E. St. liy. Co. 

boards 112 Brookline 
Dorrand Geo., coat maker, Am. Rubber Co. 
Dorseau Julian, laborer, house New, near 

F. R. R. 
Dorsey John, laborer, 221 Bridge 
Dorsey Sidney, waiter, h. 39 Hampshire 
Dorsey William, laborer, American Rubber 

Co., boards 172 Columbia 
Doucet Albert J., carpenter, rms. 46 Clark 
Doucett Win., carpenter, b. 88 Mt. Auburn 
Doucette John, shoemaker, 1 Marion, house 

3 do. 
Dougal William, laborer (47 Com'l, B.), 

house rear 54 Winter 
Dougan Jane, widow of Thomas, honse 16 

Dougherty M. Angelo. Rev., h. 417 B'dway 
Douglass Alonzo, book binder, Riverside 

Bindery, bds. 18 Howard 
Douglass Anna E., widow of Robert, house 

24 Columbia 
Douglass Clarence H., grocer, 63 Western 

avenue, rooms 30 Howard 
Douglass George W., clerk (97 Court, B.), 

boards 18 Howard 
Douglass James, rooms 27 Mellen 
Douglass James C, cabinet maker, 384 

Main, house 23 Park 
Douglass Mary J., widow of Harrison, h. 

18 Howard 
Douglass Robert J., driver, 120 Bridge, 

house 65 Gore 
Douglass Wm. G., carpenter, h. 73 Wash. 
Dove William, cutter, American Rubber 

Co., rooms 47 Clark 
Dover Stamping Co., mnfrs. stamped tin- 
ware, factory, 153 Putnam ave., store 

(88 and North, B.) 
Dow Edwin, teamster, house 50 Cherry 
Dow Eliza A,, widow, h. 115 Auburn 
Dow Forrest E., box nailer, 3 Hampshire, 

boards 476 Cambridge 
Dow Fred (John C. Dow & Co.), fertilizers 

220 Portland and (14 Chatham, B.), h. 

30 Amory, near Summer 
Dow James A., physician, 23 Magazine, h. do 
Dow John B., tin peddler. h. 476 Cambridge 
Dow John C. (John C. Dow & Co.), ferti- 
lizers, etc., 220 Portland and (13 and 

14 Chatham. B.), house 12 Tremout 

DOW JOHN C. A; CO. (John C. 
and Fred Dow), fertilizers, poultry 
supplies, and soap mnfrs., etc. 220 
Portland and(13 and 14 Chatham, B., 
(see page 58) 
Dow John E., steam carpet cleaner, rear 

182 Main, house 94 Adlston 
Dow Lyman O., carpenter, h. 50 Cherry 

Dow Marcellus I., apothecary, 169 Pearl, 

house 23 Lawrence 
Dow Mary A., widow of Benjamin, house 

24 Inman [Green 

Dow Mary I., widow of Thomas E. , h. 419 
Dow Nellie Mrs , house 73 Third 
Dow Ralph N., architect (B.), boards 419 

Dow Warren H., box nailer, 3 Hampshire, 

house 414 Main 
Dow William L., express and pro]). Richard 

Smart's Carpet Beating Co., office (77 

Kingston, B.), bds. 156 Hampshire 
Dowd Annie, widow of James, h. 9 Willow 
Dowd Carrie Miss, boards 8 Mason 
Dowd Charles, car repairer. W. E. St. Ry. 

(B.), house 8 Mason 
Dowd Eliza A., widow of William J., rooms 

154 Green 
Dowd Frank W., rooms 154 Green 
Dowd John, 169 Gore bds. 198 Cambridge. 
Dowd Willi'm H., piano action maker, 113 

Broadway, boards 8 Mason 
Dowden John, waiter, Memorial Hall, rms. 

2 Butler ct. 
Dowey Thomas, teamster, Mt. Auburn 

cemetery, house 6 May 
Dowley Walter A., butler, 69 Sparks, 

boards do 
Down Samuel, shoemaker, h. 169 Thorn- 
Downe Rufus S., paper hanger, house 21 

Downer John F., paper hanger, 2 Coolidge 

pi. house do 
Downes Samuel, house 12 White 
Downey Bartholomew, laborer, 169 Gore, 

house 7 Linehan's block, Parnell 
Downey Bernard, actor, boards 179 Main 
Downey Dennis, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

19 Hunting 
Downey Dennis, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

106 Tremont 
Downey Jeremiah, city laborer, house 15 

Downey John, grocer, 13 Porter, house do. 
Downey John, laborer, house 179 Main 

Sowney William, laborer, bds. Hi* Harvard 
owney Mary Mrs., grocer, 24 Hunting, 
house do. 

Downey Michael J., junk, 87 Bridge, house 
at Chas'n 

Downey Mortimer, grocer, 37 Warren, 
house do. 

Downing Almeda R. Mrs., h. 76£ Pleasant 

Downing Daniel F. asst. foreman, Camb- 
ridge Gas Co., house 67 Brattle 

Downing Dennis, traveling salesman, house 
15 Sparks 

Downing Edward, leather (75 South, B.), 
house 45 Walden 

Downing Edward II., clerk (201 Washing- 
ton, B.), boards 285 No. ave. 

Burditt & White, «*iSt Si Paints, Oils & Glass. 



Downing Edward I., salesman (55 Bedford, 

B.), boards 3 William 
Downing Geo. , chair maker, h. 129 Thorn- 
Downing Jeremiah, janitor, Cambridge Ca- 
sino, h :use 24 Bath 
Downing John, laborer, 130 Bridge 
Downing Justin, carpenter, h. 3 William 
Downing Leander, driver, bds. 55 Columbia 
Downing Lucy A. Miss., teacher Wash, 
grammar school, bds. 31 Mt. Pleasant 
Downing Mary., widow of Thomas, house 


Downing Samuel H., salesman (28 Pearl, 

B.), boards 45 Walden 
Downing Theodore, currier, foot of Eustis 

ct. , house 31 Mt. Pleasant 
Downs Edward E. collector, 623 Main, bds. 

at Somerville 
Downs Edward W., teamster. Rhoades 

bldg. State, house rear 17 Pine 
Downs Susan I. Miss, teacher Webster 

grammar school, bds. 244 Putnam ave. 
Dowsing Frances L. Miss, candy maker, 

245 Broadway, boards 34 Auburn 
Dowsing Geo. W. P., clerk (B.), boards 

34 Auburn 
Dowsing Henry V., action maker, 125 

Broadway, house 111 Allston 
Dowsing Phebe J. Miss, press feeder, Uni- 
versity Press, boards 34 Auburn 
Dowsing William, varnisher, h. 34 Auburn 
Dowsing William W., reed board maker, 

162 Broadway, boards 34 Auburn 
Doyle Arthur, laborer, bds. 37 Coperthwaite 
Doyle Bernard, laborer, bds. 50 Portland 
Doyle Catherine, widow of John, house 262 

Doyle Daniel, hostler, 456 Broadway, house 

5 Emmons place 
Doyle Daniel, laborer, house 31 Charles 

Dovle Daniel, track layer, W. E. St. Ry. 

Doyle Ellen, widow of Patrick, house 140 

Doyle Francis M., finisher, State cor. Os- 

born, house 127 Webster avenue 
Doyle Frank M. (F. M. Doyle & Co.), 

baker, 215 Cambridge, house 213 do. 
Doyle F. M. & Co., (Frank M. Doyle and 

Philip C. Hughes), bakers, 215 Camb- 
Doyle James, packer, 162 Broadway, bds. 

1 Hampshire 

Doyle James E., driver, Fairbanks & Neale 

(Howard, B.), house 46 Seeond 
Doyle Jeremiah, laborer, house 24 Grant 
Doyle John, clerk, 13 Brattle, bds. Foster 
Doyle John, laborer, 126 Portland, house 

Rolling Mill block, Bristol 
Doyle John, laborer, Cambridge Cemetery, 
house 5 Dinsmore court 

Doyle John, laborer, Cambridge Water 

Works, house 32 Auburn 
Doyle John, laborer, house 129 Webster 

Doyle John, trackman, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

* house 20 South 
Doyle Joseph, laborer, Gas Co., Third 
Doyle Martin, laborer, C. W. W., house 

rear 14 Lopez 
Doyle Michael, collar maker, 10 Arrow 
Doyle Michael, laborer, boards 7 Maynard 
Doyle Michael, laborer, bds. 262 Franklin 
Doyle Michael, laborer, house 3 Foster 
Doyle Michael, laborer (B.), h. 16 Surrey 
Doyle Michael, laborer, house 31 Charles 

Doyle Michael, laborer, house rear 209 Mt. 

Doyle Michael, house 77 Third 
Doyle Patrick, coachman, h. 41 Baldwin 
Doyle Patrick, cooper, 169 Gore, house 

rear 143 Gore 
Doyle Patrick, police, station 1, house 88 

Concord avenue 
Doyle Patrick J., cigars, 15 Boylston, h. 7 

Dovle Patrick J., clerk boards 3 Foster 
Doyle P., track layer, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

Waverly, corner Talbot 
Doyle Richard, clerk, 15 Boylston, house 

5 Foster 
Doyle Richard, shade painter, 15 Blanche, 

boards 77 Hampshire 
Doyle Richard F., pressman, University 

Press, house 4 Foster 
Doyle Sarah, widow of Edward, variety 

store, 19 Cowperthwaite, house do. 
Doyle Thomas, hairdresser, 109 Third, h. 

113 do. 
Doyle Thomas, laborer, C. W. W., Worth- 

ington, house 37 Bolton 
Doyle Thomas, night watchman (B.), bds. 

54 Cedar 
Doyle William E., florist (43 Tremont, B.), 

house 80 Otis 
Drake Andrew J., clerk (53 Broad, B.), h. 

16 Ash 
Drake C. H., piano regulator, 162 Broad- 
way, boards (7 Cambridge, B.) 
Drake Edmund W., plumber (17 Brattle 

square, B.), house 504 Cambridge 
Drake George A., case maker, 162 Broad- 
way, boards 22 Suffolk 
Drake George G., painter, h. 4 Hotel Austin 
Drake George W., foreman, of varnish de- 
partment, 162 Broadway, h. 93 River 
Drake Harry B., student, H. U., b. 16 Ash 
Drake James, carpenter, 113 Broadway, h. 

52 Putnam avenue 
Drake Louis S., clerk (30 Congress, B-), 

boards H) Ash 
Drake L. P., receiving clerk, Revere Sugar 

Refinery, Water, house at So. Boston 

PUniPr GREEN " H0USE PLANTS-New and Rare, D 

UnUlUL 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets. [. 



Drake Margaret, wid. of George F., house 
58 Columbia [Rogers 

Drake Mary, rope maker, Day Cordage Co. 

Drake M. Wesley, book-keeper (40 Lancas- 
ter, B.), house 22 Suffolk 

Draper Clara H. Miss, bds. 12 Appian Way 

Draper Daniel A. (F. Draper & Co.), Otis, 
near First, house 111 Thorndike 

Draper Francis (estate of), Otis, n. First 

Draper Francis H., solderer, Otis, n. First. 
boards 111 Thorndike 

Draper Frank L., machinist, 72 Main, house 
at Somerville 

Draper F. & Co. (Francis) estate of and 
Daniel A. Draper), white metal work- 
ers, Otis, between Second and First 

Draper John, cabinet maker, 44 Cambridge, 
room 134 do. 

Draper Joseph, brass finisher, Otis, n. First, 
boards 111 Thorndike 

Draper Lucius D., salesman (103 Commer- 
cial, B.), house 10 White 

Draper L. Dana, Jr., small wares (28 
Chauncy, B.), house 295 North ave. 

Draper Martin, book-keeper, National Bank 
of North America (106 Franklin, B.), 
house 292 North avenue 

Draper Mary A., widow of Daniel F., house 
11 Avon 

Draper Warren M., clerk (62 South, B.), 
boards 292 North avenue 

Draper William B., gents' furnishing goods 
(279 Wash., B.), boards 17 Avon 

Drea Curran, at 169 Gore 

Drea John, laborer, 169 Gore, b. 3 Seventh 

Drea Michael, laborer, 169 Gore, house 1 

Drea Richard, at 169 Gore 

Dresselly John, book binder, Riverside 
Press, boards 83 Putnam avenue 

Dresser Edwin, pres.,.Cambridgeport Diary 
Co., 105 Magazine, and National City 
Bank, 553 Main, house Raymond, near 

Dresser Mary L., widow, boards 589£ Main 

Dresser Sumner, stationer (12 Milk, B.), 
house Raymond, near Linnaean 

Drew Albert V., painter, boards 19 Sidney 

Drew Bertrand Lee, student, H. U., boards 
122 Oxford 

Drew Ellen Miss, dressmaker (Hotel Berke- 
ley. B.), house 690 Main 

Drew Emily Miss, house 690 Main 

Drew George C, Jr., house 7 Hampshire pi. 

Drew Henry H., gold beater (3 Province 
court, B.), boards 19 Jay 

Drew Joseph L., gold beater (3 Province 
court. B.), house 19 Jay 

Drew J. N., at 169 Gore 

Drew Mabel M. Miss, forewoman, 91 Win- 
sor, boards 7 Hampshire place 

Drew Silas S., dry goods (15 Tremont row, 
B.L house 122 Oxford 

Drew Wilbert, machinist (B.), b. 11 Avon 

Dreyfus Isaac, baker, 502 Main 

Drinan Annie M. Miss, slipper maker (B.), 

house 26 Cherry 
Drinan Elizabeth G. Miss, saleswoman (55 

Tremont, B.), house 26 Cherry 
Drinan Louisa M. Miss, house 26 Cherry 
Drinan Maurice, fireman, Revere Sugar Re- 
finery, house 129 Bridge 
Drinan Michael, laborer, Revere Sugar Re- 
finery, house 5 Linnaean court 
Drinan M. Josephene Miss (518 Wash., B.), 

house 26 Cherry 
Drinan T. Frank, laborer, 502 Main, house 

91 Elm 
Drinkwater Peris G., carpet layer (B.), h. 

7 Locke 
Driscoll Bernard, horse shoer, Boston Ice 

Co. , Prison Point, house at Charlestown 
Driscoll Cornelius, laborer, h. 105 Portland 
Driscoll Daniel, driver, U. S. Mail, 44 

Driscoll Daniel, grinder, Amer. Rubber Co., 

house 19 Franklin 
Driscoll Dennis, tailor, 533 Main, boards 

7 Valentine 
Driscoll Florence, house 70 Gore 
Driscoll George, carpenter, h. 44 School 
Driscoll George H., painter, boards 70 Gore 
Driscoll Hannah, widow of Michael, h. 47 

Driscoll James charcoal (Somerville), h. 

40 Gore 
Driscoll James, coachman, 11 Magazine 

boards do. 
Driscoll James, laborer, b. 196 Franklin 
Driscoll John, house 26 Decatur 
Driscoll John, house 1 Chestnut park 
Driscoll John, laborer, house 16 Hayes ct. 
Driscoll John C, copyist, Court House, h. 

17 Boardman 
Driscoll John C, mariner, house 4 Hotel 

Driscoll M., tracklayer, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Driscoll Michael J., currier, h. 7 Cedar 
Driscoll Patrick, teamster, 28 Bridge, h. 

26 do. 
Driscoll Thomas, laborer, 28 Bridge, house 

7 Short 
Driscoll Thomas, laborer, boards 47 Reed 
Driscoll Timothv, boots and shoes, h. 215 

Driver Stephen W., physician, house and 

office 5 Farwell nlace 
Drohan Daniel, blacksmith, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., 201 Main, house 7 Plymouth 
Dr. ban James, coachman, Elm wood av., 

house do. 
Drolett J. Augustine, carpenter, house 114 

Concord a v. 
Drolett Joseph, brick maker, h. 147 Dublin 
Drolett Ovid, laborer, house 147 Dublin 
Drown Charles, organ varnisher. 162 

Broadway, boards 214 Cambridge 


All kinds of HARDWARE GOODS at 
Lowest Prices. *JO Dock Square. 



Drown Charles P., laborer, boards 168 

Drown Mary A. Mrs., h. 168 Thorndike 
Drugan W. Harry, trav. salesman, 503 

Drummey Jeremiah, milkman, 75 Bridge 

boards 190 do. 
Drummey Wm. laborer, B. & M. R. R., h. 

190 Bridge 
Drummev Wm. Jr., brass moulder (B.), b. 

190 Bridge 
Drummond Cornelius H., laborer, bds. 27 

Blanche [Blanche 

Drummond David S.,spar maker, bds. 27 
Drummond Dominick J., lithographer, h. 

24 Erie 
Drummond Edward J., at 44 Cambridge 
Drummond John B., laborer, b. 27 Blanche 
Drummond John H., kindling wood, 28 

Washington, house 27 Blanche 
Drynan Frank, teamster, 502 Main 
Drysdale Janie M., widow of John ML, h. 

Hotel Franklin, Norfolk 
Dubeau Arthur, laborer, house 191 Dublin 
Dubois Charles, laborer, house 7n' Harvard 
Dubrule Emanuel, upholsterer (B.), house 

35 Vine 
Ducett William, printer, h. 76 Magazine 
Ducey Jolm J., clerk, 587 Main, bds. 54 

Ducey Lawrence J., sergeant police station, 

2, house 54 Prospect 
Duclos Lewis, brick maker, h. 52 Spruce 
Duclos Louis O., clerk, Amer. Rubber Co., 

house 91 Thorndike 
Duddy Edward, granite cutter, house 148 

Duddy Thomas, laborer, house 107£ Elm 
Duddy Thomas, shade painter, 15 Blanche, 

house 22 School st. court 
Dudley Chas., blacksmith, h. 153 Columbia 
Dudley Chas. A., trimmer, 169 Gore, bds. 

67 Fifth 
Dudley Chas. F., book-keeper. 168 Gore, 

house 157 Cambridge 
Dudley Elizabeth, widow of Harrison, h. 17 

Dudley Ellen M. Miss, boards 20 Tremont 
Dudley Francis E., butcher, Frank, h. 310 

North av. 
Dudley George S., police station 5, h. 97 

Dudley John Mrs., house 81 Winsor 
Dudley Julia, widow of William, h. rear 

60 River 
Dudley Levi S., city laborer, h. 82 Dudley 
Dudley Mary A. C, widow of Willard, 

house 20 Tremont 

selor (95 Milk, mi. 71, B.), house 
G Avon place (see page 650) 
Dudley Warren P., lawyer and sec. civil 
serv)ce commission (5 Pemberton sq., 
rm. 11, B.), house 17 Dunster 

Dudley Wm. Bowman, section hand, B. & 

M. R. R.., house Montgomery near 

Dudley Win. B., confectionery (wholesale) 

house 10 Tremont 
Duer Lucy R. Mrs., copyist, Otis c. Second 

house 14 Clinton 
Duer see Dewar 
Duff Cassie Mrs., second hand clothing, 

202 Cambridge, house do. 
Duff John, cooper, C. H. North & Co. 

(Somerville), house rear 128 Gore 
Duff Margaret, widow of James, h. 69 Third 
Duffie Frank, machinist, 368 Main, h. 378 

Duffie James, at 169 Gore 
Duffie Margaret E., widow of Wm., house 

378 Cambridge 
Duffy Andrew, coal and wood, 323 Camb., 

house 90 Webster av. 
Duffy Bernard P., provisions, 139 Bridge, 

house do. 
Duffy Bridget, widow of John, house rear 

384 Cambridge 
Duffy Edward, clerk, 10 Harvard row, h, 

at Somerville 
Duffy Edward F., clerk, 397 Cambridge, b. 

382 Cambridge 
Duffy Henry J., printer (603 Wash. B.), 

boards 30 Hancock 
Duffy James, baker. 602 Main 
Duffy James, coachman, boards 7 Maynard 

Duffy J. Mrs., house 98 Fifth 
Duffy James L., printer (603 Washington, 

B.), house 30 Hancock 
Duffy James P., laborer, Amer. Rubber Co., 

boards rear 384 Cambridge 
Duffy James R., furniture, 387 Cambridge, 

house 202 Cambridge 
Duffy James V., clerk (4 Chauncy, B.), 

boards 30 Hancock 
Duffy John, brass finisher, boards 98 Fifth 
Duffy John, cabinet maker (Boston), house 

20 Cambridge 
Duffy John, fireman, 502 Main, boards 48 

Duffy John, laborer, Amer. Rubber Co. 
Duffy John, laborer, 184 Broadway 
Duffy John E. , book binder. Riverside Bind- 
ery, boards at Boston 
Duffy John J. , driver, house 146 Third 
Duffy John Wm., laborer, boards rear 384 

Duffy Leo, laborer, H. U. yard, house 77 

Concord avenue 
Duffy Michael, engineer, C. H. North & Co. 

(Somerville), house 120 Webster ave. 
Duffy Michael, laborer, 204 Broadway 
Duffy Owen E., laborer, house 6 Baldwin 

st. place, near White 
Duffy Peter, laborer, house 49 Amory 
Duffy Peter J., stone cutter, 4 Main, boards 

10 Broadway 


Dr. E. Y. White, ) 603 Main St. 
Dr. W. H. Hollis, j Central Sq. 



Duffy Philip R., clerk, 386 Cambridge, bds. 

96 Webster avenue 
Duffy Stephen H. , furniture polisher (B.), 

house 41 Charles 
Duffy Thomas, laborer, house 17 Warren 
Duffy Thomas, house 130 Third 
Dffuy William, shoemaker, 101 Harvard, 

house 103 do. 
Dufur William H., salesman, h. 50 Market 
Dufur see Duffy 
Dugan James F., roofer, house Carver, opp. 

Dugan Wm. (Dugan & Rutherford), free 

stone and marble worker, First, house 

at Boston 

(Wm. Dugan and Alexander Ruther- 
ford), free stone and marble workers, 
First, between Thorndike and Spring 
and (164 Devonshire, B.) (see page 

Dugan see Doogan 

Duggan James, teaser N. E. Glass Works 
house rear 6 North 

Duggan John, laborer, 220 Portland 

Duggan John, tailor, house 28 Reed 

Duggan Michael, harness cleaner, J. Le- 
farve, Somerville avenue, boards do. 

Duhig Daniel T., supt., P. O., 18 Boylston 
house 61 Wright 

Duhig John M., foreman pressman (39 Arch 
B.), house 40 Shepard 

Duhig Mary A., widow of Michael, house 
89 Hancock 

Duhn Herman, piano polisher, 169 Broad- 
way, house rear 110 Spring 

Dukeshar Daniel F., carpenter, 77 Main, 
honse 250 Harvard 

Dukeshar Reuben, confectioner, 150 Broad- 
way, boards 250 Harvard 

Duklow Peter, carpenter, boards 34 Hamp- 

Dulin Chas. G., real estate v 49 Green, B.), 
house 70 North avenue 

DuLong Reuben, tailor's pressman (179 
Court, B.), house rear 122 Broadway 

Dumas George, boards 8 Norfolk 

Dumas Leon, piano trimmer, 236 Main, h. 
at Boston 

Dumphy Joseph, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 
1 Buck's block, Seventh 

Dumphy see Dunphy 

Dunbar Charles F., professor of Political 
Economy H. U., house 14 Highland 

Dunbar Frank A., inspector of Milk and 
Vinegar, office Central sq. bldg. , 404 
Harvard, and also physician, 37 Brattle 
and 14 Highland, boards do. 

Dunbar Luthur W., carpenter (271 Charles, 
B.), house 7 William 

Dunbar Thomas G., waiter (Quincy House, 
B.), house 64 Harvard 

Dunbar Wm. H., lawyer, bds. 11 Highland 

Duncan John, clerk, 655 Main, boards 79 

Duncan John F., theatrical business, bds. 

22 Essex 
Duncan Matthew, laborer (B.), house 36 

Duncan William P., lawyer, bds. 22 Essex 
Duncklee L. C, car repairer, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., Dunster 
Dunham Anna, widow of Nathan, house 22 

Dunham Edward P., printer, 10 Dunster, 

boards 852 Main 
Dunham Israel P., house 852 Main 
Dunham Wm. H., book-keeper, boards 852 

Dunigan Catharine Mrs., house 12 Watson 
Dunklee Eugene E., painter, house 45 Sac- 
Dunklee Oscar E., painter, boards 45 Sac- 
Dunklee, see Duncklee 
Dunlap Frederic A., piano action-m iker, 

113 Broadway, boards 82 Washington 
Dunlap Martha M., wid., h. 82 Washington 
Dunlap Thomas, teamster, h. 249 Putnam 

Dunlay Daniel, boiler maker, 72 Main, h. 3 

Harvard place 
Dunlea Joanna, widow of Patrick, h. 3 East 
Dunlea Patrick F., mill hand (Smith Organ 

Co., B.), board* 3 East 
Dunlop Judson, carpenter, 3 River, house 

12 Dodge 
Dunlop Margaret P., widow of John, board- 
ing-house, 410 Harvard 
Dunlop and Samuel P. Wallace), 
carpenters and builders, 187 Green 
(see page 630) 
Dunn Alexander, book-keeper, Riverside 

Press, house 6 Kinnaird 
Dunn Andrew P., collar maker, 10 Arrow, 

house 25 Magazine [Fourth 

Dunn Bartholomew, laborer, 169 Gore, h. 3 
Dunn Christine, widow of Thomas, house 

3S Fairmont [ridge 

Dunn Daniel, mason's tender, h. 301 Camb- 
Dunn E. J., at 44 Cambridge 
Dunn James, plasterer, house 16 Magee 
Dunn James F., janitor, Institute Hall, 107 

Cambridge, boards rear 63 Gore 
Dunn Jeremiah, red lead maker, Chadwick 

Lead Works, North, boards Gore 
Dunn John, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Dunn John, book finisher, Riverside Press, 

boards 36 Fairmont 
Dunn John, fireman, house 123 Spring 
Dunn John A. H., wood turner, house 7 

Dinsmore court 
Dunn John H., salesman (450 Wash., B.), 

boards 3 Fourth 
Dunn John P., horseshoer, h. 102 Tremont 
Dunn John P., rubber, 286 Main, h. 47 Pine 





Dunn Jonathan, calendercr, Am. Rubber Co. 

Dunn Richard, rope maker, D. C. Co., 

Dunn Robert A., teamster, house 1 Shep- 
herd's block, Charles River [pi. 

Dunn Thomas, brass finisher, h. 3 Jordan 

Dunn Thomas, gardener, house Bacon ct. 

Dunn Thomas, teamster, Sixth, c. Potter, 
boards 226 Third 

Dunn Thomas F., tinsmith, 446 Main, bds. 
Mansion House 

Dunn William, house rear 63 Gore 

Dunn William, porter, bds. 55 Washington 

Dunn William H., brass finisher (B.), h. 185 

Dunn William K., book finisher, Riverside 
Press, house 24 Jav 

Dunn William W., clerk (13 Kilby, B.), b. 
25 Magazine 

Dunn, see Duhn 

Dunne Patrick W., harness maker, 565£ 
Main, house at Boston 

Dunnels George B., order slate, 78 Camb- 
ridge, house rear 124 Gore 

Dunnels Jane, widow of Samuel, house r. 
12+ Gore 

Dunnigan Catherine, widow, b. 14 Watson 

Duonigan Catherine, widow, h. 20 Fourth 

Dunnigan Michael, hostler, 502 Main, h. 8 


Dunnlini Louis, tailor, house 37 McDonald 
Dunphy Ann R., widow of Martin 11., h. 

132 Pleasant [Warren 

Dunphy John, painter, 169 Gore, house 27 
Dunphy Merton A., compositor, 416 Har- 
vard, boards 71 Inman 
Dunphy Michael, clerk, 320 Green, b. do. 
Dunphy Richard, laborer, boards Richard 

Hanley's, Carson 
Dunphy William, core maker, Third, corner 

Bent, house 16 Seventh 
Dunphy, see Dumphy 
Dunsmore H. H., conductor. W. E. St. Ry. 

Co.. boards 28 Winthrop 
Dunwoody Thomas, collar maker, boards 6 

Riverside place 
Dupee Amos, laborer, house 23 Hastings 
Dupee Harry, coffin maker, 201 Bridge, b. 

Hotel Cambridge [Pearl 

Dupee Hattie, widow of Charles S-, h. 2-1 
Dupee Stephen G., fresco painter, house 

1 10 Hampshire 
Duphrey William, fish market, h. 50 Market 
Durand Alexander, laborer, h. 40 Plymouth 
Durant Charles, teamster, boards 32 Vine 
Durant Ella I. Miss, house 1 Westacott ct. 
Durant Lewis, machinist, foot First, h. at 

Durant Nancy P., widow of Reuben, house 

1 Westacott court 

DURAN T W1LLI4UI B., lawyer 
(19 Congress, B.), house 9 Lowell 
(see page 653) 
Duren Emily, widow, house 76 Sixth 

Duren O. H., printer (B.), house 12 Village 
Durgan Frederick X., elk. (83 Cambridge, 

B.), house 76 Norfolk 
Dugin Charles C, fireman, B. & L. R. R., 

house 94 Fourth 
Durgin George Washington, printer and 

special police, Riverside Press, house 

208 Harvard 
Durgin H. D. (H. D. & W. S. Durgin), ice, 

house at Arlington 

DURGIN II. 1>. «fc W. S., ice. 
order box at A. J. Littlefield's, 148 
North avenue (see page 13) 
Durgin Matthew, book-binder, Riverside 

Bindery, house 24 Charles River 
Durgin Patrick, laborer, boards 6 Lanrel 
D'.irgin W. B., conductor. W. E. St. Rv. 

Durgin W. S. (H. D. & W. S. Durgin), ice, 

house at Arlington 
Durnan Peter, laborer, boards 348 Franklin 
Duris Ellen, widow of Frank, h. 93 Fifth 
Duris Frank H., brass finisher, b. 93 Fifth 
Duris Margaret, widow of Daniel, house 

116 Brookline 
Duris Thomas J., cooper, bds. 117 Pleasant 
Duris see Doris 

Durkee Jacob, plumber, house 6 Cherry 
Durnan James, furniture mover, box 113 

Durnan James, mason's tender, boards 307 

Durnan John, expressman, Lyceum build- 
ing, Harvard sq.. house 248 Franklin 
Durnan Peter P., furniture mover, 101 

Cambridge, house 124 Gore 
Durnan William, laborer, h. 181 Franklin 
Durno James G., pressman, house Emerson 

block. Crescent 
Durray Theodore, shade painter, 15 Blanche 
Durocher Adelord, butcher, h. 150 Spruce 
Durocher Hormisdar, butcher, house 150 

Duroy Charles W., book-binder, Riverside 

Press, house 1 Salem 
Durrell Betsey G., widow of O. B., house 

73 Thorndike 
Durrell Charles P., clerk (71 Bedford, B.), 

house 89 ( tolumbia 
Durrell Oliver H. ( Brown, Durrell & Co.), 

fancy dry goods (71 Bedford, B.), h. 

681 Main* 
Duryee J., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Duseult Nelson, tinsmith, house 109 Third 
Dussault Henri, tinsmith, 153 Putnam ave., 

house 104 Munroe 
Dustin Betsey A., widow, house 74 Fourth 
Dustin George, carriage trimmer, 350 North 

avenue, boards 352 do. 
Dustin George, at 169 Gore 
Dustin Marcellus G., driver. IT. S. Mail 

wagon, 44 Bridge, house 50 do. 
Dustin Osro C, driver, U. S. M., 44 Bridge, 

boards 50 do. 

TftMRC MONUMENTS & C17RBIXGS, Designed and Constructed 

1 Will DO j P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets. 



Dustin Warren P., house 30 Arlington 
Dutcher Georgina P., teacher, Wyman 

primary school, Spruce, boards at W. 

Dutra Manuel, furniture finisher, house 

Second, corner Viue 
Dutton Albert L. , milkman, h. 56 Fourth 
Dutton Margaret Mrs., boarding-house, 30 

Dnvey Frank, furniture mover, Lyceum 

Exch&nge, rooms 16 Dunster 
Duvey May Mrs., dressmaker, 16 Dunster, 

house do. 
Dwight Henry H., draughtsman, boards 

34 Mellen 
Dwyer Andrew F., student, b. 12 Fairmont 

Dwyer Charles, iron moulder. Third, cor. 

Bent, boards 1 Washington 
Dwyer Daniel, gardener, house 139 Elm 
Dwyer Edmond, house 238 Broadway 
Dwyer Edmund, laborer, house 21 Charles 

Dwyer Edmund, Jr., printer, boards 21 

Charles River 
Dwyer Edward H., clerk, house lOVandine 
Dwyer James, glass blower, bds. 139 Elm 
Dwyer James, laborer, house Hilton's blk., 

Dwyer James E., iron moulder (So. Bos- 
ton), house 149 Main 
Dwyer Jane, widow, house 12 Fairmont 
Dwyer Jeremiah, mill hand. Am. Rub. Co. 
Dwyer John, bootmaker, A mer. Rubber Co. , 

boards 6 Harvard place 
Dwypr John, furniture mover, boards 21 

Charles River 
Dwyer John, grinder, Amer. Rubber Co., 

boards 58 Harvard 
Dwyer John, leather (248 Congress, B.), 

house 118 Pearl 
Dwyer John, teamster (B. & P. R. R. sta- 
tion, B.), boards 13 Foster 
Dwyer John A., gate tender, B. & L. R. It. 

crossing, Prison Point, house do. 
Dwyer John C, tinsmith, house 52 Amory 
Dwyer John L., painter, boards rear 170 

Dwyer John P., hairdresser (10 Federal, 

B.), house 79 Plymouth 
Dwver John S., painter, h. rear 170 Norfolk 
Dwyer John T., clerk, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

3 Harvard square, boards 27£ Gore 
Dwyer J. D., physician, 5 Norfolk, bds. do. 
Dwyer Margaret, widow of Jeremiah, house 

27£ Gore 
Dwyer Matthew, blacksmith, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house 53 Spruce 
Dwyer Matthew, horseshoer (B.), house 53 

Dwyer Matthew, laborer, house 35 Ranks 
Dwyer Michael, laborer, 22 Bridge, house 
" 40 North 

Dwyer Michael, teamster, W. E. St. Ry. 
Co., house 13 Foster 

Dwyer Patrick, laborer, house 82 Fourth 

Dwyer Robert, laborer, boards Hilton's blk., 

Dwyer Robert F., cooper, Niles Bros., h. 
2074 Cambridge 

Dwyer Sarah, widow, house 9 Sixth 

Dwyer Thomas, laborer, house 67 Vine 

Dwyer Thomas, at 169 Gore 

Dwyer Thomas F., printer (106 Sudbury, 
B.), boards 238 Broadway 

Dwyer Thomas J., teamster, First, corner" 
Thorndike, house 16 Cambridge 

Dwyer Warren W., milkman, bds. 9 Sixth 

Dwyer William H., cabinet maker, 20 Al- 
bany, house 46 Clark 

Dwyer & Nielsen, painters. 554 Main 

Dyan Philip, laborer, American Rubber 
Works, boards 5 Ninth 

Dyar Charles W., musical editor, Daily 
Globe (238 Washington, B.), house 21 

Dyer Amanda, widow of Emery, boards 90 
Mt. Auburn 

Dyer Charlotte T., widow of Leighton W., 
house 210 Broadway 

Dyer Edward M., engineer, 174 Broadway, 
house 176 Cambridge 

Dyer Edward P., clerk, 509 Main, rooms 
55 Pearl 

Dyer Edward V., civil engineer (39 Court, 
B. i, boards 176 Cambridge 

Dyer Fannie W., key brusher, 139 Broad- 
way, boards 8 Village 

Dyer George F. , action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 111 Inman 

Dyer Jacob A., clerk (130 Federal, B.),h., 
27 Mt. Pleasant 

Dyer James, laborer, house Sibley ct. 

Dyer .Jessie, key brusher, 139 Broadway, 
boards 8 Village 

Dyer John F., shipper, 502 Main, h. QG Co- 

Dyer Joseph, piano trimmer, 286 Main, h. 
8 Village 

Dyer J. T., inspector, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Dyer Maria, widow of John E.. house 8 

Dyer Randolph A., cabinet maker (Smith 
Organ Co., B.), house 42 Market 

Dyer Simeon D., boots and shoes (133 Fed- 
eral, B.), house 27 Mt. Pleasant 

Dyer Thomas, stone cutter, 39 Main, house 
rear 36 Harvard 

Dyer Walter, piano trimmer, 286 Main, h. 
8 Village 

Dynan Martin, liquors, 329 Cambridge, 
house do. 

Dynan Philip, cutter, Am. Rubber Co. 

Dynan Thomas F., policeman, station 2, 
bds. 10 Bobbins, block, Prospect 

Dynan see Dinan 





SADIE JOHN, grocer, 281 Broadway and 

63 Norfolk, house 28 Antrim 
Eagen English M., letter collector, h. 70 

Eagen Henry M., student, boards 216 

Eagen John H., planer (B.), bds. 58 Vine 
Eagen Julia, widow, house 58 Vine 
Eagen Patrick F., bartender (Brighton), b. 

4 Conlons ct. 
Eagen Thomas, laborer, h. 14 Watson 
Eagen see Egan, also Aigin 
Eager Edmund, peddler, h. 105 Spruce 
Lager Edward, peddler, bds. 105 Spruce 
Eager James, clerk, 201 Cambridge bds. 

77 Thorndike 
Eagles John, salesman, rear, 90 Inman, h. 

6 Antrim 
Eames Carrie F. Miss, compositor, Univ. 

Tress, boards 98 Concord avenue 
Eames Frank J., blacksmith, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., Dunster, h. Follen place 
Eames Hannah S., widow of Henry H., h. 

98 Concord avenue 
Fames Sarah A., widow of L. J., 74 

Eames W. A., driver, W. E. St. Ivy. Co. 
Earle Calvin H., h. 35 Wendell 
Earle Charles F., wood worker, 125 Broad- 
way, h. at Boston 
Earle Henry, pressman, University Press, 

house rear 82 Oxford 
Earle Eouise S. Miss, boards 760 Main 
Earle William, salesman, 92 Canal (B.), h. 

63 Oxford 
Early Cormick, polisher, 162 Broadway, h. 

79 Hastings 

Early John, bootmaker, 15 Brown, h. do. 
Easly Christopher, fish rod maker (-40 

Friend, B.), house 31 Union 
East Cambridge Catholic Union. 66 Camb. 
East Cambridge Club Stable, First c. Otis 
East Cambridge Five Cents Savings Bank. 

80 Cambridge 

East Cambridge Post office, 129 Cambridge 
East Cambridge Station, B. & L. R. K., 

foot of Third 
East Charles W., box maker, First, cor. 

Thorndike, boards 87 Vine 
East John W., teamster, Maverick Oil Co., 

house 87 Vine 
East Walter W., foreman, First, corner 

Thorndike, boards 87 Vine 
Easter Frederick N., blacksmith, 355 

North avenue, bds. 26 Rice 
Easter Robert S., carriagesmith and horse- 

shoer, 355 North av., h. 15 Rice 
Easter William A., carriagesmith, 355 

North av., boards 15 Rice 
Eastabrook Edward E., mason, h. 22 Mill 
Eastman Albert G. , carpenter, b. 3 Soden 
Eastman Charles A., fireman, F. R. R., b. 

Holyoke House 

Eastman Charles E., janitor, Holyoke 

House, 456 Harvard, house do. 
Eastman Franklin C, reed maker, 162 

Broadway house 3 Soden 
Eastman Fred W., boards 3 Soden 
Eastman George, supt. Boston Diatite Co. 

v 172 Oliver, B.), house 8 Roseland 
Eastman John, carpenter, 14 Pearl, house 

5 Ashburton pi. 
Easter Thomas H., foreman, John Harring- 
ton, Aver's wharf, Third, house rear 

62 Winsor 
Eaton Addie L. Miss, book-keeper, G. W. 

Pach & Bros., Main, h. 33 Ash 
Eaton Ambrose, clerk, 436£ Main, boards 

4 Worcester 
Eaton Charles A., sewing machine agent, 

boards 44 Austin 
Eaton Charles F., clerk (177 Court, B.), h. 

8 Essex 
Eaton Charles W., plumber, 12 Brattle 
Eaton Elvira M. Mrs., millinery and dress- 
making, White st. pi., house do. 
Eaton Frederick M.. upholsterer, and cane 

chair seater, 35 1£ Broadway, h. 2 

Summer . 
Eaton George D. Jr., yard master, B. & 

L. R. R., Prison Point, h. at Lynn 
Eaton George L., canvasser, 3 Prospect, 

house at Medford 
Eaton Howard, draughtsman (School, B.), 

boards White st. place 
Eaton Jacob, house 8 Winsor 
Eaton Joseph L. R., butcher, house 6 Rice 
Eaton Osgood, organ tuner, 162 Broadway, 

house at Reading 
Eaton Joseph, laborer, boards 4 Worcester 
Eaton Thomas, printer, house 239 Broadway 
Eaton Thomas H., action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, boards 239 do. 
Eaton Walter R., dynamo tender, 23 Main, 

house at Boston 
Eaton William, clerk (B.), h. 33 Seventh 
Eaton William, machinist, bds. 4Worcester 
Ebberhardt Jacob J., booKbinder (B.), 

house 49 Winsor [Boston 

Eberle Charles, baker, 163 Bridge, h. at 
Ebert George P., iron worker, Boston 

Bridge Works, Sixth, h. 25 Jefferson 
Ebert Michael, iron worker, Boston Bridge 

Works, Sixth, house Lilac court 
Ecker Charles N., jeweler (B.), b. 5 Union 
Ecker Joseph L., teacher of piano, 5 Union, 

house at South Boston 
Ecker Leopold, shoemaker (62 Sudbnry, 

B.), house 5 Union 
Ecker Louisa, compositor, boards 5 Union 
Eckert Valentine, janitor. Beck Hall, h. do. 
Eckman Charles, machinist, 17 Main 
Eclipse Fire Kindler Co., Wilmot & Smith, 

proprietors, 135 Main 
Eddy Imogene W. Mrs., house 12 Ash 
Eddy Margaret, wid. of Martin, h. 2 Jackson 

Dr. E. Y. White, 

603 Main St. 
Central Sq. 




Eddy Martin, iron worker, Boston Bridge 

Works, Sixth 
Eddy, see Eadie 

Edes R. B., inspector, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Edgar John S., cabinet maker, 20 Albany, 

house 60 Norfolk 
Edgar Thomas, action maker, 145 Broad- 
way, boards 21 Austin 
Edgehille Martha, widow of Samuel S., 

house 225 Franklin 
Edgehille Robert M., clerk (4 Park, B.), 

boards 225 Franklin 
Edgerly Daniel W., special examiner, U. S. 

Pension Office, house 144 Green 
Edgerly D. Mark, physician, 152 Green, 

house do. 
Edgerly George, laborer, h. 91 Main, No. 18 
Edgett Edwin F., clerk, boards 344 Pearl 

EDGETT REUBEN, carpenter, 
State, corner Osborn, house 344 
Pearl (see page 642) 
Edgett William H., carpenter, h. 22 Pearl 
Edge worth Susan F. Mrs., dressmaker, 110 

Otis, boards do. 
Edginton William H. , sawyer, 174 Broad- 
way, house 148 Clark " 
Edholm Anders G., tailor (B.), h. 259 Main 
Edkins Benjamin, brick mason, house 150 

Hampshire [do. 

Edman George, safe maker, 17 Main, h. 161 
Edman Robert, safe maker, 17 Main 
Edmands A. I., house 3 Tenney 
Edmands Harry C, clerk (19 Commercial, 

B.), boards 17 Wendell 
Edmands J. Rayner, assistant at Observa- 
tory, house Garden, opp. Bond 
Edmands Millie M., widow of Samuel P., 

house 17 Wendell [17 Wendell 

Edmands Sadie P. Miss, clerk (B.), boards 
Edmands William, baker, 502 Main 
Edmond Joseph M., expressman, house 65 

Edmond Robert, carpenter, h. 41 Market 
Edmonds James, carpenter, house 407 

Edmonds William A., pressman, 636 Main. 

boards 407 Cambridge 
Edmunds Peter L., laborer, 68 Bridge, 

house 11 Hunting 
Edmunson Samuel J., iron moulder, Third, 

cor. Bent, house 104 Munroe 
Edson Edward B., bookbinder (B.), house 

2 Douglas court 
Edson Frank A., painter, house 28 Franklin 
Edwards Charles, waiter, Memorial Hall, 

house 27 Flagg 
Edwards Charles A., trav. salesman (365 

Tremont, B.), house 96 Pearl 
Edwards Charles D., hostler (B.), house 41 

Edwards Charles W., cashier (150 Atlantic 

avenue, B.), house Brackett place 
Edwards Frank P., elerk (15 Blackstone, 

B.), boards 37 Spruce 

Edwards Herbert, trar. salesman, boards 

37 Sprue 
Edwards John H., teamster, house 23 Mill 
Edwards Joseph, driver, U. S. Mail wagon, 

44 Bridge, boards at Charlestown 
Edwards Lewis A., surveyor, 603 Main, 

boards 37 Spruce [Fairmont 

Edwards Mae, widow of Samuel, house 19 
Edwards Margaret, widow of Thomas, house 

27 Webster avenue 
Edwards Michael, laborer, Waverlv, cor. 

Edwards Russell S., produce (15 Black- 
stone, B.), house 37 Spruce 
Edwards Thomas J., saloon, 57 Hampshire, 

house 22 Berkshire 
Edwards Truman G. , assistant book-keeper 

(85 Devonshire, B.), house 5 Everett 
Edwards Wellington, laborer, 91 Broadway, 

house 147 Winsor 
Edwards William, laborer, h. 171 Winsor 

painter and paper hangings, etc., 22 
Boylston, house 69£ Mt. Auburn (see 
page 632) 
Edwardson John, baker, boards 59 Austin 
Egan Ellen, widow of Martin, house 216 

Egan Inglis M., letter carrier, 18 Boylston, 

house Winthrop 
Egan James, laborer, b. 22 Holworthy pi. 
Egan James peddler, house 44 Porter 
Egan James E., laborer, bds. 97 Pearl 
Egan James J., teamster, h. 60 Waverly 
Egan John, teamster, bds. 72 Brookline 
Egan Margaret, widow of James, house 97 

Egan Mary L. Miss, book-keeper, 7 Har- 
vard sq. , boards 216 Franklin 
Egan Michael painter, 660 Main, house 

at Somerville 
Egan Michael, teamster, 72 Brookline, 

house do. 
Egan Patrick, laborer, h. 21 Valentine 
Egan Patrick, teamster, 166 River, boards 

60 Waverly 
Eagan Sarah F. Miss, book-keeper, 7 Har- 
vard sq., boards 216 Franklin 
Eagan Timothy, teamster, b. 72 Brookline 
Eagan, see Eagen, also Aigin 
Egbert William, feeder, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

Dunster-st. stable, house 13 Dinsmore 

Egbin William, feeder, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

Eggleston Charles II., machinist, house 111 

Eggleston Elizabeth, widow of Lorenzo, h. 

6 Clinton 
Eggleston Joseph, laborer, house 2 Foster 
Eggleston Thomas S., plumber, 8 Brattle, 

house 2 Foster 
Eggleston, see Eagleson 

Burditt & White, ^1™^ Paints, Oils & Glass. 




Eich Christian P., hairdresser, 426 Harvard, 

rooms 22 Farwell place 
Eilertsen Ernil, painter, h. 41 Somerset 
Eilertsen Obf, teamster, Lyceum building, 

Harvard sq., h. 89 Western av. 
Eilertsen, see Elertson 

Eilertson Andrew, painter, h.89 Western av. 
Eisen Julius, baker, 442 Cambridge, house 

419 do. 
Ejserman Fred, machinist, 17 Main, house 

2 Harvard place 
Ekbergh Bernhard, tailor, house 2 Rogers 

block, Washington 
Eklof John, sawyer, 3 Hampshire 
Ela Alfred, insurance (25 Congress, B.), 

house 13 Ash 
Ela Lucia Mrs., house 13 Ash 

71LA KICHAKD, manager Stand- 
ard Turning Works, 122 Broadway 
and 384 Main and (25 Congress, B.), 
house 13 Ash (see outside back cov.) 
Ela Walter, physician, 39 Brattle, h. do. 
Elder George E., carpenter, rms. 9 Revere 
Elder Samuel, servant, 228 Brattle, house 

101 Cushing 
Elder Samuel, stenographer {1'30 Devon- 
shire, B.) 
Elder Samuel, electric light (178 Devon- 
shire, B.), house 14 Wallace 
Elderd Alice M., widow of Jordan, boards 

Hotel Templeton 
Elderd George H. Mrs., boards 4 Linehan's 

block, Barnell 
Eldredge George B., collector, h. 15 Andrew 
Eldredge Seth N., meat carver (Barker 

House, B.), h. 7 Hotel Austin 
Eldredge Thomas P., iron worker, Boston 

Bridge Works. Sixth" h. 289 Main 
Eldridge George V., plumber, 157 North av. , 

house at Somerville 
Eldridge John J., student, H. U., rooms 42 

Mt. Auburn 
Eldridge Harmony P. Mrs., matron, alms- 
house, Tannery, house do. 
Eldridge Julia Mrs., dressmaker, 18 Upton, 

house do. 
Eldridge Martin L., warden, almshouse, 

Tannery, house do. 
Eldridge Orrin, foreman of stable, Boston 

Ice Co., Prison Point, h. at Charlestown 
Eldridge Samuel W., telegrapher (109 

State, B.), house 32 Pearl 
Eldridge Thomas P., Iron Bridge Works, 

house 10 Blanche 
Elems Charles, hostler, Brookline stable, 

W. E. St. Ry. Co., b. 112 Brookline 
Elertson Emil, painter, 22 Boylston, boards 

41 Somerset 
Elertson, see Eilertson 
Eliot Charles, landscape architect (9 Park, 

B.),. boards 17 Quincy 
Eliot Charles W.,pres. H. IT., office, 5 Uni- 
versity Hall, house 17 Quincy 

Eliot John, leather belting (199 Devonshire, 
B.), house 22 Lee 

Eliot Samuel A., boards 17 Quincy 

Eliot, see Elliot, also Elliott 

Elkins Alonzo, trav. salesman (87 Court, 
B.), h. Sidney, cor. Chestnut 

Elkins Edward, cutter, N. E. Glass AVorks 

Elkins William H., electrician (197 Con- 
gress, B.), house 6 Clinton 

Ellery Louis, hairdresser, h. 10 Bay 

Elliot Alfred L., Main, h. Hotel Munroe 

chant tailor (419 Washington, B.), 
h. G Mt. Auburn (see page 18) 

Elliot David, clerk, S. Tufts', Lyceum 
building, Harvard sq., bds. 890 Main 

Elliot E. E., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Elliot George L., barrel dealer, 133 Gore, 
house 33 Fourth 

Elliot George T., proof reader, Riverside 
Press, house at Allston 

Elliot Herbert, bookkeeper ^1 No. Market, 
B.), house 59 Brattle 

Elliot John B., photograph toner, 25 Main, 
house 80 Ellerv 

Elliot Reed L., mod .'Her (Federal, B.), b. 
80 Ellery 

Elliot Silas II. , clerk (13 Sears building, B.) 
boards 6 Mt. Auburn 

Elliott Alfreda T. Mrs., h. 92 Hancock 

Elliott Bertha A. Miss, clerk, 103 Cam- 
bridge, boards 238 Bridge 

Elliott Charles E., clerk, W. E. St. Ry. 
Co., 3 Harvard square, b. 15 Houghton 

Elliott James, foreman, S. Tufts, G Har- 
vard sq., bds. 890 Main 

Elliott William (Wm. Elliott & Co.), car- 
riage mnfr. , Boylston, c. Murray, h. 
33 Willard 

Elliott William, servant, boards 51 Cedar 

Elliott William & Co. (Wm. Elliott and 
Wm. H. Brunt), carriage mnfrs., Boyl- 
ston. corner Murray 

Elliott William J., teamster (93 Broad, B.) 
house 238 Bridge 

Elliott, see Eliot also Elliot 

Ellis Alexander, hackman (129 Eliot, B.), 
house 18 Market 

Ellis Calista DeV., dressmaker, Hotel 

Ellis Clement E., cabinet maker, 602 Main, 
house 124 Austin 

Ellis David, produce (37 South Market, B.), 
house 117 North avenue 

Ellis 1). Warren, produce (21 Merchants 
row, B.), house 8 Walnut avenue 

Ellis Emeline 8. , widow of J. Russell, h. 
54 North avenue 

Ellis Emmons R. , produce (50 South Mar- 
ket, B.), house 87 North avenue 

Ellis Eva Miss, boards G Magee 

Ellis Frank B., steam fitter (1G Oliver, B.), 
house 59 Vine 

Floral llPPfira tinrK P0R FUNERALSj WEDDINGS > RECEPTIONS, finished at Short Notice 


P. 0'BRIEX & SOX, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets. 



Ellis Frank II., machinist, 356 Main, boards 

28 Sidney 
Ellis Fred, pipemaker, Albany, house Front 
Ellis Hanora M. Miss, dressmaker, boards 

18 Market 
Ellis Harriet A., widow of Charles H., h, 

20 Eighth 
Ellis Harry, produce (37 South Market, B.), 

house 42 North avenue 
Ellis Herbert W., clerk, 274 Broadway, b. 

109 Washington 
Ellis Hervey D., com. mer. , h. 28 Sidney 
Ellis James B., book-keeper, 485 Main, b. 

Ellis Joanna, widow of Rudolph, boarding- 
house, 105 Spring 
Ellis John G., blacksmith (B. & A. R. R.. 

B.). house 316 Pearl 
Ellis John G., sewing-machine agent, bds. 

100 Pearl [Winsor 

Ellis John M., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, b. SO 
Ellis Lois A., widow of Samuel, house 15 

Greenough avenue 
Ellis Mellen F., house 106 Columbia 
Ellis Myra I. Miss, teacher, Harvard gram- 
mar school, boards 15 Greenough ave. 
Ellis Nathan, wood and coal, 16 Pearl, h. 

47 Jay [do. 

Ellis Prudence, housekeeper. 15 Antrim, h. 
Ellis Robert E., driver, 36 William, b. do. 
Ellis Robert II., carpenter, bds. 100 Pearl 
Ellis Rose M., widow of Oliver, house 36 

Ellis R. F., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Ellis Stearns R., boarding-stabfe, 106 Ox- 
ford, and produce (50 South Market. 

B.), house 22 Forest 
Ellis Theodore C. , herdic driver (B.) , house 

105 Spring 
Ellis Timothy J., bookbinder (47 Franklin, 

B.), boards 18 Market 
Ellis William, house 18 Market 
Ellis W. R., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Ellison Andrew, painter, h. 89 Western ave. 
Ellison Nahum, clerk, house 77 Pearl 
Ellison Olaf, laborer, Lyceum building, b. 

89 Western avenue 
Ellison Robert, journeyman tailor, 101 

Cambridge, house 98 Fifth 
Ellison Sewall X., clerk, boards 77 Pearl 
Ellison Thomas J., brass finisher (B.), h. 

27 Cambridge 
Ellison Willanl, clerk (Sudbury, B.), house 

Hotel Wentworth, 9 Essex 
Ellison Willard B., conductor (Wagner Car 

Co., B.), boards 77 Pearl 
Ellison, see Kilertson 
Ells Mary L. Miss, teacher, Washington 

grammar school, boards 46 Lungdon 
Elmes George B., salesman 137 Gore, h. at 

Elms Herbert II. L., driver. W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house 54 Putnam avenue 

Elms Jason W., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

house 8 Frank 
Elmwood Jacob, at 169 Gore 
Elsbree James H., compositor (128 Pur- 
chase, B.), house 81 River 
Elwell Charlotte A. Miss, principal, Agassiz 

primary school 
Elwell F. Edward, sculptor, h. 62 North av. 
Elwell Lizzie Mrs., house 182 Norfolk 
Elwell Mary Mrs., house 209 Third 
EhvellMary Elizabeth, widow of James B., 

house 33 Fourth 
Elwood Thomas Mrs., house 141 Columbia 
Elword John, teamster, boards 151 Gore 
Elword Thomas, teamster, 169 Gore, house 

151 do. 
Emelo James, laborer, house 92 Harvard 
Emerson Charles, confectioner, 508 Main, 

house 14 Wright 
Emerson Charles P., printer, boards S. F. 

Marshall's, Fairfield [Main 

Emerson E. W., painter, order box, 613 
Emerson George B., carpenter, house 150 

Emerson George C, kindling wood, 103 

Bridge, house 105 do. 
Emerson Helen F., widow of George B., 

house 4 Upton 
Emerson Henry, house 4 Emerson block, 

Mt. Pleasant 
Emerson Henry L., trader, h. 106 Allston 
Emerson Mary A., widow of William, h. 

378 Broadway 
Emerson Mary F. Miss, teacher, Harvard 

grammar school, boards 378 Broadway 
Emerson Minnie E., teacher (Somerville), 

boards 33 Cogswell avenue 
Emerson Thomas H. (B. P. Clark & Co.), 

confectionery, 503 Main, house 766 do. 
Emerson Thurlow A., broker (55 Kilby, 

B.), house 74 Green 
Emerson William H., molasses (40 Central, 

B.), house 395 Broadway 
Emerton Clara A. Miss, teacher, Harvard 

school, boards at Boston 
Emerton Ephraim, professor of Ecclesiasti- 
cal History, H. U., house 58 Shepard 
Emery Bertram P., plumber, bds. 2 Clinton 
Emery Fred 0. (Emery & Chapman,) , opti- 
cian, 507 Main, house do. 
Emery George D., lumber (Chelsea), h. 

37 Mellen 
Emery Horace B., horseshoer, Palmer, c. 

Church, house at Boston 
Emery James W., carpenter, and builder, 

(Belmont), house 12 Oxford 
Emery John B., salesman (71 Bedford, B.) 

house 760 Main 
Emerv Linsdav N., salesman (13 Faneuil 

Hall sq.. B.)i boards 291 Pearl 
Emery Manning, broker (28 State, room 10 

B.), house 15 Buckingham 
Emery Margaret, widow of Henry, house 

1.". Webster avenue 


Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 




Emery Melville T., salesman (14 Faneuil 
Hall sq., B.), house 291 Pearl 

Emery Samuel, tinsmith, 600 Main, house 
17 Shepard 

Emery Searey D., salesman (Faneuil Hall 
Market, B.), house 33 Crescent 

Emery William, lab. (B.), h. 106 Fourth 

Emery Wm. A., teamster, 220 Portland, h. 
22 Plymouth 

Emery Wm. H., printer. University Press, 
house 141 Mt. Auburn 

Emery Woodward, lawyer (54 Sears bldg. , 
B.), house 160 Brattle 

Emery & Chapman (Fred O. Emery and 
Charles W. Chapman), opticians, 507 

Emery see Emory 

Emmel Charles, wood carver (58 Reed's 
blk., Harrison av., B.), h. 128 Otis 

Emmel Laura C, teacher, bds. 28 Otis 

Emmel Wm., wood carver (Reed's block 
Harrison av., B.), bds. 128 Otis 

Emmet Ellen T. Mrs., house 86 Buckingham 

Emmons Arthur G., cutter, h. rear 83 

Emory Bertram P., book-keeper, 12 Harv- 
ard row, boards 2 Clinton 

Endicott Henry, office, 356 Main, house 38 

Endres George, wood carver, 44 Cambridge 
house 71 Spring 

Engpl Frank, boiler maker, 92 Main 

Engel Stephen, boiler maker, 92 Main, h. 
36 Winsor 

Engel Thomas, boiler maker, 92 Main, b. 
36 Winsor 

England Amos, carpenter, house 32 Cogs- 
well avenue 

England Arthur L., tinsmith, 12 Brattle, 
boards 67 Oxford 

England Edward, carpenter, boards 15 
Farwell place 

England George, carpenter, house 32 Cogs- 
well avenue 

England James, carpenter, house 32 Cogs- 
well avenue [av. 

England John, carpenter, house 28 Cogswell 

England Wm., boarding house, 15 Farwell 

England William G., express driver, boards 
15 Farwell pi. 

English Edward E., blower, N. E. Glass 
Works, house 29 Winter 

Ennis Daniel D., machinist, h. 7 Leighton ct. 

Ennis Frederick J., machinist's apprentice 
B. & L. R. R. shop, boards 7 Leighton 

Enos Emanuel, laborer, 39 1^ Cambridge 

Enos Frank, mill hand, First, cor. Thorn- 

Enos Joseph cabinet maker, 44 Cambridge 
house 130 Bridge 

Enos Joseph, hairdresser, 454 Cambridge, 
boards 2 Parnell 

Enos Joseph, laborer, 162 Brcadway, bds. 

141 Main 
Enos Joseph, laborer, house 58 North 
Enos Joseph, at 169 Gore 
Enos Joseph 2d., laborer, 3 Hampshire 
Enos Manuel, matcher, First cor. Thorn- 
Enos Wm. Reporter (61 Broad, B.), h. 

23 Washington 
Enross Henry J., carpenter, bds. 16 Lopez 
Entwistle Joseph, carpenter, house 458 

Enwright Michael J., provisions, 252 

Franklin, house do. 
Episcopal Theological School, Brattle, next 

Epps John T., laborer, 5 Broadway, house 

23 Hastings 
Erath Henry, salesman (B.), h. 19 Fifth 
Erhardt Rudolph, brass finisher, Otis, near 

First, house 2 Eighth 
Eric Benj., ropemaker, D. C. Co., Rogers 
Erickson A., hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

326 North av. 
Erickson Charles E., safe maker, 17 Main, 

house at Somerville 
Erickson Edward, safe maker, 17 Main, h. 

- 4 Rogers' blk., Washington 
Erickson Eric A., car builder (Allston,) h. 

30 Banks 
Erickson Frank T., piano case maker, 284 

Main, house 293 do. 
Erickson Leonard, house 112 Hampshire 
Erickson Oliver F., bootmaker, American 

Rubber Co., house 25 Webster ave. 
Ericson G. T., cabinet maker, 602 Main, 

boards 86 Washington 
Ericson John, painter (B.), house 50 Spring 
Ericsson Eric, gardener C. M. Hovey and 

(John A. Hodin & Co.), furniture, etc. 

232 and 234 Camb., boards 80 Kirkland 
Ericsson Gustav, house 86 Washington 
Erkman Chas., safe maker 17 Main 
Eroth John M., hostler, 251 Cambridge 
Ervine James L., painter, house 15 Holly 

Erwiss John, at 169 Gore 
Eshman William, car repairer, W. E. St Ry. 

Co., Dunster 
Essam Joseph IL, machinist, 72 Main, house 

at Boston Highlands 
Essop William, carriage smith (B.), house 

143 Hampshire 
Estabrook Joseph D., salesman (5 Chauncy, 

B.), house Wash, ave., near Arlington 
Estabrook Joseph AV., produce (47 and 48 

North Market, B.). house 45 Garfield 
Estabrook see Easterbrook, also Ester- 
brook [Front 
Estaver Frederick W., printer, boards r. 30 
Estee H. F. Miss, manager Western Union 

Tel. Office, 622£ Main, bds. at Boston 
Estella Rafael, hairdresser, 77 Spruce, 
house do. 


( Dr. E. Y. White, 
t Dr.W. H. Hollis, 

603 Main St. 
Central Sq. 





Esterbrook Wm. Mrs., liouse 55 Cedar 
Estes Ivory P., carpenter, 22 Palmer, h, 

34 Ash 
Estes Zena C, butcher, Niles Bros., 

cord ave. boards at Belmont 
Estey John Rev., boards 51 Essex 
Etherington Frank, carpenter, Dvke 

DeWolf, bds. 48 Prospect 
Etherington Thomas, carpenter, Dyke, c. 

DeWolf, h. 65£ Western ave. 
Ettinger Isaac, driver, A. T. Jenness & 

Co's express, h. 4 Riverside place 
Eudre George, at 44 Cambridge 
Eustace Alexander, peddler, h. 7 Lake 
Eustace Ann. widow of James, h. lOFonrth 
Eustic HallL., boards 12 Frisbie place 
Eustice James A., laborer, h. 32 Brewery 
Eustis Albert S., com. mer. (55 Kilby, B.) 

house 21 Forest 
Eustis Frank I. (Gilmore & Eustis), prop., 

Camb. Rolling Mill, 126 Portland, h. 

6 Bond, near Concord ave. 
Eustis see Huestis 
Evans Charles C, shifter, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., Brookline street stables, boards 

150 Mt. Auburn 
Evans Charles H., planer, 113 Broadway, 

h. 5 Rockingham, near Henry 
Evans Frederick (Garland & Evans), pro- 
visions, 119 Gore 
Evans George, collar maker, 10 Arrow 
Evans George, bds. 16 Mauee 
Evans George S., printer (55 Sudbury, B.) 

bds. 28 Hamilton 
Evans George M., coppersmith, boards 7 

Evans George S., house 28 Hamilton 
Evans Harry S., hairdresser, 7 Boylston, 

bds. 150 Mt. Auburn 
Evans Henrietta Miss., dressmaker, 150 

Mt. Auburn, boards do. 
Evans Henry B., provisions (22 Faneuil 

Hall sq., B.), h. 10G Inman 
Evans John H., teamster, 195 Broadway, 

house 41) Washington 
Evans Joseph, saw filer, h. 6 Somerset 
Evans Joseph, Jr., clerk, bds. 6 Somerset 
Evans Louisa, wid. of Henry, h. 76 Spring 
Evans Louise C. Miss, copyist, Otis, corner 

Second, bds. 2» Hamilton 
Evans Mercy E. Miss, teacher, Mason pri- 
mary school, boards 68 Pleasant 
Evans Richard, gardener, h. 54 Hudson pi. 
Eviins Robert, painter, h. Southers place 

EVANS ROBERT D M president 
and treasurer, American Rubber Co., 
Potter and Ninth and (93 Summer, 
B.), house at Boston (see page 7) 
Evans Susan H. Miss, book-keeper(22 Fan- 
euil Hall sq., B.), bds. 106 Inman 
Evans Thomas, carriage smith, 181 Hamp- 
shire, boards 162 do. 
Evans William, painter, 460 Main, house 
at Boston Highlands 

Evans William, carriage trimmer, house 
150 Mt. Auburn 

Evans William, Jr., carpenter, 113 Broad- 
way, house 20 Mason 

Evans William L., book-keeper (95 Union, 
B.), house 67£ Western ave. 

Evans William M., life ins. agent, house 3 
Hancock place 

Eveleth Fred W., teacher, Putnam gram- 
mar school, house 23 Garden 

Eveleth Wm, H., supt, H. U. grounds, 
house 6 North ave. 

Everett Betsey W., widow of Oliver C, h. 
33 Sacramento 

Everett Charles C, Bussey Prof, of The- 
ology, H. U., and Dean of the Divin- 
ity faculty, house 53 Garden 

Everett Edward F.. insurance (48 Kilby, 
B.). house 31 Sacramento 

Everett Eliza J. Mrs., dressmaker, house 19 

Everett Rebecca F., widow. h. 62 Thorndike 

Everett Stevens Mrs., house 23 Berkeley 

Everett William, sawyer, First, cor. Thorn- 
dike, house at Charlestown 

Everett William A., house 23 Berkeley 

EverUs Henry, glass cutter (20 Canal, B.), 
house 381 North ave. 

Ewart Samuel, polisher, 258 Mt. Auburn, 
boards 7 Maynard place 

Ewell Charles, h. 39 Linnaean 

Ewell Charlotte A. Miss, principal, Agassiz 
School, bds. 39 Linnaean 

Ewell James P., key maker, 139 Broadway, 
house 56 Franklin 

Ewell Thomas B., salesman (27 Winter, 
B.), boards 39 Liniuean 

Ewell see Yuill 

Ewer Henrietta Mrs., house 35 Cottage 

Ewer Jane Mrs., house Garden ct. 

Eyles William E.. gardener, 560 Cambridge 
house 8 Antrim 

Eyre Esther B. Miss, book sewer, bds. 33 

Eyre Harriet M., widow of Charles E., 
glove cleaner, 33 Blackstone, h. do. 

Eyre Mary A. Miss, clerk, 439 Cambridge, 
house do. 

FABREY CHARLES, engineer, house 

Dudley, cor. Montgomery 
Fabyan Frances, te.ieher, Harvard grammar 

school, bds. 924 Inman 
Fabyan Hattie F. Miss, teacher, bds. 92£ 

Fabyan Joshua E., livery stable, Ellery, n. 

Harvard, house 924 Inman ^ 

Facey John F., eompo^dtor, Riverside Press 

bds. 46 Fairmont 
Facey John P., pressman, Riverside Press, 

house 46 Fairmont 
Fagan James, laborer, h. r. 117 Pleasant 
Fagan Joseph P., stone cutter, First, near 

Spring, house do. 





Fahan Patrick, at 169 Gore 

Fahey F. H., at 169 Gore 

Fahey James, at 169 Gore 

Fahey James, laborer, h. 34 Willow 

Fahey Julia, widow, h. 8 Conlons ct. 

Fahey Michael, laborer, h. 24 Vine 

Fahev Thomas, box maker, 169 Gore, b. 
164 do. 

Fahv Edward, washer, 565£ Main, boards 
68 School 

Faliy John L., grocer, 120 Third, h. 122 do 

Faliy Sarah J., teacher, Lasell primary 
school, bds. 122 Third 

Fairbairn Andrew S., bds. 22 Eighth 

Fairbairn Catherine, wid. of John, board- 
ing house, 22 Eighth 

Fairbairn George H., driver (291 Dorches- 
ter, B.), boards 22 Eighth 

Fairbairn John K., deputy sheriff and in- 
surance agent, 166 Camb., house do. 

Fairbairn Robert H., agent, bds. 22 Eighth 

Fairbairn Wm. H., salesman, 170 Thorn- 
dike, boards 22 Eighth 

Fairbanks Charles H., agent, J. Cushing & 
Co., Regent, house at S. Acton 

Fairbanks David, dyer, Amer. Net & Twine 
Co., foot Second, h. at Wakefield 

Fairbanks Eliza A., widow of Edwin, bds. 
42 Chestnut 

Fairbanks John A., salesman, Fairbanks & 
Neale (Howard, B.), bds. 87 Norfolk 

Fairbanks John W., pres. Am. Net and 
Twine Co., Third and (43 Commercial, 
B.), house 110 North avenue 

FAIRBANKS LEVI (Fairbanks & 
Neale), mineral waters, etc., under 
Howard Athenaem (Howard, Boston), 
house 87 Norfolk (see page 76) 

Fairbanks Lewis E., teamster (Portland, 
B.), rooms 113 Otis 

Fairbanks Martha J., wid. of Horatio, liv- 
ery stable, 565^ Main and 70 Norfolk, 
house 7 Norfolk 

Fairbanks Sarah H., widow of Nathaniel, 
boards 110 North avenue 

Fairchild John H. Mrs., teacher of draw- 
ing and painting, house 347 Harvard 

Fairfield Edward T., carpenter, house 72 

Fairfield Sophronia A. Miss, matron, kin- 
dergarten school, 41 Holyoke, bds. do. 

Fairkowski Matthias, blacksmith, 225 
Third, house 3 Munroe 

Faley John, whitewashes house 161 Otis 

Fales Antoinette C, wid. of Lewis T., h. 
Carver, opposite Wendell 

Fales Caroline Miss, rooms 88 Franklin 

Fales Damon W., salesman (3 Bowdoin sq., 
B.), house Carver off Wendell 

Fales Sue B. Mrs., lecturer, h. 14 Front 

Faller Bridget, widow of Benedict, house, 
112 Spring 

Faller William, mill^iian, bds. 112 Spring 

Fallon Ann, widow cf Patrick, house 128 

Fallon Ann, wid. of Thomas, h. 6£ Grant 
Fallon Bernard, City laborer, house 99 

Fallon Bridget, widow of Daniel, house 

222 Franklin 
Fallon Christopher, stone-cutter, 39 Main, 

house 234 Franklin 
Fallon Daniel, laborer, bds. 222 Franklin 
Fallon James, janitor, gymnasium, H. U., 

boards 6£ Grant 
Fallon John, laborer, 105 Kinnaird 
Fallon John, painter, house 6£ Grant 
Fallon John, painter, house 18 Magee 
Fallon Lawrence, gardener, house 133 

Webster avenue 
Fallon Maggie, house 116 Brookline 
Fallon Martin, painter, house 30 Banks 
Fallon Michael, baker, house 67 Amory 
Fallon Michael H., City laborer, house 128 

Fallon Patrick, teamster, h. foot of Jackson 
Fallon Wm., painter (B.), h. 10l£ Tremont 
Falls Alonzo B., engineer, B. & L. R. R., 

house 105 Otis 
Falls Joseph, planer, State, cor. Osborn, 

house 16 Elmer 
Falls Maude M. Miss, librarian, law libra- 
ry, Court House, Third, h. 105 Otis 
Fait Fred A., wirer, 23 Main, boards Jos. 

Falt's, VVaverly 
Falvey John, laborer, house 15 Foster 
Falvey Kate, Mrs., boarding-house 149 

Falvey Michael, blacksmith's helper, B. & 

L. R. R. shop, h. 149 Bridge 
Falvey Michael, teamster, A. McDonald & 

Son, Mt. Auburn, h. 25 McDonald 
Falvey Patrick, car cleaner, B. & M. R. R. 

boards 149 Bridge 
Fanjoy Hadley J., machinist, 17 Main, h. 

at Boston 
Fanning Edward, painter, 642 Mam, house 

135 Pearl 
Fanning John, granite cutter, 39 Main, h. 

8 Broadway 
Farley Gustavus, storage (38 India wharf 

B.), house 16 Lowell 
Farlow Wm. G., prof. Agassiz Museum, 

H. U., rooms 29 Holyoke House 
Farmer Allen, confectioner, 6 Inman sq. 

(63 Oliver, Boston) 

Farmer Jesse, boards 14 Prospect 

Farmer Joseph B., clerk, 153 Harvard, h. 
46 Winsor 

Farnham Aaron, boards 34 Ash 

Farnham Charles F., bricklayer, h. Clif- 
ton, near Spruce 

Farnham Edwin, phvsician, 4 Story, house 

Farnham Edwin E., clerk (B.) bds. 4 Story 





Farnham Eliza J. Miss, dressmaker, boards 

Id Valentine 
Farnham Geo. B., carpenter, h. 100 Green 
Farnham George Y., teamster, 172 Fearl, 

house 16 Valentine 
Farnham James F., canvasser, house 16 

Farnsworth Catherine, wid. of James, h. 

08 Tremont 
Farnsworth Charles H., physician, 170 

Cambridge, house do. 
Farnsworth John H.. cabinet maker, State, 

-cor. Osborn, h. at Charlestown 
Farnum Charles C, driver, rear 75 Bridge, 

house at Somerville 
Farnum Gera F., express (State, c. Wash.. 

B.). house 21 William 
Farnum Sylvester B., machinist, 72 Main, 

house 227 Broadway 
Farnum \Ym. R., cutter's helper, Amer. 

Rubber Co., boards 329 Cambridge 
Farquerson George, granite letterer, b. 609 

Mt. Auburn 
Farr William, salesman, h. 124 Norfolk 
Farr William C, oculist (29 Howard, B.), 

house 59 Sixth 
Farraira August, sand-paperer (B.), house 

foot of Second 
Farrar Charlotte E. Mrs..h. 101 Trowbridge 
Farrell Catherine, widow of Edward, h. 

7 Salem 
Farrell Dennis J., well-driver, b. 17 Erie 
Farrell Edward, laborer, b. 14 Dublin 
Farrell H. Ellen, widow of Thomas, house 

293 Main 
Farrell James, teamster Skillings, Whitney 

& Barnes Lumber Co., Prison Point, 

house at Charlestown 
Farrell James, bricklayer, h. 23 Hancock 
Farrell John, carpenter, h. 26 Sparks 
Farrell John, seaman, bds. 250 Bridge 
Farrell John A., inspector (Custom House, 

B.)i house 73 Ionian 
Farrell J. Walter, clerk (B.). b. 73 Inman 
Farrell Martha M., wid. of Micah J., h. 89 

Farrell Mary A. Miss. bds. 7 Hayes ct. 
Farrell Matthew, house 8 Hastings 
Farrell Matthew, laborer C. r±. North & 

Co. (Somerville), h. 23 Seventh 
Farrell Nellie Miss, cook, 120 Camb., b. do. 
Farrell Stephen, bricklayer, b. 184 Green 
Farrell Wm.. teamster, 336 Main 
Farren John, machinist, 356 Main, house 

at Boston 
Farricy James, boards rear 9 Short 
Farricy Margaret, widow of Patrick, house 

rear 9 Short 
Farrin Charles R., sawyer, 3 Hampshire 
Farrington Charles R., clerk (14 Chauncy, 

B.), boards 8!>4 Main 
Farrington Elmira C. widow of Josiah C. 
R.. house b94 Main 

Farrington Frank H., piano stringer, 284 

Main, house at Boston 
Farrington Henry E., grocer, 159 North 

avenue, house 161 do. 
Farrington Thomas F., bookbinder (47 

Franklin, B.), h. 100 Hampshire 
Farrisee John, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

21 Marion 
Farrow James, blacksmith, 270 North av., 

house at West Somerville 
Farrow Wm. D., waiter, h. r. 61 Harvard 
Farry Catherine, widow of Patrick, house 

foot of Murray 
Farry John, laborer, b. foot of Murray 
Farwell Albert H., expressman, boards 71 

Farwell Bertram H. (Yerxa & Farwell), 

grocer, 114 Cambridge, h. 273 North av. 
Farwell E. C, overlooker, 286 Main, house 

at Hyde Park 
Farwell Edgar P., clerk (32 Hawley, B.), 

house 71 Sidney 
Faiwell Emily H., widow of James K., h. 

273 North avenue 
Farwell Eugene P.. teamster, bds. 3 State 
Farwell Frederick G., driver, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house 438 Green 
Farwell George F., teamster (34 Hawley, 

B.), house 95 Austin 
Farwell Joseph R., com. mer. (30 Com- 
merce, B.), house 114 Prospect 
Farwell Lester W., teamster, b. 71 Sidney 
Fatal John J., clerk, (U. S. Sub. Treasury, 

B.), house 7 Lincoln 
Faulkner Anthony, laborer, h. 64 Charles 
Faulkner Emma A. Miss, teacher Shepard 

grammar school 
Faulkner George, stevedore (Mystic whf., 

Charlestown), house 21 Flagg 
Fawcett Alice H. Miss, teacher, Almshouse, 

Tannery, boards do. 
Fawcett Charles H., clerk, house 11 Mead 
Fawcett Robert (Robert Fawcett & Co.), 

hay and grain, 360 Cambridge, house 

1 1 Leighton court 

(Robert Fawcett and James Foster), 

hay and grain, 360 Cambridge (see 

page 640) 
Faxon Anson H., clerk, 290 Broadway, b. 

1 Lincoln court 
Faxon Asaph T., provisions, house 1 Lin- 
coln court 
Faxon Daniel, blacksmith(245 Charles, B.), 

house 30 Spring 
Faxon Geo. H., provisions, b. 1 Lincoln ct. 
Fay Alice P., teacher, boards 18 Story 
Fay Annie C. Mrs., boards 325 Main 
Fay Charles E., clerk, 117 Hampshire, b. 

18 Laurel 
Fay Clarissa, widow of Thomas, house 18 

Fay C. Irving, driver (Bowdoin sq., B.), h. 

Rogers' block, 325 Main 


Wholesale and Betall. 20 DOCK SQUARE. 



Fay Edward (E. Fay & Son), junk, 66 

School, house 70 do. 
Fay Edward P., car trimmer (B. & A. R. 

K., Allston). house 18 Laurel 
Fay Edward P. Mrs., music teacher, 18 

Laurel, house do. 
Fay E. & Son (Edward and Joseph F. Fay). 

junk dealers, 66 School 
Fay Harriet X. S., widow of Isaac, house 

59 Antrim 
Fay John E., driver, 66 School, b. 70 do. 
Fay Joseph F. (E. Fay & Son), junk, 66 

School, boards 70 do. 
Fay Martin, steward (Crawford House, 

B.), house 22 Harvard 
Fay Michael, carriage washer, 106 Oxford 
Fay M. F., bootmaker, Amer. Rubber Co. 
Fay Prescott, clergyman, house 18 Story 
Fay Thomas, clerk, bds. 440 North avenue 
Fay Thomas, at 169 Gore 
Fay William E., physician (B.), boards 

18 Story [School 

Fayes Antonio, shade maker, house 6 Hotel 
Fayes Frank, shade painter, 15 Blanche, 

boards 49 Hamilton 
Fears Frank A., printer (141 Franklin, B.\ 

house 99 Inman 
Fearns Mary Mrs., housekeeper, Harvard 

University Annex, 10 Garden 
Fee Thomas, coachman. 4 Kirkland place, 

house 658 Cambridge 
Fee Thomas, laborer, Revere Sugar Refin- 
ery, house 6 Water 
Feeley John, laborer, boards 22 Marion 
Feeley Martin A., painter, 642 Main, house 

26 Grigg [Franklin 

Feeley Philip, city laborer, house rear 209 
Feeney Hugh, blacksmith, h. Auburn place 
Feeney Timothy, waiter (Tremont House. 

B.), house 90 Spring 
Felder Benjamin, porter (B.), rooms 21 

Felix Estacio R.. hairdresser, 421 Cam- 
bridge, house rear do. 
Fell S. Alice Miss, teacher (Watertown), 

boards 509 Cambridge 
Fell Thomas, cooper (75 India, B.), house 

509 Cambridge 
Fell Thomas W. H., clerk (71 Bedford, 

B.), boards 509 Cambridge 
Fellows Charles H., book-keeper (230 

Washington, B.), house 1 Dover 
Fellows Cyrus, house 97 Concord avenue 
Fellows Frank C, manager, 15 Brattle, b. 

32 Mellen 
Fellows Frank I., carrier, P. O., house 

58£ Franklin 
Fellows Frank O., crackers, 502 Main, h. 

142 Washington 
Fellows Henry T., boots and shoes (108 

Congress, B.), house 158 North ave. 
Fellows Lydia M., widow of John H., h. 

106 Ellery 

Fellows Oshea P., crackers, 502 Main, h. 

142 Washington 
Fellows Rebecca F., widow of Charles M., 

house 32 Mellen 
Fellows William, cutter. N. E. Gla.s.s Works, 

house 118 Cambridge 
Fellows William I)., expressman, 600 Main, 

boards 2d Suffolk 
Felt Charles W., flour, etc. (19 India, B.), 

boards 42 Pearl 
Felt Irwin G., carriage builder, 18 Camb., 

house at West Somerville 
Felt John B., organ packer, 162 Broadway, 

house 62 River 
Felton Carl C, boards 94 Brattle 
Felton Louisa C, boards 92 Brattle 
Felty Richard, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 

210 Cambridge 
Fenelon Michael F., druggist (206 Camb., 

B.), house 158£ Otis 
Fengas Armand, clerk, Amer. Rubber Co., 

boards at Boston 
Fenn Lyman, painter, house Rogers block, 

317 Main [Murray 

Fennelly John, blacksmith, 9 Church, h. 4 
Fennel ly Thomas, gardener, h. 47 Spruce 
Fenner Frank T., boards 878 Main 
Fenner Frederick O., laborer, H. U., bds. 

16 Prescott 
Fenner Marv E., widow of Edwin E., house 

878 Main ♦ 

Fennessey Ellen Mrs., house 167 Thorndike 
Fennessey James, hostler, 565i Main, bds. 

19 Decatur 
Fennessey Johanna Mrs., house 19 Decatur 
Fenster Peter, laborer, house Hilton place 
Fenton Fmgene, gas fitter, b. 108 Cambridge 
Fenton Mehitable, widow of Orin, house 31 

Pleasant . [Boardman 

Fenwick George S., carpenter, boards 9 
Fenwick E. Theodore (49 North Market, 

B.), boards 9 Boardman 
Fenwick Harriet C, widow, h. 9 Bqardman 
Fenwick T. Beverly, cabinet maker, house 

42 Austin 
F'erdinand Anna, widow of Jasper F., house 

136 Green 
Ferdinand Arthur G., hardware (267 Fed- 
eral, B.), boards 136 Green 
Ferdinand Lorrin W., hardware (2K7 Fed- 
eral, B.). house 41 Columbia 
Ferguson C. W., at 169 Gore 
Furguson Ellen F., widoV of William, h. 

122 Brookline 
Ferguson Frank A., compositor, L T niversity 

Press, house 28^ Winthrop 
Ferguson James, laborer, Amer. Rub. Co. 

184 and 79 Cambridge, house 79 do. 
(see page 622) 
Ferguson Mary F. Miss, book-keeper, 129 

Gore, house at Boston 
Ferguson Thomas T., U. S. store-keeper, 
house 6 Walden 

Dr. E. Y. White, 




.Ferguson William, veterinary surgeon, r. 

590 Main, house 22 Prospect 
Ferguson William S., laborer, 172 Pearl, 

boards 51 Pleasant 
Fern Otis L., liquors (95 Union, B.), house 

56 Western avenue 
Fernald Fred, clerk, 12 Brattle, boards Mt. 

Fernald Mary F., wid. of Ammi, h. 8 Avon 
Ferrara Caesar, carriage washer, 201 Bridge, 

house 10 Fourth-st. place 
Ferrara John M., cabinet maker, house 

32 Spring 
Ferren Geo. W. Jr., galvanizer, 2 Albany, 

house 70 Sidney 
Ferrensen Avilda, house 94 Spring 
Ferrin John W., carriage painter, r. 10 

Brattle, house at Somerville 
Ferrin Mary A., widow of Walter G., h. 49 

Ferris Edward J., prof, of boxing, Hemen- 

way Gymnasium H. U., house 52 Mt. 

Ferris Edward J., driver, house 15 Hews 
Ferris Frank M., pressman, University 

Press, house l£ Banks 
Ferry John P., bookbinder (21 Spring lane, 

B.), house 422 Cambridge 
Ferry Patrick, laborer, Union Glass Co. 

(Somerville), h. 416£ Cambridge 
Ferry Richard, painter, mis. 165 Broadway 
Ferry Sarah, widow of Thomas, house 32 

Fessenden Albert F.. clerk (Mason bldg., 

room 17, B.), house 23 Innian 
Fessenden Benjamin, house 17 Walden 
Fessenden Chas. L., dry goods (156 Han- 
over, B.), house 27 Prospect 
Fessenden Emily F. Miss, teacher Shepard 

grammer school, b. 17 Waiden 
Fessenden Lucy O. Miss, bds. 17 Walden 
F*essenden Sarah B. Miss, house 23 Inman 
Fessertden Thomas J., yardman, Ainer. 

Rubber Co., house 164 Spring 
Fewkes J. Walter, asst., Museum of Com- 
parative Zoology, boards 8 Roseland 
Fhie Thomas L., laborer , 169 Gore, h. 92 

Webster av. 
Pick J. F. William, student, H. U., rms. 42 

. Mt. Auburn 
Fickett Harriet C. Mrs., h. 115 Prospect 
Fickett Henry P., calker (E. B.), h. 49 

Fiedlen Lorenz E., hairdresser (City Hall 

ave, B.), house 40 Sidney 
Field Chas. R., cracker driver, h. 1 rear 

52 Pine 
' Field Chauncy II., machinist, 72 Main, h. 

291 Pearl 
Field Frank 1)., machinist, 72 Main, bds. 9 

Field Franklin, machinist, 72 Main, h. 10 


Field George G. (28 State, room 15, B.)» 

house 9 Chauncy 
Field Roderic D., driver, Cambridge Laun- 
dry, Soden, house 9 Winsor 
Field Samuel, laborer, Electric Light Co., 

house 10 Bay 
Field Sarah K. Mrs., house 57 Pleasant 
Field Thomas, tinsmith (B.), h. rear 72 

Field Walter W., foreman of machinists, 

and pattern maker, 72 Main, house 29 

Field William, porter, house 1 Inman pi. 
Field William W., pattern maker, 72 Main, 

boards 9 Winsor 
Field see Fields 
Fielding Dennis J.r janitor, Lassell school 

house 83£ Vine 
Fields Chas., band sawyer, Otis c. First 
Fields Israel, laborer, h. 8 Berkshire pi. 
Fieseler August F., cigar maker, 60 Spring 

rooms 50 do. 
Fife James H., hackman, 15 Church 

rooms do. 
Fife James P., clerk (B.), h. 25 Pleasant 
Fife Margaret, widow of Patrick, h. 25 

Fife Michael, clerk (B.), bds. 25 Pleasant 
Fifield Henry, flower vender (B.), h. Hi 

Fifield John F., inspector, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., boards 114 Pearl 
F'ifield Sarah M., widow of George W., h. 

114 Pearl 
Figenbaun Christopher, jeweller, house 31 

Fillebrown Amos, office 9~h Cambridge, b. 

131 do. 
Fillebrown Elizabeth P. Miss, h. 10 Upton 
Fillebrown Ellen, widow of Wm., bds. 131 

Fillebrown Henry S., glass engraver, h. 

126 Thorndike 
Fillebrown Mary, widow of Chas., boards 

81 Inman 
Fillebrown Sylvestus L., shipper (Allston), 

boards 126 Thorndike 
Fillmore Alfred, carpenter, 11 Cherry, h. 

28 Suffolk 
Fillmore Christine Mrs., dressmaker, 17 

Tremont, house do. 
Fillmore Millerd, carpenter, 11 Cherry, h. 

22 Worcester 

carpenter and builder, 11 Cherry, h. 
147 Washington (see page 628) 
Findley Charles, baker, 502 Main, h. 390£ 

Findley James, machinist, Revere Sugar 

Refinery, house 19 Vine 
Finley Edward, baker, rms. 118 Auburn 
Finley Joseph I,., carpenter, h. 23 Fifth 
Finley J., at 169 Gore 


Agents fvr DUIfcK's v il .LA P/UNT*. 



Finley Robert, pipe maker, Albany, bds. 25 

School street ct. 
Finley Wallace W., machinist, B. & L. R. 

R. shop, house 53 Fourth 
Finley William, baker, rooms 118 Auburn 
Finn Daniel, laborer (B. & L. R. R. freight 

depot, B.), house 48 Bridge 
Finn Henry W., cabinet maker, 20 Albany, 

house 27 Pine 
Finn Jeremiah, teamster, house 59 Banks 
Finneen John, cabinet maker, 44 Camb. 

house 34 North 
Finnegan Daniel, wood carver, house 122 

Finnegan John, laborer, John Reardon & 

Finneran Catherine, widow of Martin, h. 

23 Allston 
Finneran John, laborer, bds. 23 Allston 
Finneran Michael, hostler, h. 52 Waverly 
Finneran M., laborer, Waverly, cor. Talbot 
Finneran Patrick, teamster, John Reardon 

& Sons, house 60 Waverly 
Finnerty Daniel, rubber shoemaker, boards 

204 Third 
Finnerty Mary E. Miss, house 204 Third 
Finnerty Thomas, coachman, 400 Broad- 
way, house 6 Antrim 
Finney Catherine M. Miss, house 392 Main 
Finney Daniel, tinsmith, 8 Brattle 
Finney Daniel J., salesman bds. 55 Moore 
Finney Edward J. N., brass finisher (292 

Washington, B.), house 392 Main 
Finney Fred, engineer, State cor. Osborn, 

house 225 Broadway, suite 6 
Finney Herbert E., tinsmith, h. 3 Murdock 
Finney Mary, widow of James, h. 54 Moore 
Finney M., fireman, State corner Osborn 
Finney Thomas, plumber, 469 Cambridge, 

boards 157 Prospect 
Finnick Joseph, City lamplighter, house 2 

Garden court 
Finnick Richard, trader, h. Decatur ct. 
Finnigan Daniel A., bds. r. 427 Cambridge 
Finnigan Daniel J. P., carver (B.), house 

122 Brookline 
Finnigan Hannah, widow of Patrick, house 

231 Franklin 
Finnigan Hugh, blacksmith, h. 4 Harding 
Finnigan John, house rear 427 Cambridge 
Finnigan Kate C. Miss, pocket-book maker, 

boards 231 Franklin 
Finnigan Mary A. Miss, pocket book maker, 

boards 231 Franklin 
Finnigan Patrick J., physician, 142 Cam- 
bridge, boards do. 
Finnigan Peter, laborer, boards 164 Gore 

CAMBRIDGE, Daniel U. Chain- 
berlin, president, Willard A. Bullard, 
cashier, Main, corner Prospect (see p. 
Fischbach Ferdinand, cabinet maker, bds. 
2 Aver's block, Third 

Fischbach Henry F., cabinet maker, boards 

2 Aver's block Third 
Fischer Ferdinand, house 380 North ave. 
Fischer George, wood-carver, Otis, corner 

First, rooms 69£ Fifth 
Fischer Lawrence, currier (Somerville), 

house Tannery, 2d on right 
Fischer see Fisher 
Fish Albert F., iron moulder, Pelham, h. 

158 Cambridge 
Fish B. Edson, salesman (85 Oliver, B.), 

house 5 Shepard 
Fish C. E., shifter W. E. St, Ry. Co, 201 

Fish C. L., driver W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Fish Florestan, letter-carrier, P. O., 18 

Boylston, boards 22 Wallace 
Fish Frederick P., lawyer (40 Water, rm. 

24 B.), house 15 Everett 
Fish Moses W., house 44 Cottage 
Fish Samuel A., engineer, 225 Bridge, h. 

at Charlestown 
Fish William W., mason, house 314 Pearl 
Fish William W. , bread and cake, 81 Gore, 

house at Somerville 
Fisher Eleanor A. Mrs., house 50 Cottage 
Fi.-dier Fred, boards 46 Pearl 
Fisher George, prop. Cambridge Conserva- 
tory of music, 4 Lee, house 721 Main 
Fisher George P., tinsmith (85 Merrimac, 

B.), house 90 Hancock 
Fisher Henry, iron-moulder, Pelham, h. 

88 Washington 
Fisher Herbert E., type-writer, boards 57 

Fisher James, collector, rooms 32 Pearl 
Fisher John, printer (39 Arch B.), house 

326 Green 
Fisher Julia, widow of Halsey R., house 57 

Fisher Loveland H., wood-carver (B.), 

boards 57 Pine 
Fisher Mary E. widow of John, nurse, h. 

5 Charles River 
Fisher Michael, cutter, Am. Rubber Co. 
Fisher Myron 1)., conductor, W. E. R. S. 

Fisher Nathaniel D., boards 7 Mellen 
Fisher Nehemiah W. Mrs., h. 89 Norfolk 
Fisher see Fischer 

Fisher Remo, brickmaker, h. Vassal Lane 
Fisk Frederick D., boards 32 Quincy 
Fisk James L. , boards 32 Quincy 
Fisk John M., special sheriff, Middlesex 

County, master House of Correction, 

and keeper of Jail, Thorndike, corner 

Third, house do. 
Fisk Lyman B., auditor, Dining Associa- 
tion, Memorial Hall, H. U., rooms 107 

Fisk Mary G., widow of James C, house 

32 Quincy 
Fisk Nathaniel B. Rev., pastor, Grace M. 

E. Church, house 10 Fairmont 


9 S2Q JT1 A1N and 89 8PABKS STREETS 



Fiske Albert, baker, 502* Main 

Fiske Clarence Stoughton, student, boards 

22 Berkeley 
Fiske Ellen S., widow of Charles A., house 

9 Clinton 
Fiske George F., clerk, bds. 13 Boardman 
Fiske Harold Brooks, student, H. U., bds. 

22 Berkeley 
Fiske John, author, house 22 Berkeley 
Fiske John M., special deputy collector 

(Custom House. B.), h. 139 Oxford 
Fiske Sally P., widow of John, house 28 

Fiske William B., medical student, H. U., 

boards 9 Clinton 
Fitch Abel, house 331 North avenue 
Fitch Alamanzo B., provisions (9 Change 

avenue, B.), house 61 Pleasant 
Fitch Lydia, widow of Amasa. h. 76 Sixth 
Fitcham Edwin A., house 23 Walden 

Fitchburg, Mass., John S. Sawyer, 
agent, 55 Main (see front cover) 
Fitchuer Andrew, baker, 79 Cambridge, 

house at Chas'n 

Fite Andrew W., cooper, C. H. North & 

Co. (Somerville), bds. 127£ Cambridge 

Pitman Thomas, saloon, 163 Dublin, b. do. 

Fitton James H., painter, 5 Palmer, house 

rear 124 Otis 
Eitton John, organ regulator, 162 Broad- 
way, house at Clarendon Hills 
Fitts Sarah P. Mrs., house 215^ Putnam av. 
Fitzgerald Dan, at 169 Gore 
Fitzgerald David, laborer, 169, Gore, bds. 

19 Carson 

Fitzgerald Edward, clerk (29 Boylston, B.), 

boards 147 Franklin 
Fitzgerald Edward, harness maker (29 

Boylston, B.), house 147 Franklin 
Fitzgerald Edward, laborer, 169 Gore, h. 

20 Carson 

Fitzgerald Edward, teamster, boards 2 Vine 
Fitzgerald Edward H., blacksmith, 350 

North avenue, boards 352 do. 
Fitzgerald Ellen, wid. of John, h. 123 Elm 
Fitzgerald Ellen, widow of Michael, house 

83 Concord avenue 
Fitzgerald George W., painter, 14 Church, 

boards 74 Sixth 
Fitzgerald Honora, widow of John, house 

rear 42 Washington 
Fitzgerald Hugh, store houseman, Amer. 

Rubber Co. 
Fitzgerald James, bacon cutter, C. H. 

North (Somerville), house 37 Porter 
Fitzgerald James, laborer, h. 3 Nichols pi. 
Fitzgerald James, laborer, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house 33 Harvey 
Fitzgerald James, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

113 Third 
Fitzgerald James Mrs., house 74 Sixth 

Fitzgerald James H., harness maker, house 

5 Banks 
Fitzgerald James H., pressman, University 

Press, house 16 Mt. Auburn 
Fitzgerald James T., saloon, 430 Camb., 

boards at Somerville 
Fitzgerald John, gateman, B. & L. R. R., 

North avenue, house Harvey 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, house 14 Warren 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, gas house, house 

84 Fifth 
: Fitzgerald John, teamster, foot of First, 

boards 39 Charles 
Fitzgerald John, teamster, foot of First, 

boards 2 Vine 
Fitzgerald John, at 169 Gore 
Fitzgerald Jobn E., iron molder, Pelbam, 

house 46 Washington 
Fitzgerald JohnE., laborer, h. 189 Spruce 
Fitzgerald John E., Jr., carriagesmith. 164 

Columbia, house 189 Spruce 
Fitzgerald John F., machinist, bds. 174 Co- 
Fitzgerald John F., shipper (F. K. R.), h. 

67 Holworthy 
Fitzgerald John W., engineer, Bav State 

Brick Co., boards 140 Dublin 
Fitzgerald Joseph, laborer, John Reardon & 

Fitzgerald J. J., Rev., asst. pastor, Church 

of the Sacred Heart, house 49 Sixth 
Fitzgerald Mary, widow of Frank, house 

174 Columbia [Cbarles 

Fitzgerald Mary, widow of John, house 33 
Fitzgerald Mary E. Mrs., music teacher, 

174 Columbia, boards do. 
Fitzgerald Maurice, helper, 126 Portland, 

house 2 Dickinson 
Fitzgerald Maurice F., machinist, house 

247 Franklin 
Fitzgerald Michael, blacksmith, W. E. St. 

Ry. Co., Dunster, house 8 Emmons pi. 
Fitzgerald Michael, mason, h. 264 Carson 
Fitzgerald Michael J., cooper, Niles Bros., 

house 83 Concord avenue 
Fitzgerald Nora, wid. of John, h. 84 Third 
Fitzgerald Patrick J., carpenter, h. 91 Third 
Fitzgerald Patrick J., dealer in live stock, 

house 193 Spruce 
Fitzgerald Patrick, gardener, William Read, 

house 7 Donnell 
Fitzgerald Patrick, tinman, 153 Putnam av., 

house 194 Franklin 
Fitzgerald Richard, laborer, house r. Lech- 
mere building, Lechmere square 
Fitzgerald R. , packer, Amer. Rubber Co. 
Fitzgerald Timothy, mason, bds. 11 Ninth 
Fitzgerald William F., salesman (165 

Wash., B.), house 55 Gore 
Fitzgerald William H., helper, 634 Main, 

boards 7 Donnell 
Fitzgibbons John, engineer (B.), house 78 

Fitzherman George, laborer, 220 Portland 







Fitzmaurice John, driver, 166 River, house 

105 Kinnaird 
Fitzmaurice Michael, coachman, 81 Maga- 
zine, house rear 19 Fairmont 
Fitzmaurice Thomas, junk, 98 Third, h. do. 
Fitzpatrick Bridget Mrs., bds. 6G Winter 
Fitzpatrick Dennis W., tailor (114 Court, 

B.), house 189 Washington 
Fitzpatrick Edward, laborer, Waverly, cor. 

Fitzpatrick Francis A., clerk (Charlestown), 

house 45 Cambridge 
Fitzpatrick Frank X., broker (82 Devon- 
shire. B.), house 109 Otis 
Fitzpatrick James, clerk, bds. 45 Cambridge 
Fitzpatrick James, house 48£ Webster are. 
Fitzpatrick James, house 80 Otis 
Fitzpatrick James B., clerk, 422 Cambridge, 

boards 48£ Webster avenue 
Fitzpatrick John, printer, University Press, 

boards 46 Boylston 
Fitzpatrick John A., clerk, 397 Cambridge. 

boards 48£ Webster avenue 
Fitzpatrick Joseph, baker, 15 River, house 

at Brighton 
Fitzpatrick Mary, widow of James, house 

49 Fifth 
Fitzpatrick Mary, widow of James, house 

76 Spruce 
Fitzpatrick Michael, grease collector, house 

108 Henry 
Fitzpatrick Michael F. , city laborer, boards 

48£ Webster avenue 
Fitzpatrick M., at 169 Gore 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, laborer, Amer. Tube 

Works (Somerville), h. 124 Holworthy 
Fitzpatrick Patrick W., clerk (28 Devon- 
shire, B.), boards 109 Otis 
Fitzimmons John, grocer, 410 Cambridge, 

house do. 

Fitzimmons John, laborer, house rear 210 
Fiumara Dominico, hairdresser, 573 Main, 

house rear 11 Lawrence 
Fiumara Michael, hairdresser (B.), boards 

rear 11 Lawrence 
Fix August W., wood carver, h. 12 Winter 
Flagg George (Little, Brown & Co.), book- 
binders, Blackstone, house at Boston 
Flagg James H., grocer (Mt. Auburn bridge 

Watertown), house 35 Cushing 
Flagg John S., dentist, 905 Main, house 11 

Farwell place 
Flagg, see Flaig 
Flaglor Catherine, widow of George, house 

29 Clark 
Flagor Arthur, core maker, Third, corner 

Bent, boards 9 Holly 
Flaherty Dennis, cabinet maker, house 4 

Flaherty John, laborer, Boston Bridge 

Works, boards 5 Parnell 
Flaherty John, red lead maker, Chadwick 

Lead Works, North, house 139 Bridge 

Flaherty John, teamster, boards 62 Cherry 
Flaherty Martin, draw tender, h. 7 Otter 
Flaherty Martin, Jr., laborer, b. 7 Otter 
Flaherty Michael, painter, 22 Boylston, h. 

17 Farwell place 
Flaherty Michael J., collector, b. 12 Winsor 
Flaherty Patrick, lead maker, Chadwick 

Lead Works, house 12 Short 
Flaig Stephen, watches and jewelry, 133£ 

Cambridge, honse 133 do. 
Flaig, see Flagg 
Flanagan Bernard, furniture finisher, boards 

50 Portland 

Flanagan Charles, shoemaker, 31 Flagg, 

house do. 
Flanagan Edward T., book-keeper, Globe 

Nat. Bank (40 State, B.), house Mt. 

Pleasant, cor. Lambert ave. 
Flanagan Eugene M., b. 196 Franklin 
Flanagan George, laborer, h. 2 Grant 
Flanagan James, at 169 Gore 
Flanagan James W., carpenter, house 309 

Flanagan John, gardener, 15 Oxford, house 

2 .Nichols place 
Flanagan John, granite cutter, John 

Flanagan John, laborer, house 1 Gordon pi. 
Flanagan John, house 2(J2 Bridge 
Flanagan John P., bookbinder, Riverside 

Press, house 257 Franklin 
Flanagan J., laborer, Sixth, cor. Potter 
Flanagan Kate Miss, house 18 Woodlawn 

Flanagan Margaret, widow of Andrew, h. 

rear 94 Holworthy 
Flanagan Mary Mrs., liquors, 196 Franklin, 

house do. 
Flanagan Mary A., widow of Matthew, h 

89 Vine 
Flanagan Michael, laborer, 169 Gore, h. 1 

Union place 
Flanagan Michael, teamster, h. 50 Portland 
Flanagan Patrick, boiler maker, 92 Main, 

house 12 Lincolu 
Flanagan Patrick, 169 Gore, b. 12 Seventh 
Flanagan Peter G., carpenter, h. 393 Main 
Flanagan Thomas, baker, 502 Main, boards 

51 Pleasant 

Flanagan Thomas, boiler maker, 92 Main 

Flanagan Thomas F., furniture finisher, 44 
Cambridge, house at Charlestown 

Flanagan, see Flannigan 

Flanders Addie E. Miss, teacher (Arling- 
ton), boards 25 Rice 

Flanders Asa W., receiving clerk. W. E. St. 
liy. Co., 3 Harvard sq., b. 25 Rice 

Flanders Charles C, sawyer, boards Hotel 

Flanders Fred E., grocer, 63 River, rooms 
40 Cottage [Walnut ave. 

Flanders John C, lumber (B.), house 2 

Flanders Moses G.. house 25 Rice 


E. Y. White 
W.H. Holl 

e, ) 603 Main St. 
is, j Central Sq. 



Flanders "William T., clerk, 60 River, rms. 

40 Cottage 
Flannigan John, laborer, house 1 Jordan pi. 
Flannigan Patrick, lab., house 102 Kinniard 
Flannigan, see Flanagan 
Flaren Michael, calenderer, Amer. R. Co. 
Flavin Philip J., potter, A. II. Hews & Co., 

Crescent av., bds. Porter's Hotel 
Flavin William, at 169 Gore 
Flavin Miss, school teacher, boards 21 

Flecher Anna M., widow, b. 5 Mullins ct. 
Flechner Louis, coppersmith's helper (33 

Bowker, B.), house 5 Mullins ct. 
Fleck Charles H., boards 5 Shepherd's blk., 

Charles River 
Fleck John, driver, 82 Mt. Auburn, bds. 

5 Shepherd's block. Charles River 
Fleck M tthias, baker, 82 Mt. Auburn, h. 

5 Shepherd's block, Charles River 
Fleet Benjamin R.. carpenter, house 1 

Chapman place 
Fleet J. W., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Fleet William, carpenter, house 225 Broad- 
way, suite 7 
Fleet William, car repairer, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., Dunster 
Fleischman Maximillian (Fleischman & 

Co.), yeast mnfr., 15 Second, rms. do. 
Fleischmann & Co. (Maximillian Fleisch- 

mann), compressed yeast mnfrs., 15 

Fleming Cephas W., clerk (175 Wash., B.), 

boards 142 Washington 
Fleming Edward T., carpenter, boards 2 

Hampshire place 
Fleming Henry, foreman of reed makers, 

162 Broadway, h. at West Newton 
Fleming John, butcher, Niles Bros., Con- 
cord avenue, house Garden court 
Fleming John J., boiler maker, 92 Main, 

house 5 Pioneer 
Fleming L. Frank, driver (680 Wash., B.), 

boards 142 Washington 
Fleming Martin, telegraph operator (B.), 

house Hotel Stratford 
Fleming Matthew, at 169 Gore 
Fleming Moses, driver (680 Wash.,.B.), h. 

142 AVashington [boards do. 

Fleming Nelson E., hostler, 170 North av. , 
Fleming Patrick, porter, Prospect House, 

596 Main, boards do. 
Fleming Thomas, laborer, h. 323 Cambridge 
Fleming Thomas, picture dealer, 225 Main, 

boards 293 do. 
Flemming Charlotte E., widow of George 

N., dressmaker, 27 Hancock, h. do. 
Flemming Edward, upholsterer, boards 146 

Flemming James, carriage maker, 232 No. 

avenue, house 146 Charles 
Flemming James A. (Flemming & Son), 

dermatologist, 658 Main, boards 28 

Putnam avenue 

Flemming Mary C. Mrs., dermatologist, 658 
Main, house 28 Putnam ave. 

Flemming Robert, npholsterer, boards 146 

Flemming & Son (Mary C. and James A. 
Flemming), dermatologists, 28 Putnam 

Flemming, see Fleming 

Fletcher Charles R., book-keeper, bds. 144 

Fletcher Clifford, at 169 Gore 

Fletcher Daniel C, ice (Somerville and 
Boston), house rear 184 Cambridge 

Fletcher Eliza, wid. of John D., h. 57 

Fletcher E. S , at 169 Gore 

Fletcher Frank, widow, 332 Broadwav 

Fletcher Fred. W., foreman (134 Oliver, 
B.), house Hotel Moore 

Fletcher Geo. W., blacksmith, house 19 

Fletcher Grace "W. Miss, teacher, Thorn- 
dike grammar school, b. 9 Sumner 

Fletcher Katherine S. Mrs., h. 23 Buck- 

Fletcher Nickolas, at 169 Gore 

Fletcher Ruel H., master, Thorndike gram- 
mar school, h. 144 Cambridge 

Fletcher Varnum, teamster, h. 176 Harvard 

Fletcher Willard V., foreman (Canal, B.), 
boards 19 Tremont 

Fletcher William K., homoeopathic physi- 
cian, 233 North av., house do. 

Fletcher, see Flecher 

Flett David, salesman (477 Washington, 
B.), house 1 Riverside place 

Fleutje Ernst H., trav. salesman, h. 183 

Flewelling Hannah, widow of Enos II., h. 
10 Pleasant 

Flewelling John R., clerk, 608 Main, h. 
10 Pleasant ("Cherry 

Flewelling Milton, tinsmith (B.), house 8 

Flinn Arthur M., house 175 Putnam av. 

Flint Charles, engineer, house 74 Allston 

Flint Edward F. Jr., foreman, 602 Main, 
house 97 Green 

Flint Francis, pres., Dakota Mortage Loan 
Corp., and Canton Mnf'g Co. (160 Con- 
gress. B.), house 8 Chauncy 

Flint George R., pork (28 F. H. market, 
B.), house 33 Orchard 

Flint Howard B., clerk (184 Franklin, B.). 
boards 8 Chauncy 

Flitner George Miss, dressmaker, 40 Austin, 
boards do. 

Flohr Hugo L., cigar maker (2 Blackstone, 
B.), house Rogers blk, 317 Main 

Flohr Peter M., cigar mnfr., Munroe, near 
Third, house do. 

Flood Alphonso F., variety store, 436 
Cambridge, house Tremont 

Flood Annie Miss, dressmaker, P. O. blk 
Harvard sq.. house do. 

Builders' Hardware, 

at Burditt& White's 

2 & 4 Central Sq. 



Flood James W., clerk (52 School, B.), h. 

55 Winsor 

Flood Margaret Miss, house 51 Gore 
Flood Patrick, laborer, 153 Putnam ave., 

house 158 do. 
Flooney Hugh, machinist, B. & M. R. R., 

house 16 Otis 
Florence George W., teacher of banjo, h. 

77 Washington 
Flowers Wm. C., physician, 41 Norfolk, 

house do. 
Flowers William H. Jr., clerk, Adjutant 

General's office (State House, B.), h. 

4+ Shepard 
Floyd Elizabeth, widow, 125 Austin 
Floyd James A., fancy goods, 590 Main, 

house 98 Austin, 
Floyd Patrick, laborer, house 35 Banks 
Flye Laura M. Mrs., nurse, h. 317 Main 
Flynn Bartholomew, coachman, 9 Harvard , 

house 35 West 
Flynn Bernard, house 35 Donnell 
Flynn Coleman M., teamster, house 100 

Winsor [River 

Flynn Daniel, baker, 502 Main, house 82 
Flynn Daniel, marble cutter, boards 35 

Flynn Edward, baker (B.), house 3 Line- 
ban court 
Flynn Edward J., machinist, house 199 

Flynn Francis, cooper, Revere Sugar Re- 
finery, boards 5<> Second 
Flynn Francis, cooper, bds. rear 192 Bridge 
Flynn Frank, laborer, American Rubber Co., 

boards 59 Hampshire 
Flynn Frank, potter, A. H. Hews & Co., b. 

35 Donnell 
Flynn Henry M., liquors (37 Hanover, B.), 

house 55 Cambridge 
Flynn James, at 169 Gore 
Flynn James, safe-maker, 17 Main 
Flynn James, shoemaker (B.), house 37 

Flynn John, cooper, 138 Gore, house rear 

192 Bridge 
Flynn John, laborer, Day Cordage Co., h. 

56 Charles 

Flynn John, ropemaker, Day Cordage Co., 

Flynn John, laborer, boards 188 Norfolk 

Flynn Joseph P., brass finisher (163 
Albany, B.), bds. 37 Howard 

Flynn Julia, widow of Michael, h. 62 

Flynn Lawrence, cooper, Revere Sugar Re- 
finery, house 38 Winter 

Flynn L. H., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Flynn Mary S., widow of Andrew B., h. 
13 School 

Flynn McCarthy, laborer, bds. 22 Marion 

Flynn Michael, clerk, 334 Main, boards 62 

Flynn Michael, finisher, 201 Bridge, h. at 

Flynn Michael, laborer, 169 Gore, bds. 188 

Flynn Michael, at 169 Gore 
Flynn Michael J., tinsmith, boards 37 

Flynn Patrick, cooper, Revere Sugar Re- 
finery, house 154 Prospect 
Flynn Patrick, at 169 Gore 
Flynn Patrick P., slater (Boston), h. rear 

64 Charles 
Flynn Peter, cooper, Revere Sugar Refin- 
ery, boards Mansion House 
JTynn Peter, shipper, 10 Franklin 
Flynn Thaddeus, metal-corniee maker, (63 

Pitts, B.), boards 139 Cambridge 
Flynn Thomas, cooper, 169 Gore, h. rear 4 

Flynn Thomas, driver, bds. 35 Donnell 
Flynn Thomas, mason, house 120 Webster 

Flynn Thomas, night watchman, house 7 

Flynn Thomas, peddler, h. 16 Willow 
Flynn Wm., boilermaker, 92 Main 
Flynn William, at 169 Gore 
Flynn William, cooper, h. 8 Seventh 
Flynn William, driver, 133 Gore, boards 3 

Flynn William, laborer, boards 18 Mill 
Flynn William, laborer, house 173 Norfolk 
Flynn Wm. H., laborer, Niles Bros., h. 35 

Flynn William M., machinist, house 28 

Fobes Daniel, house 11 Orchard 
Fobes Edwin F. (50 Chardon, B.), house 

18 Beech 
Fobes, see Forbes 
Fogarty Ellen, dressmaker, 3 Appian Way, 

house do. 
Fogarty James E., clerk (164 Congress, 

B.), house 210 Putnam ave. 
Fogarty Mary A., employment office, 3 Ap- 
pian Way, house do. 
Fogarty Michael, laborer, h. 194 Dublin 
Fogarty Robert, varnisher, h. 210 Putnam 

Fogarty Thomas J., telegrapher, B. & L. R. 

R., shop, Bridge, cor. Prison Point, b. 

189 Cambridge 
Fogarty see Fogerty 
Fogeity George F., architect, 603 Main, b. 

89 Chestnut 
Fogerty James, architect, 603. Main, house 

89 Chestnut 
Fogg Andrew, boards 90 Gore 
Fogg Charles H., draughtsman (61 State, 

B.), boards 51 Third 
Fogg Ebenezer, carpenter, Revere Sugar 

Refinery, house 90 Gore 
Fogg Edwin, box maker, 201 Bridge, house 

51 Third 


Lots Bought, Sold, and Cared for. 


820 Main and 

89 Sparks Stt. 



Fogg George E., salesman, 201 Bridge, b. 

51 Third 
Fogg see Eorg 
Foley Benjamin F., bookbinder, Riverside 

Press, boards 32£ Banks 
Foley B. F., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

house at Watertown 
Foley Charles H., bookbinder, (B.), boards 

32£ Banks 
Foley Charles J., carpenter, h. 22 School 

street place 
Foley Daniel J., laborer, house 5 Lexing- 
ton avenue, ward 5 
Foley Dennis, baker, bds. 22 Murdock 
Foley Dennis, bookbinder, Riverside Press 

house 32£ Banks 
Foley Dennis, at 169 Gore 
Foley Honora, widow of Michael, boards 

19 Banks 
Foley Jeremiah J., shoemaker, 17G Gore, 

boards 57 Sixtti 
Foley John, laborer, 610 Main, house 8 

Foster court 
Foley John, laborer, John Reardon & Sons, 
Foley JohnB., clerk (B.), h. 475 Camb. 
Foley John F., machinist (B.), house 63 

Foley John G., printer (31 State, B.), house 
83 Wendell [wd. 5 

Foley John J., carpenter, h. 3 Lexington av 
Foley Joseph J., carpenter, boards 5 Lex- 
ington ave., ward 5 
Foley Margaret, widow, h. 193 Mt. Auburn 
Foley Mary Mrs., widow, h. 8 Conlons ct. 
Foley Mary, widow of Bartholomew, house 

22 Murdock 
Foley Mary E. Miss, dressmaker, 475 Cam- 
bridge, house do. 
Foley Maurice, laborer, h. 3 Parnell 
Foley Michael, butler, 410 Harvard, b. do. 
Foley Michael, laborer, h. 48 Foster 
Foley Michael, at 169 Gore 
Foley Patrick, blacksmith, 9 Church, house 

at Somerville 
Foley Patrick, lumper, 17 Main 
Foley Patrick, potter, 23 Harvey, bds. 189 

Foley Patrick C, tailor, 7 Brattle, house 13 

Foley Peter G., millinery goods, 494 Cam- 
bridge, house do. 
Foley Philip J., b. 3 Lexington ave., wd. 5 
Foley Thomas, carpenter, 126 Portland 
Foley Thomas, coachman, 13 Waterhouse, 

boards do. 
Foley Thomas, house 64 Vine 
Foley Thomas, Jr., brush maker (1 Pur- 
chase, B.), boards 64 Vine 
Foley Thomas G., carpenter, h. 13 Sixtli 
Foley Thomas H., glass engraver, house 93 

Foley Thomas J. , carpenter, boards 3 Lex- 
ington ave., ward 5 
Foley Timothy, at 169 Gore 

Foley Wm., painter, bds. 22 School-st-pl. 
Foley William, umbrella maker, house 6 

Folger George H., secretary, Marine Un- 
derwriters Asso. (50 State, rm. 67, B.) 
house 139 Austin 
Follen John H., teamster, 195 Broadway, 

boards 154 Third 
Follen Michael, laborer, bds. 67 Am?ry 
Follen Michael, pot maker, Union Glass 

Co. (Somerville), house 154 Third 
Follen Thomas Mrs., h. 67 Amory 
Follen William, laborer, John Reardon & 


Follensbee Benjamin A., organ maker, h. 

36£ Tremoi.t [do. 

Follett A. Ward, physician, 28 Warland, h. 

Folsom James N., tailor's trimmings (45 

Summer, B.), house 29 Inman 
Folsom Mark J., Captain police station 2, 

house 32 Warland 
Folsom Norton, physician ^28 School, rm. 

30, B.), and 19 Berkeley, h. do. 
Folsom Samuel H., asst. Registrar of Pro- 
bate and Insolvency Court House, 
Third, house at Winchester 
Folsom S. Sarah, widow of Charles, house 

19 Berkeley 
Fonda E. Percy, clerk, 89 Cambridge, h. 

at Melrose 
Fonseca Joseph, house 11 Green 
Fonseca Joshua, cigar mnfr. (59 Beach, B) 

house 69 River 
Fonseca Phineas, cigar maker, 539 Main, 

house 9 Watson 
Foote Geo. L. Mrs., house 352 Harvard 
Foote Josephine B. Mrs., h. 8 Sacramento 
Foote L., metal worker, Otis near First 
Foote Mary B. Miss, house 352 Harvard 
Foran Nicholas, city laborer, h. 26 Sparks 

st. place 
Forbes Andrew J., house 55 Third 
Forbes Bridget Mrs., house 59 Brookline 
Forbes Charles J., cooper, h. 102 Brookline 
Forbes Henry, hostler, 15 Church, boards 

24 Farwell place 
Forbes Joseph, teamster (49 No. Market, 

B.), house 3 Seventh 
Forbes Lilla M. Miss, copyist, Otis corner 

Second, boards Third 
Forbes Thomas, boards 104 Brookline 
Forbes Wm. W., real estate (31 Exchange, 

room 7, B.), house 114 Inman 
Forbes see Fobes 
Ford Alexander S., book-keeper 389 

Cambridge, house at Somerville 
Ford Amanda E., widow of Thomas B., 

house 127 Norfolk 
Ford Anna P. Miss, clerk, treasurer's office, 
W. E. S Ry. Co., 3 Harvard square, h. 
130 Green 
Ford Austin, granite, 33 to 39 Main, house 

63 School 
Ford A. A., driver W. E. S. R. Co. 


Wholesale and Retail, «<* DOCK SQUARE. 



Ford Charles, bootmaker, Amer. Rub. Co., 

house 4 Harvard place 
Ford Clarissa widow of Wra., boards 88 

Ford Daniel, switchman B. & L. R. R., 

house 85 Bridge, No. 3 
Ford Daniel J., store keeper (Custom 

House B.), boards 85 Bridge No. 3 
Ford Dennis M., house 148 Bridge 
Ford George, foreman, 15 Gore 
Ford George D., deputy master and turnkey, 

House of Correction, Thorndike, c. 

Third, boards do. 
Ford George Ross, helper, Lamb & Ritchie, 

rooms 170 Harvard 
Ford Geo. R, printer, 10 Dunster, bds. 29 

Ford .James, 169 Gore, boards 12 Seventh 
Ford Jeremiah, gate tender, B. & L. R. R., 

Prison Point, House 159 Bridge 
Ford John, bootmaker, Amer. Rubber Co., 

house 6 Sands 
Ford John, laborer, house 106 Kinnaird 
Ford John, laborer, house rear 55 Amory 
Ford John, Jr., laborer, American Rubber 

Co., boards 106 Kinnaird 
Ford John & Son (John H. Ford), printers, 

10 Dunster 
Ford John F., plumber (B.), house 166 

Ford John II., iron worker, boards 85 

Bridge, No. 3 
Ford John H., (John Ford & Son), printer, 

10 Dunster, house 36 Erie 
Ford John J., plasterer, house 117 Spring 
Ford John M., clerk, B. & A. R. R. shop 

(Allston), house 88 Pleasant 
Ford Joseph B., stone cutter, 39 Main, 

boards 63 School 
Ford Mary A., widow of Howard J., house 

29 Hamilton 
Ford Michael, engine cleaner, B. & L. R. 

R. roundhouse, house 148 Bridge 
Ford Robert, packer, American Rubber Co. 
Ford Sarah B. C, widow of John, house 

36 Cottage 
Ford William A., plumber (B.), boards 166 

Ford William H., agent (26 Central, B.), 

house 86 Norfolk 
Ford William H., barrel buyer, 129 Gore, 

house 71 Third 
Ford William II., salesman (106 High, B.), 

house 107 Lake View avenue 
Ford Win. J., carriage washer, 43 

Cambridge, house 13 Second 
Foren James H., canvasser, house 9 Gerry 
Forknall Reuben, action maker, 162 

Broadway, house at Nonantum 
Forman Emily Shaw Mrs., bds. 152 Austin 
Forrest Frank T., cutter, 7 Brattle, boards 

5 Banks 
Forrest James, bookbinder, boards 5 Banks 

Forrest John M. (Forrest & Prince), 

painter, 400 Harvard, h. 49 Banks 
Forrest Lawrence, painter, 32 Flagg, h. do. 
Forrest Michael, painter, boards, 32 Flagg 
Forrest Robert, painter, h. 5 Banks 
Forrest Robert E., painter, 400 Harvard 

house 7 Banks 
Forrest T. Francis, cutter, bds. 5 Banks 
Forrest William M., painter, h. 13 Antrim 
Forrest & Prince (John M. Forrest and 

James A. Prince), painters, 400 

Forristall Arthur W., salesman (80 Pearl, 

B.), boards 23 Prospect 
Forristall James B., express, h. 21 Market 
Forristall Joseph, express (19 Union, B.), 

house 23 Prospect 
Forster F., safe maker, 17 Main 
Forsyth James, cooper, 502 Main, house 77 

Forsyth Joseph, laborer, house 6 

Fortune James 1)., carpenter, b. 27 Auburn 
Fortune William, hostler, rear 590 Main 
Fortune William, laborer, house 5 Flagg-st. 

Fosdick Oliver G., conductor, W. E. St. 

By. Co., house 21 Shepard 
Fosdick R. C. Mrs., house 15 Florence 
Fosgate Charles H., leather, house 7 Hotel 

Fosgate Charles O., pianist, house 7 Hotel 

Foss Benjamin D., carpenter, 8 Austin, h. 

21 Cherry 
Foss Charles J., sawyer, h. 2£ Douglass 
Foss C. J., at 16!) Gore 

Posfl 1) irius W., carpenter, bds. 27 Mellen 
Foss Edith A. Miss, clerk (43 Winter, B.), 

boards 59 Walden 
Foss Emma F. Miss, stenographer, boards 

14 Sidney 
Foss Frank P., driver, Revere Sugar Refi- 

nerv, house Richardson blk., suite 2, 

103 Gore 
Foss F. T., driver, W. E. S.R. Co. 
Foss Herbert D., clerk, 502 Main, boards 

93 Austin [do. 

Foss Joseph, engineer, 3 Hampshire, h. 115^ 
Foss Kate Mrs., tailoress, 7 Pleasant pi., 

boards do. 
Foss Peter B., painter, B. & L. R. R. shop. 

boards 27 Second 
Foss William H.. driver, chemical engine, 

Central sq. bldg., Western av., rms. do. 
Fossett Willis E., engineer, h. Cottage ct. 
Fossett W., laborer, Waverly, c. Talbot 
Foster Andrew, packer, Riverside Press, h. 

44 Tremont 
Foster Calvin H., hay and grain, 32 Boyl- 

ston, house 35 Wendell 
Foster Charles, porter (95 Washington, B.), 

house 128 Norfolk 

Dr. E. Y. White, ( 6o^ Main St | nT^IVrnnTQ^FC! 
Dr.W.H. Hollis, { Central Sq. J UHtlA llOlfjj 



Foster Charles A., salesman (16 Washing. 

ton, B.), house 7 Locke [h. do. 

Foster Charles C, physician, 5 Riedesel av., 
Foster Charles E.. printer (117 Franklin, 

B.), house rear 374 Green 
Foster Charles G., laborer, h. 22 Prince 
Foster Christopher, bds. 13 Leighton ct. 
Foster Eben B., bookkeeper (87 State, B.), 

house 340 Broadway 
Foster Edward A., brick mnfr., rear Wal- 

den, house at Somerville 
Foster Edward A., clerk, 450 Harvard, bds. 

26 Ash 
Foster Edward L., photographer, house 194 

North avenue 
Foster Edward T., student, bds. 4 Gore pi. 
Foster Elmer L., cigars, tobacco, etc., h. 

225 Putnam avenue 
Foster Emma B., widow of Charles H., h. 

23 Columbia 
Foster Francis C. , lawyer (8 Congress, rm. 

7, B.), house 15 Oxford 
Foster Harriet Miss, teacher, Shepard gram- 
mar school 
Foster Harry W. , porter, Pullman Car Co. 

(O. C. R. R., B.), house 38 Pine 
Foster Henry, bookbinder (25 Arch, B.), 

house 4 Gore place 
Foster Henry W., provisions (336 Atlantic 

avenue, B.), house 53 Dana 
Foster Horace Mrs., house 26 Ash 
Foster Hosea J., piano action maker, 113 

Broadway, house 80 Winsor 
Foster Isabel Miss, teacher, Holmes pri- 
mary school, boards 8 Ash-st. place 
Foster Isabella, widow of Robert, house r. 

65 Mt. Auburn 
Foster Isadore I. Miss, teacher, Cushing 

primary school, house 8 Ash-st. pi. 
Foster James (Robert Fawcett & Co.), hay 

and grain, 360 Cambridge, house 15 

Leighton ct. 
Foster James Albert, teamster, house 12 

Fairmont avenue 
Foster James Alfred, hostler, 15 Gore, rms. 

Foster John, foreman packing -room, 502 

Main, boards 168 Hampshire 
Foster John, laborer, Am. Rub. Co., house 

134 Winsor 
Foster John A., salesman (159 Tremont, 

B.), boards 44 Tremont 
Foster Joseph, laborer, 8 Brattle 
Foster Joseph F., laborer, house 34 Charles 

Foster Lillian M. Miss, book folder (25 

Arch, B.), boards 4 Gore place 
Foster Margaret E. Mrs, house 4 Grant 
Foster Martha Mrs. , house 7 Locke 
Foster Mary A., boarding-house, 46 Boyl- 

Foster Merrill, sawyer, h. 16 East 
Foster Samuel W., clerk (Otis, B.), bds. 

44 Tremont 

Foster S. J. (Foster & Co.) , cigars, 450 Har- 
vard, house 26 Ash 

Foster Theodore D., clerk (168 Devonshire, 
B.), boards 12 Mellen 

Foster William, carpenter and city lamp- 
lighter, h. 8 Shepherd's block, Charles 

Foster Wm.H. II., gilder (7 Green, B.), 
house 473 Main 

Foster William L., clerk, bds. 191 North av. 

Foster William R., key maker, 145 Broad- 
way, boards 473 Main 

Foster & Co. (S. J. Foster), cigars, 450 

Foster & Weeks, hay, Prison Point, next 

Fothergill Edward, molder, h. 91 Harvard 

Foundation Thomas, stone-cutter, 39 Main, 
house 226 Green 

Fountain Gorge W., carriagesmith, 376 
Main, house 2 Harrison 

Fountain, see Fontaine 

Fouquet Peter, upholsterer [dG Washing- 
ton, B.), house 59 Fifth 

Fouquet Peter O , expressman, b. 59 Fifth 

Fowler Bela F., driver (Fairbanks & Neale, 
Howard, B.), house 29 Erie 

Fowler David H., carpenter, house Hender- 
son block, Crescent avenue 

Fowler Frank, waiter, Memorial Hall 

Fowier F>ank A., mason, house 22 Tremont 

Fowler George W., cutter, 7 Brattle, 
boards 44fi Green 

Fowler Helen M. Miss, dressmaker, 3 Wal- 
lace Terrace, house do. 

Fowler John, mason, house 51 Western av. 

Fowler John C, waiter, Memorial Hall, 
house 44 Amory 

Fowle Susan B., widow of Isaac, rooms 
354 Broadway 

Fowles Augusta J. L., confectioner, 503 
Main, boards 40 Pearl [dike 

Fox Albert, woodturner, rooms 143 Thorn- 
Fox Ann, widow of Thomas, h. 55 Charles 

Fox Charles, mechanical engineer. 2 Cen- 
tral square, house 96 Henry 

Fox Charles S., salesman, 37£ Howard, 
boards 166 Putnam avenue 

Fox Edward B., clerk, house 717 Cambridge 

Fox Edward P., compositor, Riverside 
Press, house 166 Putnam avenue 

Fox George J., cattle market reporter, 
house 3 Orchard 

Fox Henry V., clerk (B. & L. R. R., B.), 
boards 48 Sacramento 

Fox Herbert C, book-keeper (48 Canal, 
B.), boards 717 Cambridge 

Fox Jabez, lawyer (50 State, B.), house 
4 Mount Auburn 

Fox James A., house 808 Main 

Fox John, laborer, boards rear 53 Vine 

Fox John (T. & J. Fox), harness maker, 
107 Bridge, boards 55 Charles 


at Central Square, Hardware Store, Nos. 2 and 4. 




Fox John F., confectioner, 502 Main, bds. 

rear 44 Washington 
Fox John G. F., hairdresser, 265 Cam- 
bridge, boards do. 
Fox Joseph, collector and notary public 

(33 School, room D, Boston), house 4 

Fox Katie C, widow of Robert L. B., house 

717 Cambridge 
Fox Mary E. Miss, artist, 4 Wallace, b. do. 
Fox Sarah E., widow of John L., house 128 

F»x Sarah W. Miss, teacher, Somerville 

High School, boards 4 Mt. Auburn 
Fox Thomas J. (T. & J. Fox), harness 

maker, 107 Bridge, boards 55 Charles 
Fox T. & J. (Thomas J. and John Fox), 

harness makers, 107 Bridge 
Fox Vincent, book-keeper (B. & L. R. R., 

B.), boards 48 Sacramento 
Fox William, laborer, house 47 Vine 
Foxcroft Frank, literary editor, Boston 

Journal (2G2 Washington, B.), house 

Hillside are., cor. Avon hill 
Foye George P., general baggage master 

(F. R. R., B.), boards Porter's Hotel, 

North avenue 
Foye John, cutter, New England Glass 

Works, North, house at Somerville 
Foye Nathaniel W.. cabinet maker (32 Lan- 
caster, B.), house 4 Oak 
Foye Richard, tinman, 153 Putnam avenue, 

house 7 Somerset 
Foye Richard, tinsmith, h. 28 Fairmont ave. 
Frampton Gilbert P., station agent, B. & 

L. R. R., foot of Third, house do. 
France Franchi, at 44 Cambridge 
France John W., porter (230 Washington, 

B.), house 15 Webster avenue 
Franchi Francisco, cabinetmaker, house 32 

Francis Antone, laborer, house 1 First 
Francis Antone, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

22 Spring 
Francis Antoine, mill hand. First, corner 

Thorndike, house 36 Cambridge 
Francis Charles A. , printer (32 Hawley, B.) , 

bds. 43 Holworthy 
Francis Eben, clergyman, h. 43 Kirkland 
Francis Emanuel, laborer, N. E. Glass 

Works, house rear 30 Gore 
Francis Geo. E., driver, h. 5 Charles River 
Francis Joseph, laborer, First, cor. Thorn- 
dike, house 36 Cambridge 
Francis Joseph, teaser, N. E. Glass Works, 

Francis Manuel, laborer, h. 71 Cambridge 
Francis Matilda E., widow of George W., 

house 43 Holworthy 
Francis Thomas, at 169 Gore 
Francoeur Edward, brakeman, F. R. R., 

house 75 Cushing 
Francoeur Stanislas, painter, h. Ill Dubiin 

Franey Annie, widow of James, boards 178 

Frank Charles, ivory turner (65 Court, B.), 

house rear 372 Green 
Frank Charles, laborer, Niles Bros., Con- 
cord avenue, house near do. 
Frank Charles E., butcher (40 F. H. Mar- 
ket, B.). boards 14 Tremont 
Frankenstein Isador E., fancy goods, 398 

Cambridge, house do. 
Frankenstein Max, clerk (B.), boards 398 

Franklin John, waiter, Memorial Hall. rms. 

20 Flagg 
Franklin T., oar washer. W. E. St. Ry Co. 

Murrav st. stable 
Fraser Geo., hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co.,, 

boards 4 Murray 
Fraser James D., carpenter, Niles Bros., 

Concord ave., h. 17 Holworthy pi. 
Fraser Louisa Mrs. , house 40S Main 
Fraser Mary, widow of John, house 2 Jor- 
dan place 
Fraser William A., laborer, house rear 45 

Fraser W. Thomas B., tailor, bds. 408 Main 
Frasier Daniel E., piano hammer coverer, 

73 Main, house 9 Prince 
Fraskr J. B., foreman carpenters, 169 Gore 
Frates Frank, sand paperer, 162 Broadway. 

house 34 Spring 
Frates Joseph Mrs., house 3 Lowland av. 
Frawley Jeremiah, laborer, house 43 Banks 
Frawley Maggie, decorator. 15 Blanche 
Frawley Michael, laborer, house 23 Bay 
Frazier Alexander, rope maker (Brighton). 

house rear 13 Pine 
Frazier Edward, clerk, boards 40 Cherry 
Frazier George, real estate, house 119 

Frazier Jennie Miss, teacher, boards 119 

Thorndike [House 

Frazier John, wheelwright, bds. Mansion 
Frazier John W., teamster. 211 Bridge, h. 

3 Fifth 
Frazier Maggie Miss., ropemaker, D.CCo., 

Frazier William H., clerk. 417 Cambridge, 

rooms do. 
Frazier see Fraser. also Frasier and Frazer 
Fray Frank, laborer, 3 Hampshire 
Frederick Edward, cooper, house 4 Hotel 

Frederick John, wood carver. 44 Cambridge, 

rooms 75 Fourth. 
Fredericksen Julius, case maker, 2*4 Main. 

house 6 Harvard pi. 
Free Frank E.. hairdresser. 385 Cambridge. 

house 377 do. 
Freeman Alice M. Miss, operator W. U. 

Telegraph Co., 203^ Bridge, boards at 

Freeman Arsene, harness maker, 29 Second, 

house do. 


FLORISTS, and Contractors for 
P. BR1EN & SON, 820 Main & 89 Sparks Sts. 




Freeman Benjamin B., jeweller (495 Wash- 
ington, B.), house 74 Ellery 
Freeman Benjamin H., carpenter, house 1 

Walker court 
Freeman James L., second hand clothing, 

390 Cambridge, house 15 Walnut ct. 
Freeman Jane, widow of Nathan, nurse, h. 

114 Norfolk 
Freeman Jesse H., fish market (114 Faneuil 

Hall Market, B.), house 11 Pleasant pi. 
Freeman John S., proof reader (31 State, 

B.), house 8 Marvin pi. 
Freeman Joseph A., harness maker, 29 Sec- 
ond, boards do. 
Freeman Josiah C, sawyer, 382 Main, h. 

15 Sands 
Freeman Lottie Miss, clerk, Cambridge 

Laundry, boards 8 Marvin pi. 
Freeman Louis, waiter, Memorial Hall 
Freeman Margaret Miss, music teacher, 29 

Second, boards do. 
Freeman Nettie Miss, dressmaker, house 58 

Freeman Robert A., clerk, 433 Main, boards 

15 Walnut court 
Freeman Roxanna, widow of Bartlett B., h. 

22 Watson 
Freeman Susie H. Miss, dressmaker, 48 

Prospect, house do. 
Freeman Thomas F., harness maker, 29 

Second, boards do. 
Freeman Warren A., carpet beating, 3 

River and 380 Main, house 2 Village 
Freese John W., principal Washington 

grammar school, house 17 Chauncy 
Freeth Annie, widow of Wm. J., house 12 

Freethy Wm. R., clerk (71 Kilby, B.), h. 

8 Rice 
French Adeline B., widow, house 207£ 

French Charles A., house 17 Story 
Frern-h Charles L.,supt. Maverick Oil Co., 

Sixth, cor. Potter, h. Hotel Franklin, 

French Cordelia J. Miss, teacher, Dana 

primary school, bds. 165 Prospect 
French David, coffin coverer, 201 Bridge, 

boards at Somerville 
French Edward B., carriage painter, 232 

North aw, house 12 White 
French Estelle J. Miss, teacher, Harvard 

grammar sch »ol, boards 165 Prospect 
French E. B. Mrs., dressmaker, 12 White, 

house do. 
French Frederic M., clerk, 158 Cambridge 

boards 122 Otis 
French George E., foreman, rear 59 Main, 

boards 97 Norfolk 
French George E., newsdealer, 588 Main, 

house 5784 do. 
French George W., hostler, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., boards 35", Main 

French James M., machinist (Province ct. r 
B.), house 165 Prospect 

French John A., house 26 Hubbard av. 

French John S., chief engineer, Revere 
Sugar Refinery, Water, h. at Somerville 

French Lorenzo B., tinsmith (113 Black- 
stone, B.), house First, near Spring 

French Lucy C. Mrs., dressmaker, 23 Essex, 
house do. 

French Margaret, widow of Charles H., b. 
7 Salem 

French Mary C. Mrs., house 97 Norfolk 

French Mary F. Q. , widow of Ebenezer, h. 
13 DeWolf 

French Oren B., carpenter, Palmer, h. 30 

French Walter, agent (32 West,B ),b. 165 

French William A., stair builder, 49 Trow- 
bridge, house do. 

French Wm. H., rec. clerk (41 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 64 Fifth 

Frenette Philippe, safe maker, 17 Main. h. 
at Boston 

Frenning John E., stoves etc. (44 Union, 
B.), house 14 Fairmont 

Bennett, president, E. A. Davenport, 
treasurer, T. S. Hittinger, supt.), 
main office foot of Willow, branch 
offices, 6 Brattle and 649 Main (see 
page 12) 
Freston Arthur, cook, Memorial Hall, r. 22 

South [ np y 

Frew James, baker (Chicago), h. 26 Sid- 
Fricker Julius, piano tuner, 284 Main, h. 

at Boston 
Friedstrom Andrew P., safe maker, 17 

Main, house 177 do. 
Friel Annie S., milliner, 190 Cambridge, 

house do. 
Friel Bridget, widow of John, boards 122 

Friel John, cooper, boards 122 Spring 
Friel John, junk (25 South Margin, B.), h. 

Auburn pi. 2d on right 
Friel Nicholas, cooper, bds. 122 Spring 
Friel Patrick, cooper (Bay State Sugar 

Refinery, B.), house 106 Fourth 
Friend Edward W., teamster, 13 Broadway, 

house 80 Winsor 
Friend Samuel, boards 387 North av. 
Frier Adolphus S.. hardware (83 Camb. 

B.), house 41 Pleasant 
Frietas John, machinist, 368 Main, bds. 10 

Lowland av. 
Frietas Joseph, machinist, 368 Main. b. 10 

Lowland a v. 
Fritz Fred, at 169 Gore 
Fritz R. S.. at 44 Cambridge 
Frockberg G. Edward, tailor, h. 283 Main 
Frohock Austin W., clerk, 23 Harvard, h. 

4 Harvard place 



Established 1860, SO DOCK SQUARE. 



Frost Clarence B., trav. salesman, rms. 
765 Main 

FROST CLIFFORD L,.,contractor 
and builder, 17 Clark, boards 132 
Franklin (see page 627) 
Frost Eliza Mrs. (Frost & Cushing), bread- 
store, house 4 Hampshire pi. 
Frost Frank, grocer (177 Court, B.), h. 70 

Frost Frank, sawyer, 3 Hampshire 
Frost Geo., foreman (46 Cornhill, B.), h. 

39 Orchard 
Frost Geo. A., artist, 224 North av. ; h. 4 

Frost Geo. E., painter, b. 132 North av. 
Frost Geo. F., box maker, house rear 49 

Frost Geo. T., hack driver (B.), h. 279 

Frost H.T. Miss, house 132 North av. 
Frost Luther E., shoe findings (40 Lincoln, 

B.), house 100 Inman 
Frost Wm. A., shoe findings (40 Lincoln, 

B.), boards 100 Inman 
Frost & Cushing (Mrs. Eliza Frost and T. 

J. Cushing), breadstore 191 Hampshire 
Frothingham Amos T., cashier, Tremont 

National Bank (8 Congress, B.), h. 

338 Harvard 
Frothingham Ashton S., salesman (103 

Washington, B.). house 16 Wallace 
Frothingham Susan Mrs. h. 16 Wallace 
Frueh Frank, jewellry (253 Tremont, B.), 

boards 370 North av. 
Frye Arthur R., plumber, bds. 36 Ash 
Frye Delia A., widow of Wm., b. r. 90 

Frye Georgianna M. Miss, music teacher, 

boards 321 Pearl 
Frye James K. P., laborer, 169 Gore, h. 

453 Cambridge 
Frye Joseph E., book-keeper (B.), h. 14 

Frye Lydia A., wid. of Samuel M.,h. 14 

Frye Martha J., widow of James E., h. 

321 Pearl 
Frye Richard, tinsmith, 8 Brattle, h. 132 

North av. 
Frye Samuel B., laborer, 169 Gore. h. 451 

Fuchs John Edward, currier (Somerville), 

house 28 Harvev 

FUDGE DAVID, undertaker, 54 
Cambridge, h. 60 Camb. (see p. 623) 
Fnllam John, teamster, bds. 364 Cambridge 
Fullam Patrick W. Mrs., h. 364 Cambridge 
Fuller Addie R., widow of Richard F., h. 

13 Hilliard 
Fuller Alfred C, clerk (110 North, B.), b. 

R.O. Fuller's, Prospect 
Fuller Chas. L.. insurance (58 State, B.), 

house 19 Forest 

Fuller Edith D. Miss, at Public Library 

(46 Boylston, B.). h. 13 Hilliard 
Fuller Edward H., electrician (B.), h. 79 

Fuller Emma L., widow of Arthur B., h. 

13 Hilliard 
Fuller Geo. C. W., clothing, 561 Main, h. 

101 Austin 
Fuller Geo. C. W. Jr., clerk, 561 Main. b. 

101 Austin 
Fuller Geo. S., engineer, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., Dunster, h. 11 Garden court 
Fuller Gurden E., clothing cutter (Oak 

Hall, B.), house 58 Dana 
Fuller Harriet W. Miss, teacher of gymnas- 
tics, boards 68 Dana 
Fuller John, machinist, house 22 School 

st-place [ingham 

Fuller John E., canvasser, house 5 Rock- 
Fuller Lyman I., U. S. postal clerk, B. & 

A. R. R., house 21 Essex 
Fuller Richard B., clerk (70 Kilby B.), b. 

13 Hilliard 
Fuller Robert N., blacksmith, foot of 

First, house 92 Third 
Fuller Robert O. , iron and steel (1 10 North, 

B.), house Prospect, cor. Harvard 
Fuller Robert O. Jr., boards R. O. Fuller's, 

Prospect, cor. Harvard 
Fuller R. B., boards Porter's Hotel 
Fuller Sarah Mrs., house 111 Austin 
Fuller Simeon H., salesman (202 Devon- 
shire B.), house 68 Dana 
Fuller Wm. IL, paper hanger, h. 99 River 
Fullerton A. C, driver. W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

boards Brattle Square Hotel 
Fullerton Ellen Miss, house 21 Hancock 
Fullerton Geo., engineer, 136 Franklin, 

rooms do. 
Fulton Jasper, conductor, W. E. St. Ry., 

bds. Cambridge, cor. Baldwin [Prince 
Fulton John, painter, 14 Church, house 22 

Fulton John A., house 20 Winthrop 
Fulton Robert S., conductor, B. & A. R. 

R., boards 22 Prince 
Fumara Michael, hairdresser, 77 Pleasant, 

board 11 Lawrence 
Fumara see Finiuara 
Funk Win., currier, house Tannery, second 

on left 

FURBISH FRED B., carpenter 
and builder, Old Armory building, 
rear Lyceum Hall, h. 31 Crescent 
(see page 629) 
Furbish Geo., carpenter, house 9 Brown 
Furbush Elias. house 94 Harvard 
Furbush Joseph H., police station 1, house 

29 Crescent 
Furdy John, sausage maker (B.), boards 

267 Cambridge 
Furfey Hush, mat maker. 120 Brookline, 
house 12 Somerset 


E. Y. Wh 
W.H. HolH 

ite,'T 603 Main St. 
His' j 

Central Sq. 



Furfey H. Frank, shade painter, boards 12 

Furfey Isabella, music teacher, boards 116 

Furfey James, mat mnfr., 120 Brookline, 

house 118 do. 
Furfey James A., clerk, 120 Brookline, 

boards 118 do. 
Furfey James H., mat maker, 120 Brook- 
line, house 83 Pleasant 
Furfey John E., letter-carrier, boards 12 

Furfey Michael, mat maker, 120 Brook- 
line, house rear 122 do. 
Furlong Isaac A., butter, etc. (27 and 29 

Commercial B.), house 13 Magazine 
Furlong James, hostler, W. E. St. Ry., 

Mt. Auburn stable, bds. 609 Mt. Auburn 
Furlong Stephen C, conductor (W. E. St. 

Ry.,B.), house 414 Main 
Furlong Thos., laborer, B. & A. R. R., h. 

3 Porter 
Furnace Roger, blacksmith, 268 Mt. Auburn 
Furneaux Walter, conductor, W. E. St. R., 

boards 609 Mt. Auburn 
Furness Wm. H. Mrs., house, Reidesel av. 
Furness Roger, blacksmith, h. 22 South 
Fury John, iron worker, Boston Bridge 

Works, Sixth 

GABELINE NICHOLAS, sausage maker, 

house 426 Cambridge 
Gabriel Albert, night clerk (1347 Wash. 

15.), rooms 10 Essex 
Gabriel Martha R., widow of Samuel G., 

rooms 10 Essex 
Gaddus David, soap boiler, 204 Broadway, 

house 387£ Cambridge 
Gaddus James, laborer (Somerville) bds. 

387£ Cambridge 
Gadesby Charles, iron worker, B. B. Wks., 

house 14 Berkshire place 
Gafney Elizabeth, widow, h. 84£ Elm 
Gafney James, machinist, h. 119 Fourth 
Gage Abbi^ R., widow of Nathaniel, bds. 

F. Perrin's, Arsenal square 
/^1 AGE DANIEL W., stoves, tin- 
VU~ ware and plumber, 157 North ave., 
house Lambert av., cor. Mt. Pleas- 
ant (see page 10) 
Gage Jennie E. Miss, dressmaker, 28 

Franklin, boards do. 
Gage Lydia A., widow of Samuel C. , house 

Lambert ave. corner Mt. Pleasant 
Gage Mary C. Miss, nurse, rooms 17 

Gage Milton, furniture, 200 North avenue, 

house 36 Orchard [shire 

Gaghon Frank, cigar mnfr., h. 61 Hamp- 
Gaghon Orvilla, cabinet maker, h. "3 Fifth 
Gagnon Depnasse, cabinet maker, 20 

A Ibany 
Gagnon Frank, brick maker, M. W. Sands, 

Walden, b. Dublin, near Walden 

Gagnon Joseph, laborer, house 191 Dublin 
Gahm Elizabeth B., teacher Gore primary 

school, boards 96 Vine 
Gahm John, varnisher, house 96 Vine 
Gahm Joseph S., clerk (450 Wash., B.), 

boards 96 Vine 
Galarneau Charles J., clerk, 393 Cam- 
bridge, house rear 172 Columbia 
Gale Cicero C, salesman (61 Chauncy, 

B.), house 246 Harvard 
Gale Frank W., engineer, B. & L. R. R., 

rooms 176 Cambridge 
f^\ ALE GEORGE W„ lumber, 336 
VX to 348 Main, cor. Portland, house 330 

Harvard (see front cover) 
Gale Hezekiah C, milkman, house 29 

Gale Justin E., boards 25 Kirkland 
Gale Priscilla, widow, bds. 30 Cogswell av. 
Gale Wm., house 12 Kirkland 
Gallagher Charles, iron moulder, 356 Main, 

house 18 Clark 
Gallagher Edward K., safe maker, 17 Main, 

boards 15 Ninth 
Gallagher Edward J., granite cutter, house 

First, beyond Spring 
Gallagher Frank, baker, 502 Maiti 
Gallagber Frank, 169 Gore, h. 9 Jefferson 
Gallagher Henry J., machinist, B. & M. R. 

R. shop, boards 178 Cambridge 
Gallagher Hugh, cigars, etc. (511 Somer- 
ville avenue, Somerville), boards 187 

Gallagher Hugh, laborer, 29 Main, house 

77 Washington 
Gallagher Hugh J., laborer, house 30 Gore 
Gallagher Hugh J., laborer, h. 130 Pleasant 
Gallagher James, upholsterer, boards 172 

Gallagher James, carpenter, h. r. 6 Lopez 
Gallagher James H., sail maker (B.), h. 8 

Gallagher Jane C. Mrs., h. 178 Cambridge 
Gallagher John, at 169 Gore 
Gallagher John, boiler maker, 72 Main 
Gallagher John, safe maker, 17 Main, house 

15 Ninth 
Gallagher John, stone cutter, house 11 Con- 
Ions court 
Gallagher John A., lather, house 172 Winsor 
Gallagher Mary, house 11 Ninth 
Gallagher Mary Mrs., h. 1 Webster avenue 
Gallagher Nicholas, clerk (516 Wash., B.), 

boards 48 Harding 
Gallagher Owen, clerk, 477 Camb., boards 

30 Gore 
Gallagher Owen, safe maker, 17 Main, 

house 1 1 Ninth 
Gallagher Owen J., book-binder, Riverside 

Bindery, house 25 Lopez 
Gallagher Patrick, at 169 Gore 
Gallagher Patrick, peddler, h. 48 Harding 
Gallagher Peter, candy maker, house 1 

Cedar square 



2 & 4 Central Sq. 




Gallagher Peter, truckman (B. & M. R. R. 

freight depot, B.'), h. 267 Cambridge 
Gallagher Philip, boiler maker, B. & L. R. 

R., house 36 Second 
Gallagher Thomas, plasterer, rear 577 Main, 

house 101 Webster avenue 
Gallagher Thomas J., trunk maker (73 

Haverhill, B.), house 68 Hastings 
Gallagher William, laborer, house Munroe, 

near Third 
Gallagher William, plasterer, rear 577 and 

613 Main, house 101 Webster avenue 
Gallagher William J. (W. J. Gallagher & 

Co.). dry and fancy goods, 127 and 182 

Cambridge, house 178 do. 
Gallagher W. J. & Co. (William J. Galla- 
gher and Daniel Bradley), dry goods, 

182 Cambridge 
Gallary William J., laborer, John Reardon 

& Sons, h. Waverly , east of Fort Wash. 
Galley Eliza, wid. of George, h. 31 Winter 
Galley George J., brakeman, B. &L. R. R., 

boards 31 Winter 
Galley William J., brakeman, B. & L. R. 

R., boards 31 Winter 
Galligan James, watchman, 17 Main, house 

Munroe, west of Third 
Galligan Peter A., foreman of machinists, 

17 Main, bds. James Galligan's, Munroe 
Gallivan Crohane, shoemaker, Spring, cor. 

Fourth, house Conlons court 
Gallivan Daniel, shoe*maker, h. 7 Foster pi. 
Gallivan James, bar tender, Franklin, bds. 

199 Mt. Auburn 
Gallivan James, groceries and provisions, 

36 Foster, house do. 
Gallivan James, laborer, boards 25 Hancock 
Gallivan James, printer, University Press, 

boards 24 Bath 
Gallivan John, carpenter, house Dudley, 

next Montgomery 
Gallivan John, gardener, house r. 20 South 
Gallivan John, grocer, 10 Foster, h. 15 do. 
Gallivan John, laborer, house 17 Farwell 

Gallivan Mary, widow of James, h. 24 Bath 
Gallivan Michael, groceries, 26 Sparks, bds. 

187 Mt. Auburn 
Gallivan Mortimer, laborer, house rear 25 

Gallivan Patrick, laborer, house Moore's 

block, Marsh court 
Gallivan Patrick, laborer, Mt. Auburn cem- 
etery, house 20 Sparks 
Gallivan Timothy, night watchman, Mur- 

ray-st. stable, house 12 Murray 
Galvin James, laborer, house 55 North 
Galvin James D., clerk, 215 Franklin, 

boards do. 
Galvin Joanna, widow of Philip, boards r. 

116 Brookline 
Galvin John, laborer, C. H. North, boards 

378 Cambridge 
Galvin John, laborer, H. U. yard, h. 6 Grant 

Galvin John, liquors, 215 Franklin, house 

rear 18 Sparks 
Galvin John J., carriage painter, 244 Main, 

house 8 Erie 
Galvin Mary, widow, house 746 Cambridge 
Galvin Michael, house 171 Norfolk 
Galvin Michael, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 

137 Webster avenue 
Galvin Michael, Jr., candy maker, 189 

Hampshire, boards 171 Norfolk 
Galvin Michael J., fireman, Fifth, corner 

Rogers, house 116 Brookline 
Galvin Patrick, painter, boards 92 Spring 
Galvin Philip J., pressman, Riverside Press, 

house 114 Brookline 
Galvin Richard A., clerk, 459 Main, house 

116 Brookline 
Galvin Robert, laborer, boards 55 North 
Galvin Thomas, laborer, boards 92 Spring 
Galvin Thomas, laborer, house 188 Winsor 
Galvin T., watchman, Murray-st. stable, W. 

E. St. Ry. Co. 
Galway John, cooper, Fifth, corner Rogers, 

house 50 Sixth 
Galway J. W., baker, 502 Main 
Galway William, polisl»er, Mt. Auburn, 

opposite Elmwood avenue, house 211 

Mt. Auburn 
Galway William, Jr., laborer, boards 211 

Mt. Auburn 
Gamage Gideon L., blacksmith, U. S. Mail 

stable, 44 Bridge, house at Lynn 
Gammon Edwin E., carpenter, house 37 

Gandy Charles, laborer, 126 Portland, bds. 

204 Cambridge 
Gandy Thomas, Jr., rougher, 126 Portland, 

house 204 Cambridge 
Gannett John P., house 19 Ware 
Gannett John S., clerk (Union Safe Deposit 

Vaults, 40 State, B.), house 19 Ware 
Gannett Thomas B., supt. , Revere Sugar 

Refinery, Water, house 3 Dana 
j Gannett William Wyllis, house 19 Ware 
Gannett William W., house 3 Dana 
Gannon Bridget Mrs., house 305 Cambridge 
Gannon John L., sign painter, house 6 

King place 
Gannot) Martha, widow of Patrick, h. 80 Elm 
Gannon Peter J., mason, boards 80 Elm 
Gannon Thomas, blacksmith, Sixth, corner 

Gannon Thomas, mason, house 84 Elm 
Gannon William, clerk, Prospect House, 

boards do. 
Gantner John, dry plate maker. 25 Main, 

house at Boston 
Garabrant Edward, hatter, Rhoades bldg., 

State, house 90 Green [Co. 

Garahan William, bootmaker, Am. Rubber 
Garaty John W., carpenter, 74 Boylston, 

house Washington 
Garceau August, laborer, boards 79 Pearl 



P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820Mai*n u:id 89 Sparks Streetg 





Garceau A. Miss, dressmaker, 79 Pearl, 

boards do. 
Gard James, at 169 Gore 
Gardham George T., fireman, steam street 

roller, house 62 Spring 
Gardham William S., elerK, 120 Cambridge, 

boards do. 
Gardiner Charles M., die maker (17 Char- 
don, B.), house 242 Harvard 
Gardiner Emeline C, widow of Charles F., 

house 8 Forest 
Gardner A. P., carpenter, Am. Rubber Co. 
Gardner Benjamin R., shoe laster, house 

178 Hampshire 
Gardner Charles W., milkman, house 240 

Mt. Auburn 
Gardner Charles W. , teamster, h. 88 Fifth 
Gardner Clarence J., machinist (B.), boards 
38 Erie [bridge 

Gardner Elisha P., teamster, h. 165 Cam- 
Gardner Frank W., base-ballplayer, boards 

1954 Cambridge 
Gardner George, laborer, house rear 37 

Gardner G. Milton, pastor, Reformed Epis- 
copal church, rooms 48 Pleasant 
Gardner James, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Gardner James, hostler, house 7 Fifth 
Gardner James E. Mrs., house Reservoir, 

near Fayerweather 
Gardner Joel, boards 60 Market 
Gardner John C, engineer, B. & L. R. R.. 

house 74 Cambridge 
Gardner John W., newsdealer, 195£ Cam- 
bridge, house do. 
Gardner Maria, widow, house 252 Franklin 
Gardner Peter, laborer, 169 Gore, and gro- 
cer. 29 Warren, house do. 
Gardner Peter, paper hanger, h. 1 Cedar sq. 
Gardner Randall 1)., machinist, h. 38 Erie 
Gardner Samuel B., cooper, house 10 Lake 
Gardner Thomas, laborer, house 134 Web- 
ster avenue 
Gardner William C. watchman, 162 Broad- 
way, house at Chelsea 

Charles C, at 44 Cambridge 
Garev Richard, porter. 162 Broadway, house 

51 Pine 
Gargan James, teamster, 244 Main, house 

Sarin John, laborer, boards 117 Tremont 
Garland Adelbert. painter, 244 Broadway. 

boards 152 Pearl 
Garland Frank E.. machinist, 450 Cam- 
bridge, boards 4394 do. 
Garland Gilman B., painter, h. 152 Pearl 
Garland Henry, handler, 126 Portland, h. 

138 Harvard 
Garland Nathaniel, house 7 Summer 
Garland Nelson (Garland & Evans), pro- 
visions, 119 Gore, house 128 Bridge 
Garland Norman F., teamster, b. 28 Fifth 
Garland a Brans Nelson Garland and 
Frederick Evans), provisions. 119 Gore 

Garlick Charles L., carpenter, boards 507 

Garlick Reuben L., carpenter and builder, 

507 Cambridge, house do. 
Garlick Willie F., clerk (7 Dock sq. , B.). 

boards 507 Cambridge 
Garmissen Von Mary Mrs., teacher of lan- 
guages, rear 112 Spring, house do. 
Garmissen Gustavus, furniture polisher. 
Second, corner Thorndike, house rear 
112 Spring 
Garner Mary, widow, house 27 Decatur 
Garner Mary W., dressmaker, house M 
Harvard [Thorndike 

Garner Matthew, laborer, house First, opp. 
Garner William W., waiter, h. 84 Harvard 
Garrbrant Edward, hatter, State, corner 

Osborn. rooms 90 Green 
Garrett William F.. horseshoer, 135 Frank- 
lin, house 55 Jay 
Garritt Theda. widow of Matthias, house 7 
Richdale avenue [Beaver 

Garrity Catherine, widow of John, house 6 
Garrity George, tinsmith, house 5 Pioneer 
Garrity James, butcher, Niles Bros., Con- 
cord avenue 
Garrity James L. Mrs., house 13 Vine 
Garrity Joseph, sticker in, 126 Portland 
Garrity Martin, butcher. Niles Bros., Con- 
cord avenue [bridge 
Garrity Michael, 169 Gore, boards 198 Cam- 
Garrity Michael J., plumber, 12 Brattle, b. 

6 Beaver 
Garrity Thomas, teamster, house 14 Otter 
Garry Anna R., widow of Westley W.. h. 

76 Prospect 
Garst Henry, baker, 163 Bridge, house at 

Gartland Michael, laborer, Niles Bros., h. 

Concord av., near Adams 
Gartland Patrick, teamster, Hovey & Co., 

house 80 Kirkland 
Garvey James, painter, 201 Bridge, house 

at Boston 
Garvey James, horse shoer, 106 Portland, 

cor. Hampshire, house do. 
Garvi-y John J., grocer, 31 Harvard, h. do. 
Garvin David, carpenter, h. 21 Jefferson 
Garvin Ellen, widow, house 103 Fourth 
Garvin James A., cooper, b. 21 Jefferson 
Garvin James J., brush maker, house 103 

Garvin John, glass blower, 3 Second, h. 

5 7 Vine 
Garvin Josephine, wid. of Wo., h. 402 Main 
Garvin Locklin, carpenter, b. 21 Jefferson 
Garvin Patrick J., glass blower, 3 Second, 

boards 103 Fourth 
Gaskill Albert E., paper hanger, house 67 

Gaskins Thomas B., laborer, h. S3 Howard 
Gasper Joseph, fisherman, bouse 92 Vine 
Grass Chas. H.. produce com. merchant (61 
Quincv Market. B.), h. 11 Roseland 

DCQT Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 




Gassett Charles, clerk (161 Blackstone.B.), 

house rear 365 Harvard 

Gassett , boards rear 365 Harvard 

Gatcomb Lincoln B., musical instructor, b. 

155 Washington 
Gatelev John J., clerk, 9 Harvard sq., house 

25 DeWolf 
Gateley Joseph, clerk, 9 Harvard square, 

boards 19 Dyke 
Gateley Martin, expressman, Lyceum bldg., 

Harvard square, boards 19 Dyke 
Gateley Wm., stone cutter, b. 175 Cushing 
Gates H. Sumner, chair maker, boards 23 

Gates Linda Miss, asst. matron, 41 Holyoke, 

boards do. 
Gates Stephen F. Mrs., h. 49 River 
Gates T. L., conductor W. E. St. Ky. Co., 

boards 6 Murray 
Gates Wm. H., painter, 23 William, h. do. 
Gatley Bridget, widow of Patrick, house 

Webster avenue 
Gatley James, laborer, house 19 Dyke 
Gatley James E., clerk, 1 Palmer, rooms 

8 South 
Gatley Jeremiah, cooper, Ninth, opp. Spring. 

boards 54 Portland 
Gatley John, house 126 Holworthy 
Gatley John, laborer, 169 Gore, b. 11 Ninth 
Gatley John, marble polisher, 53 Main, h. 

54 Portland 
Gatley Maria Mrs., groceries, 63 Spring 

house do. 
Gatley Michael, furniture varnisher, Sec- 
ond, cor. Thorndike, h. 63 Spring 
Gatley Patrick, ironworker, Boston Bridge 

Works, Sixth, boards 5 Linehan's blk., 

Gatley Peter, marble polisher (B.), house 

49 Amory 
Gatley Thomas, laborer, house rear 90 

Gatley Thomas J., printer (252 Wash., B.), 

boards 19 Dyke 
Gaughan John, sawyer, 162 Broadway, h. 

17 Ninth 
Gaul Russell, porter (27 State, B.),h. 28 

GaulThomas H., laborer, b. 28 Harrison 
Gauldropp Frank, liquors and boarding- 
house, 440 North av., house do. 
Gauldropp Frank, Jr., clerk, 440 North av., 

boards do. 
Gauley James, laborer, h. rear 16 Sparks 
Gault Benjamin F., carpenter, house 92 

Gauthier Alexander, cabinet maker, 137 

Broadway, house 79 Hampshire 
Gauthier Eliza Mrs., variety store, 77 Hamp- 
shire, house do. 
(xauthier Napoleon, laborer (Brookline), 

boards 51 Pleasant 
Gavin Edward C, laborer, b. 38 Hastings 
Gavin John, baker, 502 Main 

Gavin John, laborer, boards 216 Franklin 
Gaw David, clerk, 28 Central sq., boards 3 

Stinson court 
Gaw James, at Amer. Tube Works (Som- 

merville), house 3 Stinson ct. 
Gay Archibald H., sailmaker, house 180 

Gay Charles A., janitor, City Hall, huuse 

93 Green 
Gay Edward De Forest, house 132 Auburn 
Gay Elliot A., sewing-machine agent, h. 

112 Pearl 
Gav Howard E., hairdresser (B.), house 

112 Pearl 
Gay Rubert M., clerk (107 Washington. 

B.), boards 26 River 
Gay Walter, farmer, house Adams, near 

Concord av. 
Gay William, letter carrier, 18 Boylston, 

house 52 do. 
Gayan Dainasse. cabinet maker, h. 92 Third 
Gay lor Christopher, laborer. Amer. Rubber 

Works, boards 114 Thorndike 
Gay lord Edson D., dentist (120 Tremont, 

B.), house 776 Main 
Gaylord Frances D., widow of Edwin, h. 

19 Walden 
Gaylord Win. L., trav. salesman (Ohauncy, 

B.), house 248 North av. 
Gaynor Wm. , boiler maker, 92 Main, house 

at Boston 
Gaynor Win., laborer, B. & L. R. R., bds. 

83 Bridge 
Gayton James, teamster, boards 21 Sixth 
Gay ton Patrick F. (Gayton & Co.), char- 
coal, 103 Bridge, house 24 Sixth 
Gayton & Co. (Patrick F. Gayton, Charles 

Gormley, John Walsh and James Mc- 

Kenna), charcoal, 1U3 Bridge 
Gaytons Bernard, house 167 Spring 
Gay tons Catherine, widow of John, house 

167 Spring 
Gaytons John, hostler, W. E. S. Ry. Co., 

251 Cambridge, boards 44 Seventh 
Geary Daniel, laborer, 169 Gore, house 323 

Geary James, cooper, Ninth, corner Spring, 

house rear 53 Vine 
Geary Joseph, laborer, house 13 Vine 
Geary Joseph, Jr., furniture polisher, bds. 

9 Vine 
Geary Lewis, furniture polisher, State, cor. 

Osborn, boards J 3 Vine 
Geary Patrick, baker, 502 Main 
Geary Patrick, laborer, bds. 34 Hampshire 
Geary Patrick, laborer, house 16 North 
Geary Patrick, at 169 Gore 
Geary Richard J., piano maker, h. 51 Pine 
Geary Thomas, laborer, house 50 Cedar 
Geary William, currier, house 50 Cedar 
Geddes David, soap cutter, 206 Broadway, 

house 383 Cambridge 
Geddes Mrs., boards 686 Main 

Dr. E. Y. White, 




Gee John, checker, B. & L. R. R. hay de- 
pot No. 1, Prison Point, h. atSomerville 
Geisler Maria A., widow of Francis C, h. 

125 Winsor 

Geldowsky Ferdinand, furniture manufr., 

Second, cor. Thorndike, bds. Prospect 


Genther Joseph, currier, h. r. 372 North av. 

Genthner Gilmore, tinsmith, 57 Cambridge, 

house 133 Otis 
George Allen Mrs , house 5 Vine 
George Antoine, hairdresser, 197 Cam- 
bridge, house 99 Gore 
George Harvey Mrs., house 104 Otis 
George Henry B., designer, Riverside Press, 

house 312 Pearl 
George Obidiah, house 375 Cambridge 
George S^rah, widow of Thomas, house 30 

Geppert Herman C, wood turner, Second, 

cor. Thorndike, house 99 Spring 
Geppert H., at 1G9 Gore 
GermMiie David, gardener, house 19 Tuttle 
Germaine Joseph P., florist, bds. 19 Tuttle 
Germaine Mary Miss, clerk, bds. 19 Tuttle 
Germaine Matthew J., boards 19 Tuttle 
German Jane, widow of James, house 45 

German John, at 169 Gore 
German Lizzie Miss, boards 45 Hastings 

of New York, John S. Sawyer, agt. , 
559 Main (see front cover) 

Gerow Warren, laborer, hous i r. 5 Potter 

Gerrish Edward, boards 8 Avon 

Gerrish Mary A., widow of Samuel, house 
104 Allston 

Gerrish Peter, upholsterer, 67 Sixth, house 
69 do. 

Gerrish Smith, house 8 Avon 

Gerrish Willard P., asst., at Observatory 
Garden, house at Boston 

Gerrish Woodbury, cabinet maker and wood 
carver, 119 Pearl, house 143 Green 

Gerry Andrew W., cooper, boards 2 Bell 

Gerry Barney, blacksmith, h. 210 Sidney 

Gerry Frederick A., house 89 North ave. 

Gerry Jerry, tinsmith, 153 Putnam avenue, 
boards 57 Pleasant 

Gerry John, laborer, house 210 Sidney 

Gerry John W., horse shoer, 9 Tenney, h. 
5 Blanche 

Gerry Mary, widow of James, house 2 Bell 

Gerry Thomas H., engineer, 172 Pearl, h. 
50 Fairmont 

Gerry Trueworthy, trav. salesman (17 King- 
ston, B.), hoards 67 Pleasant 

Gerry Walter A., propr., Hotel Cambridge, 
45 Otis, house do. 

Gerry Warren A., carriage trimmer, 270 
North avenue, hoards 89 do. 

Gerstlauer Catharine Mrs., boards 31 Web- 
ster a. enue 

Gerwig Charles, shoemaker, b. 158 Harvard 

Getchell Elihu B., intelligence office, fruit, 

etc., 3 Central sq., house 19 Magazine 
Getchell Eliza S. Mrs., teacher, Harvard 

grammar school, boards 2 River 
Getchell Harry C, clerk, 3 Central square, 

boards 19 Magazine 
Getchell H. W., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Getchell Waldo, machinist. Arrow, boards 

884 Main 
Gethins Patrick, coachman, 320 Harvard, 

house 319 Green 
Getz Thomas, cabinet maker (Charlestown), 

boards 42 Winter 
Geyer Andrew, apothecary, 88 Cambridge, 

house 34 Third 
Gej'er Frederika S. Miss, oil and crayon 

artist, 34 Third, house do. 
Gfroerer Charles, wood carver, h. 69£ Fifth 
Giamola Ettare, at 44 Cambridge | 

Gibbeau Adolph, brick maker, h. 85 Dublin 
Gibbens Eliza P. Mrs., house 18 Garden 
Gibbens William, plumber, 469 Cambridge, 

house at South Boston 
Gibbons James E., teamster (B.), house 25 

Gibbons John, cutter, Amer. Rubber Co. 
Gibbons John, cutter's helper, Amer. Rub- 
ber Co., boards Plymouth 
Gibbons John, safe maker, 17 Main 
Gibbons Michael, laborer, Amer. Rubber 

Gibbons Patrick, cutter, Amer. Rubber Co. 
Gibbons Samuel, cutter, N. E. Glass Works 
Gibbons Thomas, laborer, 184 Broadway, 

boards 18 Plymouth 
Gibbs Amory T. (U. S. Treasury, B.), h. 

56 Hamilton 
Gibbs Francis G., coffee (36 India, B.), b. 

110 Inman 
Gibbs Fred T., clerk (43 Franklin, B.), h. 

45 Norfolk 
Gibbs George O., agent (151 Milk, B.), b. 

56 Hamilton 
Gibbs Herbert R., clerk, Riverside Press, 

house 280 Pearl 
Gibbs Horace G. , gas machines (B.), house 

X 10 Inman 
Gibbs Phineas C, clerk, Amer. Express 

Co. (112 Canal, B.), house 26 Suffolk 
Gibbs Susan F. Mrs., bds. 150 Mt. Auburn 
Giblin James, laborer, house 36 Brewery 
Gibson Elizabeth, widow of Matthew, h. 1 

Second-st. court 

Ivers & Pond Piano Co., 186 Main 
and (181 and 182 Tremont, B.), h. at 
Medford (see page 7) 
Gibson James, carpenter, house 54 Winter 
Gibson James, laborer, Mt. Auburn ceme- 
tery, house 44 Cogswell av. 
Gibson John, clerk (B.), b. 44 Cogswell av. 
Gibson John, florist, rear 148 Brattle, h. do. 
Gibson Joseph P., reporter (81 Milk, B.), 
house 3<i Western av. 

Burditt & White u 2 Ia f eC 4 ilt a I^ Paints, Oils & Glass. 



Gibson J. Harry, blacksmith, 9 Church, h. 

67 Brattle 
Gibson Lydia G. Miss, variety store, 28 

BDokline, bds. 79 Auburn 
Gibson Roben, baker, house 30 Andrew- 
Gibson Stephen 13., varnisher, 286 Main, b. 

6 Clark 
Gibson William, helper, 12 Brattle 
Gibson William, milkman, 132 Garden, 

house do. 
Gibson William T., milkman, h. 11 Willard 
Giddings Joseph (Zerega & Giddings), hat 

nmfr., State, house 08 Webster ave. 
Giddings Richard, expressman, boards 77 


GII>DI\(;s SAMUEL, livery, 
hack and boarding stable, 15 Gore, 
house 116 Thorndike (see p. 635) 
Giffin Harold A., artist, 54 Mt. Auburn, 

rooms do. 
Giffney Catherine, widow, h. 115 Tremont 
Gifford Arthur H., teamster, 163 Gore, h. 

21 Squires court 
Gifford Elisha, compositor, University 

Press, h. 2 Sacramento place 
Gifford Franklin K., b. 2 Sacramento pi. 
Gifford Fred K., trav. salesman (B.), bds. 

2 Sacramento place 
Gifford Lysander W. H., foreman, 169 

Gore, rooms 103 Cambridge 
Gifford Ralph W., recorder, Harvard Ob- 
servatory, b. 2 Sacramento pi. 
Gifford William £., b. 2 Sacramento pi. 
Gifse Albert, at 44 Cambridge 
Giggy Israel, laborer, 5 Broadway, house 

57 Inman 
Giggy Mary Ann Mrs., laundry, 57 Inman, 

house do. 
Gilbert Alvah A., teamster, house 3 Brown's 

block, Main 
Gilbert Charles, clerk (B.), boards 94 

Gilbert Charles S., agent, h. 126 Norfolk 
Gilbert Edward B., compositor, 513 Main, 

boards 50 Prospect 
Gilbert Eli, brick maker, house Vassal lane 
Gilbert Ellery T., ins. agent, h. 10 Warland 
Gilbert Emily Mrs., nurse, rms. 17 Eliot 
Gilbert Eugene F., steward, 24 Church, 

boards do. 
Gilbert Fred M., salesman, 306 Harvard 
Gilbert George A., traveling salesman (B.), 

house 58 Sixth 
Gilbert Hiram, house 10 Warland 
Gilbert James L., musician and piano tuner 

(3 West, B.), and 87 Camb., h. do. 
Gilbert James W., pressman (400 Wash., 

B.), house 106 Auburn 
Gilbert William F., painter, 72^ Inman, 

house do. 
Gilbert William F., Jr., night operator, N. 

E. T. & T. Co., 623 Main, b. 72£ Inman 
Gilbertson Albert, shoemaker, boards '3 


Gilcreas Charles S., salesman (29 Hawley, 
B.), boards 57 Franklin 

Gilcreas Frances E. Miss, book-keeper, 110 
Harvard, boards 57 Franklin 

Gilcreas Hannah, widow of Simeon, housa 
41 Cogswell avenue 

Gilcreas Hannah M., wid. of D. Austin, h. 
57 Franklin 

Gilcreas Mary C. Miss, book-keeper, Brew- 
ery, cor. Washington, b. 57 Franklin 

Giles C. F., conductor. W. E. St. Hy. Co. 

Giles Sarah, widow of Albert, h. 63 Pros- 

Gilkey Robert J., printer (B.), house 105 

Gill Bridget, widow of Patrick, h. 121 Elm 

GILL JOHN, watches and jewelry, 
458 Harvard, h. 29 Ash (see p. 623) 
Gill Michael, laborer, house 22 Hunting 
Gill Patrick, at 169 Gore 
Gill Thomas E., conductor, house 5 Gor- 
don place 
Gill William T., clerk. 458 Harvard, boards 

29 Ash 
Gillam Charles II.. coal and wood, 1 Nor- 
folk court, house do. 

Gillain machine hand, Goepper Bros. 

Gillan John, grocer. 242 Cambridge, h. do. 
Gilleland Betsey Mrs., h. 184 Bridge 
Gilleland William H.. driver, Boston Ice 

Co., Prison Point, bds. at Oharlestown 
Gillespie Eliza J. Mrs., dressmaker, 17 Mt. 

Auburn, house do. 
Gillespie Isaac W., carpenter, 249 and 613 

Main, house 78 Winsor 
Gilliam Emma, widow, h. 63 Wash. 
Gillies John P. (5 Temple pi., B.), house 

102 Prospect 
Gilligan James, laborer, John Reardon & 

Sons, house 265 Putnam av. 
Gilligan John A., city laborer, h. 109 Elm 
Gilligan John H., teamster (95 Haverhill, 

B.), house 246 Bridge 
Gilligan Patrick, baker, 502 Main, boards 

126 Prospect 
Gilligan Patrick, house 126 Prospect 
Gilligan Rose A. Mrs., dressmaker, 79 Gore, 

house do. 
Gillis Andy, at 169 Gore 
f^\ ILLIS BROS., carpenters and 
\JT builders, 299 Washington st., Somer- 

ville (see page 630) 
Gillis Charles P., brass finisher (B.), boards 

65 Ellery 
Gillis Clod, conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

boards 77 Thorndike 
Gillis C. S., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Gillis Daniel L., printer, h. 63 School 
Gillis George, sawyer, 3 Hampshire, boards 

219 Broadway 
Gillis George II., sawyer. 3 Hampshire 
Gillis James C. sawyer. 125 Broadway 
Gillis John, blacksmith, h. r. 161 Otis 
Gillis John, laborer, h. 74 Gushing 

CHOICE^r^lL^KfS^*^ P. BI1 & SII 



Gillis John, machinist, 72 Main, house at 

Gillis Joseph, coachman, h. 31 Somerset 

Gillis Patrick, carpenter, bds. 519 Main 

Gillis Patrick, hostler, Mt. Auburn stable, 
W. E. St. Ry. Co., h. 261 Mt. Auburn 

Gillis Peter, laborer, house 53 Vine 

Gillogley Patrick, laborer, h. 34 Charles 

Gillon Frank E., clerk, Fifth, corner Rog- 
ers, boards 92 Prospect 

Gilman Albert, asst. engineer, House of 
Correction, h. at Somerville 

Gilman Arthur, sec. of society for the col- 
legiate instruction of women, H. U., 
and business manager of the Cambridge 
school, 20 Mason, h. 5 Waterhouse 

Gilman Charles H. (Charles H. Gilman & 
Co.), furniture mnfr. , 37 Clark, house 
17 Magazine 

Gilman Charles H. & Co. (Chas. H. Gil- 
man), furniture mnfrs., 37 Clark 

Gilman Edward, grocer, 9 Reed, h. do. 

Gilman Francis B., discount clerk, Mer- 
chants' National Bauk (28 State, B.), 
house 7 Hawthorn 

Gilman Henry W., book-keeper, 37 Clark, 
bds. 17 Magazine 

Gilman James A., printer, University Press 
house 72 Chestnut 

Gilman John W., salesman (95 Milk, B.), 
house 2 Tufts 

Gilman Mary E. , teacher, Wyman school 
boards at Somerville 

Gilman Samuel, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 
21 McCabe 

Gilman Sarah, widow of Chas., b. 75 Sixth 

Gilman William B., conductor, W. E. St. 
Ry. Co., bds. 42 Antrim 

Gilmore Charles H., driver, U. S. M., 44 
Bridge, bds. Hotel Cambridge 

Gilmore David, janitor, house r. 63 Wash. 

Gilmore Edward H., tinsmith, 6 Prison 
Point, house at Boston 

Gilmore Elizabeth, widow of Gilbert, house 
782 Main 

Gilmore Henry H. (Gilmore & Eustis), pro- 
prietor, Cambridge Rolling Mill, 126 
Portland, house 26 Clinton [Co. 

Gilmore Jas., foreman of yard, Am. Rubber 

Gilmore James H., grocer, 25 Holworthy, 
bds. 58 Auburn place 

Gilmore John, house 58 Auburn pi. 

Gilmore Marion E. Miss, school teacher, 
(Maiden), bds. 782 Main 

Gilmore Peter, boot maker, Am. Rubber 
Co., bds. 6 Harvard place 

Gilmore Robert H., clerk, Cambridge Rol- 
ling Mill, 126 Portland, bds, 26 Clinton 

Gilmore W. B., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. 

H. Gilmore and Frank I. Eustis), 
props., Cambridge Rolling Mill, 12 j 
Portland (see back cover) 

Gilmour Wm. E., clerk (151 Milk B.), h. 

256 Pearl 
Gilmour William J., foreman (126 Fulton, 

B.), house 256 Pearl 
Gilpatrick Charles, iceman, house Tannery, 

first on right 
Gilroy Michael, printer, h. rear 64 Charles 
Gilson Charlotte M., widow of Richard H., 

boards 127 Auburn 
Gingras Leon, carpenter, h. 85 Spruce 
Gingrass Louis, lineman, 23 Main, boards 

at Charlestown 
Ginty James H., plumber, 599£ Main, bds. 

5 Pine 
Ginty Michael A., police, station 2, house 

5 Pine 
Girard Emanuel, baker, Peter Morse, bds. 

do. Walden 
Girard Charles, laborer, h. 16 Fairmont av. 
Girard Ernest, supt., Boston Heating Co., 

boards 32 Brookline 
Girard George, driver, Peter Morse, house 

Walden, near Dublin 
Girard Louis F., electrotype finisher, Uni- 
versity Press, h. 25 Western ave. 
Giroux Albert, cabinet maker, h. 122 Third 
Gisse Albert, cabinet maker, h. 6 Sixth 
Given James, upholsterer, b. 647 Cambridge 
Given Rebecca, widow of Albert, house 

547 Cambridge 
Glaab Leonard, shoemaker 1 Mt. Auburn 

(Watertown), house 212 Cushing 
Glacken John H., grocer, 21 Harding, h. do 

GL.ASER FRANK, baker, 163 
Bridge, house do. (see page 639) 
Glaser Joseph, baker, 79 Cambridge, house 

41 Green 
Glaser Richard, jig sawyer, house rear 65 

Western avenue 
Glass Eunice E. Mrs., h. 106 Columbia 
Glass James, milk hand, 626 Main 
Glass John H., sawyer, h. 116 Western av. 
Glass LeRoy D., carpenter, house rear 48 

Glazebrook John G. , hairdresser, 167 Bridge 

boards at Somerville 
Glazier Bessie, widow of Stephen, house 

13 Cherry 
Glazier George M.,com. mer. (9 Franklin, 

B.), house 9 Ellsworth ave. 
Gleason Daniel W., wood turner (Chas'n), b 

440 Main [Main 

Gleason Edward L., iron worker, house 440 
Gleason Hannah Miss, bds. 45 Trowbridge 
Gleason Joanna A. Miss, h. 440 Main 
Gleason John, printer (B.), h. 65 Norfolk 
Gleason John H., laborer, 169 Gore, bds. 

158 Otis 
Gleason Mark, porter, 10 Franklin 
Gleason Mary E. Miss, arctic maker, Am. 

Rubber Co., bds. 440 Main 
Gleason Thomas F., laborer, h. 72 School 
Glen David, printer (6 Williams ct., B.), 

house 15 Sumner 


All kinds of HARDWARE GOODS at 
Lowest Prices. 550 Dock Square. 



Glenn Lizzie J. Mrs., house 90 Inman 
Glenn Patrick, teamster, boards 112£ 

Glenn Winnefred, widow of Dennis, house 

112£ Brookline 
Glenaon John, boards 12 Locust 
Glennon Patrick, laborer, house 273 Put- 
nam av. 
Glennon Thomas, laborer, John Reardon 

& Sons, house 58 Waverly 
Glennon William, stonecutter, h. 12 Locust 
Glidden Arno W., printer, University Press, 

house 848 Main 
Glidden Asa M., house 848 Main 
Glidden Edward O., commission merchant 

(95 State, B.), house 6 Day 
Glidden Geo. F., machinist (25 Chas'n, B), 

house 43 Cushing 
Glidden Osmond (Harlow & Glidden,) gro- 
cer, 549 Main, house 29 Norfolk 
Glover Augustus, boards 12 Norfolk 
Glover Clarence F., printer (1G8 State, B), 

boards 12 Norfolk 
Glover Henry R., bedding supplies (129 

Friend, B.), house 13 Waterhouse 
Glover Louisa S., widow of Nathaniel, h. 

12 Norfolk 
Glover William H., trav. salesman, house 

25 Hudson 
Glover Wm. L., clerk (N. Y. & N. E. R. 

R., B.), house 70 Austin 
Glynn Charles, plumber, house 315 Camb. 
Glynn James, laborer, Middlesex Bleachery 

(Somerville), house 34 Jefferson 
Glynn James F., iron moulder, Third, cor. 

Bent, house 284 Broiul 
Glynn James F. machinist, 356 Main, bds. 

327 Cambridge 
Glynn Julia, packer, 10 Franklin 
Glynn Lawrence, machinist, 356 Main, h. 

327 Cambridge 
Glynn Mary Miss, house rear 25 Grant 
Glynn Matthew, blacksmith, boards 327 

Glynn Matthew, blacksmith, h. 46 Tromont 
Glynn Patrick, laborer, Waverly, c. Talbot 
Godbold Joseph W., book-keeper (61 Chat- 
ham, B.), house 35 Orchard 
Godbout Fred, hairdresser, 426 Harvard, 

boards 9 Charles River 
Goddard Eleanor B., widow of Charles A., 

house 72 School 
Goddard Mary C. C Miss, teacher (B.), b. 

102 Prospect 
Godfrey Benj. F., cooper, 169 Gore, house 

42 Fifth 
Godfrey Charles G., cooper, house 37 Cow- 

Godfrey James, waiter, Memorial Hall, h. 

22 Church 
Godfrey John G., house 10 Union 
Godfrey Willard F., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, 

boards 10 Union 
Godfrey William, cooper, boards 134 Camb. 

Goding Ellen, widow of Flavel H., house 

197 Portland 
Goding Eugene F., tinsmith, boards 197 

Goepper Bros. (Wm. and Gustavus Goep- 

per), barrel mnfrs., Ninth, opposite 

Spring, and 138 Gore 
Goepper Gustavus (Goepper Bros.), barrel 

mnfr., 138 Gore and Ninth, house 85 

Goepper John, foreman, 138 Gore, house 

65 Fourth 
Goepper Wilhelmina, widow, house 65 

Goepper Wm. (Goepper Bros.), barrel 

mnfr., 138 Gore and Ninth, house 91 

Goff, see Gough 
Goggin James H. , carpenter, 74 Boylston, 

house 8 Athens 
Goggin Michael, city laborer, h. 2 George 
Gohring Fred C, engineer (State Prison, 

Chas'n), house 34 Cogswell ave. 
Golden James, iron dresser, Third, corner 

Bent, house 26 Vine 
Golden Michael Mrs., house 3 Seckel 
Goldie Wm. J., clerk, house 32 Prospect 
Golding, see Goulding 
Goldman Abram, house 205 Harvard 
Goldman Ralph, tailor (22 Bromfield, B.), 

boards 205 Plarvard 
Goldsmith Charles, carpenter, boards 76 

Goldsmith Manuel, cigar maker, house 173 

Goldsmith Wm. H., book-binder Riverside 

Press, house B. 75 Putnam ave. 
Goldsmith William II., carpenter, house 76 

Goldspring Edward, printer, University 

Press, house 61 Auburn 
Goldthwait Francis, action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 29 Market 
Goldthwait Francis E., expressman (B.), 

boards 29 Market 
Goldthwaite Ann. M., nurse, boards 12 

Gomes Antoine, finisher (B.), house 92 

Gomes Joseph L., hairdresser, 95 Cam- 
bridge, boards 92 Vine 
Gonier Peter, laborer, house 37 Sargent 
Gonyou Mederic, wire worker, boards 94 

Gonyou Ulric, blacksmith (Brighton av., B), 

house 94 Henry 
Gooch Frank A., prof, of chemistry (Yale 

University, New Haven, Conn.), house 

2 Mt. Auburn 
Gooch Joshua G., principal assessor, dis- 
trict 1, office City Hall, house 2 Mt. 

Gooch Nathan G., coal (70 Kilby, r. 7, B.), 

house 3 Fayerweather 


E. Y. White 
W.H. Holl 

ite, ) 603 Main St. 

ins, } 

Central Sq. 



Gooch Wm. D., clerk, National Revere 

Bank (100 Franklin, B.), bds. 3 Fayer- 

Good Bridget Mrs., liquors, 194 Norfolk, 

house do. 
Good Jeremiah H., clerk (307 Wash., B.), 

house 102 Gore 
Good John H., hose maker, 33 Hampshire, 

house 6 Rogers' block, Washington 
Good John P., machine hand, 162 Broad- 
way, house 107 Putnam av. 
Good Thomas, laborer, house 102 Gore 
Good Thomas F., glass stainer (471 Tre- 

mont, B.), house 27 Union 
Good Timothy, plumber, 1 Holyoke, b. 107 

Putnam av. 
Good Timothy J., wood turner, b. 27 Union 
Good William, electric typer, boards 67 

Good see Goode, also Gude 
Goodale George L., prof, and director of 

Botanic Garden, H. U., h. 8 Craigie 
Goodale John, inventor, h. 172 Norfolk 
Goodale Joseph, student, H. U., boards 8 

Goode Wm. J., carpenter, 74 Boylston, b. 

21 Bowdoin 
Goode, see Gude 
Goodell John S. , sign painter (8 Broad, B. ) , 

house 12 Lake 
Goodell Samuel F., book-keeper (B.), b. 

12 Lake 
Goodman Edwin, painter, bds. 74 Columbia 
Goodman Joseph, carpenter, boards 74 

Goodman Willis, carpenter, b. 74 Columbia 
Goodnough Nellie A. Miss, clerk, 460 

Harvard, house Cottage pi. 
Goodnow Freeman C, ins. clerk (45 State, 

B.), house 318 Harvard 
Goodnow George W., provisions (11 Lake- 
man Market, B.), house 18 Tremont 
Goodnow Luvia Miss, teacher, Otis primary 

school, boards 147 Cambridge 
Goodnow Nancy, wid. of Luther, h. 30 

Concord av. 
Goodrich Arthur G., clerk, Riverside Press 

boards 24 Arrow 
Goodrich Elijah D. (7 Exchange pi., B.), 

house 308 Broadway 
Goodrich- Frank C, gardener, b. r. 140 

Goodrich Geo. H., salesman (B.), house 

86 Allston 
Goodridge Charles E., clerk (40 Court, 

B.), house 57 Essex 
Goodridge Charles F., wholesale grocer (75 

Commercial, B.), h. 82 North av. 
Goodridge Christine M., wid. of Ambrose 

H., house 57 Essex 
Goodridge Susie M. Miss, copyist, Otis, c. 

Second, bds. at Newton Centre 
Goodrow Chas. E., clerk, b. 114 Oxford 

Goodrow Eli L., janitor, Zoological Mu- 
seum, house 114 Oxford 

Goodrow Joseph Ernest, clerk, b. 114 

Goodsell H., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Goodsoe Ernest, clerk, 617 Main, rms. 15 

Goodwills Fred M., pressman, house 54 

Goodwillie James M., compositor, h. 16 

Goodwin Amie M. Miss, h. 10 Follen 

Goodwin Chas. H., student, H. U., b. 5 

Goodwin Daniel, laborer, h. 162 Dublin 

Goodwin Daniel H., mat maker, rear 
Frank, h. Montgomery, near Dudley 

Goodwin Edgar, carriage painter, 446 Main 

Goodwin Frank, bricklayer, bds. Richard- 
son blk. , 103 Gore, suite — 

Goodwin Geogre E., engineer, Riverside 
Bindery, house 113£ Putnam a v. 

Goodwin Hersey B., com. mer. (15 India, 
B.), house 8 Follen 

Goodwin James, mould maker, N. E. Glass 
Works, house rear 43 Winter 

Goodwin James E., printer's apprentice, 
Riverside Press, bds. rear 43 VVinter 

Goodwin John, currier, bds. D. H. Good- 
win's, Montgomery 

Goodwin John, printer (B.), b. r. 43 Winter 

Goodwin Joseph, currier, b. D. H. Good- 
win's, Montgomery 

Goodwin Joseph A., carpenter, b. 12 Elm 

Goodwin Martha H., Mrs., h. 872 Main 

Goodwin Sewell, teamster, h. 21 Mill 

Goodwin Stephen Franklin, variety store, 
205 Cambridge, house do. 

Goodwin Thomas, laborer, 91 Broadway, h. 
59 Hampshire 

Goodwin Thomas, 91 Broadway, h. 12 Elm 

Goodwin Wm. A., plateman, University 
Press, boards 872 Main 

Goodwin Wm. E., at 169 Gore 

Goodwin Wm. T., clerk, 472 Harvard, h. 
at Waltham 

Goodwin Wm. W., professor of Greek, H. 
U., house 5 Follen 

Googins Eben H., travelling salesman, 503 
Main, house 87 Franklin 

Googins George A., trav. salesman, 503 
Main, house 87 Franklin 

Googins Mary E., widow of Henry, h. 236 

Googins Thomas B. , com. mer. (cellar 3 No. 
Market, B.), house 236 Broadway 

Googins Wm. B., house 83 Plymouth 

Gookin Frank L., printer, University Press, 
house 42 Putnam ave. 

Gookin Wm. H., printer, Univ. Press, bds. 
42 Putnam avenue 

Gooldrup Elmer E., carpenter, 184 Broad- 
way, house Hotel Parks, School 

Gooler Nathan, laborer, boards 86 Harvard 





Gordon Amelia Miss, house 22 Murdock 
Gordon Calvin G., assistant supt. Alhambra 

Coffee Kooms (11 Green, B.), rms. 6 

Gordon Chas. E., cabinet maker, house 

rear 18 School 
Gordon Eben, printer, house 51 Fairmont 
Gordon Elizabeth, widow of John, h. 101 

Gor on Frank, baker, 502 Main 
Gordon Geo., carpenter, rooms 58 Mt. 

Gordon Herbert, fireman, Osborn, bds. r. 

18 School 
Gordon Herbert, starter, 23 Main 
Gordon John, engineer, h. 91 Hancock 
Gordon John G., cabinet maker, G26 Main, 

house Hancock 
Gordon John M., book-binder (51 Chardon, 

15.), bds. 101 Winsor 
Gordon John W., supt. Alhambra Coffee 

Rooms (11 Green, B.), h. G Clinton 
Gordon Lillian M., clerk, 4 Central sq., b. 

6 Clinton 
Gordon Maggie E. Mrs., house 14 Beaver 
Gordon Thomas, carpenter, house 2 Locke 
Gordon Wm., cooper, bds. 329 Cambridge 
Gordon William, proof-reader, house 82 

Gordon William, proof-reader, University 

Press, rooms 14G Mt. Auburn 
Gordon Wm., roofer, 559 Main, house G2 

Gore Avery W., junk (164 Canal, B.), h. 

120 Magazine 
Gore Geo. A., clerk (164 Canal, B.), h. 

2k Tufts 
Gorman Ellen, widow, house r. 6 East 
Gorman James A., cooper, Goepper Bros., 

house 51 Vine 
Gorman John, junk dealer, 134 Columbia, 

house do. 
Gorman John, tinsmith, h. 35 Vine 
Gorman Julia, wid. of John, h. 51 Vine 
Gorman J., compositor, University Press 
Gorman Peter, boards 35 Vine 
Gorman William J., horseshoer, 135 Frank- 
lin, house 1G Bay 
Gormley Arthur H., clerk, R. M. S., h. 

G2 Hastings 
Gormley Charles (Gayton & Co.), char- 
coal, 108 Bridge, h. at Somerville 
Gormley Geo. 11., piano maker, h. 11 Wor- 
Gormley James J. , stair builder, 74 Boyl- 

ston, house 40 Willow . 
Gormley John, house 62 Hastings 
Gormley Joseph, horseshoer, Palmer, h. 

Gormley Robert, laborer, boards 307 

Gormley Joseph F., horse-shoer, house 2 


Gormley William, machinist, 72 Main 
Gorrell John, laborer, house 1 Murdock 
Gorrell Samuel, teamster, 169 Gore, h. 

131 Spring 
Goslin William, engineer, house 31 East 
Gosnell Wm., laborer, 17 East 
Gosnell Wm. B., carpenter, house 10 

Goss George H., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., rooms 26 Winthrop 
Goss Herbert C, clerk. 452 Harvard, rms. 

46 Mt. Auburn 
Goss Osman H., painter, h. 29 Cherry 
Gott Harry O., mason, house 317 Main 
GottLucinder R. Mrs., h. 214 Walden 
Gough Frank W., telegrapher (33 Milk, 

B.), house 96 Columbia 
Gough Honora Miss, rooms 49 River 
Gough James, teamster, 88 Sparks, boards 

104 do. 
Gough Nathaniel, cooper, 169 Gore, h. r. 

143 do. 
Gough Thomas, carpenter, h. McDonald, 

below F. R. R. 
Goulart Frank G., furn. finisher, 44 Camb- 
ridge, house 4 Vine 
Gould Abraham, machinist, 502 Main, h. 

16 Lake 
Gould Alanson P., laborer, 162 Broadway, 

house at Somerville 
Gould Albert Rev., pastor, M. E. Church, 

Cambridge, c. Third, house 100 Camb. 
Gould Albert E., clerk (Maverick National 

Bank, B.), boards 100 Cambridge 
Gould Augustus D., salesman (B.), bds. 

106 Prospect 
Gould Benjamin A., house 29 Kirkland 
Gould Caroline A., widow of Dudley F., 

house 10G Prospect 
Gould Charles, brakeman, B. & L. R. R., 

house 28 Spring 
Gould Charles (Kneeiand & Gould), 

plumber, 220 North avenue, house at 

Gould Edward E., boards 106 Prospect 
Gould Frank G., blacksmith (Eliot, B.), 

boards 9 Remington 
Go --Id Frederick L. (15 Kilby, B.), house 

9 Highland 
Gould George W., packer (B.), house rear 

72 Allston 
Gould Howard F., salesman (B.), bds. 9 

Gould Josiah O., machinist, h. 4 Tufts 
Gould Marion O. Miss, book-keeper, 174 

Broadway, house at Somerville 
Gould Marshall H., student, boards 9 

Gould Martha C, widow of Charles H., h. 

3 Locke 
Gould Mary S. Miss, boards 19 Buck- 


MONUMENTS & CUKBINGS, Designed and Constructed 

P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets, 



Gould Michael, laborer, house rear 269 

Gould Nathaniel (Brockton), boards 106 

Gould Packing Co. (The), mnfrs. steam 

packing, 36 Cambridge 
Gould Reuben B. H., treas. Gould Packing 

Co., 36 Cambridge, house rear 152 

Gould Robert, house 147 Cambridge 
Gould Royal D., driver W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

25] Cambridge, house Hotel Franklin, 

Gould Walter E., clerk, 89£ Columbia, bds. 

12 Elm 
Gould Wm., baker, house 9 Remington 
Gould William, laborer, house 12 North 
Gould William H., salesman (B.), boards 

3 Locke 
Goulding Chas. S.. clerk (P. O., B.), bds. 

796 Main 
Goulding Christopher A., brass moulder, 

45-1 Main, boards 9 Murdock 
Goulding Elizabeth, widow of Thos., house 

9 Murdock 
Goulding James, laborer, house 21 Carson 
Goulet Joseph, driver, M. W. Sands, h. 

Walden, near Dublin 
Goulin Phileas, sewing machine canvasser, 

house 102 Main 
Goullaud Edward F., hairdresser, 426 Har- 
vard, boards 5 Beaver 
Gourdeau L. Arthur, cabinet maker, house 

75 Fifth 
Go van David (Govan & Cockran), 162 

Broadway, h. 31 Trowbridge 
Govan John C., case maker, 162 Broadway, 

house at Somerville 
Govan Lucien, potter, boards Hotel Cam- 
bridge, Crescent avenue 
Govan & Cochran (David Govan and John 

Cochran), organ case mnfrs., 162 

Gove Archibald R. (Paige & Gove), milk 

contractor, rear 75 Bridge, house 29 

Maple avenue 
Gove Calvin (Gove & Johnson), provisions, 

640 Main, house 20 Cottage 

GOVE CHARLES S., soda and 
mineral water mnfr. (30 Canal B.), 
house 28 Warland (see page 655) 

Gove Charlotte S., widow of Peter, house 
29 Maple avenue 

Gove Ezra C, apothecary, 275 Main, junc- 
tion Washington, house 277 do. 

Gove John G., bartender (Young's Hotel, 
B.), house 440 Green 

Gove Milo, house 9£ River 

Gove Nathan, clerk, 107 Third, boards do. 

Gove Robert H., grocer and baker, 107 
Third, house do. 

Gove Wm. Wallace, engineer, B. & L. R. 
R., house 40 Gore 

Gove & Johnson (Calvin Gove and Wm. 

Johnson), provisions, 640 Main 
Gowdey Martha W., widow of Albert V., 

house 124 Otis 
Gowan Nathaniel, at 169 Gore 
Gowen Fred., train hand (F. R. R., B.), 

boards 22 Hadley 
Gowen Herbert, timekeeper (F. R. R., B.), 

boards 22 Hadley 
Gowell Samuel, at 169 Gore 
Gowey Fred L., wire worker, b. 96 Henry 
Gowey Henry, wire worker (Brighton av., 

B.), house 96 Henry 
Gowin Rebecca S. Mrs., h. 37 Mellen 
Gowing James H., life insurance agent, 

house 314 Pearl 
Grab Andrew, baker, boards 19 Fifth 
Grabb Anton, baker, 502 Main 
Grace Edward, carpenter, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., Dunster, house 47 Banks 
Grace Edward J., baker, 10 Franklin, bds. 

65 Brookline 
Grace James, at 169 Gore 
Grace James, baker and provisions, 65 

Brookline, house 6o Brookline 
Grace Frances Mrs., h. 1614 Broadway 
Grace Joseph, baker, 502 Main 
Giace Peter, laborer, F. R. R., boards 5 

Linehan's block, Parnell 
Gracia John, sand paperer, Second, corner 

Thorndike, house 5 Lowland avenue 
Gracia Joseph E., laborer, h. 5 Lowland av. 
Gracia Joseph, laborer, h. foot Second 
Grady Catherine, wid. of Joseph, house 22 

Grady Daniel F., teamster, b. 48 Bridge 
Grady Francis, boards 22 Sixth 
Grady James M., laborer, h. r. 9 Second 
Grady John J., teamster, house 48 Bridge 
Grady Joseph, at F. R. R. baggage room 

(B.), boards 22 Sixth 
Grady Martin, horseshoer, 231 Main, h. 

3 Rogers court 
Grady Martin, at 169 Gore 
Grady P. EL, canvasser, 477 Main, b. School 
Gr.idy see O'Grady 

Gragg Moses H., action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house at Melrose 
Graham Albert H., laborer, h. 34 Hastings 
Graham Ann, wid. of Bernard, house 225 

Graham Archie B., plumber, 5 Brattle, b. 

at Somerville 
Graham Arthur, hack driver, h. 12 Warren 
Graham Catherine, widow of William, h. 

5 Hunting 
Graham Edward, sawyer, 3 Hampshire 
Graham Edward J., boards 225 Broadway 
Graham Helena, wid. of Thomas A., h. 

119 Spring 
Graham Hugh, cabinet maker, State, corner 

Osborn [Otis 

Graham James, painter, 169 Gore, h. 175 






Graham John, laborer, 18-t Broadway, h. 

3 Hunting 
Graham John, locksmith, h. 4 Andrew 
Graham Malcolm, pressman, house 8 Hotel 

Gradam Martin A., canvasser, house 37 

Graham Michael, laborer, house 6 Erie 
Graham Patrick, laborer, h. 50 Spruce 
Gaaham Patrick, soap maker, 184 Broad- 
way, house 15 Plymouth 
Graham Samuel, cabinet maker, State 

corner Osborn 
Graham Sarah D. Miss, teacher, Gore st. 

primary school, boards 57 Third 
Graham S., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Graham Win., book-keeper (23 Washing- 
ton, B.j, house 76 Magazine 
Graham Wm., at 169 Gore 
Graham Wm. Rev., pastor First Reformed 

Pres. Ch. (Ferdinand, cor. Isabella, B.) 

house 57 Third 
Graham Wm. T., machinist, boards 225 

Broadway ]20 Elm 

Graham Wm. T., machinist. 72 Main, Inks. 
Grahmbum Gustavus, drain pipe maker, 

132 Main, house 22 Pioneer avenue 
Graham John O., painter, house 414 Main 
Gralton Philip, laborer, 1G0 Gore, house 7 

Mullins court 
Grames Charles T., carpenter, boards 8 

Grames Elbridge G., car builder, B. & A. 

R. R.(Allston), house 8 Holyoke 
Grames Louisa Miss, clerk, 442 Harvard, 

boards 8 Holyoke 
Grandgent Charles H., tutor, H. U., house 

19 Wendell 
Grandgent Grandison Wm., printer (Hyde 

Park), house 29 Elmer 
Grandville Andrew, cooper, Fifth, corner 

Rogers, house 50 Sixth 
Graney Henry G., boards 198 Bridge 
Graney Winnie, wid. of Michael, house 16 

Granford Andrew, cooper, house 51 Sixtli 
Granger John H., varnfsher, 201 Bridge, 

boards 198 do. 
Granger Stephen J., produce peddler, h. 

230 Bridge 
Grander Thomas, stone cutter, house 57 

Granger Thomas F., trimmer, 201 Bridge, 

house 89 Gore 
Grannan Daniel W., compositor, Univer 

sity Press, house 212 Green 
Grannan Wm., gardener, h. 227 Franklin 
Granney Peter, at 169 Gore 
Grant Alexander M., cabinet maker, 384 

Main, house 108 Winsor 
Grant Alpheus, lab., house 8 Prince 
Grant Andrew, ladder maker, 139 Gore, 

boards 57 do. 
Grant Angus, laborer, bds. 185 Mt. Auburn 

Grant Charles E., shoemaker(172 Purchase, 

B.), house 5 Cottage 
Grant Daniel A., carpenter, house 48 Green 
Grant Daniel W., cooper, 169 Gore, house 

rear 168 do. 
Grant Edgar D., conductor, W. E. S. R. Co. 

house 14 Eliot 
Grant Elizabeth, widow of Thomas, house 

90 Harvard 
Grant Elizabeth C. Miss, house 9 Sumner 
Grant Elias W., tailor. 547 Main, boards 

518 do. 
Grant Erdon F., clerk, 9 Brattle, boards at 

Grant Francis, coachman, 14 Sacramento, 

boards do. 
Grant George, at 44 Cambridge 
Grant Harriet X., widow of Adam, boards 

36 Hoi worthy 
Grant Horace E., mason, house 10 Elm 
Grant Isaac A., driver, S. B. R. R. Co.. h. 

12 Eliot 
Grant James (Grant & Mann), cabinet 

maker. 384 and 436 Main, house 50 

Grant James, fireman, 820 Main, house 185 

Mt. Auburn 
Grant James, stonecutter, 39 Main, house 

10 Eliot 
Grant James, Jr., upholsterer, 436 Main, 

boards 50 Union 
Grant llattie, widow of Joseph II., grocer, 

2 Holworthy, house 36 do. 
Grant Joseph A. (H. W. Leach & Co.), 

mason, contractor and builder. 146 

Washington and (39 Wendell, B.), h. 

at Everett 
Grant Josephine, widow of Moses, boards 

94 Brattle 
Grant Lawrence, engineer, h. Clifton, near 

Grant Marcus M., shipper, 105 Magazine, 

house 8 Prince 
Grant Rose Mrs., house 141 Columbia 
Grant Susan E. Miss, boards 4 L'pton 
Grant & Mann (James Grant), cabinet 

makers and upholsterers, 384 and 436 

Gratz Albert C, book-keeper, b. 2 Tufts 
Gratz Francis G., clergyman, h. 2 Tufts 
Graustein Adolph H. (Graustein Bros.), 86 

Vine, house do. 
Graustein Bros. (Adolph H., Charles R. 

and Wm. A.), milkmen, 86 Vine 
Graustein Charles R. (Graustein Bros.), 86 

Vine, house 124 Spring 
Graustein William A. (Graustein Bros.), 

86 Vine, house 122£ Spring 
Graves Anthony, laborer, h. 5 Madison 
Graves Eugene, cooper, rear 68 Allston, h. 

9 Lawrence 
Graves Frank, clerk, 170 Gore, house at 


Dr. E. Y. White, 
Dr. W.H. Hollis, 




Graves George, trav. agent, Mass. Total 

Abstinence Society, h. 139 Thorndike 
Graves George W., piano maker, house 22 

Graves G. M., at 169 Gore 
Graves Horace J., dep. coll. Int. Rev. (P. 

O. bldg., rm. 39, B.), house Bristol, c. 

Webster avenue 
Graves John M., foreman of watchmen, 169 

Gore, house 106 Thorndike 
Graves Oliver B., foreman, 3 Linden, house 

at Boston 
Graves Theodore C. (Graves & Phelps), 

table mnfr., State, cor. Osborn, house 

at Charlestown 
Graves T., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

house 649 Cambridge 
Graves William H., police, station 2, house 

9 Mt. Auburn 
Graves & Phelps (Theodore C. Graves and 

Myron W. Phelps), table mnfrs., State 

cor. Osborn 
Gray Angie O., widow of Charles, house 

30 Norfolk 
Gray Asa, Fisher Professor of Natural His- 
tory, H. U., house Botanic Garden, 

Garden, cor. Linnaean 
Gray Charles W., carpenter, h. 104 Bridge 
Gray Dennis A., carpenter, h. 93 Winsor 
Gray Elmer E., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., boards 17 Rice 
Gray E. G., varnisher, 286 Main, house 124 

Gray Frank, teamster, h. rear 162 Dublin 
Gray Frank, teamster, John Reardon & 

Sons, house 10 Murdock 
Gray Frank, varnisher, 286 Main, house 22 

Gray Frank M. (W. N. Lewis & Co.), 

hairdresser, 627 Main, h. at Boston 
Gray George H., piano polisher, 286 Main, 

house 260 Sidney 
Gray George Z., D. D., Dean, Ep. Theo. 

School, house 3 Mason 
Gray Henry E., varnisher, 286 Main, house 

124 Pearl 
Gray H. W., at 44 Cambridge 
Gray James, boiler maker, h. 230 Green 
Gray James, laborer, house 201 Franklin 
Gray James, teamster, h. 18 William 
Gray James E., cabinet maker, h. 41 Elm 
Gray James M.. waiter, h. 2."> Wash. 
Gray John, clerk, boards 40 Austin 
Gray John C, lawyer (40 State, rm. 20, B.) 

h. Brattle, cor. Fresh Pond lane 
Gray John E., clerk, 473 Main, boards 40 

Gray John L., laborer, h. 26 Brewery 
Gray Joseph, shoemaker, 194 Bridge, h. do. 
Gray Joseph P., laborer, house Harvey, c. 

Gray Joshua, boxmaker, First, c. Thorndike 
Gray Mary E. Mrs., boarding-house, 45 


Gray Peter, lanterns and tinware (12 Mar- 
shall, B.), house Groveland, 1st from 

Gray Rebecca Miss, house 199 Green 

Gray Richard W., piano finisher, 286 Main, 
house 74 Chestnut 

Gray Robert A., postal clerk (B. & A. R.R. 
B.), house 1 Pine 

Gray Robert R., carpenter, house 26 Cogs- 
well avenue 

Gray Stephen, clerk (B.), h. 353 Pearl 

Gray Walter S., clerk, 421 Main, house 45 

Gray William H., receiving officer, House 
of Correction, house r. 166 Cambridge 

Grayson Peter, machinist (37 Charlestown, 
B.), house 30 East 

Greaves Charles H., clerk (40 State, room 
37, B.), boards Elm. cor. White 

Greaves Thomas J., carriage painter (B.), 
house Elm, cor. White 

Grebenstein Edward W., bookbinder, Riv- 
erside Press, house 174 Putnam ave. 

Greco Lea A. Miss, music teacher, 21 Cot- 
tage, boards do. 

Greco Letterio C, hairdresser, 573 Main, 
house 21 Cottage 

Gregg Alice, teacher, Boardman primary 
school, boards 33 In man 

Gregg Daniel A., draughtsman (211 Tre- 
niont, B.), house 127 Auburn 

Greely Eliza T. Miss, boards 13 Centre 

Greely Frank B., carpenter, 113 Broadway, 
boards 101 Norfolk 

Greely Helen M. Miss, boards 13 Centre 

Greely James, laborer, C. H. North's, 
house 33 Porter 

Greely Leander, carpenter, builder and lum- 
ber, 113 Broadway, house 13 Pleasant 

Greely Michael, laborer, b. 3 Coolidge pi. 

Greely Myra. widow, boards 74 Brattle 

Greely Philip T., house 13 Centre 

Greely Sarah M., widow of Philip, house 

13 Centre 

Greely William B., clerk, bds. 13 Pleasant 
Greely William H.. driver, VY. E. St. Ry. 

Co. , house 8 Frank 
Green Alfred, printer, house 37 Jay 
Green Alfred M., clerk (217 Tremont,B.), 

boards 37 Jay 
Green Allen M., clerk (16 Oliver, B.), 

house 100 Henry 
Green Andrew J., principal assessor, Dis- 

rict 3, office, City Hall, h. 69 Otis 
Green Ansil \\\, teamster. W. E. St. Rv. 

Co., house 18 Dunster [Dunster 

Green A. L., painter. W. E. St, Ry. Co., 
Green Bernard, laborer, h. 128 Webster av. 
Green Catherine, widow of Charles A., h. 

14 Washington avenue 

Green Charles, tobacco, etc. (143 Cam- 
bridge, B.), house 15 Hollis 

Green Charles G. (36 Hawley, B.), house 
14 Washington avenue 

Burditt & White, L* t£TL tl Paints, Oils & Glass, 



Green Charles R., stair builder, 113 Broad- 
way, house 48 Webster avenue 

Green Cheney (A. T. Jenness & Co.), ex- 
press, house 768 Main 

Green Daniel, laborer, house 35 Sargent 

Green Edward, cooper, Goepper Brothers, 
boards 77 Thorndike 

Green Frank F., laborer, Cambridge ceme- 
tery, house 21 Reed 

Green Frederick, student, Harvard Univer- 
sity, boards 20 Buckingham 

Green George, supt., boards 8 Norfolk 

Green George F., boiler maker, 92 Main, 
boards at Somerville 

Green George W. (Green & Russell), gro- 
ceries, 295 Cambridge, h. at Boston 

Green Gustof, peddler, house 293 Main 

Green Henry, laborer, boards 54 Spring 

Green Henry T., compositor, Riverside 
Press, house 17 Hastings 

Green Jeremiah, bar clerk, house 514^ Main 

Green John, house 190 Cambridge 

Green John S., piano maker (B.), house 
71 Allston 

Green Maria, widow, house rear 111 Elm 

Green Michael, cigar maker, 599 Main, bds. 
41 Green 

Green Michael, laborer, house Sibley ct. 

Green Nicholas St. John Mrs., house 20 

Green Oscar P., stair builder, 113 Broad- 
way, house at Somerville 

Green Owen, machinist, 72 Main 

Green Patrick, at 1G9 Gore 

Green Philip, painter, h. 13 Fairmont ave. 

Green Thomas, fireman, Revere Sugar Re- 
finery, house 80 Sixth 

Green Thomas, laborer, Cambridge ceme- 
tery, house 14 Reed 

Green Thomas H., gardener, bds. 14 Reed 

Green Thomas L., varnisher, 201 Bridge, 
house 39 Gore 

Green Walter H., clerk, rooms 534 Main 

Green William H., shoemaker, American 
Rubber Co., house 4 Harvard place 

Greene Albert T., artists' oil color manufr.. 
house 183 Green 

Greene Charles W., tool maker, house 1 
Coolidge place 

Greene Elbridge A. (Greene &Co.), stoves, 
etc., 651 Main, house 81 Green 

Greene Herbert A., engineer, rear 134 Har- 
vard, house 3 Boyson place 

Greene J. B., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Greene Mary H., widow of Issachar A., 
house 177 Green 

Greene Peter, mantel mnfr. (B.), h. 69 Elm 

Greene Walter A. (Buck & Greene), gro- 
cer, 143 Pearl, house 53 Green 

Greene & Co. (Elbridge A. Greene), stoves, 
furnaces, etc., 651 and 653 Main 

Greene & Russell (George W. Greene and 
Charles T. Russell), grocers, 295 Cam- 
bridge and (57 Green, B.) 

Greener Mary A., widow of Richard W., 

house 63 Washington 
Greenhalge Thomas, wood turner, 368 Main, 

house at Watertown 
Greenlaw Samuel P., engineer, Waverly, 

cor. Talbot, house 262 Sidney 
Greenleaf Albert P., mason and variety 

store, 469 Main, boards 436 do. 
Greenleaf Chester, teamster, 440 Main, 

boards 54 Franklin 
Greenleaf Ellen Miss, copyist, Otis, corner 

Second, house at Charlestown 
Greenleaf George W., decorator, house 92 

Greenleaf Geo. W., plumber, 17 Brattle, 

house Chestnut, cor. Sidney 
Greenleaf James Mrs., boards 76 Brattle 
Greenleaf John, laborer, house Burns ct. 
Greenleaf Joseph, mason, house 6 State 
Greenleaf Oliver P., mason, 556' Main, 

house 49 Essex 
Greenough Catherine, wid. of James, house 

33 Tremont 
Greenough Henry Mrs., h. 747 Cambridge 
Greenough James B., prof, of Latin, H. U., 

house foot Reidesel avenue 
Greenough James J., teacher (20 Boylston 

pi. B.), house Brewster place 
Greenough William, carpenter, rooms 227 

\JT (Elmer Littlefield and James E. 
Huntress), compilers, printers and 
publishers, Cambridge City Direc- 
tory, 5 Harvard sq., 575 Main, and 
(28 Oliver, B.), (see page 643) 
Greenrose Fred, brickmaker, house foot 

Greenslet Belden A., traveling salesman, 

house rear 20 Cottage 
Greenslet Carlos B., salesman (B.), boards 

rear 20 Cottage 
Greenwood Joseph, brickmaker, h. Dublin 

n»;ar Wal !en 
Greenwood Joseph, teamster, house 4 

Chestnut Park 
Greenwood Lemuel A., driver W. E. St. 

Ry. Co., house 7 Mt. Auburn 
Greenwood Thomas, laborer, 91 Broadway 

boards at Boston 
Greenwood Wm. P., society badge mnfr., 

house 140 Harvard 
Greer David, blacksmith, 350 North ave., 

boards 352 do. 
Greer Hiram, truckman (24 Kingston B.), 

house 32 Second 
Gregg David A., architect (B), house 127 

Gregory Edward, iron worker, Boston 

Bridge Works, Sixth 
Gregory Edward, laborer, house 392i Camb- 
Gregory Joseph, plumber, boards 165 


Floral Decorations 



P. O'BRIEN <& SON, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets. 



Gregory Joseph, plumber, house 77 Wash- 
Gregory Sarah B. Miss, house 16 Bigelow 
Gregory Thomas B., packer, N. E. Glass 

Works, house 26 Fifth 
Gregson William H., tinsmith, h. 15 Grant 
Grenier Joseph O., cooper, boards 10 

Grennier Adolph. wood turner, house 133 

Gribbin Annie Miss, boards rear 103 Sixth 
Gribbin Bessie Miss, house rear 103 Sixth 
Gribbin Mary Mrs., house 35 Willard 
Gridley James E., house 61 Oxford 
Gridley W. A., salesman, 201 Bridge, h. at 

Jamaica Plain 
Grierson James, tailor, house 26 Tremont 
Grieves Charles H.. teamster, 28 Bridge, 

house 137 Cambridge 
Grieves John, boiler maker, 356 Main h. 

123 Portland 
Grieves Sarah M., teacher, Putnam gram- 
mar school, boards 3 Sixth 
Grieves Sarah T., widow of Thomas., house 

3 Sixth 
Grieves Walter F., bookeeper, 28 Bridge, 

house at Somerville 
Grieves William 11., watchman, X. E. Glass 

Works, house 104- Spring 
Griffin Arthur C. wheelwright, 270 North 

avenue, house 17£ Rice 
Griffin Daniel, produce peddler, boards 11 

Griffin Daniel A., iron moulder, 856 Main, 

boards Auburn place 
Griffin Daniel J., marble polisher, 212 

Brattle, house Auburn place 
Griffin Dennis, laborer, B. & M. R. R., 

house -15 Cambridge 
Griffin Dennis, night watchman (86 Somer- 
ville avenue. Somerville), h. 14 Marion 
Griffin Dennis C, gents' furnishing goods, 

131 Bridge, house at Somerville 
Griffin & Dolau ^Michael Griffin and John 

Dolan), soft soap, rear 13 Decatur 
Griffin Edith A., widow of Eliphalet. house 

26 Rice 
Griffin George H., tinsmith (Chas'n), h. 40 

Cogswell avenue 
Griffin Harvey B.. carpenter, h. 23 Mead 
Griffin Helen M. Miss, teacher of music, 9 

Pleasant, boards do 
Griffin Henry, painter, house 53 Clark 
Griffin James, ware dresser, 006 Main, h. 

Auburn place 
Griffin James, Jr., iron moulder, 356 Main. 

boards Auburn place 
Griffin John, laborer, boards, 20 Carson 
Griffin John, at 169 Gore 
(Jrirhn John H., machinist. 72 Main 
Griffin John R.. waiter (B.), house 7 Hotel 

Griffin J. Herbert, carpenter, house 290£ 
North avenue 

Griffin Mary, widow of Dennis, house rear 

25 Bow 
Griffin Mary, widow of Michael, house 20 

Griffin Mary A., widow of James W., house 

84 Prospect 
Griffin Michael, laborer. Mt. Auburn ceme- 
tery, house 13 Locust 
Griffin Michael (Griffin & Dolan), soap 

mnfr., rear 13 Decatur, h. 75 Brook- 
Griffin Patrick, lead maker. Chadwick Lead 

Works, boards 159 Bridsre 
Griffin Richard, teamster (B.), boards 20 

Griffin Sarah J. Miss, clerk (686 Washing- 
ton, B.), boards 26 Rice 
Griffin Sylvamis G., driver Hose 4, 234 

North avenue, rooms do. 
Griffin Thomas, engineer, 602 Main, house 

356 Green 
Griffin Thomas H., book gilder, Riverside 

Press, house 4 Svmonds' blk., DeWolf 
Griffin Willard F., clerk (B.), boards 40 

Cogswell avenue 
Griffis Elias D., tin worker, 153 Putnam 

avenue, house 37 Somerset 
Griffis George W. , compositor, Riverside 

Press, boards 37 Somerset 
Griffith Aaron, boiler maker, 92 Main, h. 

72 Sixth 
Griffith John, police, station 2, house 24 

Griffith John J., laborer, house 8 Blanche 
Griffith Margaret Mrs., tailoress, house 91 

Main. No. 22 
Griffiths George, teamster. 111 Bridge, h. 

13 Leighton court 
Griffiths John, laborer, Waverly, c. Talbot 
Griffiths John J., slater, house 74 Plymouth 
Griffiths William J. , planer, State, corner 

Osborn, house 98 Banks 
Griggs Charles C, teamster (124 Commerce, 

B.), house 40 Winsor 
Griggs James B., teamster (124 Commerce, 

B.). house 40 Winsor 
Griggs John, boards 40 Winsor 
Grills Charles J., sailmaker and grocer, 93 

Fourth, house 91 do. 
Grimes Michael, tinsmith (137 Cambridge, 

B.), house 23 Reed 
Grinham John, house 115 Pleasant 
Grinhain Patrick, currier, house 32 Andrew 
Griswold Eugenie Miss, seamstress, Alms- 
house, Tannery, boards do. 
Grose Edgar E., produce, house basement 

291 Main 
Grose Eliza H., widow of William, house 

130 Winsor 
Grose George L.. iceman, boards 30 Elm 
Gross Mary K.. widow of Robert G., house 

22 Hastings 
Gross Oscar, carver. 20 Albany 


Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 




Grossman Charles W., laster, house 103 

Grossman Frederick, machinist (Bowker, 
B.), house 263 Putnam avenue 

Grossman Henry, coat maker, Araer. Rub- 
ber Co., house 138 Pleasant 

Grovenstein R. Currie, carpenter, boards 
50 Holyoke 

Grovenstein William, carpenter, Dyke, 
boards Howard 

Grover Charles K., jeweller, b. 18 Kinnaird 

Grover Chester B., house 331 Broadway 

Grover Edward O., master, Shepard gram- 
mar school, house at Arlington 

Grover Lucas B., house 335 Broadway 

Grover Nathan M., travelling agent, house 
18 Kinnaird 

Grover Samuel, trimmer, 169 Gore, house 
329 Main 

Grover Walter C, messenger, Central Nat. 
Bank (121 Devonshire, B.), boards o'6o 

Grovestein Perez, rooms 39 Howard 

Grow Anna L. Mrs., boards 29 Mullen 

Grow Fred, butcher, Niles Bros., Concord 
avenue, house near do. 

Grows James A., brushmaker, 124 Harvard, 
house 4 Hotel School 

Grueby Edward L., clerk, Amer. Net and 
Twine Co., foot Second and (43 Com- 
mercial, B.), house 33 Harris 

Gruhn Fred, butcher, Niles Bros., Concord 
avenue, house near do. 

Grunewald Christian, at Revere Sugar Re- 
finery, house 11 Fourth st. place 

Gruss Henry, butler, 8 Highland, house 87 
Concord avenue 

Guenette George, billiard hall, 189 North 
avenue, house do. 

Guerin Thomas, student, H. U., rooms 48 

Guerney Etta D. Miss, dressmaker (B.), 
boards 110 Auburn 

Guerrier Eben, clerk, Riverside Press, h. 
127 Auburn 

Guilbault Frank, cooper, 1G9 Gore, house 
170 do. [170 do. 

Guilbault Henry, cooper, 169 Gore, boards 

Guild Charles H., baker, h. 15 Myrtle place 

Guild Dana, book-keeper (94 North, B.), 
boards 5 Hilliard 

Guild Harriette E., widow of George A., h. 
5 Hilliard 

Guild James E., machinist (So. Boston), 
boards 15 Myrtle place 

Guild Marguerite L. Miss, teacher of French, 
boards 5 Hilliard 

Guiney John, currier, house 2 Montgomery 

Guiney John, laborer, house 7 Clay 

Guiney John, laborer, house 47 Magee 

Gullberg Constantine, laborer, h. 91 Main 

Gulliver Belle F., teacher, Willard school, 
boards 48 Prospect 

Gummo William H., boiler maker, 92 Main, 

house 61 Sixth 
Guniparsky Alec, tanner, house 51 Vine 
Gunn Alexander H., painter, B. & L. R. R. 

shop, house 99j Cambridge 
Gunn William D., carriage painter (B.), 

house 2 Regent 
Gunning John J., piano hammer coverer, 

73 Main, house 47 School 
Gunnison Belle F. Mis^. clerk (Associated 

Charities, B.), boards 64 Inman 
Gunnison Daniel O., painter, 63 Moore, h. 

64 Inman 
Gunnison Sarah J. Miss, teacher, Felton 

primary school, boards 64 Inman 
Gunnison William S., clerk, Fifth, corner 

Rogers, house OH Winsor 
Gunnison William W., shipping clerk, bds. 

66 Winsor 
Guptill P. L., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

house at Brighton [Amory 

Gurney Edwin L.J music teacher, house 15 
Gurney Hannah V., widow of Thomas, h. 

116 Auburn 
Gurney Henry F., driver Met. R. R. Co., 

house 17 Eliot 
Gurney James L., cutter, Amer. Rubber 

Co., bds. 1 Hermann's block, Munroe 
Gurney John, fireman (Hyde Park), h. 1 

Hermann's block, Munroe 
Gurney John, laborer, John Reardon & 

Gurney Thomas E., mason's tender, 469 

Main, house 116 Auburn 
Gurnham Thomas, variety store, 160 North 

avenue, house 30 Cogswell avenue 
Gurry Bernard, blacksmith. 498 Main, bds. 

210 Sidney 
Gurrv John, laborer, house 210 Sidney 
S~^ ITKRY JOin F., horseshoer, 498 
\JT Main, h. 16 Blanche (see page 639) 
Gurry John N., plasterer, h. r. 11 Valentine 
Gushee Edward M. Rev., rector, St. Peter's 

church, house 30 Lee 
Gushee Julia S. Miss, teacher Willard 

primary school bds. 30 Lee 
Gustafson Adolph, sounding-board maker, 

286 Main, rooms 232 Broadway 
Gustafson Carl, safe maker, 17 Main 
Gustafson Frank, at 44 Cambridge 
Gustafson Ivar, laborer, Amer. Rubber Co., 

boards 3 Pioneer avenue 
Gustafson Wm., cabinet maker, Otis corner 

First, house at West Somerville 
Gustin Angelia Mrs., house 42 Pearl 
Gustin George, teamster, 162 Broadway 

boards 76 Brewery 
Gutheim Sophia, widow of Frederick L., 

cigar mnfr. , 60 Spring, house do. 
Gutmen Henry, tinsmith (Harrison av. B.), 

house 23 Sargent 
Gutmen Joseph, agent, bds. 23 Sargent 
Gutoski Nikodom, cabinet maker, h. 55 



C Dr. E. Y. White, 
Dr.W.H. Hollis, 

) 6o"} Main St. 
j Central Sq. 



Guyer Jennie A. Miss, music teacher, 38 

Fourth, boards do. 
Guyer Lewis B., agent, boots and shoes, 97 

Cambridge, house 38 Fourth 
Guyette Alice, widow of Charles, house 19 

M unlock 
Guyette Felix, painter, 22 Boylston, b. do. 
Gwvnne Wm. H.. house 47 Brattle 
f^ WYNNE & CO., University stable 
VDT 22 and 24 Brattle (see page 3) 
Gyett Abram, paper hanger, h. 54 Boylston 

HAAG JACOB, cigar mnfr. 1G Lopez, h. do. 
Hackett Arthur H., pressman, boards 164 

Hackett Bridget, widow of Patrick, h. 164 

Hackett Frank, teamster, boards 164 

Hackett Henry C. letter carrier, P. O., 611 

Main, house 15 Summer 
Hackett Jacob, teamster, 172 Pearl, h. 17 

Walnut ct. 
Hackett John, supt. Damon Safe and Iron 

Works Co.. 17 Main, h. at Edgeworth 
Hackett John F., har-tender (B.), bds. 164 

Hackett John H., dry pressman, University 

Press, house 340 Green 
Hackett Lawrence, at 169 Gore 
Hackett Mary, wid. of John, h 16 Hancock 
Hackett Mary A. Miss, bds. 16 Haecock 
Hackett Thomas H., teamster, boards 164 

Hackett William, teamster, 242 Main, h. 

40 Clark 
Hackett Wm., machinist, 17 Main, boards 

i«t Edgeworth 
Hackett W., compositor, L'niv. Press 
Hadcock Charles E., sexton First Baptist 

church, and telephone supt., W. E. St. 

By Co., 3 Harvard sq., h. 54 Trowbridge 
Haddie J., at 169 Gore 
Haaley Alice M. Miss, clerk 205 Cambridge, 

boards 6 Oak 
Hadley Clarence V., sign painter, 76 Gore 

boards 36 Fourth 
Hadley Elbridge J., casket trimmer, 201 

Bridge, house 6 Oak 
Hadley George A., printer (B.), boards 36 

Hadley Henrietta A. Miss. bds. 78 Kirkland 
Hadley Jennie Miss, boards. 78 Kirkland 
Hadley Lucy J., widow of Elijah L., h. 78 

Hadley Martha J., widow of Wm. P., h. 35 

Hadley Nathaniel L, boot maker, 76 Gore, 

house 36 Fourth 
Hadlev Theodore P., boards 35 Market 
Hadley T. C, painter, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

Hadlock Hezekiah E., boards 47 Austin 

Haffelder Fred, foreman, of butchers, 169 

Gore, house 9 Squires et. 
Hagan Bridget, widow of Daniel, house rear 

181 Cambrid.e 
Hagan Charles, at 169 Gore 
Hagan Felix, laborer, Revere Sugar 

Refinery, house 7 Fifth 
Hagan James, laborer, 169 Gore, house 391^ 

Hagan James, mat maker, 120 Brookline, 

house 83 Pleasant 
Hagan John, carpenter, bds. 16 Elmer 
Hagan John, piano case maker. 438 Main 
Hagan John, yardman, State, cor. Osborn, 

house Western av. 
Hagan Mary, widow of Peter, house 104 

Hagan Nancy Mrs., house 104 Brookline 
Hagan Patrick, laborer, bds. 104 Brookline 
Hagan Patrick J., blacksmith, W. E. S. 

Ry. Co., house 93 Brookline 
Hagan Peter, at 169 Gore 
Hagar Fred W., Probation officer, house 9 

Hagar Geo. N., clerk, house 9 Antrim 
Hagelin John, safe maker. 17 Main 
Hagen Hermann A., prof, of Entomology 

Museum of Comparative Zoology H. 

U., house 7 Putnam ave. 
Hager Charles, baker, Almshouse, Tannery, 

h. 1 Lexington av., ward 5 
Hager Charles, sausage maker. 169 Gore, 

house 12 Willow 
Hager John, laborer, rear 75 Bridge, house 

at Somerville 
Hagerty Jeremiah, city lab., b. 196 Norfolk 
Hagerty John, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 7 

Linehan's block, Parnell 
Hagerty John, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 24 

Hagerty Patrick, blacksmith, h. 71 Brook- 
Hagerty Patrick, laborer, house 198 Norfolk 
Hagerty Patrick, tinsmith, boards 29 Prince 
Hagerty Thomas, blacksmith, b. 11 Winter 
Ha erty, see Hegarty 

Haggie Archibald, painter, h. 73 Cambridge 
Haggie Archibald E., painter, boards 73 

Hain Nicholas, wood carver (Charlestown), 

house 177 Spring 
Haines Arthur W., messenger (Met. Nat- 
ional Bank, B.), boards 234 Broadway 
Haines A. D., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Haines Horatio, heel maker, boards 187 

Haines John, clerk, 217 Broadway, bds. do. 
Haines John P., house 33 Holyoke 
Haines John W., silverer (Union Glass Co., 

Somerville), house 234 Broadway 
Haines John W.. clerk, bds. 234 Broadway 
Haines J. W., driver, W. E. St. Ry Co. 
Haines Nellie M. Mrs., h. 100 Hampshire 





Haines Samuel A., cashier (U. S. Hotel, 

B.), boards 125 Prospect 
Haines, see Haynes 
Halberg Nicholas, coach and carriage mnf r. , 

22 Broadway, house 28 do. 
Halcrow Charles, cook, 78 Washington, 

rooms 156 Harvard 
Hale Aaron, boarding and sale stable, Elm, 

corner Broadway, house 341 Broadway 
Hale Albert J., clerk (39 Tremont, B.), h. 

9 Mead 

HALE EDWIN B., lawyer (209 
Washington, rooms 30 and 40, B.), 
boards 387 Harvard (see page 650) 
Hale Henry L., engineer, Mt. Auburn cem- 
etery, boards 36 Ash 
Hale Thomas K. (112 Canal, B.), boards 

63 In man 
Hale William, baker, boards 48 Green 
Hales Arthur, carpenter, h. 140 Garden 
Hales E. Lancelot C, wood engraver 

(Washington, B.), boards 140 Garden 
Haley Charles B., com. mer. (78 and 80 

Commercial, B.), house 37 Inman 
Haley Charles E., fancy goods (11 Avon, 

B.), house 14 Ellery 
Haley Charles G., clerk (11 Avon, B.), b. 

14 Ellery 
Haley Daniel, laborer, 169 Gore, house rear 

20 Carson 
Haley Daniel, laborer, house 183 Dublin 
Haley Daniel, house 174 Franklin 
Haley Dennis, laborer, house 32 Warren 
Haley Dennis J., electrotyper, University 

Press, boards rear 149 Franklin 
Haley Edmund, laborer, house 1 Clay 
Haley Edwin L., iron, steel and hardware 

(45 Oliver, B.), house 144 Magazine 
Haley Ellen, widow of William, h. 141 Elm 
Haley Hannah, widow, house 137 Elm 
Haley Henry, night watchman, boards 183 

Haley Henry, teamster, 211 Bridge, house 

8 Stevens court 
Haley Henry, teamster, house 2 Bacon ct. 
Haley Henry, watchman, Eighth street 

stable, 251 Cambridge, W. E. St. By. 

Haley Honora, widow of Dennis, house 6 

Haley James, laborer (C. H. North & Co., 

Somerville), house 29 Porter 
Haley James, at 169 Gore 
Haley Jeremiah, plasterer, h. 152 Franklin 
Haley Jesse W., engineer (45 Oliver, B.), 

boards 10 Winsor 
Haley Joanna, widow of David, h. 21 Sparks 
Haley John, baker, 502 Main, h. 20 Harrison 
Haley John, baker, house 174 Franklin 
Haley John, iron moulder, Third, c. Bent, 

house 1 Hotel Weston 
Haley John, laborer, house 33 Dunster 
Haley John, laborer, Pelham, boards 277 


Haley John, laborer, 169 Gore, bds. 164 do. 
Haley John, teamster, 211 Bridge, boards 

Stevens court 
Haley John, house 13 Vine 
Haley John, house 277 Cambridge 
Haley John, Jr., iron moulder, boards 277 

Haley John H., tinsmith, 244 Broadway, h. 

60 Columbia 
Haley John W., book presser, Riverside 

Bindery, boards 21 Sparks 
Haley Kate Mrs., house 32 Warren 
Haley Margaret, wid. of Janus. 14 Sparks 
Haley Mary, widow, boards 220 Franklin 
Haley Marv, widow of Patrick, house 13 

Haley Mary, widow of Thomas, house rear 

149 Franklin [Franklin 

Haley Mary Miss, dressmaker, boards 220 
Haley Mary Mrs., house 49 Viue 
Haley Michael, city lab., h. 183 Hampshire 
junk, 49 Vine, house do. 
laborer, 169 Gore, boards 5 

; Haley Michael 
Haley Michael 

Haley Michael 
Haley Michael 
Haley Michael 
Haley Michael 

laborer, boards 1 Clay 
laborer, boards 20 Warren 
at 169 Gore 
Jr., baker, 502 Main, bds. 

183 Hampshire 
Haley Michael K., house 7 Hayes court 
Haley Michael H., tin worker, 153 Futnam 

avenue, house 77 Western avenue 
Haley Patrick, city laborer, h. 45 Amory 
Haley Patrick, teamster, 21 Central square, 

house rear 206 Franklin 
Haley Patrick J., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

house 56 Mt. Auburn 
Haley Philip, clerk, 124 Inman, b. 45 Amory 
.laley Thomas, cooper, bds. 171 Thorndike 
Haley Thomas, horse dealer, bds. 164 Gore 
Haley Thomas, painter, boards 183 Dublin 
Haley Timothy, painter, 22 Boylston, house 

Haley Timothy H., iron moulder, Third, c. 

Bent, boards at Boston 

and sanitary ventilation, basement 
27 Brattle, house 17 Winthrop (see 
page 632) 
Haley William, baker, 502 Main, boards 

45 Amory 
Haley William, furniture polisher (B.), h. 

91 Fifth 
Haley William, sawyer, 162 Broadway, 

house 235 do. 
Haley William H., tinsmith, 157 North av., 

boards 26 Hubbard av. 
Haley William J., clerk, 421 Cambridge, 

boards 12 Stevens ct. 
Halgrin John, slater, h. Follen place 
Haliburton Geo. M., stationer, h. 15 Market 
Haliburton James A., mill hand, boards 
15 Market 






Haliburton Louisa Miss, packer, 10 Arrow, 

boards 15 Market 
Haliburton William, clerk (Arch, B.), b. 

15 Market 
Hall Abbie B. Miss, bouse 22 Winsor 
Hall Adeliza Miss, bouse 12 Meacbam 
Hall Andrew C.. shipper (238 Devonshire, 

B.), house 53 Portland 
Hall Barnabas Y. , ivory layer, 139 Broad- 
way, house 27 Hamilton 
Hall Carrie E. Miss, book-keeper, 5 Har- 
vard row. b. 5 Billiard place 
HALL CHARLES E., marble (69 
Charlestown, and (99 to 101 Haver- 
bill, B.), bouse 411 Broadway (see 
reverse side of insert, opp. James 
Martin & Son's name) 
Hall Charles H.. veterinary surgeon (B.), 

boards 680 Main 
Hall Charles W., painter, b. 75 Putnam av. 
Hall Charles W., travelling salesman, bds. 

15 Pleasant place 
Hall Daniel, silver plater (B.), house 88 

Hall Daniel M., laborer, 605 Main, house 

rear 1 Prospect 
Hall Eben G., clerk, (E. R. R. freight 

house, Charlestown), house 31 Hadley 
Hall Edmund J. (275 Eranklin, B.), house 

210 Harvard 
Hall Edward B., produce (108 South Mar- 
ket, B.), house 233 North av. 
Hall Edward H.. pastor First Parish church, 

house 6 Ash 
Hall Edwin A., fruit dealer, 22 Winsor, 

house do. 
Hall Edwin H., instructor in Physics, H. 

U., house 5 Avon 
Hall Edwin J., confectioner, 440 Harvard, 

boards rear 39 Brattle 
Hall Elbridge G., house 19 Dodge 
Hall Eugene, clerk (E. R. R., B.), boards 

39 In man 
Hall George, at 169 Gore 
Hall George H., clerk (10 State, B), bds. 

15 Pleasant place 
Hall George S., clerk (State House, B.), 

boards 2 Hudson 
Hall George W., carriage painter, 446 Main. 

boards 48 Fairmont 
Hall George W., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

251 Cambridge 
Hall Halver, case maker, 286 Main, house 

36 Moore 
Hall Henry C, foreman of fly-finishers, 

ltJ2 Broadway, house 5 Felton 
Hall Henry I., travelling salesman, house 

Hall James E. (Thurston & Hall Biscuit 

Co."), 31 and 33 Elm, house 3 Green- 

ough avenue 
Hall James II. (Thurston & Hall Biscuit 

Co.), 31 and 33 Elm, h. 9 Gardner 

Hall James M. W., lumber (71 Kilby B.), 

house 127 North av. 
Hall James P., police station 2. house 125 

Hall John, laborer, H. U. yard. h. 46 Foster 
Hall John II., laborer, Am. Rubber Co. 

HALL JOHN UL, boarding-house 
and dining-room, 355 Main, house do. 
(see page 637) 
Hall Joseph, sawyer, 113 Broadway, rms. 

41 Washington 
Hall J. C C, conductor, W. E. St. Rv.Co. 

HALL LEWIS, president, Lech- 
mere National Bank, (\G Cambridge, 
bouse 571 do. 
Hall Louise D. Mrs., house 10 Arlington 
Hall Lucy A., widow of Joshua E., house 

5 Avon 
Hall Lydia J., widow of Samuel, house 

187 Hampshire 
Hall Morris A., clerk (70 Kilby, B.), boards 

127 North avenue 
Hall Orrin R., gold beater (18 Sudbury, 

B.), boards 10 Dodge 
Hall Samuel, fly-finisher, 162 Broadway, 

house 237 do. 
Hall Sarah L., widow of Robert B., house 

15 Avon 
Hall Sarah N., wid. of Orrin, h. 6 Follen 
Hall Thomas H., core-maker, 356 Main, 

house Hotel Main 
Hall Thomas S., police, station 2, house 15 

Pleasant place 
Hall Thomas V., book-keeper (97 North, 

B.), h. 11 A Prospect 
Hall Victor M.. starter, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

rooms 14 Eliot 
Hall William C, book-keeper (F. P. I Co., 

Willow, Somerville), b. 411 Broadway 
Hall Win. C, laborer, house 111 Winsor 
Hall William S., lawyer (8 Congress, B.), 

boards 6 Follen 
Hall Willis H., mechanical engineer, 2 Cen- 
tral square, house 30 Essex 
Hall, see Holl 

Haller John, laborer, 201 Bridge 
Hallett Edward F. Mrs., clerk, 460 Harvard, 

house 52 Mt. Auburn 
Hallett E. Warren, clerk, 9 Brattle, boards 

52 Mt. Auburn 
Hallett James H., clerk (202 Devenshire, 

B.), boards 27 Ellsworth avenue 
Hallett John F., salesman (3 Winter, B.), 

house 15 Roseland 
Hallett Nelson A., house 27 Ellsworth ave. 
Hallett Nelson A., clerk (202 Devonshire, 

B.), boards 27 Ellsworth avenue 
Hallett William A., captain, Baltimore S. 

Co. (53 Central wharf, B.), boards 66 

Hallett William J., steward, Baltimore S. 

Co. (53 Central wharf, B.). boards 66 

Magazine [house do. 

Ilalliday Henry A., coal. etc.. 137 Columbia, 


Wholesale and Betall. 20 DOCK SQUARE. 



Halliday John B. , cutter, 211 North avenue, 

house 196 do. 
Hallisey Daniel, laborer, b. 34 Hampshire 
Hallisey Dennis, laborer, 28G Main, house 

32 Hampshire 
Hallisey Dennis, maker of book binder's 

press boards, house 23 Flagg 
Hallisey John, at 169 Gore 
Hallisey Patrick, foreman, cooling room, 

169 Gore, boards 21 Carson 
Hallissey Edward, at 169 Gore 
Halloran Annie F. Mrs., dressmaker, house 

245 Franklin 
Halloran Catharine, widow of Edward, h. 

3 Hunting 
Halloran Daniel, laborer, Niles Bros., Con- 
cord avenue 
Halloran Edward, gardener, h. 94 Kinnaird 
Halloran Ellen, widow of Daniel, house 

342 Green 
Halloran John J., brass finisher (B.), bds. 

342 Green 
Halloran John T., expressman, Lyceum 

building, boards 249 Franklin 
Halloran J., hairdresser, house 14 Elm 
Halloran Mary, widow of Timothy, house 

249 Franklin 
Halloran Michael, laborer, Third, corner 

Bent, boards 196 Franklin 
Halloran Michael, laborer, h. 267 Cambridge 
Halloran Patrick, teamster, h. 245 Franklin 
Halloran Thomas, iron molder, Third, cor. 

Bent, house at Wallham 
Halloran Timothy J., boards 342 Green 
Halloran, see O'Halloran 
Hally Thomas, cooper, Niles Bros., Con- 
cord avenue 
Hainan John, baker, 180 North avenue, h. 

at Somerville 
Halpin Michael, blacksmith, Palmer, near 

Church, house Hoi worthy 
Halse Alexander, brass foundry, 454 Main, 

house 99 Concord avenue 
Halse Edwin, brass finisher, h. 180 Columbia 
Halse Samuel, laborer, 454 Main, boards 99 

Concord avenue 
Halverson Charles, fresco painter, house 

129 Otis 
Halverson Charles Mrs., boarding house, 

129 Otis 
Halvorsen Halvor, case maker, 284 Main, 

house 36 Moore 
Ham Edith A. Miss, boards 12 Meacham 
Ham Herbert H., printer, h. 12 Meacham 
Ham W., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Hamm Philip, baker, 31 Elm, bds. 15 Park 
Hamblen Allen T., junk dealer, house 10 

Hamblet Edward P., clerk (229 Franklin, 

B.), boards 14 Oxford 
Hamblet Horace H., baggage master (East- 
ern div., B. & M. R. R.), h. 91 Main, 
No. 11 

Hamblet Sarah E., widow of Alvin, house 

14 Oxford 
Hamblin Walter C, clerk, h. r. 57 Norfolk 
Hambly John B., book-keeper, boards 343£ 

Hamburger Benedict, house Harvey, beyond 

Hamill Samuel S., church organ builder, 

101 and 103 Gore, house 94 Thorndike 
Hamilton Andrew S. F., waiter (Young's 

Hotel, B.), boards rear 13 Hastings 
Hamilton Angus M., spring winder, 368 

Main, house 210 Cambridge 
Hamilton Annie, widow of John, house 17 

Willard [vard 

Hamilton Arthur H., carpenter, b. 84 Har- 
Hamilton A. York, driver, 3 Austin, bouse 

84 School 
Hamilton Benjamin A., carpenter, 3 Hamp- 
shire, boards 5 Rockwell 
Hamilton Benjamin F. W., laborer, house 

rear 13 Hastings [way 

Hamilton Charles, carpenter, h. 210 Broad- 
Hamilton Charles H., celluloid polisher, 

137 Broadway, house 68 Plymouth 
Hamilton Charles William, book-keeper 

(Tremont, B.), house r. 113 Thorndike 
Hamilton David, brass finisher, h. 230 Pearl 
Hamilton Edmund, bridge builder, house 

Hotel Templeton 
Hamilton Edward, iron worker, Sixth, cor- 
ner Rogers 
Hamilton Edward F., asst. janitor (31 Milk, 

B.), boards 5G Hastings 
Hamilton Edward J., butter, etc., house 11 

Hamilton Elias, tailor, b. rear 196 Franklin 
Hamilton Elizabeth, house rear 26 Somerset 
Hamilton Eva J. (Hamilton & Lemay), In- 

man square bakery, 128 Inm-n and 116 

Hampshire, house at Somerville 
Hamilton Fernando, upholsterer, 41 Hamp- 
shire, house do. 
Hamilton Frederick S., carpenter, boards 

84 Harvard 
Hamilton George S., salesman (Thomas O' 

Callaghan, Wash., B.), house 58 Fifth 
Hamilton G R., clerk, Amer. Rubber Co., 

house at Boston 
Hamilton James, porter (11 Fulton pl.,B.), 

house 56 Hastings 
Hamilton James, carriage painter, house 

20 Carson 
Hamilton James, iron worker, Sixth, cor. 

Hamilton James, steward, house 31 Banks 
Hamilton Jamps, laborer, b. r. 13 Hastings 
Hamilton James A., teamster, J. S. Hilliard, 

house 138 Thorndike 
Hamilton James B., laborer, b. 295 Main 
Hamilton James E., boards 65 Howard 
Hamilton James T., waiter (B.), boards 84 

Hamilton John, carpenter, h. 84 Harvard 

Dr. E. Y. White 
Dr.W.H. Hollis 




Hamilton John, porter, Riverside Press, h. 

271 Mt. Auburn 
Hamilton John, tinsmith (B.) , h. 116 Fourth 
Hamilton John A., milkman, 65 Howard, 

house do. 
Hamilton Joshua C, hat mnfr., 19 Fair- 
mont avenue, house do. 
Hamilton Mary Ella, widow of Samuel, b. 

98 Concord avenue 
Hamilton Robert B., blacksmith, Sixth, cor. 

Rogers, house 295 Main 
Hamilton William, brass filer, h. 10 Lopez 
Hamilton William, laborer, house 90 Banks 
Hamilton William A., carpenter, house 50 

Hamilton William E., teamster, 81 Bridge, 

house at Boston 
Hamilton William H., porter, h. 43 Pleasant 
Hamilton William J., porter, Riverside 

Press, house 271 Mt. Auburn 
Hamilton & Lemay (Miss Eva J. Hamilton 

and Miss Julia A. Lemay), Inman-sq. 

bakery, 128 Inman and 116 Hampshire 
Hanilen Elizabeth, widow of Willis C, h. 

12 Rockwell 
Hamlen Frank EL, painter, b. 12 Rockwell 
Hamlen Willis C, clerk, Shoe and Leather 

Association (79 Bedford, B.), boards 

12 Rockwell 
Hamlin Elizabeth A., widow of Charles E., 

house 11 Mellen 
Hamlin Mary, wid. of William, b. 12 Park 
Hamlin William W., tuner, 162 Broadway, 

house 349 do. 
Hammerbaek Carl, cabinet maker, 44 Cam- 
bridge, house 1 Hampshire place 
Hammerle Emil, brass finisher (B.), house 

Hotel Weston, 43 School 
Hammett Henry, rooms 46 Pine 
Hammond Addie Mrs., house rear 119 Mt. 

Hammond Elizabeth M., wid. of Jeduthan, 

house 113 Putnam avenue 
Hammond George P., house 12 Forest 
Hammond Henry, confectioner, 6 Inman sq. 
Hammond John, laborer, 221 Bridge, house 

Hammond John W., judge, Superior Court, 

house 709 Main, corner Clinton 
Hammond Josephine Miss, dressmaker, b. 

113 Putnam avenue 
Hammond Mason W.. clerk, Riverside 

Press, boards at Boston 
Hammond Robert E., printer (B.), house 

10 Acorn 
Hammons Georgianna Mrs., bds. 19 Antrim 
Hammutz Caroline, widow of Joseph, house 

rear 81 Sixth 
Hampson David, engineer (95 Milk, B.), 

house 410 (Jreen 
Hampson Frank 1).. machinist, B. & A. R. 

R. shop, boards 410 Green 
Hampson William H., machinist, boards 

410 Green 

Hancock Amaranth L., widow of Solomon, 
house 25 Pearl 

estate and insurance agent, 593£ 
Main, house 46 Pleasant (see p. 627) 
Hancock Edwin P., driver, Cambridge 

Laundry, Soden, house 572 Main 
Hancock John, baker (B.), h. 169 Norfolk 
Hancock John, harness maker, 7 Pearl, h. 

75 Franklin 
Hancock Maria Mrs., house 111 Austin 
Hand James, musician (103 Court, B.), fa. 

88 Spring 
Hand John, carpenter, b. P. O. Hare's, Clay 
Hand Patrick, potter, b. P. O. Hare's, Clay 
Hand William J., musician (103 Court, B.), 

boards 88 Spring 
Handley Herbert L., conductor, W. E. St. 

Ry. Co., boards 4 Frank 
Handy John, varnisher, 201 Bridge 
Handy Ruthfus A., laborer, boards 151 Put- 
nam avenue 
Handrihan Patrick, laborer, 169 Gore, bds. 

15 Warren 
Hands Herbert A., homoeopathic physician, 
828 Somerville avenue, corner White, 
house do. 
Haney John, mason, house 209£ Columbia 
Haney Michael, laborer, house 169 Norfolk 
Haney Timothy J., laborer, Revere Sugar 

Refinery, house 4 Second-st. court 
Hanify Mary, widow of James F., house 

204 Franklin 
Ilanigan Daniel, laborer, 220 Portland 
Hanihy Johanna Miss, house dS Howard 
Hankin William, book packer, Riverside 

Press, house 198 Putnam avenue 
Hanks Charles Stedman, lawyer (209 Wash- 
ington, room 66, B.), bds. 387 Harvard 
Hanks Mary H. Miss, teacher, Wash, gram- 
mar school, boards 387 Harvard 
Hanks Stedman W., clergyman and secre- 
tary of Seaman's Friend Society (Bea- 
con, corner Somerset, B.), house 387 
Hanley Abram, laborer, house 34 Porter 
Hanley Charles C, printer (B.), boards 73 

Hanley Cornelius, cooper, h. 381 Cambridge 
Hanley Dan, at 169 Gore 
Hanley Edward, house 88 Franklin 
Hanley John, clerk (B.), h. 107 Columbia 
Hanley John, hostler, 216 Green, h. 324 do. 
Hanley Michael, teamster, house r. 23 Gore 
Hanley Thomas, brushmaker, house 8 Jef- 
Hanlon David, action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, boards 20 Harrison 
Hanlon Edward, laborer, h. 23 Hayes court 
Hanlon Edward, laborer, John Reardon & 

Hanlon Ephraim, laborer, Amer. Rub. Co. 
Hanlon James, laborer, house 15 Haves ct. 


Aar-eots tor D£Xl£K'S VILL.A PAJNTK. 



Hanlon John, porter, 162 Broadway, house 

6 Harvard place 
Hanlon John, teamster, Winthrop wharf, 

house 104 Third 
Hanlon Michael J., action maker, 152 

Broadway, house 63 Boylston 
Hanlon Morgan, fireman, Revere Sugar Re- 
finery, Water, house 18 East 
Hanlon Morgan J., tare marker, Revere 

Sugar Refinery, Water, boards 18 East 
Hanlon Morris, machine hand, 162 Broad- 
way, house 20 Harrison 
Hanlon William, grocer, 2-1 Jefferson, h. do. 
Hani/ John, tinsmith, boards 51 Pleasant 
Hanna Richard E., plumber, 290 North ave., 

boards 9 Rice 
Hanna William J., plumber, 290 Xorth ave., 

house 9 Rice 
Hanna William S., plumber, boards 9 Rice 
Hannaford Daniel W., laborer, Xiles Bros., 

house Concord avenue, corner Xew 
Hannaford Timothy, teamster, 28 Bridge, 

150 Portland, house 49 Winsor 
Hannaford William Henry, foreman (B.), 

house 12 Winsor 
Hannaford William H., rubber sole mnfr., 

house 10 Winter 
Hannah John, clerk, boards 3 Gordon place 
Hannah John, laborer, Cochrane Chemical 

Co., Potter, house Brewery 
Hannah Robert C, stucco worker (150 Mt. 

Vernon, B.), house 47 Market 
Hannam John F., laborer, house 13 Fourth 
Hannegan Daniel, laborer, 3 Hampshire 
Hannigan Jeremiah, at 169 Gore 
Hannon Edward F., Scotch knitter, Am. X. 

and T. Co., foot Second, h. 154 Third 
Hannon James, laborer, Fifth, cor. Rogers, 

house 2 Ayers' block, Third 
Hannon John, laborer, house 15 Brewery 
Hannon Patrick, laborer, house 110 Spring 
Hannon Thomas, action polisher, 139 Broad- 
way, boards 154 Third 
Hannon Thomas, mill hand. Am. Rubber 

Co., boards 204 Cambridge 
Hannon Thomas J., straight moulder, 20 

Albany, house 146 Thorndike 
Hannon Timothy, laborer, h. 13£ Warren 
Hannum Esther F. Miss, teacher. Webster 

grammar school, house 27 William 
Hannum Henry F., confectioner, house 412 

Hannum Laura A., widow of Alexander C. , 

house 27 William 

estate agent, 613 Main, house 27 
William (see page 634) 
Hanrahan John J., machinist, boards 189 

Hanrahan Lawrence, laborer, 356 Main, h. 

189 Broadway 
Hanrahan Michael, teamster, 86 Mt. Au- 
burn, boards 46 Boylston 
Hanrahan Patrick, at 169 Gore 

Hanrahan William J., driver, 904 Main, 

rooms do. 
Hanscom Arthur C. (Maccabee & Hans- 

coni), undertakers, 238 Xorth avenue, 

and insurance (32 Kilby, B.), boards 4 

Hanscom Catherine M., widow of Jacob, 

house 4 Rice 
Hanscom Charles W., machinist, 72 Main, 

house 30 Fairmont 
Hanscom Daniel, carpenter, h. 100 Green 
Hanscom Edward, action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, boards rear 37 Xorfolk 
Hanscom Edward C, action maker, Broad- 
way, house 4 King place 
Hanscom Emmons, clerk, 608 Main, house 

12 Village 
Hanscom Henry C, carpenter, 172 Pearl, 

house 79 School [Avon 

Hanscom James S., foreman, 92 Main, h. 21 
Hanscom J. William, driver, 600 Main, b. 

10 Green 
Hanscom Walter J., clerk (14 Summer, B.), 

boards 4 Rice 
Hanscom William P., piano action maker, 

113 Broadway, house 34 Kinnaird 
Hanscom William S., carpenter, house rear 

37 Xorfolk 
Hansen Charles, cooper, 169 Gore 
Hansen Christian, tailor f Mitchell's, Bea- 
con, B.)i house 440 Green 
Hansen Christopher, cabinet maker, 44 

Hansen Julius, polisker, 286 Main, house 

247 Putnam avenue 
Hansen Thornald, machinist (B.), house 

172 Hampshire 
Hansis John G., woo 1 moulder, 201 Bridge, 

house rear 117 Otis 
Hansis John H. Mrs., h. r. 186 Cambridge 
Hanson Alvin, machinist, B. & A. R. R., h. 

6 Lawrence 
Hanson David, tinsmith, Third, c. Potter, 

house 138 Hampshire 
Hanson Edward B., hackman, house Hotel 

Shirley, 41 School 
Hanson Edward J., plumber, house Hotel 

Shirley, 41 School 
Hanson Isabella Mrs., house r. 137 Bridge 
Hanson J., shade painter, 15 Blanche 
Hanson Michael, painter, h. 142 Putnam av. 
Hanson Peter, house 73 Xorth avenue 
Hanson Samuel, laborer, bds. 86 Harvard 
Hanson William, fireman, 3 Hampshire 
Hanson William, job wagon, 148 Harvard, 

house 182 do. 
Hanson William H., action maker, 145 

Broadway, boards 182 Harvard 
Hanson William J., plumber, house 65 

Hapgood Herbert A., clerk, 8 Central sq., 

boards 32 Western avenue 
Hapgood Luther, house 67 Xorfolk 


:f>. o'bkie3>t sz son 




Harbour John J., clerk, 242 North avenue, 
boards Porter's Hotel 

Harbrose Alfred, laborer, h. Hotel Brooks 

Harcus David E., weigher, 169 Gore, h. 29 

Harding Arthur, confectioner, 245 Broad- 
way, boards 267 do. 

Harding Augusta Miss, h. 16l£ Broadway 

Harding Charles F., provisions, 403 Main, 
house 248 Broadway 

Harding Charles L., com. mer. (202 Dev- 
onshire, B.), house 560 Cambridge 

Harding Edgar, com. mer. (202 Devon- 
shire, B.), house 26 Maple avenue 

Harding Edwin A., provisions, 69 Norfolk, 
house 122 Prospect 

Harding Edwin K. , house 267 Broadway 

Harding Elwin P., shipper (Devonshire, c. 
Franklin, B.), boards 54 Pleasant 

Harding Hamlin R., house 20 Clinton 

Harding Isaac N., house 288 Harvard 

Harding Lucien, sawyer, 3 Hampshire 

Harding Mary E. Mrs., variety store, 261 
Broadway, house 267 do. 

Harding Melville, key polisher, State 

Harding Nathaniel T., confectioner, 503 

Harding Paul, laborer, house 14 Jackson 

Harding Richard B., Jr., teamster (38 F. 
H. square, B.), house 70 Thorndike 

Harding Samuel G., paper, etc., house 54 

Harding Seymour W., driver (38 F. H. 
sq., B.), boards 70 Thorndike 

Harding Theodore P., clerk (121 Devon- 
shire, B.), boards 20 Clinton 

Harding Wallace, boards Brattle Sq. Hotel 

Harding Walter H., water registrar, office 
City Hall, house 28 Fayette 

Harding William P., lawyer (68 Cornhill, 
B.), house 13 Wendell 

Hardy Charles R., varnisher, 286 Main, h. 
408 do. 

Hardy Francis D. (Henry Thayer & Co.), 
mnfg. chemist, 150 Broadway, house 
60 Erie 

Hardy Frank D., laborer, 153 Putnam ave., 
boards 77 River 

Hardy Frank R., provisions (B.), house 
223 Broadway, suite 2 

Hardy Henry J. (Lunt & Hardy), provi- 
sions, Inman, c. Hampshire, house 31 

Hardv Isaac, teamster (B.), house rear 
27 Vine 

Hardy Mary Mrs., house 77 River 

Hardy Napoleon (Authier & Hardy) , grocer, 
39 Rice, house at Arlington 

Hartford Edward, carpenter, boards 1 Se- 
cond street court 

Hargrave Patrick H., currier, house 68 
Mt. Auburn 

Harkins Bernard, boards 348 Green 

Harkins Charles J., cutter, American Rub- 
ber Co., boards 14 Plymouth 

Harkins Edward, at John Reardon & Sons 
Waverly, house 275 Putnam av. 

Harkins John J., expressman, Lyceum 
bldg., Harvard sq., house 446 Green 

Harkins John J., tailor, boards 348 Green 

Harkins Mary, widow, house 79 Hastings 

Harkins Michael, foreman, grinding room, 
Am. Rubber Co., house 14 Plymouth 

Harkins Patrick, collar maker, boards 348 

Harkins Sarah, wid. of John, house 384 

Harlen Frederick, butcher, h. 41 Harvey 

Harlow Abbie R. Miss, house 39 Pine 

Harlow Albert F., book-keeper, Revere 
Sugar Refinery, Water, house 314 

Harlow A. E., conductor, W. E. St. 
Ry. Co. 

Harlow Charles, trunk-box maker, Rhoades 
bldg., State, house 39 Pine 

Harlow Geo. L., salesman (450 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 17 Lawrence 

Harlow Henry M , laborer, 33 Hampshire, 
house 103 Columbia 

Harlow John F., piano inspector, 284 
Main, house at Dedham 

Harlow John H. (Harlow & Glidden), gro- 
cer 549 Main, house 19 Lawrence 

Harlow Joseph B., teamster, 4 Bridge, h. 
12 do. 

Harlow & Glidden (John H. Harlow and 
Osman Glidden), grocers, 549 Main 

Harmon Albion K. P., watchman, 356 Main, 
house 237 Pearl 

Harmon A. J., at 169 Gore 

Harmon Elizabeth, widow of Peletiah, h. 

Harmon Henry, at 169 Gore 

Harmon Thomas, storehouseman, Ameri- 
can Rubber Co. 

Ham John R., cooper, boards 132 Winsor 

Harden Annie B. Miss, clerk, 98 Camb- 
bridge, boards 60 Otis 

Harden Edward H., clerk, boards Elm, c. 

Harnden Harry B., painter, B. & L. R. R. 
shop, boards 60 Otis 

Harnden Wm. A., foreman, of painters, B. 
&L. R. R. shop, house 60 Otis 

Harney Edward, laborer, house 17 Seventh 

Harney Edward J., teamster, 253 Camb- 
bridge, boards 17 Seventh 

Harney Hugh, butcher, boards 17 Tuttle 

Harney Margaret, widow of Michael, house 
17 Tuttle 

Harney Marie Madam, teacher of French, 
house 16 Shepard 

Harney Michael, laborer, boards 17 Tuttle 

Harney Patrick, mason, house 15 Tuttle 

Harper Amelia Miss, nurse, boards 92 





No. 35 Winter Street, 


68 Devonshire Street, Boston. 

Henry W. Hahtwell. \V. C. Richardson. 



I ? Desks, Book Cases, Chairs, Ac, 



Dealers in Parlor, Chamber, and Dining-Room 
Furniture, Mantle Beds, Wardrobes, &c, &c. 

'20 9 Tremont Street, 

Hsar Boylston Street, BOSTON. 



Pure Itiquors. 

Indorsed by over 1 000 of the Best Physicians in New 
England. Druggists and Grocers have them. 


212, 214, 216 High St., and 157 Broad St., Boston. 

216b advertisements. 



Manufacturers of all kinds of 


We Make to Order the Finest Seal Sacques 
and Jackets. 

402 and 404 Washington Street, BOSTON. 


Manufacturers, "Wholesalers and Retailers of 


Steam Heating, Hot Water Heating, Hotel COOKING 


TIN, COPPER, and SHEET IRON WORK of all kinds, and TIN 
ROOFING. General Jobbing given prompt attention. 

21 & 23 Galen St., Watertown. 
%. 1 2SZ5T 31 & 35 Union St., Boston. 



Architectural Terra-Cotta Co. 





For Sidewalks, Basement Floors, 

Corridors, Railroad Platforms, Etc. 

No. 42 Pearl Street, 



Harper Chas., receiving clerk, 502 Main 
Harper Geo. M., 502 Main, house 119 

Harper Henry G. Dr., 720 Main, house do. 
Harper James, upholsterer, house 17 Lopez 
Harper Martha Miss, dressmaker, boards 

92 Winsor 
Harper Robert D., wheelwright, 200£ North 

av., house 193£ do. 
Harper Wm. T., carpenter, 502 Main, h. 

119 Magazine 
Harrell David, clothes cleaner (21 Elm, 

B.), house 26 Harris 
Harrell Jesse, merchant tailor and cl:thes 

cleaner (7 Alden, B.,), h. 20 Upton 
Harries John D. C, shipper, Riverside 

Press, boards 58£ Franklin 
Harrigan Charles J., expressman, Lyceum 

bklg. , Harvard sq., boards 10 South 
Harri tan Daniel, book-binder, Riverside 

Press, boards 24 DeWolf 
Harrigan David, laborer, 12G Portland, h. 8 

Harrigan Jeremiah, laborer, house 16 

Harrigan Jeremiah, laborer, 221 Bridge, 

house 8 Gore 
Harrigan Mary A., widow of Michael, h. 

3954 Cambridge 
Harrigan M., boiler-maker, 92 Main 
Harrigan William, carver, 20 Albany 
Harriman Alonzo S., sergeant, police sta- 
tion 2, house 10 Ash st. place 
Harriman James M., crockery, etc., 509 

Main, house 55 Pearl 
Harriman John W., conductor, W. E. St. 

Ry. Co., rooms 3 Chapman place 
Harring Peter P., harness maker (Court 

B.), house 37 Union 
Harrington Adeline Miss, house rear 52 

Harrington Bartholomew, at (Globe Thea- 
tre, B.), house 10 East 
Harrington Charles, driver, 162 River, bds. 

20 Somerset 
Harrington Charles F., compositor, house 

13 Tufts 
Harrington Cornelius, cooper, boards 20 

Harrington Cornelius, packer, 169 Gore, h. 

201 Columbia 
Harrington Daniel, fireman, 286 Main, h. 

11 Marion 
Harrington Daniel, laborer, boards 19 

Harrington Daniel, laborer, h. 186 Bridge 
Harrington Daniel, house 19 Brewery 
Harrington Daniel P., wood-turner, house 

rear 42 Gore 
Harrington Dennis, blower, N. E. Glass 

Works, house 192 Bridge 
Harrington Edward J., clerk, h. 16 North 
Harrington Eliza Mrs., boarding-house, 94 

Harrington Eliza Mrs., variety store, 251 

Broadway, house do. 
Harrington Eugene T., student, bds. 208 

Harrington Frank, at 169 Gore 
Harrington John, granite works, Ayer's 

wharf, Third, and marble works (465 

Tremont, B.), house at Somerville 
Harrington John, laborer, Sixth, c. Potter 
Harrington John, laborer, h. 25 Seventh 
Harrington John, painter, 22 Boylston, h. 

Harrington John, bds. 7 Hayes court 
Harrington John F., upholsterer, b. rear 

96 Gore 
Harrington J. H. H., conductor, W. E. St. 

Ry. Co., boards 14 Frank 
Harrington John J., laborer, house 12 

Murray, near Eliot 
Harrington John L., foreman, C. W. W., 

office, City Hall, board 84 Chestnut 
Harrington Margaret E. Miss, dressmaker, 

22 Watson, boards do. 
Harrington Margaret M., widow of Patrick, 

house rear 96 Gore 
Harrington Mary, wid. of Timothy, h. 171 

Harrington Mary E., wid. of John, h. 10 

Harrington Mary E. G. Miss, teacher. Wil- 

lard primary school, b. 84 Chestnut 
Harrington Michael, laborer, bds. 105 

Harrington Nellie C, wid. of Inglis, h. 37 

North av, 
Harrington Roger, peddler, h. 20 Somerset 
Harrington Stephen H., furniture dealer, 

412 Cambridge, house 159 Columbia 
Harrington Thomas W., clerk (63 Sudbury, 

B.), boards rear 96 Gore 
Harrington Timothy, gardener, h. 302 Green 
Harrington Timothy, hostler, 15 Church, h. 

31 Dunster 
Harrington William, laborer, 129 Gore, h. 

2 Forest place 
Harrington William, ropemaker, D. C. Co. 
Harrington Winthrop G., printer, Univer- 
sity Press, house 84 Chestnut 
Harrington W. J., at 169 Gore 
Harris Annie, wid.. house 39 Washington 

HARRIS CHARLES, paving ma- 
terial and architectural terra-cotta 
(12 Pearl, B.) 
Harris Charles F., porter (371 Atlantic av., 

B.), house 28 Cherry 
Harris Charles W., h. 9 Cowperthwaite 
Harris Charlotte M. Miss, assistant. Uni- 
versity Hall, H. U., h. Francis av. 
Harris Ellery I., asst. engineer, pumping 
station C. W. W., Worthington, c. 
Lake View av., house 178 Lake View 
Harris Elvira G., wid. of Rufus, h. 91 


Dr. E 
Dr.W.H. Hollis 

Y. White, | 603 Main St. 
J Central Sq. 



Harris Emma F. Miss, private school, 134 
Hancock, house 8 Holyoke place 

Harris Eva Mrs., widow, house 564 Main 

Harris George, house 156 Harvard 

Harris George Mrs., dry and fancy goods, 
156 Harvard, house do. 

Harris Isaac C, mason, house 11 River 

Harris James, painter, 220 North av., h. 
132 Dublin 

Harris James G., asst. treas. and transfer 
agent, U. P. R. R. (44 Equitable bldg., 
B.;, boards 16 Prospect 

Harris John F., cook, house 33 Dunster 

Harris John P., porter (50 Arch, B.), h. 4 

Harris Joseph, messenger (6 Oliver, B.), h. 
131 Columbia 

Harris J. Watson, agent, associated chari- 
ties. Central sq. bldg., Western av., h. 
50 William 

Harris J., hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 6 Cam- 

Harris Louise W. Miss, teacher, Willard 
primary school, bds. 50 William 

Harris MarkR., stamper, b. 131 Columbia 

Harris Mary A., widow of George, bds 12 
Kirkland pi. 

Harris Maurice, clerk (747 Wash., B.), h. 
340 Pearl 

Harris Philip W. (Philip W. Harris & Co.), 
dry goods, etc., 637 Main, h. 91 

Harris Philip W. & Co. (Philip W. Har- 
ris), dry and fancy goods, 637 Main 

Harris Sylvia A., widow of Moses, h. 36 

Harris Thomas D., whitewasher, house 54 

Harris Thomas T., laborer, house rear 31 

Harris T. T., waiter, Memorial Hall 

Harris Wm. E., sharp maker, 139 Broad- 
way, house rear 141 Columbia 

Harrison John, laborer, 169 Gore, h. 22 

Harrison Robert, teamster, Richardson & 
Bacon, boards 37 Dunster 

Harrison William, cutter. N. E. Glass 
Works, North 

Harrison William, moulder, b. 45 Clark 

Harrison William P., teamster, College 
wharf, house 37 Dunster 

Harrod Frances J. Miss, teacher, Sargent 
primary school, boards at Boston 

Hart Ann, widow of Hugh, h. 23 Willow 

Hart Benjamin, laborer, b. 269 Putnam av. 

Hart Charles, currier, boards Edward 
Boardman's, Jackson 

Hart Daniel, laborer, house 62 Amory 

Hart Dennis, laborer, 126 Portland 

Hart Edward, clerk, 112 Harvard, boards 
283 Main 

Hart Edward, laborer (B.), h. 115 Fourth 

Hart Edward, roofer, house 2 State st. ct. 

Hart Edwin, roofer, house 2 State st. ct. 
Hart Frank D., waiter, h. 70 Webster av. 
Hart Geo., cigar maker, house 14 Lopez 
Hart John, cigar mnfr., 14 Lopez, h. do. 
Hart John, laborer, 166 River, house 254 

Hart John P., house 118 Cambridge 
Hart Joshua, cigar maker (B.), boards 19 

Hart Julia, widow of Abraham, house 6 

Hart Margaret Mrs., house 269 Putnam av. 
Hart Michael, laborer, house rear 37 

Hart Michael, tailor, 8 Boylston,bds.DeWolf 
Hart Owen J., clerk (69 Blackstone, B.), 

house 28 Howard 
Hart Robert J., confectioner, 42 Elm, h. 

122 do. 
Hart Sarah L. Mrs., saleswoman, 11 Pearl, 

boards 93 Green 
Hart Thomas, laborer, house 22 Foster 
Hart William, teamster, h. 41 Pilgrim 
Hart, see Hartt 
Hartford Alfred E., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, 

house 117 Winsor 
Hartford Arthur E., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, 

boards 120 Winsor 
Hartford Margaret, widow of Wm., house 

9 Tuttle 
Hartin John H., laborer, house 9 Jay 
Hartin Nazaire, laborer, house 25 Donnell 
Hartness George, house 11 Willard 
Hartnett James, carpenter, house 199 

Hartnett Mary, widow of John, h. 2 Gore 
Hartnett Richard, hostler, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., 251 Cambridge, h. at Somerville 
Hartnett Timothy, laborer, boards 2 Gore 
Hartney Annie E. Miss, h. 21 Valentine 
Hartney J re, stonecutter, b. 10 Broadway 
Hartry John, laborer, h. 436 Cambridge 
Hartshorn Chas., house 114 North av. 
Hartshorn James F., wood turner, 384 

Main, house 26 Union 

upholsterer (21 Charles, B.), house 
86 Thorndike (see colored insert 
opp. the name of A. McDonald & Son) 
Hartshorn J. Warren, upholsterer (G6 

Boylston, B.), bds. 86 Thorndike 
Hartt Mary, widow of John, h 

Concord ave. 
Hartt, see Hart 
Hartwell Chas. II., provisions, 

Hartwell Fannie C, teacher Felton primary 

school, bds. 106 Austin 
Hartwell Geo. A., provisions, 531 Cambridge, 

house 22 Antrim 
Hartwell Geo. H., jeweller (7 Green, B), 

house 106 Austin 
Hartwell James T., salesman (901 Wash.. 
B.), house 72 Green 



Builders' Hardware, 

at Burditt& White's 

2 & 4 Central Sq. 



Hartwell J. Albert, clerk, 126 Cambridge, 

house 148 do. 
Hartwell Osman, iceman, h. 88 Webster av. 
Hartwell Sadie, ropemaker, Day Cordage 

Co. , Rogers 
Hartwell Wm. H., carpenter, house 88 

Webster avenue 

grain, etc., 81 Bridge, house 27 
Maple avenue (see page 642) 
Harty Michael J. (McClosky & Harty), 
grocer. 91, 443 and 477 Cambridge, 
rooms 53 Otis 
Harvard Dry Plate Co., mnfr., photographic 
dry plates, 25 Main 

( Herbert E. Lombard and F. 
Stanhope Hill), printers, 573 and 
636 Main and 3 Linden (see p. 622) 
Harvard University Annex, 10 Garden 
Harvard University, Botanic Garden, junc. 

Garden, Linnaean and Raymond 
Harvard University, Harvard st., Harvard 

Harvard University Gymnasium, Kirkland, 

junction, Holmes place 
Harvey Charles WV, furniture mover, box 

105, Cambridge, h. 384 do. 
Harvey Fannie C Miss, house Washngton 

av., corner Arlington 
Harvey Geo. H., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house 8 Bay 
Harvey Hugh, butcher, Niles Bros., Concord 

Harvey John, laborer, house 47 Banks 
Harvey Joseph W. (Harvey & Lane), 

carriage builder, 35 Gore, rms. 77 do. 
Harvey Samuel C, mortgages (226 Wash., 

B.), house 49 Cottage 
Harvey Stanley S., clerk (4 Bowdoin sq., 

B.), boards 86 Green 
Harvey Walter E., physician, 154 Green, 

house do. 
Harvey William E., pressman (B.), house 

114 Columbia 

HARVEY & LANE (Joseph W. 
Harvey and John Lane), carriage 
builders, wheelwrights and black- 
smiths, 35 Gore (see page 639) 
Harvie Charles W., carpenter, h. 5 Blanche 
Harvie Edith N. Miss, book sewer, 642 Main, 

boards 5 Blanche 
Harwood Jeanette P. Mrs., house 45 

Harwood Wilmot B., bread store, 119 

Cambridge, rooms at Boston 
Hase Jere, baker, 502 Main 
Haseltine Lydia L., widow of Moses D., 

boards 10 White 
Haseltine, see Hazeltine, also Hesseltine 
Hasenfus Martin M., upholsterer, 436 Main 

boards at Boston 
Haskell Eliza A., widow, h. 1 Conlons ct. 

Haskell Everett Sears, milkman, house 

414 Main 
Haskell F., box maker, 174 Broadway, bds. 

45 Clark 
Haskell Isabella G. Miss, h. 40 Cottage 
Haskell James, hostler, Baldwin st. stable, 

W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Haskell Leona S., engineer, house 118 

Haskell Melville, butter and esrgs, house 

48 Cherry 
Haskell Patrick, at 169 Gore 
Haskell Samuel E., laborer, boards 1 Con- 

lan's court 
Haskell Sewell F., cooper, 169 Gore, house 

rear 9 Fifth 
Haskell Wm., hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

Mt. Auburn stable, b. 16 Mill 
Haskins Charles, cutter Am. Rubber Co. 
Haskins David G., Rev. S. T. D., house 

839 Main 
Haskins David G. Jr., lawyer (83 Devon- 
shire, B.), house 839 Main 
Haskins John, laborer, house 1 Norfolk ct. 
Haskins Timothy G., hack driver, boards 

26 Harris 
Haskins William, laborer, Waverly, cor- 
ner Talbot 
Haslam Peter, japanner, American Rubber 

Co., bds. 83 Broadway 
Haslaver John B., farmer, house foot of 

Hass John, lithographer, h. Acorn 
Hassett Edward, laborer, b. 2 Linehans ct. 
Hassett Michael, h. 2 Linehans ct. 
Hassett Richard B., laborer, house 265 

Putnam ave. 
Hassett Simon, gardener, h. 77 Wendell 
Hassett William J., plumber's helper, bds. 

2 Linehans block, Third 
Hassman Adam, baker, 163 Bridge, house 

at Boston 
Hastings Adam, hostler, 169 Gore, h. 11 

Squires ct. 
Hastings Andrew J., clerk(U. S. Sub Treas- 
ury, P. O. bldg., Devonshire, B.), h. 

20 Mellen 
Hastings A. A., at 169 Gore 
Hastings Bernard, porter, 162 Broadway, 

house 6 do. 
Hastings Catherine, widow of Charles, h. 

26 River 
Hastings Charles W., packer. Laundry (E. 

B.), boards 74 Pleasant 
Hastings C. W. Mrs., short hand teacher, 

boards 74 Pleasant 
Hastings Elvira, book binder, Riverside 

Press, boards 26 River [ave 

Hastings Eliza A., widow, bds. 27 Western 
Hastings Fidelia J., widow, b. 11 Squires ct 
Hastings Frank, laborer, bds. 61 Harvard 
Hastings Frank W. (W. B. Hastings & Co) 

insurance agent, 89 Cambridge and 

(7 Exchange pi., B.), h. 5 Russell 


Lots Bought, Sold, and Cared for. * • V ±3Jwi£UN Mr MvlN y 

820 Main and 

89 Sparks St«. 



Hastings George H., printer (324 Wash., 
B.) house 101 Prospect 

Hastings George T., laborer, 91 Broadway, 
house 143 Franklin 

Hastings Isaac L., gilder, bds. 52 Winsor 

Hastings John, brass finisher (B.), house 
Vine, No. 5 

Hastings John M., house 31 Sixth 

Hastings Louis M., civil engineer, City En- 
gineer's office, City Hall, h. 16 Centre 

Hastings Luella Mr?., teacher, short hand, 
house 74 Pleasant 

Hastings .Michael, h. 61 Harvard 

Hastings M. G., widow of Leslie, house 5 

Hastings Nellie E., teacher, Boardman pri- 
mary school, bds. 31 Sixth 

Hastings Solon S., book-keeper (85 Devon- 
shire, B.), bds. 499 Cambridge 

Hastings Susie Miss, book-keeper, 150 
Broadway, bds. 20 Mellen 

Hastings Thomas N. (30 Broad, B.), house 
58 North avenue 

Hastings Watson B. Mrs., h. 5 Russell 

Hastings William, piano key maker, bds. 61 

HASTINGS W. B. & CO. (Frank 
W. Hastings), insurance agent, 89 
Cambridge and (7 Exchange pi., B.) 
(see page 60) 

Hasty J. A., architect (115 Blackstone, B.) 
house 80 Winsor 

Hatch Achsah R. Miss, h. 5 Park 

Hatch Andrew J., clerk, 424 Cambridge, 
boards 2 Summer 

Hatcli Benjamin F. (Hatch & Co.), express 
6 Brattle, house 21 Wallace 

Hastings Caroline B. Miss, h. 5 Park 

Hastings Crawford A., finisher, 162 Broad- 
way, rooms 499 Main 

Hatch Estelle Mrs., h. Mt. Pleasant, near 

Hastings Fred M., sawyer, 139 Broadway, 
house 20 Union 

Hastings George E., box nailer, 3 Hamp- 
shire, h. 26Tremont 

Hatch George E., com. trav., house 54 

Hatch Hattie M. Mrs., bds. 63 Auburn 

Hatch James, clerk (6 Broad, B.), house 
481 Cambridge 

Hatch James W., boots and shoes (48 Han- 
over, B.), h. 160 Pleasant 

Hatch Michael, confectioner, boards 269 

Hatch Stephen D., painter, 660 Main, h. 
23 Fairmont 

Hatch Warren, clerk(B.), b. 160 Pleasant 

Hatch Wm. J., painter, h. 167 Harvard 

Hatch & Co. (Benjamin F. Hatch), express 
6 Brattle and (36 Court sq., B.) 

Hatfield Amos P., carpenter, h. 49 Magee 

Hatfield Isabella A. M., widow of Charles 
house 234 Green 

Hatfield O. Christie, carpenter, 7 Western 

avenue, boards 234 Green 
Hathaway Charles F., clerk, 72 Main, h. 

at Hyde Park 
Hathaway Charles F., baker, 185 North av. 

house 25 Wyeth 
Hathaway Dorcas, widow of Freeman, bds. 

25 Wyeth 
Hathaway D. Elmer, clerk, 180 North ave. 

boards 25 Wyeth 
Hathaway Maria D., widow of Galen, h. 

56 Erie 
Hathaway & Woods (Asa P. Hathaway, 

Henry F. Woods and J. Walter San- 
born), hay, Prison Point and (24 Com- 
mercial, B.) 
Hathorne Horace P., conductor, W. E. St. 

Ry. Co., bds. 28 Winthrop 
Hatstat Andrew J., photographer, 307 Main 

rooms do. 
Hatt Peter, action maker, 145 Broadway, 

house 168 Harvard 
Hattenburg Geo., gardener, house Elm- 
wood av.. corner^ Brattle 
Hattie John E., carpenter, rooms 58 Mt. 

Hauen John, waiter, house 85 Concord av. 
Haughes William, watchman, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., Mt. Auburn stable, boards 74 

Haunsen Michael, carpenter, house rear 6 


Hautz Charles W., hairdresser, 7 Mt. Au- 
burn, boards 254 Franklin 
Hautz Ferdinand, hairdresser, 7 Mt. Auburn 

house 254 Franklin 
Haven George F., carriage painter, 446 

Main, house 5 Jay 
Haven Harry J., upholsterer, 1 River, h. 

17 Andrew [burn 

Haven Millie W. Mrs., house rear 63 Au- 
Haverty John C, postal clerk, B. & P. R. 

R., house 34 Market 
Havey Michael, baker, 502 Main 
Havev Wm. P., baker, 502 Main, house r. 

170 Norfolk 
Hawes Frank T., salesman (117 Clinton, 

B.), house 10 Western av. 
Hawes George H., rooms 1 Lamson pi. 
Hawes Patrick, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Hawey Alexander, machinist (B.), boards 

W. Hawey's Lawn 
Hawey Wm., tin-plate worker (B.), house 

foot of Lawn 
Hawey Roderick, sheet metal worker (B.), 

boards Wm. Hawey's foot of Lawn 
Hawke Samuel A., manager, Wheeler & 

Wilson, Sewing Machine Co., house 80 

Hawkes Alonzo J., conductor, W. E. St. 

Ry., Co., house 27 Grigg 
Hawkes Ellen E. Miss, music teacher, 613 

Main, house 86 Ellery 


Wholesale and Retail, 2 J DOCK SQUARE. 





Hawkes George J., hatter (Washington B.), 
boards 6 East 

Hawkes Henry A., laborer, house 2 Front 
st. court 

Hawkes James, house 6 East 

Hawkes Levi (Levi Hawkes & Co.), plumb- 
er. 599£ Main, and (Hawkes and Craw- 
ford) (50 Howard, B.), house 17 War- 

Hawkes and John Crawford), plum- 
ers, 599£ Main, and (Hawkes & 
Crawford) (50 Howard, B.), (see 
page 60) 

Hawkins Almira, widow of Chris. C, bds. 
54 Sacramento 

Hawkins Alvin C, teamster, house 225 
Broadway, suite 3 

Hawkins Christopher C, teamster, house 
66 Webster av. 

Hawkins Edward D., clothes cleaner (How- 
ard, B.), house 13 Webster av. 

Hawkins George, clerk (B.), boards 66 
Webster av. 

Hawkins James, pianomaker, 1G2 Broadway 

Hawkins John at 169 Gore 

Hawkins J. B. (Hawkins Machine Co.) foot 
of First, house at Stonsham 

Hawkins Lizzie J. Miss, teacher. Gore pri- 
mary school, boards 33 Fourth 

Hawkins Machine Co. (J. B. Hawkins. 
George C. Clay, N. M. Seelye) (49 
High, B.), factory foot First, corner 

Hawkins Win., jail officer, House of Cor- 
rection, Third, house 33 Fourth 

Hawks Joseph Rev., house 125 Norfolk 

Haw ley John, book binder, house 40 Win- 

Hawley Reuben H., canvasser, house Car- 
son, near Gore 

Hawley Wm., collar maker, 10 Arrow, h. 
at Somerville 

Haworth A. D., proof reader, University 

Hawthorne Henry, cutter, X. E. Glass 
Works, house 77 Spring 

Hawthorne , conductor, W. E. St 

Ry., Co., rooms 5 South 

Hay Henry A., book-keeper (60 Congress, 
B.), boards 6i*6 Main 

Hayden Adelbert, carpenter, Dyke, rooms 
50 Holyoke 

Hay den Andrew, tailor (Wash. B.), house 
61 Amory 

Hayden David D., carpenter, Dyke, house 
39 Howard 

Hayden Elizabeth, widow of Frederick A., 
house 10 Concord av. 

Hayden Ellsworth F., clerk (X'orth Market 
B.), house 13 Farwell pi. 

Hayden Helen M., house 721 Cambridge 

Hayden Henry S., carpenter, Dyke, house 
22 Fairmont av. 

Hayden James F., butter, etc. (3 North 
Market, B.), house 10 Concord av. 

Hayden J. Orlin, county treas., office Court 
House, Third, house at Somerville 

Hayden Willard S., plumber, boards 22 
Fairmont av. 

Havden Wm. N., clerk, boards 16 Market 

HAVDEN ZEBAH, carpenter and 
builder, Dyke, cor. DeWolf, house 
14 Bowdoin (see page 628) 
Hayden, see Hey den 

Hayes Alexander L., patent solicitor (79 
Milk, B.), boards Mt. Auburn, opp. 
Elmwood avenue 
Hayes Alvin, house 20 Garfield 
Hayes Ann, widow of Daniel, house 41 

* Bolton [391 Main 
Hayes Augustus J., machinist (B.), boards 
Hayes Caroline S., widow of Jonn L., h. 

Mt. Auburn, opp. Elmwood avenue 
Hayes Catherine, widow, house 25 Grant 
Hayes Daniel, blacksmith, 153 Putnam av., 

house 22 Webster av. 
Hayes Daniel J., brick layer, boards 41 

" Bolton 
Haves David M.. carriage maker, house 86 

* Banks 

Hayes Dennis, cooper, Ninth, opp. Spring. 

boards 30 Vine 
Haves Dennis J., butter, etc., b. 41 Bolton 
Hayes Edmund, laborer, h. 23 Hayes ct. 
Hayes Edward T., gas fitter (120 Tremont, 

B.), boards 86 Banks 
Hayes Eliza, wid. of Peter, h. 30 Vine 
Hayes Ella K. Miss, house 6 Acacia 
Hayes Elizabeth Y. Mrs., h. 6 Acacia 
Hayes Kineline. wid. of Luther S., house 

25 Cashing 
Hayes Henry, express. 1 Brattle, and (32 

Court sq.. B.), house 22 Shepard 
Hayes Herbert W., clerk (91 State, B.), 

boards 22 Shepard 
Hayes James, boiler maker, bds. 387 Main 
Hayes James, brass finisher (97 Oliver, 

B.), boards 30 Vine 
Hayes James, laborer, h. rear 206 Franklin 
Hayes James, machinist, 356 Main, house 

at South Boston 
Hayes Jeremiah, cabinet maker, State cor. 

Hayes Jeremiah, laborer, boards 204 Third 
Hayes Jeremiah, teamster, h. 106 Spring 
Hayes Jeremiah F., plumber's apprentice, 

199 Cambridge, boards 106 Spring 
Hayes Jeremiah J., cooper. Ninth, opposite 

Spring, boards 30 Vine 
Hayes John, city laborer, h. 243 Franklin 
Hayes John B., trunk maker 'B.),h. 138 

Hayes John E., cigar maker, h. 40 Winter 
Hayes John J., cooper, 169 Gore, house 

* 186 do. 

H iyes John J., wire worker (Brighton av., 
B.j, boards 106 Spring 

Dr. E. Y. White, 
Dr.W.H. Hollis, 

{603 Main St 
Central Sq. 




Hayes John L. Mrs., house Mt. Auburn, 

opposite Elmwood avenue 
Hayes John N., house 123 Brookline 
Hayes John S., tin worker, 153 Putnam av., 

rooms 91 Chestnut 
Hayes John T., carpenter, h. 199 Franklin 
Hayes Joseph K., deputy collector internal 

revenue (P. O. bldg., B.), house 351 
• Pearl 
Hayes L. S., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

house 202 Elm 
Hayes Michael, blacksmith, 126 Portland. 

house 134 Winsor 
Hayes Michael, laborer, h. 213 Franklin 
Hayes Michael, lab., h. r. Athens 
Hayes Michael, tailor, h. 201 Third 
Haves Michael, varnish maker, Am. R. Co. 
Hayes Michael, varnisher, rooms 35 

Hampshire [way 

Hayes Michael, varnisher, rms. 1(50 Broad- 
Hayes Michael F., brass moulder, house 1 

Pond place 
Hayes Morgan, laborer, 221 Bridge 
Hayes Nellie F. Miss, saleslady. 398 Cam- 
bridge, boards at Somerville 
Hayes Nellie M. Miss, station agent, AV. 

Cambridge, F. R. R., bds., 41 Bolton 
Hayes Patrick J., polisher, 1G2 Broadway, 

house 92 Gore 
Hayes Timothy S., engineer, Boston Gas 

Light Co. (B.), house 12 Leisjhton ct, 

counsellor (58 Sears bldg., B.), b. 
Mt. Auburn, opposite Elmwood av., 
(see page 653) 

Hayes William A. B., bds. 20 Buckingham 

Hayford Elmer B., box nailer, 3 Hamp- 
shire, boards 45 Clark 

Hay man John, watchman, Riverside Press, 
house 5 Daye court 

Hayman Madison B., laborer, house rear 
122 Broadway 

Haynes Elizabeth O. Mrs., h. 36 Wallace 

Haynes Franklin W., supt. Thurston & 
Hall Biscuit Co., 31 Elm, h. 15 Park 

Hajnes Henry H. Rev., house 36 Wallace 

Haynes Henry L., clerk, 25 Central sq., 
boards 32 Western avenue 

Haynes James, mason's helper, house 40 

Haynes John, carpenter, boards 12 Oxford 

Haynes William, mail driver, 44 Bridge, 
house at Boston 

Haynes Mary Miss, house 50 Cottage 

Haynes, see Haines 

Hay ward Almira L., librarian, Public Li- 
brary, 639 Main, bds. 1 Salem 

Hayward Elizabeth C. Miss (Bancroft & 
Hayward), fancy goods, 439 Cambridge, 
house do. 

Hayward George A. (Work & Hayward), 
furniture mover, 119 Pearl and 576 
Main, house 18 Watson [Co. 

Hayward H. N., conductor, W. E, St. Ry. 

Hayward Joseph P., machinist, 162 Broad- 
way, house at Boston 
Hayward Walter F., clerk (32 F. H. sq., 

B.), house 16 Story 
Hayward William H., teamster, house 74 

Hayward William P., house Elm. c. Beech 
Hayward W. E.Mrs., nurse, h. Elm.c. Beech 
Hayward W. George, clerk (State B.), bds. 

Elm, corner Beech 
Hayward, see Heywood 
Haywood Edward, driver, 106 Gore, bds. 

137 do. 
Hayward Horace M., iceman, h. 128 Gore 
Haywood James, wood and coal, 106 Gore, 

house 137 do. 
Haywood Walter, baker (Chas'n), house 3 

Hazel Benjamin C, decorator (28 Sudbury 

B.), bds. <>7 Washington 
Hazel Benjamin ()., foreman, 83 Hamp- 
shire, house 57 Washington 
Hazel Harrv, piano action maker, rooms 

63 Clark 
Hazelton Mary E. Miss, copyist, Otis, cor. 

Second hoards at New con 
Hazelwood Ann E., wid. of Francis T., h. 

37 Essex 
Hazelwood George F., action maker, 113 

Broadway, house 37 Essex 
Hazen Charles R., house 4 Divinity av. 

Hazen & Son) confectioner mnfr. , 
42 Elm, house 38 Tremont (see p. 12) 

HAZEN D. UI. A; SON .Daniel M. 
and Geo. E. Hazen) mnfrs., and 
wholesale dealers in confectionery 
42 Elm, retail store 456 Harvard (see 
page 12) 

Hazen Fannie T. Mrs., janitress, Divinity 
Hall, Harvard University, house 4 
Divinity avenue 

Hazen George E. (D. M. Hazen & Son), 
confectionery mnfr., 42 Elm, house 
118 Inman 

Hazen James W., secretary and treas., F. 
A. Kennedy Co., house 27 Garfield 

Hazlett John, type setter, Riverside Press, 
boards 51 Pleasant 

Hazlett Joseph, teamster, h. 8 Camden pi. 

Hazlett Martha, widow of Andrew, house 
Clifton, near Harvey 

Hazlett Robert, stone cutter, h. 3l£ Banks 

Hazlett Robert J., tube maker (Somerville), 
house 1 Union 

Hazlett Thomas H., tube maker (Somer- 
ville), boards 7 Sparks 

Hazlett Wm. Henry, teamster, h. 7 Sparks 

Hazlett William H. Mrs. h. 74 Thorndike 

Hazlett & Underbill (Charles W. Under- 
bill), planing mill and box mnfrs., 
First, cor. Thorndike 

Hazlett, see Hezlitt 


at Centra! Square, Hardware Store, Nos. 2 




Heafey Ann, widow of John, house 10 

Hilliard place 
Heald Charles T., engineer, 220 Portland, 

house 61 Plymouth 
Heald Fred E., fireman, B. & M. R. II., 

house 122 Otis 
Healey Ellen, widow, house 14 Eighth 
Healey John, hostler, 1(59 Gore, house 9 

Healey Julia C. Miss, dressmaker, boards 

■45 Crescent [Crescent 

Healey Mary, widow of Daniel, house 45 
Healey Mary C. Miss, dressmaker, boards 

45 Crescent 
Healey Michael, laborer, house 2 Gore 
Healey, see Haley 

Healy Annie M., widow of Michael, board- 
ing-house, 160 Main 
Healy J., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Healy, see Haley 

Heaney Michael, laborer, h. 35 Washington 
Heanee John, laborer, h. 209-i Columbia 
Heather Albert, hostler, boards 10 Blanche 
Heather C, hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

Murray st. stable 
Heather G., hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

Murray street stable 
Hearsey John A., tin stamper, boards 64 

Columbia [bia 

Hearsey Walter H., 502 Main, b. 64 Colum- 
Hearsey William E., foreman (29 Boy lston, 

B.j, house 64 Columbia 
Hearsey, see Hersey 
Heartz Robert, II., salesman (5 Winter, 

B.), house 118 Norfolk 
Heatley Isaiah S., carpenter, h. 22 River 
Hebar George, gardener, b. 37 Putnam av. 
Hebard Albert K., piano inspector, 162 

Broadway, house 147 Harvard 
Hebard Charles A., clerk, 233 Cambridge, 

boards 147 Harvard 
Hebbard Annie M. Miss, widow of Samuel 

F., house 39 In man 
Hebbard Lena E. Miss, boards 39 lnman 
Hedge Charles B., house 22 Austin 
Hedge Frederic H. Rev., h. 48 North ave. 
Heden Anton, cabinet maker, 232 Cam- 
bridge, boards Third 
Hedin John A. (John A. Hedin & Co.), 

furniture, 232 and 234 Cambridge, 

rooms 143 Thorndike 
Hedin John A. & Co. (John A. Hedin and 

Eric Ericsson), furnitu e, earpets, etc., 

232 and 234 Cambridge 
Hedlon Peter, tailor, 578 Main, house rear 

49 Green 
Hedman L., safe maker, 17 Main 
Hedtler Andrew, carpenter, State, cor. Os- 

born, house 232 Pearl 
Hedtler Robert, carpenter, r. 117 Pleasant 
Heede Patrick, rope maker, b. 171 Dublin 
Heeny Peter J., cigar maker, h. 115 Pearl 
Heffernan David, saloon, 472 Cambridge, 

house 156 Prospect 

Heffernan James Andrew, medical student, 
Harvard University, bds. 156 Prospect 

Heffernan Joseph, variety store, 116 Web- 
ster avenue, house 401 Cambridge 

Heffernan Joseph, helper, 12 Brattle 

Heffernan Michael J., peddler, boards 401 

Heffernan Philip, at 169 Gore 

Heffernan Thomas, laborer, Am. Rub. Co. 

Heffielder Fred, at 169 Gore 

Heffron John, ropemaker, Day Cordage 
Co., Rogers 

Heffron Joseph, laborer, h. 19 Cowperthwaite 

Heffron William, cattle dealer, b. 189 Spruce 

Hegirty Jeremiah, grocer, 1 Jefferson, 
house 23 Warren 

Height James, carpenter. St;ite, cor. Osborn 

Heileman Charles EL, bojk-keeper (Com- 
mercial, B.), boards 71 River 

Heileman William, boot and shoe mnfr. (125 
Cambridge. B.), house 71 River 

Heileman William, Jr., clerk, 651 Main, 
boards 71 River [221 do. 

Heilge John H., driver. 195 Broadway, h. 

Ileim Joseph, baker. 502 Main 

Heintz George E.. varnishur, b. 25 Tremont 

Heley John A., foreman, 3 Austin, house 
50 Cherry 

Helgert Frederick, grocer. 30 Harvey, h. do. 

Heller Lewis M., cigar maker, b. 165 Pearl 

Heller William, citrar maker, h. 165 Pearl 

Hellmann Edward A., sign painter, 226 Cam- 
bridge, boards 125£ Spring 

Hellmann John L., musical instrument 
maker, (71 Sudbury B.), house 125£ 

Hellmann Thomas I., brassfinisher, Otis, n. 
First, b. 125^ Spring 

Helquist Christopher W., upholsterer, h. 
294 Banks 

Hemenway Eben, hair dresser, 627 Main, h. 
22 Prince 

Hemenway Sarah B. Miss, seamstress, rms. 
5 Revere 

Hemphill Susan L. Mrs., nurse, boards 94 

Henay Fannie A. Miss, teacher, ladies' gym- 
nasium, Church, cor. Palmer, house at 

Henay Frank, carpenter,. boards 15 Farwell 

Hench Charles, upholsterer, 436 Main, bds. 

Henchman Nathaniel H., house 8 Frisbie pi. 

Henderson Albert C, expressman, boards 
rear 133 Columbia 

Henderson Alexander, carpenter, house 20 
Hubbard avenue 

Henderson Alice M. Miss, hairworker, bds. 
55 Harvard 

Henderson Arthur R. (P. O., B.), boards 
161 Putnam avenue 

Henderson Benj. F., box cutter, 138 Nor- 
folk, house at Somerville 


FLORISTS, and Contractors for 

P. O'BRIEN & SON, 320 Main & 89 Sparks Sts. 





Henderson Brothers (John J. and Robert 

Henderson Jr.), carriage mnfrs. 232 

North avenue 
Henderson Charles W. (Henderson & Son), 

paper stock, 247 Pearl, house 238 do. 
Henderson Charles W.,Jr., salesman, (45 

Oliver, B.), boards 238 Pearl 
Henderson Delphia, widow of Albert, h. r. 

133 Columbia 
Henderson Eva M. Miss, bookkeeper, 117 

Hampshire boards 1 Grotto place 
Henderson Francis R., salesman, 202 North 

avenue boards 244 do. 
Henderson Fred A., book binder, Riverside 

Bindery boards 161 Putnam avenue 
Henderson George, potter (Chas'n.), boards 

53 Reed 
Henderson George R., carriage mnfr. , 270 

North avenue, house 10 Day 
Henderson George W., mason, h. 1 Grotto 

Henderson Irving H., plumber's apprentice 

(B.), boards 1 Grotto place 
Hendeison James, currier (Somerville), h. 

53 Reed 
Henderson James, iron molder (S. B.), h. 

105 Portland 
Henderson James A. (James A. Henderson 

6 Co.), carriage maker, 350 North av. 
house 352 do. 

Henderson James A. & Co. (James A. and 

Wilbert S. Henderson), carriage mnfrs. 

350 North avenue 
Henderson John, cabinet maker, 20 Albany 

house 5 Berkshire 
Henderson John, teamster, 345 North av. 

boards Harvey 
Henderson John H., carriage painter, Third 

corner Potter, house 128 Beacon 
Henderson John J. (Henderson Bros.), 

carriage maker, 232 North avenue, h. 

7 Chester 

Henderson L., hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

lit Auburn stable h. 82 Cushing 
Henderson Patrick, printer, h. 66 Second 
Henderson Robert, iron moulder, 356 Main 

rooms 321 do. 
Henderson Robert Jr., (Henderson Bros.), 

carriage maker, 233 North avenue h. 

244 do. 
Henderson Robert H., house 368 North av. 
Henderson Thomas C. letter carrier, P. O. 

611 Main, house 161 Putnam avenue 
Henderson Wilbert S. (J. A. Henderson & 

Co., carriage builder, 350 North av. 

boards 352 do. [Franklin 

Henderson William, laborer, boards 254 
Henderson William (Henderson & Son), 

paper dtocfc, 247 Pearl, house do. 
Henderson William P., clerk, 200 North av, 

boards 53 Reed 
Henderson Wm. II. (Anderson & Hender- 
son), furniture, '>'•>'> Main, house at New 


Henderson William J tailor (750 Wash., 

Boston), h. 5 Second street court 
Henderson & Son (William and Charles W. 

Henderson), metals and paper stock, 

247 Pearl 
Hendley Lucy J., widow of Otis, house 40 

Hendricken John, carriage smith, 4 Cam- 
bridge, house 25 Seventh 
Hendricks Charles, piano polisher, boards 

122 Spring 
Hendrickson Gustav., safe painter, 17 Main, 

boards 161 do. 
Hendry Marion L. Miss, 910 Main, boards 

15 Pleasant 
Henley Francis O., blacksmith, h. 2 Austin 

Hennan George, letter carrier, P. O., 18 

Boylston, house 28 Winthrop 
Hennessey Andrew, painter, h. 200 Dublin. 
Hennessey Annie C, dressmaker, o3 River, 

house do. 
Hennessey David, laborer, h. 21 Marion 
Hennessey Dennis, h. 2 Lechmere place. 
Hennessey Esther, widow of Michael, h. 74 

Hennessey Harry, helper, 368 Main, bds. 10 

Hennessey James, compositor, Riverside 

Press, house 53 River 
Hennessey James, junk, 10 Hastings, house 

Hennessey James, laborer, h. 200 Dublin 
Hennessey James, molder, h. 254 Franklin 
Hennessey Jarnes Jr. , junk collector, b. 10 

Hennessey James E., wire worker, (75 

Cornhill, Boston), bds. 2 Lechmere 

Hennessey James F., laborer, 153 Putnam 

avenue, house 5 Lincoln 
Hennessey Jas. J., waiter (Tremont House, 

Boston), house 59 Vine 
Hennessey James T., salesman (Congress 

Boston), boards 48 Holyoke 
Hennessey John, candy maker, 503 Main, 

boards 10 Hastings [bridge 

Hennessey John, laborer, boards 445 Cam- 
Hennessey J. F.. driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Hennessey Mary, widow of Thomas, house 

48 Holyoke 
Hennessey Mary A. Miss, dressmaker, 48 

Holyoke, boards do. 
Hennessey Michael, teamster, bds. 2 Lech- 
mere place 
Hennessey Robert W., helper, 599£ Main, 

house 40 Union 
Hennessey Sarah A., widow of Michael F., 

house rear 1 Webster avenue 
Hennessey William, cutter, Amer. Rubber 

Henni^ar Amy Miss, house 33 Mill 
Hennison Henry, clerk, house 3 Boardman 



Established 1860, SO DOCK SQUARE. 



Henry George, laborer, 5 Broadway, house 

80 Harvard 
Henry George A., engineer, American 

Rubber Co., house 15 Austin 
Henry James, laborer, house r. 3 Bell 
Henry James, Jr., laborer (B.), h. 3 Bell 
Henry James B., carpenter, h. 16 Laurel 
Henry John, horsesboer, boards 3 Bell 
Henry J. (Richardson & Co., B.), boards 

94 Hancock 
Henry Margaret A., widow of James, house 

25 Cedar 
Henry Matthew, boiler maker, 356 Main 
Henshaw George B., student, H. U., boards 

49 Linnaean 
Henshaw John Andrew, house 23 Craigie 
Henshaw John O., civil engineer, boards 23 

Henshaw Samuel, asst. curator (Boston So- 
ciety of Natural History, B.), house 

Mercer Circle 
Hensbaw William O., fruit (113 State, B.), 

house 49 Linnaean 
Herbert Edward, currier, b. 4 Jackson 
Herbert Harry, painter, 101 Green, house 

15 Fairmont ave. 
Herbert John J., foreman, cutting room, 

Amer. Kubber Co., b. 64 Winsor 
Herbert Joseph P., foreman of- cutters, Am. 

Kubber Co., bouse 64 Winsor 
Herbert J., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Herbert Mary Mrs., decorator, N. E. Glass 

Works, house 96 Tremont 
Herlihy James, city laborer, h. 69 Amory 
Herliby John, laborer, 169 Gore, house r. 

269 Cambridge 
Herlihy, see Hurlihy 
Herman Henrv N., student, H. U., rooms 5 

Herman John, night watchman, 169 Gore, 

boards 7 Bucks block, Seventh 
Herman Mary, rope maker, D. C. Co., 

Herman M. E. Miss, boards 16 Craigie 
Hermann Abbie L., widow, h. 402 Main 
Hermann Walter, box maker, 174 Broad- 
way, house 402 Main 
Hermanns Anna, widow of Hubert, house 

Muuroe, near Third 
Hermanns Henry, architect and builder, 

Munroe, near Third, h. do. 
Hermanns Paul, laborer, Revere Sugar Re- 
finery, h. Munroe, near Third 
HERON WILLIAM J., plasterer, 
rear 604 Main, order box, 613 do. 
h. 7 Jay (see page 621) 
Herran Thomas, laborer, Am. Rubber Co. 
Herrick John, cabinet maker, 626 Main 
Herrick Robert, boards 103 River 
Herring Edwanl A. C, clerk, 154 North av. 

house 20 Orcbard 
Hersey Albert, laborer, bds. 2 Sands 
Hersey Charles, laborer, h. 2 Sands 

Hersey Emery O., druggist (Putnam, Ct.), 

house 16 Worcester 
Hersey Mary A., widow of John A., house 

58 Pleasant 
Hersey Walter H., book-keeper, 502 Main, 

boards 64 Columbia 
Hersey Willis H., baker, 502 Main, boards 

41 Cogswell avenue 
Hersey, see Hearsev 
Hersum Charles S.(J. R. & C. S. Hersum), 

furniture mover, 606 Main, house 347 

Hersum Edward, plumber, 12 Harvard row, 

boards 99 Austin 
Hersum James R. (J. R. & C. S. Hersum), 

furnitu r e mover, 600 Main, house 7 


HERSUUI J. R. & C. S. (James 
R. and Charles S. Hersum), furni- 
ture movers, 606 Main (see p. 638) 
Hertach John, pocket-book maker (B.), b. 

4 Mullins court 
Hertach Samuel, laborer, Revere Sugar Re- 
finery, house 57 Charles 
Hersey Edward L., carpenter, rooms 44 

Heslin Peter, calenderer, Am. Rubber Co., 

boards 86 Moore 
Hess Alfred J., clerk, boards 51 Vine 
Hess Hiram, house 25 Union 
Hess John, beer bottler, 428 Cambridge, h. 

51 Vine [Acorn 

Hesselgren Cbarles W., machinist, house 2 
Hesseltine Alfred A., clerk (Miner, Beal & 

Co., B.), house 13 Clinton 
Hesseltine Edward A. (Haskell & Adams, 

B.), house 13 Clinton 
Hesseltine Ernest, clerk, bds. 13 Clinton 
Hesseltine George, expressman, boards 47 

Hesseltine Jobn E., clerk (Custom House, 

B.), house 13 Clinton 
Hession James, carriage maker, Church, c. 

Palmer, house at Waltham 
Heveran Thomas, elevator man, American 

Rubber Co., house 89 Vine 
Heveran William F., piano polisher (Wake- 
field), boards 89 Vine 
Hewes Andrew J., stamper, 174 Broadway, 

house 64 Washington 
Hewes Edwin, box maker, 174 Broadway, 

house Gray place 
Hewins John A. (Knox & Hewins), liquors, 

447 Main, house 22 Prince 
Hewitt Francis, house 287 Cambridge 
Hewins James, carriage maker (B.), house 

2 Kussell 
Hews Albert II. (A. H. Hews & Co.), 

earthen ware, Crescent ave., boards 41 

Hews Augustus H., house 2!>l Broadway 
Hews A. H & Co. (Albert H. and Horatio 

Hews), earthen-ware mnfrs., Crescent 



E. Y. White, ) 603 Main St. 
W.H. Hollis, j Central Sq. 



Hews Ellen M. Miss, house 291 Broadway 
Hews Horatio (A. H. Hews & Co.), earthen- 
ware, Crescent ave., house at Weston 
Hews James, teamster, 1 8 Main, house at 

Hey John, fireman, boards 4 Andrew 
Heycroft Joseph P., shoemaker, house 193 

Mt. Auburn 
Heyden Henry, painter, 244 Main, house 

94 Winsor 
Heyden Nellie A. Miss, clerk, 166 Cam- 
bridge, boards 94 Winsor 
Heyden see Hayden 

Heyer Charles E., boards 295 Broadway 
Heymer John E., eiectrotyper (B.), boards 

Porter's Hotel 
Hey n Frederick A., sausage maker. 172 

Thorndike, house Eighth, near Spring 
Heywood Frances B., widow of William, h. 

307 Harvard 
Haywood Maria L. Miss, house 149 Austin 
Heywood see Haywood 
Hezlitt Andrew J., granite cutter, 33 Main. 

boards 29 Kinnaird 
Hezlitt Charlotte E. Miss, teach3r. Board- 
man primary school, house 29 Kinnaird 
Hezlitt George, stone cutter, h. 29 Kinnaird 
Hezlitt George M., stone setter, boards 29 

Hezlitt John A., stone mason, house Mt. 

Auburn, opp. cemetery 
Hezlitt William H., driv c r, rear 9G Inman, 

boards 29 Kinnaird 
Hibbard A. Dennison. teamster, 506 Main, 

house 510 do. 
Hibbard Nelson, broom maker, house Hotel 

Cambridge, Crescent avenue 
Hichborn Herman, dentist (Park sq., B.), 

boards 17 Chauncy 
Hickey Alfred A., clerk. 5 Harvard square, 

boards 740 Cambridge 
Hickey Daniel, stone cutter, house 58 Gore 
Hickey John, cabinet maker (B.), boards 

123 Winsor 
Hickey John E. Rev., asst. pastor, St. 

Mary's Church, house 55 Norfolk 
Hickey Julia, widow, house 51 North 
Hickey Michael, stone cutter, h. 45 Camb. 
Hickey Michael. Jr., clerk, 122 Cambri Ige, 

boards 45 do. 
Hickey Michael W., action maker, 1G2 

Broadway, house 96 Prescott 
Hickev Patrick, butcher. 169 Gore, boards 

198 Cambridge 
Hickey Patrick H., electrotype finisher, 

River*ide Press, boards 24 Fairmont 
Hickey Thomas Eugene, stone cutter, h. 

273 Cambridge 
Hickey William, carpenter, h. 3 Jordan pi. 
Hickey William H., stonecutter, 10 Bridge, 

house 26 Fifth 
Hicks Edward, coachman (22 Charles, B.), 

house 6 Harvard place 
Hicks Frank, machine hand, 162 Broa Iwav 

Hicks Howard, at 169 Gore 

Hicks James, manager (69 Hanover, B.), 

house 32 Jay [Dunster 

Hicks S., watchman, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 
Hicks Thomas, house 33 Union 
Hicks Thomas J., boot maker, 97 Cam- 
bridge, boards 57 Gore 
Hicks William C, trav. salesman, house 

27 Warland 
Hidden Annie Miss, house 125 Spring 
Hidden Antoine, clerk, boards 125 Spring 
Hidden William H., house 259 Harvard 
Hidden William H., Jr., boards 259 Harvard 
Higginbotham Charles W., waiter (Young's 

Hotel, B.), house 65 Washington 
Higginbottom William, printer, house 1 

Loughrey avenue 
Higgins Andrew M., carpenter, 113 Broad- 
way, house 60 Dana 
Higgins Anna, widow of Martin, h. 1 First 
Higgins Atkins, pattern maker (380 Atlan- 
tic avenue, B.), house 98 Norfolk 
Higgins Augustus E., salesman (22 Quincy 

Market, B.), boards 25 Hadley 
Higirins Benjamin F., police, station 2, h. 

50 Columbia 
Higgins Charles A., mason, h. 144 Spring 
Higgins Daniel, laborer, 17 East, house 198 

Higgins Edwin S., driver. W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., boards 50 Columbia 
Higgins Elbridge S., wood moulder, 113 

Broadway, house 72 Auburn 
Higgins Ephraim, painter, house Hotel 

Parks, School 
Higgins Frances 1)., widow of William D., 

house 20 Decatur 
Higgins Francis, driver (Met. H. R. R. Co., 

B.;, house 121 Western avenue 
Higgins Frank S., tinsmith, 21 Central sq. , 

boards 34 Hamilton 
Higgins Faed A., salesman (450 Wash., B.), 

house 1 Rockingham 
Higgina F.. boiler maker. 92 Main 
Higgins George, laborer. Amer. Rubber 

Co.. rooms 167 Broadway [stone 

Higgins George W., stair builder, 41 Black- 
Hig/ins Hannah Mrs., boards 66 Pearl 
Higgins Jabez B., carpenter, h. 25 Hadley 
Higgins James, teamster, boards First, next 

Higgins James W. Rev., pastor. Cottage 

St. M. E. Church, house 69 Pleasant 
Higgins John, boiler maker, N. E. Boiler 

Works. Craigio bridge, h. at Boston 
Higgins John, carpenter, house rear 210 

Higgins John, city laborer, bds. 28 Dunster 
Higgins John, Laborer, 20 Albany 
Higgins John, house 10 Erie 

n> .John, house 174 Harvard 
Higgins John, dr., upholsterer. :)~>C } Main, 

house S Erie [47 Norfolk 

Higgins John H.. travelling optician, house 



2 & 4 Central Sq. 




Higgins J. S., at 169 Gore 
Higgins Lena E. Mrs., dressmaker, 72 Au- 
burn, house do. 
Higgins Mabel Miss, cashier, 265 Pearl, b. 

34 Hamilton 
Higgins Martha D.. music tea-iher, house 

8 Wallace 
Higgins Mary, widow of James, house 112 

Higgins Michael, blacksmith, 270 North 

avenue, boards Rice 
Higgins Richard F., clerk, G10 Main, house 

124 Austin 
Higgins Stephen, porter (155 Tremont, B.), 

house 41 Baldwin 
Higgins Sumner C, stoves and tinware, 21 

Central square, house 34 Hamilton 
Higgins Thomas, iron worker, Sixth, cor. 

Higgins Thomas, laborer, boards 10 Erie 
Higgins Warren R., cracker dealer, 502 

Main, house 66 Pearl 
Higgins William, teamster, boards First, 

next Cambridge 
Higgins William G., driver, 201 Bridge, h. 

100 Prospect 
Higgins William H. , carpenter, 105 North 

avenue, house 12 Cogswell avenue 
Higgins William P., stair builder, 380 Main, 

house 76 Chestnut [place 

Higginson Agnes G. Mrs., bds. 12 Kirkland 
Higginson Annie S. Miss, b. 12 Kirkland pi. 
Higginson Thomas Wentworth, author, h. 

25 Buckingham 
Ilighot James, carpenter, 380 Main, house 

61 Franklin 

Hildreth Allen B. M., groceries and provis- 
ions, 424 Cambridge, rms. 18 Putnam av. 

Hildreth Charles W., restaurant (150 At- 
lantic avenue, B.), house 141 North av. 

Hildreth Eliza P., widow of A. Edwin, h. 

62 North avenue 

Hildreth Frances E. Miss, b. 10 Remington 
Hildreth Henry O., house 10 Remington 
Hildreth John L., physician, 37 Brattle, h. 

16 Garden 
Hillgroor Frank, tailor, rooms 500 Main 
Hill Abbie L. , widow of Frederick K. , house 

74 Green 
Hill Adams Sherman, Boylston Prof., of 

Rhetoric and Oratory, H. U., house 

Reservoir, near Fayerweather 
Hill Albert E., salesman (29 Bedford, B.), 

boards 132 Pearl 
Hill Alexander, Jr., engineer, 126 Portland, 

house 1 Berkshire 
Hill Alfred, cooper, house 7 Flagg-st. court 
Hill Alfred, fish, boards 125 Magazine 
Hill Bernard R., furniture filler, Second, 

corner Thorndike, house 20 Spring 
Hill Calvin A., clerk (69 Cambridge, B.), 

boards 96 Pearl 
Hill Charles, jobber, house 16-i Mill 

Hill Charles A. S., clerk (22 F. H. sq., B.), 

boards 106 Inman 
Hill Charles P., fly finisher, 162 Broadway, 

house at West Newton 
Hill David, laborer, boards rear 18 Sparks 
Hill David J., pressman, University Press, 

house 42 Sacramento 
Hill Edward, tailor, house 6 Sands 
Hill Eliakim W. , carpenter, State, corner 

Osborn, house at Somerville 
Hill Elizabeth A. Miss, house 34 Bigelow 
Hill Ellen, widow of Henry, h. 5 King pi. 
Hill E. Andrew, printer, University Press, 

house 22 Winthrop 
Hill Florence Miss, compositor, boards 27 

Hill Frank A., principal, High school, house 

366 Harvard 
Hill Frank N., musician, house 20 Watson 
Hill Fred A., carpenter, State, cor. Osborn, 

house 24 Worcester 
Hill Fred E., driver, W. E. St. Ky. Co., 

326 North avenue, boards 8 Frank 
Hill Frederick L., piano maker, house 19 


HILL F. STANHOPE, editor and 
proprietor, Cambridge Chronicle, 
573 Main, and (Harvard Printing 
Co.), 573 and 630 Main, and 3 Lin- 
den, h. 34 Mercer Circle (see p. 625) 
Hill George A., author, house 866 Main 
Hill George H., machinist, h. 10 King place 
Hill Hannah A., widow of William A., h. 

132 Pearl 
Hill Harry E., clerk, 1 Brattle sq., boards 

2 Brewer's block, do. 
Hill Herman H., carpenter, State, corner 

Osborn, boards at Somerville 
Hill James, cook, house r. Cowperthwaite 
Hill James, laborer, boards 10 Elmer 
Hill James, laborer, house 16£ Mill 
Hill James D., hairdresser, 7 Brattle, bds. 

189 Mt. Auburn 
Hill James D., laborer, house 20 Brewer 
Hill James E., driver (B.), h. rear 19 Park 
Hill James J., clerk, 147 North ave., house 

at Somerville ave., cor. White 
Hill John, servant, house 30 Hastings 
Hill John Henry, sawyer, 139 Broadway, h. 

5 Hampshire place 
Hill J. Frederick, supt. (25 Quim-y Market, 

B.), house 3 Forest 
Hill J. Lester, carriage trimmer, 244 Main, 

house at Somerville 
Hill Lizzie Miss, clerk, 106 River, boards 

10 King place 
Hill Luther J., clothing (69 Cambridge, 

B.) boards 09 Pearl 
Hill Myron F., student, H. U., boards 366 

Hill Timothy Mrs., house rear 18 Sparks 
Hill Truly H., waiter, Memorial Hall, rms, 

31 Howard 



P. O'BRIEN & SON. MO .Main uud 83 Sparks Street* 



Hill William, teamster, 32 Bovlston, house 
189 Mt. Auburn 

Hill William H., salesman (Devonshire, 
B.), boards 40 Arlington 

Hill Willis, shade painter, 15 Blanche 

Hillas Frank, laborer, 126 Portland, boards 
220 Broadway 

Hillas William, roll turner, 126 Portland, 
house 220 Broadway 

Hillas William, Jr., heater, 126 Portland 

Hillas William H., heater, 126 Portland, 
house 34 Bristol 

Hillery Mary, widow of John, house 131 

Hillery Mary, widow of Thomas, house 191 
Mt. Auburn 

Hillery Michael F., clerk, Physical Labora- 
tory. H. U., boards 191 Mt. Auburn 

Hillery Thomas A., janitor, Agassiz Muse- 
um, boards 191 Mt Auburn 

Hilliard Samuel D., house 32 Winsor 

Hillier Isaac T., mason, boards 32 Elm 

Hillier Margaret A. Mrs., dressmaker, 441 
Main, house 32 Elm 

Hillier Theodore H., clerk, 288 Broadway, 
boards 32 Elm 

Hillier Tillie A. Miss, clerk, 441 Main, bds. 
32 Elm 

Hillier Win., mason, 32 Elm, house do. 

Hillier Wm. H., mason, boards 32 Elm 

Hilliker John, house 63 Ellery 

Hilling K., cutter, Am. Rubber Co. 

Hillman Charles H., book-keeper (24 Sud- 
bury, B.), house 156 Thorndike 

Hillman John J., silver plater (24 Sudbury, 
B.), house 156 Thorndike 

Hillman Minnie G. Miss, music teacher, 
156 Thorndike, boards do. 

Hills Fontanelle L., teamster, J. S. Hil- 
liard, house 142 Spring 

Hills Sarah J., widow of Henry S., house 

Hills William B. I)r.,asst. prof. Chemistry, 
H. U., house 54 Langdon 

Hilt 1). Herbert, book-keeper (F. R. R., 
B.), house 14 Allen 

Hilton Everett S-, salesman (6 and 8 F. 11. 
market, B.), boards 9 Mellen 

Hilton James Madison, butter and cheese 
(39 and 40 So. Market, B.). house 9 
Mellen [47 Oxford 

Hilton James Manter, real estate, house 

Hilton Joseph F., provisions (5 and 7 F. H. 
market, B.), house 15 Highland av. 

Hilton Thomas B., hairdresser, 249 Broad- 
way, house 117 Columbia 

Hiltz Joshua, cooper, 502 Main, house 
Southern place 

Hilyard Pat, at 169 Gore 

Himeon Edgar, carpenter, b. 8 Austin place 

Himeon Edward C, clerk, 588 Main, bds. 
20 Suffolk 

Himeon John, carpenter, 1>. :'. Austin place 

Himeon John, at 1<>9 Gore 

HIUIJEON MINER W., carpenter 
and builder, rear 577 Main, house 20 
Suffolk (see page 628) 
Himeon Thomas C, carpenter, h. 14 Suffolk 
Hinchliffe Joseph, cabinet maker, 626 Main, 

house 228 Franklin 
Hinckley Seth, blower, N. E. Glass Works 
Hinckley, see Hinkley 

Hincks Edward W. General, h. 159 Brattle 
Hindle Edward, butcher, Niles Bros., Con- 
cord avenue 
Hinds Benjamin, laborer, b. 3 Conlons ct. 
Hinds Benjamin, laborer, h. 3 Conlons ct. 
Hinds John H., core maker, Third, corner 

Bent, boards 3 Conlons ct. 
Hine William, brush maker (106 Sudbury, 

B.), boards 3 Spring place 
Hines Albert A., hackman (B.), house 188 

Hines David, piano maker (245 W. Fifth, 

S. B.), boards 20 Fairmont 
Hines James, baker, boards 43 Market 
Hines Michael, tinman, 605 Main, house at 

Bost n 
Hines Richard B., travelling salesman (36 

Chauncy, B.), house 12 Day 
Hingalls Edward, laborer, boards 195 Mt. 

Hinkley Eugene B., secretary (64 State, 

B.), house Brattle, cor. Larch 
Hinkley Holmes, teacher, house 14 Kirk- 
land place 
Hinman Joseph, agent Babcock Extinguish- 
er (41 Federal, B.), h. 48 Magazine 
Hinton Annie, wid. of Charles, h. 55 Grigg 
Hiorns W.. driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Hippler Ancrew, basket maker, rear 81 

Sixth, house do. 
Hippler William, wood carver, Otis, corner 

First, b. rear 81 Sixth 
Ilirchbaum Cornelius, at 169 Gore 
Hirl John J., teamster, boards Ayers' 

block, Third 
Hirl Mary J. Mrs., brush maker (B.), h. 

Ayers' block, Third 
Hiscoek Charles H., treasurer (180 Wash., 

B.)i house 8 Harris [99 River 

Hiscoek LiUie, widow of Edward C, house 
Hiscoek Orlando, laborer, bds. 99 River 
Hiscoek Sewell. boards 8 Harris 
Hiscoek Simon 1)., police, station 2, house 

99 Washington 
Hislop Robert, laborer, 17 Main, house 3 

Brown's block, Third 
Hiichborn, see Hichborn 
Hitchcock Henry C, day fireman, II. l.\. 

house 45 Sacramento 
Hitchcock Richard W.. cigars (19 India, 

B.), house 10 Allen 

wholesale ice, and supt. (F. P. I. 
Co.), foot of Willow, branch offices, 
(> Brattle and 619 Main, boards at 
Boston (seepage 12) 


Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 






Hixon Charles P., clerk, 142 Harvard, h. 

661 Columbia 
Hixon Edward, house 15 Magazine 
Hixon Emily, widow of Walter J., house 

112 Hancock 
Hixon George E. , foreman, upholsterers (48 

Canal, B.), house bo Pearl 
Hixon Robert T., police, station 1, house 

3 Huron 
Hjorth Frederick, insurance agent and pre- 
served fish, 404 and 406 Main, h. do. 
Hoag Jonathan, clerk, 69 Norfolk, h. 287 

Hoar Edward, cooper, rms. 223 Broadway 
Hoare Abbie E., widow of Francis, house 

146 Green 
Hobart Cbarles W., cabinet maker, house 

163 Putnam ave. 
Hobart John, at 161) Gore 
Hobart Washington, carpenter, h. 365 Main 
Hobbs Augustus, house 16 Warla.d 
Hobbs Cora Miss, saleswoman, 473 Cam- 
bridge, boards 152 Prospect 
Hobbs Francis A., bookbinder, Riverside 

Press, house 14 Bath 
Hobbs George, boarding-house, 8 Norfolk 
Hobbs H. Ernest, painter, b. 152 Prospect 
Hobbs Harry W., action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, boards 8 Norfolk 
Hobbs Henry C, cutter, N. E. Glass Works, 

house 152 Prospect 
Hobbs Jeremiah R., driver, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house 3 Whitney place 
Hobbs Jeremiah S., carpenter, h. 7 Park 
Hobbs Moses H., agent, 16 Pearl, rooms 

19 Franklin 
Hobbs Olive Miss, house 8 Norfolk 
Hobbs William, clock repairer, house 162 

Hoben William, collar maker, 10 Arrow, 

house 10 Banks [Winsor 

Hobs ,n William, lawyer <"B.), house 80 
Hochdorfer Richard, instructor, H. U., h. 

26 Wallace 
Hodgdon John II., carpenter, 9 Western 

avenue, boards rear 508 Main 
Hodgdon It., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Hodge Bridget, widow of Richard, boards 

44 South 
Hodge John W., boards 4£ South 
Hodge Theodore J., waiter, Memorial 

Hall, house rear 19 Brewery 
Hodges Elizabeth L. Miss, h. 48 Garden 
Hodges Francis Frederick, clerk (22 Pearl, 

B.), boards 450 Broadway 
Hodges Jane, widow of Francis, house 450 

Hodges Lydia E., widow of William G., 

house 438 Broadway 
Hodges Mary A., widow of James C, house 

11 Kinniard 
Hodges William A., bo k-keeper (Nat. 

Bank of Redemption, B.), boards 438 


Hodgkin Asa H., woodworker, h. 1 Union 

Hodgkins Amzy M., engineer, 179 Broad- 
way, boards 38 Brookline 

Hodgkins George II., paper hanger, house 
rear 187 Cambridge 

Hodgkins Jas. H. , regulator, 162 Broadway, 
house 31 Brookline 

Hodgkins Rufus M., wood worker, house 
21 Suffolk 

Hodgkins Walter, asst. janitor (89 Milk 
B.), boards 16 Front 

Hodgkins Walter, clerk, 57 Otis, boards do. 

HODGKINS WM. H., plumber 
and gas fitter 1194 A. Cambridge, 
house 295 do. (see page 6:52) 
Hodgman Edwin R., clergyman, house 12 

Far well place 
Hodsdon Clarence L., cooper, rear (\S A 11- 

ston, house 70 do 
Hodsdon Earnest E., book-keeper, (11 No. 

Market, B.), boards 112 Thorndike 
Hodsdon George W., produce (11 and 12 

No. Market B.), bds. 112 Thorndike 
Hodsdon Julia A., widow of B. P., house 

1 12 Thorndike 
Hodsdon Wilder 1>. , clerk ( 146 Devonshire, 

B.), house 112 Thorndike 
Hoey James, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 23 

Hofer Frederick, tool maker, First, near 

Cambridge, h. First opposite Spring 
Hofman Charles, iceman, Fresh Pond Ice 

Co., boards 19 Hunting 
Hofman Ernst, tailor, 418 Broadway, h. 

3 Emmons place 
Hoffman Herman L., teamster, 172 Thorn- 
dike, boards 173 Spring 
Hoffman James W., boarding house 189 

Cambridge, house do. 
Hoffman John B., carpenter, h. 19 Hunting 
Hoffman John, laborer, boards 19 Hunting 
Hoffman J., laborer, Sixth cor. Potter 
Hoffman Reinhold P., cabinet maker, (38 

Cornhill, B.), house 49 Clark 
Hogan Edward, cooper, 169 Gore, house 16 

Squires court 
Hogan Edward J., wood worker, 286 Main, 

house 117 Harvard 
Hogan James, carpenter, B. & L. R. R. 

shop, house 55 North 
Hogan John, laborer, 220 Portland, boards 

12 Seventh 
Hogan John B., cabinet maker, 626 Main, 

house 1 Scevapl. 
Hogan John C, electrotype finisher (B.), 

house 304 Green 
Hogan John J., clerk, 43 Gore, rooms do. 
Hogan Margaret Mrs., boards 2 Lawrence 
Hogan Mary, widow of John, house 4 Hol- 

Hogan Mary A. Miss, house 304 Green 
Hogan Matthew E., provisions, house 30 


Dr. E. Y. White 
Dr.W.H. Mollis, 




Hogan Michael P., fruit etc., 323 Camb- 
ridge, house at Somerville 
Hogan Edward, at 169 Gore 
Hogan Richard, wheelwright. 270 North 

avenue, boards Porter's Hotel 
Hogan Thomas F., machinist, 626 Main, 

house 304 Green 
Hogan William, baker, 79 Cambridge, bds. 

99£ do. 
Hogahoom William O., carpenter, boards 

35 Arlington 
Hoit Sarah A., widow of Ezekiel, house 28 

Hoit Sophia G.. widow of Joseph, house 

128 Thorndike 
Hoit William H., confectioner (96 Canal, 

B.), boards 28 Fifth 
Holbrook Edwin W., laborer h. 41 Amory 
Holbrook Elizabeth V., widow of Henry 

C. house 203 Harvard 
Holbrook Louisa Miss, house 112 Lake 

Yiew avenue 
Hoolbrook Nathan H., supt. John Reardon 

& Sons, Waverly, corner Talbot, and 

treasurer Y. M. C. Association, house 

42 Chestnut 
Holbrook Robert S., book-keeper (Avon 

B.)i house 203 Harvard 
Holbrook Vernon, house 104 Lake View av. 
Holden Amos P., house 100 Allston 
Holden Austin, assistant librarian (10£ 

Iieacon, B.), boards 21 Linnsean 
Holden Edward E., teacher (Chas'n), house 

20 Orchard 
Holden E. Clinton, clerk, First, opposite 

Thorndike, house at Reading 
Holden G. E.,' conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Holden John A., shipper, Riverside Press, 

boards 46 Pearl 
Holden Joshua F., hostler. Porter's Hotel, 

boards do. 
Holden Margaret A., widow of James D., 

h. 21 Linnsean 
Holden M. P., sawyer, 3 Hampshire 
Holden Robert, teamster, house 39 Baldwin 
Holden William, blacksmith, 496 Main, h. 

292 Green 
Holden William, fireman (B.), h. 41 Wash. 
Holden William, upholsterer, b. 12 Clark 
Holden William, cabinet maker, 30 Boyl- 

ston, house Murray 
Holdman Arthur, hostler, boards 54 Sidney 
Holian Bros. (Edward and Michael Holian), 

galvanizers, 191 Winsor 
Holian Edward (Holian Bros.), galvanizer, 

11)1 Winsor, h. 120 Webster av. 
Holian Michael (Holian Bros.), galvanizer, 

191 Winsor, house 364 Cambridge 
Holl William, varnisher, 162 Broadway, h. 

at Roxbury 
Holland Agnes Miss, house 44 Austin 
Holland Annie I. Mr>., dressmaker, 569 

Main, house do. 

Holland Charles (Conley & Holland), pro- 
visions, 538 Main, house 35 Green 

Holland Charles P., conductor, W. E. St. 
Ry. Co., house 12 Frank 

Holland Cornelius, laborer, 169 Gore, house 
19 Porter 

Holland John, hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 
Mt. Auburn stable, house 81 Cushing 

Holland John, laborer, 5 Broadway, house 
2 Deacon 

Holland John, teamster, 360 Cambridge, h. 
at Somerville 

Holland .John J., action maker (B.), boards 
2 Deacon 

Holland John P., canvasser, h. 3954 Camb. 

Holland Joseph, laborer, 169 Gore, house 
37 Jefferson 

Holland Michael, laborer, b. 307 Camb. 

Holland Michael W., teamster, h. 120 Otis 

Holland Thomas, shoemaker, 425 Cam- 
bridge, boards at Charlestown 

Holland Thomas, at 169 Gore 

Holland William, watchman, W. E. St. Ry. 
Co., Dunster, house 305 Green 

Holland William C, tinner, 153 Putnam av. 
boards 26 Spruce 

Hollerhan David, butcher, Niles Bros., 
Concord ave., house near do. 

Holleran James, cooper, h. Bacons court 

Holley Levi A., teamster, h. 162 Cambridge 

Holley Michael, laborer, b. 252 Franklin 

Hollihan Thomas, laborer, 13 Broadway, h. 

Hollis Charles R., wheelwright, 178 North 
ave., bds. Porter's Hotel 

Hollis George, teamster, b. 27 Elmer 

Hollis Hatfield, painter, rear 143 Franklin, 
house 86 Howard 

Hollis James E., man servant, 10 Trow- 
bridge, boards do. 

Hollis Lucmda E., widow of Charles, house 
103 Austin 

Hollis Mary, wid. of Chas.,h. 103 Columbia 

tist, 603 Main, boards 103 Austin 
(see foot lines) 

Holloran John O., piano polisher, boards 
14 Harvard 

Holloran Joseph, at 169 Gore 

Holly John A., house 69 Concord av. 

Holly Tree Coffee Rooms, 20 Brattle 

Holman Charles E., clerk, 162 Broadway, 
house 119 Winsor 

Holman Fanny, teacher. 20 Mason, h. do. 

Holman Freeland E., clerk, 152 Harvard, b. 
225 Broadway 

Holman Horace F., carriage maker, 446 
Main, house 225 Broadway 

Holman Maria N.. widow of Ebenezer P., 
house 8 Front 

Holmberg John F., hay, etc., 185 Broad- 
way, house 38 Union 

Holmberg Sarah A., grocer, 38 Union, 

Burditt & White,,!?. ;*££iSi Paints, Oils & Glass. 

'J Have Constantly on hand 



Holmes Anna, widow of James A., boards 

325 Harvard 
Holmes Anna P. Miss, h. 934 Auburn 
Holmes A., hostler, W. E. St. By. Co., 

Holmes Caroline E., widow of Charles, h. 

12 Dunster 
Holmes Charles F., clerk, 515 Main, rooms 

56 Austin 
Holmes Charles F., clerk, b. 8 Sidney 
Holmes Charles W. Mrs., h. 55 Magazine 
Holmes Charlotte, widow of Jacob K., h. 

( J Kinnaird 
Holmes Frank M., brown bread mixture, 

etc., 608 Main and (42 Commercial, B.) 

house 80 Magazine 
Holmes Frank William, student (Newton 

Theological Seminary), b. 80 Magazine 
Holmes Fred, conductor.'W. E. St. By. Co. 

rooms 48 Mt. Auburn 
Holmes Fred S., asst. supt. , 17 Main 
Holmes Frederick, lithographer, liiverside 

Press, house 70 Allaton 
Holmes Freeland S., janitor. Masonic Hall, 

633 Main and Boardman and Mason 

schools, house 8 Sidney 

keeper, Charles River Nat. Bank, 4 
Harvard row, house 14 Lowell 
Holmes Helen E., widow of Joseph H., 

house 39 William 
Holmes Henry O., book agent, house 32 

Holmes Howard W., hearse driver, 201 

Bridge, house 67 Spring 
Holmes Isaac C. Mrs., house 75 Allaton 
Holmes Isaac G. (I. G. Holmes & Co.). 

boots and shoes, 567 Main, boards 75 

Holmes I. G. & Co. (Isaac G. Holmes), 

boots and shoes, 567 Main 
Holmes John, house 5 Appian Way 
Holmes John C, expressman (B.), house 

34 Amory 
Holmes Joseph A. (Joseph A. Holmes & 

Co.), grocers, 608 Main and 1 Central 

sq., house 55 Magazine 

(Joseph A. Holmes), grocers, 606 
and 608 Main and 1 Central sq. (see 
page 72) 
Holmes Joseph E., clerk, 608 Main, boards 

39 William 
Holmes L. Florence Miss, teacher, vocal 

music, 9 Kinnaird, house do. 
Holmes Marcus 11., piano key finisher, h. 

88 Green 
Holmes Nathaniel, house 7 Holyoke pi. 
Holmes Patrick, coachman, 165 Brattle, h. 

46 Foster 
Holmes Samuel T., painter, h. 45 Magazine 
Holmes Samuel W., paper hanger, house 

100 Magazine 
Holmes Thomas, at 169 Gore 

Holmes Thomas, laborer, h. 365 North av. 

Holmes William, engineer (Beverly, B.), 
house 29 Reed 

Holmes William B.. bagsrasre master, B. & 
A. R. R., bds. 88 Green 

Holmes William F., hay and grain, 162 
River, boards 75 Allston 

Holmes & Rugg (George H. Rugg), wood 
and coal, 166 River 

Holt Alden, steam litter (38 Beach, B.), h. 
16 Watson 

Holt Alfred health officer and medical ex- 
aminer, office City Hall and physician 
5 Pleasant, house do. 

Holt Caroline H., widow of V. S., house 
589i Main 

Holt Charles L., manager, 10 Franklin, h. 
76 Prospect 

Holt E. P., cook, 6 Holyoke, rms. do. 

Holt Fannie E. Mis^, music teacher, 8 
Plymouth, house do. 

Holt Henry L., cooper, C. II. North & Co. 
(Somerville), house 25 Hunting 

Holt Homer C, lawyer, 589£ Main. h. do. 

Holt Ida B., teacher. Gushing primary 
school, bds. 8 Plympton 

Holt James H. H., police, h. 10 South 

Holt James L.Mrs., carpet maker, house 
10 South 

Holt Samuel H., foreman of blacksmiths 

(409 Federal, B.), h. 8 Plympton 
Holt Stephen A. (Holt ft Bugbee), hard- 
wood lumber, 17 East, office (173 
Friend, B.)i h. at Wincnester 

Holt Susie E. Mi>s. book-keeper, 4 72 Har- 
vard, boards 8 Acacia 
HOLT WILLIAM B., painter. 14 
Church, h. 8 Acacia (see page 629) 

Holt Wm. C, trav. salesman (Harrison av. 
B.), bds. 7 Walnut ave. 

HOLT * BIOBEE (Stephen A. 
Holt and John H. Bwgbee), hard- 
wood lumber, 17 East, office (173 
Friend and 81- Canal, B.) (seep. 8) 

Holton Fred H (Fred H. Holton & Co.). 
copper works, rear 184 Broadway and 
(36 Chardon, B.),h. 14 Prospect 

Holton Fred H. & Co. (Fred H. Holton, 
Cornelius G. H. Bennink and Pobert 
M. Wilson), copper works, rear 134 

Holway Edward, core maker, Third, cor. 
Bent, house at Woburn 

Homer Elizabeth, widow, house 15 Elmer 

Homer Fitz H. (Crowell & Homer, con- 
fectioner, 18 ( j Hampshire, h. 4 Elm 

Homer Sarah A., widow of Moore R., h. 
214 Harvard 

Homer William II.. polisher. 28G Main, b. 
81 Washington 

Homo Joseph, mill hand. V> Hampshire, 
house 161 Broadway 

Honeycomb Thomas P. (Honeycomb & Co.) 
boots and shoes, 597 -Main, h. at Salem 

PUniPE GREEN " H0USE PLANTS-New and Rare, D 

uIIUIUL 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets. I . 




Honeycomb & Co. (Thomas P. Honeycomb) 

boots and shoes, 597 Main 
Hong Wah, lanndry, 10 Pearl, h. do. 
Honsteter Louis, cabinet maker, 602 Main, 

house 16 Fairmont 
Hood Abraham L., baby carriage maker, 

house 3 Rogers block, Washington 
Hood Emma J., widow of George A., house 

8 Allen 
Hood William, watchman, 169 Gore, house 

Richardson block, 103 Gore, suite 5 
Hood Wm. H. (Blaisdell & Hood;, wood, 

79 Brattle, bds. 9 Brewer 
Hood Hallie M. Miss, teacher (Somerville) 

boards 8 Allen 
Hood Henry B., house 289 Pearl 
Hooker Anna W., bds. 415 Broadway 
Hooker Charles K., steam piper, basement, 

602 Main, house 2 Granite 
Hooker Charles R., driver, Hose 1, Brattle 

square, house 15 Eliot 
Hooker Edward D., physician, 196 North 

Hooker Edward H., physician, office 57 Otis 
Hooker George, carpenter, boards Hotel 

Hooker Henry, house 53 Auburn 
Hooker Hiram W., driver, steam fire en- 
gine, No. 1 Brattle sq., rms. do. 
Hooker Sara P. Miss, mechanical dentist, 

432 Harvard, h. 379 do. 
Hooley John, harness cleaner, 15 Church, 

boards 26 Hancock 
Hooley M., action maker, 162 Broadway, 

house 16 Ellery 
Hooper Charles H., flour (10 Broad B.), h. 

289 North avenue 
Hooper Charles R., engineer, h. 7 King pi. 
Hooper Edward W., lawyer (50 State, B.), 

h. Reservoir, opp. the reservoir 
Hooper Frank A., clerk (32 Essex, B.), h. 

154 Cambridge 
Hooper Henry M., draughtsman (B.), bds. 

21 Buckingham 
Hooper Lemuel M., provisions, 383 Main, 

house do. 
Hooper Isaac, laborer, h. 6 Decatur 
Hooper Isaac D., h. 2 Allstou court 
Hooper Joseph M,. foreman, carpenters, 

Am. Rubber Co., h. 182 Norfolk 
Hooper Mary L., widow of James, house 

291 North ave. [53 Fifth 

Hooper Moses W., police, station 3 house 
Hooper Nathan C, teamster, 10 Arrow, h. 

Charles River 
Hooper Warren L., fruit (42 South Market 

B.), house 291 North avenue 
Hooper William, at 44 Cambridge 
Hope George T., painter, h. r. 174 Franklin 
Hope George W., painter, boards rear 174 

Hope John, driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 251 

Cambridge, boards Cambridge, cor. 


Hope John W., machinist, 72 Main, house 

91 do., No. 8 
Hopewell Frank, mnfr. horse clothing 

(129 Wash., B.), bds. 82 Magazine 
Hopewell John, Jr., mnfr. horse clothing 

(129 Wash., B.), h. 82 Magazine 

tect and builder, 276 Pearl, house 
do. (see page 629) 
Hopkins Catherine, widow of Edward, h. 

121 Elm 
Hopkins Curtis A., driver, h. 89 Auburn 
Hopkins Edward J., plumber, 634 Main, b. 

3 Norfolk court 
Hopkins Emma A. Miss, teacher, Thorn- 
dike grammar school, boards at Som- 
Hopkins Fred W., trav., salesman (B.), h. 

13 Shepard 
Hopkins George W., clerk (77 Bedford, B.) 

house 169 Thorndike 
Hopkins Helen C, widow, house rear 57 

Hopkins I. G. W., foreman, Arctic room, 

American Rubber Co., 
Hopkins John E., book-keeper, 15 Second, 

boards 24 Amory 
Hopkins John G. , blower, N. E. Glass 

Works, North, h. at West Medford 
Honkins Joseph W., teamster, 168 Gore, b. 

* 54 Fifth 
Hopkins Josiah, painter, 129 Green, house 

175 Pearl 
Hopkins J. S., foreman of bootmakers, 

Amer. Rubber Co., house at Wyoming 
Hopkins Michael J., teamster, 180 Main, 

house 152 Green 
Hopkins Perry L., agent "Vandine" estate, 

house 67 Plymouth 
Hopkins Robert R., clerk (71 Bedford, B.), 

boards 12 Jay 
Hopkins Samuel, machinist, B. & L. R. R., 

shop, house 111 Spring 
Hopkins Walter C , salesman (435 Wash- 
ington, B.), house 122 Prospect 
Hopkins Wm. J., book-keeper (Cornhill, 

B.), boards 3 Norfolk ct. 
Hopkinson Charles S., student, II. U., 

boards 22 Craigie 
Hopkinson John P., private school (20 

Boylston pi. B.), house 22 Craigie 
Hoppin Elizabeth M., widow of Nicholas, 

house 469 Broadway 
Horan Celia Mrs., house 6 Lincoln 
Horan Charles, bookbinder, boards 8 Sands 
Horan Charles, laborer, house 65 Spruce 
Horan Daniel, laborer, 211 Bridge, house 

125 Third 
Horan Ellen, widow of Patrick, house 24 

Horan Jeremiah, city laborer, house 24 

Horan John, carpenter, house 8 Sands 
Horan Mary, widow, house 53 North 


All kinds of HARDWARE GOODS at 
Lowest Prices. 20 Dock Square. 



Koran Michael, laborer, 211 Bridge, house 

125 Third 
Horan Patrick J. , painter, 660 Main, boards 

24 Montgomery 
Horan Peter F., marble polisher (B.) house 

53 North 
Horan Timothy, currier, Dudley, boards 24 

Horan Timothy, painter, house Montgom- 
ery, cor. Dudley 
Horan, see Hourihan 
Horgan Dennis, marble worker, 53 Main, 

boards 66 Winsor 
Horgan Dennis, stone cutter, A. McDonald, 

& Son, house 112 Holworthy 
Horgan Jeremiah, house 58 Gore 
Horgan John, grocer, 69 Gore, house do. 
Horgan John, hostler, house 226 Bridge 
Horgan John F., inspector, W. E. St. By. 

Horgan John H., clerk, Ames Plow Co., 

(B.), boards 59 Gore 
Horgan John Joseph, inspector, W. E. St. 

By., Co., house 115 Tremont 
Horgan John J., marble works, 49 to 53 

Main, house 66 Winsor 
Horgan Thomas, machinist, Boston Bridge 

Works, Sixth, house at E. Boston 
Hormel Conrad T., sugar boiler, house r. 

105 Spring 
Horn Plummer S., watchman, Third, cor. 

Rogers, house 57 Broadway 
Home Henrv, boiler maker, 92 Main, bds. 

166 Main 
Home John C, letter carrier, Camb. P. O., 

18 Boylston, house 74 Hancock 
Hornsby Wm. J. , potter, A. H. Hews & Co. , 

house 10 Brewer 
Hornsby Wm. J. Jr., foreman lumber room 

Amer. Rubber Co., 
Horrigan Belle, widow of Dennis, house 5 

Horrigan Daniel, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

24 Jefferson 
Horrigan Denis, boards 50 Amory 
Horrigan Jeremiah, foreman, blacksmith 

shop, 169 Gore, house 11 Eighth 
Horrigan Jeremiah, printer, boards 8 Hast- 
Horrigan John, laborer, house 53 Amory 
Horrigan Mary, widow, h. 49 Washington 
Horrigan Mary, widow of Michael, house 

8 Hastings 
Horrigan Mary A., widow of Michael, h. 

395£ Cambridge 
Horrigan Timothy, coachman, Robert O. 

Fuller, honse 50 Amory 
Horrigan Timothy, laborer, house 108£ 

Horrigan Timothy, at 169 Gore 
Horrigan William, printer (B.), boards 8 

Horsdorskin William, at 169 Gore 

Horsey Frank G., wood carver, house rear 
144 Thorndike 

Horsford Eben N., chemist, h. 27 Craigie 

Horton Charles, at 169 Gore 

Horton Sylvester, reed board maker, 162 
Broadway, 28 Antrim 

Hosken Thomas, laborer, h. 40 Winthrop 

Hosmer Cora E. Miss, teacher, Harvard 
grammar school, boards 105 Inman 

Hosmer, Crampton & Hammond, hay, Pris- 
on Point, next drawbridge, and (51 
Commercial, B.) 

Hotchkiss Frank D., asst. supt., Amer. R. 
Co., house at Boston 

Hotel Allerton, 23 Norfolk 

Hotel Brooks, Brooks, near Main 

Hotel Cambridge, Crescent av., n. Raymond 

Hotel Cambridge W. A. Gerry, proprietor, 
45 Otis, East Cambridge 

Hotel Clark, Clark, corner School 

Hotel Franklin, Norfolk, cor. Suffolk 

Hotel Harrison, Harrison near School 

Hotel Holly, Holly, cor. Brooks 

Hotel Leah, 57 Austin 

Hotel Luke, 355 Main, near Harrison 

Hotel Main, 305 Main 

Hotel Munroe, Norfolk, near Austin 

Hotel Parks, School, cor. Moore 

Hotel School, Holly, cor. Brooks 

Hotel Shirley, 41 School 

Hotel Stanstead, 19 Ware 

Hotel Stratford. 23 Elm 

Hotel Sun, 381 Main near, Moore 

Hotel Weston, 43 School 

Hotel Windsor, 86 Washington 

Houghton Addie M. Mrs., clerk, 456 Har- 
vard, boards 2fc Mt. Auburn 

Houghton Augusta M. Miss, teacher (Som- 
erville), bds. 2 Potter Park 

Houghton Charles W., trav. salesman (271 
Franklin, B.), house 74 Pearl 

Houghton Charles W., clerk (159 Friend, 
B.). boards 196 Putnam ave 

Houghton Charlotte I. Miss, teacher (Som- 
erville), boards 2 Potter Park 

Houghton Frank, clerk (71 Bedford, B.), 
boards 74 Pearl 

Houghton Frederick G. , salesman (115 
State, B.\ boards 2 Potter Park 

Houghton Henry O. (H. O. Houghton & 
Co.), printer, and (Houghton, Mifflin 
& Co.), publisher Riverside Press and 
(4 Park, B.), house 800 Main 

Houghton Henry O. Jr., clerk, Riverside 
Press, house 6 Ellery 

Houghton H. O. & Co. (Henry O. Houghton, 
Geo. H.Mifflin and Lawson Valentine), 
printers, etc.. Riverside Press, Black- 
stone, and (4 Park B.) 

Houghton John H., boilers and engines (66 
Canal and 159 Friend, B.), house 196 
Putnam av. 

Houghton Mark Irving, piano-action maker, 
boards 26 School st. pi. 

rkX^ivr^nTCjnncj s d*. e. y. white, ) 60^ Main st. 

U JDJ JLl JL JL\0 JlIO, \ Dr. W. H. Hollis, J Central Sq. 





Houghton Martha R., wid. of Francis, h. 2 

Potter Park 
Houghton, Mifflin & Co. (Henry O. Hough- 
ton, George H. Mifflin and Lawson 

Valentine), publishers, Riverside Press 

Blackstone and (4 Park, B.) 
Houghton Thomas P., carpenter, building 

mover and boarding house, 125 Harvard 
Houghton William I. W., watchman (233 

Cambridge, B.), h. 2G School st. pi. 
Houle Hilaire, hairdresser, 467 Cambridge, 

house 123 Third 
Houlihan James P., printer (B.), h. r. 90 

Houlihan John, carriage smith (B.), bds. 

30 Harvard 
Houlihan Michael W., teamster, 3 Hamp- 
shire, house 1 Bristol 
Houlihan Thomas, laborer, 13 Broadway, h. 

30 Harvard 
Houlihan Thomas A. , printer (118 Purchase 

B.), house Sixth near Harvard 
Hourihan John, teamster, 211 Bridge, h. 3 

Hourihan Michael, laborer, 211 Bridge, h. 

125 Third 
Hourihan Timothy, teamster, 211 Bridge, h. 

3 Fifth 
Hourinan Dennis, laborer, 211 Bridge, h. 

rear 125 Third 
House of Correction and Jail for Middlesex 

county, Thorndike, cor. Third 
Houstetter Louis, wood turner, Second, c. 

Thorndike, house 16 Fairmont 
Houston David, brass finisher (B.), b. 121 

Houston John B., cook, h. 95 Elm 
Houston William Mrs., bds. 95 Elm 
Houston William C, boiler maker, 356 

Main, house 121 Harvard 
Hovey Caroline L. Miss, house 9 Brookline 
Hovey Charles H., florist, Cambridge opp. 

Highland av., and (69 Tremont, B.), h. 

381 Broadway 
Hovey Charles N., shipper (27 So. Market, 

B.), house 26 Fifth 
Hovey Dana R., clerk, 532 Main, h. 78 

Hovey Eliza B. Miss, house 9 Brookline 
iiovey Freeland E., clerk (Gay & Co., 

Arch, B.), boards 93 Otis 
Hovey Horatio A., butter, etc. (32 F. H. 

Market, B.), house 264 North av. 
Hovey Horatio N., house 93 Otis 
Hovey Horatio N., Jr., paper hangings and 

window shades, 103 Cambridge, h. 93 

Hovey H. N. & Co. (George W. Dearborn 

and Henry Cannell), grocers, 86 Camb. 
Hovey John C, horticulturist (16 So. 

Market, B.), house 9 Brookline 
Hovey J. Dana, grocer, 532 Main, h. do. 
Hovey Marv H., widow of William B., h. 

40 William 

Hovey Mary L., widow of Phineas B., h. 
9 Brookline 

Hovey Melissa F., widow of Geo. H..h. 26 

Hovey Walter, superintendent (456 Wash., 
B.), house 21 Lancaster ave. 

Hovey William H., butter and cheese (32 
F. H. market, B.), h. 67 Pleasant 

Hovey William W., clerk (48 Canal, B.), 
boards 21 Lancaster ave. 

Howard Abby A. K. Miss, teacher. Thorn- 
dike grammer school, house Go Otis 

Howard Albert A., teacher, house 19 Ware 

Howard Alexander, shoemaker, 86 Fifth, b. 
159 Norfolk 

Howard Amelia C. Miss, hairworker, h. 28 

Howard Annie L. Miss, cashier (Court c. 
Tremont, B.), boards 53 Oxford 

Howard Arthur L., student, H. U., b. 826 

Howard Augustus A., teamster, 139 Broad- 
way, rooms do. 

Howard Charles W., foreman of key-fin- 
ishers, 139 Broadway, h. 84 Winsor 

Howard Dennis, at 169 Gore 

Howard Elizabeth D., wid. of Richard L. , 
house Hillside av., cor. Avon Hill 

Howard Ellen, wid. of James, h. 364 Cam- 

Howard Frank, furniture finisher, 44 Cam- 

Howard George, fireman, Memorial Hall 

Howard George C, house 826 Main 

keeper, 201 Bridge, house 38 Fifth 
Howard James J. , varnisher, 162 Broadway, 

house 39l£ ambridge 
Howard James R., house 364 Cambridge 
Howard James W., moulder, b. 14 Pleasant 
Howard John, collar maker, 10 Arrow, h. 

127 Winsor 
Howard John, laborer, h. 7 Flagg st. court 
Howard John, Avaiter (Hotel Vendome, B.), 

house 60 Washington 
Howard John A., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

house 6 Murray 
Howard Julius S., compositor, University 

Press, house 15 Beaver 
Howard L. Eva Miss, music teacher, 38 

Fifth, boards do. 
Howard Marguerite A., widow of Peter M., 

house 28 Tremont 
Howard Mary, widow of Gabriel, house 

Garden street place 
Howard Richard, safe maker, 17 Main 
Howard Richard M., house 113 Third 
Howard Robert, iron moulder, 356 Main 
Howard Thomas F., cutter, N. E. Glass 

Works, North, house at Chelsea 
Howard Thomas M., night watchman, 203 

Bridge, house 443£ Cambridge 
Howard William, head waiter. Memorial 

Hall, house 232 Green 

DRAIN PIPE, an sizes, at BURDITT & WHITE'S, 




Howard William W., key finisher, 139 
Broadway, boards 88 School 

Howarth Arthur D., proof-reader, Univer- 
sity Press, house 11 Rice 
(25 Congress, room 3, B.)> house 60 
Shepard (see page 651) 

Howe Avery F. Mrs., house 35 William 

Howe Albion P., Major General, U. 8. A., 
house 14 Concord avenue 

Howe Benjamin, action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 5 Tenney 

Howe B. Varnum, optical goods (106 Tre- 
mont, B.), house 137 North avenue 

Howe Charles T., com. mer. (19 Broad, 
B.), boards 407 Broadway 

Howe Daniel K. , carriage trimmer, 412 
Main, house 69 Sidney 

Howe David (Howe & Putney), bacon 
curer, rear 365 Cambridge, h. 49 Erie 

Howe tidward Frank, clerk (88 Court, B.), 
house 285 Broadway 

Howe E Lward F., bacon curer, r. 414 Main, 
house 33 Front [Broadway 

Howe Elias, music (88 Court, B.), h. 285 

Howe Francis M., foreman, 12 Cambridge, 
house 80 Fourth 

Howe Frederick C, com. mer. (19 Broad, 
B.), bouse 407 Broadway 

Howe Frederick F., book-keeper, 386 Main, 
house at Somerville 

Howe John E., architect (68 Devonshire. 
B.), boards 26 Inman 

Howe Josiah D., painter. Mt. Auburn cem- 
etery, house 11 Maynard place 

Howe J, Lewis, book sewer, Riverside 
Press, house 85 Putnam avenue 

HOWE J. HURRAY, real estate 
a^ent and broker (5 Court, B. . h. 
at Milton, Mass. (see back cowr 
Howe Laforest 1)., teamster, Howe ft Put- 
ney, house 153 Columbia 
Howe Lueinda S., widow of Solomon H., 

house 5 Dana 
Howe Mary E. Miss, house 2 Garden 
Howe Moses G., lawyer (47 Court, room 11. 

B.), house 137 North aveuue 
Howe Otis (Howe Spring Bed Co.), spring 

beil mnfr., 380 Main, house 26 Inman 
Howe Robert A., shirt cutter (383 Wash., 

B.), boards 14 Worcester 
Howe Sara R. Miss, house 2 Garden 
Howe Spring Bed Co. (Otis Howe), spring 

bed mnfrs., 386 Main 
Howe Thomas J., house 55 Ellery 
Howe (J. Tracy, house 55 Garden 
Howe William, clergyman, house 746 Main 
Howe William A., carpenter, house 5 Mead 
Howe William E., travelling salesman (21 

Franklin, B.), boards 4 Centre 
Howe William F., drug clerk (10 Park sq. , 

B.). house 19 Magazine 
Howe William H., clerk (88 Court, B.), h. 

2^44 Broadway 

Howe William H. H., janitor, Felton and 
Thayer Halls, house rear Felton bldg., 

HOWE & PUTXEY (David Howe 
and George Putney), bacon curers, 
rear 365 Cambridge, order box (28 
F. H. market, B.) (see page 638) 
Howell Henrietta L., widow of Jacob H., 

house 127 North avenue 
Howerton Herbert, waiter, Memorial Hall 
Howes Benjamin H., purser (Baltimore 

steamers, B.), house 334 Broadway 
Howes Fred S-, boards 54 Sacramento 
Howes John, carpenter, house 25 School 

street place 
Howes Lewis W., lawyer (33 School, room 

J., B.), house at Boston 
Howes Richard T., fruit (20 F. H. market, 

cellar, B.), house 97 Inman 
Howes Solomon, master mariner, house 334 

Howland Caroline G., wid. of William, h. 

7 Forest 
Howland Darius, roofer (142 Charles, B.), 

house 1 1 Sidney 
Howland Ella F. Miss, elerk. b. 93 Green 
Howland Jeremiah. at 169 Gore.rms. 128 do. 

tor and publisher, Cambridge Tri- 
bune, 3 Linden, house at Hillside, 
Medford (see page 
Howland William O., boots and shoes, h. 

734 Main 
Howland Win. Russell, lawyer (23 Court, 

room 22, B.), boards 7 Forest 
Howlett Clarence M., clerk, Geo. G. Page 

Box ('<>.. h tuse 7 Hancock place 
Howlett Edward C, sawyer, 3 Hampshire, 

boards 6 Upton 
Howlett Enoch J., deputy collector, treas- 
urer's office. City Hall, and sexton, 

First Universalis! churc*., h. 6 Upton 
Howlett Eugene L., clerk (44 Winter, B.), 

boards 25 Columbia 
Howlett George C, salesman '50 Broad, 

B.). house 25 Columbia 
Howlett George P., clerk (62 Chauncy,B.), 

house 124 Oxford 
Howlett Horace B., clerk, o">'J Main, bds. 

25 Columbia 
Howlett Orrin D., piano tuner, 6 Upton, 

boards do. 
Howlett Robert, at 169 Gore. b. 158 Otis 
Howlett Thomas, cooper, h. 19 Hunting 
Howlett Wm. G. carpenter, bds. 6 Upton 
Howley James, at 169 Gore 
Howley John, at 169 Gore 
Howley Randall, at 16:) Gore 
Howley Thomas, at lii') Gore 
Hoye James, soap maker (B.),h.31 Carson 
Hoyt Benjamin J., bell hanger, 235J 

Broadway, iiouse do. 
Hoyt Benjamin S., house 40 Sixth 
Hoyt Fred W., salesman, 59 7 Main. rms. do. 


MONUMENTS & CUKBINGS, Designed and Constructed 

P. O'EBIEN & SON, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets, 



Hoyt Henry L., clerk (B. R. B. & L. R.R., 

B.), boards 235£ Broadway 
Hoyt H. R., driver, VV. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Hoyt Mary A., widow of Elijah C, house 

10 Chester 
Hoyt Mary A., widow of George F., house 

7 Marvin place 
Hoyt, see Hoit 
Hubbard Ann, widow of George, house 69 

Mt. Auburn 
Hubbard Appleton, collector, house 19 Mt. 

Hubbard Charles Eustis, lawyer (28 State, 

B.), house 150 Brattle 
Hubbard Frank L., clerk, house 95 Austin 
Hubbard Frederic G., clerk, 908 Main, b. 

69 Mt. Auburn 
Hubbard George II. Rev., house 3 Rich- 
dale avenue 
Hubbard Ida YV. Miss, book-keeper (13 

Court, B.), boards 8 Rockwell 
Hubbard Jennie M. Miss, dressmaker, 69 

Mt. Auburn, house do. 
Hubbard John A., clerk, 908 Main, boards 

69 Mt. Auburn 
Hubbard John H., apothecary, 468 Har- 
vard, house 29 Ware 
Hubbard Lucy K. , widow of William M., 

house 9 Second 
Hubbard Melville W., house 8 Rockwell 
Hubbard Patrick, laborer, 126 Portland, h. 

rear 13 Willow 
Hubbard Phineas, book-keeper (143 'Fre- 
mont, B.), house 3 Richdale ave. 
Hubbard Phineas, clerk, 908 Main, house 

139 Mt. Auburn 
Hubbard Sanford B., agent of committee 

on school supplies, office Central square 

building, house 7 Upton 
Hubbard William F., clerk (45 Union, B.), 

boards 9 Second 
Hubbard William H., shipping clerk, 31 

Elm, house 29 do. 
Hubbard William H., teamster (49 South 

Market, B.), house 34 Fifth 
Hubbell Charles H., laborer, Am. Rubber 

Co., boards 125 Harvard 
Hubley Edgar R., carpenter, 2 Sceva 
Hub Mnfg. Co., J. F. Noera, proprietor, 

athletic goods, 7 Brattle 
Huddy Ann Mrs., house 4 Pioneer av. 
Hudson Annie M., clerk, Probate Court, 

Third, boards 75 Otis 
Hudson Edward F., conductor, W. E. St. 

Ry. Co., house 149 Cambridge 
Hudson Emily S., widow of Henry N., h. 

341 Harvard 
Hudson E. Francis, book-keeper (198 

Washington, B.), boards 75 Otis 
Hudson Henry, sawyer, 3 Hampshire 
Hudson Henry B. Mrs., h. 341 Harvard 
Hudson John, printer, 10 Dunster, boards 

92 Mt. Auburn 
Hudson Kate W. Mrs., house 341 Harvard 

Hudson Reuben R., dentist (B.), house 82 

Hudson Robert J., clerk (12 Blackstone 

market, B.), house 22 Elm 
Hudson Sophia H. Mrs., house 23 Essex 
Hudson Thomas S. Mrs., house 75 Otis 
Huebel Christiana Mrs., h. 279 Broadway 
Huebel Ernest C, boots and shoes, 277 

Broadway, house 279 do. 
Huestis Georgie Mrs., house 84 Prospect 
Huestis, see Eustis 
Huff Charles H., publisher (69 Wash., B.), 

boards 21 Lawrence 
Huff Charles W., machinist, 225 Bridge, 

house at Charlestown 
Huff Henrietta, widow, h. 21 Lawrence 
Huff Henry M., driver, 71 Vine, boards 

rear do. 
Huff John B., mason, house 21 Cherry 
Huff Wilbur S., book-keaper,44 Cambridge, 

house 21 Lawrence 
Hugelman John, baker, 442 Cambridge, h. 

169 Norfolk 
Hughes Alfred E., com. merchant (29 In- 
dia. B.), house 14 Jay 
Hughes Charles, baker, boards 317 Main 
Hughes Charles, blacksmith, Boston Ice 

Co., Prison Point, h. at Somerville 
Hughes Charles P., porter (167 Wash., B.) 

house 59 Plymouth 
Hughes Edmund, laborer, 3 Hampshire, h. 

5 Gray place 
Hughes Edward, laborer, house 273 Put- 
nam avenue 
Hughes Edward J., drug clerk (B.), house 

167 Franklin 
Hughes Esther E., widow of Geo. F., h. 

651 Cambridge 
Hughes Frank, laborer, house 1 lTuttle 
Hughes George, locksmith, 17 Main, house 

Ayer's block, Third 
Hughes James, gossamer maker, American 

Rubber Co. 
Hughes James, switchman, B. & A. R. R. 

freight yard 
Hughes James E., furniture finisher, 37 

Clark, house 87 Howard 
Hughes John, laborer, house 3 Brown's 

block, Third 
Hughes John, laborer, house 273 Putnam 

Hughes John, laborer, 392£ Cambridge 
Hughes John, switchman (B. & A. R. R. 

B.), house 65 Spring 
Hughes John, at 169 Gore 
Hughes John A., laborer, boards 12 Jackson 
Hughes John A., laborer, b. 22 .larding 
Hughes Joseph, gardener, b. 12 Jackson 
Hughes Joseph, sashmaker (B.)» house 6 

Hughes Joseph, teamster, boards 317 Main 
Hughes Lawrence, painter, 22 Boylston, 

rooms 69£ Mt. Auburn 

NAILS, LEAD, ZINC, &&, AT r^^SSE?" 4 


Dyer, Rice & Co., 



36, 38 & 40 CEAUNCY STREET, 






College Club Medals furnished to order. 



367 Washington Street, 






Fancy Goods, 


575 Main St., Cambridgeport. 

Circulating Library. 



Embalming on Ice used if required. Every detail and all requirements 
amply provided for. 


<g^ Connected by Telephone at Office and Residence. Jg$ 


Manufacturers, Agents, Importers, and Dealers in 


Splint Goods 

Fishing - 


61 Elm Street, CorDer Dock Square, 

Repairing and Engraving a Specialty. BOSTON, MASS. 





Hughes Margaret, widow of John, house 
12 Jackson 

Hughes Michael, lahorer, Cambridge Cem- 
etery, house 17 Cushing court 

Hughes Patrick, laborer, house 271 Put- 
nam avenue 

Hughes Patrick II., clerk, 10 Broadway, 
boards do. 

Hughes Patrick J., liquors, 10 Broadway, 
house do. 

Huglies Philip, gateman, B. & A. R. R. & 
C. M. R. R., North avenue, boards 2 

Hughes Philip C. (F. M. Doyle & Co.), 
baker, 215 Cambridge, house 213 do. 

Hughes Thomas, laborer, house 273 Put- 
nam avenue 

Hughes Thomas, painter, 660 Main, house 
51 Holyoke 

Hughes, see Hewes 

Hulbert George, cutter 350 Washington, 
B.), house 4-1 Hamilton 

Hull James H., grocer, 307 Cambridge, 
boards 112 Winsor 

Hull Joseph, sale stable, 119 Columbia, 
house Winsor 

Hull Joseph, tin peddler, house 111 Winsor 

Hull Thomas, trader, house 112 Winsor 

Humans William, electrician, house rear 
65 Prospect 

Humbert Samuel B., piano maker, 73 Main, 
house 374 Green 

Humes Mary A. Mrs., house 93 Brookline 

Huminston Alice E. Miss, bds. 19 Shepard 

liuminston Frederick R. , book-keeper, 
221 Bridge, house 19 Shepard 

Humphrey Charles B., butler, 400 Broad- 
way, boards do. 

Humphrey David Jr., house 23 Maple ave. 

Humphrev John, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 
25 Sixth 

Humphrey Newton James, printer (218 
Franklin, B.), house 26 Banks 

Humphrey Orra H., clerk (P. O., B.), 
house 29 Winsor 

Humphrey Robert, tin peddler, house 25 

Humphrey Thomas, house 137 Oxford 

Humphrey William, boards 25 Sixth 

Humphreys Llewellyn G., boards 10 Forest 

Humphreys Robert, book-keeper (B.), 
house 1 Cottage row, Green 

Humphreys Sophia, widow of John, house 
104 Mt. Auburn 

Humphries William W., laborer, John 
Reardon & Sons, house 32 Sidney 

Hunnewell Caroline, widow of James A., 
house 6 Ash street place 

Hunnewell Charles, carpenter, boards 9 

Hunnewell Charles H., real estate, 448 
Harvard, assistant assessor, City Hall, 
and janitor Washington and Holmes 
schools, house 134 Mt. Auburn 

Hunnewell Charles H. M., plumber, 12 
Brattle, boards 134 Mt. Auburn 

Hunnewell Frank M., foreman, rear 10 
Brattle, boards 6 Ash street place 

Hunnewell Franklin, paper hanger, 14 
Church, house 17 Hilliard 

Hunnewell James W., papers, confection- 
ery, etc., 220 North avenue, house 6 

Hunnewell Mary E. Miss, copyist, Otis, 
c. Second, boards at Charlestown 

Hunnewell Wm., janitor, Thorndike and 
Otis schools, house 136 Thorndike 

Hunewell William A. (Hunnewell & 
Proudfoot), coal and wood, 84 Bridge, 
house at W. Somerville 

FOOT (Wm. A. Hunnewell and 
David Proudfoot), coal and Avood, 
and iron ore paint, 84 Bridge and 

(79 State, B.), (s-e page 3) 
Hunson Frank II., upholsterer (1>.), boards 

2 Percy place 
Hunson Lucinda A., widow of Henry, h. 2 

Percy place 
Hunson Stephen C, carpenter, house 103 

Hunson Stephen C. Mrs., dressmaker, h. 

103 River 
Hunson William H., shade roller maker, 

368 Main, boards 103 River 
Hunt Alfred H., clerk(24 Broad, B.), h. 

32 Bigelow 
Hunt Benj. F. Jr., (51 Hanover, B.), h. 

113 Morth avenue 
Hunt Catherine H., widow of Israel, house 

7 Holyoke place 
Hunt Daniel, student, Harvard University, 

rooms 17 Dunster 
Hunt David W., blacksmith, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., Dunster, boards 30 Sidney 
Hunt Edgar F. (Edgar F. Hunt & Co.), 

booksellers and stationers, 575 Main, 

house 5 Clinton 

F. Hunt), booksellers and station- 
ers, 575 Main (see opp.) 
Hunt Edward, finisher, 44 Cambridge, house 

at Somerville 
Hunt Elizabeth T., widow of Freeman, 
house 12 Humboldt [67 Ellery 

Hunt Ellen, widow of William H , house 
Hunt Ellen J. Miss, teacher, Shepard gram- 
mar school 

HUNT FREEMAN, lawyer, 166 
Cambridge and (50 and 50-i Hemen- 
way building, 10 Tremont, B.), h. 
28 Lancaster (see page 651) 
Hunt James F. (14 State, B.j, h. 102 Inman 
Hunt James W., belt maker, bds. 124 Pearl 
Hunt Lucinda Mrs., house 124 Pearl 
Hunt Lucius D.. engineer (104 West Brook- 
line, B.), house 109 Washington. 

Dr. E. Y. White, 
Dr.W.H. Hollis, 




Hunt Norman, blacksmith (Creek sq. B.), 

house 24 Watson 
Hunt Rebecca T., widow, house 7 Mellen 

HUNT SAMUEL F., undertaker, 
and janitor of High school, house 32 
Bigelow (see page 238) 
Hunt William II., laborer, house Harvey, 

corner Jackson 
Hunt. William J., cigar maker, h. 20 Prince 
Hunter George, printer (39 Arch, B.), h. 

518 Main 
Hunter John A., furniture, etc., 477£ Main, 

and tinsmith 480 do., rooms 1 State 
Hunter J. W., band sawyer, 384 Main, h. 

at Boston 
Hunter Robert A., boiler maker, 92 Main, 

house 5 Suffolk 
Hunter Thomas L., iron moulder (B.), h. 

5 Winsor 
Hunter William H., foreman of etchers, N. 

E. Glass Co., Works, boards at Som- 

Hunting C. Frank, clerk (105 Bedford, B.), 

house 22 Wendell 
Hunting Henry A., sign painter, house 27 

Huntington Herbert, tinsmith, Albany, bds. 

58 Columbia 
Huntington James, watches, etc., 9 Har- 
vard row, house 55 North avenue 
Huntington Oliver Whipple, instructor, 

Harvard University, house 12 Ware 
Huntlev Barbara, widow of George, boards 

162 Thorndike 
Huntley Elbridge L., baker, 15 River, house 

1 17 Auburn 
Huntress Edward T., house 150 Prospect 

Greenough & Co.), compiler, printer 
and publisher, Cambridge City Di- 
rectory, 5 Harvard square, Cam- 
bridge, 575 Main, Cambridgeport, 
and 28 Oliver, Boston), h. Sumner 
corner Rice. Newton Centre 
Huot Lugar, safe maker, 17 Main, house 1 
Pioneer avenue [Brattle 

Hurd Amos 1)., house rear Palmer, near 
Hard Arthur W., clerk, b. 12 Magazine 
Hurd ICd ward A., carriage painter, 232 
North avenue, house Palmer, near 
Hurd Elisha, feeder. W. E. St. Ry. Co., 
River street stable, house Bay, corner 
Hurd Elizabeth Miss, house 0<!1 Main 
Hurd E. A., driver, W. E. St. My. Co., 

house 76 Chestnut 
Hurd George 1'., student (Dartmouth), 

boards 3 Inman 
Hurd George W., boards CGI Main 
Hurd Mary A. Mrs., restaurant, 559 Main, 

house do. 
Hurd Theodore C, clerk of courts, Court 
House, Third, house 3 Inman 

Hurlbert Arthur W., driver, Boston Ice Co., 

Prison Point, rooms at Charlestown 
Hurlbert Charles K., driver, Boston Ice Co., 

Prison Point, rooms at Charlestown 
Hurlbert James II., driver, Boston Ice Co., 

Prison Point, rooms at Charlestown 
Hurlbut Clara A., widow of William R., 

house 425 Broadway 
Hurlbut William S., dry goods ;20 Han- 
over, B.), boards 425 Broadway 
Hurley Daniel, clerk, 279 Cambridge, h. 

269 do. 
Hurley Daniel, cooper, 1G9 Gore, house 

rear 159 Spring 
Hurley Daniel, laborer, house 7 Short 
Hurley Daniel, painter, boards 7 Short 
Hurley Daniel, house 91 Elm 
Hurley Daniel P., clerk, b. 8 Lechmere pi. 
Hurley David, packer, 162 Broadway, bds. 

at Charlestown 
Hurley Florence J., clerk, 185 Bridge, bds. 

10 Third 
Hurley Fred, currier, J. W. Low & Son, 

Dudley, boards 50 Cedar 
Hurley Henry M., tin stamper, 448 Main, 

boards rear 43 Clark 
Hurley James, blower, N. E. Glass Works, 

boards 8 Lechmere place 
Hurley James, brass moulder (B.), boards 

16 Green 
Hurley James, laborer, 169 Gore, h. 6 Fifth 
Hurley James, ropemaker, D.C.Co., Rogers 
Hurley James, teamster, 169 Gore, house 

63 do. 
Hurley Jeremiah, waiter (Tremont House, 

B.), house rear 146 Spring 
Hurley Jeremiah S., varnisher, 162 Broad- 
way, house at Charlestown 
Hurley John, laborer, house 1 Phiuney's 

block, Dickinson 
Hurley John, laborer, house 18 Marion 
Hurley John, laborer, 169 Gore, house rear 

269 Cambridge 
Hurle- John, safe maker, 17 Main 
Hurley John, teamster, 121 Cambridge, h. 

8 Fourth 
Hurley John William, clerk, bds. 6 Fourth 
Hurley J. S., varnisher, 162 Broadway, b. 

at Charlestown 
Hurley Lawrence, clerk, 2 Gore 
Hurley Maggie L. Miss, clerk, 79 Cam- 
bridge, boards 10 Third 
Hurley Margaret, widow of Florence, house 

8 Lechmere place 
Hurley Mary , widow of Timothy , h. 16 Green 
Hurley Mary T., dressmaker and fancy 

goods, 181 Bridge, boards 183 do. 
Hurley Maurice, farmer, house 194 Dublin 
Hurley 1'atrick, laborer, house 6 Fourth 
Hurley Patrick F., police, Station 3, boards 

8 Lechmere place 
Hurley Thomas J., carpenter, h. 126 Spring 
Hurley Timothy Mrs., house 190 Dublin 
Hurlihy .Jeremiah, expressman, h. 6 Reed 

Burditt & White, l^i^it, Paints, Oils & Glass. 



and crockery, etc., 489 Main, house 
31 Kinnaird (see page 635) 
Hurrell Nellie Miss, clerk, 489 Main, bds. 

31 Kinnaird 
Hursh Christopher S., brick contractor, h. 

93 Lambert avenue 
Hurter William F., salesman (518 Wash., 

B.), boards 738 Main 
Hurtubise John, printer, 636 Main, house 

at Boston 
Husband W. , laborer, 1 Harvard sq., house 

12 Boylston 
Husbands George, cutter, N. E. Glass 

Works, North 
Hussey Clara, widow of Joshua, house 134 

Hussey Eliza M. Miss, teacher, Putnam 

grammar school, boards 342 Broadway 
Hussey John O., teamster, Otis, cor. First, 

house 134 Cambridge 
Hussey Julia, widow, house 81 Boylston 
Hussey Ruel W., painter, 660 Main, boards 

21 Putnam avenue 
Huston W. S., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Hutchings Albert W., kitchen furnishing 

goods, 163 Cambridge, house 58 Sidney 
Hutchings George S., orgun builder (North 

Grove, cor. Cambridge, B.), house 50 

Hutchins Amy Miss, teacher (Jamaica 

Plain), boards 6 White 
Hutchins Clara L. Miss, copy reader, Uni- 
versity Press, boards 19 Shepard 
Hutchins Frank, salesman (B.), house 24 

Hutchins H., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Hutchins Mary L. Miss, proof reader, Uni- 
versity Press, boards 19 Shepard 
Hutchins Nellie A. Miss, teacher, Shepard 

grammar school, boards 6 White 
Hutchins William, conductor, W. E. St. 

Ry. Co., boards 4 Frank 
Hutchins William, house 6 White 
Hutchins William Mrs., florist, White, cor. 

Somerville avenue, house 6 do. 
Hutchins William E., lawyer (63 Sears 

bldg., B.), boards 6 White 
Hutchinson Albert E., carpenter, 547 Main, 

house 2 Douglass court 
Hutchinson Alberto, machinist, house 132 

Hutchinson Arthur E., clerk, 477 Cam- 
bridge, boards 63 Otis 
Hutchinson Catherine, widow, house 10 Jay 
Hutchinson Catherine A. Mrs., house 10 Jay 
Hutchinson Charles E., collar maker, 10 

Arrow, house at Somerville 
Hutchinson Charles W., boiler maker, 92 

Main, house 181 do. 
Hutchinson Daniel R., clerk, 417 Cam- 
bridge, boards 92 Tremont 
Hutchinson Edward, metal worker, Otis, n. 

First, house at Maiden 

Hutchinson Edward E., book-keeper (84 
Hawley, B.), boards 68 Pearl 

Hutchinson Elizabeth G.. Miss, teacher, 
Thorndike grammar school, h. 131 Otis 

Hutchinson George A., teamster, 220 Port- 
land, house 115 Prospect 

Hutchinson Harry, hostler, 220 Portland, 
boards 115 Prospect 

Hutchinson Harrie, book-keeper, Inman, c. 
Hampshire, boards 115 Prospect 

Hutchinson Hiram N. (Otis S. Brown & Co.) , 
flour, etc., Ill Bridge, h. at Bedford 

Hutchinson James C, tinman, h. 140 Pearl 

Hutchinson Johanna, widow, h. 13 Cherry 

Hutchinson John J., carpenter, h. 63 Otis 

Hutchinson Mary Mrs., house 1 Hotel Sun 

Hutchinson Nathan, mt,ulder, 162 Broad- 
way, house 68 Pearl 

Hutchinson Peter J., letter collector (P. O., 
B.), house 10 Essex 

Hutchinson Nellie I., principal teacher, 
Kindergarten school, 41 Holyoke, h. 10 

Hutchinson Thomas, carpenter, h. 131 Otis 

Huumans Lawrence J., rope maker, house 
Herman's block, Munroe 

Huxon Jacob, brass finisher, house First, 
beyond Spring 

Hyatt Alpheus, curator (Boston Society of 
Natural History, Berkeley, cor. Boyl- 
ston, B.), house 7 Avon 

Hyatt, see Highet 

Hyde Dana W. (Dana W. Hyde & Co.), 
dry goods, etc., 609 Main, house 736 do. 

HYDE DANA W. & CO. (Dana 
W. Hyde), dry goods, 4 Hvde's blk. , 
609 Main (see page 627) 
Hyde Daniel, stone mason, bds. 18 Marion 
Hyde George W., trav. salesman (77 Bed- 
ford, B.), house 32 Mellen 
Hyde Homer, house Mt. Auburn, corner 

Auburn place 
Hyde Isaac, carpenter, house 34 Mellen 
Hyde Jerome, foreman, U. S. Mail stable, 

44 Bridge, house 50 do. 
Hyde John, laborer (B. & M. R. R., B.), 

house 60 North 
Hyde John, mason's tender, boards 5 Line- 

han's block, Parnell 
Hyde laria E., widow of Edward, house 16 

Hyde Michael, laborer, 169 Gore, house 8 

Linehan's block, Parnell 
Hyden Andrew, tailor, house 61 Amory 
Hyer William H., bookbinder, 418 Harvard, 

house 26 Kinnaird 
Hyland Dennis, slater (142 Charles, B.), 

boards 68 Spring 
Hylen Frans, house 9 Hotel Templeton 
Hynes Thomas M., cabinet maker, house 14 


Floral Decorations 


FOR FUNERALS, WEDDINGS, RECEPTIONS, furnished at Short Notice 
P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main and $9 Sparks Streets* 



IBBETSON ELIZA MRS., house 16l£ 

Ibbetson James, laborer, h. 16l£ Broadway 

Igo James, laborer, house 366 North avenue 

Igo John, saloon, 366 North ave., bouse do. 

Ilsley Louise E. Miss, bouse 11 Sumner 

Imery Thomas, gilder, Riverside Press, b. 
32 Western avenue 

Imery Walter, plumber boards 32 Wes- 
tern avenue 

Ingalls Charles W., livery stable (Somer- 
ville), house 204 Elm 

Ingalls Charlotte Mrs., physician, 59 River, 
house do. 

Ingalls C. A., furnishing goods, hats, etc., 
625 Main, and (568 Washington, B.), 
boards 9 Avon 

Ingalls Edward B., intelligence office and 
variety store, 59 River, house do. 

Ingalls Frank E., gentlemen's furnishings 
(568 Washington, B.), house 9 Avon 

Ingalls Henry B., variety store and period- 
icals, 2494 Broadway, house do. 

Ingalls John D., plumber and pump mnfr. , 
187 Harvard, house 107 Norfolk 

Ingalls Josiah II., piano tuner and teacher, 
603 Main, house do. 

Ingalls Newton S.. case maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 164 Putnam avenue 

Ingalls Ruth E., widow of Joseph C, house 
9 Avon 

Ingalls William H., piano and organ tuner, 
house 91 Columbia 

Ingalls William T., pump maker, 187 Har- 
vard, boards 44 Austin 

Ingersoll Frederick C, teamster, Riverside 
Press, house 56 Mt. Auburn 

Ingersoll Thomas, laborer, house 27 Grant 

Ingols M. R. Miss, young ladies' private 
school, 17 Berkeley, boards Ware 

Ingraham A. EstelleMiss, teacher, Shepard 
Grammar school, boards 21 1 North ave. 

Ingraham Jane, widow of John,h. 20 South 

Barnes, prop, Inman sq. (see p. 642) 
Innes Brunswick S., Iriver, h. Hotel Clark 
Ireland Alvin B., clerk, 473 Main, boards 

40 Austin 
Ireland Angie L. Miss, dressmaker, 652 

Main, house do. 
Ireland George W., 265 Pearl, house 267 do. 
Ireland Herbert, baker, boards 40 Austin 
Ireland John, mill hand, First, c. Thorndike 
Ireland Laura E. Mrs., dressmaker, 15 
Austin, house do. [Prospect 

Ireland Sarah A., widow of Robv, h. 110 
Ireland Sheldon C, 269 Pearl, house 1 Pearl 

street place 
Ireson Adeline M. Miss, teacher, Washing- 
ton grammar school, boards 13 Wallace 
Irish William, driver. U. S. Mail, 44 Bridge 
Irvine George W., cabinet maker (B.), h. 

Crescent avenue, near Walden 
Irvine Henry EL, house 5 Day 

Irvine John E., printer, Riverside Press, h. 

10 Laurel [Winsor 

Irving Arthur G. , piano maker, house 51 
Irving Charles R. (Irving & Casson), Otis, 

corner First, house at Chelsea 
Irving James, peddler, house 104 Tremont 
Irving James, upholsterer, rms. 60Boylston 
Irving Sarah J. Miss, house 32 Mt. Auburn 
Irving Wm., compositor, University press, 

bouse 15 Sparks 
Irving Wm., peddler, boards 104 Tremont 
Irving Wm., teamster, 162 Broadway, h. 

Bristol, near Webster avenue 
Irving William J., insurance (106 Court, 

B.), house 58 Lake View av. 
Irving & Casson (Charles R. Irving and 

Robert Casson), interior finish and 

wood-mantel mnfrs., Otis corner First, 

salesroom (66 Boylston, B.) 
Irwin James W., upholsterer, 23 Brattle, 

boards Boylston 
Irwin John, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Irwin John, driver, Fresh Pond Ice Co., 

boards 347 Cambridge 
Irwin John W., driver, 120 Hampshire, 

boards 124 Norfolk 
Irwin Thomas II., upholsterer, house 95 

Irwin William, hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

251 Cambridge 
Isaac James H., bookbinder, boards 22 

Isaac John, laborer, house 19 Harvard 
Isaac John F. , rubber, 162 Broadway, h. 

107 Winsor 
Isaac Thomas, tailor (49 Temple place, B.), 

house 22 Howard 
Isaacs Harry, cigar maker (161 Hanover, 

B.), bouse 89 Green 
Isaacs Henry, cigar maker, h. 8 Hamilton 
Isaacs John, cigar maker, bds. 8 Hamilton 
Isaacs Solomon, prop.. Brattle Sq. , Hotel. 

32 and 36 Brattle, house do. 
Isacke Henry, watchmaker, 597 Main, h. at 

East Boston 
Isenberg Goodwin A., boots and shoes, 381 

Main, house at Boston 
Isermann F.. safe maker, 17 Main, boards 

86 Washington 
Ivers Francis (F. Ivers & Son), carriage 

mnfr., 176 North avenue, house Mt. 
Vernon, near North avenue 
Ivers Frank II. (F. Ivers & Son), carriage 

mnfr., 176 North avenue, h. 152 do. 
Ivers F. & Son (Francis ami Frank H. 

Ivers), carriage mnfrs., 176 Nor h av. 
Ivers Patrick, gardener, h. 6 Emmons pi. 
Ivers Warren (Ivers & Tucker), carriage 

smith, 13 Church, h. 379 Harvard 
Ivers Warren Mrs., millinery and worsteds 

446 Harvard, house 379 Harvard 
Ivers Wm. II.,pres., Ivers & Fond Piano 

Co., 286 Main and (1S1 & 182 Tremont, 

B.)i hoards at Dedham 

RCQT Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 




W. H. Ivers president, G. H. Gibson, 
treas., Handel Pond, general manager, 
piano mnfrs.. 286 Main (and 181 and 
182 Tremont B.), (see page 7) 
Ivers & Tucker (Warren Ivers and Eben 
Tucker), carriagesmiths and wheel- 
wrights, 13 Church 
Ivory John, bookbinder, 418 Harvard, bds. 

at Brighton 
Ivory Michael, liquors (Western av., B.), 
house 2 Riverside place 

JACK GONG, laundry, 274 River, h. do 
Jackman Henry, boot maker, Amer, Rub. 

Co., boards 8 Broadway 
Jackson Allie B. Miss, boards 218 Broadway 
Jackson Anson H., bookbinder, Riverside 

Press, house 17 Rockwell 
Jackson Benj. D. , hairdresser (State House, 

B.), house 96 Putnam av. 
Jackson Cnas. B., city laborer, h. 34 Amory 
Jackson Chas. H., metal-pattern maker, h. 

100 Columbia 
Jackson David L. , confectioner, 245 

Broadway, h. 252 Broadway 
Jackson Edw., hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

Murray street stables 
Jackson Elijah A., feeder, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., Dunster st. stable, h. 45 Hastings 
Jackson Enoch S., hairdresser, 16 River, 

house 5 West 
Jackson Francis, at 160 Gore 
Jackson Frank, baker, 502 Main 
Jackson Geo. S. H., clerk (64 Anderson, 

B.). boards 58 Western avenue. 
Jackson Gilnian D., fish (64 Anderson, B.), 

house 58 Western av. 
Jackson Gilman F., clerk (64 Anderson, 

B.), boards 58 Western ave. 
Jackson Harriet E. Mrs., ladies' hairdresser, 

96 Putnam avenue, house do. 
Jackson Hiram W., salesman (33 Summer, 

B,), boards 58 Western av 
Jackson James, iron moulder, 356 Main, 

boards 7 Blanche 
Jackson John, laborer (Custom House, B.), 

house 10 Eighth 
Jackson John A., brass finisher (B.\ h. 

112 Charles 
Jackson John R., porter (Young's Hotel, 

B.), house 90 Washington 
Jackson Martha Mrs., rooms 57 Harvard 
Jackson Patrick T. Jr., cotton buyer (178 

Devonshire, B.), house 17 Follen 
Jackson Richard, hostler, W. E. St., Ry. 

Co., North av. stable, house Harvey, 

beyond Jackson 
Jackson Robert, driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

boards 110 Pleasant 
Jackson Wm. H., waiter (Young's Hotel, 

B.), house 102 Harvard 
Jackson Wm. P., real estate (187 Wash., 

B.), rooms rear 108 Cambridge 

Jacobs Abbie A. Miss, house 19 Pleasant 
Jacobs Bela F., attorney-at law, 658 Main, 

house 19 Pleasant 
Jacobs Betsey L., widow of Franklin, house 

33 Essex 
Jacobs Charles C. , book binder, Riverside 

Press, house 3 Jay 
Jacobs Eleanor, widow of John, house 2 

Hancock place 
Jacobs John, clerk, boards 3 Jay 
Jacobs Joseph R., lead glazier, boards 2 

Hancock place 
Jacobs M. V., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. 

Jacobs Sarah A. widoAv of Justin A., bds. 

149 Austin 
Jacobs Sarah S. Miss, house 19 Pleasant 
Jacobsen Charles, piano regulator, 286 

Main, house at Mt. Auburn 
Jacobsen Hagan, case maker, 286 Main, h. 

at Waltham 
Jacobsen Robert, piano finisher, 286 Main, 

house at Mt. Auburn 
Jacobson Andrew P., carriage trimmer (245 

Charles B.), house 65 Columbia 
Jacobson A. M., case maker, 286 Main, h. 

at Waterto wn 
Jacobson Charles, piano finisher, 286 Main, 

house at Waterto wn 
Jacobson May Miss, dressmaker, boards 3 

Jacobson Robert, piano finisher, 286 Main, 

house at Watertown 
Jagerstam Louisa A. Miss, bookkeeper, 

boards 6G Plymouth 
Jagerstam William F., machine blacksmith, 

v Boston), house 66 Plymouth 
James Abigail G. Mrs., boards 19 Grant 
James Charles, grocer, 541 and 543 Main, 

house 123 Green 
James Chas., tailor (Friend, cor. Travers, 

Boston), house 1 Village 
James Cordelia E. Mrs., dressmaker, 1 Vil- 
lage, house do. 
James Edward B., lumber (13 Kilby, Bos- 
ton), house 88 Lake View avenue 
James Elizabeth G., widow of John W., 

house 5 Lambert avenue 
James Frank A., salesman (50 No. Market, 

Boston), boards 5 Lambert av. 
James Hannah S. Miss, house 2 Norfolk 
James Henry, porter, W. E. S. R. Co., 3 

Harvard sq., house 26 Charles River 
James Isabella, widow of Thos. P., house 

96 Brattle 

JAMES JOHN K., plumber, 5 Brat- 
tle, house 65 Ellery (see line on front 
James Samuel, house 2 Norfolk 
James William, professor of Philosophy, 
H. IL, house 18 Garden 

J A WES WJI. A., clerk and messen- 
ger, National City Bank, o~)3 Main, b. 
2 Norfolk 


f Dr. E. Y. White 
Dr.W.H. Hollis 

■ fc 

603 Main St. 
entral Sq. 



Jameson Edwin A. L., bonnet and hat 

frames (20 Chauncy, Boston), house 4 

Mt. Vernon 
Jameson Jeremiah D.. laborer, John Rear- 
don &. Sons, boards 32 Sidney 
Jameson Julia B. Mrs., house 11 Dana 

son L. E.. conductor W*. E. St. R. Co. 

Mt. Vernon 
Jameson AVinthrop M., physician, boards 4 
Jamison John P., embossing machines. 2 

Gordon place, house 8 Florence 
Jamison Margaret M. Miss. h. 181 Harvard 
Janes John, action maker. 162 Broadway. 

house 16 Howard 
Janifer Edward, laborer. W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

boards 22 Charles River 
Janifer Geo. Cornelius watchman, Baldwin 

Street stable. W. E. St. R. Co., house 

22 Charles River 
Jaques M. Jane Miss house 25 Church 
Jardine James K.. house 50 Market 
Jaroshepki Alexander, brassworker, house 

rear 192 Bridge 
Jarvis Amos B., book-binder, Riverside 

Press, house 112 Auburn 
Jaseph Charles B. , plumber, 169 Gore, house 

15 Eighth 
Jayes Charles M., salesman, boar Is D. 

Jayes' Clifton 
Jayes Damien. brick-maker, B. S. B. Co.. 

house Clifton near Spruce 

George, brick-maker B. S. B. Co., 

boards Clifton near Spruce 
Jayes Joseph, brickmaker, B. S. B. Co.. 

Jayes Jules, brickmaker, B. S. B. Co.. 

Jean Alexander, laborer, house 152 Spruce 
Jeckell Theod, metal spinner (Bowker.B. . 

boards 180 Cambridge 
Jeffers Richard K., carpenter, h. 72 Wright 
Jeffenls Thomas, laborer, house rear 110 

Jefferson James, cabinet maker. 30 Boyl- 

ston. and fireman S. E. E. Co. 1. h. 9 

Jefferson John W., hostler, house 13 Sparks 
Jefferson Margaret, widow of John, house 

rear 209 Mt. Auburn 
Jefferson Nicholas, laborer, boards rear 209 

Mt. Auburn 
Jefferson Taylor R.. porter. (N. Y. &. N. 

E. R. R.. Boston), house 1!) Elmer 
Jeffery James, carpenter, b. 125 Austin 
Jelly Arthur H.. salesman (Boston), boards 

150 Thorndike 
Jelly Emetine A. Mr-., nurse, house 150 

Jenkins Abide I) , widow of Win., house 10 

Prentiss place 
Jenkins Abner, carpenter, house rear 27 

Jenkins Charles A., book-keeper (370 At- 
lantic av.. B. . h. M Prentiss place 

Jenkins Charlotte, widow of George A. 

house 12 "Warland [Main 

Jenkins David A. B., carpenter, boards 473 
Jenkins Edward, compositor, rooms 19 

Jenkins Fred, machinist, 356 Main 
Jenkins Henry, 169 Gore. bds. Ill Spring 
Jenkins James G., moulder, boards 125 

Jenkins James J., provisions, 5 Banks, 

house do. 
Jenkins John, at 169 Gore 
Jenkins J. S., cabinet maker, State corner 

Jenkins Marion E. Mrs., bis. 2 Union court 
Jenkins Peter, laborer, h. 27 Washington 
Jenkins Robert B., clerk (GS Franklin B.), 

boards 29 Sidney 
Jenkins Stephen M.. laborer, h. 92 Harvard 
Jenkins Wm. H. H., waiter, Memorial Hall, 

house 632 Cambridge 
Jenness Ann E. Miss, seamstress, house 

187 Hampshire 
Jenness Arthur W. , lather, house, 13 Cherry 
Jenness Austin T. (A. T. Jenness & Co.), 

express. University and Riverside 

Pre;.ses. house 17 Ware 
Jenness A. T. & Co. (Austin T. Jenness 

and Cheney Green), express Riverside 

and University Presses, and (3-1 Court 

square. Boston) [Osborn 

Jenness Henry, cabinet maker, State cor. 
Jennison James Mrs., widow, house 476 

Jenness Catherine Mrs., h. 46 Holworthy 
Jenness Charles M., clerk (Somerville), b. 

91 Tremont 
Jenness Frank, clerk (34 So. Market, B.), 

boards 431 Main 
Jenness George L. , lather, h. 470 Cambridge 
Jenness Lewis P., salesman. 423 Main, h. 

431 do. 
Jenness Margaret J., widow of Wm. H., 

house 31 Antrim 
Jenness Margaret L., widow of John, house 

91 Tremont 
Jenness Nathaniel, conductor, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., boards 46 Holworthy 
Jenness Samuel W., clerk, 419 Main, h. 

431 do. 
Jenney Daniel, laborer, h. 2 Stevens ct. 
Jenning Thomas, clerk, 433 Cambridge, b. 

159 Prospect 
Jennings Abbie G.. widow of Joseph H., 

house 40 Brookline 
Jennings Charles B.. mason, b. 33 Dunster 
Jennings Charles II.. clerk (22 Custom 

House >t.. B. . b 17 Maple ave. 
Jennintrs Charles T., boards 54 Brookline 
Jenning I., painter, b. 64 Prospect 

Jennings George W., salesman, boards 208 

Jennings Harry, cutter. Am. Rubber Co. 





Jennings Henry L. D., clerk, D. W. Lewis, 

Cambridge, corner Portland, house 

Bellevue ave. 
Jennings H. A. Miss, house 64 Prospect 
Jennings James, laborer, John Reardon & 

Sons, house 2 14 Pearl 
Jennings John, kerosene oil, h. 60 Winter 
Jennings John. Jr., bricklayer, h. 60 Winter 
Jennings Joseph J., clerk (P. 0., B.), bds. 

214 Pearl 
Jennings Levi P., clerk (P. 0.,B.), boards 

Bellevue av. 
Jennings Michael E., confectioner, 6 Inman 

square, b. 157 Prospect 
Jennings Samuel, at 169 Gore 
Jennings Stephen, merchant (22 Custom 

House, B.), h. 17 Maple av. 
Jennings Thomas W., mason, bouse 54 

Jennings Walter L., student, H. U., boards 

1 7 Maple avenue 
Jennison Arthur, clerk, bds. 467 Broadway 
Jennison E. O., conductor, W. E. S. R. Co. 
Jennison James Mrs., widow, house 467 

Jerauld Albert A., clerk, 162 Broadway, b. 

at Boston 
Jerome Joseph, bootmaker, Amer. Rubber 

Co., house 62 Harvard 
Jerris Ellen L., widow of William H., 

house 13 Sumner 
Jessom Robt. W., hostler, h. 126 Brookline 
Jessop John J., clerk (27 Tremont, B.), b. 

25 Bigelow 
Jessop Joseph H., confectioner (27 Tre- 
mont and 373 Washington, B.), house 

25 Bigelow 
Jewell Ann, widow of Hosea, house 6 

Pleasant place 
Jewell Charlotte E. Miss, teacher, Quincy 

primary school, b. 6 Pleasant place 
Jewell Edward C, student, H. U., boards 5 

Jewell Elizabeth F., widow of Gould, house 

14 Hamilton 
Jewell Frederick A., musician, boards 18 

Jewell Peter T., hairdresser (B.), house 

35 Elmer 
Jewell William E.. lawyer (82 Devonshire, 

room 17, B.), house 5 Inman 
Jewell William E. Jr., student, b. 5 Inman 
Jewett Annie M., widow of George W., h. 

54 Concord av. 
Jewett Dexter, janitor, Stoughton, Hollis 

and Holworthy halls, H. IL, house 10 

Jewett Edwin H., foreman of mould mak- 
ers, N. E. Glass Works, North 
Jewett Elverton S., collection clerk, Na- 
tional Exchange Bank (8 State, B.), 

house 1 Hastings sq. 
Jewett James R., instructor, H. L T ., house 

54 Concord av. 

Jewett, see Jouett 

Jinkins James, furniture maker, boards 97 

Jinnard Joseph, cabinet maker, house rear 

26 Vine 
Joel Samuel W., paintings, h. 5 Watson 
Johansen Aaron, cabinet maker, 44 Cam- 
bridge, house 470 do. 
Johansen Anders A., cabinet maker, 286 

Main, house 6 Rogers block, do. 
Johansen August, cabinet maker, 44 Cam- 
bridge, house rear 97 Thorndike 
Johansen John, case maker, 162 Broadway, 

house 95 Norfolk 
Johansen Olaf. finisher, 162 Broadwav, h. 

1224 Spring 
Johansen Oscar C, mason, h. 57 Portland 
John Victor, laborer, boards 43 Wash'n 
Johnson Adeline A., widow of William A.. 

house 22 Winsor 
Johnson Agnes, widow, house 107 Spring 
Johnson Albert, laborer, Am. Rubber Co., 

boards 81 Broadway 
Johnson Alec, clerk, 343 Main, boards at 

Johnson Alexander, asst. janitor (19 Pearl, 

B.), boards 27 Broadway 
Johnson Alfred, case maker, 2*6 Main. h. 

I do. 
Johnson Alfred, upholsterer (B.). boards 

95 Norfolk 
Johnson Alonzo F., clerk (Post Office, B.), 

house 143 Cambridge - 
Johnson Andrew, blacksmith, b. 287 Main 
Johnson Andrew, packer, A. H. Hews & 

Co., Crescent ave., house next do. 
Johnson Andrew (Andrew Johnson & Co.), 

133 Main, house 44 Broadway 
Johnson Andrew & Co. (Andrew and Oscar 

A. Johnson), carriage smiths, 133 Main 
Johnson Arthur, student. H. 0., rooms 46 

Mt. Auburn 
Johnson Augustus J., engineer. St. Mary's 

church, house 92 Webster av. 
Johnson A. A., safe maker. 17 Main 
Johnson Ben M., clerk (14 Union. B.), b. 

32 Norfolk 
Johnson Catherine M., brush maker B.), 

house 124 Third 
Johnson Charles, laborer, house 81 Elm 
Johnson Charles B., porter (1 High, B.), h. 

36 Antrim 
Johnson Charles B., porter (21 Federal, 

B.), house 67 Washington 
Johnson Charles G, clerk, 225 North ave., 

house at Somerville 
Johnson Charles E., brass moulder (Crosby, 

Fort Hill sq., B.), b. 20 Leighton ct. * 
Johnson Charles E., laborer, h. 440 Green 
Johnson Charle E.. station man. 23 Main 
Johnson Charles F.. provisions (43 Clinton, 

B.), house 96 Magazine 
Johnson Charles F.. teamster, 220 Portland, 

boards 104 Web>ter ave. 


0':q:fli:e3 isr c*? sok 




Johnson Charles G., molder, 356 Main, h. 
at Arlington 

Johnson Charles W., teamster, boards 225 

Johnson Daniel A., h. rear 62 Brookline 

Johnson David, safemaker, 17 Main 

Johnson Edward, laborer, B. & L. R. R. , 
house 91 Fourth 

Johnson Eliza, widow, boards 24 Mill 

Johnson Ellen, widow of Peter, house 20 
Leighton ct. 

Johnson Ernest, stonecutter, 39 Main, house 
57 Portland 

Johnson Eugene, carpenter, Third, corner 
Bent, house at Maplewood 

Johnson Francis Mrs., widow, h. 15 Centre 

Johnson Francis H., fish (114 Faneuil Hall 
Market, B.), house 14 Dana 

Johnson Frank B., machinist, 72 Main 

Johnson Franklin, Rev., pastor, Old Cam- 
bridge Baptist Society, h. 861 Main 

Johnson Fred, wood moulder, boards 1 
Board man place 

Johnson George, carpenter, b. 90 Winsor 

Johnson George F., brass moulder (B.), h. 
23 Hunting 

Johnson George P., paymaster, F. R. R. 
(Causeway, B.), house 30 Harris 

Johnson George R., laborer, house 9 Bald- 
win-st. court 

Johnson Gustav, pattern maker (B. & A. 
R. R., Allston), h. 40 Putnam av. 

Johnson Gust, boiler maker, 356 Main, h. 
at Soutii Boston 

Johnson Harold, at 44 Cambridge 

Johnson Hattie B. Miss, teacher, Allston 
grammar school, bds. 74 Inman 

Johnson Henry (Johnson &Doane), bottler, 
27 Green, house 1 Allston ct. 

Johnson H. , conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Johnson James, laborer, 169 Gore, house 
174 do. 

Johnson James F., carriage maker (Chest- 
nut, cor. Brimmer, B.), h. 57 Frost 

Johnson John, carpenter, 220 Portland, h. 
102 Webster avenue 

Johnson John, carpenter, house 223 Broad- 
way, suite 5 

Johnson .John. rms. 515 Cambridge 

Johnson John, 2d, safe maker, 17 Main h. 
3 Union court 

Johnson John K., iron worker, Boston 
Bridge Works, Sixth 

Johnson John ML., brushmaker, b. 10 Sixth 

Johnson Joseph, eating-house (B.), rooms 
515 Cambridge 

Johnson Joseph, variety store, 113 Colum- 
bia, house do. 

Johnson Joseph, waiter (B.), boards 20 
Leighton court 

Johnson Joseph W., teamster, 162 Broad- 
way, house 1 Board man place 

Johnson J., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Johnson J. Oscar, sail maker, house Rogers 

block, 3 Brewery 
Johnson Lawrence Henry, provisions, 217 

Broadway, house 165 Harvard 
Johnson Lawrence H., house 44 Clark 
Johnson Lospeda, cabinet maker, house 

109 Third 
Johnson L. Melvin, clerk (14 Union, B.), 

boards 52 Norfolk 
Johnson Margaret Miss, brush maker (B.), 

house 124 Third 
Johnson Margaret, widow, h. 10 Sixth 
Johnson Margaret Eliza Mrs., house 46 

Johnson Marshall, fish (14 Union, B.), h. 

32 Norfolk 
Johnson Mary E., widow of Thomas H., h. 

25 Cedar 
Johnson Mary J., widow of Henry H., 

house 23 Wallace 
Johnson Mary U., widow of William O., 

h. 17 Kirkland 
Johnson Matthew, whitewasher, 6 Eaton, 

house do. 
Johnson M., at 169 Gore 
Johnson Nathaniel, waiter, h. 15 Elmer 
Johnson Oscar A. (Andrew Johnson & Co.) 

carriagesmith, 133 Main, boards 44 

Johnson O., varnisher, 162 Broadway, h. 

122 Spring 
Johnson Peter, piano maker, 162 Broadway 
Johnson Peter, safe maker, 17 Main, house 

4 Rogers block, Washington 
Johnson Peter S., core maker (Crosby, 

Fort Hill sq.. B.), b. 20 Leighton ct. 
Johnson Peter W., bookbinder (B.), house 

24 Baldwin 
Johnson Reuben, clothes cleaner (14£ Brat- 
tle, B.), house 80 Harvard 
Johnson Richard, produce peddler, rooms 

23 Washington 
Johnson Richard, at (81 Pearl, B.), boards 

36 Antrim 
Johnson Sarah A. Mrs., h. 295 Broadway 
Johnson Solomon, lab., h. 22 Charles River 
Johnson Theodore H., laborer, 5 Broadway 

house 32 Brewery 
Johnson Thomas, blower, N. E. Glass 

Works, North 
Johnson T. D. Barton, med. student, bds. 

861 Main 
Johnson Thomas R., accountant (81 Port- 
land, B.), house 44 William 
Johnson Warren, wood worker, bds. 77 

Johnson William, provisions, Main, h. 106 

Johnson William, waiter, Memorial Hall 
Johnson Wm. (Gove & Johnson), provi- 
sions, 640 Main, house 106 Magazine 
Johnson Wm. Jr., plumber's apprentice, b. 

10 Sixth 

Wholesale and Retail. 20 DOCK SQUARE. 



Johnson Wm. F., box nailer, 3 Hampshire, 

boards 4 Boardman pi. 
Johnson Wm. H., book-keeper (60 Pur- 
chase. B.), bds. 40 Third 
Johnson Wm. T., clerk, G40 Main, h. 12 

Johnson & Doane (Henry Johnson and 

Henry S. Doane), bottlers, 27 Green 
Johnston Agnes, widow, house 107 Spring 
Johnston Andrew McN., carpenter, h. 4 

Johnston John F., night watchman (2:]3 

Cambridge, B.), house 64 Cherry 
Johnston William, mason, h. 7 Laurel 
Johnston Wilimina S., fancy goods, 71 

Pleasant, house 7 Laurel 
Johnstone Annie, wid. of George S., h. 34 

Joll Geo. M., hairdresser, li Brattle, h. 5.j 

Jollymore Win., butcher, 169 Gore, h. 50 

Jones Abbie C, wid. of Jesse II., bds. 117 

Jones Abbie F., wid. of Chas. B., h. 106 

Jones Abel, carpenter, h. 27 Putnam ave. 
Jones Albert V., janitor (352 Wash., B.), 

and grocer, 343 Main, h. 33 Hastings 
Jones Allison, waiter, house 7 Webster aw 
Jones Amos, police station 3, house 71 

Jones Amos, boards 108 Cambridge 
Jones Andrew, boiler maker, 1)2 Main 
Jones Andrew, house, Beech, cor. Orchard 
Jones Andrew J., carriage builder, Church, 

cor., Palmer, rms. 52 Mt. Auburn 
Jones Ann M., teacher, Gannet school, h. 

at Boston 
Jones Anna E., wid. of Wm. R., bds. 303 

Jones Arthur, tailor, 211 North av., bds. 

Porter's Hotel 
Jones Arthur tailor, North av., h. Hollis, n. 


JONES ARTHUR E., lawyer (60 
Devonshire, B.), bds., 21 Kirkland, 
(see page 652) 

Jones Austin K., janitor, University, Har- 
vard, Seaver and Appleton Halls, II. 
U. , house 465 Broadway 

Jones Carrie R., wid. of Wm. F., house 84 

Jones Charles, carpenter, h. 14 Andrew 

Jones Charles, machinist, house 5 Cedar sq. 

Jones Charles E., salesman (450 Wash., 
B.), house rear 11 Tremont 

Jones Charles L. Mrs., h. 209 Harvard 

Jones Charles R., steam fitter, h. 12 Union 

Jones Charles Wesley, laborer, house 51 

Jones Charles W., treas. (95 Milk, r. 28, 
B.), house 285 Harvard 

Jones C. A., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Jones C. A., hill-boy, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Jones C. L. & Co., (Henry E. and Frank H. 

Jones), soap nmfrs.. 172 Pearl and (30 

Broad, B.) 
Jones Daniel, boot maker, Am. Rubber Co., 

boards 1 Washington 
Jones Daniel, whitener and carpet beater, 

31 Hastings, house do. 
Jones David, hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Jones David, laborer, Albany 
Jones David G , pressman, Riverside Press 

bds., 102 Putnam av. 
Jones Edmund F., waiter (7 City Hall av., 

B.), house 7 West 
Jones Edward, nnixon, house 112 Harvard 
Jones Edward W, S., stationery (282 

Washington, B.), h. 104 Prospect 
Jones Elias F., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

house 515 Cambridge 
Jones Elizabeth, wid. of John, house 28 

Jones Elizabeth M., wid. of William, h. 6 

Dinsmore court 
Jones Erastus, coal and wood (Brattle. B.), 

house 56 Washington 
Jones Ernest F., boards 515 Cambridge 
Jones E., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Jones Frances R. Mrs., house 299 Harvard 
Jones Francis, carpenter, house 17 Warren 
Jones Frank B., janitor, H. U., house 35 

Jones Frank H. (C. L. Jones & Co.), soap- 

mnfr., 172 Pearl and (30 Broad, B.), 

house 46 Lee 
Jones Frank K., fireman, Riverside Press, 

house 27 Putnam av. 
Jones Fred H., shipper ^o") Sudbury, B.), 

house 2 Harrison 
Jones Fred T., organ tuner, 162 Broadway, 

boards 27 Putnam av. 
Jones Frederick W., engineer, house 26 

Charles River 
Jones Gabriel, waiter, Memorial Hall 
Jones George, machinist, house 1 Sands 
Jones George A., clerk (42 Water, B.), 

rooms 765 Main 
Jones George F. Mrs., h. 12 Sacramento 
Jones George W., physician, 117 Inman 

house do. 
Jones George W., stereotyper (4 Williams 

court, B.), house 94 Auburn 
Jones Gerard M., box maker, 169 Gore, b. 

62 Plymouth 
Jones Harry G., carpenter, h. 98 Norfolk 
Jones Henry, laborer (9 City Hall av., B.), 

house 36 Union 
Jones Henry, waiter, house 36 Brewery 
Jones Henry C, police station 2, house 247 

Jones Henry E. (C. L. Jones & Co.), soap 

mnfr., 172 Pearl, and (30 Broad, B.), 

house 276 Harvard 

Dr. E. Y. White, 
Dr. W.H. Hollis, 




Jones Henry J., slater fl42 Charles, B.), 

boards 4 Chestnut Park 
Jones Henry W.. boards 276 Harvard 
Jones Herbert L., trav. salesman, house 

Jones James, cabinet maker, h. 179 Norfolk 
Jones James, house 7 Hotel Luke 
Jones James Mrs., house 10 Watson 
Jones Jennie Miss, dressmaker, 97 Austin, 

boards do. 
Jones Jennie Mrs., music teacher, 714 West- 
ern avenue, house do. 
Jones John, boiler maker, 92 Main, house 

6 Tufts 
Jones John, painter, house 60 Putnam ave. 
Jones John, watchman, Boston Storage 

Warehouse, Sixth, boards Green, cor- 
ner Blanche 
Jones John B.. collar cutter, 10 Arrow, h. 

at Somerville 
Jones John L., compositor. Riverside Press. 

house 102 Putnam avenue 
Jones John L., Jr., compositor. University 

Press, house 650 Main 
Jones John R.. dentist, rooms 22 Upton 
Jones Joseph G., clerk (24 Broad, B.), h. 

9 Wendell 
Jones J. Rhynas, boards 45 Garden 
Jones Leonard 8., house 21 Kirkland 
Jones Leonard W., Jr.. clerk, Sortwell's 

distillery, house at Charlestown 
Jones Lucy, widow, house 55 Harvard 
Jones Lydia S. Bliss, house 715 Cambridge 
Jones Mark A., druggist, 60 Cambridge, 

house io. 
Jones Marriner H.. hostler. Brookline sta- 
bles. W. E. St. Ry. Co., boards 112 

Jones Martha R. Miss, confectionery. 1 

Harvard square, house 5 Story 
Jones Mary A., widow of William P., house 

Reservoir, near Eayerweather 
Jones Mary T. P. Miss, music teacher, 60 

Cambridge, house do. 
Jones Miles L., book binder. Riverside 

Bindery, house 4 Tufts 
Jones N. Manson, book-keeper (77 Oliver, 

B.), boards 303 Harvard 
Jones Peter, hostler. W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

(Somerville), house 26 Harris 
Jones Rebecca, widow, house r. 31 Hastings 
Jones Samuel, cutter, Amer. Rubber Co., 

boards 71 Washington 
Jones Samuel G.. carpenter, b. 98 Norfolk 
Jones Sarah A., widow of Elias, house 4 

Percy place 
Jones Sidney A., house 45 Garden 
Jones Thomas, collar maker, 10 Arrow, h. 

at Somerville 
Jones Thomas W.. electrotype finisher, 

Riverside Press, boards 650 Main 
Jones Walter I. (46 Central, B.), house 

rvoir, near Eayerweather 
Jones William, slater, boards 27 Elmer 

Jones William Gordon, propr.. The Shirley 
(Ocean Spray, Winthropj, house 5 
Larch fc 

Jones William H.. carver, Memorial Hall, 
house at Allston 

Jones William L., book binder, Riverside 
Press, boards 102 Putnam avenue 

Jordan Arthur L.. rapt, P. O., 160 North 
avenne, boards Porter's Hotel 

Jordan Charles W.. piano tuner. 162 Broad- 
way, house at Maiden 

Jordan Daniel, hairdresser, 454 Cambridge, 
boards 391 do. 

Jordan Daniel, at 169 Gore 

Jordan Henry C, herdic driver (B.), boards 
145 Otis 

Jordan James, stone cutter, h. 5 Pioneer 

Jordan Joseph W.. cement maker. 1 Albany, 
house 82 Green 

Jordan Lucy, widow of James L.. h. 25 Erie 

Jordan Maria Mrs., dining room. 519 Main, 
house at Lynn 

JORDA\ NOAH W„ actuary Amer- 
ican Loan and Trust Co. (55 Congi 
B.), house (295 Newbury, B.), (see 
front cover) 

Jordan Wallace F., woodworker, how 
North avenue 

Jordan William, teamster. 336 Main 

Jordan William H., compositor (B,), house 
1 Boyson place 

Josceyln George, harness maker (107 Chest- 
nut. B.). h. 8 Roger's block. 325 Main 

Jose Edwin H.. lawyer, 583 Main, rooms 99 

Jose Homo, sawyer. 3 Hampshire 

Joseph Charles, at 169 Gore 

Joseph David, cigar maker, bds. 14 Laurel 

Joseph Isaac (I. & J. Joseph), fruit, etc., 
455 Main, house 10 Holly place 

Joseph I. & J. (Isaac and John Joseph), 
fruit, etc.. 455 Main 

Joseph John (I. and J. Joseph), fruit, etc., 
455 Main. h. Hotel Shirley, 41 School 

Joseph Mier. piano action maker. 125 Broad- 
way, boards 6 Erie 

Joseph, see Jaseph 

Joslyn Peter, iron molder, 356 Main, hous? 
at Somerville [Main 

Josselyn Abbie Mrs., nurse, house 303 

Josselyn Annie B. Miss, teacher, Putnam 
grammar school, boards 147 Cambridge 

Josselyn Francis, inspector (Custom House, 
State, B.), house 9 Chester 

Josselyn see Joscelyn. also Joslyn 

Jost Otto R.. watchmaker. 25 River, house 
19 Park 

Jouett Edward H.. clerk, 225 North ave., 
boards 5 Eemberton 

JOUETT ISAAC W., grocer (680 
and 692 Washington. 3 Bowdoin sq., 
and 8 Eaneuil Hall square. B.), house 
Walnut avenue, cor.. Arlington, (see 
back cover) 




Jouett Mark R. (M. R. Jouett & Co.), gro- 
cer, 225 North avenue, h. 37 Chester, 

JOUETT M. R. & CO. (Mark R. 
Jouett), grocers, 225 North avenue, 

corner Walden (see page 636) 
Joy Edward, hostler, 4£ White, house do. 
Joy Frances C. Mrs., boards 33 Tremont 
Joy Isaac (Joy & Luther), carpenter, River, 

junction Western avenue, boards 112 

Joy Isaac, net maker (43 Commercial, B.,) 

boards 10 Leigliton court 
Joy James, cooper, house 39l£ Cambridge 
Joy Perley A., conductor, W. E. St. Ry., 

boards Cambridge corner, Baldwin 
Joy Richard, at 169 Gore 
Joy & Luther (Isaac Joy and Thomas H., 

Luther), carpenters, River, junction 

Western avenue 
Joyce Edmund, city laborer, h. 22 Flagg 
Joyce Edward, police, station 1, house 39 

Joyce John J., house 20 Hews 
Joyce Maurice, laborer, house 43 Banks 
Joyce Thomas, laborer, boards 10 Railroad 
Joyce William, potter, A. H. Hews & Co., 

Crescent avenue, house opposite do. 
Judson Wealthy A. Mrs., house 13 Cottage 
Juhlmann Louis, wood moulder (B.) , house 

rear 59 Winter 
Julianus John L., brass moulder (33 Haw- 
kins, B.) house 125 Winsor 
Julius Henry, laborer, State, corner Os- 

born, house 37 Elmer 
Jungdahl Gustaf, varnisher, 162 Broadway 
Junillat Hippolite, mason, house rear 104 

" Dublin 
Jupiter John, clerk (B.), boards 45 Amory 
Justice George, cigars, etc. (50 Causeway, 

B.), boards 89 Green 

KAHLMEVER AGUSTA, widow of Hen- 
ry, house 97 Sixth 
Kahlmever John, architect (Avon, B.), 

boards 97 Sixth 
Kahlmever Louis W., salesman (137 Eliot, 

B.>, boards 97 Sixth 
Kaine Francis X., clerk (19 Boylston, B.), 

house 59 Mt. Auburn 
Kalberg Lavritz D., furniture, 115 Camb- 
bridge house 29 Norfolk [folk 

Kalberg Mhyra C, teacher, boards 29 Nor- 
Kalberg Valdemar O. L., clerk, 115 Camb- 
ridge, boards 29 Norfolk 
Kalmain William, at 169 Gore 
Kalougly James, sawyer, 20 Albany 
Kanaly Jeremiah, sawyer, 20 Albany 
Kanaly Morris E. (M. E. Kanaly & Co.), 
confectioner, 206 & 208 Hampshire, 
house at Somerville 
Kanaly M. E. & Co. (Morris E. Kanaly), 
confectionery mnfrs., 206 & 208 Hamp- 

Kane Catherine, widow of Thomas, house 
198 Hampshire 

Kane Charles, laborer, boards 8 Decatur ct. 

Kane Cornelius, shoemaker (B.), house 7 

Kane Daniel, laborer, 169 Gore, house 6 

Kane Frank T., pressman, 416 Harvard, 
boards 4 Lincoln 

Kane Henry, house 84 Spring 

Kane John, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 7 

Kane John, laborer, house 42 Vine 

Kane John H. , bookbinder (B.), boards 10 
Hayes court 

Kane John II., folder (Somerville), house 
Carver, opposite Wendell 

Kane Margaret Mrs., house 7 Fourth 

Kane Martin, hackdriver, 216 Green, house 
rear 340 do. 

Kane Maurice, brushmaker, 124 Harvard, 
house at So. Boston 

Kane Nancy, widow, house 84 Spring 

Kane Nellie E. Miss, clerk, 182 Cambridge, 
boards 64 Vine 

Kane Patrick, cutter, N. E. Glass Works, 
boards Hotel Cambridge 

Kane Patrick, laborer, boards 1 Bristol 

Kane Patrick, laborer, house 20 Foster 

Kane Philip J. clerk (43 Temple place B.), 
house 85 Pleasant 

Kane Robert F., foreman, packing room, 
153 Putnam avenue, house 10 Hayes 

Kane Rosannah Mrs., house 4 Lincoln 

Kane Rosina C. Miss, teacher, Agassiz pri- 
mary school, boards 85 Pleasant 

Kane Thomas, teamster (B.), house 3 

Kane William, teamster (B.), house 3 Jef- 

Kane William, at 1(59 Gore 

Kane, see Kaine, also Cain 

Kape D., packer, Amer. Rubber Co. 

Karcher Elizabeth J. Miss, teacher. Board- 
man primary school, boards 85 Pleasant 

Karcher Josephine E. Miss, teacher, Web- 
ster grammar school, bds. 85 Pleasant 

Kathan Gaius L., teamster (152 North B.), 
house 8 Allen 

Katon Lewis H., salesman (B.), house 6 

Kaufmann Emil E., brush maker, 124 Har- 
vard, h. at East Boston 

Kaufmann Vennor, bds. 394 Green 

Kaulback Joshua, carpenter, 502 Main, b. 
30 Sidney 

Kaulback Reuben, laborer, b. 30 Sidney 

Kavanagh Edward J., laborer, 169 Gor£, 
house 242 Cambridge 

Kavanagh Timothy, laborer, 1(59 Gore, h. 
242 Cambridge 

Kay Annie R. Miss, clerk, 601 Main, boards 
1 1 1 Auburn 


IE 3 . O'BKIEl^T sz sonsr 




Kay George H., clerk (Somerville), bds. 

Walden, near Raymond 
Kay James, hostler, 198 North ave. house 

194 do. 
Kay James, janitor, Richardson block, 103 

Gore, house do., suite 6 
Kay Mercy B. Miss, clerk, 502 Main, bds. 

Ill Auburn 
Kay Sarah, widow of John, boards 194 

North avenue 
Kay Thomas, hostler, 198 North ave., house 

at Somerville 
Keane John, laborer, Am. Rubber Co. 
Keane Timothy, baker, 502 Main, house 14 

Keaney Agnes M., widow of James, house 

169 Winsor 
Keaney James M., police, station 3, house 

169 Winsor 
Kearn John, laborer, h. 6 Jackson 
Kearn John, Jr., currier, bds. 6 Jackson 
Kearney Daniel, at 169 Gore 
Kearney Honora Mrs., h. 42 Jefferson 
Kearney Michael, trimmer, 23 Main 
Kearns Martin, currier, h. 31 Reed 
Kearns Michael, blacksmith, Boston Ice 

Co., Prison Point, h. 4 Cedar sq. 
Kearns Patrick, laborer, h. 482 Cambridge 
Kearns Win. J., blacksmith, house 198 Nor- 
folk [do. 
Kearon Patrick, laborer, 97 Concord av. rms. 
Keating James J., blacksmith, 225 Third, 

boards 5 Vine 
Keating Jefferson M.. brass moulder, r. 134 

Broadway, bds. 4 Hannum's blk. do. 
Keating John, cooper, h. 58 Charles 
Keating John, tinsmith, h. 46 Elagg 
Keating John J., groceries and provisions, 

35 Banks, house do. 
Keating Mary, widow of James, house 4 

Hannum's block, Broadway 
Keating Mary, widow of Patrick, bds. 10G 

Keating Michael, brick layer, boards Man- 
sion House 
Keating Michael, painter, W. E. St. Ry. Co 

Dunster, h. 7 Shepherd's block, Charles 

Keating Richard, iron worker, B. B. Works, 

Sixth, cor. Rogers, h. Lilac ct. 
Keatley John G., teamster, h. 4 Eighth 
Keatley Samuel, teamster (B.), house 119 

Keay Erburn S., h. Walden, n. Raymond 
Keay Fred E., clerk (Commercial, B.), b. 

Walden, near Raymond 
Keay Horace R., surveyor, 623 Main, bds. 

Walden, near Raymond 
Kedick Thomas, sawyer, 20 Albany 
Keefe Annie Miss, book-keeper, 459 Cam- 
bridge, bds. at Somerville 
Keefe Catherine A. Mrs., h. 3 Dickinson 
Keefe Daniel, driver, 15 Gore, house at 


Keefe Daniel, hostler, 201 Bridge 

Keefe David, laborer, h. 124 Holworthy 

Keefe Dennis S., h. 428 Cambridge 

Keefe James H., laborer, b. 54£ Bolton 

Keefe Jeremiah, laborer, h. 1 Broadway 

Keefe John, laborer, 166 River, house 211 

Keefe John, milkman, house 27 Rice 

Keefe John, tinman, 153 Putnam ave. 

Keefe J., fireman, Gas Works, Third 

Keefe Kate Mrs., h. 428 Cambridge 

Keefe Margaret, widow of James, house Q6 

Keefe Mary, widow of James, h. 544 Bolton 

Keefe Michael, confectioner, 503 Main, h. 
at Somerville 

Keefe Michael, laborer, Mt. Auburn ceme- 
tery, house Auburn place 

Keefe Patrick, cabinet maker, 20 Albany, 
house Gi) Hastings 

Keefe Thomas, tinsmith, 469 Cambridge, 
boards at Somerville 

Keefe Timothy, carpenter (Allston), house 
192 Harvard 

Keefe Timothy, at 169 Gore [32 do. 

Keefe William, hairdresser, l£ Brattle, b. 

Keefe William M., milk man (B.), house 
7 Reed 

Keefe, see O'Keefe 

Keegan Bernard, cook (B.), h. 4 Davis 

Keegan James T., action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, boards 4 Davis 

Keegan John, teamster, 169 Gore, house 
287 Cambridge 

Keegan Louisa B. Miss, clerk, 502 Main, 
boards «4 Elm 

Keegan Owen, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 
117 Tremont 

Keegan Philip, laborer, 184 Broadway, b. 
117 Tremont 

Keegan William S., coat maker, American 
Rubber Co. 

Keeland Leander W., laborer, 336 Main, h. 
45 Washington 

Keeler Adelaide A. Miss, teacher, Wash- 
ington grammar school, boards 8 Ash 

Keeler Charles W., book-keeper, Riverside 
Press, house at Somerville 

Keeler Cornelius P. (Keeler & Co.), furni- 
ture, 602 Main and (83 Wash., B.), h. 
19 Bowdoin 

Keeler George A. (Keeler & Co.), furni- 
ture, 602 Main and (83 Wash., B.), b. 
19 Bowdoin 

Keeler George S., machinist, American Net 
and Twine Co., foot Second, house 91 

Keeler Louise A. Miss, teacher, Putnam 
grammar school, bds. 91 Thorndike 

Keeler & Co. (Cornelius B. and George A. 
Keeler), furniture, 602 Main and (83 
Washington, B.) 

Keelev James, stone mason, h. 11 Willow 




Keeley John, currier, h. 206 Third 
N Keeley Joseph, gardener, h. 108 Sparks 
Keeley Patrick J., stone mason, house 33 

Keen Alden T., h. 26 North ave. 
Keen Jarvis B., clerk (5 North Market, B.} 

bsd. 26 North avenue 
Keenan James, car washer, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., Dunster, house 63 Magee 

KEENAN JAUIES H., carpenter, 
380 Main, house 65 Sacramento (see 
page 628) 
Keenan Johanna, widow of Michael J., 

laundress, house 19 Cowperthwaite 
Keenan John, laborer, boards Patrick Kee- 

nan's. New 
Keenan John L., foreman (51 Elm, B.), h. 

7 Green 
Keenan Lawrence, laborer, boards Patrick 

Keenan's New 
Keenan Martin, stone driller, foot Ayer's 

wharf, Third, house r. 123 Third 
Keenan Mary Mrs., house 1 Eighili 
Keenan Michael A., carpenter, house 101 

Keenan Michael F., carpenter, house 71 

Keenan Owen, at 169 Gore 
Keenan Patrick, laborer, house New, first 

on left from Concord ave. 
Keenan Patrick, Jr., laborer, boards Pat- 
rick Keenan's New 
Keenan Robert T., switchman, F. R. R., 

boards 12 Warren 
Keenan Thomas F., cutter, N. E. Glass 

"Works, North 
Keenan Thomas H., architect (43 Milk, B.) 

house 113 Hampshire 
Keene Emil. blacksmith (103 Chestnut, B.), 

house 322 Green 
Keene Manuel, at 44 Cambridge 
Keene Richard, laborer, house 360 Green 
Keener William A., assistant professor of 

law, H. U., house 71 North ave. 
Keeney James, baker. 502 Main 
Keeney Joseph, baker, 502 Main 
Kehew George L. Jr., shipper (4 Alden, B), 

house 104 Inman 
Keim Philip, blacksmith, house 137 Pearl 
Kei . William, apprentice, boards 137 Pearl 
Keith Allen F., box maker, Amer. Rubber 

Co., house 130 Thorndike 
Keith Andrew, cabinet maker, house 98 

Keith Charles P., broom mnfr., 146 Main, 

and 27 State, house 114 Magazine 
Keith Emma 1)., widow of Wm. H., house 

118 Hampshire 
Keith F. A., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 
Keith George, carpenter, boards 41 Vine 
Keith Gilbert H., clerk (B.), house 104 

Keith Joseph W., box maker, 169 Gore, h. 

41 Vine 

Keith Robert, at Amer. Rubber Co., boards 

41 Vine 
Kelher George, cutter, American Rubber 

Works, boards 63 Sixth 
Keliher Cornelius J., crockery, house 132 

Kelleher Bartholomew, grocer, 448 Cam- 
bridge, house do. 
Kelleher Charles, at 169 Gore 
Kelleher Cornelius, heater, 126 Portland, h. 

Rolling mill block, Bristol 
Kelleher Daniel, gardener, boards 41 Rice 
Kelleher Daniel, gardener, house 10 Cogs- 
well place 
Kelleher Daniel, at 169 Gore 
ivelleher Dennis, laborer, boards 159 

Kelleher Dennis, laborer, C. H. North & 

Co. (Somerville), house 192 Norfolk 
Kelleher D., hill boy W. E. St. Ry. Co., 
Kelleher Edmund, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

rear 7 Carson 
Kelleher Ellen, widow of Wm., house 95 

Kelleher Frank, boards 36 Reed 
Kelleher Hannora, widow of Dennis, house 

159 Franklin 
Kelleher Frank, laborer, Amer. Rubber Co. 
Kelleher Hugh, plumber, 5 Brattle, boards 

Kelleher James, city laborer, house 71 Elm 
Kelleher James, currier, Dudley, house 36 

Reed [ridge 

Kelleher James, laborer, house 37 Camb- 
Kelleher Jeremiah, clerk, 9 Reed, house 11 

Kelleher Jeremiah, house 11 Sargent 
Kelleher Jeremiah D., switchman, B. & L. 

R. R., house 159 Spring 
Kelleher John, fireman, Gas. Co., Third, 

house 62 Broadway 
Kelleher John, hosemaker, 33 Hampshire, 

house r. 67 Moore 
Kelleher John, laborer, 126 Portland 
Kelleher John A., salesman (B.), boards 41 

Kelleher John B., clerk (663 Washington, 

B.), boards 159 Franklin 
Kelleher Julia, widow of Daniel, house 196 

Kelleher Margaret, widow, house 13 Third 
Kelleher Maria, widow, house 126 Pearl 
Kelleher Mary Miss, house 75 Western av. 
Kelleher Michael J., cabinet maker, house 

23 Cambridge 
Kelleher Ned., at 169 Gore [land 

Kelleher Patrick, laborer, house 105 Port- 
Kelleher Patrick, laborer, house 41 Rice 
Kelleher Patrick F., clerk (P. O., B.), bds. 

41 Rice [Co. 

Kelleher Thomas, laborer, Amer. Rubber 
Kelleher Timothy, laborer, house 47 Jeffer- 
Kelleher, see Keliher 


Dr. E. Y. White, 
Dr.W.H. Hollis, 

) 603 Main St. 
j Central Sq. 



Kellenberger Andrew, organ varnisher, h. 

15.") Otis 
Kellenberger Andrew A., butcher, house 41 

Kellenberger Carrie M. Miss, book-keeper, 

110 Cambridge, bds., 155 Otis 
Kellenberger Charles, clerk, 110 Cambridge 

boards 155 Otis 

provisions, 110 Cambridge, boards 155 
Otis (see page 635) 
Kellenberger William, clerk, 110 Camb- 
ridge, boards 59 Third 
Kelley Albert L., printer ^262 Wash, B.), 
bouse 21 Harrison 

soda and mineral water mnfr. (30 
Canal, B.), house 25 Essex (see p. 
Kelley Annie, widow of Bernard, house 50 

Kelley Bernard, scenic painter (Globe Thea- 
tre, B.), boards 94 Gore 
Kelley Bridget Miss, house Auburn pi. 
Kelley Bridget, widow of Thomas, house 21 

Kelley Catherine, widow of Michael, house 
54 Amory [lumbal 

Kelley Catherine F. Mrs., house 163 Co- 
Kelley Charles, switchman (B. & M. R. R., 
B.), house 2 Lechmere bldg., Lech- 
mere sq. 
Kelley Charles, switchman (B. & M. R. R. 

B.), house 59 North 
Kelley Charles E., baker, 407 Cambridge, 

boards 4 Percy pi. 
Kelley Charles J, tinsmith, 153 Putnam 

avenue, boards 121 Elm 
Kelley Daniel, tinsmith, 157 North avenue, 

house at Arlington 
Kelley Daniel Mrs., house 149 Elm 
Kelley Dennis, at 169 Gore 
Kelley Dennis, hosemaker, 33 Hampshire, 

boards 24 Tremont 
Kelley Edward, furniture varnisher (B.), 

boards 113 Fourth 
Kelley Edward, city laborer, h. 59 Brookline 
Kelley Edward, laborer, house 13 Valentine 
Kelley Edward, laborer, house 26 Dudley 
Kelley Ellen, widow, house 145 Elm 
Kelley Ellen, widow of John, house 37 Erie 
Kelley Eugene A., tinsmith, 389 Cambridge, 

boards 94 Gore 
Kelley E., laborer, Waverly, corner Talbot 
Kelley Francis J., book salesman (Richard- 
son, Hanover, B.), house 163 Columbia 
Kelley Frank, gossamer maker, American 

Rubber Co. 
Kelley George, laborer, Amer. Rubber Co. 
Kelley George O., machinist, b. 50 Market 
Kelley George T., teamster, h. 22 Porter 
Kelley Grace, irid. of John, house 41 Flagg 
Kelley Hugh, carpenter, house 123 Winsor 
Kelley Hugh EL, clerk (B.), b. 21 Tremont 

Kelley Isabella, widow, house 106 Fourth 
Kelley James, bootmaker, Am. Rubber Co. 
Kelley James, carpenter, house 20 Tuttle 
Kelley James, laborer, house 62 Waverly 
Kelley James, laborer, Waverly, c. Talbot, 

house 271 Putnam avenue 
Kelley James, marble cutter (B.), house 

305 Cambridge 
Kelley James, plumber, house 23 Hancock 
Kelley James, teamster (Franklin, c. Arch, 

B.), house 68 Otis 
Kelley James, teamster, 33 Hampshire, b. 

16 Plymouth 
Kelley James F., clerk, 440 Cambridge, b. 

21 Tremont 
Kelley James M., action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, house 1U Norfelk 
Kelley James P., foreman, dry press room 

(39 Arch, B.), house 26 Eighth 
Kelley John, at 169 Gore 
Kelley John, baker, 502 Main 
Kellev John, blacksmith, citv stables, house 

164 Norfolk 
Kelley John, carriage painter, 446 Main 
Kelley John, fireman, 162 Broadway, house 

3 Union place 
Kelley John, laborer, boards 153 dishing 
Kelley John, laborer, Cochrane Chemical 

Co., Potter, house 177 Norfolk 
Kelley John, laborer, house 64 Auburn pi. 
Kelley John, laborer, house 152 Bridge 
Kelley John, laborer, 126 Portland 
Kelley John, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 23 

Kelley John, marble polisher, h. 123 Winsor 
Kelley John A., culenderer, Amer. Rubber 

Co., house 94 Gore 
Kelley John B., hairdresser, 392 Cam- 
bridge, boards 60 Webster avenue 
Kelley John B., herdic driver, h. 67 Auburn 
Kelley John D., painter (187 Hanover, B. ), 

house 161 Thorndike 
Kelley John E., trav. salesman (B.), boards 

50 Market 
Kelley John F., currier, house rear 77 Elm 
Kelley John H., brass finisher (B.), house 

341 Main 
Kelley John J., baker, 82 Mt. Auburn, h. 

52 Jay 
Kelley John K., carpenter, rooms 10 Essex 
Kelley John T., machinist, house Pioneer, 

corner Deacon 
Kelley John William, receiving clerk, 502 

Main, boards 145 Elm 
Kelley John W., laborer, 502 Main, house 

27 Gushing court 
Kelley Joseph, action maker. 113 Broad- 
way, boards ll£ Norfolk 
Kelley Joseph H., blower, N. E. Glass 
Works, house 36 Gore 

KELLEV JOSEPH" J., under- 
taker, 18 Third, corner Gore, house 
110 Otis (see page G'So) 

Builders' Hardware, 

at Burditt& White's 

? & 4 Central Sq. 



Kelley Joseph M., compositor, Riverside 
Press, house 21 Hewes 

Kelley Lawrence, marble polisher (B.), h. 
105 Elm 

Kelley Margaret, widow of Michael, boards 
23 Marion 

Kelley Maria Mrs., house 14 Grant 

Kelley Martha A., widow of Frank M. , 
hairworker, house 751 Main 

Kelley Martin J., action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, house 11 Norfolk 

Kelley Mary, compositor, b. 10 Worcester 

Kelley Mary, widow of Michael, house 14 

Kelley Mary E., dressmaker, b. 21 Tremont 

Kelley Matthew, laborer, bds. 175 Cushiug 

Kelley Michael, boiler maker, h. 60 North 

Kelley Michael, brass finisher, b. 149 Elm 

Kelley Michael, clerk, 41G Cambridge, bds. 

Kelley Michael, fireman, Union Glass Co., 
house 138 Elm 

Kelley Michael, gardener, Mt. Auburn cem- 
etery, and boarding-house, 175 Cushing 

Kelley Michael, stone-cutter, foot Ayer's 
wharf, Third, house 24 Tremont 

Kelley Michael A., glass worker, house 113 

Kelley Michael E., student, H. U. , boards 
21 Tremont 

Kelley Patrick, blower, N. E. Glass Works, 
North, house at Somerville 

Kelley Patrick, galvanizer, house 4 Antrim 

Kelley Patrick, gardener, house 153 Cushing 

Kelley Patrick, laborer, house 5 Foster pi. 

Kelley Patrick, laborer, Mt. Auburn ceme- 
tery, boards 175 Cushing 

Kelley Patrick, laborer, Cambridge ceme- 
tery, house 75 Cushing 

Kelley Patrick, laborer, Niles Bros., Con- 
cord avenue [mouth 

Kelley Patrick, marble worker, h. 16 Ply- 

Kelley Patrick J., laborer, 220 Portland, h. 
1 74 Columbia 

Kelley Peter, laborer, B. & L. R. R., house 
84 Fifth 

Kelley Peter, tinsmith, house 13 Hamilton 

Kelley Peter A., plumber, 634 Main, house 
101 Western avenue 

Kelley Ralph I., liquors (29£ Green, B.), 
house 164 Gore 

Kelley Ralph R., clerk, 163 Pearl, house 
37 Erie 

Kelley Richard, tailor (B.), house 60 Web- 
ster avenue 

Kelley Richard C, galvanizer, boards 60 
Webster avenue 

Kelley Robert, baker, 407 Cambridge, rms. 
4 Percy place 

Kelley Samuel J. (Kelley & McKinnon), 
carpenter, 7 Western avenue, house 10 

Kelley Sarah A., widow of William C, h. 
50 Market 

Kelley Sarah V. Mrs., h. 50 Western ave. 
Kelley Stillman F., molasses (18 Central, 

B.), house 3 Pemberton 
Kelley Thomas H., printer (B.), boards 174 

Cambridge [School 

Kelley Thomas J., book finisher, house 73 
Kelley Timothy, laborer, bds. 12 Plymouth 
Kelley Timothy, varnisher, b. 99 Brookline 
Kelley Timothy, at 169 Gore 
Kelley William, baker, 407 Cambridge, 

rooms 293 do. 
Kelley William, gardener, McLean Asylum 

(Somerville), house 3 Woodlawn ave. 
Kelley William, mason, 4 Seventh, h. do. 
Kelley William, polisher, rooms 5 Kinnaird 
Kelley William, night watchman (B.), h. 

37 Washington 
Kelley William 11., herdic driver (B.), h. 

14 Eighth 
Kelley William J., carpenter, h. 13 School 
Kellev , carpenter, boards 12 Dunster 

uel J. Kelley and Charles E. McKin- 
non), carpenters and builders, 7 
Western avenue (see page 628) 

Kelley, see Kelly 

Kellie John F. (Kellie & Crozier), painter 
and paper hanger, 436 Main, house 59 

Kellie & Crozier (John F. Kellie and Chris- 
topher J. Crozier), painters, 436 Main 

Kelligher Jeremiah, baker, 502 Main 

Kellogg Adin, barrel buyer, 129 Gore, house 
at Boston 

Kellogg Jeremiah N.. porter (169 Wash- 
ington, B.), house 27 Washington 

Kelly Daniel, laborer, 20 Albany, house at 

Kelly David P., tailor, 453 Main, boards 
1.13 Green 

Kelly Dennis P., machinist, house 100 Main 

Kelly Dugald, clerk, 133 Brookline, h. do. 

Kelly Edward, laborer, 20 Albany, h. 27 

Kelly Edward, Jr., boards 27 Third 

Kelly Elizabeth, widow of Rev. Charles B., 
house 15 Story 

Kelly George B. (Kelly & Rand), action 
nmfr., 162 Broadway, house at Jamaica 

Kelly James, laborer, house 271 Putnam av. 

Kelly James F., clerk, 443 Cambridge, h. 

21 Tremont 

Kelly John, boiler maker, 92 Main, house 

13 Salem 
Kelly John, butter and eggs, house 352 

Kelly John, horse shoer, 18 Cambridge, h. 

at Boston 
Kelly John, laborer, 169 Gore, h. 35 Porter 
Kelly Lizzie F. Miss, clerk, 503 Main, bds. 

22 Hudson place 

Kelly Margaret Mrs., dressmaker, 352 
Broadwav, house do. 


Lota Bought, Sold, and Cared for. 


8-0 Main and 

89 Spark* SVt. 



Kelly Michael, granite polisher, 2^ lit 
Auburn, house 261 do. 

Kelly Michael, pipe maker, Albany, house 
at Somerville 

Kelly Michael J., hairdresser, 162 Cam- 
bridge, boards 66 Winter 

Kelly Patrick, laborer, Gas Works, boards 

10 Broadway 

Kelly Patrick, laborer, house Concord ave., 
near Adams 

Kelly Patrick, switchman. B. & M. R. R.. 
house 21 Sixth 

Kelly Pierce J., clerk, boards 8 Short 

Kelly Robert, painter, house 262 Bridge 

Kelly Tallis F.. boots and shoes, 441 Cam- 
bridge, house 44l£ do. 

Kellv Terrence TV., laborer, h. 76 Spruce 

Kellv Thomas F.. soap maker, house 191 

Kelly Timothv, stucco worker (B-), house 

Kelly William, carpenter. 356 Main 

Kelly & Rand (George B. Kelly and Ed- 
ward L. Rand), organ action mnfrs.. 
162 Broadway 

Kelly see Kellev insrton 

Kelsey Albert H. (70 Kilby. B. 

Kelsey Anson H. (Kelsey" Bros. & Co.). 
furniture. 56^. Main, house at Arlington 

Kelsey Bros. & Co. (John H. and Anson H. 
Kelsey). furniture. 5.">6 Main 

Kelsey Edwin, clerk, 556 Main, boards at 

Kelsey Elizabeth, widow of William, house 

11 Cottage 

ry T., upholsterer (B.), house 

rear 50 Amory 
Kelsey John H. (Kelsey Bros. & Co. 

niture, etc.. 556 Main. h. 11 Cot: . 
Kelsey William H., superintende 

Union, B.). house 26 Upton 
Kelso Adam, machinist (B.), house 81 

Kelso Alexander M., liquors. 407 Main. h. 

41 Franklin 
Kelso Jan iler maker (Charles- 

town;, house 79 Washington 
Kemp Edwin E., teamster. L. Kemp ft S 

Davis, cor. Broadway, house - - 

Kemp Horace G. f Lysander Kemp & Sons). 

soap mnfr. , Davis, house 164 Harvard 
Kemp James H. Lysander Kemp ft S 

soap mnfr., Davis, boards 166 Harvard 
Kemp Lysander (Lysander Kemp & S 

soap mnfr.. Davis, house 166 Harvard 

Mnder, James H. and Horace G. 
Kemp), soap stocks and soap mnfrs.. 
Davis, cor. Broadway (see pafj 
Kempton Benjamin C, carpenter, boards 

146 Mt. Auburn 
Kempton James A., carpenter, house 21 

Kempton James K., carpenter, boards 146 

Mt. Auburn 
Kempton John B.. salesman (73 Pearl, 

B.). house 24 Mt. Auburn 
Kempton Joseph D., carpenter, house - 20 

Kendall Albert S.. book-keeper. Sawin's 

Express. Lyceum bldg.. Harvard sq. 

hoot trd 

Kendall Edward (Edward Kendall & Sons), 

machinist and boiler maker. 72 I 

Main, house 139 Magazine 

SOJiS (Edward, James H. and 
Geo. F. Kendall), boiler makers, en- 
gine builders and machinists. 72 to 
I Main (see page 5) «/^nd 

Kendall Francis, house 174 Brookline 
Kendall George F. ; Edward Kendall & 
Sons), machinist etc., 72 to 92 Main, 
house 61 Chestnut 
Kendall Harlie G.. compositor. Riverside 

Press, house 46 Jay 
Kendall Isaac F.. machine hand. 162 Broad- 
way, house 3 Lawrence 
Kendall James H. (Edward Kendall & 
Sons . machinist etc.. 72 to 92 Main, 
house 63 Chestnut 
Kendall John B.. confectionery, boards 99 

school. 13 Appiiin Way. house 123 
Inman (see page 627) 
Kendall Mary S., widow of Jacob, boards 

15 Chancer 
Kendall Olindus F.. horse clothing 129 

Washington. B. . house 10 V 
Kendall Walter B.. organist and music 

teacher, boards 3 Lawrence 
Kenefix Joseph, laborer, house 28 Warren 
Kenerson Harry S.. provisions, house 138 

Kenerson Winfield S.. provisions, boards 

13S Bridge 
Kenison Asa S.. driver. W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

boards 79 Brattle 
Kenison Charles W.. conductor, W. E. St. 

Ry. Co.. house 7'.' Brattle 
Kenna Peter, at 169 Gore 
Kennard Benjamin, house 9 DeWolf 
Keuuard Elizabeth J. 1). Miss, boards 9 

Kennedy Ann, widow, house 38 Ellery 
Kennedy C. A., conductor, W. 

Kennedy Daniel, blacksmith, house 131 

Kennedy Daniel A., confectioner, 6 Inman 

square, house 75 Inman 
Kennedy Daniel F.. boards 131 Wini 
Kennedy Edward, at 169 Gore 
Kenned v Edward J., carpenter, ho us; 87 


l HI 


Wholesale and Retail. 




Kennedy Edward P., hack - driver, 15 

Church, boards 1 Symonds' block, 

Kennedy Ellen, widow of James, house 

87 Elm 
Kennedy Frank A. (F. A. Kennedy Co.), 

cracker baker, 502 Main, house S High- 

Kennedy, pres., J. W. Hazen, sec. 
and treasurer), cracker bakers, 502 
Main and 456 Harvard (see right side 
line on outside back cover) 
Kennedy James, brushmaker, house 374 

Kennedy James Mrs., boarding house 88 

Mt. Auburn 
Kennedy James H., news agent, boards 40 

Kennedy James J., lithographer, Riverside 

Press, house 384 Green 
Kennedy John, engineer, r. 9 Sacramento, 

house at Somerville 
Kennedy John G., expressman, boards 88 

Mt. Auburn 
Kennedy John H., hack-driver, boards 1 

Symonds' block, DeWoif 
Kennedy Margaret Miss, boards 330 Green 
Kennedy Martin, laborer, 389 Cambridge, 

house 381 do. 
Kennedy Michael, cooper 169 Gore, boards 

1 Buck's block, Seventh 
Kennedy Patrick, house 113 Elm 
Kennedy Patrick, laborer, house 40 Sac- 
Kennedy Peter J., varnisher, 486 Main. h. 

18 Portland 
Kennedy Thomas, gardener, h. 1 Symonds' 

block, DeWoif 
Kennedy Thomas, laborer, house 30 Reed 
Kennedy Thomas, Jr., driver, 22 Brattle, b. 

1 Symonds' block, DeWoif 
Kennedy Thomas E., arctic maker, Amer. 

Rubber Co., house 133 Winsor 
Kenneftck James, at 169 Gore 
Kenneer Aleck, carpenter, N. E. Glass 

Kennelly Jeremiah, sawyer, 20 Albany, h. 

57 Elm 
Kennersey George E., at 169 Gore 
Kenney Bernard A., furniture finisher, h. 

478 Cambridge 
Kenney Charles, carpenter, b. 7 Franklin 
Kenney Charles F., instructor, House of 

Correction, house 51 Fourth 
Kenney David, cooper, boards 57 Amory 
Kenney Edward, laborer, 204 Broadway, h. 

458 Cambridge 
Kenney Emma Mrs., widow of Oran, house 

123 Washington 
Kenney Eugene, casket maker, 201 Bridge, 

house at South Boston 
Kenney Evelyn B., teacher, Allston gram- 
mar school, boards 236 Broadway 

Kenney E., hill boy, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Kenney Frank A., laborer, 138 Norfolk, h. 

at Somerville 
Kenney Frank W. , polisher (B.), boards 

18 Front 
Kenney George, laborer, bds. 28 Hastings 
Kenney James, at 169 Gore 
Kenney James, cooper, C. H. North & Co. 

(Somerville), h. 2 Forest place 
Kenney James E., laborer, bds. 18 Front 
Kenney Joanna Mrs., house 401 Cambridge 
Kenney John, bootmaker, Am. Rubber Co. 
Kenney John, butcher, Niles Bros., Con- 
cord ave., house near do. 
Kenney John, junk, house 39 Harding 
Kenney John, laborer, house 56 Waverly 
Kenney John, laborer, John Reardon & 

Sons, house 271 Putnam ave. 
Kenney John, machinist, 368 Main, house 

at Watertown 
Kenney John, at 169 Gore 
Kenney John, house Blanche, cor. Front 
Kenney John S., lamp-lighter, house 39 

Kenney Lawrence, laborer, house 26 

Kenney Margaret, widow of Patrick, house 

56 Waverly 
Kenney Mary, widow of John, house 4 

Kenney Michael, iron worker, Boston 

Bridge Works, Sixth, h. at Chelsea 
Kenney Patrick, carpenter, house 17 

Maynard place 
Kenney Patrick, city laborer, house 103 

Kenney Patrick, house Southers place 
Kenney Patrick, laborer, h. 137 Brookline 
Kenney Patrick, night fireman, Waverly, c. 

Talbot, house 56 Waverly 
Kenney Patrick H., tinsmith, boards 

Souther's place 
Kennev Peter, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 

164 do 
Kenney Peter, laborer, Niles Bros., 

Concord avenue, boards John Kenney's, 

near do. 
Kenney Thomas, laborer, 184 Broadway, 

boards 24 Union 
Kenney Thomas, tailor, 8 Boylston, house 

at Somerville 
Kenney Thomas G., elevator man 153 

Putnam ave., house 26 Hews 
Kenney Thomas M., jeweler, house 130 

Kenney Timothy, baker, boards Blanche, 

corner Front 
Kenney Wentworth, house 28 Hastings 
Kenney Wm. T., marble cutter, house 97 

Kenney, see Kenny 
Kenmff Daniel J., coachman, house rear 17 


Dr. E. Y. White, 
Dr.W.H. Hollis, 

igfisf! DENTISTS, 



Keniston Fred A., engineer, house rear 37 

Kenny Georgianna Mrs., house rear 203 

Kensel Carrie T., widow of George A., 

house 30 Walden 
Kent Christopher, painter, house rear 96 

Webster ave. 
Kent Geo. H., salesman, 464 Harvard, h. 

25 "Western avenue 
Kent George W., hostler, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., Dunster, house 104 Spring 
Kent J. F., collector, Boston Ice Co., 

Prison Point, h. at Charlestown 
Keough Daniel, hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

house 432 Broadway 
Keough George A., hairdresser, house 49 

Hayes court 
Keough John, grocer, 36 Harvard, h. do. 
Keough Roger, driver (W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

B.), house 27 Baldwin 
Keough Thomas, cutter, American Rubber 

Keough Thomas F., clerk, 36 Harvard, 

boards do 
Keough, see Kehoe 
Kerby Michael, laborer, 168 Gore, house 20 

Kerchener Charles, boarding house, 374 

Kerchener William, silversmith, boards 374 

Kerchton W. B., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 
Kermer Richard J., clerk, 347£ Main, house 

347 do 

KERN FRANCIS V. B., convey- 
ancer (23 Court, B.), h. 770 Main 
(see page 654) 
Kern Henry, cabinet maker (Chas'n), house 

99 Spring 
Kernan James, janitor, Quincy and Lowell 

schools, house 78 Mt. Auburn 
Kernan Thomas J., hack driver, 15 Church, 

house 18 Mt. Auburn 
Kernan, see Kiernan 
Kerr David B., electroplate finisher, 

Riverside Press, house 2 Westacott ct. 
Kerr Henry, organ case maker, 162 

Broadway, house 32 Clark 
Kerr John, rec. clerk, freight house B. & L. 

R. R. (B.), house 17£ Third 
Kerr John C. Mrs., house 25 Baldwin 
Kerr Robert, manager, U. P. Tea Co., 565 

Main, boards 57 Howard 
Kerrigan James, gardener, house 1 Baldwin 

Kerrigan James, plumber, boards 15 

Farwell place 
Kerrigan James, teamster, 3 Hampshire, 

house at Somerville 
Kerrigan John, butcher (B), house 4 

Kerrigan John Jr., cigar maker, 599 Main, 

boards 4 Lincoln 

Kerrigan Patrick H., foreman and salesman, 

Skillings, Whitneys & Barnes 

Lumber Co., Prison Point, house at 

Boston Highlands 
Kerrigan Stephen, teamster, 3 Hampshire 
Kersey Wm., laborer, house 55 Amory 
Kersh Earnest, carriage maker, house 430 

Kershaw Edwin S., sawyer, 162 Broadway, 

house 98 Norfolk 
Kershaw Mary O. Miss, bds. 296 North av. 
Kershaw Robert Mrs., house 98 Norfolk 
Kessell Frederick A., glass cutter, rear 

113 Cambridge, boards 42 Winter 
Kessell Joanna, widow, house 42 Winter 
Kestel Paul, furniture finisher, Second 

corner Thorndike, bds. 56 Cambridge 
Kettell Charles W., mechanical engineer 

(Causeway, B.), house 2 Brewster pi. 
Kettelle Rebecca G., widow of John B., h. 

63 Sparks 
Ketchum Charles., fish, 274 Broadwav, h. 

6 Elm 
Ketchum George B., apothecary, 272 

Broadway, house 8 El in 
Ketchum Isaac F., clerk, 606 Main, bds. 6 

Ketchum John C, fish, 89£ Columbia, bds. 

6 Elm 
Keville John, gardener, 571 Cambridge, 

house at Somerville 
Keyes Charles S., foreman, 105 Magazine, 

house Walden, near Raymond 
Keyes Edward E., electrotyper, house Wal- 
den, near Raymond 
Keyes George, carpenter, house 13 Hews 
Keyes Harriet N. Miss, teacher, Reed prim- 
ary school, bds. Walden, n. Raymond 
Keyes Henry S., salesman (42 Commercial, 

B.), boards 4 Centre 
Keyes James H., teamster (238 Devonshire, 

B.), house 51 Portland 
Keyes Nellie, pocket book maker, boards 

138 Brookline 
Keyes, see Keay 
Kidd Margaret Miss, teacher, Reed primary 

school, house 3 Dover 
Kidd Margaret L., widow of Algernon B., 

house Orchard, cor. Day 
Kidd Wm. J., carpenter, h. 24 Vine, No. 1 
Kidder Charles N., boards 10 Dover 
Kidder James D. Mrs., house 10 Dover 
Kidder Merrill H., house 47 Magazine 
Kidder William A., collector (B. & A. R. R., 

East Boston), house 256 North ave. 
Kidney William H., fireman, 126 Portland, 

house 140 Hampshire 
Kieley James, baker, 502 Main 
Kiernan Louis, student, bds. 107 Western av. 
Kiernan Thomas, stone cutter, house 107 

Western avenue 
Kiernan Thomas J., supt. of circulation, 

Harvard University library, house 25 



at Central Square, Hardware Store, Nos. 2 and 4. 




Kiernan, see Kernan 

Kieseling Otto, wood carver, h. 118 Gore 

Kihlberg Charles A., cabinet maker, 286 

Main, house 21 Market 
Kilbaine Cornelius, laborer, 126 Portland 
Kilbourne Walter A., shoe mnfr. (Poplar, 

B.), house 487 Cambridge 
Kilburn Curwin H., foreman, Webster & 

Co. (Maiden), house Crescent, near 

Kilburn Edward J., organ maker, house 

20 Trowbridge 
Kilderry Martin, at 220 Portland, boards 

17 Warren 

Kilderry Michael J., laborer, 220 Portland, 

house 17 Warren 
Kilduff Bernard, plasterer, 610 Main, house 

18 Lawn 

Kiley Catherine Mrs., housekeeper, rear 

177 Cambridge 
Kiley Daniel, laborer, house 8 Beaver 
Kiley Ellen Mrs., boarding-house, 8 Davis 
Kiley James, laborer, house 132 Bridge 
Kiley John, laborer, house rear 209 Mount 

Kiley Michael, at 169 Gore 
Kiley William, carriage painter (Boston), 

house 8 Davis 
Kiley William, at 169 Gore 
Kilfoile James, candy maker, b. 12 Hancock 
Kilfoile James, confectioner, 189 Hamp- 
shire, boards 12 Hancock 
Kilfoile John, laborer, house 12 Hancock 
Kilfoile John, Jr., clerk (15 Change ave. , 

B.), boards 12 Hancock 
Kilgore William H., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, 

boards 17 Eliot 
Kilhane Garrett, laborer, h. 164 Norfolk 
Killom Robert, blacksmith, 225 Third, 

house at Boston 
Killoran Hugh A., currier, house 40 Spruce 
Killoran John F., laborer, bds. 40 Spruce 
Killoran Margaret, widow, house 40 Spruce 
Killoran Thomas, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

13 Carson 
Killoran Thorn is J., painter, h. 40 Spruce 
Killoran Timothy, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 

13 Carson 
Killourhy Patrick, laborer (Somerville), 

house 200 Norfolk 
Kilpatrick Robert, blacksmith, h. 115 Elm 
Kilroy Ellen, widow of Patrick, h. 15 Locust 
Kilroy John, stone cutter, bds. 15 Locust 
Kilroy Patrick, driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

boards 15 Locust 
Kilroy Thomas, laborer, boards 15 Locust 
Kilty James, student, H. U. , rms. l£ Banks 
Kilvan Cornelius, laborer, 126 Portland, 

rooms 1 65 Broadway 
Kimball Charles, photographer (110 Court, 

B.), house Hotel Stratford 
Kimball Christina, widow of Annis, house 

121 Pleasant 

Kimball Daniel M., letter carrier, P. O., 

611 Main, house 3 Hotel Austin 
Kimball, David, coppersmith, b. 60 Harvard 
Kimball Edgar R. , druggist (135 Cambridge, 

B.), house 19 Hollis 
Kimball Ephraim F., trav. salesman (55 

Bedford, B.), boards 2 River 
Kimball Frank, at 169 Gore 
Kimball John E., boards 3 Hotel Austin 
Kimball J. Franklin, merchant tailor, 589 

Main, house 49 Austin 
Kimball Lemain S., piano case maker, State, 

cor. Osborn, house at Somerville 
Kimball Moses, laborer, house 29 Cowper- 

Kimball William, boards 151 Mt. Auburn 
Kimbury Deborah, widow, h. 9 Flaggst. ct. 
Kincaid Frank, confectioner, 9 Winsor, 

house at Somerville 
Kimball James, machinist, 72 Main 
Kindergarten and Day Nursery, 76 Moore 
Kiner Armon A., laborer, house 16 Elmer 
King Alexander, engineer (76 Sudbury, 

B.), house 51 Moore 
King Amos, laborer, boards 44 Austin 
King Ann, widow of Michael, h. 96 Spring 
King Barney, hairdresser, 547 Main, house 

142 Columbia 
King Benjamin, engineer, N. E. Glass 

Works, North, house at Somerville 
King Benjamin, real estate, 423 Main, house 

30 Bowdoin 
King Benjamin T., clerk (518 Washington, 

B.), boards 30 Bowdoin 
King Bridget, widow of Patrick, house 161 

King Catherine Mrs., house 30 Charles 
King Charles F., wood carver (B.), house 

17 School 
King Collin J., waiter, Memorial Hall, 

house 8 Magee 
King Eugene F., clerk (53 Cornhill, B.), b. 

33 Cambridge 
King Eveline A., copyist, Otis, corner Sec- 
ond, boards 96 Austin 
King Gustavus, hairdresser, 7 Prospect, 

house do. 
King Henry P., clerk, 502 Main, boards 

boards 104 Austin 
King John, at 44 Cambridge 
King John, laborer, bds. 133 Webster av. 
King John, laborer, 220 Portland, boards 

273 Cambridge 
King John B., house 128 Third 
King John H., candy maker, 503 Main, h. 

1 Coolidge place 
King Joseph, clerk, house 15 Hamilton 
King Joseph C, plumber, 634 Main, boards 

354 Broadway 
King Manuel, finisher, 44 Cambridge, house 

32 Spring 
King Michael, laborer, boards 164 Gore 
King Otto, piano case maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 12k Winter 


FLORISTS, and Contractors for 
P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main & 89 Sparks Sts. 





King Owen, laborer, house 33 Cambridge 
King Patrick, laborer, Am. Rubber Co. 
King Peter, stone mason, h. 133 Webster av 
King Samuel A., clerk (11 Chatham, B.), 

house 38 Sacramento 
King Thomas, iron mould?r, Third, corner 

Bent, h. at Charlestown 
King Thomas, laborer, house 49 Reed 
King Thomas, teamster, bds. 33 Cambridge 
King Thomas C, clerk ; 188 Cambridge, b. 

16 Thorndike 
King Vila, boards 215i Putnam ave. 
King William R., clerk (79 Commercial, 

B.), boards 30 Bowdoin 
King William T., billiards, Palmer, corner 

Brattle, mis. S. F. E. 5, h. Inman sq. 
King Zelotus, hairdresser, 7 Prospect, bdo. 
Kingdon Samuel, managing editor, Boston 

Courier (309 Wash., B.), house 18 

Hubbard avenue 
Kingman Carrie M. Miss, teacher, Wash- 
ington grammar school, b. 17 Summer 
Kingman E. A., at 1G9 Gore 
Kingman James S., tone regulator, 286 

Main, house at Dorchester 
Kingman Samuel, gas fitter, b. 74 Columbia 
Kingsbury Hiram A., driver, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house 10 Frank 
Kingsley Chester W., president, Water 

Board, and treas. Excelsior Coal Min- 
ing Co., (19 Congress, B.), house 10 

Kingsley Elizabeth, widow of Henry, house 

140 Spring 
Kingsley Samuel J,., action maker, 125 

Broadvay, house 60 Sacramento 
Kingsley, see Kinsley 

Kingston Daniel, laborer, b. 45 Cambridge 
Kingston Thomas W., teamster, Sixth, cor. 

Potter, nouse 4 Harvard pi. 
Kiniary Daniel, laborer, h. 58 North av. 
Kinnear Alexander, mold maker, N. E. 

Glass Works, North, h. 18 Winter 
Kinnear Conrad I)., asst. sealer and city 

lamp lighter, house 286 Broadway 
Kinnear John, door-keeper (State House, 

B.), house 34* Mt. Auburn 
Kinnear Joseph S., hoards 34 Mt. Auburn 
Kinnear Margaret, widow of John, house 

16 Tremont 
Kinneen Patrick J., horse shoer, house 269 

Mt. Auburn 
Kinney Charles E., clerk (Court, B), bds. 

4 Market 
Kinney James, at 169 Gore 
Kinney John, at 169 Gore 
Kinney Michael, at 169 Gore 
Kinney Samuel K.. carpenter, h. 4 Market 
Kinsley Charles E., cutter (5 Park, B.), 

house 106 Thorndike 
Kinsley Charles E., clerk (4 Park. B.), h. 

106 Thorndike 
Kinsley Kdw. 15. P. Mrs., h. 106 Thorndike 

Kinsley Hannah N., widow of E. B., boards 

106 Thorndike 
Kinsley Henry, machinist, h. 156 Pleasant 
Kinsley Winnifred Mrs., h. 103 Fourth 
Kinsley, see Kingsley 
Kinsman Eben, furniture mover (52 Charles 

B.), house 17 Market 

Dental Surgery, 15 Brattle, house 
48 Shepard (see page 642) 
Kinsman John O., telescope maker, house 

13 Watson 
Kirby Edward N., instructor, H. U., house 

71 Sacramento 
Kirby James, supt., 270 North avenue, bds. 

364 do. 
Kirby John L., foreman, 153 Putnam ave., 

house 171 do. 
Kirby Michael, carpenter, h. 8 Foster ct. 
Kirby Michael, laborer, 169 Gore, house 22 

Kirby Michael, piano polisher, 286 Main, 

house at Boston 
Kirby Michael J., gardener, house 11 Dins- 
more court 
Kirchmeyer John, foreman of carvers, Otis 

cor. First, boards 57 Gore 
Kirch ner Philip A., lead glazier (148 Frank- 
lin, B.), h. 77 Washington 
Kirchner William, dry plate maker, 25 Main 
Kirk John D., carpenter, h. 17 Fairmont av. 
Kirk J., plateman, University Press, house 

at Boston 
Kirker Hiram S., tinsmith (B.), house 71 

Kirk wood John, at 44 Cambridge 
Kirley Edward D., bookbinder, boards 456 

Kirley Frank, straightener, 126 Portland 
Kirley George F., baker, 151 Harvard, h. 

110 Hampshire 
Kirley James J., machinist, h. 456 Camb. 
Kirsch I). Miss, dressmaker, 430 Cambridge 

boards do. 
Kirsch Ernst, carriagemaker, house 430 

Kirschter Gustavus, glass decorator (B.), 

house 6 Sixth 
Kirwin Michael, laborer, h. 159 Franklin 
Kissling Henry, varnisher, 162 Broadway, 

house at Maplewo jd 
Kissling Lawrence, brush maker (B.), h. 

196 Norfolk 
Kitchell Wilson W., cigar maker, boards 8 

Kittredge George T., clerk, 561 Main, h. 

240 Green 
Kittridge A. M. Mrs., widow, h. 796 Main 
Kittson Catherine, widow, h. 81 Charles 
Kivlan John, teamster, b. 36 Gore 
Kivlan Peter, pressman, Riverside Press, 

boards 2:5 Rockwell 
Kivlan Peter F., house 36 Gore 



Established 1860. 20 DOCK SQUARE. 



Kivlan William, asst. foreman, composing 

room, Riverside Press, h. 23 Rockwell 
Kivlan William H., pressman, Riverside 

Press, h. Grigg, between Dodge, and 
• Howard 
Klaus A. J., wood carver, 44 Cambridge 
Kleinschmidt Eliza Mrs., house 27£ River 
Kleinschmidt Louis A., hairdresser, 25 Riv- 
er, boards 27£ do. [Bridge 
Klementowske Andrez, laborer, house 192 
Kline Joseph P., iron moulder, Third, cor. 

Bent, house 16 Vandine 
Klines Stephen, boiler maker, 92 Main, h. 

34 Bristol 
Klingman William, machinist, 29 Main, h. 

at Boston 
Klucken Frank, artist, Riverside Press, h. 

23 Erie 
Klucken Gerard A., artist, Riverside Press, 

house 23 Erie 
Klucken Ralph, artist, Riverside Press, bds. 

23 Erie 
Kluxen John, cook, house 176 Pleasant 
Knappe Carl, insurance agent (31 Milk, rm. 

9, B.), house 14 Pleasant place 
KneelancL Daniel J., fish and oysters, 16 

River, house 1 Soden place 
Kneeland Frank, express driver, b. 18 Mill 
Kneeland Henrv, teamster, 91 Broadway, 

boards 125 Harvard 
Kneeland James, laborer, house 164 Main 
Kneeland James, machinist, 184 Baoadway, 

house 52 Clark 
Kneeland James EL, printer, 136 Main 
Kneeland John II., watchman, h. 164 Main 
Kneeland Joseph P., teamster, house 172 

Kneeland Thomas H., blacksmith, 11 

Church, bds. 18 Mill, rooms City Build- 
ing, Brattle square 
Kneeland Walter W.. carpenter, house 133 

Kneeland William (Kneeland & Gould), 

plumber, 220 North avenue 
Kneeland William B., steam and gas fitter, 

house 5 Mead 
Kneeland & Gould (William Kneeland and 

Charles Gould), plumbers, 220 North 

KniffingC, conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

rooms 54 Putnam avenue 
Knight A., compositor, University Press 
Knight Clarence E., stone cutter, house 3 

Knight Edward, book binder, Riverside 

Press, house 28 Mt. Auburn 
Knight Edward A., boards 28 Mt. Auburn 
Knight Elbridge E., clerk, 831 Main, house 

30 Winthrop 
Knight Eliza A., widow of George, copyist 

(Youths' Companion, Temple pi., B.), 

house 7 Marvin place 
Knight F. A., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Knight John J., wine clerk (Parker House, 

B.), house 73 Magazine 
Knight Joseph R. Mrs., house 15 Third 
Knight Julia B. Miss, asst. matron, Alms- 
house, Tannery, boards do. 
Knight Robert H., paper hanger, house 19 

Knight William E., watch case maker (B.), 

boards 73 Magazine 
Knight William H., blank book mnfr. (16 

Hawley, B.). house 14£ Western ave. 
Knight William II., hack driver, h. 6 Oak 
Knights Anson B., clerk (4 Alden, B.), h. 

39 Holyoke 
Knights Catharine Mrs., dressmaker, 39 

Holyoke, house do. 
Kniorhts F. A., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Knights Samuel \i. (S. R. Knights & Co.), 

auctioneer, 593£ Main, house at Boston 
Knights Sarah A., widow of D. S., house 

179 Putnam avenue 
Knights Simon, driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

boards 6 Harvard square 

KNIGHTS S. K. & CO. (Samuel 
R. Knights), auctioneers and real es- 
tate, 593£ Main, and (226 Washing- 
ton, B.) (see back cover) 
Knoerr Mary, widow of Albert, house 140 

Knop Henry, painter, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 
Dunster, house 4 Union place 

gas fixtures (27 Bromfield, B.), 
house 3 Potter Park 
Knowles Charles H., boards 30 Andrew 
Knowles Chester W., clerk, 609 Main, bds. 

193 Green 
Knowles David K., foreman of trimming 

room, 169 Gore, house at Somerville 
Knowles John S., engineer, Almshouse, 

Tannery, boards 50 Trowbridge 
Knowles Lydia S., widow of Willard, house 

74 Pleasant 
Knowles Raymond, at 169 Gore 
Knowles Thomas L., painter, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co.. house 36 Austin 
Knowlton Alfred, carpenter, b. 43 Union 
Knowlton Annie T. Mrs , h. 1 Ballord pi. 
Knowlton Benjamin F., wood worker (19 

Chardon, B.), house 69 Washington 
Knowlton C., conductor, W. E. St. Ky. Co. 
Knowlton Ellis W., piano finisher (B.~), h. 

49 Hamilton 
Knowlton Emma F. A., Mrs., h. 16 West- 
ern avenue 
Knowlton George P., paper hanger, 122 
*uburn, house do. [16 Dunster 

Knowlton George W., driver, 904 Main, h. 
Knowlton John, cutter (300 Federal, B.), 

house 1 Ballord place 
Knox David J. (Knox & Hewins), saloon, 

447 Main, house 445£ do. 
Knox Frank C, book-keeper, University 

Press, house 37 Putnam av. 


Dr. E. Y 
Dr.W. H. Hollis 

White, | 603 Main St. 
j Central Sq. 



Knox James, salesman (B.), h. 6 Cherry 
Knox John W. . mnfr. of hand stamps (21 

Milk, B.), house 6£ Cherry 
Knox Wm.. machinist, house 7 Moore 
Knox Wm. A., engineer. B. & L. R. R.. h. 

95 Otis 
Knox & Hewins (David J. Knox and John 

A. Hewins;. saloon. 447 Main 
Kobb John A., at 44 Cambri 
Koch Adam A., restaurant. Lyceum bldg. . 

Harvard sq.. house 3 Shepard 
Koch Einil. wood carver, h. 135 Otis 
Koch Wm., bartender (12 Hay ward pi., B.), 

house 1 Aver's block. Third 
Kochlen George, cutter. Am. Rubber Co. 
Koenig Andrew, cabinet maker, h. rear 12 

Koenig Charles H., clerk. 110 Cambridge, 

boards 15.) Otis 
Koenig Emil P.. wood carver, 44 Cam- 
bridge, house at Boston 
Kohlhepp Christian, sausage maker (Som- 

erville), house 25 Sixth 
Koka Fuzi Mi^s. student, bds. 55 Austin 
Kolseth Henry S. . master mechanic. B. & 

L. R. R.. office Bridge c. Prison Point. 

house 93 Thorndike 
Koppe Carl, wood carver. 44 Cambridge, h. 

at W. Medford 
Koppe Paul, cabinet maker, house 12 

KorduhtMiiski Waclaw. butcher. 169 Gore. 

house 192 Bridge 
Korman John, peddler, house 20 Clay 
Kortum Minnie Mrs., h. 6 Roger's block, 

Kothe George W.. coppersmith (65 Merri- 
mack. B. . house 13 Winter 
Kozimeir Wilhelm. shoemaker, h. rear 59 

Krager John, cabinet maker, h. 6 Buck's 

block. Seventh 
Kramer Harry, bookbinder (B.), h. Cres- 
cent av.. near Walden 
Kramer Harry, boot maker. Am. Rubber 

Co.. house 10 Cogswell av. 
Kranse Charles H., brass finisher, bds. 142 

Kra-s Adolph. silversmith (8 Waltham. 

B.). house 36 Clark 
Krause Ernest A., gilder, h. 24 Brookline 
Krauze Theodore C. E., wood carver, 44 

Cambridge, house at Boston 
Kretschman Otto, piano maker, house 263 

Putnam av. 
Kretz John N., teamster, h. 75 Brookline 
Kroepseh Robert, baker. 142 Cambridge h. 

169 Norfolk 
Kmeger Robert, driver, house 2S Banks 
Krugel Wm. B., 162 Broadway, house 91 

Kru^er Emil shade painter. 15 Blanche 
Krutvig Ernest, marble cutter, house 45 

( 'aml»rid<_ r e 

Kuch Joseph, at 169 Gore 

Kuchler Annie Miss, dressmaker, 127 

Franklin, rooms do. 
Kuebitsky Ernest, gardener, 329 North av. 

boards do. 
Kuebler Charles, currier, b. 370 North av. 
Kuebler Joseph, moulder (So. Boston), h. 4 

Kuebler Michael, currier, h. 370 North av. 
Kuenz R.. machinist, Osborn, b. Brookline 
Kuhn David P., bootmaker, Am. Rubber 

Co., boards 45 Clark 
Kuhn George W., cierk (B.), h. 32 Pine 
Kuhn W. C. at 169 Gore 
Kullman G. E.. safe maker. 17 Main 
Kumerley Patrick, laborer, house rear 12 

Kunstler Ernest, piano maker, house 66 

Kupfer Chas.. calenderer. Am. Rubber 

Co., house 77 Hampshire 
Kupl James, at 169 Gore 
Kuster Frederick, carriage trimmer, 10 

Brattle, house 45 Wright 

nery. (547 Main, house 100 Magazine 
Lacas Joseph, machinist, b. 112 Fourth 
Lacas Joseph, blacksmith, h. 112 Fourth 
Lacerda Augusta B. Mrs., house rear 27 

Lacey Michael, machine hand, 162 Broad- 
way, hoards 12 Plymouth 
LaClair Leon, tinsmith, house 301 Main 
LaCroix Basil, broom maker, h. Cresct-nt 

av.. near pottery 
Lacroix Edward, helper, 634 Main, boards 

rear 67 Prospect 
Lacroix Geo. J., wood engraver (2S School, 

B.), boards rear 67 Prospect 
Lacroix Mary S.. wid. of James, h. rear 67 

Lacy James, laborer, house 198 Norfolk 
Lacy John, fireman house 12 Plymouth 
Ladd Fred L. hairdresser. 160 North av., h. 

Brackett pi. 
Ladd Geo. W., clerk (13 Tremont, B.), b. 

18 Shepard 
Ladd Marv A., wid. of John S., house 2 

Fr.,st " 
Ladd Will, ladder maker, 139 Gore bds. 

129 Spring 
Laffey Thomas, laborer, house rear 90 Hol- 

Laffey Winifred Mrs., house 119 Third 
Lafleur Francis E. S.. cabinet maker, h. 

106 Fourth 
LaFond Louis, cabinet maker. 37 Clark, b. 

179 Main 
LaForce Charles, printer. 573 Main 
Laforce Joseph I).. clerk (12 Tremont row, 

B.), house 105 Green 
Laforce Mary, music teacher, 105 Green, 

house do. 



2 & 4 Central Sq. 






•, cabinet maker, bds. 20 

Lagerquist, — 

Lagros Robert O., piano tuner, 286 Main. 
house at Boston 

Laha Mary A. Mrs., variety store, 6 Ham- 
ilton, house do. 

Lahey D., hostler, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 
Murray st. stable 

Lahey Jeremiah, laborer, 169 Gore, bds. 26 
Winter [Auburn 

Lahey John, book agent, boards 245 Mt. 

Lahey John, iron moulder, Third, corner 
Bent, house at Somerville 

Lahey M., watchman, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 
Murray street stable [Winter 

Lahey Patrick, laborer, 169 Gore, house 26 

Lahey, see Leahy 

Lahiff John, laborer (C. H. North & Co., 
Somerville), boards 23 Marion 

Lain Levina, house 678 Main 

Laing Alfred A., druggist, 273 Pearl 

Laing Daniel C, waiter, Memorial Hall, h. 
7 Dyke 

Laity A. Harry, clerk, 5 Mt. Auburn, bds. 
854£ Main 

Lake Charles H., house 727 Cambridge 

Lake Hannah, widow of George, house 651 

Lalley Frank E. (Lalley & O'Brien), gro- 
cer, 38 Winthrop, house 404 Green 

Lalley John, plasterer, house 26£ Banks 

Lallev John H., grocer, 26£ Banks, h. do. 

LALLEY THOMAS O., grocer. 40 
Boylston, house 64 Mt. Auburn (see 
pa^e 639) 
Lalley Thomas G., Jr., clerk, 40 Boylston, 

boards 64 Mt. Auburn 
Lalley & O'Brien (Frank E. Lalley and 

Dennis J. O'Brien), grocers, 38 Win- 
Lally Emily Miss, cashier, 436 Harvard, b. 

24 Cowperthwaite 
Lally John D., bookbinder, Riverside Press, 

house 24 Cowperthwaite 
Lally John J., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, house 

12 Berkshire place 
Lally Joseph, straightener, 126 Portland 
Lally Lawrence P., box maker, 78 School, 

boards 9 Plymouth 
Lally Michael, mason's tender, house First, 

beyond Spring 
Lally Patrick J., sawyer, 174 Broadway, h. 

9 Plymouth 
Lally Thomas F., clerk, 26£ Banks, h. do. 
Lally William J., pressman, University 

Press, boards 26i Banks ■ 
La Marche Walter J., physician, 95 Mt. 

Auburn, rooms do. 
Lamb Charles R., clerk (Chauncy, B.), b. 

112 Brattle 
Lamb Charles R. Mrs., house 112 Brattle 
Lamb George, treas., Day Cordage Co., 

Rogers, and conveyancer (13 Kilby, 

room 8, B.), house 9 Ellsworth avenue 

Lamb George T., hairdresser (Congress, 

B.), boards 10 Salem 
Lamb Harry, carriage painter, 176 North 

avenue, house at Somerville 
Lamb Henry W. (Lamb & Ritchie), lead 

pipe mnfr., Albany, house at Brookline 
Lamb dames, horse^hoer, Brookline, corner 

Erie, house 10 Salem 
Lamb James A., tinman, 53 Putnam avenue, 

boards 60 Amory 
Lamb Joseph, carpenter, boards 60 Amory 
Lamb Michael, city laborer, house 60 Amory 
Lamb Michael F., city laborer, h. 60 Amory 
Lamb Michael F., city laborer, house 99i 

Lamb Roland ().. book-keeper (16 Sears 

building. B.), house 19 Sacramento 
Lamb Samuel T., house 19 Sacramento 
Lamb Thomas 1L, helper. 634 Main, boards 

60 Amory 
Lamb & Ritchie (Henry W. Lamb and 

David A. Ritchie), sheet-metal pipes, 

Albany, near Main 
Lambert Ellen, widow of Michael, house 

205 Appleton 
Lambert Garrett II.. mason, h. 27 Tuttle 
Lambert Helen (i. Miss, dressmaker, bds. 

rear 150 Prospect 
Lambert Herbert L., stoves, ranges, etc., 

and plumbing and rooting, 27 Boylston, 

house do. 
Lambert John C, laborer, h. 43 Washington 
Lambert John X., tinsmith, house rear 150 

Lambert Lewis, porter (Ashburton House, 

B.), boards 43 Washington 
Lambert Martin, laborer, Revere Sugar 

Refinery, house rear 7 Fifth 
Lambert Patrick C, confectioner, 1 Har- 
vard square, house at East Boston 
Lambert Patrick J., brass finisher, house 27 

Lambert Phillias, brickmaker, house Wal- 

den, near Dublin 
Lambert Thomas F. , plasterer, h. 21 Donnell 
Lambert William B., window glass (53 and 

55 Brattle, B.), house 21 Craigie 
Lamfern Edward, hostler (B.), house 15 

Lamkey Charles E., sawyer, 44 Cambridge, 

house 180 do. [do. 

Lamont Angus, janitor. 10 Appian Way, mis. 
Lamprey Josie F. Mrs., teacher. Webster 

grammar school, boards 32 Warland 
Lamson Albert H. (155 Franklin, B.), bds. 

233 Harvard 
Lamson Anna S. Miss, teacher, Webster 

grammar school, rooms 102 Austin 
Lamson Arthur F., salesman (N. Y.), h. 42 

Lamson Asa C, real estate, h. 703 Austin 
Lamson Charles, at 169 Gore 
Lamson Charles A., boards 233 Harvard 

fTMFTFPV \X7ftT?TT gardeners, contractors, florists, 

WijlYl Li 1 iJiW I YY V AWl** P , O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streeti 



Lamson Charles H., machinist, 356 Main, 

hoards 42 Sidney 
Lamson Palmira B. Mrs., proprietor, Hotel 

Cambridge, 45 Otis, house do. 
Lamson Fred U., salesman, 31 Elm, house 

60 Market [Prospect 

Lamson John H., painter, 602 Main, h. 4 
Lamson L.. iron worker, Sixth, cor. Rogers 
Lamson Rufus, clerk, 170 Gore, boards 233 

Harvard [do. 

Lamson Rufus W., mason, 233 Harvard, h. 
Lamson William G., salesman (84 Brom- 

field, B.). boards 288 Harvard 
Lamson W. C.. at 169 Gore 
Lanagan Edward, machinist, bds. 79 Pearl 
Lanahan Ellen, widow of Daniel D., house 

30 Davis 
Lanahan Frank, boards 30 Davis 
Lancaster Sherman K.. physician. 652 Main. 

rooms do. 
Lancelot Joseph, nurse, house 95 Tremont 
Lancey Frank B., waiter, rms. 3 Butler ct. 
Land Charles F., clerk (Coleman Mead & 

Co., B.), boards 52 Sidney 
Land Michael, tailor, house 52 Sidney 
Lander Joseph A., book-keeper, boards F. 

A. Lander's. Bailey pi. 
Lander Francis A., carpenter, house Bai- 
ley place 
Lander Harriet P. Miss, clerk (Pension 

Office, P. O., bldg., B.j, boards F. A. 

Lander's, Bailey pi. 
Landerhn S. X.. cabinet maker. 884 Main. 

house 27 Austin 
Landerkin Albert L., pressman. University 

Press, house 16 Surrey 
Landerkin Edward, machinist, Khoades bldg. 

State, boards 79 Pearl 

machinist. Rhoades'mill, State, house 
82 Front (see page Woi)) 
Landers David, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

19 Vine 
Landers Delia, widow, house 8 Garden 
Landers Edwin, dining room, house 53 

Landers Margaret A. F. Miss, janitress, 8 

Garden, house do. 
Landers Wm., laborer, house 115 Spruce 
Landman Bradford H., variety store, 24 

Boylston, boards 19 Winthrop 
Landon James, cabinet maker. State, cor. 

Landreville Albert, cabinet maker. 44 Cam- 
bridge, house 185 Cambridge 
Landreville George H., cabinet maker. 44 

Cambridge, boards 185 Cambridge 
Landreville Joseph A., cabinet maker, 44 

Cambridge, house 159 Thorndike 
Landry A., pressman. University Press 
Landry Constance, teamster, h. ^5 Dublin 
Landry Fred, salesman (B.), boards 438 

Landry John, painter, boards 81 Boylston 

Landry Julia, widow of Victor, house 438 

Landry Simon, barkeeper, bds. 438 Green 

Landry Thomas, wool sorter, boards 438 

Landy Joseph, painter, house 81 Boylston 

Lane Andrew, at 169 Gore 

Lane Caroline M. Mrs., house 19 Oxford 

Lane Catherine Mrs., boards rear 57 Sixth 

Lane Catherine Mrs., house Squire's brick 
bldg. rear 168 Gore 

Lane Chandler B.. carpenter. 113 Broad- 
way, house Hotel Brooks 

Lane Clinton T.. driver. Savage & Son Ex., 
boards 218 Broadway 

Lane Cornelius, grocer and liquors. 240 
Bridge, house 238 do. 

Lane Dennis, house 17 West 

Lane Dennis, marble worker, 53 Main, bds. 
48 Bridge 

Lane I). C waiter, Memorial Hall 
l Lane Elias N., house 28 Western ave. 
; Lane E. Fred, bds. 28 Western ave. 

Lane Frank, piano maker, 162 Broadway 

Lane Frank E., action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 92 Pleasant 

Lane Gardiner M., pres. asst. U. P. R. (150 
Devonshire. B.), boards 42 Quiney 
i Lane George, driver, U. S. Mail. 44 Bridge, 
rooms iii) Otis 

Lane George M.. Pope Professor of Latin, 
H. U.. boards 12 Quiney 

Lane James, laborer, Revere Sugar Refin- 
ery, house 61 North 

Lane James, at 169 Gore 

Lane Jane L. Miss, house 678 Main 

Lane Joanna, widow of Dennis, house 4 
Lechmere bldg., Lechmere sq. 

Lane Joanna, widow of John, house 29 

Lane John, eity laborer, house 58 Amory 

Lane John (Harvey & Lane), carriage- 
smith. 3~> Gore, house 26 Second 

Lane John, switchman, B. & L. R. R., 
freight yard, house 127£ Bridge 

Lane John, hacknian, house Somerville 

av. . cor. White 
Lane John, laborer, boards 20 Warren 

Lane John, laborer, house 51 North 

| Lane John, laborer, house 58 Amory 

j Lane John, teamster, boards 22 Donnell 

Lane John T., teamster, boards 7 Blair pi. 

Lane J. Frederick, book-keeper, Cambridge- 
port Savings Bank. i>>)r> Main, boards 
42 Western ave. 

Lane Margaret, widow of John, house 7 
Blair place 

Lane Michael, calenderer, Amer. Rubber 

Co.. hoards 2 Ninth 
Lane Michael, elevator man. 1(19 Core. b. 
Mrs. Catherine Lane's, Gore 

Lane Michael, hostler. J. LeFarve. Somer- 
ville av., boards do. 

Lane Peter, clerk (B.). boards 7 Blair pi. 

DCQT Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 




Lane Susan M. Miss, boards 2 Holmes pi. 
Lane Thomas, cooper, Ninth opp. Spring, 

house 29 Warren 
Lane Thomas F., print r (145 High, B.), 

boards 4 Lechmere bldg. Lechmere sq. 
Lane Timothy, laborer (Union Glass Co., 

Somerville), house 1 Forest pi. 
Lane Timothy J., brakeman, B. & L. R. R. 

boards 51 North 
Lane William C, physician, 42 Hastings, 

house do. 
Lane William C, asst. H. U. library, bds. 

19 Oxford 
Lang Albert N., action maker, 125 Broad- 
way, house 228 do. suite 4 
Lang Anestina, widow of Lewis, house 32 

Lang Ferdinand, printer, house 32 Bay 
Lang Fred, confectioner, 20G Hampshire, 

boards at Somerville 
Lang George, piano action maker, boards 

32 Bay 
Lang Henry, book-marbler, Riverside Press 

house 115 Putnam ave. 
Lang John, iron moulder, 356 Main, boards 

387 Main 
Lang John, laborer, house, 72 Waverly 
Lang John C. (John C. Lang & Son), 517 

Main, house Vernon corner Green 
Lang John C. & Son (John C. and William 

H. Lang), cigar mnfrs., 517 Main 
Lang Lewis, clerk, 25 Bay, boards 32 do. 
Lang William H. (J. C. Lang & Son), cigar 

maker, 517 Main, boards Vernon cor. 

Lang William H. B., teamster, 220 Port- 
land, boards 12 Tremont 
Langan Ann, variety store, 8 Portland, 

house do. 
Langan Thomas, blacksmith, 225 Third, 

boards Broadway 
Langdell Christopher C, Prof. H. U., h. 

37 Quincy 
Langdon Sophia H. Miss, house 6 Garden 
Langdon William H., carrier (P. O., B.), 

house 32 Park 
Langdon Woodbury T., assistant engineer 

Revere Sugar Refinery, house 497 

L'Ange Cyril, brick maker, house Spruce, 

near F. R. R. 
L'Ange Pierre, brick maker, B. S. B. Co., 

house 111 Spruce 
Langer Eva G. Mrs., dressmaker, house 12 

Langford George A., boards 12 Sidney 
Langford George W., clerk (B.), boards 

12 Sidney 
Langhill Henry C, moulder, house 40 Hol- 

Langley Arthur F., potter, house 12 Bolton 
Langley Caroline Mrs., boards 78 Franklin 
Langley Charles H., wood and coal, boards 

143 Columbia 

Langley Daniel C, printers roll maker 

(B.), house 155. Main 
Langley Edward M., clerk, R. M. Service, 

house 78 Franklin 
Langley Edwin C, engineer, 33 Elm, house 

143 Columbia 
Langley Eliza J. Miss, lodging-house, 143 

Langley George L., switchman, B. & L. R. 

R., boards 111 Gore 
Langley Joseph, brakeman, F. R. R., house 

125 Dublin 

Langley Lauren F., clerk, 89 Cambridge, 

house 109 Gore 
Langley Lawrence, butcher, Niles Bros., 

Concord avenue 
Langley Lyman M., compositor (B.), house 

91 Main, No. 12 
Langley Martin V., teamster and weigher, 

126 Portland, house 21 Tremont 
Langley Olive E., widow of Lauren F.,. 

house 111 Gore 

Langley William, pressman (B.), house 
Clifton, near Spruce 

Langmaid Dorcas, widow of Samuel H., 
house 78 Kirkland 

Langstaff Reuben, hairdresser, house 21 

Lanigan James, butcher, boards 179 Dublin 

Lanigan Michael, plasterer, house 33 Har- 

Lannon Patrick, hostler, 15 Church, house 
28 Winsor 

Lansed George, iron worker, Boston Bridge 
Works, Sixth, house 16 Marion 

Lansed Samuel, seaman, boards 165 Broad- 

Lantigua Andrew, cigar manfr., 461 Main, 
house 44 Putnam avenue 

Lapham George F. Jr., salesman (42 Frank- 
lin, B.), boards 254 North avenue 

LaPierre Eli H., apothecary, 32 River, 
house 30 do. 

LaPierre Sarah E., widow of Elie F., house 
30 River 

Lapoint Joseph, trimmer, 162 Broadway, 
house 38 Bristol 

Laporte Charles A., tailor, house 8 Hamp- 
shire place 

Laramy Elizabeth Mrs., boards 197 Lake 
View avenue 

Larkin Benjamin, cooper, house 24 Hunt- 

Larkin Daniel J., teamster, boards 8 Hast- 

Larkin David, laborer, Boston Bridge 
Works, house 152 Charles 

Larkin Dennis, hack driver (22 Charles, 
B.), boards 84 Austin 

Larkin James, baker, 502 Main 

Larkin James J., boiler maker, 92 Main, 
house 20 Pioneer avenue 

Larkin John J., clerk, 88 Fifth, boards at 

Dr. E. Y. White, 
Dr.W.H. Hollis, 

i DENTISTS, IS,^ 1 - 



Larkin Lawrence, teamster (228 Cambridge, 

B.), house 8 Hastings 
Larkin Mary A., widow, house 25£ School 

street place 
Larkin Patrick, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

36 Warren 
Larkin Patrick, machinist helper, house 

rear 21 Decatur 
Larkin Patrick, porter (100 High, B.), 

boards 21 Lee 
Larkin Stephen, boards 60 Cherry 
Larkin S., boiler maker, 92 Main, house 16 

Larkin Thomas, laborer, house 2 Hastings 
Lamer Frances Mrs., fur repairer, 52 

Pro>pect, house do. 
Earner Roger, laborer, house 11 Short 
Larner Thomas F. M., tea dealer (24 

Doane, B.), house 52 Prospect 
Larochelle Octard, laborer, bds. 106 Spruce 
Larohan Carl W., at 44 Cambridge 
Larose Joseph, laborer, boards 106 Spruce 
Larose Leon, painter, house Clifton, near 

Larose Maurice, brick mason, house Clif- 
> ton, near Spruce 
Larrabee E. J. & Co. (of Albany, N. Y.), 

Larrick Christian, organ varnisher, 162 

Broadway, house 99 Sixth 
Larson Andrias, cabinet maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 4 Harvard place 
Larson L. Frederick, piano-case maker, 

284 Main, house 287 do. 
Larson Victor, wood turner, 384 Main, 

house 137 do. 
Lascelles William, clerk, house 37 Allston 
Lasehumia James, hair dresser, Brewery, 

corner Washington, house 2 Rogers 

block, Washington 
Laskey D. Mrs., house 30 Fourth 
Lasselle Sarah E. Mrs., music teacher, 427 

Broadway, house do. 
Lat.anoweez Ludwig, house rear 192 Bridge 
Latawitch Ludwig, at 169 Gore 
Lathe Leonora F. Mrs., physician, 34 Aus- 
tin house do. 
Lathrop James G., instructor, Hemenway 

gymnasium, II . U., house 13 Avon 
Lathrop William L., travelling salesman 

(B.), house rear 33 Front 
Latimer James A., physician, 57 Otis, h. do. 
Latour John F., hairdresser, 173 North 

avenue, house 42 Mt. Auburn 
Latty Timothy, rope maker, D. C. Co. 
Laughlin J. Lawrence, Prof, of Political 

Economy. II. U., house 101 Brattle 
Laughlin Michael, iron molder, house 70 

Laughton Charles H., bookbinder, River- 
side Bindery, boards 7 Stinson court 
Laughton F. E., conductor, W. E. St. By. 


Laughton William, book binder, Riverside 
Bindery, boards 7 Stinson court 

Laurie Howard W., teamster, house 498 

Laurie Jacob, clerk, rooms 134 Cambridge 

Laurie, see Lawry 

Laurier Wilfred, cabinet maker, rooms 98 

Lavallee Stephen, laborer, house 33 Fifth 

Lavan Thomas, laborer (F. R. R., B.), h. 
137 Elm 

Lavender John, laborer, American Rubber 
Co., boards 58 Harvard 

Lavers Fred L., core maker, bds. 287 Main 

Lavers George W., cabinet maker, boards 
287 Main 

Lavey John, house 79 Plymouth 

Lavey John Mrs., dressmaker, 79 Ply- 
mouth, house do. 

Lavey John F., machinist, h. 42 Jefferson 

Lavioulette Frederick, at 44 Cambridge 

Lavoie Adalord, broom maker, house Cres- 

Lavoie Ambrose, house Crescent avenue, 
rear the pottery 
cent avenue near Raymond 

Lavoie Paul, grocer, 106 Spruce, house do. 

Law Annie W. Miss, house rear 64 Winsor 

Law Emerson AV., clerk, Third District 
Court, City Building, Brattle square, 
boards Phillip Nutting's, Nutting Place 

Law George A., action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, house rear 64 Winsor 

Law Robert, foreman, Cambridge Gas Co.'s 
Works, Third, house 30 Broadway 

Lawler Martin, laborer, bds. 8 Montgomery 

Lawler Patrick, farmer, house 169 Dublin 

Lawler, see Lawlor 

Lawless Anastatia, widow of John, house 
15 Sparks street place 

Lawless John, laborer, Revere Sugar Refin- 
ery, house 25 Gore 

Lawless John, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 11 

Lawless John, J., clerk (Boston), boards 
15 Sparks street place 

Lawless Mary Miss, clerk, 10 Harvard row, 
boards 15 Sparks street place 

Lawless Richard, car inspector, B. & L. 
R. R. shop, house 6 Winsor 

Lawlor Patrick, fireman Gas Works, Third, 
house 33 Baldwin 

Lawrence Benjamin F., house 8 Donnell 

Lawrence Betsey L. Miss, boards 53 Fifth 

Lawrence Charles, safe maker, 17 Main 

Lawrence Charles A., machinist, h. 69 Fifth 

Lawrence Charles F., provisions, 274 Broad- 
way, house 220 Harvard 

Lawrence Dolly D., widow of James K., 
house 90 North avenue 

Lawrence Edward H., clerk, 274 Broadway, 
boards 181 Harvard 

Lawrence Francis II., clerk, 2S4 Main, bds. 
70 Austin 

Burditt & White, Ltc 4 oS:i^ Paints, Oils & Glass. 



Lawrence George A., painter, house 39 

Lawrence George H,, produce (104 Faneuil 

Hall Market, B.), house 6 Maple av. 
Lawrence George L., laborer, h. 64 Clark 
Lawrence George L., salesman (30 Faneuil 

Hall Market, B.), bds. 407 Broadway 
Lawrence George P., lawyer, (28 Pember- 

ton square, Boston), house 12 Mason 

wood and coal, 613 Main, room 3, h. 
70 Austin (see page 655). 
Lawrence John, law student, H. XL, house 

4 Garden 
Lawrence John, sawyer, 3 Hampshire 
Lawrence John P., poultry (48 Faneuil Hall 

Market, Boston), house 407 Broadway 
Lawrence Lewis K., cabinet maker, State, 

cor. Osborn, boards 95 Green 
Lawrence Obed P., shipper, 150 Broadway, 

boards 10 Prospect 
Lawrence Oscar, action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 229 do. 
Lawrence Roswell N., shoemaker, house 

126 Pearl 
Lawrence Talbot, carpenter, boards 1 

Chestnut Park 
Lawrence Wm. Rev., prof. Episcopal The- 
ological school, Brattle house 108 

Lawrence, see Lorence 
Lawry Emanuel, laborer, house 9 Vine 
Laws Albert W., laster, house 5 Flagg 

street court 
Laws Charles H., machinist, 356 Main, h. 

18 Western avenue 
Laws Elizabeth A., widow of William, h. 

18 Western auenue 
Lawson A. J., widow of Andrew J., house 

198 Putnam avenue 
Lawson Carl, carver, boards 125 Spring 
Lawson Charles, carpenter, house 150 

Lawson Charles, iron moulder, 356 Main, 

house 14. State 
Lawson Charles E. W., mason, house 237i 

Lawson Francis G., laborer, Amer. Rubber 

Co., house 93 Fifth 
Lawson Frank, packer, Amer. Rubber Co. 
Lawson Frederick, tailor, house rear 56 

Lawson Fred M., piano maker, house 212 

Lawson Georgianna Miss, asst. 76 Moore, 

rooms 41 Clark 
Lawson George F., clerk (B. & L. R. R., 

Boston), boards 1 Fifth 
Lawson Harry, steam fitter, h. 128 Bridge 
Lawson John, calenderer, Amer. Rubber 

Lawson John, carpenter, house Crescent a v. 

near Walden 

Lawson John T., hack driver (Boston), 

hoards 1 Fifth 
Lawson Minor, compositor, Riverside Press, 

boards 60 Putnam avenue 
Lawson Nelson, iron worker, h. 12 Warren 
Lawson Rebecca A., widow, h. 38 Washn. 
Lawson Wm., bull dog, h. 126 Portland 
Lawton Joseph H., coppersmith (Hicks, 

Merrimack, Boston), boards 1 Fifth 
Lawton Margaret, widow of John, house 1 

Lawton Martha B. Miss, house 46 Market 
Lawton Mary Mrs., house Stinson court 
Lawton Wm., book binder, bds. 7 Stinson 

Lawton Wm. A., fruit peddler, bds. 1 Fifth 
Lawton Wm. C, teacher (Boston), house 

28 Mellen 
Lazzaro Charles A., clerk (381 Washington, 

Bostoe), boards 9l£ Inman 
Lazzaro George G., clerk (Tremont House, 

Boston), house 9l£ Inman 
Leach Charles K., painter, 157£ North av. 

house at Somerville 
Leach Eben H., cabinet maker (Allston), 

house 71 River 
Leach Edna Mrs., restaurant, 108 Cam- 
bridge, house do. 
Leach Francis II., carpenter, 10 Franklin' 

house 88 Concord avenue 

LEACH HOSE 4 W. (H. W. Leach 
& Co.\ mason, contractor and builder 
(39 Wendell, cor. Oliver, B.), and 
146 Washington, h. do. (see p. 656) 

LEACH H. W. & CO. (Hosea W. 
Leach and Joseph A. Grant), masons, 
contractors and builders, 146 Wash- 
ington aud (39 Wendell, B.) (see p. 
Leach James, baker, 10 Franklin 
Leach Mary A., widow of William S., house 

I Dana 
Leach Ralph, confectioner, boards 6 Elm 
Leach William H., carpenter, rear 414 Main, 

house 1 Saville, cor. Appleton 
Leach, seeLeitch 
Leahy Daniel, hostler, W. E. St. R. Co., 

boards 305 Green 
Leahy David, laborer, boards 4 Linehan ct. 
Leahy Dennis, baker, 502 Main 
Leahy Dennis, iceman, boards 87 Spruce 
Leahy Hannah, widow, house 4 Linehan ct. 
Leahy James, baker, 502 Main 
Leahy James, carpenter, bds. 4 Linehan ct. 
Leahy James, mason, house 114 Hampshire 
Leahy James, at 169 Gore 
Leahy James E., laborer, h. 49 Washington 
Leahy John, laborer, house 11 Hayes court 
Leahy John, laborer, house 42 Jefferson 
Leahy John, laborer, house 87 Spruce 
Leahy John, laborer, 169 Gore, house 2 

Linehan court 
Leahy John, laborer, boards 4 Linehan ct. 

PUniPP GREEN " H0USE PLANTS-New and Rare, D 

UriUluL 820 Slain and 89 Sparks Streets. I . 



Leahy John, teamster, 360 Cambridge, h. 

- 'merville 
Leahy John J., letter carrier (P. O., B.), 

boards 57 North 
Leahy Mar. Cambridge 

Leahy Michael, laborer, boards 87 Spruce 
Leahy Michael, night watchman, bout 

Leahy Michael, shipper. 169 Gore, house 

Leahy Patrick, laborer, 169 Gore, house 24 

Leahy Thomas, laborer B. k M. R. R.. 

house 57 Xorth 
Leahy Thomas, mason, house 4 Antrim 
Leahy Thomas F.. iron worker, boards 57 

N rth 
Leahy see Lahey 

Christopher, builder, rear 11 Fair- 
mont avenue, house 11 do. 
Leake Thomas, carpenter. 12 An<ir 
Lealand Caroline C. widow of Charles, h. 

86 Winsor 
Lealand Charles H.. clerk. 600 Main, bds. 

Lealand see Leland 

Leander Carl, tailor, board* 21 Market 
Leard Geo: _ ing machine agent, h. 

100 Pearl 
Learned Clarence E., publisher (27 Doane, 

rooms 13 and 14. B.). house 25 Erie 
Learned, see Leonard 
Learnheart Anna Mrs., house 90 Sixth 
Leary Andrew, at 169 Gore 
Leary Cornelius F.. laborer, h. 193 Franklin 

Daniel, at 169 Gore 
Leary Daniel, laborer, house 167 Franklin 
Humphrev, tailor. 4364 Main, house 

43 Pilgrim " 
Leary James, at 169 Gore [Spring 

Leary James, furniture polisher, house 30 

f Jeremiah, at 169 Gore 
Leary John, baker. 502 Main 
Leary John, book-binder. 47 Franklin, h. 

54 Pntnam avenue 
Leary John, laborer, 162 Broadway, house 

i2 Marion 
Leary John ¥.. varnisher. 201 Bridge, house 

at Charlestown 
Leary J.. 1st hostler. W. E. St. By. Co.. 

Murray-street stable 
Leary J., hill boy. W. E. St. By. Co. 
Leary Mary Miss, tailoress. bds. 10 Cottaee 
Leary Mary A. Mrs., variety store. 54 Put- 
nam avenue . house do. 
Leary Michael, confectioner, 1 Harvard sq.. 

house 81 Baldwin 
Leary Michael, laborer. 28 Bridge 

Michael F.. laborer, h. 53 Raymond 
Rebecca, widow of Patrick, house c?0 

Leary Samuel, sawyer. State, cor. Osborn. 

house Winsor 

Leary Timothy, herdic driver (Washington, 

opp. Boylston, B.), house 88 Thorndike 
Leary Timothy, at 169 Gore 
Leary eary 

Leathe Charles B.. printer, house 80 Pearl 
Leathe Melinda E. Miss, house 5 State 
Leaver Mary E. Mrs., teacher, Sargent 

primary school, house at Maiden 
Leavt-r Sarah K., widow of Oliver, house 

9 Bigelow 
Leavitt Charles E.. tea broker (38 Broad, 

B.). house 25 Hudson 
Leavitt Charles H.. ci Washington, 

B.)- house 81 Winsor 
Leavitt Erasmus D.. house 11 Warland 
Leavitt Erasmus D.. Jr., mechanical en- 
engineer. 2 Central sq.. h. 317 Harvard 
Leavitt Frd H. .Leavitt & Pierce), cigars, 

Harvard, boards 860 Main 
Leavitt George, clerk. 25 Main, boards at 

Boston [Clark 

Leavitt Henry T., groceries, 361 Main, h. 6 
Leavitt Ira H., elerk (South East corner 

of Faneuil Hall Market, B.), house 5 

Leavitt John L.. extract runfr. (64 Broad, 

B.\ house 70 Antrim 
Leavitt Lucy A. L.. widow of George W., 

house 23 Market 
Leavitt Robert G., student. H. U.. boards 

Leavitt William, carpenter, h. 16 Fayette 
Leavitt William, moulder, bds. 8 Broadway 
Leavitt William H., brass finisher (Oliver, 

B.). house 2 Crossland 
Leavitt William J. D., music teacher (433 

Washington, room 16. B.), house 16 

Leavitt William S. (Plumer & Co.), hay 

Prison Point, house at Dorclu * 
Leavitt & Peirce (Fred H. Leavitt and Wil- 
liam Pierce), cigars and billiards, 438 

Leavitt. see Levitt 
Lebert Henry F., driver, 163 Bridge, house 

109 Inman 
LeBlanc Charles, tinsmith, 153 Putnam av., 

house 2 Austin place 
LeCain George W., shipper. 502 Main, h. 

2 Ericsson court 
LeCain Helen M.. house 564 Main 

BAM*., 66 Cambridge. Lewis Hall, 
pres.. Geo. A. Lloyd, cashier (see 
page 615) 
LeClaire Exavier. brick maker, house 108 

LeClaire Henry, laborer, house Cl : fton, n. 

LeClaire Leo. tinsmith, 389 Cambridge, h. 

LeClaire Theofile, brickmaker, house 111 


All kinds of HARDWARE GOODS at 
Lowest Prices. 'JO Dock Square, 



LeClaire Tufile, brick maker, B. S. B. Co., 

house 111 Spruce 
Leddy Charles H., piano maker, 1G2 Broad- 
way, house 92 Gore 
Leddy Hannah M., widow of John, house 

rear 60 Winter 
Leddy James, engineer, Sortwell's distil- 
lery, house Distilhouse, next Somer- 

ville line 
Leddy Thomas F., wood carver (Chas'n), 

boards rear 60 Winter 
Lee David, expressman, 195 Broadway, b. 

21 School 
Lee Eliza, widow of George W., boards 33 

Lee Frances, widow, h. 28 Brewery 
Lee Isaac J., jeweller, bds. 110 Charles 
Lee James, ware dresser, Pelham, house 21 

Lee James H., fish dealer, h. 11 Gardner 
Lee James L., carpenter, h. 47 Brookline 
Lee James L., carpenter, h. 47 Brookline 
Lee John, baker, 502 Main, b. 2 Columbia 
Lee John, laborer, 502 Main, h. 54 Sidney 
Lee John, porter, Pullman Car Co.,E. R. R. 

(B.), house 1 Butler court 
Lee Magloire, laborer, h. 105 Spruce 
Lee Michael, stone cutter, h. 21 School 
Lee M. W., laundry, 70 Cambridge, h. do. 
Lee Nathaniel H., porter (10 Central whf., 

B.), house 110 Charles 
Lee Richard T., blacksmith, 356 Main, h. 

3 5 Main 
Lee Richard T., Jr., iron moulder, 356 

Main, house 187 Broadway 
Lee Sam, laundry, 375 Main, h. do. 
Lee Sarah R., widow, h. 62 Putnam ave. 
Lee Wah, laundry, 523 Main, h. do. 
Lee William W., potter, h. 22 Church 
Leeds Daniel D,, foreman of varnishers 

(1287 Wash., B.), h. 123 Franklin 
Lee Edwin F., trav. salesman (B.), house 

183 Franklin 
Leeds Fred A., labels, bds. 95 Hancock. 
Leeds Stillman, boards 78 Chestnut 
Leek John, waiter, Memorial Hall 
Lees Alexander, hostler, 151 Bridge, house 

181 do. 
Leest Sarah Mrs., employment office, 420 

Main, house do. 
Leest Walter, plasterer, h. 420 Main 
LeFarve Joseph, livery stable, Somerville 

ave., near Union square, h. next do. 
LeFrancis Charles, clerk, 599 Main, bds. 

44 Bigelow 
LeFrancis Fred, clerk (85 Oliver, B.), bds. 

44 Bigelow 
LeFrancis Peter, cigars and tobacoo, 599 

Main, h. 44 Bigelow 
LeGalle Frank W., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, 

rooms 45 Winsor 
Legendre Joseph, driver, W. E. St. Ky. Co., 

house 201 Cambridge 
Leger Antoin, laborer, h. 134 Spruce 

Leger Frank, restaurant (22 Merrimac, B.) 

h. Concord ave., n. Niles Bros. 
Leger Henry, laborer, h. 14 Jackson 
Legere Amos, carpenter, h. 15 Conlons ct, 
Legere Henry, mariner, bds. 15 Conlon's ct.' 
Legere Joseph F., ice man, h. 106 Third 
Legere Robert T., ice man, boards 15 Con- 
lons court 
Legg Charles A., engineer, H. U., house 30 

Legg Charles H., painter, bds. 84 Auburn 
LeGrand Felix, foreman, GG Dublin, house 

147 do. 
LeGrand John L. B., tinsmith, 153 Putnam 

avenue, house 33 Somerset 
Lehan Daniel W., liquors, 2 Winter, house 

85 Gore [HI do. 

Lehan Dennis H., horse shoer, 17 Gore, h. 
Lehan Jeremiah, foreman, 113 Broadway, 

house 23 Hayes ct. 
Lehan Michael J., boards 21 Fourth 
Lehmkuhl Thomas H., printer (352 Wash., 

B.), bds. 60 Cambridge 
Lehmkuhl William B., teamster, Fifth, e. 

Rogers, bds. 60 do. [bridge 

Lehmkuhl William II. Mrs., h. 60 Cam- 
Leiblein Lizzie Mrs., h. rear 126 Gore 
Leighteizer James F., shoemaker, 102 Har- 
vard, h. rear 152 Pearl 
Leighteizer, see Lightser 
Leighton Charles A., painter, rear 143 

Franklin, bds. 35 Jay 
Leighton Ellen N., teacher, Otis primary 

school, boards 146 Cambridge 
Leighton Emily, widow, h. 191 Cambridge 
Leighton Jane, widow of John II., house 22 

Leighton John H., foreman, American Net 

and Twine Co., foot Second, house at 

Leighton Lewis F., h. rear 23 Gore 
Leighton Margarette M., teacher, High 

school, house at Boston 
Leighton Mehitable, widow of Edwin F., h. 

31 Hudson 
Leighton Thomas, starter, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house 12 Fourth 

Leighton house 7 Roseland 

Leimmer August, designer, 44 Cambridge, 

boards 125 Spring 
Leitch James, ham curer, C. H. North & 

Co. (Somerville), h. 12 Warren 
Leitch James C, baker, house 140 Pleasant 
Leitch Johnson, engineer (87 Court, B.), 

h. 2 Second-st. court 

bed mnfr., 11 Cherry, boards 3434 
Broadway (see page 621) 
Leland James, foreman, 70 Norfolk, house 

20 Tremont 
Leland, see Lealand 

Lemay Julia A. (Hamilton & Lemay), In- 
man sq., bakery, 12H Inman and 116 
Hampshire, house at Somerville 


Dr. E. Y. White 
Dr. W. H. Holli 

ite, ) 603 Main St. 
His, J 

Central Sq. 



Lemon Lewis, crayon artist, h. 7 Watson 
Lemon Solomon, chiropodist, 613 Main, h. 

19 Watson 
Lemont Ann Mrs., cook, h. r. 140 Pleasant 
Lendener Bertram, varnisher, 1G2 Broad- 
way, house 71 Sixth 
Lenfest Charles, clerk (2 Exchange, B.), 

house 86 Gore 
Lenfest Granville B., printer, 68 Cambridge 

house 125 Thorndike 
Lenfest Jane, widow, house 86 Gore 
Lenfest Thomas H., music printer (21 

School, B.), house 40 Western av. 
Lenfest Thomas H., Jr., music printer (21 

School, B.). bds. 40 Western av. 
Lennon Fred, laborer, Amer. Rubher Co. 
Lennon Hugh, laborer, house Garden ct. 
Lennon James E., house 141 Pearl 
Lennon John, asst. assessor, City Hall and 

auctioneer and real estate, 603 Main, h. 

141 Pearl 
Lennon John H., glass blower. Union Glass 

Works, house 151 Winsor 
Lennon Maria, widow of John, boards 19 

Lennon Martin F., brass finisher, house r. 

9£ Tremont 
Lennon Michael, brick layer, boards H. 

Lennon's, Garden court 
Lennon Michael, coreniaker, b. 151 Winsor 
Lennon Michael, iron moulder, 356 Main, 

house 130 Harvard 
Lennon Michael, moulder, 356 Main, house 

at Boston 
Lennon Patrick, hostler, h. 28 Winsor 
Lennon William, machinist, b. 151 Winsor 
Lennox Frederick, carpenter, h. 126 Kin- 

Lennox William, laborer, Mt. Aubnrn cem- 
etery, house 153 Gushing 
Lenox James, foreman painter, 244 Main, 

house 126 Harvard 
Lenox John, laborer, boards 99 Hampshire 
Lenox John M., letter collector (P. O., B.) 

house 99 Hampshire 
Lent George, teamster, 32 Orchard, b. do. 
Lent Jacob, cigar packer (B.), house 113 

Leonard Agnes L. Miss, book-keeper, 245 

Broadway, boards 124 Winsor 
Leonard George A., salesman (377 Wash., 

B.), boards 94 Norfolk 
Leonard George E., driver, Prescott's, 904 

Main, boards 99 River 
Leonard George T. (Prescott's), baking 

powder mnfr., 284£ Broadway, boards 

94 Norfolk 
Leonard Georgia F. Miss, h. 153 Wash. 
Leonard Harry F., gents' furnishing goods, 

153 North av., bds. at "Somerville 
Leonard Henry W., mill hand, State, cor. 

Osborn, bds. at Charlestown 
Leonard John D., gardener, h. 124 Winsor 
Le )nard John T., cook, bds. 124 Winsor 

Leonard Mary, widow of Richard, hous.' 

12 Magee 
Leonard Peter, boards 12 Magee 
Leonard Robert. sawyer. 20 Albany 
Leonard R., at 169 Gore 
Leonard Thomas, clerk (Falmouth Hotel. 

B.). house 103 Tremont 
Leonard Thomas, house 19 Gore 
Leonard William, book agent, h. 8 Third 
Leonard, see Learned 
LePage William, sawyer, 20 Albauy, house 

153 Columbia 
Lepofska Frank, currier, h. r. 24 Vine 
Lerned Benjamin, h. r. 354 North av. 
Lerned Charles W.. disinfectant mnfr., r. 

358 North av., boose at Somerville 
Lerned Frank W., clerk, rear 358 North av. 

boards at Somerville 
Lerned Lucy Miss, h. 358 North av. 
Lerned Rebecca R. Miss, h. 358 No. ave. 
Lerned Walter H., butter and eggs, house 

319 North avenue 
Lerned, see Learned, also Leonard 
Lerner Frances, widow of Andrew, house 1 

Banks • [14 Mt. Auburn 

Lerner Frank, gardener, 11 Quincy. house 
Lerner Fred, merchant tailor, 833 Main, h. 

253 Franklin 
Lerner John, lager beer bottler, 1 Banks, 

house do. 
Lerner Joseph, nurse, h. 12 Mt. Auburn 
Lerner Lena Miss, boards 1 Banks 
Lertora John F., house 42 Mt. Auburn 
Lertora William H., music teacher, 42 Mt. 

Auburn, boards do. 
Lescarbeau Silva, tailor, h. 91 Main, No. 10 
Leslie Benjamin A., watchman (B.), house 

132 Prospect 
Lester Moses W.. money broker (99 Court, 

B.), house 182 Lake View avenue 
Lester Nellie A. Miss, teacher of painting, 

boards 182 Lake View avenue 
Lesure Ansel P., boards 41 Walden 
Leten re Louis, brickmaker, h. 93 Spruce 
Letourman P^lzear, carpenter, house rear B. 

S. B. Co.'s yard. Spruce 
Letsom Philip H., carpenter, h. 230 Pearl 
Leuchte Bernard, at 9 Boylston. house at 

West Somerville 
Leuchte Gustave, restaurant, 9 Boylston, h. 

at West Somerville 
Leur John J., at 44 Cambridge 
Levanger Barney, laborer, house Concord 

ave., corner New 
Levein Elisha. varnisher, 162 Broadway 
Levell Ellen, widow of Andrew, house Gar- 
den court 
Levengie Charles, ropemaker, D. C. Co., 


yer (47 Devonshire, room 20, B.). 
house 5 Ellery 
Levick Hemsworth R , asst. supt. Met. 
Life Ins. Co.. 15 Fairmont house do. 





Levin Arvin M., meclianical engineer, 2 

Central sq., boards 15 Magazine 
Levin, see Levein 
Levit Morris, kitchen furnishing goods, 187 

Cambridge, and grocer, 121 Spring, 

house do. 
Levit, see Leavitt 
Levy Aaron, clerk (28 Green, B.), boards 

23 Lopez 
Levy Abraham, clothing (28 Green, B.), h. 

23 Lopez 
Levy Morris M., cutter (Wash. B.), house 

322 North avenue 
Lewin Henry, sawyer, boards 1 Acorn 
Lewin II. S., carpenter, State, cor. Osborn 
Lewis Abbie A. Miss, teacher, Dana prim- 
ary school, boards 14 Story 
Lewis Angeline H., widow of Daniel, house 

22 Winsor [Story 

Lewis Ann, widow of Henry P., house 14 
Lewis Catherine, house 94 Brattle 
Lewis Chailes H., hostler, Main St. stable, 

VV. E. St. \ly. Co., house 58 Wash. 
Lewis Chaa. S., clerk, 627 Main, h. 128 

Lewis Chas. T., supt. (518 Wash., B.), h. 

Highland avenue, n. Broadway 
Lewis Clarence H., decorator, N. E. Glass 

Works, house 41 Fourth 

LEWIS DAVID W., Akron sewer 
pipe, Cambridge cor. Portland, and 
(Station street. Roxbury), house at 
Hyde Park (see page 10) 
Lewis Edward R., book-keeper (128 Cross. 

B.), house 65 Cherry 
Lewis Elizabeth, widow of Thomas, house 

30 Charles River 
Lewis Ellen, widow of William, house 128 

Lewis Ellen M. Miss, dressmaker, 27 Ash, 

house do. 
Lewis Ensign L., tin worker, 153 Putnam 

avenue, house 202£ do. 
Lewis Frederick, brush finisher (200 Com'l, 

B.), house 85 Vine 
Lewis Frederick H., picture frame maker, 

2474 Broadway, h. r. 65 Western ave. 
Lewis Geo. W., janitor, 444 Harvard, h. 

21 South 
Lewis Henry C, furniture mover, 3 Har- 
vard row, house 19 Grant 
Lewis Henry S., student, bds. 128 Norfolk 
Lew)s James M. , clerk, 88 Cambridge, rms. 

34 Third 
Lewis Joseph, car cleaner, house 6 Eaton 
Lewis Joseph, painter, house 53 North 
Lewis Joseph T., laborer, Revere Sugar 

Refinery house 16 Vandine 
Lewis Mary A. Miss, teacher, Boardman 

primary school, boards 16 Lincoln 
Lewis Mary Ann Mrs., dressmaker, 50 

Clark, house do. 
Lewis Stephen, carpenter, h. 2 Church pi 
Lewis S. S.. conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co] 

Lewis Theodore A., trav. salesman (12 
Summer, B.), house 303 Pearl 

Lewis Warren N., hairdresser, 627 Main, 
house 128 Norfolk 

Lewis W. N. & Co. (Warren N. Lewis and 
Frank M. Gray), hairdressers, 627 Main 

Leyden Charles, bootmaker, American Rub- 
ber Co., rooms 21 Washington 

Libbey Edward Drummond (Wm. L. Lib- 
bey & Son), prop., N. E. Glass Works, 
North corner Water, house at Win- 

Libbey Frederick A., carpenter (Brighton), 
house 88 Banks 

Libbey Geo. A., clerk, 143 Pearl, boards 

88 Banks 

Libbey Wm. L. & Son (Edward Drummond 
Libbey, props., N. E. Glass Work9, 
North, corner Water, and (155 Frank- 
lin, B.) 

Libby Edward M., book-keeper, W. E. St. 
R7. Co., boards 22 Mt. Auburn 

Libby E., car repairer, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Libby Granville K., apothecary, 288 North 
avenue, boards 1 Dover 

Libby Harrison, driver, Boston Ice Co. , b, 
80 Spring 

Libby Harry L., car painter, W. E. St. Ry. 
Co., house 22 Mt. Auburn 

Libby Horace K., driver (165 Summer. 
B.)i boards 96 Otis 

Libby Isaac, teamster (165 Summer, B.), 
house 96 Otis 

Libby Isaiah C, driver, Boston Ice Co., h. 
80 Spring 

Libby Jesse H., clerk (99 Wash., B.), bds. 

89 Spring 

Libby Orin, conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 
house 57 Mt. Auburn 

Libby Joseph L., house Squire's brick bldg. 
rear 168 Gore 

Libby Orrin M., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. 
Co., house 57 Mt. Auburn 

Libby Sophronia A. Mrs., house 22 Mt. 

Libby Tobias, teamster (60 Purchase, B.), 
house 97 Otis 

Liddell Thomas, paper ruler, house 6 Gor- 
don place 

Liddey Thomas, compositor, h. 9 Hamilton 

Liebscher Charles, shoemaker, 277 Broad- 
way, boards 279 do. 

Lienhardt Anna Mrs., house 90 Sixth 

Lienhardt Henry H., clerk (B.), boards 90 

Lienhardt Wm. E. furniture finisher (20 
Charlestown, B.), bds. 90 Sixth 

Lightser Benj. C, compositor, house 13 

Lightser, see also Leighteizer 

Liljegran Ludwig, upholsterar, h. Hotel 
Weston, 43 School 

Lilley Fred W., clerk, F. R. R., freight 
depot (Chas'n.), bds. 134 Thorndike 


MONUMENTS & CUBBINGS, Designed and Constructed 

P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets. 



Lilley Thomas, carriagesruith, house 134 

Lilly man F. G., veterinary surgeon, order 

box 15 Church 
Lilvain Antonio, at 44 Cambridge 
LinbergLors, cabinetmaker, 44 Cambridge, 

house 172 Hampshire 
Lincoln Alfred (Adams & Lincoln), dry 

goods, 98, 207 and 473 Cambridge, bds. 

138 do. 
Lincoln Alvah, salesman, h. 104 Pleasant 
Lincoln Amelia Mrs., baker, 15 River, bds. 

17 do. 
Lincoln Ann R. Miss, stitcher, b. 74 Gore 
Lincoln Chas. A., carpenter, McLean 

Asylum (Somerville), h. 15 Fifth 
Lincoln Chas. G., clerk, 150 Broadway, b. 

91 Auburn 
Lincoln Charles S., inspector, Board of 

Health, City Hall, h. 91 Auburn 
Lincoln Edward M., teamster, 211 Bridge, 

house 5 Lechmere ct. 
Lincoln Elizabeth S., wid. of Henry C. h. 

586 Main 
Lincoln Frank W., fireman, B. & M. R. R., 

boards 74 Gore 
Lincoln Fred S., clerk, 571 Main, bds. 91 

Lincoln George, at 169 Gore 
Lincoln Harry L., inspector, C. W. W. City 

Hall, house 586 Main 
Lincoln H., compositor, University Press 
Lincoln John L., carpenter, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house 28 Worcester 
Lincoln Joshua, clerk, Riverside Press, h. 

30 Irving 
Lincoln Luther, moulder, 356 Main, h. at 

H8 Boston 
Lincoln Nathan, teacher of music, Cam- 
bridge schools, house 18 Fayette 
Lincoln Nathan F., clerk (33 Commercial, 

B.), boards 18 Fayette 
Lincoln Nathan P., teamster, J. S. Hilliard. 

rooms 78 Fifth 
Lincoln O. F. Mrs., house 14 Mellen 
Lincoln R. H., sound-board maker, 286 

Main, house at Dedham 
Lincoln Wm. P., box maker, 1G9 Gore, h. 

74 Gore 
Lincoln Wm. II., shipping clerk, 169 Gore, 

boards 15 Fifth 
Lindahl Anders, tailor (B.), h. 2 Bristol 
Lindberg Axel, carriage smith (B. ), house 

6 Pioneer av. 
Lindberg A. A., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. 

Lindberg Otto, keymaker, 286 Main, h. 2 

Harvard pi. 
Lindberg see Linberg 
Lindequist Charles, house 5 Rogers' blk., 

Lindequist Martin, carpenter, h. 21 Grant 
Lindh Olof Rev., pastor Swedish Baptist 
church (B.), house 235 Harvard 

Lindner Berthold, organ varnisher, 162 

Broadway, house 71 Sixth 
Lindsay Mary, widow, bds. 188 Harvard 
Lindsay Sarah A., wid. of C. O., house 36 

Lindsey Andrew, moulder, house 6 Lopez 
Lindsey Frank A., clerk (130 State, B.), b. 

303 Broadway 
Lindsey George W., clerk (48 Congress, 

B.), boards 303 Broadway 
Lindsey P. Allen, deputy sheriff and auc- 
tioneer, 613 Main, h. 303 Broadway 
Lindsey Susan Miss, house 86 Harvard 
Lindsjo John, varnisher, Am. Rubber Co., 

house rear 12 Broadway 
Lindskof Gustav, tinsmith (B.), boards 3 

Lindstrom Charles T., driver, h. 297 Main 
Linehan Charles, teamster and contractor, 
256 Bridge and (35 Hawley, B.), h. 
562 Cambridge 
Linfield Adrianna F.. wid., of Augustus, 

boarding house, 17 Story 
Linfield F. F., conductor, " W. E. St. Ry. 

Ling Charles W., fruit, rear 359 Main, h. 

70 Columbia 
Ling Frederic H., salesman (57£ Clinton, 

B.), boards 70 Columbia 
Ling Thomas, hostler, 9 Highland, bds. do. 
Ling Walter, brass moulder, bds. 70 Co- 
Lingley Amy, widow house 28 Ash 
Linhart George, baker, rooms 38 Spring 
Linhearn Frank, laborer, 162 Broadway, b. 

141 Main 
Linn Eliza Mrs., h. rear 452 Cambridge 
Linn John, laborer, house 10 Vine 
Linn Wm. H., lithograph printer, b. r. 452 

Linn see Lynn 

Linnehan Daniel, house 3 Chestnut Park 
Linnehan Dennis, shoemaker, 544 Main, 

boards do. 
Linnehan John, laborer, bds. 83 Bridge 
Linnehan John, laborer, house 28 Vine 
Linnehan John, stone cutter, foot Ayer's 

wharf. Third, boards 149 Main 
Linnehan Michael, at 169 Gore 
Linnehan Patrick, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Linnehan Thomas, laborer, 169 Gore, bds. 

22 Marion 
Linnehan William, iron moulder, 356 Main 
Linnehan see Linehan 
Linnell Calvin N., boiler maker, 92 Main, 
house 1 Baldwin place [av. 

Linnell Mary, wid. of Wm., h. 96 Webster 
Linney Albert J., sawyer, h. 41 Union 
Linskey John, laborer, (C H. North & Co., 

Somerville), house 18 Hunting 
Lintaman Ann Mrs., groceries, 325 Cam- 
bridge, house 327 do. 
Linton James, foreman, 17 Main, house 87 





Linton James M., coachman, 59 Otis, h. 
rear 65 do. 

Linton Joseph, lithographer, house Parker, 
near Concord av. 

Lippev Joseph, cabinet maker, Otis, cor. 
First, house 77 Fifth 

Lippincott Sarah E., widow of Lon, house 
148 Mt. Auburn 

Lipsett Joseph, carpenter h. 301 Cambridge 

Litchfield Allen, boards 27 Green 

Litchfield Benjamin C, plumber, house 
499 Main 

Litchfield Benjamin E. E., wood worker, 
162 Broadway, boards 499 Main 

Litchfield Elmer, action maker, 1G2 Broad- 
way, house 449 Main 

Litchfield Emeline A. Mrs., house 22 River 

Litchfield George W. B., pressman, River- 
side Press, house 87 Putnam av. 

Litchfield Harry E., house 136 Cambridge 

Litchfield Horace I)., undertaker, 475 Main 
boards 488 do. 

Litchfield Judson, undertaker, 475 Main, 
house 27 Green 

Litchfield Otis V., regulator, 162 Broad- 
way, house 103 Prospect 

Litchfield Sarah A., widow of Roland, h. 
488 Main 

Litscher Peter, decorator, N. E. Glass 
Works, house rear 60 Winter 

Little, Brown & Co. (John Bartlett, Thos. 
W. Deland, John M. Brown and Geo. 
Flagg), proprs., Riverside Bindery, 
Blackstone, opp. Riverside Press 

Little Catherine, widow of Allen F., house 
140 Green [23 Sixth 

Little Catherine, widow of John, house 

Little Eleanor F., Miss, teacher of French, 
boards 12 Holyoke place 

Little Frank W., confectionery, house 1 
Central place 

Little John, special police, Public Library, 
639 Main, house 217 Green 

Little John R.. brakeman. B. & L. R. R.. 
boards 23 Sixth 

Little Richard G.. v<>c.ili<t. h. 40 1'lvmoiith 

Littlefield Adonirain ,J. (A. .1. Little ti eld & 
Co.), provisions, 148 North av., house 
33 Sacramento 

Littlefield Armine W. Miss, h. 293 Broad'y 

Littlefield Augustus, rope maker. 1). C. Co. 

Littlefield A. J. & Co. (Adonirain J. Little- 
field and Andrew J. Lovell), provisions 
148 North av. 

Littlefield Dependence S., piano-hammer 
coverer, 73 Main, house 465 do. 

Littlefield Eliza, wid. of Edward F., house 

Greenough & Co.). coirpiler, publish- 
er and printer, Cambridge City Di- 
rectory, 5 Harvard sq., Cambridge, 
575 Main, Cambridgeport and (28 
Oliver, B.), house at Topsfield 

Littlefield Elmer II., asst. supt. W. E. St. 

Ry. Co., 3 Harvard sq., h. 902 Main 
Littlefield Frank A., ticket seller (B. & L. 

R. R., B.), rooms 26 Fifth 
Littlefield Fred A., book-keeper (Boylston, 

B.), boards 5 Gerry 
Littlefield George A., machinist (118 Mer- 

rimac, IS.), house 117 Windsor 
Littlefield George T., foreman cutter (28 

Summer, B.), house 12 Mellen 
Littlefield John Sherman, collector (Chris- 
tian Register, B.), bds. 37 Brattle 
Litlefield Junius W., h. 34 7 Cambridge 
Littlefield Loring, hostler. W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., house rear 71 Vine 
Littlefield Lucinda L.. house 5 Gerry 
Littlefield Lydia, widow of Solomon, house 

2;):; Broadway 
Littlefield Nathan C, janitor, Weld Hall, 

H. U., house 10 Mellen 
Littlefield Walter F., clerk (18 P. O. sq., 

B.), boards 10 Mellen 
Littlejohn Clement E., rags, etc. (B.), b. 

98 Austin 
Livermore Elizabeth C, widow of George, 

house 1 Dana 
Livermore Frederick O.. action maker, 125 

Broadway, boards 36 Essex 
Livermore John, boards 387 Harvard 

patent solicitor (40 Water, room 40 
B.), h. 11 Everett (see page 659) 
Livermore Mary A. C, widow of Leonard 

J., house 24 North av. 
Livermore Oliver W., house 36 Essex 
Livermore Warren G. , shop officer, House 

of Correction, Thorndike, cor. Third, 

rooms do. 
Livesey Frank B., book-keeper (91 Clinton, 

B.), house 7 Rice 
Livingston Annie C, key busher, 139 

Broadway, boards 104 Norfolk 
Livingstone James, at 160 Gore. h. 55 North 
Livingstone Katharine, widow of Archibald, 

hous.' 57 Sixth 
Livingstone Lucy C, wri low of Benjamin 

P., hous.- 101 N.rful,< 
Livingstone William 1)., sawyer, 3 Hamp- 
shire, house 97 Washington 
Livingstone William W., machinist, boards 

97 Washington 
Ljunghall Casper, laborer, 168 Gore, house 

22 Warren 
Llovd George, carpenter, house 155 Spring 

LLOYD GEORGE A., cashier, 
Lechmere National Bank, 66 Cam- 
bridge, house at Arlington 
Llovd Thomas, driver, 43 Cambridge, house 

263 Green 
Lloyd Thomas H.. clerk, 5 Central square, 

boards 263 Green 
Lloyd William E., telIer,Cambridge Nation- 
al Bank. 87 Cambridge, h. at Arlington 
Loan Alex, carpenter, bds. 20!) Columbia 

Dr. E. Y 
Dr.W.H. Holl 

u "'s. {&2S?} DENTISTS, 



Loan John James, carpenter, 209 Columbia, 

house do. 
Loch Mathias, laborer, Muller Bros, house 

33 Harvey 

Lochman Myron A., student, H. U., rooms 

34 Wendell 

Locke Charles A., leather (224 Congress, 

B.), house 342 Harvard 
Locke Davis, propr. , Porter's Hotel, 185 

North avenue, house do. 
Locke Edgar H., provisions, 226 North av., 

house 1G4 Elm. near Beech 
Locke Edward, etcher, N. E. Glass Works, 

North, boards at Glenwood 
Locke Eleanor J., widow of William P., h. 

281 North avenue 
Locke Evelyn J. Miss, teacher, Shepard 

grammar school, bds. 281 North ave. 
Locke Frank, salesman (39 High, B.), bds. 

97 Allston 
Locke Henry A., clerk (31 High, B.), bds. 

97 Allston 
Locke Horatio, provisions (42 and 44 F. H. 

Market, B.), house 285 North avenue 
Locke H. Austin, clerk (42 F. H. Market, 

B.), house 14 Dover 
Locke James B., molder, State, bds. Hotel 

Locke John, salesman (39 High, B.), house 

21 Magazine 
Locke John T., house 97 Allston 
Locke Joseph, designer, N. E. Glass Works, 

North, house at Glenwood 
Locke Mary I. Miss, boards 17 Clinton 
Locke Warren A., music teacher, house 10 

Putnam avenue 
Lockett Jacob L., butler, house rear 13 Ap- 

pian Way 
Lockhart Albert E., undertaker, 201 Bridge, 

house 61 Otis 
Lockhart Charles H., undertaker, 202 

Bridge, house 148 Cambridge 
Lockhart David, coffin maker, 201 Bridge, 

house at Belmont 
Lockhart Edward A., painter, house 3 Ho- 
tel Sun [Cambridge 
Lockhart Frank, 201 Bridge, "hoards 148 
Lockhart George A., 201 Bridge, house 150 

Lockhart William A., casket coverer, 201 

Bridge, house at Somerville 

nishing undertaker and mnfr. of cof- 
fins, caskets, etc., 191 to 209 Bridge, 
house at Belmont (see page G3G) 
Lockhart William L. Jr., 191 Bridge, h. 

159 North avenue 
Locklin Hannah L., widow of Edward, mill- 
iner, 208 Pearl, house do. 
Locklin Mary Miss, house GO Boylston 
Locklin William, book-keeper, 206 and 208 

Hampshire, boards 7 Pleasant place 
Lockwood Albert N., milkman, b. 16 Frank 

Lockwood Bessie S., widow of Hiland, h. 

5 Walnut avenue 
Lockwood Leander C, carpenter, house 96 

Lockwood Leverett L., engineer, Riverside 

Press, house 12 Blackstone 
Loeffller Jacob F., shade painter (B.), h. 

468 Cambridge 
Loft William, telephone lineman, 623 Main, 

house 238 Green [Franklin 

Logan Daniel, painter, 60 Main, house 19 
Logan David J., book-binder (B.), boards 

156 Pearl 
Logan Eliza J., widow of William, boards 

11 Brewer 
Logan Elizabeth J., widow, h. 2 Cedar sq. 
Logan Janet, widow of James, h. 156 Pearl 
Logan Maggie M., clerk, 485 Main, boards 

156 Pearl 
Logan Margaret, widow of Andrew, house 

7 Huron 
Loges Carl A., fresco painter (.B.), house 

51 Walden 
Loges Carl A. Jr., fresco painter (B), bds. 

51 Walden 
Logue William, rubber, 286 Main 
Loheed William J., machinist (160 Port- 
land, B.), house 91 Washington 
Lombard Anna M., widow of Charles, house 

19 Wallace 
Lombarp Bridget, widow of Albert, house 

23 Willow 
Lombard C. W., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Lombard Eliza, widow of Joseph, house 125 

Lombard Eugene J., baker, 27£ Banks, h. 

330 Green 
Lombard Fred, foreman, Amer. Rubber Co. 

house 91 Plymouth 

(Harvard Printing Co.), 573 and 636 
Main, and 8 Linden, house Go Pros- 
pect (see page 622) 
Lombard James M., laborer, h. 2 Market 

chanical engineer and patent solicitor 
(40 State, B.), house 125 Prospect 
(see page 18) 
Lombard Richard J. (S. & R. J. Lombard), 

GS Bridge, house at Charlestown 
Lombard Richard P., house 71 Washington 
Lombard Samuel (S. & R. J. Lombard), 68 

Bridge, house at Charlestown 
Lombard S. & R. J. (Samuel and Richard 
J. Lombard), granite dealers, G8 Bridge 

chanical engineer, and draughtsman 
(40 State, B.), bds. Go Prospect (see 
page 18) 
Londergan Margaret, widow of James, bds. 

2(> Second 
Lonergan David, grocer, 162 Dublin, h. do. 
Lonergan David E., electrotyper, boards 97 

Jfcrditt & White, I* ***; 2i Paints, Oils & Glass. 



Lonergan Thomas, teamster, h. 97 Spruce 
Long Abiel E., undertaker, 222 North ave., 

house 10 Rice 
Long Addie S. Miss, dressmaker, 32 Mt. 

Auburn, boards do. 
Long Albert B., teamster, boards 65 Inman 
Long Andrew, blower, N. E. Glass Works, 

house 26 Second 
Long Daniel, foreman of finishers (48 

Canal, B.), house 19 Perry 
Long David, blower, N. E. Glass Works, 

house 93 Third 
Long Dennis, glass blower, bds. 93 Third 
Long Gertrude A., teacher, Webster 

grammar school, boards 19 Perry 
Long James, machinist, 14 Arrow, house 

884 Main 
Long James E., carpenter, house 2 

Coolidge place 
Long Jeremiah, laborer, Riverside Press, h. 

Daye ct. 
Long John, calenderer, Amer, Rubber Co., 

boards 145 Elm 
Long John, grocer, 49 Gore, house do 
Long John, teamster, boards 93 Third 
Long John H., carpenter, house 2 

Coolidge place 

LONG JOHN J., plumber, 99 
Cambridge, house 71 Spring (see 
page 633) 
Long Lewis W., carpenter, house 3 

Coolidge place 
Long Michael, laborer, house 186 Winsor 
Long Richard, bacon curer, Howe & 

Putney, rear 365 Cambridge, house 22 

Long Sarah, widow of George, house 10 

Long William H., clerk, Revere Sugar 

Refinery, Water, boards 26 Second 
Long Wm. H., boards 93 Third 
Long William J., carpet upholsterer, (450 

Washington, B.), house 10 Sydney 
Longfellow Alice M. Miss, h. 105 Brattle 
Longfellow Annie Miss, boards 12 

Kirkland place 
Longfellow Charles A., house 105 Brattle 
Longfellow G., painter, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

Longfellow Samuel, Rev., h. 105 Brattle 
Longfield Joseph, grocer, 91 Spruce, house 

2 Clay 
Longley Arthur, packer, bds. 25 Sydney 
Longley Burton E., conductor, W. E. St. 

Ry. Co., house 27 Grigg 
Longley Octavia W., widow of Seymour 

R., house 38 Lake View avenue 
Longley Samuel H., clerk, P. O., 18 

Boylston, rooms 140 Mt. Auburn 
Longshaw Margaret, widow of William, h. 

78 Otis 
Loomer G. B., driver W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Loomer Rich, clerk, 63 Western avenue, 

house at Somerville 

Loomis Ann Eliza, widow of Gustavus H., 

house 19 Erie 
Loomis Carroll S., agent (63 Court room 3, 

B.), house 19 Erie 
Loomis Winfield S., pocket book maker, 

105 Magazine, house 174 Putnam av. 
Looney Daniel, laborer, 169 Gore, house 

17 Carson 
Looney Jeremiah, laborer (Union Glass 

Co., Somerville), boards 20 Warren 
Looney John, laborer, B. & A. R. R., bds. 

1 Buck's block, Seventh 
Looney William, laborer, 169 Gore, boards 

5 Linehan's block, Parnell 
Lopez Albert P., carpenter, house 53 

Hayes court 
Lopez Serigo Augustus, laborer, First, cor. 

Thorndike, house 1 Ninth 
Lord Clarissa L., widow of Charles, house 

15 Avon 
Lord E., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Lord Frank W., traveling salesman, house 

9 King place 
Lord Napoleon, overseer, Boston Coach 

Co. (192 Eliot, B.), house 12 William 
Lord T. H. Jr. (Reycroft & Lord), 

apothecaries, 128 Cambridge, house at 

Lord T. J., conductor, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Lord William W., clerk, 521 Main, boards 

519 do 
Lord W. N., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 
Lorden Daniel, wood worker, boards 143 

Lorden Dennis J., glass maker, boards 143 

Lorden John, laborer, B. & Prov. R. R., 

freight depot (B.), house rear 125 

Lorden Margaret, widow of Daniel, house 

143 Bridge 
Lorenson Christopher, driver, Jenness 

express, house 4 Cowperthwaite 
Lorenson Emil, fresco painter, house 72 

Lorentzein Adolph, musician, house 269 

Putnam avenue 
Lorentzein Louis, turner, 162 Broadway, 

boards 467 Putnam avenue 
Lorigan Thomas, laborer, John Reardon & 

Sons, house 275 Putnam avenue 
Loring Frank L., tuner. 162 Broadway, 

boards rear 21 Antrim 
Loring George A., draughtsman, 225 

Bridge, house at Boston 
Loring Horace D., piano regulator, 284 

Main, house at Melrose 
Loring Thomas A., gas fitter (B.), house 

21 Antrim 
Loring Wm. H., boards 21 Antrim 
Lorrey Robert A., carpenter, house 326 

Loskay Frank, laborer, Revere Sugar 

Refinery, house 105 Third 

Floral DPPnra t inrK F0R FU ™ LS ' WED0INGS > RECEPTIONS, tailed at Short Notice 


P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets. 



Loth Richard O., carver, 20 Albany, house 

rear 152 Pearl 
Lothrop Angeline S., widow of Isaac, h. 

G24 Cambridge 
Lothrop Cummiugs L., clerk, boards 37 

Lothrop George B., blacksmith (370 

Atlantic ave., B.), house 37 Blackstone 
Lothrop Geo. B. Jr., locksmith, house 7 

Glenwood avenue 
Lotz Christopher, laborer, Revere Sugar 

Refinery, house 1 Bacon ct. 
Lotz Edward II., com. mer. (29 Avon, B.), 

boards 1 Bacon ct. 
Lotz James T., carpenter, house 4 Allston 
Lotz Wm. F., cabinet maker, h. 4 Allston 
Loabrey Joseph, gardener, house 81 

Loud Edward E., provisions ( 04 Leverett 

B ), house 19 Market 
Loud George W., baker, 407 Cambridge, h. 

Louden James F., house 100 Mt. Auburn 
Lougee Amrai S. (A. S. Lougee & Co.), 

apothecary, Hampshire, near Elm, 

boards do. 
Lougee A. S. & Co. (Ammi S. and James 

H. Lougee), apothecaries, Hampshire 

near Elm 
Lougee Edgar, collector, Boston Ice Co., 

Prison Point, house at Somerville 
Lougee Geo. F., clerk, 550 Main, house at 

Lougee James H. (A. S. Lougee & Co.), 

apothecary, Hampshire near Elm, 

house at lloulton, Maine 
Loughlin John, laborer, house Garden ct. 
Loughrey Ann, widow of William, house 

I Loughrey avenue 
Loughrey John, agent, house 144 Charles 
Loughrey, see Lowry 

Lounsbury P., dry pressman, Univer. Press 
Lounsbury Harry L., trav. salesman ('do 

Portland, B.), boards 39 Crescent 
Lounsbury William H., printer, Riverside 

Press, house 39 Crescent 
Loral ly Stephen, at 109 Gore 
Lovejoy Virgil S., teamster, 245 Broadway, 

house 2S Eighth 
LoveUce Warren II., action maker, 113 

Broadway, house 19 Market 
Loveland Horace N., tnas., Dover stamping 

Co., 153 Putnam ave., and (90 North, 

B.), house 305 Broadway 
Lovell Andrew J. (A. J. Lovell & Co.), 

grocer (154 North ave., and (t>2 and 04 

Cambridge, B.), and (A. J. Littlefield 

ft Co.), provisions, 148 North ave., 

house 11 Forest 
Lovell Andrew J., Jr., salesman (G2 Cam- 
bridge, B.), boards 11 Forest 
Lovell A. .). & Co. (Andrew J. and Fred 

W. Lovell), groceries, 154 North ave. 

Lovell Fred W. (A. J. Lovell & Co.), gro- 
cer, 154 North ave., house 9 Frost 

Lovell Harry P., salesman (04 Cambridge, 
B.), boards 11 Forest 

Lovely Michael, plumber, 579 Main, house 
5 Suffolk 

L:vering James W., supt., Mt. Auburn 
cemetery, office opposite the entrance, 
house 228 Brattle 

Lovering Joseph, Flollis Professor of Mathe- 
mathics and Natural Philosophy, Har- 
vard University, house 38 Kirkland 

Lovett Alfred, polisher, k, 159 Spring 

Lovett Catherine, widow of Thomas, house 
35 Cowperthwaite 

Lovett James F.. baker, Memorial Hall, 
house 35 Cowperthwaite 

Lovett John, laborer, house 8 Beaver 

Lovett Lncinda M., widow of Joseph J., 
house 11 Gerry 

Lovett Mary, widow, h. Cowperthwaite 

Lovett Michael, laborer, h. 1 Cowperthwaite 

Lovett Thomas, shoemaker, house rear 190 

Lovevs Thomas S., upholsterer (G50 Wash- 
ington, B.), house 12 Dodge 

Loving Henry, man servant, 48 Brattle, 
boards do. 

Low Frank W. (J. W. Low & Son), currier, 
Dudley, cor. Reed, house at Roxbury 

Low George W., book-keeper (38 Kilby, 
B.), house 05 Oxford 

Low Horace G., dry goods, 400 Harvard, 
rooms 54 Trowbridge 

Low Joseph 41., confectionery, b. 05 Oxford 

Low Joseph W. (J. W. Low & Son), leath- 
er mnfr. , Dudley, cor. Reed, house at 
Boston Highlands 

Low 3. W. & Son (Joseph W. and Frank 
W. Low), curriers, Dudley, corner 

Low L. Fred, boards 05 Oxford 

Lowe G. H., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. 

Lowe Harvey G., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co. , 
boards Cambridge, cor. Baldwin 

Lowe R. Thomas, painter, house 51 Jay 

Lowandson Lidwick, wood turner, house 
207 Putnam ave. 

Lowell Anna B., music teacher, boards 9 

Lowell Ellen F., assistant librarian, Public 
Library, boards 9 Douglass 

Lowell Frederick, driver, U. S- Mail wagon, 
boards 108 Washington 

Lowell Frederick II., apothecary, 439 Main, 
house do. 

Lowell Kate M. Miss, teacher, Willard pri- 
mary school, boards 9 Douglass 

Lowell Kenney C, carpenter, house Saville, 
near Appleton 

Lowery Jacob II., clerk, 114 Cambridge, 
rooms 134 do. 

Lowney Dennis, laborer, bds. 47 Winter 

Lownev .Jeremiah, laborer, bds. 47 Winter 


Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 




Lowney Morris, laborer, house 47 Winter 
Lowry George W., foreman of cutters, N. 

E. Glass Works, North, house at West 

Lowry John, laborer, 184 Broadway, house 

15 Plymouth 
Lowry Michael, laborer, 184 Broadway, 

house 18 Plymouth 
Lowry, see Loughrey 
Lucan Edward, laborer, boards Murray 
Lucas John J., millman, G2G Main, house 

at Brookline 
Lnce Samuel H., carpenter, 58 Clark, 

boards 57 River 
Luce William B., Riverside Press, boards 

26 Suffolk 
Lucey Thomas, grocer, 190 Norfolk, h. do. 
Luck George, machine blacksmith, Broad- 
way, cor. Sixth, boards 71 Washington 
Lucy Anthony, sterotyper (42 Arch, B.), 

house 7 Lawrence 
Lucy Charles C-, hairdresser, 2G5 Cam- 
bridge, house do. 
Lucy Charles W., confectioner, 5 Lamson 

place, house do. 
Lucy Daniel, laborer, 1G9 Gore, b. 19 Carson 
Lucy Daniel J , machinist, 72 Main 
Lucy John, laborer, 1G9 Gore, boards 339-i 

Lucy John, laborer, house 15 Railroad 
Lucy Thomas 11., captain, police station 1, 

house 49 Western ave. 
Lucy Timothy, teamster. 5 Broadway, 

house 32 Harvard 
Lucy, see Lucey 
Ludden Charles M., law student, boards 17 

Luddy Charles H., piano finisher, h. 92 Gore 
Luddy Eugene, liquors and grocer, 49 Wash- 
ington, house 15 Winter 
Luddy James G., brush maker (96 High, 

B.), house 38 Winter 
Ludgate Mary E., widow of George, house 

8 Donnell 
Ludgate William B., night watchman (518 

Washington, B.), house 74 Winsor 
Ludgate William G., clerk, bds. 74 Winsor 
Lueck Amelia Mrs., h. rear 97 Sixth 
Luf Edwin, cabinet maker, house Hamp- 
shire, near Elm 
Lufgrave Robert, laborer, boards Reuben 

Hawley's, Carson 
Lufkin Anna Mrs., house 22 Church 
Luf kin Charles A., foreman, 25 Chauncy, 

boards rear 81 Oxford 
Lufkin Elizabeth F. Miss, h. 35 Cottaga 
Lufkin Russell, paper hanger, house 3 

Lechmere building, Lechmere sq. 
Lugrin Edward F., drug clerk, house 84 

Luke Elijah H. (E. H. Luke & Son), hay 

and grain, 71 Main, h. 15 Maple av. 
Luke Eugene R. (E. H. Luke & Son), hay 

and grain, 71 Main, b. 15 Maple av. 

Luke E. H. & Son (Elijah H. and Eugene 

R. Luke}, hay and grain, 71 Main 
Luke Jacob P., cabinet maker (Chas'n), b. 

499 Cambridge 
Luke Lauretta J., widow of William II., h. 

Go Clark 
Luke Walter J., clerk (103 Pearl, B.). bds. 

15 Maple avenue 
Luker William J., britannia solderer (33 

Bowker, B.), h. 86 Washington 

LUL.L FRANK II., constable, col- 
lector and real estate, 623 Main, h. 57 
Essex (see page 637) 
Lull Frederick A., real estate agent and 

auctioneer, 563 Main, h. 90 Inman 
Lull Julia M. Mrs., housekeeper, 164 North 

av., boards do. 
Luin Margaret, widow of E., lodging-house 

165 Broadway 
Lumbard Julia Mrs., groceries, 209 Third, 

house do. 
Lunas Joseph P., hairdresser, 8 Prospect, 

house 3 Rollins ct. 
Lund Jane Mrs., house 163 Otis 
Lund Louis, engineer, W. K. Lewis & Bros. 

(Somerville), h. 163 Otis 
Lund Mary A., widow of Wm., boards 49 

Lundberg Charles, cabinet maker, boards 

129 Otis 
Lundergan James W., milkman, house 98 

Lundergan John, blower, N. E. Glass 

Works, house 42 Gore 
Lundergan Michael J., mason, house 5 

Cogswell place 
Lundergan, see Loudergan 
Lundgren Charles, wood worker, State, c. 

Osborn, h. 22 School-st, place 
Lundgren Jacob N., machinist (B.), boards 

295 Main 
Lundgren Joel, sounding board maker, 286 

Main, house at Boston 
Lundgren John, planer, State, cor. Osborn 
Lundgren Jule, carpenter, b. 295 Main 
Lundgren Oscar, boiler maker (Roxbury), 

boards 4 Pine 
Lundgren Sven P., cabinet maker, 284 

Main, house 4 Pine 
Lundholm C. G., case maker, 284 Main, h. 

4 Washington 
Lundholm John, laborer, h. 2 Hastings 
Lundin Carl A. R., telescope maker, Alvan 

Clark & Sons, Henry, house 259 Put- 
nam avenue 
Lundin Emil, furrier, bds. 259 Putnam av. 
Lundquist H., laborer, Amer. Rubber Co. 
Lundstrom Charles T., driver, h. 91 Main 
Lung Charles Y., laundry, 375 Main. h. do. 
Lunitz Bernard, engineer, 105 Magazine, 

house 12 Tufts 
Lunitz Charles J., compositor, Riverside 

Press, house 7 Daye court 


C Dr. E. Y. White, ) 6o^ Main St. 
{ Dr. W. H. Hollis, j Central Sq. 



Lunstead Neal, coachman, 20 North ave., 

boards do. 
Lunsted Harry, carpenter, h. 11 Lopez 
Lunt Alphonzo M., County Commissioner, 

office, Court House, Third, h. 92 Otis 
Lunt Frank M., clerk (70 Kilby, B.;, bds. 

155 Brookline 
Lunt Lucy M., widow of Moses, boards 14£ 

Western avenue 
Lunt Margaret C, widow of Benj. F.. h. 

155 Brookline 
Lunt Wm. Parsons Mrs., h. 18 Appian Way 
Lunt William P. (Lunt & Hardy), provi- 
sions. Inman, cor. Hampshire, house 

1 10 Inman 
Lunt Wm. Parsons, Jr., clerk (71 Commer- 
cial, B.), boards 18 Appian Way 
Lunt & Hardy (Wm. P. Lunt and Henry J. 

Hardy), provisions, Inman, corner 

Lurvey Del, dry plate maker, 25 Main, bds. 

at Boston 
Luscombe Richard H., laborer, Cochrane 

Chemical Co., Potter, h. 1 State 
Lusk Bridget M. Miss, h. 11 Laurel 
Lusk John, grinder, Am. Rubber Co., h. 

14 Warren 
Lusk John L., clothing oiler, Thorndike, b. 

47 Harding 
Lusk John L., printer (255 Wash., B.), h. 

Hotel Franklin 
Lusk Robert, machinist, 356 Main, boards 

14 Warren 

Lussier John, carriage maker, house Cres- 
cent av., opp. the pottery 

Lutes Joseph, teamster, h. 255 Broadway 

Luth John, liquors, 153 Spring, boarding- 
ing-house, 63 Sixth 

Luther Abbie G., widow of Henry, house 
10 Village 

Luther Charles K., painter, b. 30 Sidney 

Luther Henry R., machinist, 356 Main, bds. 
10 Village 

Luther Herman, student, II. U. , rooms 54 
Mt. Auburn 

Luther Thomas H. (Joy & Luther), carpen- 
ter, River, junction Western avenue, 
house 10 Village 

Lutz George, piano maker, h. 5 Hancock 

Lutz George, trimmer, 284 Main, house 5 
Hancock place 

Lutz James, carpenter, h. 4 Allston 

Lutz William, carpenter, 286 Main, house 
at West Somerville 

Lyced James, machinist (B.), house 137 
Webster avenue 

Lycett Samuel, coachman, 145 Brattle, h. 

15 Foster 

Lycette John J., pressman, University 
Press, house 16 Flagg 

Lyceum Exchange, Lyceum building, Har- 
vard square 

Lydston William H., relief engineer, Cam- 
bridge Fire Dept., rooms 30 Pearl 

Lyford George E., jeweler (207 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 9 Norris 
Lyford Sarah R. , widow of E. K., house 

97 Columbia 
Lyle William, marble worker (B.), house 

15 Seventh 
Lyman David, carpenter, 74 Boylston, h. 8 

Walnut court 
Lyman Ernest, plumber, 599£ Main, boards 

8 Walnut court 
Lyman Laura B. Miss, clerk, 71 Pleasant, 

house 8 Walnut court 
Lyman Martha B., house 92 Brattle 
Lynagh Richard, furniture, 451 Cambridge, 

house do. 
Lynam Matthew, grocer, 62 Hampshire, h. 

106 Harvard 
Lynan Bernard F., mat mnfr. (Somerville), 

house 308 North avenue 
Lynch Albert E., apothecary, 119 Hamp- 
shire, boards 129 Winsor 
Lynch Bridget, widow of Thomas, house 

28 Andrew 
Lynch Cornelius, teamster, Goepper Bros., 

rooms 63 Sixth 
Lynch Cornelius I., laborer, h. 23 Decatur 
Lynch Daniel, baker, 502 Main 
Lynch Daniel, laborer, 502 Main, boards 

21 Sidney 
Lynch Daniel F., boards 226 Franklin 
Lynch Edward, laborer, Amer. Rubber Co. 
Lynch Edward, teamster, house 55 Cedar 
Lynch Eliza A., widow, boards 17 DeWolf 
Lynch Ellen, widow of Thomas, house 29 

Lynch Ellen, widow of Timothy, house 122 

Webster avenue 
Lynch George P., tinsmith, Putnam avenue, 

house 49 Harvard 
Lynch Hannah, widow of Patrick, house 

70 Harvard 
Lynch James, at 169 Gore [thwaite 

Lynch James, plasterer, house 39 Cowper- 
Lynch James, washer, U. S. Mail stable, 44 

Bridge, house at Boston 
Lynch James F., grocer, 142 Pearl, bds. do. 
Lynch James F., laborer, 184 Broadway, b. 

rear 63 Gore [pi. 

Lynch James F., peddler, h. 10 Berkshire 
Lynch James K., house (id Harvard 
Lynch James M., clerk, 3 Brattle, house at 

Lynch Jeremiah, laborer. 169 Gore, house 

17 Marion 
Lynch Jeremiah, sausage maker, 169 Gore, 

house 39 Seventh 
Lynch Jeremiah, section hand, B. & A. R. 

R., boards 20 Warren 
Lynch John, candy maker, 42 Elm, boards 

66 Harvard 
Lynch John, laborer. 126 Portland, house 

Rolling Mill block, Bristol 
Lynch John, laborer, house 16 Cambridge 
Lynch .John, laborer, house 64 Boylston 







Lynch John, laborer, h. rear 171 Franklin 
Lynch John, Scotch knitter, Am. N. and T. 

Co., boards 154 Third 
Lynch John, shade painter, h. 28 Andrew 
Lynch John, teamster, 253 Cambridge, h. 

180 VVinsor 
Lynch John, house Frank, near North ave. 
Lynch John E., laborer, 184 Broadway, b. 

rear 63 Gore 
Lynch John F. , driver, Cambridge Laundry, 

house 133 Pearl 
Lynch John J., driver, W. E. St. Ry. Co., 

house 18 Frank [do. 

Lynch John L., driver, 198 North ave., rms. 
Lynch John P., cabinet maker (Charles- 
town), house 14 Otter 
Lynch John P., laborer, 184 Broadway, b. 

329 Main 
Lynch Julia, wid. of Patrick, h. 28 Hastings 
Lynch Luly Miss, dressmaker, 109 Inman, 

boards do. 
Lynch Margaret, widow, house 34 North 
Lynch Margaret, widow of Daniel, house 

95 Kinnaird 
Lynch Mary, widow, house 20 Carson 
Lynch Mary, widow of Michael, house 109 

Lynch Mary B., widow of Michael, house 

66 Harvard 
Lynch Matthew, laborer, house 116 Dublin 
Lynch Michael, clerk, boards 95 Gore 
Lynch Michael, dry pressman, Riverside 

Press, house 226 Franklin 
Lynch Michael, teamster, house rear 23 

Webster avenue 
Lynch Orrin S., salesman (B.), h. 10 Dodge 
Lynch Patrick, laborer, house rear 63 Gore 
Lynch Patrick H., barrel maker, Ninth, c. 

Spring, boards 7 Ninth 
Lynch Richard, at 169 Gore 
Lynch Richard, bacon curer, rear 365 Cam- 
bridge, house 24 Hayes court 
Lynch Richard, pork packer and grocer, 24 

Hayes court, house do. 
Lynch Robert J., laborer, 502 Main, boards 

21 Sidney [Franklin 

Lynch Stephen, baker, 502 Main, boards 7 
Lynch Thomas, laborer, house 14 Soden 
Lynch Thomas A., baker (B.), house 35 

Lynch Thomas F., baker, h. 35 Brookline 
Lynch Thomas J., driver, W. E. St. Ry. 

Co., boards 18 Frank 
Lynch Timothy, teamster, 256 Bridge, bds. 

7 Jefferson 
Lynch William, baker, 502 Main 
Lynch William, bootmaker, Amer. Rubber 

Co., rooms 167 Broadway 
Lynch William, peddler, house 195 Norfolk 
Lynch William II., machinist, boards 28 

Lynes Edward G., collector (Globe, 242 

Washington, B.), house 23 Orchard 

Lynes Edward M., engraver (Waltham), ii. 

23 Orchard 
Lynes Frank, pianist, house ll£ Wallace 
Lynn Eliza, widow, house 395^ Cambridge 
Lynn John, laborer, house 106 Webster av. 
Lynn John, packer, American Rubber Co. 
Lynn William, organ finisher, boards 113 

Webster avenue 
Lynn, see Linn [stone 

Lyon Carl A., engraver (B.), h. 27 Black- 
Lyon David G., Hollis Professor of Theol- 
ogy, H. U., house 7 Lowell 
Lyon Edw. H., electrician (141 Pearl, B.), 

house 57 Austin 
Lyon Frederick O., jeweler, 613 Main, bds. 

27 Blackstone 
Lyon Hans W. C, compositor, Riverside 

Press, house 27 Blackstone 
Lyon Hughson, piano maker, boards 30